The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 26, 1931 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 26, 1931
Page 3
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THURSDAY, MARCH 26, 1931 nU"J'HEVlU,K, (AUK.) COUHIEH NEWS J'AGE TIIUKK At Breach of Promise Trial "•* * {•••**• * -v* v vr JVV'". Hi? [owl jtouy llilrd In order ot niul simlhir ostnbllslmv'iU'i \vlilrhj-\j III sales. . imimifrtctim' biitkhiiR mnli'tlals lire! iVlni'('l) llflS Tlw automotive BOiip. wllli ;!ii I lm ' 1; " !e<1 In (lie Census ol Miimi- r.<tntj|klnn<?ii!£. Acts » huslnoss or • f:«"-mi'S mill ilu nut a\i\>:'u:- In lilts ll'lHllt. Till- fllinlllllV llllll lioibl'liol'l unnip lodilii 7 Floii':-, r:inrto:.^ :tV : pjn|i!i-. mill dm-, u bus!- Monlh for $1.315,fXH). or a a IX.T cent of- the total ii'lail business Snli's in 8 i mill dm 5333 162 Pimimin.' o! uilnl Mures • in J '111 lirsof F,-imdR-«liaP:>ir BM -">«fei..>- •'' •.-' .',U *^W- J L 1 /? M f I'Y Al, It. Of the Nalonil Hnvulra-.tln* Co. and Till- I'mir'.fl >.Yws CHK.'AOO. -M-.M c-vci i-iir... ki'i.v.,, 0".i: Olmr'.-.s Cone'l ami I'm Gosden '•.•'>!•• nil il•" dir.'o'ia- -!:'il /"iios 'n' Andy i.'pi.-".di'S. But :m- (II now no one bul ihc-ii'otve-:, knew lusl !«»••' 'i'Cv '•'••'-'•[I to produce, the desired v,:ic.- lo- each character. The recent bre:uh of promise suit nf M3 Hme Qe'i'ii against Andrew H. Drown. pii«iilf,)t o:" tin Fresh Air Taxicab Co., InrorpuK atcd, i- : '• case in nmiit. l-V.r weeks both Cirrell and On:den worked rn raeh new v:jlr-"\. brir.Mng o'-il "ist th.e finality dry , sought to rtelhicaii" the chaiacle" Ihey were to introduce, 'ilv.-i: when P'c time caiiu- lli'.'v v:cro ready. ! al !!'? f;imo'.:s trial, that ended to in^Ionouslv for Madame Queen.! v.ere dtvid-d as follows: Amoi. Lawyer Smllli. tlie .Ji:d3c. Brother Craw/ord. Li°lHniu' and Madam Queen were til pl::vc:l by Ccil^n. while Covrell Icn'.; ihe paits of Andy. Lawyer Collins and the Bailiff "Order in (he Court!" A. trial scene opens with 111; 1 t-iiliff callinK for ordc:- in the court. In tlie ftudio Coucll stood b"-. twfcn bis and fight feet from the The famous Irani of freeman (jcsilrn, tell, ami Charlo.; t'orrcll. hack of the microphone. His han:l light, ivcikiug like puppets Hi? rhaictcis they pjrliaycd in Andy's vrr: cupped to hU mouth and he"ry.Ttnt trial. j called into the air. Thus t-i '.he, : i radin livelier it saumied as though: u an(] ulk|Hl H( , lcok u i nm| [rnm Ule! ,. yc]lcrAl observation' the baihif had shoutrd mlo a-hirgi. ,,,,^1,,. „, a;;llari;m ufrort im o the in conns and trial accounts Ivuin , v.-orils. liie newspapers ; At the rlosc of each episode, two : New that the trial is over, the rn:'p' R'.'",orl of '•lirvilk- Rclail ' 'tic Public. nulq mount lo (1,01 J.33:!. A lolal of 11 fllli-liir stiiltims i.s reported with UK- j ilex* IT, • sales of S'^MXO:tG In sus, oil, sell s:M 'jlhi's. am! ollirr i-.ceeiisoric.s. This' stons. I i.'.i-iehi'iutise is also sold in 0 [;at- j are v.'.jnsi- total bil>lile.^s i>f i: i "jti liiii'.uies receipt. 1 ; from rep, 13!id Mi>La.y as w.'ll us from sail j The i'eiu-ial-!iierchiiiullst' Kruup. I bnsinei-.s is i-sclu-Ove of nuals whii-h includes department stores,! ed hi li'inn.; u;':ns'.'peja 1 .-. 1 ?! hy ho- I dry I'ui.Is stores, ncncial s:i:rcs. | lels nnd U::aulm|>, houses end at 'niul \:uielv .stnros, 5-and-10. nnd ' linu'liri i.-ivi-il In drii'< stores. 'Vhe I this year, a numlrer of chiln arc IbehiB visited this wnc-!t. I Miss Cora Lcc Co'.cman attended K i the Lone Oak Women's clnh Mr.i-^' Lf.ichvllle and Manila Tuesday. Wfdnostlny Miss Colcinan and 3, r>. Carpenter went to Hatcher oii<l W!:li Hie inonlh of March iisi'le liv : lute rxtenshti worker*', West Ii!(lr ; e for 4-H (jalhering'i. (ur Invirurllnx l>:iv;; jinil sirls in I They nre al F:iowah (ind Etlllmin 4-H ''!n's in the pioii-.irlm of '; i'\ I today. Friday Miss Colfmim at- loi- p'iniilii': antl Hie euro of Iviby ! I'iiils Ihf fjjrie Oak 4-H imctln^ ei'l"k.s. Hie mil-ins in M!'AKsl;>:illtn t!:e ninrnlns anil the i-oun:> aie lonel.idlii'.: rn ^Nieii'lvo j WtuiHin'.s cliib In the al of sn:l,C%. 'Mils volimie ol | pi'o.;:.-,!,! wlilrli has p'-iiotr.Uo.l iut j nil |).ii" nt tiie c^iiiuy. l-'\ery fh:h tti Ihe L'ounty liis h-( e 'I'lii 1 23 ri'bliiuiants anil otln-r vatllly; places ill r>!\Uu'MHe employ M :ull thue pi 1 '!; 1 !: and do n husl 'A«HiMfiTON. I). ('. Mun-11 26, j i.n-:i-ilo! sions. ie]ior'.s ^il^s of .--l.'H-ill ln'siiy." ^ in Hlvtheville i fl.H'.'.i.'-'S-i in 20 Mores. cn;p!i'vs the --.: ,j «s :-". K Is shov.-u by , (iill-i:::i.' M-rvln-s ol 0-1 im-'ii anil Mii'.-.u-i of thi' C.IIMIS hi the re- | HHI-UI. and p.iys SSTi.'.nil annu.ilK: 'c.-il:-'.- o! Hie reiiiins fruni i,, : ,! ; , ; ii. s ,, ni | wiiKi-s. 'I'lie 'i d"'K:i') n : ».vllj-.i'.k>ii fcsiMi'. now j |;nr::n-'ii! -.toie.s nni! !) iliy rmKis V-. :-)'!i,)iellcl '1'ili- 1030 liopn- j sn-. :i s r( .,. ul -. sjiivs ol £t!S5.U72 \\hlli- •n <-', niytlisvilk' is lO.tiM. |( | - ;i ii":-al i.tdu.s. nnd 3 variety, fi- iiml-10. ami lo-a-dollav slows re- tli>:l 1'ilal sa^s of $4!M.21f». In\en- lerv Ihi iclall ! Inivean ivports \K> ^ e i";'.i a lotal animal huj4ne.s.s i:l ?r>H(i-i,OIC. a ve.irly pay roll 01 TMUiO. unil (tie fnll-lime eni- p!:;y:neiit of -IU7 men and women. The leiior'.etl nnrnhi:r of employees dL-.-.; not h'.:-!ii(le ihiti- working part , lime ; total pu; p roll of Ihe 'H reslLUii-:<its ixnd ealln-! pl-.iees is $l!U,7'2. [ i. • Olliir In!in- hii.ine.s. 1 ; i tlo'.ls .-Ir'Wii in detail in j uie le d slo:i"', dnu radio unil nuisu- siore.s picline ct the ri-l.ill lni:-!ness in lilylluvlt:- anil is p:\rl »t the Ilisl basic iialiiui-whli- Ci'iisus nl t)ls- nv.v tk'illy cninpi'i'd hy Census. 111- nil Invri• h';l in niud^'v r»i>iiv ,\1 ; ' lul .«i : .tll:il:-li tills e.itns-.' ik ..' Ill I'Uisln-.i tlw iir.vrani. tt'';lf''j wa-: ;:iLain?! il In :>n ello:t tn hr/"| rM'iy tine nmi;e a pioin:!' b^'-iHi-1 AI'KirilT OUTLOOK flOOl) ... KAfiTON, Cal.. iUP)- Prospects !•••• a 'ir,o:l crop of niirlvo's nre trA- ), 'IT this j-ai than nt the saute tiin: r.f season In tevcral yearr, past. Tiie Irei!; bhiuiiii'il well and furtners :ny I-'nil! nn\i p Is repLirl-rtl firmly set • nr.rl in some orchards of i'.r.pre.i'j- I .i'.l yr.n- a<-ea'- Hriialn import'- Inr '.he I'limp as of th,> end of lepmtiiu; yenr lol.ils "'il.iwj. j Jj, 1 ""',™,'..,!, ,, r thl <-^cl stores total M and leport of S815,-tlia. or Hi pel celH ol Ir.tal relnil Of ihls alliioii'ili the p-.iy roll of I mur.bei, 19 iir,.> urocMy sloies wilti j pav-thin- einiilin-ee.s i.s included In •-'!'•- 'f sit!7.£Wr> and 'it aie com-: sala-ics and *•.<••.".-. Meiehnndise In I biiiiitimi stores njrucoiies and 1 ,,,,,,,, willi sales nl S(ii:i.Wfi. Many . "ow Ion; doi 1 ; it lake to striki nlni! for a (InuiTbl linim>v?i)i?ii! f>l ill.'-'M.COO ri;i-:s fruai Well, What Difference Does It Make Anyway NOKTHAMPTON. Mass.. (Ul'l -. siwl: in:- :..ile at tlie eiui ot 1S23 ii sheiks a'tosl vi'ilnu of MM.191. The dial of 1S:> stores Includes 1C-! Mii'jl.'-.sLore ind-.-peiidents. 5 units of :!-:, ore multiple.--, nnd G units of '3-rto 1 . 1 nuilti]i!es. There are nl- ""> 3 unil- r..' chains. 10 units biil..r:-s which nianiifiuline their • bi-UV own jiroducts nre included in Ilio i Anmlu-ie from fiiiil milllonlhs Hi .11 M.-inufaelnres and do no . 700 nii!h:i:iihx ol n MYOIII!. ai'cord- ; Weeks of Fat In Ibis report bu[ 1 store ! inn lo I'rolesjnr Arthur T. Junes . ' .. tellniv uakery scixls is repurled. j of the nhyslrs dep.mmeni o( Hmtlh | ll »>""••", '] he apparel croup of 10 slores ColUiie. v.ho has made a sti:dy of i be rrr.d by eve Krro 1 .; u leltci wrlllen October 'Jl.' sldrs looking nincli bcttcv. lii:'.i. hi- Mrs. I-'red llairlir-cr of *'»>' »" ''"'S 0 people, both won •iH;in:i. that oiij;h[ to and women, who want to reduce ir. . . . , an easy v/.iy, \;lvo Kvuschcu .tores; Colli lie. v.lio has made a su:dy of i l:e rer.d by every nvcrvn-it-iil woman i( r,,. r lli . ll [ nm smc (t vv m rcn- _ . em-1 the snbU'ci wlih Hie aid Oi elictriejin Aincrira. v!rre nnynnc." Cii'iillcmen: I slarted taklnni A Ixiltlo ot Kruschen Salts Ihit ... I-ILI.--!-!!!'!! every nirji-nlii^ as direct-] lasts lour weeks costs but E5: at id es I WIIM very much ovcrwcl?lil i kirby Dni'; Co.. or nny drux atorc";'," . and wanted lo mince. in America. Take one lialf. tear. 1 .-.... in a glass of hot water bc- app'.ircl croup n business of ... of sectional chillis, and ft milts of p]c>s :i:i full-time pcop'^. mid pays' curreiu an;l phatosraiililu Him ir. chains. Sales of the.'.e ; SM.M:) in sularies ami wanes an- i inciiMirlng devices, j three lypes of chain oifjaniy.ations | Dually This yronp consi5Cs of 3- Vlhiatlon curves innde when n '; agijrCBat; 51.003.^)8, or 17 per cent i m . .,'s stores. G women's specliilly i clapix'r strikes u bell have been of the total retail business, wliilc I shops .5 clothing stores, and'2 other' plu:te.|!iaphcd by Ihe professor,! I |md tried -isoliu on n rtiei but • sn'i^ r , of the sln-j'.c-store independ- , r,r-i;.ic-! and accessory shops. ; sliowina the fifth pallia! I.s Ihe ! would |:ct r.o hungry that my diet tore breakfast every 'morning. : ents amount tu S3.9Si7.D32. or 08 per. 'TRP lumber nnd bulldlni! troup. iiiori iiroinlnenl just utter tile bell I would r.o! lust long, :-<i I dec!de;l; help reduce .wlflly cut out pastr:-;' Tilts-- fuun-cs are based upon wiiii :i stores and yards, r.'iwrls HI. is struck. I to give "Ki-usi-hen Salts" u fair', and fatty meats and go light '" reports rec.Mved in 1930 covering fnii-ti ml . employees and u totnl : '.he year 19M. uclail lni.siness of S«.x4M. This' trial. Tlie day I ttarlcd to lake 1 polalors, butter, creamaiid c An Indliin cemetery, believed U tin m 1 welgbcd Wt> Ibs. and al i 'the Kriischcn way is the ;;a'i6 r .* automotive croup lakes the group Includes lumberyards, and date back before the Snnnlsh eon- > j.rc'cnl. which nil.-, been )nst lourl \vay to reduce—Try one botllJ ami. v lead In this icnorl, with the gen-' hardware, electrical, and licalliiK o.«est. of Chile, has been [omul by I weeks. I welisli 2:w Ibs, And I must j If not Joyfully satisfied — money • eial-merchamilsc yioiij) sweiid. and anil plmnliini; stores, pliumiu mills workers in Chile. 'say .1 feel belter In eveiy way, be- back. —Atlv. ;!'. ; co'.irlrcnm. TI-,-" iiuJ™ eni?is arid ;lsi:s the ccecTw^tl^t-hr rCa<ly '° ! "°"i disheveled,'.K-rspIrins young men ! boys feel that they have had ex- oVdcn in |);rtrayini! the ch~.r-' opened the dcors of the studio and ! .Tcise uiough to-last _them until acter of th.e iuaVe worked about six' Irar-:;! back for a f-e' frc-n th-> side of the micro- -«<: b - ?fore tllc >' donned re in T; i: ' MU P _ >u in-- unv-iw . — phone, talkinq in a low. rofl. eas^ :"'Ms fj go home for dinner. ton-j. In order to" mnke his vniuj. Aided by "Ix-gai Talent" For. besides iheir' li'innim bark and forth to obtain !'ie rplit vositions al the mlcro- piicnes for the vurious chara':tL v r?. ,, : o,a impressive he v.-as very delih- j Tnc ICM; perfection of the tri.1 J^V -« » ^ « ^'JJ^^ er:it.^ anil stcod with his head: a :aa-ied even attorneys. Correll and u ; e stuuio 10 B"c UIL iu^ Llishtly thrown back antl his stem- j Gr.sU-!ii obtained the acuial rou- °| ach pushed out. line procedure from A. b. Ashby, «!' .. T-wyer fimith calls liis witness i vice prf.-irt-'iu and general couns-r Quite a complete sun,.-..-..,', !o th»'stand. 'of the National Brcadcastin? Co. this Couell and Oosdcn. Tn nortrayinB Smith, Gcsden. a;1 d the Chicago firm of Clarence \vorkcd nhcut three feet ilircc'tv in i Pavrow, Saiiih. Crcnson A: Smith. f r'nt of lh n microphone until dur-; However, the remainder of the •PR the final ar?,i:n'?nl v;lien .his: i cga i i>ack;r:.iuid they [licked witnesses leaving and walking to llie witness stand. Ernest A. Franke. Council Bluffs, [a farmer, claim', to have a hen "up which still lays regularly at 27 shipped on a South Sea Tramp -L J- . B JL — says Chesterfield . plci iKraine dramatic and he step- j iv.-.niseives from reading law books years of age •:cJ back :o five feet. \ tT-^C—V.—":.r'.",".^^^^^meeMmm»'jejBaa^Qa»t lirethiT Crawford nrhthor Crawford take 1 : thp' s:and He is a slinlit. r^rvc.n= mai\- vcrv precise in his speech. CrOiJcn h-.d tc: play the difficult role of poitinyin? two cliaraclprs,' the prcsecutinj attomev and the witness for tl'.^ prosr-c'.iticn, at the • < ti'ne. Tn rrder lo clnracter-1 izc Drcther Crawford lie int. in an. arm pnshins liimself up and down with his arms as he talked —in other words, bouncing. When Smith asked the v,'itn.?ss a question Golden, as Smith, -ean- rri away fro-n the mike three fe^t.. Before Cr?.wfo:d onsu ?red Gosdeu swerved toward the mike and ho- PRU his bmnc'.n^ in tiie chdir. To the radio listener they v.vre two iFst'nct characters. 'l"he defense lawyer. Collirii. calis, Andy to the s-.and. How Correil had lo impersonate two characters. A.« Collins h • worked about thrr:e feet frc-in (he m:e- rouhone. hut as Andy he wrnf lo within n f>w Inelic*? of Tiie scnsi- t ! *-e instrument. Consequently, in t'ae diole>;ue Miat (c'.lowed Co»rell constantly swerved to anil from the mike, switching the Unc and tempo of his voir? within the frc.cUcn of a lo give the c:v.rrct char- ucicri7aiic.n Ainos ','. c:i t'lt stand. Oo-d-n rcrlrayrd b""-. Amos r.rri S:r.i',h. j. As Am;:s he v.orked bark and te, one side of the microphone and, ns Smith, directly into th? mike. He iwayp'l bark .-mil fo/th as he lilfccd. cham::n; his voice as he r\vini7. Lirfliniir -,i!r.o was \vorkfd b>1 l.ii;:::ig n foot away from the inie- lophcne in a s-ft. deliberate voice. r-f.nlaiii <iurrn on Stand When Martam Q;:een took the siand il'.ere rame one of the most trramaric point-, in the trial. For: thai matter, it was one of the mast! rKimatic mcincnt.s in tb? entire ; history of Amos 'n' Amiv. Only c:ice before did Correil and Cos- : rien introduce a woman's voice in Amos 'n' Andy episodes. They fot.ght shy of it as lon<j as they cc;i!d. but their situations worked liicm into It"- ixisitlon of having to 1 pul her on the witness stand. A let of deep thought, hard work and worry went behind these few minutes of dialogue. Gosden tested his voice against these of a number of women. He lock his position, sbont one fo=t from tlis micro- Will Continue Until Easter \ Our ladies' silk dvcisos the t;ilk of ths town. There i.s a reason. 150 New Spring' Easter Dresses just received from New York clre.-'s markets. 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