The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 9, 1932 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 9, 1932
Page 5
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_Flil))AY, SLl'TKMLiEU j). Uljte HLVTHEVIl.Ui, (AHK.) COUK1KU NEWS CLASSIFIED ADS Two cent* a word for flist Inwrtloa and one cent a word Tor web iubwduent Insertion No KlverlUtmcnt taken lor lea. iluua He. Cuunt the word* and .•lid the cash. Phon«306 MONEY L H.W. FOR SALE i f'Oll SALE—One largo Cai-y Safe, weigh 1 . t-HO pounds. Cheiip. Uutkc Hardware Co. 5C-KU If you want to buy farm or city IKoperty. sec us, fcr lies* prices yr.d terms. If you want LO sell, Hst with its. Terry-Worthing toil Tiite ccmpany, lilythevillc, Ark., Phone 017. [jc-klO FOR SALE—Household furniture. Call 809. Oy- i:i-.»;i.\ lll.'li.-: Vint. I V I\A ruu .\st;xu. Jicjiuiirut K uJilnu, Inh«rl:a hrr hui- 'I HLJIIEuN* »lll* lh»' prutUtou *rtr mikkl nul r«ivi;d. ttvt liiKi 1 . nrranxrd l*> licr ku!t~ 'k LHIVJ rr t%Uu 11:1* Slnnn'a II)IT, M:I* u MlmrtRi* nlTnlr, riK lu-r frrr DC Ilie r«4 ot u l<> Li'i'omr krr fcin.tininJ 1 * ivlte -rtKilIly ur aruiirc n Jlinnr. ti.inil'ii FOR SALE—26 acr-ss Barfiolri rs mile of city. Price $^000.' cash payment, balance 12 annual payments. CO. acres c1os2 to city limits, nic? cottage and other buildings. SSGOO. Small cash payment, bal. small annual payments. 3 acres find G room lions?, garage, chick house, orchard, $18f>0. Easy terms. S12GQ insurance on the house. Thomas Land Company. TOR REST FOU RENT — Unfurnished apartment, Main street, one block I]'om business district. Bornni Drug Store. 30C-kll FOK RENT—Fiirnlshert apartment, 108 West Kentucky. Phone 1383. 3C-K10 FOR RENT— Fillir.K station, two pumps, store and three living rcoin:;. Barfleld road. Harry Atkins. Phone 124. " 6<J-K12 WANTED WANTED: Gent!-; mule for month or two. Will feed. Clnrlcs T. Nash. Clark Street and Railroad. 7pklO WANTED— Furuis!:cd hous:, Hire: beds. Good location, p'-or.o 51 9c-kl4 PERSONALS CUSTOM HATCHING — Eeginnini S2pt. 12th. Bnby Chicks, Oct 4 3rd. Marilyn Hatchery, Blytheville 5C-KTI WARNING ORDER CHANCERY COURT. CHICKA SAWBA DISTRICT, MISSISSIP PI COUNTY, ARKANSAS living K. Weil. Plaintiff, No. 5313 vs. F. Simon, et til.. Defendant. The defendants. L. M. Ross, Kan fas City Title and Trust Co., Gco M. Saliba arc warned to appea within thirty days in the cour named in the capUon hereo and answer the complaint ot th plaintiff, Irving K. Weil. Dated Aug. '23. 1932. R. L. GAINES, Clerk, By Harvey Morris, D. C Ivy W. Crawford, Ally. Ad Lilcni. lMi-2-9-1 \ WAKNIXC OKUElt CHANCERY COURT, CHICKA SAWHA DISTRICT. MISSISSIP !'I COUNTY, ARKANSAS. Commonwealth Building fc Loa: Association (of Little Hock. Art:.: a corporation, I'lamtifT vs. No. 5298 M. Matz et. til.. Defendant. Tlie defendants M. iiatz and Sn die Matz arc warned to appear w:t!i in thirty days in tr.e court namec in the caption hereof and auswe the complaint of Hie iilaintilf Con mon.icalth Uuilding & Loan Asso fiatior,, a Corp. IJatec! August 10, 1932. R. I,. GAINES, Clerk. 8-11-2G-2 COM>IISSl(i:,-r,K'.S KAI.K NOTICE K heiehy e'vcn tha 'he nr.der.sjr.rd commissioner, i r >uii)iiancc v.ith the terms cf '"crop rcndc:«i by Iho Ciinncn ';''-'' <>t Mi:.s<ipp: County. A J.,U!.-.;is (in ( ) lc V.J,), (j^j. 0] ^ t<-inb»r. 1931. wi-.crcin Bcnnins 11111 Co;in: y S.v,in-s Bank, a cor P-ratir.i,. . Vi)s ,>; ai ; U1!r . Nri . ^y, ",'!,_ A .'' d:i> Nr - Mason, nt al.. -.ver ^ will sell at public anc ie liighesl a::d te^l bit ti'uiit of tlirce mo:ith rsnt (icor ul Is" Cou el-.tcni | ]i t . |in S, "' Sc !"cnil;er,"i932. ':he "io Thc 3 ^;',^^^-^,,.,. OI'KN AT NH;HT Expert Fort flairs Wieckcr service l>! 'i"i|>s Motor Company I'lionc 810-777 W K It T HE .1IAKKS 'KM ,S K |.; Office Over Joe T 5MC - 5 Stoic lliinji, In lovr Mhh tirr nrnlu-iv, II.Mtlt V TO iitfr;'i-;J in llir nmrfJnpr ChuiJKhl Hurry H:IN \t\*i MU- mi|i!uj» j.O'nii; fcitliltui 111 oil ft, •• her *.'im]|ii:iiJim ttiiH tli jM'iirti Amrrli-y. u thrn »rl nul (o llnrrjr nn ncrx In 'Hiiii ;:.! nlu him. iM.rbH iir Ibf intm-. Jl«m:i lini.>i-a (nr n rtTonfllljillAii «IrV Ihirrj. Slif nl«ii frrl» It.irrj IK rhmtrri in a hlinre of MN unt'ti-'* fnrlnnr nnrt \vniiit tn It nil a «"ny l.'.'.imiKp 1 hit llnrry nnil Sirvc nri- on lac.ilti.ii fir IJnlldny Island, UT<- i;irl« Ir.iir tliflr hcinr nt 1'i.rf nf S|iniu. 'I lirrr thrv rnrrt Hint " "Who? The .Maharajah.?" UMtlo's1 "H 0 'c ,1 nlco chau." forehead crinkled. "He wanu-,1 ti I u u( j could not tnko them today to as a wedding gift for his lust wife, Granada, ho told them it breakfast Steve said. Wtll. rnaybo ho ciln use but possibly tomorrow, lie would It now for Ills nest wife— I" "Don'l lie sillr, Loltle. i mean 1 Harry." They met Hud later ns they slrolleil down the stairway wearing suits for u dl|i In the pool. Dud Hung a uackugo of letters toward them. "I jilckeil Ihoso up al Queen's Tail;," lie explained. "Thanks a loll" "Well." observed L-oltlc 1 a few moments later, "this la line!" The girls sat 0:1 Iho edp,o ol Die- |iool, road lux lliclr mail. Louie warcil a thick client of blue sheets bearing a .slilp'a emblem al the lop. "Tills ;tl l. f.,r r m:tk? in:thi uorrlr.t. ,!.-.-irlrn nl-. M^nr l VI-H lirr ln hr n is from Dr. Allen! On the Mlrainta. Ilo nested ll at I'ort ol Spain on Ihe dov;n trip, lio went to have to run over In * tiny or two for more workmen. "Is Iho airport iirc-srcssliiE!" Lot- tic asked. "Vc-s. It would mini faster though I! Stcvo nnJ Hurry would pay attention lo the work nnd let hunting go for a while." "We're- hunting In tlie hlfili bush," announce'! Steve, who had Just turned up for breakfast, bronzed as an Indian, lie grinned al JJ.irry. "L'au you girls ride!" Harry asked. "We'll lake you—" Dm Lottie declined the InriUllon for lioth of them. Mona, her eyes on her nlato, said noilitng. Harry would bo absent all afternoon. She would Imvo tluio lo plnn nnd n.ick. , Perhaps they could bo ready to South America. Awfully Interested | board the Miranda at Granada in those tropical diseases ami says | • • • 3N'A wondered as she und l.ot- lle mounted llio Blairs tor Iho siesla, whether l.oUle •epical diseases ami says j ho plans to visit the tiuakc [arm In i v Sao 1'aulo. lie's soinu lo bring IV. sonic Geruni back to fhoso prop'o met from .Martinique, Celeste's ] lD evltablo family, once " 'i'he old man was n ilocloi nr. They tjnnrrrl. KOTV CO- ON IVITI1 THE STORY CHAPTER -\LV PHE next morning Mona decided •*• lo remain In her room. There '.is packing to do. There wore ca- les to send. For of course now IG tvould have to go home. Josi*, arriving with fruit anil cof- eo at eight as usual, fnuml tlte iris seated on Mona's bed, engaged n serious conversation. "You told him. no?" l.oltlc said urimisly, "and you meant it?" "1 mean It UDW, yes! lint not for always. Tbat Is unless Parry In- ists on rpjj.inliuK this as linjl. I an't relinquish that money, l.ottle. rjKKP In the long letter, hor vnlca trailer) off. T!io absorM look on her face eava ylaco to one of mysterious amusement. "He etlll wants to mnrry me," Lottie an- uoiincc'l placidly, "Ilo could tin worse." "Wcll.Jio'll liavo to, Ihr-u. Ily the way, ho must be on the home irlp now." l.ottle shuffled tlio pates ot the voluminous letter. "It's ihtcd two weeks ago. Maybe wo can sight tbo Miranda off Granada!" If we get there." "Any Interesting letters, Moaa?" The other girl shook her head. "flcre'3 one from Mr. Oarrelsou consulting me nhoul some clmltles intil I linrl somo way to give some ( o which. In: says, John always cou- of It to him. Only his rightful irlliulcd. That's amusing—asking his than mlao. share. Il's more You can ECC that!" "You uilEtit sell tha Empress." considered Lottie slowly. "Steve said something yesterday about llio Maharajah ot Rjodphiir attempting 0 buy the dimnond from him alter 1 hart been sold. Maybe tuo old -Maharajah still wants IL That would set tilings straight, wouldn't t? Uulil Ihe Empress appeared In Stevo's shovel he and Darry owned everything filly.fltty. That's lha 7 I understand it. Sell tho Empress. Moaa, and hand Barry the cisiu Tbat would settle thing!" every' mo! 1 reniemher tho time I asked iiim about various payments—" "You bare to sign tho clucks, don't you?" Lottie asked lilly. Mona nodded. "Oh yes, I sign Ihem. Mr. Carretson Bimiily ;iuls me down on Hie lists for a certain amount. Tno payments arcn'l maile for a long time—not until I'm home." "Then yoa'ro thinking of going soon 1 ;" asked Lottie. To her surprise, Mona's lips stnl- dculy trembled. "I can't slay here very well now, can I!" "No, 1 suiiiiosc. not." "It's ictercstln; about nr PAGE FlVfc would mind the dcparluro. Anyhow it was liiuc to go. They should uot have stnyed this long. Alone in her room, Mona considered. Sho and tattle would have tea ogotber sluco Barry and Stev* would bo.sura to be late. Barry 'iad said that there were waterfalls In tlio high bush. Sho would have liked to have seen thcia. They luiglit have made the, trip but Lot' -io did not ride. Woll, they had en- loyed many weeks of Holiday! Now .t was time to go home. Carefully brushed nnrt dressed, her bronze hair gleaming In even, meticulous waves, Mona descended to tho terrace at tbo tea hour. To her surprise sho found I.ottlc thero before her, stretched out In a eanvns chair, her feet, encased In soft san- lals. propped on another chair In front ot her. When she saw .Mona sho relinquished the cstra chair and «tood up. yawning. "I had a Bivlru," Lottie said. Indicating llio swimming suit beneath a soft allit wrap. "I stopped bcre for a minulo to en]oy tho view. Will you wait for your tea? I'll not be a second. We're alone, aren't we?" "1 suppose, so. .Miss Graclo laid sho sent tha hoys a thermos bottle and sandwiches." "It's funny about this tea habit,' Lottie went on. "It's calcblng. I don't lliink I'll ho able lo set along wMhoat U after I get borae." "My mother »lways bad It every aftcrnooQ." t all IX. Tea tiere. la a social cusloiu." Lottlo went on, casunjiy wkinu of this and [lint. j "She wants lo eay eumctlilng else," thought .Mona, "und euo doesn't <iuUo know how. It'a about Steve, 1 suppose." Are ymi coining back soon'!"' slio cnlUM afier Lolllc'a retreating figure. "Oh, yes." • • • * J^OTTIE returned In an amazingly sliort time, smooilj ot hair, •fscil In baby blue- ami looking more than ever llko a blond niiKCl. Tlio ;irls reclined In tlicir deck chalre, llio fragrant honeysucklo swco'.eulng tho brcezo from acrosa the tay. We'll bo alone," remarked l,ottl» unciKcledly. "It looks that way. Yea." As K In answer to her query, thero was a shoul bciiealh llio bill. Native boys, moving fusler Ihnn llio girls had ever seen Iheiu. camo streaming out ot tlio r.rccn tunnel of trees, running anil shouting. Tho ear, moving carefully nnjer IJud'i guiiiiiuce, fullowing, Uarry was in tbo back K.U bent), lily over somcono. or suiuctLliifc. "What Is It. Mona?" Lottlo slum- mcrcO. Sbo roso anil ran to tlie edso at Hie terrace. "What can liavo happened 1 ! Whoro Is Steve?" Tho boys, running ahend. reached tbo doorway. Quo of tlicm Bhoutcd for Miss Graclo who come hastily with Joslo, Florence nud Maria closo behind. The girls could hear a sharp order from Harry. Mona put her arm abu:it Lottie. Uarry was safe! Barry was safe. Where was Store? "There, thero, dear," Mona hcgan as Lotllo started forward wllli u "Wlnt has happened!" she cried. Tiio boy came toward them, bis 4yes round in alarm. "Doss, ho hurl vary bad, Mceeslrcas! Very bad!" "Boss Steve?" "Boss Steve, Mceestress! Very, very bail." The car had readied tbo gate now and Sam ran b;ick again to meel IL Tho ualivea already were wailing with thai monotonous note ot do- spalr they reserved (or Irnfvocaula misfortune. "What happened?" asked Lottie, struggling from Mona's enihrace. "How Is Stovo burn Dtil he fall? Was he Bhot accidentally?" "Oh no, Mccesiress! Boas Sto»« bun by fcr-rJe-lance. The ter-do- lanco!" OUK BOARDING HOUSE ; ANYONE INQUIR l^DS, EXPLAIN] AKA AWAY ON A. AT. gDM6 EXCLUSIVE AND SWANKS' 126SORT HOTEL, FALL SOLE SVV3ES N6T EecXp"es.. w»Bee,N0 VoU'fiET&O FKT HOOTS AND IIBit HUODIKS IIOO'VS IS ONI,Y HUMAN! By Martli, ai:tl all that- purl ol tlie Southwest 1-4 lying north of Pemiscot Bayou, in Section Twentythree (23), Township Sixteen (16) North, Range Eleven (11) East. SAID sale will be hr-.d to satisfy aid decree in the sum of S12,- .07.00. with ten per cent interest .H.T annum from September -9. .031 until paid. THE purchaser ni said sale will j x: required lo execute bond with I ipproved security, to secure the' laymen;, ol the purchase money, .nd a lien will be retained ui»u | aid property as aflditional secur- j ty fcr Ihe payment of such pur- ! :li?.5c money. .VTTNESS my hand and Ihe seal j of said Court, en this, the 2nd • day of September, 1032. ! R. L. GAINKS, ' Commissioner in Chancery. . T rank C. Douglas. Ally, ior riaintill. 2-9-1'J ' (BRUSHING UP SPORTS ,v...._s^ By Laufer Shetland Pony Ring Operator Spanks Ponies TOPEKA. Kail. tUPi- Kaushf, Slirtiiind. iwnic.s. like iiauy' children, have to be sp.i:ij:fd, .says Walter Woods, operator oi a pDny rins here. "I don't bslifvc- in v.liiupmj them or cursini; tl'jcm when they act up, be said. "I >paifs 'em like you spank chil;lien. and they're vay scnhilive aboi.t it. Trey Icok up at me sorrowfully or hang their heads in shame." ts- cuicx&o COBS' UVO li PRIMiMG HIMSELF FoRtOoRLOSERV GLORY..,. Says Sun Kills F.attiesnakes SECOND HAND FURNITURE Sec Us First R. J. Dodson S01-M3 t. Vail OAKLAND. Cal. t tiTi —• 1 Snn- tan' 1 may be wonderful ior a balh- ir.-4 beaniy. Lut if.-, death f) a lal- tle.snakc. This slury book Irtjrr.d. one of tile oldest an:i mosl-workcd "|ir(j;>s'' "I western s'.oiich. ab;;ut the r.itlb- niake si.nnin-: himself r,n the mesa. U all nonsMisc. arcording to Drigh- ton C. Cain, Oakland Boy Kccut Hfloie a uallicrii-.q ol Boy Scouts an:; oU'.er wi' Cain ricmon- itr.ttcd this is n iact in at least cae ,i^r. and he has a whole dr-n of rattlors coiralcd for future exp:ri- ments. A rattlesnake, {arced to lie in Ihe .sun, Kill die every time. ;in:l Cain says he has killed many Just with sunlight and nothing else. His gnilery o[ Hoy Scouts hear out his story. More than 30 o! them saw a big rattler give ii[i the ghost at Diamond Camp. The question Cain says he is trying to Celtic is not whether sun' light kills a raltler. but how— i whether it's Ihe or -some ray I in the lighl. I Many a time !:e iias killed rat- i tlsii, in from 20 to 25 m;mi'js tim- '. Ply by Ici'cnijc the vlclhn to st^ij stretched out under the beating (^$MK V NDOTofWS •@r^ A Me " ~~\ t^' HSSCoRgA. v -5>" TALHEPTWICE WOT BV.UiVf rAV WfW VOW <X£ HOW WYlA. "i OO ....... \vj t TV\ Vi-f^E \.06T , Mt NOW t^s s/S _ ^ WASH TUBfiS TAKING NO CHANCKS! Crane / m t I TWt A C.OUPL6. O' MUtl -V THE ENGINE UOOM, AND GO I IF CORPORAL. ANVfcODV THROWS & i on, M^JYTHINa THW MIGHT PIShBLE. THt VROVELL6R, USE VOOR GUW. 7" J ay.s of tht sun. lime varies with the lieht. but in tier gors to The Ie:i5th ol tl:e strcnijth of the end the rat- his happy hunting ground. Cnin The when alarmed, will Mrmd out so — .straight amt still from a limb that JL'ST FOOI.IN' | even the birds think him a small lorest measuring wurjn, I twl^ and pa.xs him hy. / STftUON THRet SIM TRIES, SEB.GEMJT, OTJ^ "Z V ^MfH VOR. 'SHIPS, THE OTHERS To GUARD ^G^\^^ST i\ SURPRISE MTACK FROM, TOR MNStLF, IXL vJMCH B M^xe. SURE ?M e sw^e «jw i— HE CAMfc OUT. J FRECKLES ANDHl~FR'lKN'UsF SAYi IF you DOMT 3MAP OOT OF TWIG PRETT/ So HAVSf US ALL - SEE... Voo'P \HOQHY.TOO IF you>a D06 WAS AWFTJL SICK .' r v,'^^ 'ti*''^'^ v^/c r. ''*/<! .}•& 'NJJELL, I'M MOT GO\MG fj STAY AM/AY ANY LONGER.... 1 /AI6HT AS WELL kUOVJ .'.' THAT'S_ I DO Vx) TVI1IJK SHE'S S01MS TO 6ET <, , DOCTOR? ISKl'T SHE [ A LITTLE err BETTER.-.JaST )JOVJ,yctj JOST SO BACK HOME .f.} AMD LEAVE JWINSS To ME...IW GIVING HER THE BEST POSSIBU CARE AfJP 1 PROMISE yoO DOG VJILL co.MEj THROOcSH!! 1 OH BOY-'- THAT'S' SWELL :'=V. ALREADY .)/ HWM^I SEE • THAT POODLE IS MUCH

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