The Daily Utah Chronicle from Salt Lake City, Utah on September 29, 1965 · 4
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The Daily Utah Chronicle from Salt Lake City, Utah · 4

Salt Lake City, Utah
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 29, 1965
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Wednesday, September 2ft, . THE DAILY UTAH CHRONICLE kg Museum Of Natural History Planned For New Library By PAUL S. TAYLOR Chronicle Feature Editor The present Anthropology and Museums still combine Geology and form the newly appointed Museum of Natural History. THE NEW museum will e housed in the yet to be built and will George Thomas Library be situated in the lobbies reference rooms, reading and periodical rooms and the medical libr3.iV Dr. Jesse D. Jennings, Professor of Anthropology, recently chosen to direct the museum, said when the museum is completed it will include research' rf,?i10Su.SSSIfronith? Seca'nyon Salvage Project also expects toDclud? some small private bheva7able to students of every age," Dr. Jennings said. THE MUSEUM will be paid for needed to complete the musei, has already been pledged Dr. Jennings said the p'rJ function of the museum will 2 to interpret the natural histo f of Utah from early geologS times to the present. WIDELY experienced In , seum planning work, Dr j7 nings will be assisted by Don 1 V. Hauge. Mr. Hauge was sponsible for planning the ent Anthropology Museum in Z 1950's. He was then a student Since graduating from I University, Mr. Hauge u worked asa museum piar and designer. j Calendars Arrive Official University calendars are on sale for 50c at the University Bookstore and the College Bookstore. THEY MAY also be purchased from members of Sigma Delta Chi or Theta Sigma Phi, men's and women's national journalism fraternities. The 4 by 11 inch calendars contain the dates of all upcoming school events. Calling I) IN THE DARK: There will be fun and games when the Dark Room Committee meets tomorrow in room 317 of the Union. The meeting is posted at 3:30 p.m. BUNDLES OF BOOKS: The EC's are still trying to sell the used books in their bookstore the proper place for an old book. If you are in search of a literary wreck, be sure to pop into Union 160 AROUND THE BUSINESS TABLE: Tonight at 9 p.m. in the Alumni Lounge the professional Business fraternity, Delta Sigma Pi, will hold its first meeting of the Fall Quarter. A short business meeting and a celebration commemorating the Chapter's selection as number one among the 140 international chapters will marke the highlights of the meeting. CCUN: The first meeting of CCUN will be held at 3:15 in Union 323. Anyone interested in promoting the United Nations is invited. DEBATERS ARISE: All interested debaters are invited to a dinner and study session at the home of Mr. George A. Adamson, 4250 So. 2300 East. The purpose is to get debaters acquainted with each other and with the debate program. The er is today at 4:30 p.m. ANOTHER FIRST: The Movies Committee will meet at 3:30 p.m. today in the Student Activities Center. All interested people please be there. AND STILL ANOTHER GATHERING: Cwean meeting will be held in the IK Room today. The officers, to be different, will confer at 3:30 p.m. The rest of the members will meet at 4 p.m. with theofficers who met just the half hour before to get organized. FROM THE HEAVENS: Want to be an Angel? Tryouts for Angel Flight will be held Oct. 4 and 5. All interested are welcome to attend an introductory tea on Oct. 1, room 203 in the Union between 3 and 5 p.m. ACHTUNG: Die Bestdeutsch Mission Wiedervereinigung findet am 1. Okt, im McKay II Ward, 1623 S. 5 E., mit Hunts und Mclntires, um 7:30 statt. NicktWahrrrr. Utah Symphony Ticket Orders Now Available AtHuddle Booth You don't need to show your activity card. You don't need to stand in long lines to get it. You don't need any professor's signature. You just need a keen interest in the cultural opportunities given by the Utah Symphony Orchestra with its distinguished conductor, Maurice THE SYMPHONY has a representative on campus this week who is taking student ticket orders for 6 season. The place to order your tickets is the Huddle Ticket Booth in the Union Building from 9:30 to 2:30 for the remaining days of this week. A student may purchase two student season tickets, which might include one for a husband, wife or date. Sorry, no tickets i can be purchased for parent But if students desire to sit areas of the Tabernacle other than the student sections the? will get a ten per cent discount in these regular sections. THE SYMPHONY tickets are specially priced for University students. Seats are available m themain floor for $9.00 and in the balcony for $12.00. Ticket sales have set new records this year at the Symphony Office. And this year's season looks like it will draw a Ml house to each concert. BESIDES AN outstanding of musical works, this season's line up will include such soloists as Isaac Stern, & leen Farrell, Aaron Copland, By. ron Janis, Jose Iturbi, Arttu Rubinstein and William Primrose. Henry Mancini will take the ' baton as guest conductor for one of the concerts. Remember, just a few mort day to order your season tickets to the Utah Symphony. Swingline !iZ2LeMElJTs V 'PRll1lHowfar ', pC can a dog c ' 'Cy run in0 v'i", vyQthe woods? orj' w'' ' I' ffV (Answers below) ' A storekeeper ? id 17 TOT Staplers, f TfcA All but 3 were sold. I Oo- y low many did shuT7. have left? T2 This is the BwSnglifi&e Tot Stapler v?lv (including 1000 staples) &r I Larger size CUB Desk Stapler only $1.49 Jo bigger than a pack of gum but packs ie punch of a big deal!Refills available very where. Unconditionally guaranteed, lade in U.S.A. Get it at any stationery, ariety, book store! t01t4fZtl- - INC. Long Island City, N.Y. 11101 ;uao ubd noC uiajijooips sat juaq am ajaqj 'puad B puo jjooqajou B X ixau asneoaq 'Azbjd uiam SuiXnq jb siuapms sjaideis XOX J lyeindod qi jo jCjois am jnoqs snf s.ieq) 'puy aajqX 'Z ispooM aqi jo jiio amuuru si 4 'jam jayv 'bm-jib- h "I SM3MSNV ' 4 "WHO IS YOUR MAKER" Lecture Given by HERBERT RIEKE S.S. B. Northwestern Grad. Recipient Bronze Star 8:00 p.m. THURS., SEPT. 30 2nd Church of Christ 1165 FOOTHILL DR. FREE ADMISSION GAS WAR PRICES 269 JUST OFFCAMPUS (Corner 2nd Ave. & R St.) I 40 Student Special Discount Sept 27th Thru Oct 10 10 TOKENSWORTH 25c & 50c WAX All for $2.00 Ask Attendant 12-- 6 p.m. COIN-OPERATE- D SOFSPRA Car Wash 254 EAST 33rd SOUTH (By SHAKEY'S) and K EARNS A Swinging New Place! THE KIT KAT LOUNGE 4242 S. STATE GO-G- O Girls Every Night THE 3 SQUARES Six Nights a Week Happy Hour 7-- 8 p.m. SCHOONERS 15c Bring ID. I O TOWER ?iAB ANTHONY QUINN in c ZORBA THE GREEK r I j -- aagj Phone 322-MflBetvve- en 1- -3 ' FOR RENT rURNISHED APARTMENT close to University will accommodate 4. $100.00. 32 Haxton Place. (940 East South Temple). I and apartments, furnished or unfurnished, $50 to $90 per month, close to Universi ty. 487-71- furnished apartment, remodeled, $55. 921 South 8th East. 6. FURNISHED ROOM, men only, 1410 Butler. EL or EL 2 MEN need roommate for a spacious, furnished comfortable apartment. $25 00. 258 "F" St. 9. MAIN FLOOR rooms, own bath, home privileges, good bus, carport.. No smoking. IN 1919 Imperial St. (1635 East). TWO GIRLS to live at home. Call HU 178 Harvard Avenue. FREE BOARD and room, plus S5 a week for girl who will baby sit. 1761 Yalecrest 4. BOYS STUDY, bath and phone, 1228 East 3rd South, 364-89- or 359-04- $30. NEWLY DECORATED rooms for men. 252 South 13th East. EL FURNISHED DOUBLE rooms for students. Across from law school. 322 South University. 359-88- or 3H-002- 4. LARGE APARTMENT near University. Returned Missionaries preferred. S30 a month, utilities paid. 3, 5:30 to 7:00 pjn. ATTRACTIVE ROOM for 1 or 2 girls. Private bath and entrance, $20. 328-14- 36 or 8. STUDENTS, $40 apartment to share with male, everything included. Call IN FURNISHED apartment close to University will accommodate 4. $100.00. 32 Haxton Place (940 East South Temple). DELUXE APARTMENT at 209B Douglas Street. Large living room with fireplace, carpets, drapes, range, refrigerator, and parking. $110 unfurnished, $125 furnished. University couple only. EM or HU BEAUTIFUL, LARGE apartment, wall to wall carpeting, drapes, refrigerator and built-in- s. Furnished or unfurnished. Del Mar Gardens 2103 East 33rd South. 2. LIVING QUARTERS near University, utilities paid, garage, 2 or 3 men preferred. No smoking, drinking. 1. FURNISHED APARTMENTS UNIVERSITY STUDENTS $70 to $80, desirable 2i2-roo- m apartments. Clean, nicely furnished and decorated. All utilities included, walking distance. 3. ROOMMATE NEEDED WANTED MALE ROOMMATE(S) to share $75 apartment at 1405 Sherman (1340 So.). Stop by or leave message for Terry at 1. MALE GRADUATE studentneeds roommate to share modern apartment near campus. 220 Elizabeth St. 6. DISTRIBUTOR WANTED NO COMPETITION. To service andset up new accounts in exclusive territory. Investment secured by fast moving inventory of amazing plastic coating used on all types of surfaces interior or exterior. Eliminates waxing when applied to any type of floor. Eliminates all painting when applied to wood, metal or concrete surfaces. , Minimum Investment $$500 Maximum Investment $12,000 For detail write or call: Phone: 314 AX-1-15- PENGUIN PLASTICS CORP. 3411 North Lindbergh Blvd. St. Ann, Missouri 63074 FOR SALE 1958 VW. Excellent condition, $595. 5. VESPA G. S., 1963, make offer. 0. IT AIN'T ME, BABE. 1 kt. wedding ring, worn 5 days only, $400. 0. FENCING FOILS and helmets, tennis rackets, brace and new balls, ladies golf shoes. Sunbeam coffee - maker, 16 - piece glass punch set. Call 1, ext. 612. PORTABLE TAPE recorder, Concord 330, with remote control micraphone. AC adaptor, automobile adaptor. Original $160. Now $100.00 complete. Call collect 4. COMPLETE SET of drafting equip-me- nt for CE-- 1 or CE-- 2. Call Wynn, 2. PORTABLE TAPE recorder, AC or battery, good condition, $50. 277-57- 06 after 5 P.M. or weekends. '54 VW. Looks good, runs good. $250. Ext. 6589. GIBSON guitar amp. and rerv. separate units, original cost $250. Must sell $130 complete. 364-15- or EM FOR SALE, '62 Corvair Monza, good condition, $925. 363-47- Ask for Dave. VERY CLEAN, 1962 VW., sun-roo- f, push button radio, seat covers good tires. $1,100. Call 1956 RAMBLER WAGON, recent nW ?225' CA?ioPt?taue tZPewriter. Pica, 3320 East. 175 CC LAMBRETTA, 1962 TV Excellent condition, new spare rack best offer over $250 Contact Sofer, 8. 1960 VW in excellent condition only $750. Call IN NEED SOMETHING new to wear? 363-72- PriCeS Cal1 Kaye' 65-- UNIVERSITY OF UTAH calendar of events available at Cnw'T51 00k Store and Store. 4" v iv calendar. Price 50c. $495 EACH-'- 62 Rambler, CorvaT 2600 Mam. AM P' NURSERY SCHOOL CO-O- P NURSERYschool campus has openings for fonr year olds. 9. HELP WANTED HELP YOURSELF and us. Can you find an afternoon or morning a week? Volunteer work in smaU groups of young emotionally dis- - ,,lld,ren with experienced ptB ' olHay Children Center. so? A iiT 9- 2007 Whni a e?od, drumr, must Sf ' ?r steady weekend engagements. Rock, Jazz and thmj an4 Blues- - After 4, 364-43- ask for Mike Stewart. "PHEI10'; PHOTOGRA-- j 7 See Dick How- - kfn Prt-tim- e afte" tubreks. PaVa?!0?! T teSt Positions open. Call ?fi? iaqa J much aTvouU- - ake ust as Mr- - Jens Phe 5. Way thrU scho1- - OPERATE BUSINESS home. Ideal from wn wife. Merchant stud and or ucts. No lSlng home Prod-choos- e. ExceEtment u 6058. income. 255- - . MAKE $10 TO $25 an Evenine Showing Christmas Cards Costume Jewelry to Frienfl Neighbors and Classmates. l 3291. ' : 1 QUITAR LESSONS , FOLK, R & R, Classical, J j limited openings. Contact MOFFAT. 364-15- or EM 3 D ' LOST AND FOUND SLIDE RULE lost in July in Bff ness Building classroom. I Gerald at 4. Reward. ') ' HOMECOMING HOMECOMING at Granite Hit School is October 1. Footfc game at 3:00 p.m. Granite vers-- ; Murray, an alumni assembly 7:00 and a dance at 8:30 p.m MISSION REUNION CENTRAL GERMAN Mission ft union, Friday, October 1 p.m. Ensign Ward, 9th andKj;l BRAZILIAN MISSION Socie? Beck-Bangert- er Group, Saturn, October 2, 8 p.m. at Harman f Cafe, 21 South 13th East. NORWEIGIAN MISSION Re"1; wil be held Friday, October ft at 7:30 p.m. at the Grant s1, Center, 3487 South 13th East f Luck dinner. tri BAVARIAN MISSION Bef " Friday, October 1. at 7:30 P'U East Mill Creek, 8th Ward , PERSONAL . t ALL STUDENTS enrolled in h'! economics courses are nvK IV the Sigma Deta Omicron ' Monday, 12:00, Home Econo Building, Room 305. Fisher Fishes Fabulous Fish CHAM, GERMANY (AP) Italian-bor- n angler Emillio Gal-lit- a hooked a woman on his fishing line and saved her life, police reported Monday. Gallita strained to land the catch when he felt a hefty tug on the line, and as he hauled it in saw that he had hooked a woman by the leg, police said. He dragged her from the water and gave her artificial respiration while passers-b- y summoned an ambulance. She was given oxygen and was later reported out of danger. Police said the woman, identified as Anna Ellmann, 57, tried to commit suicide because her husband was ill in a hospital and she expected him to die.

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