Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on August 21, 1956 · Page 11
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 11

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 21, 1956
Page 11
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TUESDAY, AUGUST 21, 193G ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH PAGE ELEVEtf Upper Alton News Events Have News or Want ti» Chat? Phone 8-6648 REV., MRS. I.AJISON WERK VISITORS HERE The Rev. and Mrs. Robert E. Larson were visiting in Alton over the weekend. The minister is the former pastor of Main Street Baptist Church and now pastor. 6 a church In Greely, Colo. He pas- tored the Alton church at the time it was advanced from a mission to a full church. He was a student, at the time, at Shurtleff College. The couple were guests Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. Frank C. Bonnell, 2434 N. Rodgers Ave. They stayed at the home of their daughter and son-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Don McKinney of Host- wick street. Mrs. McKinney had been in Greely about a week visiting them. The Rev. and Mrs. Larson brought her home and then continued a vacation that would take them to Wisconsin and through the Dakotas before they returned home. HOME BUREAU NITE UNIT TO MEET WEDNESDAY Upper /Hon Kite Unit of the Madison County Home Bureau will meet Wednesday, 6:30 p.m., at the Westerner club grounds. A potluck dinner will be served. Selected subject will be a 4-H Club demonstration. Officers will be installed. BIRTHDAY DINNER l-'OR ROY RIIOADS A dinner was given Sunday Jn honor of the 55th birthday of Roy W. Rhoads, 1300 Willard AVP. The event was held at the summer cabin of Mr. and Mrs. Rhoads at Kampsville. Five children of the couple and their families attended. Others attending: his sister and brother-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Lewis of St Louis; a sister, Mrs. Nettie Carter and daughter of East. Alton; and a grandson, Jimmy Hausman; and the sister of Mrs. Rhoads, Mrs. Al Steffensen of Wood River; and Robert Wenzel of Alton. A big birthday cake dominated the decorations. He received many gifts. FABIANICS RETURN FROM RAIJEIGII. N.C. Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Fabianic, 1S31 Seminary St., and their son, Dave, have returned from an eight-day visit to the south central Atlantic area. They stayed in Raleigh, N.C., and Richmond, Va. In Raleigh they were guests of Mr. and Mrs. M. E. Forrest, her aunt and uncle. Mr. and Mrs. Fabianic formerly lived in Raleigh. They also stopped to see her parents, Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Anderson, in Richmond. Their older son, Bill, was gone at the same time. He went north to St Joseph, Mich., International Falls, Wis., and then home through the Dells. Bill was with a group of Boy Scouts and they camped out along the way. At home, the Fabianics' dog and canary were put in the keeping of Hopie Cousley, a neighbor. She already was keeping a love bird for another vacationing neighbor. That gave the count at the Cousley home, adding to their own pets to the menagerie: Two love birds, one canary and three dogs. GIRL DISLOCATES KNEE WHEN SHE SITS DOWN Miss Sharlene Bonner, 2510 Maxey St., suffered a dislocated knee in an odd accident. Miss Bonner was attending the annual Baptist Youth Fellowship retreat at Camp Warren Levis, Sunday, and was holding a small child when she went to sit down and twisted her knee. She was treated at Alton Memorial Hospital. Her condition is satisfactory. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs, Roy C. Bonner. RETURNS FROM NEW YORK Irwin Ballard, 2222 Washington Ave., has returned .from New York where he accompanied his sister, Mrs. Richard P. Casner. The brother and sister went to New York by train and Ballard returned by air. Mrs. Casner, the former Alice Ballard and daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Glen Ballard of the Washington avenue address, sailed Saturday aboard the SS America, for Germany. She will join her husband who is stationed near Munich. Pfc. Casner, son of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Casner, Harris lane, was expected to be in Ger- many until his separation from the Army in the spring of 1958. CHILD GETS TO CHAT WITH DAD IN GERMANY Mrs. Wallace Foster, 906 Washington Ave., and her granddaughter, Rene, 9 ; had an hours conversatior with someone dear to them in Germany the other day. It came about through one of those helpful ham radio operators. This one was Miss Martha Gunter, 1637 Rock Spring Dr. It wasn't an accidental conversation. Miss Gunter had been trying to make contact with some ham operator in Germany who knew William W. Foster, with the Army CID, so that he could talk to Rene, his daughter, before her birthday. Rene is nine today. It was nip-and-tuck whether the birthday present her grandfather, Wallace Foster, had planned would be delivered. This present was a chance to talk to her father. Time was getting close but Miss Gunter kept trying. Saturday she had luck. She located a serviceman who operated a ham station off the post. He said he would do his best to get young Foster by telephone. He did. But the reception was so poor that no one could understand him. The Fosters, here in Alton, were disappointed and thought that was the last chance for Rene to hear her father. Miss Gunter didn't give up. Sunday she called the Foster home to tell them that she had their son back orf the air. However, the elder Foster was at work so he couldn't join the party. Everything else worked out fine on this try. Mrs. Foster said her son's voice was so clear that it was as if he were talking on the telephone from across town. Rene got a chance to hear tier father wish her a happy birthday. . The child is visiting Mr. and Mrs. Foster from Phoenix, Ariz, where she is staying until -her father returns to- the United States. Her mother is with young Foster in Germany at present. One of the comments that the elder Foster made when he heard about the success of the long conversation by radio was that he would have hated to pay the bill if they were talking by trans- Atlantic telephone. MAN AND WIFE IN HOSPITAL A man and wife are in the hospital for treatment. B. M. Sawyer, 3565 Fullerton Ave,, entered about V/ a weeks ago for treatment of an abdominal ailment. Mrs. Sawyer entered Sunday for treatment of a leg ailment. They are across the hall from each other a Alton Memorial Hospital. Condition of both is satisfactory. They were expect- eo. to be discharged within a few days. In other cases: Mrs. Charles W. Doerr, 3530 Gillham Ave., is in St Joseph's Hospital for treatment of a painful ear ailment. She entered Sunday and was expected to be discharged within two days. Her condition is satisfactory. Clayton Gallaher, 3534 Omerga St., is in Alton Memorial Hospital for treatment of an abdominal ailment. He entered Saturday but it is not known when he will be discharged. His condition has improved. DAN1KL LOGAN BREAKS ARM IN ODD MISHAP Daniel, 9-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Jack D. Logan, 3422 Oak Dr., fractured his arm in an unusual accident. The boy was playing Saturday when he rolled over on the arm and the bone broke. He was taken to St. Joseph's Hospital for treatment and discharged, Sunday. MCCARTHY FAMILY BACK FROM WHITING Mr. and Mrs. D. T. McCarthy 3411 Lincoln Ave., have returnee after a five-weeks stay in Whiting, Ind. McCarthy was there for part of time because of the nature ol his job with Standard Oil Co. The rest of the time the family vacationed. \Vhiting is the home town of Mrs. McCarthy. Three of theii lour children were with them. EVKRTSEN'S FATHER DIES "T 68 IN CHICAGO The father of Edward Evertsen, 3027 Mayfield Ave., died Monday evening at Chicago. Robert Evertsen, succumbed at 68 in a hospital after undergoing surgery. He also is survived by his widow and three daughters, and one other son. all of Chicago. Mr. and Mrs. Evertsen and their two children will leave Alton today for Chicago where the funeral will be held Thursday. Mr. Eveetsen was a long-time employe of an electric company in Chicago. He had retired July 1. MRS. McDOW, FAMILY BACK FROM GATLINBURG Five Upper Alton residents have returned from a 10-day trip which included a week's stop at Gatlinburg, Tenn. They were Mrs. Ray H. Me- Dow and her sister, Mrs. Maude Reynolds of" 916 Washington Ave., and Mrs. McDow's daughter and son-in-law and granddaughter, Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Lenhardt, and Linda, of 3617 Rork Spring Dr. They made several trips Into the Great Smoky Mountains from the Gatlinburg base. They also -visitPd the Chprokne Indian sot- tlement across the mountains in North Carolina. Just for the record, in the time they spent in the mountains, they sighted 38 bears. MR., MRS. POTTINGER BACK FROM VACATION Mr. and Mrs. Roy S. Pottinger, 3324 College Ave., have returned from a two-weeks trip that saw them visiting four of their married daughters and their families. They spent time in Virden, Auburn and Thayer. They also saw 15 grandchildren and four great grandchildren. In Virden they visited their (laughters, Mrs. Andrew Beniach and Mrs. Harry Allen; in Thayer they visited another daughter, Mrs. Lillian Evans, and in Auburn, still another daughter, Mrs. Charles Gheen. The vacation was interrupted tor a day when Mrs. Pottinger went to a Springfield hospital for X-rays. * New Officers Take Over For Godfrey Legion GODFREY — Godfrey American Legion will meet tonight, 8 o'clock, at the Legion Home. This will be the first meeting under the new officers. Committees probably will be selected. Final preparations for the picnic, a joint venture with the Godfrey Volunteer Fire Department, will be maSeT The event will be held Friday, Saturday and Sunday of this week. Godfrey Legion Auxiliary To Hear Report GODFREY — Miss Carol Ann Pierson will give a report tonight at the meeting of the American Legion Auxiliary, 8 o'clock, at the Legion Home. Miss Pierson was the Legion's Girl State choice and she will report on her activities there. AH are asked to bring sandwiches. Dishwater Evidence Against 'Legger SOUTH NORFOLK, Va. ttV-Ex- libit A in a forthcoming illegal liquor trial here will be a big kettleful of oddly fragrant dishwater. Police brought back the dishwater from a recent raid on a business establishment. Analysis showed it was pretty largely corn liquor. Officers claim the owner of the place that was raided tried to dispose of the illegal liquor by mixing it with the dishwater in the sink. HARDER THAN A GARDEN—Trackman for GM&O is lifting ballast from tracks near Central crossing of Front street to get it ready for eleclric signal installation. Cabinet at right houses relays which will be affected by trains on any of th five tracks at that point—Staff Photo. At Dinner Sept. 25 State Contract Edwardsville Civic Group To Center For Youth Discuss College Proposal EDWARDSVILLE — In its ervision of the school if some con- RUG CLEANING! 9'xl2' RUG.....S7.56 Wall to Wall tfertwrttnf Mid tphoUtored FuraUuf* PfOfeaiionally Cleaned the Korpet-Kore NAY Fit* Estimate. — Work Guaranteed Store Hour*: 7:M A, M, to |;M P. M. Dally, Including Vriuayi 6141 CARPET C9 I6ib MAIN SI •• A. A. GRAVEST SONS--ALTON first positive step to bring a four-year college to the Madison-St. Clair County area, the Edwardsville Chamber of Commerce will sponsor a dinner meeting for "key ex people" Sept. 25 at which time the proposed program will be discussed. Decision to hold the affair at the country house was reached Monday night when the Chamber of Commerce's College Planning Committee met with a group of interested citizens before the regular board meeting in the community room of the Edwardsville National Bank and Trust Company. The group passed a resolution to invite Southern Illinois University President Delyete Morris to the dinner meeting. No other specific invitations were given out but the committee, aided by Dr. Harold See, director of SIU's residence center in East St, Louis, will meet Monlay to complete the list of those icople who will be invited. The group agreed that those vho will be asked to attend will >e in the main —leading area ndustrialists, as well as church people and educators. No estimate of the number of those incited was reached but it was agreed that the assemblage will not exceed 50 people. The chamber earlier resolved o sponsor the plan for the four -ear college, which will be a branch of Southern Illinois University. In that capacity, the school vill be under the direct admin- stration of Southern Uliniis University and if it is established t will become fully accredited ince it will be supervised and controlled by the state university n Carbondale. Dr. See, who appeared at the meeting, led the discussin among the almost two dozen people attending. He said the Madison- St. Clair area, because of its leavy population, was in the position to have such an insti- :ution. The educator, not speaking officially for SIU, did say he felt the school would accept the sup- crete program was worked out. The local Chamber of Commerce has been working on the college program for about a year now. Though it was an unofficial estimate, Dr. See said approximately two million dollars should be adequate to purchase a site and construct a building. If that amount of money is spent initially, he said, the school would probably accommodate around 1,500 students. No decision as to the site ofj the school was reached Monday night, but Dr. See suggested that an impartial survey by education experts be taken to determine the best spot for the school on the basis of the population needs in the two counties. The results of a detailed population survey taken by SIU was released in April and showed that Madison and St. Clair counties rank low in the percentage of college students in comparison with population both state and national. Plan Basket Dinner EDWARDSVILLE — Pin Oak Unit of the Madison County Home Bureau will have their annual basket dinner at 6:30 Sunday evening at the Quercus Grove School. Hospital Notes EDWARDSVILLE - One Edwardsville area resident was admitted Monday to St. Joseph's For Reception SPRINGFIELD, 111. <JB — A $568,319 package of contracts for constructing of a diagnostic and reception center near Joliet was announced today by the State Youth Commission. Modern Builders Corp. of Joliet was given a $334,800 contract for general construction. Other Joliet firms were given these contracts: Poehner & Dillman Co., heating and ventilating, $184,954; Norris Electric Co., Inc, electrical work $43,015 and Prillman, Inc., pipe covering, $5,550 n Sliakp<? n 51lakeS In Edwardsville Area New Chamber of Commerce Secretary's Objective Is For Better Community EDWARDSVILLE — Albert H. Pauli, newly appointed executive secretary of Edwardsville's Chamber of Commerce, appeared at the chamber's board meeting Monday night and told the Telegraph that his prime objective in his new job is "to foster a better community and a better business system here for the benefit of all." Pauli, \vho will take over his post Sept. 4, is presently living in Kirkwood, Mo., but he plans to move here shortly. Commenting on the role a chamber can play in any community, he said "A chamber of commerce can be an active force for community betterment. I will strive to make the Edwardsville Chamber such an instrument." Though his appearance in the community room of the Ed- wardsviHe National—Bank—and With Gov. Knight SAN FRANCISCO (in — Vice President Nixon and Harold E. Stassen met and shook hands at a party Monday night. They were guests of California Gov. Goodwin J. Knight at a lavish to-do in San Francisco's Civic Auditorium. It was a highlight of the Republican convention. Also present was Gov. Christian A, Herter of Massachusetts, the man Stassen says should replace Nixon as the Republican vice presidential nominee this fall. Trust Company was in an unofficial capacity, Pauli discussed numerous opinions on the chamber's plan to institute a four- year college in the Madison-St. Clair County area. He is expected to play a major part in the chamber-sponsored program to provide higher education for residents in the area. The 46-year-old bachelor is an active member of the American Retail Association executives, a national organization formed for the strengthening of retail establishments. His appointment was announced by Chamber President Reid Boyle, Tuesday. Pauli has had 12 years experience in chamber work. His most recent position was as executive manager of the St. Louis County Community Chamber of Commerce. s He is a native of the St. Louis area and was the man who instituted the Kirkwood Chamber of Commerce where he was executive secretary for five years. He attended St. Louis University and graduated from a school in Dallas, Tex., which trains executives in chamber work. The new secretary succeeds Albert Schmidt, who resigned his job in May to -accept a similar position in the Centralia Chamber of Commerce. George I. Moorman Sr., has been acting as temporary secretary. In the Shelburne, Vt., museum of early American history, there is probably the largest existing collection of cigar store wooden Indians. Hospital, Highland. Admitted was: Herman Luebbert of 517 Gueltig Ave. Watch • Jewelry I E* P , ••> • • I 8»rri RtjuMig I,..--: OTONE BROS. V TELEFBONB ».7IU AIU», III. — IU W. Third •«. Weed Blrcr Here at Oeratr ef FeraaiCB aai W«*4 8l»»r A**. Dial 4-lSn FINAL SUMMER CLEARANCE All Summer Mercbondite MM! Go Well known brand* of Summer Dre»»es and Sportswear,. including g o 1 f e r i, »weat«r I dresses, c*»ualt and tome drewy cotton* j ...Judt the type of cotton* to flnivh out the remaining Hummer days. 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Archery Club Stages Picnic At Edwardsville EDWARDSVILLE. — The Uni- wah Field Archery Club held its monthly shoot Sunday at 2 p.m. at the J. J. Blackmore farm with 31 members and guests present. Winners in the men, women and junior divisions were Frank Chapman, Mitchell; Mrs. Elaine Runyon and Larry Szegedy of Edwardsville. A picnic supper was then held at 5 p.m. and following the supper the regular quarterly 'meeting was held. It was announced that Sept. 3 will be work day for the Unl« wahs as the range needs to be put in shape for the fall tourna-' ments. It was also announced that the club is looking for a suitable indoor range for winter months. G«t »as to »aoo ltfort...D«h*|...«r Af!S! ViMtmri fc- Get cash for your vacation in just one .trip by phoning first. Employed men and women—married or single — get a prompt "yes" to their loan request here. 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