The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 25, 1934 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 25, 1934
Page 2
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TWO Power 'Company Offers | Lowei Ratfe; Seeks Five-Year Agreement''. " tj%. , . ; • ; SAnUTHERSVILLE, Oct. •«.— Decision is expected at (lie November meeting of Ihc city council on on••• application of the Arkansns- Mlsiouri Power company for n fne-\cai continct for lurntshlng light and; power to the city. At a special meeting Wednesday ihe power company altered a new rate' of 2 cents per kilowatt for current used by'the city, anil of- for^a to change the lighting in the business district, enlarging the wliitcway system from 60 to 260- w'alt globes and installing 15 ad- ditldnnl lights where needed without, expense to the clly. ,The council was inclined to regard tiie oiler favorably but most members expressed themselves re- lilctSnt to en'tcr.' into a five-year contract, preferring to enter into ^.'shorter contract presumably for rl6 ; ;louger than a year. •Mayor D. D. Pinion, wnlle staling the new proposed rate would niean an amral saving of atom, $400, even with the additional lights and larger globes, expressed the opinion [hat-, most ^councilman' would be averse to niiy contract longer than Uo years. / .'Another mutter, the first of its llnd since rerreai, which will be acted upon at the Novc'inbcr meeting Is the alleged infraction by saloons' of cll\ ordinance reguln- tipns. Several Baloons are said to have remained open over Sunday a week or so ago, in direct conflict with city ordinances And state Inn's. Notices and summons have been presented the 1 'proprietors to ap- psar before the council and show cause why formal charges should itot,bc entered to revoke their licenses. The November meeting will b'e'jh'old Monday, Nov. 5. • New York Cotton NEW ORK, Oct. 25 (UP) Cotton closed steady. ; open high lav close Oct 1230 1234 1228 122JI Dec 1238 1240 1227 mi Jail 1242 1244 1232 1232 March 1248 1248 1234 1235 May 1252 1252 1233 1240 July 1254 1256 1244 1244 Sjwts cloacil lit 1255, oil 10. New Orleans \Joilon NEW ORLEANS. Oct. 25 (UP) — I'he cotton market was very steady until.the latter p.irl of (lie session who nrather heavy lit|ui- dutlng and hedging sent prices downward to close nearly .75 cents a bale loiver. , ; open high lbw : .close Oct 1233 1233 1227 1233 Dec 124.2 1242 1228 1228 Jan 1245 1240 1240 1232b March 1249 1250 1236 123(i May 1252 1256 1241 J241 July 125G 1257 1244 1244 Spots closed steady nt 125ff, oil Tri-Motorecl Ford •' And Stunt Plane Are Coming Here It was announced today by F. n. Joyner. that arrangements have been completed to bring a big tri- meter Ford plane here Saturday and Sunda\ ihe big plane 'that is coming is 76 feet wide, B5 feet long, ^\eighs 10100 pounds, and cost S61500 The plane' w'ilPbc piloted by; Capl. H. C. Downing, veteran transport pilot. ; i In addition to the tri-motor I\)rd plane Duke Troivbridec will pilot his J-3 Travelaire stunt plane and Sunday afternoon will put 011 one of .his Kcnsatlonnl free stunting exhibitions The planes are equipped':with landing lights arid flares and fly both day and night. .No admission charge will b; made to the field and the general public is cordiallj Imited ,to visit Hw nir- port either Saturday or Sunday and inspect the planes and see the stunts. Seminary President Will Conduct Revival CAEUTHBRSVILLE, Mo. —The Rev Dr J Rood Cunningham, president of, the Presbyterian Theological Seminary at Louisville, Ky., will conduct a scries of re- nval meetings here for one week, beginning Sunday, Oct. 28, mid ending Sunday, Nov. 5, Seven Ears Sprout from Ear of Popcorn W J Davis has odd looking mp- cora growing tn hts garden .at- 900 S Lake street Prom one car are sprouting- xten other cars In'a peculiar shape The corn is of an ordinary variety and the rest of the cars are' of uniform size. / »HrHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Today's Markets 13. Chicago Wheat open high low close Dec 08 1-4 08 1-2 85 1-4 98 1-4 May 08 1-4 08 1-2 X 1-8 00 1-4 He saw'him again (or a short time a year later and has since kept In touch with him by occasional letters. Chicago Corn ojicii hiHli lo\v close Dec. 75 3-8 75 1-2 13 3-4 71 Miiy 77 1-4 77 3-8 W 70 1-4 Local Youth First Met Father at Age of 15 Wade H. Ijn; 13. is Ipoklns forward to n visit next spring with his father, William Lee, of Calvin, Okla., whom lis first saw when he was 15 years of age and whom he Ims not seen for three years. 'llic elder Lee and Wade's mother separated wlien Wa',lc was only a few days old. The family at that lime lived at Casa, Ark. No word came from the father for 14 years. Then n jctier arrived ( telling that he was at Calvin, and shortly afterward wade went to visit him. Auto Hits, Kills Deer, Three Passengers Unhurt EAST PALESTINE,. O, (UP) — The unexpected, Uirin of sinking a buck deer In the highway with an automobile and 'escaping unhurt was told by Hairy Hahn, 'Pitts- burgher, who Jms relatives here. Hahn, with two Beaver Falls I'D men was driving on the Roosevelt highway near Coudersport, ! Pa., when the animal suddenly leaped into the roadway. The driver, unable to avoid a collision, struck the <lcer, killing it,. TJ IC car was damaged.- The men turned ; over the ttiilma,!, a 105-pound buck, to a game warden. . ... ''•'• Claims Bandmaster : Tllfe KIEL, Wis. (UP) — Edgar P Thlassen, 20, director of the 30- |)iecc Kiel community band lays claim to the title of Wisconsin's youngest biui'cl-inaslcivHe 'hns'heen u musician since he was sevcn- years-old. Closing Stock Prices NEW YORK, Oct.'''25 (UP)' — Stocks declined today despite improved sentiment In Wall Street T«.raufe of. President Roosevelt's conciliatory speech; to the Amer-1 lean Bankers association last nigh;. CLOSING STOCKS A. T. and T 110 1 IB Annconda Copper 101-3 Bethlehem Steel 20 3-4 Chrysler 35 ]_« Cities Service 11-2 Coca Cola .i 142,1-2 General American Tank 35 General Electric 18 1-4 General Motors 20 3-4 International Harvester 33 McKesson-nobbliB .'. 7 Montgomery Ward 27 7-8 New York Central 21 7-8 Packard 3 5 _jj Pliilllps Petroleum 14 Radio Corp ., 5 7-B Siirimons"'Beits':..:•.•..'.'..'; *' 93.8 SI,.. Louis-San Prniiciscd ! iVfi Standard of N. J. :'.'.... 40 1-2 Texas Co 10 7 _ 8 U. S. Steel 33 U. 6. Smeltiiiff IH ZOnlle 3 7 _ 8 Learn From Doctors How to Treat Colds Four I'ninfs <<i 'Remenilier As colds cause more loss of. time niitl money than any other disease, every one should learn what moa- crn medical science teaches as to their proper trcainrcnt. Your doctor has the following objectives: First—To relieve the congestion in the hose and throat, thus atort- liiff, or lightening Die attack nml relieving the symptoms caused by the congest ion.—CuloUbs, the iid- provcd calomel compound tablets, accomplish this by attracting the excess blood to the bowels. Second—To helu the kidneys \vnsh out of the blood the cold-poisons which cause the chilly sensation, fcyeriEliness,' aches, and menu feel- ing.—Calolaljs are diuretic to the kidneys, iisslsting them hi ridding the blood of the poisons. Third—To expel the germ-laden imicus and toxines from the bowels, thus preventing their absorption Into the blood.—Culotabs accomplish this thoroughly. Fourth—TO keep, the'bile of the liver flowing freely through anrl out of the intestines, thus relieving the billloiisness and constipation, which attend and aggravate a cold. As Calotubs contain calomel, Ihey promote the tlow ol bile. ' Thus, Calotnbs meet these' /our important objectives of medical treatment for colds. One "or two Calotnbs nl bed time, ivilh a gists of sweet milk or water, is usually sufficient; but should be repeated the third or fifth night if needed, The milk tones down -• tte actb:i making it milder, if 'desired.' Why r ! S |c dbu'b'lfur'o'f'rhHire-shKt remedies? oct a family package of Calotabs containing full directions, only twenty-five cents; trial package ten cents, at your dealer's. (Adv.) When Mrs Alice Haydcn of Eau Claira W.S., died, searchers found $81000 in cash and -$74 000 in Liberty bonds in an old bureau drawer in her home. Searchers have since found $02 638, largely In $50a and Sl.OW tulis, in- an bid laundry bag. WASHOUT 15 MILES OF KIDNEY TUBES . . Vigir . . . Vitality •M Iwc tawMc wrti too-frconcnl pi«ouer pasaases «ith tcnnty amo^nl ram ing burning and Aiscamtr-- ' IT— iT"Y"~," 1M ' ^ ll " ; *j*B'nnin$r of hajriiing bacKachc, leg paint, loss otptp and vitalitr KrtUne uj> WeMj. InmbaS swolleli fni »* mklM, A«om«lic WlM'an* dSrSk If Jc.dncrj don t empty 3 j,j n u ctcry S v " d K '-j?' 4 tourtt o^Vajtc nitto. Jour bod ywrtl tmktup (kcsc poisons lma*i «r,o« troolle. UftSy knoik £?Sl"!d 'K »n w> for, iMnjr monlkj. Don't ,v^[ ^ii onr aro fP !t *oc DOAN'S PILLSI . » doctor > srtj«irbbti. . . wkldrliu £u JBjUeuctcuftillr by ittiljion. of Vid^r K£ |2" 5 a *nf ° ^» rs - They jive quiA vt'fv^ *Sj' "*.*>. WMh cat tie 14 HILE6 of kidney ta L -- . "" "8"} W' «k»Ke5 Vith »trotut drum li« tfiit conljin no "dopc'r of hita.formlnz FOR EVERYBODY" A Reporf of a Slorc-lo-Stora Checlc.i/p Maclo by thh Newspaper ' Good Black lea is plentiful in your community. This newspaper's staff has chcckcil up— and \vc know. The brands listed Mow arc available in grocery "ores in your ncighborhoml. -- I A[>d,'motc than likely',yout grocer Jms two or. three of, these from which you may make your choice. Each is n K cnuin<: Indi.i Tc.i—or a Mend-containing India Tea. Just 10 be sure that TOU arc BCtliti^ li\dia's jjood Black tea, look for the tr.idc- mark (below),iunddiiion tottii: brand namf, on the jucliaijc you liuy. For the linlc trouble you '»!cc you will receive ten of ex- ctuisilc flavor, winy-rich'anil' AIRWAY Safeway Slorcs BANQUET INDIA CEYLON , All Dealers BO-KA .... Intjencndriil Groce" PFOG Ffog stores & Independent Grocers FORBES' QUALITY .. All Dealers FRENCH MARKET .. All Unalt-rs FRENCH OPERA .... All Dealers GOLDEN DRIP All balers HONBVMOOW ....... 'AH iJrafcr.. LIGHT OF ASIA Itideimirictit Groscrs MONARCH .. Independent Grocers MORNING JOY .... All Dealers OPEKO Liggctl's & Rexall Stores ST.. CHARLES All Dralors TULARE All Dealers •P. S. Don't {at, tfi lo look far this here s more to it'. LUNCH at BORUM'S way, MKET YOUR 'PIUENDS AT HOKUMS Ilorinns >-iy they will not be undcr-Eold on any tiling sold »i " Drue Store. Their ,-riccs arc always As Low, and Lower nn nioEl cvcrj'llmw. Bcruin's C;il Prii-c.s are All Time Prices ^"il r.ut merely Weck-Knil .Specials .'i5c Vicks Salve - - 2!)c 50c Vicks Drops - - l)!lc JJac (i(i(i Cold Tablets 21c 3pc Bromo Quinine Tablets 2;U' SOc'Dr. Drakes Glesseu Cough Syrup - - ;Wc §1.25 Crcomulsion 25c G6G Liquid - - 21c (>0c S.vrup Pepsin - -fik- S1.20 Sj-dup Pepsin 9Sc Sl.OO Nervine - - Site SI .00 Cardui - - - 8!(c Sl.OO G. F. I 1 . - - 7i)c 51.35 Lydiii E. I'ink- ham Compound - il!)c Sl.OO Dr. Bulls Iron Tonic 7!)c Sl.OO Clytone Tonic 73c SI.50 Super D. Cod Liver Oil - - - 51.19 51.50 Hot Water Hott!e s (iilc TOHACCO PRICKS Prince Albert - - ]0c i Velvet l()c Dial. 2 for J;u- Union Leader, 2 for 15c All 5c Smoking Tobacco, (i for - - - - 25c All Sc Chewing To- baccu, G for - - - 2. r ic Cigars, 2 for - - - 5c Cigars "ic - ] Oc 2 for 2:")C Pipe Cleaners - - - 5c Pipes lOc, 25c, 50c, St.00 and S/i.50 SI. 50 Fountain ~ri Syringe - - - - (i}lc ?1.50 Combihution Hot ' Wafer Bottle and Syringe - - - - Sl.i!) SI. 25 Vaijinai Douche Syringe - - - - OSc S1.50 Ahirm Clocks S9e Mickey Mouse M'rist , Watches --- - S2.95 Mickey Mouse Tooth Brushes ..... 25c Fountain Tens - 21)',f Off in Price : 75c Listerinc - - - iillc ST.OO Lysol - - - - S!)c 75c Bayer Aspirin, 100s ...... r,0c St. 00 Hinds Eloucy cc Almond Cream - - S9c Assortment ^flc Cold . Creams - - - - 25c 25c Mavis Talc - - 19c $1.20 Wild Root Hair- Tonic ...... DSc 75c Fitch Shampoo f>!)c 25c Life Buoy Shaving Cream - - - - i?c : FOUNTAIN Malted Milks - - - Icc Cream Sodas - Orangeade ...... Limeade - - 5c and Hot Chocolate - Hot Ovalliric - - Hot Coffee - - - - Sand\vichcj - lllr X- Lunches :iOc - 35i- & lOc lOc ll)c lOc • Re I5c lOc I'UKSH BOX OF 2Sc - Iftlc - 50c - NUiVNALLY'S CAN'DY Sl.OO - $1.50 - S2.00 YOUR PRESCUIPTION SKHVICK JiplKMBKH THAT 5i()HU.M'.S I>O ,\or StfBS't !H I F ' TI1KY THURSDAY, OCTOBER 25, NRA COMPARE ALL OUR PRICES . 1WA LIBERTY CASH GROCEES Customers Scales in Our Store-Guaranteed 16 Ounces to the Pound Specials for Friday, Saturday and Monday STOKELYS SPECIALS •• * f.ARh ^ co^ HOMINY, Finest. 1% size 4c; Jg- e can 7c KRAUT, Finest. No. 2 can 8c; \g can lOe LIMA BEANS, Fresh. No. 2 Can lOc GREEN LIMA BEANS, No. 2 can 12y 2 c STRING BEANS, Finest Cut. Can 9^c STRING BEANS, Small, Whole, can ISc MIXED VEGETABLES Can lOc PEAS, Honey Pod. Finest. Can 15c PARTY PEAS, Finest, Can 18c CORN, Fancy Sweet. Finest. Can 9y a c BEETS, Small, Whole. Can 12c CUT BEETS, Finest. Large Can lOc TOMATOES, Ex. .Quality. Lge can 12%c SUCCOTASH, Finest. Can 14c TOMATO JUICE, Finest. Can 5c PUMPKIN, Finest, Large Can IQc PEAS & CARROTS, Finest. Can 16c CHILI SAUCE, Finest. 12-oa Bottle 15c CHILI CON CARNE, Can 8V& DICED CARROTS, Finest. Can Shelled 'ound OTTER BEANS """ST lOc COFFEE Siinn.v Brook i'ounti Cim 29c 53c CANOVA COFFEE Lb. OQ« "IT SUHE IS GOOD O~.. fc\Hf COFFEE" Can BANANAS Mellow Ripe J'wind 4ic COFFEE C'anura. Vacuum Pack I'ound C;in 29c CRACKERS Pride of iAIcmphis 2-l.b. Box California. Jumbo Stalks Each 7c _ HEECHNUT Spaghetti, Can - - - - flc Chili Sauce, liottk - - 22u Catsup, Large Hotfle - - ISc Bpag, ov Macaroni. LI), lii'/zc Hubv M-0/,. Bottle CATSUP CAT Aft DRESSING TaMe Garden O/VL/lL' i/ { PI. Sc; Pi. Me; Ql. 20c SALT MEAT Pound BOLOGNA Ucst Streak-0-Lcan I'ound GRAPEFRUIT "" EG'ffi 15c Guaranteed Fresh Dozen 23c OCTAGON PEACHES 12 Ounce Kach Washing 1'owrlcr 5 Sniiti! Pkgs. lie Ruscdulc 21/2 Can 16c HAM Red. Sour Pitted No. 2 Can Sliced found VEALOWPS, LAMB Gcnui " e Sl)rin S- Shoulder : Pouri! Or Roast Pound Pound Maxwell House Coffee^ VITA FRESH i • "GOOD TO THE LAST DROP" U). 30c EGG PLAlirrypioNs t -' =15° Minnesota Cobblers Pound BACON 4 1 ' M, ~Z C CGCOANUTS POTAfeSlrr Fresh Each 5c GROUND BEEF MACKEREL fl» \TfJ1T 1 IAIVOVA frl __ I'ound Salmon Style .'i Cans *% « . & A C — ~, Marco. Ql. Jar - DC fioston Cocoa', 'A Lb. Can - i)c Mayonnaise, Pint 23c Lady Alice Coffee, Lb. - - 23c Lady Alice Coffee, '/ 2 LI). - 13c Snowdrift COFFEE Dean's High Grade found Can Calumet Lb. Can Red Kipe Pound CABBAGE Macaroni, Spaghetti or KKK Noodles. 7-Q7-. Pkg. Texas Green I'cund 2c TOKAY GRAPES round Sic CHEESE Uaisv Cream Pound 16c .Cottage or Van Camp 1'7rT* 3 Large or (t Small Cans * 8 v* "LIBBYS SPECIALS 'incapple, No. 2 Can l?c Asparagus, Picnic - 12c 'mn.,,,,,i n .)./ «•.„„ m^ Apricots, 2'/2 Can - 2;ic Pineapple, 2'/ z Can - Iflc Peaches, 2 1 /; Can - ISc HA Cherries 2^ Can 25t I'mil Salad, 2% can 2Gc Apricots, Tomato .Inice, Nn. 1 Can - 7c Pickles, Sweet Plain or Mfxed,- 22-oz. .lar - 23c 30c I'lllsbiiry's Package 4 /V w 1UC COFFEE cha " * : s ™";r; m , PICKLES cs PORK CHOPS SOAP Dated Can W. Snur or Oill (Juart Jar I, can Knd T' 'almolivc ;) Cuts ound Jiars 3tc 14c ISc 13c DEL MONTE SPECIALS Sweet Pickle Peaches, No. 2% Can .. 27c FniitXVktail, No. 2% Can &k Tomato Sauce, 8-Oz. Can . 7e / Prunes, Prepared. No. 2y 2 Can 18c Pineapple, Crushed. No. 2 1 /?. Can .. 19c i

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