The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 12, 1952 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 12, 1952
Page 10
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PAGE TEN (ARK.) COURIER NEWS VONDAY, MAT 12, 1S51 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally rate Qtt line lor consecullre izc Insertion: Minimum charge 1 time per line 2 linifs per line per day 3 times rer line per tl.iy 6 limes p«r lint per day }Z times i>cr line r" °*3 Mnnch ner line . • • -- • Cuunt live average words (n (lie Ad ordered lor Iliree or sii tiinr! Hopped rierore cM'Iration will He clumed (or tlie number ol limes 111' appeared anrl adjustment of bill rm All classified advertlsfns tope si milled hy persons iesi<llnc oulsnle «! Ihe city innsl he im>r»l«nlrrt by rA.n nales may easily lie compiled Iron '".Idiera'sine orderfd rot IrretnUr In- Guaranteed PIANO TunlnR k I air. cull 5071 days. 2059 nlghl*. 4 10 r" E. R All« — Air Conditioning Hr- trl^eratlon Strvlce. Ph. 2478. 102 E Mlssouil. Dlythevllle. ArX 20 MINUTE PKOTOSTATIO ST.RV- ICE. O STEEN'S STUDIO. 115 W MAIN PstntlrtK or carpenter vorx Klnney. Fn. 8327. ^ 23 For Sale, Misc. more than one incorrect in any classified ad. All ads ate restricted lo <ti rlassltirallon style and I Courier N'evvs reserves Ihe rlc or reject any art. proper e The to edit New wheel eh»lr. Ph. 2!B!t MUM sacrifice! Barsftln plere bedroom suite, rlmett PHIL'O refrlKeralor. Shown Ph. 3451. 20 In. Chrome run with 3 S6.VOO. Excellent condition, Pli 5 10 pK IT p;tc nnd 10 pK 13 MWMls- 510 |>V. 1' Hammer Apartment fat Rent 2 turn, rooms «4 M TU 4 rooms unCMrnuhert rn'ld'e tollrt. »»,« A- 1 W. Vine, •»>' 2 room i:r.ri!rn. apt 30" Po"l ri Mr. Barker. _ 5 '2 pK 15 "small turn. room. Ph. 21)20. 5 12 pK 19 3 rm film bath. 504 E. D: . writer Inrn Pvt 'ph. 34S3 59 p» l« Finished hlcjcory handles handles Hll Bljes. 1100 a a«f. nnii gii-hi li»nrlle< 11 Of) » Ant., hatrhet liaiulles SI as n no/.. ]>l<k Handle. ?.' 1-u-ti pole ax Imnrilrs .35 esch, double hit a* hsmllra 11 each lot ol ni-oil- ert bundle... ROSE SAI.KS C.n.. Ml S. 21 St., Blyllievlllc Ph. 4M5 510 pfc 1-1 I nrir hahy tied, 815.00 Hlld heilrtead ,«-.rifi call or fee Ixist Boy Orc.r Ph 0052. s I0 I'" H For Kale —Ni-w nnd used power iru ers. one qlrl'n «nd one Dor's bike ryrte parts and repairs. Also p '"•' mowera for rent. \VostV)ii>ok Machine Shop Across from Kroner hi- 3 rooms and hath with everything furnished: 4 rooms and hath mitnru- Ishcd Call G3J5. 719 W. Ash St 5 f) px '.' or G03G 4 3 CX If 3 rm. \mnir. «pt rh 13J.O 3 roorc, .t 4 room api-s for rent 9612. C. Ahraham fl c Modern 2 room Hir apl Ph 15'S or .... 2 M CK II Modern apt.. 3 rooms ftnd hath, Ir decorated. Botxl (Mrnlture, ens oi| mtnt. Ph. 3373, F. Simon. 921 Small Apai-lmcnts, furnished. $8 up per week. Bedrooms fl up single. 1M West Asl) Ph. 2S33. 8-4 ck If 5 room him. npt.. prlv 2103. hnlh Ph. 57 pX 11 Auto Supplies and Services rith Don't cndancor your fntnllr faulty tlrp.s—BUS' l.KE TIRR5 CHAPMAN SEHVICE STATION Unln and Division rhonp 2551 , 12 13 ck I Services ers for l rtfflrlc l.-, rh 8373 .11 pk 21 «;{n,05 nn-1 They're A-1 • CARS • 1946 CHEV. $745 A rlty-ctrlvrn, A-l uwrt "r, this 'IG Clirvrnlft 2-ilonr Sedan lias railln, hralrr an*) new seat rovers, new Ix-ti! 1950 FORD $1045 Voil rearl 11 rlBhll Only S101. 1 ) buys Ihls 1!)")0 ilclme Fnrd Coupe. Very low inileaKf. runs beniillfully. llcalcr, only 1951 FORD $1495 Powrri'ri hy a V-8 enelnp, this deluxr Tuiinr Sedan runs like t ?.cw aultjnioMIe! Radio, he:iler. An A-l car! • TRUCKS • 1948 FORD $795 Tills I'i-Ton Knrrt Truck hai & new hlo<'k assembly. Iff A-l! Nice 12-fool heri, loo. A real Irurk—a real bargain 1 . 1948 FORD $795 An 8-ryllmlrr, y.-'l'on 1'lrkup ullh new 700x16 B-ply tires all arountl, Iicaler, n«w Kfal covers, new hen"! 1949 CMC . . . $845 I'ompurft jirlct, compare (jual- 11y! This 5i-Ton Flrkup lias entile ratk, heater, «(*« tires. Looks and runs fine! SPRAY WITH JACK ! Spray Machines For Any Make Tractor Jack Robinson Implement Co. Blvlherille, Arkansas — Phone 2371 for Rent Fiirnlshrrt 4 room house end h:tlli, v.-lih electric kitchen anrt washing /'i.i- chine. 913 Anderson, ph. 8326. 5 8 pic 15 UklK. 2fy x !(]— concrete floor — for- inrrly ocruplpd by Tanl Cort^lructlon C-o.--Chai. IlrLgTit. 5,7 pit H Ph. irtilo kitche or 0071. 5 17 Rno/ri nnij hor nnliltr. Served I 1 : rack In Brtardlii ph. 4332, H nlso meals to the lly 110-1 to I -30. 126 E A«U.. 4 18 pk 5.18 Get the Best! Get an A-l Used Car! •:-i:iKe or store and adjoining 5 room •oi:se with bath located In curve on • -!hway fil. ™mh side of Holland, Mo. '!! 4404 or write Paul Byrmn Imple- nor.l Co. 1 22-ck It Save .Money SVhcn You Buy — Sell — Trade Used Furniture GUN HAKU1SON i KUUNITURK CO. 517 W. Ash I'll. 2- r > fi ro" d !> d M m hou^e nnrl bath, larpe front .;<'k po-f-he. aitactiert Karatie orane Paveri Slrrot. Clfl.s heat. 1 (omlltlon. «R5. V.'rlte Box C-10, Courier flews. 5 0 ck 13 Shetland ponies hv the day. week or .onlh Dellveiv service. John D Mc- o-.velt. ph. 3106 5 5 pk 6 5 Two I ravers ! Ph. 2305. i pk 13 TYPEWRITERS DON EDWARDS CO ! repair any mAke nr tnortrl vn^hlnc muchlne 2 blocks of Dixie Tit- cm 8th St., by new school. Herbert Grn- ham. Ph. 6738. V J>* «J - & Hauling Van trucks—Snfc. DrpenrlaWr, Can tcaus. Eitpcrlencpt! Help. W. \V, ilori hem. Ph. 8328—117 West Rose. ' H2 W Wnlnm Pliotio ?i1R2 Plenty of Parking Space If tf. rnldsh yon nre lonVInc f'f. ronie to n^Us KlstJ Mftrkrl- I hrtrr- plcntv nl ftll Umrs. Cnn fill RHV r ^'" order 2010 Hoso St. hnlf hlnrk '?n-^ ol Gutrw.-iy Curve. Ph. 9fi4B. 4'IO pk 519 Good Soy he ft n Rcrtl. Fiink'.i Hvhrid Srcd Corn. Sovbonn rnnciilnttnn Mixed Fcrtll^rr New nn»l Ufrtl RtiK^ FAHMF.nS SOYHKAN COnP nrn A <lway. Blythevlllr. Ph RI^>1 320 [ik ,1 30 4'/j> room house and hath ill northwest part' of town close to new high school. Carport, fenced hack- yartl. $700 cash, balance your old furniture | g 5G28 _ al «;;, 16 ,, cl . nionth total Lucian Games Furnilure Co. Trade Uran and corn land R. B CKK C'OTTON CO. Call C. C. Councillo, GG45, 202G, night phone 2880. 5'G ck tf 5 ronm (urn. hou^r with bath, yri trio ViLii-hrn. 121 \V. Davis. Call 1- i Kill ph 2f/lfi. 5'B pit NOTICE Notice is hereby (?ivon that the luidcr.sipncd has (llcrl with the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control of the State o( Arkansas for a permit, to sell and dispense Ijeer at retail on Die promises de- scrihed as: 119 W. Mnln St., Blythe- vlllc, Mlssls.sippi County. The undersigned states that hi Is a citizen of Arkansas, of Rood moral character, that he has npver tioen convicted of ft felony or othei crime itivclvin^ mnriil turpitude; , tliat no license to .sell beer hy (ho j J , m dprsi^neri has been revoked | Ithin five year.s last, past; and tliat he \mdorsigned has never been nnvicled of violating the laws of state, or any other state, re- nilve to the sale of alcohoUc tiq- lors. Application Is for permit to bn i.s- ,i)p(l for operation boeinning en the day of July. 1957. and Ui expire on the 30th day of June. 1953. Odell Ca-nphell. Applicant Subscrilied and sworn To before for new. 1 will also buy V""''j monthly payments. Vacant, old furniture. Fanners lcrm.< Mo(lonl illl() nxtra nice -1>.-) down, balance in the tall Help Wanted ^ Family lo make share crop Ph. GS01. 23 ck I Formerly Arnold & GaiiiRs. Ph. G357. 4117 ck If A row Lvcrsnmn r niton r^opjirr. [rood con cllt Inn, Rrisronably prli:» liurrleitc Planiiitlon. I'h. 4182. «nil lo rssi Th Sinoo Watch and Jewelry Repair l-Dny service on Jewelry—3 days on VRiche. 1 ! nnd clocks. Guaranteed work done by export repairmen. lowest P PAT O'BRYANT JIain & Second 10] r.k tf hiR of your Upholstering nnd Rpfln furniture. Be sure t,f s'l ph. 3583 5 6 px 13 City Upholstery Shop Ph.3583 LAWNJIOWRRS We shftrpeii nntl repair nil lyp jnowers. Also new .t used power mowers. All Kinds mower parts. Also \itivf- . er mowers for rent ' Wcstbrook Machine S1\op Across Icom KrORCi Htorc 4.-1 fX It Seed soybeans, Dortchsoy No. 2. Only 1 year from Hrecder's stock. Subject In certification. Only a limited supply. Ph. 2142. 61 lmplc-| pVr J h A vrry chntrir r-mall far tion 40 acres ( rnoro nr rourths mile of city limit w-111 hind clrnl /or land, irnr lonls, wnlK-nul JnformMlon ° n '\V. M. HUUNS, Realtor 5[R ck . [firm l otfi' r Arhor snw 1 . hand paw. Joiner planer, complete, set carpenter's hand tools. Ph. 437. Osccol.t. or write P.O. Hox 2-14. See us for yo^jr s^ed corn. Wp nre dealers for DfknllJ varlctSe-s. DcknlD. 13100 prr hushrl. U. 5 13 Hybrid. |7.5f> ment Co. 3|31 ck tf MINNOWS — Roaches. Fishing caues lOc np. Ph. nite 3330, day, 95160. 328 E. Main St. G. C/Hawks. 4|17 pk 5|17 Ixist boy Courts. R-uner Shop op*-n. prices rlpM Work miiirnnlcert. Strictly snnicary.' Highway 18 W., Cf>rl C.. Sims. 5 5 pk 19 • Tomnto plants, 3 varietie oK. Ph, 8327. * Fi-yois. live or drpA^crt. nrvt. rn1.= c<t. 4IH E Ash, Nichols nnrkor Simp 57 pk 21 . E, Mnln Phone 34-11. suppi,Y cb. 513 For Sale, Real Estate Forced lo tell "Clly Lunch" <lue to III health. Good l)n?lne.s?> nnd location. Only heer tavern In town. Price Is it. Earl Maleu. l.eaehvllle S3 pV 16 Modern and nxtra nice room house and hath at 2.'iOO Kenwood Drive. ?1050 cash includes refrigerator, electric range, heater, drapes, Vcne- hlinds, etc. Loan lialance only ;?:"i(il 1.50. Total monthly payments ?<!8.2fl. It's vacant — move in tomorrow. Modern 'l-room house and alh at 11 IB llearn. Nice sliop and outdoor storage. Kxlra nice backyard. 91300. :ash, payments $'13.IG month- i.v. Owner beiny transferred. See or call JOHNNY MARR Realtor 112 So. 2nd. Phone 4111 Residence Phone gnflfi 5!10 ck tf I Fldt-rly white woma rhllflTPii in my lioi salary. Ph. 6703 after n to rnre fnr ic. Room. lj< 1 p.m. 3 P me this 10 day ol May. !9."?2. A. P DtPtrlch, N'otnry Pnhiic ^^y Coinntission cxpire.s: Feb. 15. 1954" Need your radio repaLr^d? CA« Red Walton Disabled veteran repairs radi • i home. Reasonable prices. ChlchR tau: Cour«. Apt. 23A. Ph. 8318 Spring is RUG CLEANING TIME For cartful, thoroiiph ru^ rlr.^ntnc • crvlce. call on niythpviu*. [,[\unclr> - 'F 37 rears or pxperl^nce In Iras .eprdnl- Ized Held. Frpe rJrK"P ^nd rtpUrery ierTlce— lust c»l] 441S. BIATHEVIU.E l.AUN-DKY CLEAXKKS 410 rk 5 1« Soybean seed for siilo. 08'.!' Bcrminatiou, D9',i purity. racked in 2 bu. bai;s. Roxcilc Gin Co., Luxora Ph. 2911 or 2012 5;7 ck 1-1 0 & P 1. No. breeder. Real ESTATE Farms ~-Giiy Property T.OANS If Interested In Buying or s til In i nee Noble Gill Agency Salesman Wanted Snips man. Must he nfflt tn aprfiir- ancc. No experience nccp.sBnry. Apply to Mr Oy-mrni. Rln'-rr Sewing Machine Co., 414 W. Main St., BlythP- rLHff. $ «'* 13 Would like to hear from man ^it" sip pi County No opUM nr-tfc avnllable. Fre<) nlnsslfylnpt nbont i Wrlle Rawlpl^h's Dept F.R . Memphis. Tr Wonted Ho\isew.-ork or cooking, gan. \1\ Dou- S G pk IS NOT it: E Notice IK hereby zivr.n that Ihn undcr.=I»ncri has filrd witti tlie Dc- pRTtment of Alcoholic Ben-rage Control of the State of Arkansas for a permit to sell and rfi.spp»KC Ijcrr at relsvH on the premiers described as: Silver Slipper. 600 E. Main St., Blytheville, Mississippi j County. i The under.sioned states that he Is n citizen of Arkansas, of s,ood moral chnrncter .that he has never been ccnvicted of a felony or other crime involving tnovnl turpitude: that no license to sell bec-r by the- undersigned has been revoked within five years last- past; and UhaL (lie undersigned has never been tive to the sale of alcoholic liquors. Application is for permit, to be Lulled for operation beginning oti llie 1st day of July. 1P52, and to expire on the 30Ui day of June. ^953, Viryil Dixon Bnyri. Subscribed and sworn to bcfurp YOU CANT BE FOOLED! SAVE $25 OR MORE ON OUR GUARANTEED CARS AND TRUCKS AT SULLIVAN-NELSON CHEVROLET CO. 1950 CIIKVKOLKT deluxe Kleetline 4-door Sedan . . . maroon finish, large deluxe radio, heater, ^lAOR defroster and plastic seat covers l*t!lv 1919 C1IEVKOLKT deluxe Fleetline t-door Sedan . . . black finish, large rarlio, plastic scat covers, $ healer and defroster . . . only 1918 CHKVR01.KT Slylemaster 2-door Sedan black color, almost new tires, radio, seat covers, healer and defroster ... a steal at only 1<.M8 V-S (i-l'ii.ssenyer Coupe . . . green finish, real rubher, loaded with extras. Come in and see §{MC this bargain today WTW 1919 CHEVKOLKT 1-T. Pickup Truck . . . the ?QQC molor is in perfect condition . . . save now . . . Ow«l 1917 STliDKHAKKK Yi-T. Pickup . . . the $i molor is in perfect condition . . . save now... ' 1917 CHKVK01.10T ','j-T. Pickup Truck in ex- §, tellent condition. Here's a real buy. . .a steal... 19-19 FORD V-S '/.-T. Pickup Truck. U runs & SO AC looks like a new one (except for the price lag) 033 19!(i DODGE 3 /<-T. Slake Hody Truck. A good- S running truck, it's priced lo sell at only 1911 (iMC !'.-T. I'iduip with cattle rack. Only ? 5295. You'll find this value at Sullivan-Nelson SULLIVAN-NELSON CHEVROLET CO. 301 West Walnut — Phone 4578 5 Wanted to Buy Antique chrnt drawers If rea 50 n its. Sam Norrts, 2513 or 2084. 5 10 me this 10th day of May. 1952. Marion P. Blodgett. Notavy Public; My Ccinrmsslon expires: Sept. 27. 1952. in Raise Their Prices SAIGON, Indo-Chlna (/Ft— Newspapers have just boosted their sales price by 50 to 100 per rent. Depending upon where in China a newspaper Is delivered, thfl., cost of the daily paper now will bet; 15 cents in nearby provinces, and.^ 20 cents elsewhere. ", The old price was 10 cents. News- : papers advised their renders risinij ; production costs caused the .prica- boost. Alexander Melville Bell—the tn-£ ventor's father—was a noted master^ England and, Scot-* Want to buy several usocl pianos an 2071. Night's 2059. 4;2S C* 5 2B Ha INSURANCF Glencoe Bldg. Ph. S8G8 t 31) ck II NJre netc 'J-h^drnom hom wrtDfl rionr?. picture wlmirv h^ckv?ir(f Ownrr bel: ni;ii will exchnnRe J1160 etiulty for rar Tnlnl price • ST.SCfl. Lewis HenHy Cn. Ill F. Davis. Ph. S865. -322 cX 522 200 nrre stock fi\nn, pimly wiiter, sinnl] hnu^r. Ifirirc harn Fenced On ni!\1l iV: srhool hi is route Out frr.;n rninuould. Trice 5^500. J. C. CHAPIN. MnnlLn. A tit. ' 56 P* 13 w» fenced Uoybrnn!!. soybean spills, shelled corn, transferred ORts w henl »nil b«rley, Gel run price be(or« you sell FARMERS SOYBEAN CORP We will pay CASH for your Old Ko- dnkA. cameras ntid lenses for parts O'STEEN'it STUDIO. 1S5 West Main. Private Rooms Cool bedroom, ndjolnln laler. Close 1n. Ph. 23t)2. SfHf £.VE >l >l»n"n d .l,li' e ~.'l ll««lwCM>ri floOlT. OlC. Phone 21^2. A 30 pk 5J3Q SEED BEANS — Dnrtrh No. 2 07?c pernitnaUon. S-l Bushel. Ogden's 9B% ^ermlnntlon. W.7S Bushel U, S. Blanlc- cnshlp. Del]. Ph 2493. 4 30 pit a so Fryers, llvr or drrwrd BR^. rftlsrd. 4^8 E Ash, Nichols Berber Simp. 4 23 pk 5 13 Save IS 1 ",, on a new Frlflldfllrc He- fneerfttor. 5 models to ohoosn from Admns AppllRnce Co.. 20S W Mtxln 426 ck 5^6 Prai'tienlly MOW residence , JJ"ni» ,\i,i: on North Franklin. Lot oOxj '~ N jrV~"rii 100 fl. H:is picture window. 1 ii-nt inrntii In G.I. hath. Hot 10 pk 14 10 pk 17 "Your Exclusive LION Dealer in. Blytheville" WILSON AUTO SERVICE Ash \ 2nd IMioiie 2611 nedtoom. private buth In. Ph. -1432 loan. Will lake £1250. for cq-! ^!l?. l"iJ: h ;.. uity. Move in today. F. E. JOYNKR H. C. CAMPRKI-L Phonos <M'lfi — 3205 —8f»5G entrance 4 30 tf >r PfiT) Boom? wrllh p^t- halh with fnn?. Blythevlll Th. 21)33 3 ck n Hotel. P pX flB HERE'S HOW TO BUY A GOOD USED CAR '51 Sturic. Ch. 5-i'as? 1T.95 '•I!) Studc. Ch. 5-1'ass 119o T,0 Clicv. i-dr 13OS '19 Ford V-S 2-(lr. . .. !!!)."> '48 Chevrolet 2-clr. . .. tUl.i '.ifl Chevrolet 2-dr. . . 1215 M9 Kord (G) 2-dr. . . 11-15 41 Kord V-S 2-dr. . .. IMS NASH 4-tlnnr A truly nire that's hton MKfully rHy driven. Ovprdrivr, too. A real bargain'. 1939 Come to Cliiimlilin's where every used c;ir is carefully inspected, complelely re- coiulilioned. You cnn buy with confidence here he- cavise we make it a policy to put every used car in top condition — so you won't tie troubled with expensive repairs later. r r>n suidc. 'i-T. 1'kp .. nnri 'I'.l SUnle. I i-T. I'kp. .. 795 '.in Chev. 'i-T 1'kp.. .!)!).T 'li» Sliule. S-Ton V9S IS GMC '^-T. I.\VH .. 6!»5 17 Chev. 2-T. Stk. . . 715 17 Doilce 2-T. I,\VH .. 7!)5 1C, Dodge 1 Vi-T. Slk. . 515 I.AXI) KOK SAI.K n Mine lilk;lv.k^y. MoiSrru liolnr- i.Trthvon<l floors. j>!rtMprr<l ^alls laro 1^ pcrfmly rtrnln^fl. [pnrp* t'ool Frl<p ?2?S VT artc, F^^v 11 nncs ?1 . irlllps out ol Slpf Prrfrrt lor^ttrn This nml hl-rh stcV hrir nnd fllu- ull TCinlr. Fl land . t Coivntv Innf <. l\vn Rood T 1 h»rn on rr «!«;) K,T?1lv li n(\-v T-.vo in on school bu rtrlclty ftlrra tlin t Insurance HIGHEST PRICES PAID For tin. wire and all kinds of scrap metal. Blytheville Iron & Metal Co. N. Bdwfiy & Mnultrie Drive Phone 8902 4115 ck tf Personal Call 4553 For Complete Insurance Protection W. I. Pollard Aqency Planpnci rrntectinn 124 W Ash Rt GI.FSCOF HOTEt BUtl.ntNO 4 a ex r^ you need n lot of new np- fnrnltilre and ruff*. Mystic 1 make thrtn look 111'P new". ! ^nvr- P. s>Tfitty penny. On Opportunrtfei In ?^n ncrfs lust oul of r.W.'OTi. Mo. In that vcr< lirM nrn'lr of hud Mo'Vrn 7-TOOm houi^. plenty n[ irn.-int hon.-r-s nnd nutriMllrliTi -^ Till* is n conrt one If you flrft loolclns for ft T.irm UIAT.KS T,AXD CO. nivtlirvlJIc. ArV Lost & Found A irvon-2n NTnntcomrry Warrl truck Mrr ,V •vvlirrl, DPT wren Wp5t MPinpHU A- nivthpvlllp. Reward. Ph. 2~0! O W, Davis. 59 pic IS Notice KXCFt.I.EST EARMINOS Kfllsbl-' ni,in <ir womnn to Trfllt htin coUo't rnonev Trom merchandise dls- prnpfTs In spare time: no nclllne: ntu<vl hnvp rnr. r »• t c re n ce.s S395.W) rash. i=frurrd hv Inventory: devoting 3 hours wroklT to biislnpvi: your percenlftare on roUprtions will nt-t Rood Incomfi startIns: Immecllatel?; Inclurlp phonp nxim- hpr In npnllcatlon. REX NOVEI.T\ ro . 2POfl ITnlretsity SI.. St. I/mls 7. Mo. • 5 12 p* " Guaranteed Watch HESTER'S Riulialor Shop Complete Radiator RcTialr Make* The Itiffcrenre! ! '. —N'rw k LiseA Hndiatori For Sate- Thomps Credit Jeweler Free Picture Of Your Caich ,Insl brine your string of fish to our store and we'll take a picture for you any lime until 9:00 P.M. No rhaVRft at all. Good luck lo you on your fisliin;. Barney's Drug CAMERA HRAIXll'ARTERS 2006 IV. Alain Thone 364 NAME IT! YOU'LL FIND THE TRUCK YOU WANT AT HORNER-WILSON! 19IS CHEVROLET T/ 2 - Tnn Truck «'ilh a new bed, practically new fires. Special price . . $895 W T Ho rho Fn.l.KR RRUSH .IAMKS I.IC11TV, OKAl.KK i 27 nk 3 2? FOR TIJK I'Airnrn An llj > $295 Authorized |H& Service • 2 Big Lots of Railroad & Ash Streets. • CHAMBLIN SALES CO. * Your Friendly Studebaker Dealer * Railroad & Ash Call 6SS8 tlr fan^ -,v1i h " uhfttnntlntly h State Certified Blue Tag D&PL 15 COTTON SEED 807c Germination. Delintcd & Treated CALL Glen Cook . DEM., AHK. 1'HONK 2112 4 1950'CHEVROLET '/ 2 Ton Pickup in guaranteed fine condition. Good tires, too. Special price . . • $975 • 1919 FORD l'/j -Ton long wheclhase Truck that's as clean as can be. Special price . . . • $695 • rilH.LIPS ,V PHANKS. BHOKKRS BUSINKSS (i o.K h^ll srivlns turr A sundries l v:^ location. V\ 111 p"w for H- Pinball nii lf In nur y 20 5 fl Ar \it1lUy room HF.DUOOMS nn Roi;i»on Ar,». Moultrle Drive 1760. rquttj-. 00 n\o, Pfiymrnt 4"% — S KKMP \VHISKNMir\T, I'.KOKKK P'n. 1W3 See if now. 1 Today'* Big Different* In automatic waih«rs— HALSELL & WHITE FURN. CO .Main Jt Division Phone 1,9 ck n — 1950 CHKVROI.ET 2- Ton S\V1? Truck equipped with air hrakes. Perfect tires. Special price. . $1295 91fi GMC I'/i-'I'on I.WB Truck with a new bed. looA tires. Drive it today! Special price . . . $495 194!) GMC Vi-Ton Pickup. It's a nice one . . . good nihher, good mechanical condition. $850 1950 FORD Vi-Ton Pickup Truck. Good tires, excellent engine. A bargain! Special price . . $795 1951 STUDE15AKER 1 '/2-lon InnR wheelbase Truck. This low mileage truck is guaranteed. $1195 HORNER-WlLSON EAST MAIN Rocket Olctsmohile — (jMC Trucks Phone 2056 Used Car Lot — Phone 6151

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