The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 9, 1932 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 9, 1932
Page 6
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PAGE SIX ,TIE: SPLIIT1 Monte Weaver, Washing ton Rookie Wins 20th Hurst' Homer Wins. The Chicago ' Ciibs divided tw camcs with the Braves ai|d th New York Yankees won one nn 'tied one with the Detroit Tii>ers The Cubs are lending the Nntionn li-atiie by several laps nnii th Yanks are even further ahead h tho American loop. The Cubs won 'the first cam vith the lirnves 4 to 1 bul drop red Ihe second 3 lo 2. Hoot am Binndl hooked up in n mourn duel In the first game, ttraiul Jield the Cubs scoreless for. fcvei Innings bul tltcv lioupcit on liln vi the eighth for nil their runs The tone Boston run was seorei In the first Innlim. In the second game Tinning v,-ent ihe route (or Chicago bu lo*l to Brown of fiostou. rirowr '"•Id Ihe Cubs "to six hlls. The Braves scored two runs In Ihc fniirlh nnd one In th; seventh licrger. Boston catcher,- lilt for Ihc circuit. Plraifs Swanyicd The iwond place Pilbburqh Pirates lost lo Ihe Brooklyn Dnd'!- <TF at Brooklvn. J2 to 2. Thc PMrers collcc.t.-'tl 17 hits with O'Doul selling Ihe nacc with two homers. Grnce. Pltt.sbiin.-h catcher, al'o hit for the circuit. Clnrk . wjis ihe winning pitcher. Th c Philips slml oul Ihe Cnrtl- inals at Philadelphia. The score vn.s 3 to 0. Hurst. Phil first b.ise- nipn. surmlied nl! his teams runs In the first Inning. He lilt for the circuit wilt, two men on. Thereafter neither team scored. Boime was the winning nnd Cnrldon the losliiz nitcher. The Yankees beat the Tleers G to 4 In 14 hinines but foumi (lie D2lroit Benrjnls even more vicious in Ihc second game and were deadlocked .7-7 when dnrkness ended the strusirln In Mm mvrnlli '"nine. Snmmv Byrd. playing In Bn>v> Ruth's wince, hit two homers In thc first frame. Webb of Detroit j>'so Wt for the circuit nnri L.izrrrl. The Yank second baseman turned the trir-k In the second name. Plo- prfls pitched 13 of thc 14 Innings In tbe first game nnd was returned the winner. Uhle \>ns thc losing plirher, relieving Hogsclt. Brown Bests Grove The Cleveland Indians defeated the Philadelphia 'Athletics 2 to 1 in the second game. Clint Drown wag Ihe winner over Lefty Grove . in a pltchins duel. Brown held thc Macks to four hits: drove scored the only Philadelphia run. Monte Weaver, the rookie Washington hurler. hung up his 20t)i victory' in his first big league ses- Kon at the exnense of the St. Louis Browns. Weaver held the Srowns lo four blnglfs and won 3 to 1. The Browns' only rim was ur.'arncd. Slcwarl was thc losing pitcher. The Chkasro White Sox bent the Boston Red Sox at Chicago. 4 to 3. Ted Lyons held the Boston club to six scattered hits nnd not two of the 12 th; While Sox collecled. Th.? winning run was scored in thc 111th inning. KHne relieved Rhodes In time to glv e np the winning run. _ Cubs Defy Tradition and Pose for Pi ld^,JA^_^yi?J.Kn_N;r:ws cture Derisively tl.umblni! lliclr noses at the on a protracted .slump by posln* for and part tor U.c Wrdfc recrnlly. Th,: old MijH-rMUlon which has it ,|,«l a ivlniilnrr hall club on it, a 1=™,,, photograph before it | s - M ', tllo <.,„ c ^ ' n-siillJii-.. photoi-ruph sh, m s AI,.; Hruin's ,,fK,,,<n i, ,• row, left to right: Woctly lO^lish; Marvi,, r;, K li,t : Klkl ciiylcr, HatUoy Gilbert Hist • '"' e row: llud Timilnis; UHly Herman: Pat Msloiic; Coach'Clm-U-s O'lc- as " 0<w: r.croy Herrmann, mid Ho); SmHIi. Hack row: Charley Root; .Mly j m ' K .. a - (.;• Villiam Braucher Now is the time when nil good crlbes nntl bad (urn tliclr lulcnts selection of 1111 all-slai- blc cagiie tern. In case you cure for il, ere Is miiH!: VtHnilk, U-fl field. U Wancr; centrr lltld. Kit-In, right (leld. Whllnry, Ihlrd base. Cronin, slmrlstop. ClMcll. second base. Gflirlj, first base. lllckry, catcher. Grove ami ,Frrrtll, plli-hcrs. Snnllirrn , McmpliLs ... Naslivllle .... Llule neck .. BlnnhiKlmm New Oilenns Athintn I.cajut W. L. Pel 0!i SI . 98 .W .043 73 75 .433 72 74 .49:! 07 79 .4M 00 80 .452 59 88 .401 CO SO .400 American Goodrich Shows Wav In Weekly Shoe SImging E. A. Goodrich won singles honors and shared doubles honors with W. M. Frazisr in the weekly horso shoe tournament o! the Shoe Sllng- ers club last night. C3oodrich defeated Carl GGanskc 25 to 18 in the finals of the single? division after winning by default from W. A. Dobyns and beating "azier, hta teammate in the doubles piny. Goodrich and Frazier teat Milner and Stevens nnd Gantte and Hooper to cop the doubles title. Blytneville Boxer In Kayo Loss at Campbell CAMPBELL. Mo.-.G. Wnshln?- o n of Clarkton scored his second knockout of tho season in Ihe sec- —— 01 a match utrc wiitt John Elliott ot Blythevilic. Ark. Tom Dozier of Camnbell wor. th,; decision over Paul Farmer of Indianapolis In the seml-windup. Nofan Lambert Welter Champ at Guard Camp T L T1' E , ROCK ' Ark - - N °lm i^amDert of Company M, Blythe- villen defeated Carl Walker of Company D In the final match o tosln 1! - r - W - gh - division of the of the night. infantry here last OLDEST li. S . PRESIDENT . Andrew Jack.wn thc oldest 11 d« he He Iacl!etl ° Hou - HOUSC - left There are many positions opsn ) dispute this year, pcrhnus more i»n iisiml. Even the pitchers eati- ol be chosen without an nriui- en'.. Yon might call the team "Ihc 1-star argument of 1532" if U were not for the fact that, this ts a presidential year. lll.u. • * • Jnc Drives 'En. Tn New York Philadelphia .... Wn.shlneton 1 • ..'omx , v ^ IJrJ .„.,,, \ Cleveland 78 5fl in-i Uotrolt n? GS .BOS W. t. Pet. 9fi 40 700 84 55 .601 80 55 .593 .... ............ . LouLs .............. 5778.422 Chicago Boston 42 ai JIG 37 09 .272 Natlonnl LC.IRUC W. I,. Pet. chlc!> BO ............... 80 5 B .580 way to a v.crkl series, viill hrln« ':ly s:illO|)id oll tho jjiayiiii; neld in Hie fullr.'.vihR manner: ['roui :m; Coacii H«l Corriden; Jakic •Slcphcnsoii; Johnny Moore; i.oti PEBSBEIIPELS two Points Scparald Chicks. Lookouts: Travelers Cliim !o 3rd 1 H:lly Uurke, t;:m:r nntlonal oueii chnijip::.-). .say; Ji? -Jo?sn't telleve Hint n biiul in the I;U c ] t ow at the top ot tho swing j s harmful Harry Vardon's Idl ell:ow has a Frtqin-iiily plaiers Irving lo Inhi ••> slraighi left aim k?2p it 53 \-[,id \ that it locks i;:s entire swing. I In the ijolf swing, lh:; player musi i&RKE S?ES Wo HARM IJJ &g>.'DA'C> Trie l.EF-r ELBOW AT THE TOP Of THE SV/WG-. Pittsburgh . 7562.547 ............ . I Brooklyn .............. 72 SC .S'25 From the sttinripolnl of balling <' pl> "'" lel|lhlB ........... 70 07 .511 ' '' OSt0h ................ 0910.437 Sandy Ridge Will Pl ay Ripley, Miss., Sunday Tl:o Sandy Ridge club of Ihe Mississippi county ba^-ball league, loon lenders, «-|ll play Rip'.cy, Ml,-, n; O :;I -eola. Ark., Sundiiy. sjpi. '11' KLiiuly Httlge has won 21 out of -2 Bame.s played and recently defeated Hiplsy l«- 0 out of ,| U . C names In Mississippi. Rlp!ey will be re-inforced am' ready lo g t,- c u, c Sandy Ridge fan. a real battle, nccordinfe to reports received by Charlie UarkeV. nmn- uger of the Sandy nidge club the°i!o v c! "". s ''™ n >' esu ' r ' in v and aye tvf?)f«- TI, r • t .•• i*.ini.,. in? Lr.oaiuis have onlv <vo more sanies (o play aiul the Chicks have (lire. 'Ihe Lookouts jhnt nut the At- Innta Crackeis at Allanlu yesterday. The score wus 7 to 0. Bar- foal nave th,. crackers ci K ht, hits tuit kept them M-iiu-red. Tiir,- 1 ! 1 f-'rnckcr i.ftrhers nl'rmnted to stop the Lookouts. Gill. Chattanooga iiitfieldcr. hit for thc circuit. The Chirks, not to Ix? outdone Wankrd n,» ni: m im.-hfim Hnrous at IMnnphis. Tho sroiy. \v ; is 4 to °j '_"»''•>• Kelly. Mriunhls hilrier, el.rckrd in witli his seventh stralriit victory. , MlK , , lp nill " Ju s but kccpinu ilinin far npirt. Wnlkup nnd rin«laiHl but" n , a °,ie tfiem gccxl for cRoueh ritiii to win The Nashville- \'o)s l> ; .;,t die Knoxvillc Smokies rj to 12 at Nashville. Seven pitches were" us- ^cMjy (he two teams with Hie ^".s e<Mliii(t 17 liits nnd the Smokies H blows. Morris nnd riar- iis hit homers. PeniTe was the ivlimlng and Ilii^imi the losing pitcher. f for the fourth successiv time Ihc Travelers slupiird th c Pelicans no™ last nislil aiul preserved tlv?ir half t^ ;ul)r adva,Un»e o; - cr Hie Nashville Vnls. their persistent challengers (or third place Tile score u-ns 1 ( :) •_>. To\ r,'iignn tm-iinil I,, his Ifith victory of th-j v. nso:li ]. 0 i ( |in g the Pels to six hits. in: «ha: th; tcdy is doiiip. \v:ich ta} us u :i . M . ttrntion auay " arms. If ti:...,- IIM are noi woikiiv. ,.._ can -.votk ri ! ^ht. BIRD TO CONVINCE w 0 Be as skeptical as you like — but try the Gillette BLUE BLADE. Give yourself a chance to discover far greater .shaving comfort. Do so on our guarantee of satisfaction. Buy a package of Gillette Blue Blades today. LoCty O'Doul must be tile choice '' 5, OT , ................ . for left field, with his nvernnc close sv, v ,""'1 .............. 04 12 .Ml iui Jt-ii, ncin. with his nvcrnse close «. . •,. V. "' " • lo .370. But the averages show that' cinHnnnil « « ' Cleveland's Vosmlk. with n balling I """" se sl •' averase almost 70 points lower, htis batted'in more- rims. Not only thnt, but Joe is so much a better outfielder than thc erratic O'Doul thnt there U no basis for comparison there. I h.-ne seen O'Dattl lose games by thc same chnuces thnt would I.BVC been ensy tor. thc Indians' nlerl left fielder. Mnnusli u hereby nudged out of center field, bul it is only a toss-U|) between his abilities and (hc*c of Lloyd Wnuer. It may be said for Manush thai he l:as played more gnmcs, and complied a higher baiting average, bin Wa- is so much better as nn outfielder that Manush's bnltini! advantages seem to be overcome. world. What Price Ilcffnsr? Defensive strenRth, esi)ccially in center field, strikes (his ambitious handicapper as nn Important point. Klein holds right field itiidis- pulcd. His all-star iwrtfolio together with that -of Joe Crouin nt short, appears to be without question. Hull) no longer Is the i;r-.Mt player he was. At short. Crcnln «'hi!c he may not be said to have n great year, still stands head •and shoulders nbove every o'.heri shortstop in the game. An argument might be worked! up over Whitney and Pie Traynorl at third base. I think Whitney • GUFATI.XT c holds the ert B e because he has bijii more active in driving in runs though his baiting average is a trifle lower than Pie's. • * • Cisscll'a Grtat TODAY'S GAMES Southern I.ra^nr New Orleans at Memphis. Birmingham at Little Rock (two games). Nashville nt Atlanta. Knoxville at Chattanooga. Amrrlran League Washington at St. Louis. Boston nl Chicago. New York at Detroit. Only gniKOs scheduled. I.cacur St. Louis nt Philadelphia. Cincinnati at New York. Chicago at Boston. Only gnmos scheduled. Tears are composed of n chemical called lysozyme, probably Ihe ir.tvsl iwwcrful germ killer iii Ihc Thtre is the same kind of nrpt- ment st second. lyizzcri has piayod an Important part In the pennant "rive of the Yankees. But CU"1! has been the maklns of the- Indians. his fighling spirit boing responsible for nn urge lo com]>e!e which that club did not have without him. , j r0!1 horse sensational Poxx nm a clos e race . gtttlng excessively not. A hot engine Is mor e efficient lh»n i cold O«H. , c " '-'••^L, intf at first. Thc st.ibilily of Gchrlg £«ms lo me to win tlw appolnl- Dickey Is far below Virgil DAI-IS. he Nalionai league's catching entry. In polnl of bnltliiK nvcmzcs but. Dickey's bat has driven In nri «iual number of runs! And when you consider the more important p.lching Dickey handled, and the w»>- he did It, surely he roust be the selection °™'l,?, nd ,. P ^. 11( ***** "Us by many I still thin any other soulhpaw and right bander In the pastime. ot Gomez ' s "cords for 1932. But » w.rlt RITZ THEATER Snn.-JIoii.-Tiics.-\\'f(l. Sci>l. Jl-12-13-1-1 Harry Prallior Pi-nscnts tlio Season's KATKSTS1NGTNGRI10\V On the Slapc Jn Person 'Moonlight Revue' 15 People Featuring Specialties in Harmony Singers, Trios, Quartets ami liluos Singers. Tup Toe, Acrobatic nutl ,Ia/./. Buck Dancer. -Musical Farce Comedy. l( you like good VautU-villo, don't fail to see this show. This Act just oflt Paramount Publix Circuit. Admission—15c nnd -lOc Picture—Sunday & Monday— "TWO AGAINST THE WOULD" with Constance Bennett. Picture—Tuesday, Wednesday—"W a v C orrcspomlent" with Jack Holt. A change of vaudeville with ll:c change of picture. Theatre programs announced iS, (lay ;it 12:15 ovc '-' If names mean anything. Hunt: \iHlcrson's 'Amblers (rom Notre 3nme nrc due for n drubbing when Uicy meet Hnskell in the opener. Victor Casio, nbove. is the Imlmns' captain. COOLEST SPOT IN TOWN RITZ THEATER I-<iJt time today—"Downstairs" with John Gilbert. Saturday Only Matinee and Nile 10 & 2=1 c See 'Ghost Valley' with Tom Keenc Cnrtton and Serial—"Ah- Mail Mystery No. 9." Friday and Saturday A dm.—Matinee and Night— 10 nnd Sue See Ian From Hell's Edge' with Hob Strcl<: The Best Serial—'Hero \ovcllv —"Sl nf the Sunday and Monday Matinee and Xile—10 & 25c •j'sliablc drama of t\vo hiiiiiaii souls, htnnie Hurst's Novelty Reel and Comedy. 'Symphony of Six Millions' with CiT'iie Dmuu 1 , Kicar- <!o (lorlc/ i Novelty Keel—'Cometlv~ Thing to Eating REAL Grapes Ever visit a vineyard early in the morning, when the dew still lingered on the great clusters of purple grapes? Ever squeeze them between your lips and experience the genuine thrill of that flrst delicious wine-like flavor? Nowhere else have you seemed to quite match that tang —until the New NuGrape came. 'I his unusual new drink, by » process exclusively ils own, lias succeeded in imprisoning the elusive tmig of the <!e«'-«ct grape, just as it is pliu-kcd from tl.o vineyard in season—clear, linsKug wit], life, nnd perfumed. Yea — you can cali-h the liimqnct of it the moment the hottle is opened. Tor that vivid moment, vou are. "In u Crape Arljor." 'Iry delicious cnrlmnnlfd licverage today. It's now on sale everywhere for 5i-. Nu Grape Bottling Co •~Sj ^c v —^ A '' SK^Z & '^t^fessfl 1% MADE WITH Wf LCH'S GRAPE JUICC

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