News-Journal from Mansfield, Ohio on March 10, 1908 · 8
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News-Journal from Mansfield, Ohio · 8

Mansfield, Ohio
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 10, 1908
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THE MANSFIELD NEWS TUESDAY, MARCH 10, 1908. J THE Sl.tXIUXO. p. v. r,. Pet Afhland W " ''n' Mansii li! il -i' -' ."'l I j Coshocton .... '" ."'1! i'linesvllle .... ':! :! I :;- .1''-, Marion (: 2 4 1 .:;i:n Tv,in Cities . . . lit! - I 1 ! lOXKiill S (iAMI H. am-svillf at MaiMii-liI. Ashland tit Mai-inn. There is lit Hi- m-standing of tin' t -i fit ate Polo h af,uc . .allies llav d Ia Mansfield I'hi iii'iii.s ent remix il in mi " RlandiuK. altlinii);li fitted by tli.' Cosh last evening. 'I'hr leaders did not play they start upon their the Wi'k this evening tlie Marion to defeat on I heliums a ( l.chind the Asl I hey must w in games they il Htili d elialiye In tho n -still i v t i i i 1 1 u still ill the Ohio of till' 'I'll.' firmly n Ihi' Asli last to 1 i". wiri' ile- III Kllll I'OL.i Is infill Iramj'' I'V.'iiin, hut rlii'duli; lor Hid will find ;:Ki'i'L',ation a hard one their home door. The IN points or six allien i'.it imi, iind iiainin;4 thri'o wi cli, if tin y riiiiniiiK. 'flu' land lln- I ! Ih i- in i or I'licnoms are !' point nhi-ad of llio Coshoi ton I'lit I hey in ui- t ili'fi- it t lit iu the irlurn ;;anie to ho the local lloor on Friday Mann Hull lmt:s. Hull Dots played on i vi'iiin;; if they desire lo put tho down-slate tiii-Hlf'Sation out of the iminiiK; for sei -ond place, The Zinu'sulli- Tiuers are coining Klroni;, and are now Put o io frame helilnd the ..I'm inaik. 'lie' ZanoBvllle m jrivKaifoii ha.-, u haul tuhodule of games aluad of thein, Lilt if they keep up the c lip at uhii 11 they have been K"iiiK during the paM few days there Is every indiialiou that they will nive the Coshoctoii aggregation a hard lir.hl for third place. Marlon lia a siiulit lead over T'htlchsville in the fndit tor the cellar position, the down-Mate team lii.ving lost the .came they played last evening. COSHOCTON SWA MI'S I'HKNO.MS. Tkn Manslield I'henotns were lit-(rally sttatuped hy the Co: imcton Hull liogs on the occasion of the visit of the local polo aggrega t ton Id tho city on Hie Wa Ihotitliiig last evening, Ihey receiving one of the worst defeats they have ever sust.iin- t(l at the hands of the rejuvenated Bull Dona this Hcason. The Mnal score was It to '1. While the game was hard fought, the superior teamwork of the Coshocton iiscri'Kiitinii (limited and they Dually won out with ease. Freddie Long raged all of JUaiiHlields' iioals, while ('apt. Jllellev was the hright and rhliilng Ifctar of the Coshocton a giM'egut ion. Tlie Hull Hogs ;nt Im-.y froni the start of the whistle in the first period and not quite two ttiliuiten had elapsed hclore William eaged the liist goal, ilarrold then secured one til IS sccomls. while lllrkey came lack with one in 11 seconds. Williams raged another in little over a minute and a half of play, hot'ore Long seoied the llr.-.t goal for .Mans- I'elil In one minule and forty onds. Play eouiii ,1 for Ih, Uleu hefore William,. caged (In fconl Coshocton made in the )ieliod. While I .one, i;med the The period ended wl "i the score 0 to " in favor of Coshocton. I'ach team lidded one goal in the fecund period, Williams casing the List one after even fmir minutes of 1 lay. Long came hack with one for .Mam (it h in a little over two mjn-i ti s of play. Hot.h teams played good polo during the remainder of . ie print) hut neither were aide to m me any more noals. The Coshocton abrogation made soinewliat of a record at the opening ol tlie final period for they scored three Koals in twenty-three seconds. I'lay had heen in prnnreKs hut eleven seconds when Mickey cayed Ihe first Mini while ('apt. Mickey a;;ain made ( ne from the spot in three seconds. Williams completed the trio of oals hy caciiiK the hall in nine secomlH. I.iiis! then hutted into the scoring i a me hy ;mi !) l; a (;oal after ahotlt four minutes of play. Ilarrold caned i goal after two minutes of play, and then Williams made the final Koal just heforo the (lose of the period "Ikey" 1 loufrhton slinhtl'. injured in the final period, when a (irive from Hilly MorK.'in'H stick broke one of the incandesi ent Klohes and Ihe glass scattered nil over ihe Maris and summary : .Mam th hl I I ons; . . Iloauhto hitmi; Jiia'Kiui Wallace Coals OFFICIAL SCHEDULE FOR THE OHIO STATE LEAGUE 1908 CLUB MARION LIMA MANSFIELD AT MARION LATEST NEWARK held player. Lineup Hirst 1 1 h Coshoclo Hush . . . . Si rond Hush . . . . . Center . . . Half I '.a; k . . . Coal Lous; 4. Williams ;;, Ilarrold L'. Itusln-.-, kev 11. Fouls lioise L n II. Mickey Williams Ilarrold . . Hoise (it'll fill 111 i:. llh k-l.oim Slops LANCASTER SPRINGFIELD April 27, June 3, 4, 5 Juno 21, 25, 2G July 2;:, 21, 25 Ausust VI, 2,'!, 23 A I ) i; 1 j i S, 2 4 7 2 5 May 2.!, 24, 2u June 21, 22, 23 July il, 4 p. m. August 24, 25, 20 Id ay" 21172 l7Y2 June 12 ,KI, 14 July 20, 21, 22 August '7, 8, 9 Sept, 1, 2 3 .May 1 I, 12." j.i June is, 19, 20 July i ,ti, 7 August 10, 11, 12 August 3d, "0, 31 'Si ay I," i7 1 0 May 2ti, 27, 28 July 11, 12, 1:1 August 4, 5, ti Sept.. , Id, 11 id Sniiiliiys July 4 i, 111. AT LIMA 4 May 2, 3, May 2!t, -in, "M June Ho, July 12 August 1, 2, :l AuKUHt 27, 2S, 29 AND BEST May 17, 1 vi'J June 9, Id, 1 1 July 20, 21, 22 August Hi, 17, IS Sept. 12, HI, I i 14, 7:., h; in. Hi, !7 , is in 1 ::.'m, la AT MANSFIELD April 29, 30, Alay 1 May 31, June 1, 2 June 27, 2, 29 July 4 a.m., 29, 30, 31 August 19, 20, 21 "Ma7 lTTl 27T3 June IS, 19, 2d July 5, 6, 7 AuKUSt 10, 11, 12 AiiKUHt 30, 30, 31 SPORTING May June July 1 August Sept. 4, .'!, 22 1::, 11 2S May 20, June 12, July 3, 1, July 2(i( ' sept, l, 2. ApriT29', :;u,7MaT May 31, June I, 2 June 27, 2s, "' July 29, ::n, ::i August 19. 2", 21 11 Sundays May 30 a.m. 4-p.m. July 4 a. rn 4L- p. m. .May 2, 3, 4, 30 p. ui. Jan.; 3, 4, 5 June 20, July 1, 2 August 1, 2, 3 August 27, 28, 29 "May 879710 .Mav 2d, 27, 28 July 11, 12, 13 August 4, 5, 6 Sept. 9, 10, 11 May 20, 21, 22 June 12, 13, 14 July 8, 9, 10 July 20, 27, 28 Sept. 1, 2, 3 10 Suudays May 30 p. ni. July 4 a. m. AT NEWARK. May 5, 6 7 June C, 7, 8 July 8, 9, 10 July 20, 27, 2S Sept. 7, 7, 8 May 8, 9, 10 May 20, 27, 28 July 11, 12, 13 August 4, 5, 6 Sept. 9, 10, 11 April 2(T2 fTTs May 20, 30 a. m. June 24, 25, 26 July 14, 15, 10 August 22, 23, 23 GOSSIP April 23, 24, 25 May 23, 24, 25 June 21 22, 23 July 23,'24, 25 August 24, 25, 2fi May 11, 12, 13 June 18, 19, 20 July 5, ti, 7 August 16, 17, 18 Sept. 12, 13, 13 11 Sundays May 30 a. ni. Sept. 7 a. m. & p. m. AT LANCASTER May 17, 18, 19 June 9, 10, 11 July 14, 15, 16 August 16, 17, IS Sept. 12, 13, 13 laay57c77 June 6, 7, 8 July 8, 9, 10 August 7, S, 9 Sept. 7, 7, 8 Tla7Ti7 1 57 1 0 June 15, lfi, 17 July 17, IS, 19 August 13, 14,-15 Sept. A, 5, 0 April "7307MayT Mav 31, June 1, 2 Juni 27, 28, 29 July 29, 30, 31 August 19, 20, 21 IN THE May 2, 3, 4 June 3, 4, 5 June 30, July 1, 2 August 1, 2, 3 August 27, 28, 29 11 Sundays Sept. 7 a. in. & p. ni. AT SPRINGFIELD May 14, 15, 16 June 15, 1(, 17 July 17, 18, 19 August 12, 14, 15 Sept. 4, 5, 6 April 23, 24, 25 May 23, 24, 25 'June 21, 22, 23 July 14, 15, 1G August 24, 25, 20 May 5, ti, 7 June ti, V, 8 July 23, 24, 25 August 7, 8, 9 Sept, 7. 7, 8 Tfay 77TT87T9-June 9, 10, 11 July 3, 4, 4 August 10, 11, 12 August 30, 30, 31 "ApriiTcT 27728 May 29, 30, 30 June 24, 25, 26 July 20, 21, 22 August 22, 23, 23 NEWS. 10 Sundays a. 111. & p. ni., May 30, July 4, Sept. 7 e e 43. C Tina ra Ita m llo.d. 0. Deforce A I lend. nice alios; ille I'hrichsvllle, We got to I hrii ins Willi l iase. March I a. Zanos- hs ilie in polo last night hy the score of s to .!. (leorge ('ilie took "Pop" Huberts' place on second rush. Hall starred lor tlie home team. The linc'lfi: Zanesv ille - S. I'. Il 3. Zlrhos Hirst li ush .... Ijuij-'ley Km llius . . Sei ond Hush Ollie, Heicherl Center Dudley Hroiinan . . . .Mall llai k Hall liefinor Coal May Coals Korziliiis I. Zirhes, Keioh-erl, Ollie. Quigley 2. Hushes V. 1). 7, Zaliesville 7. Slops May 3 1, I left-lie. 3N. Fouls - Dudley, Hren-11:111. Hcl'ciee Moriin. Timer -1 looms. At tendance 4 en. roMM.'K.t.MS. Tho speedy .anosvilh- Tigers will he Ihe attraction at the West Fourth street rink this evening, and there promises to he a good game from stint to finish. The Tigers have hoi n putting up a fast game, nml will exert themselves to Die nt most tonight so that they may reach Ihe .."ion mark, for they are hut a sinh' game liehiud that mark. The l'i,e-nouis, on the other hand. 111 e.l tie' game lo linreas Coshocton and a to tho Ashla:(d h ' their so to di a-'.ue ad leader, over cuie 111 a linh Una CM I "Pop" Kohorts, tin leieran ra.-.hei I sec- who has Ik oil 1 la in'.', v.nh 1'rauk I lulu- I Wilson's I lit iclisville aggregation. I II Ma I I has boon ilk -placed l.v Ce.oso OUie. hi'.tjthe "Flying Swede." The Mtei.,11 final no h has loaii.l il prettv st ren 11011 1 - d a ri in.' ll mihii'es. I It; ihe lining leaae, ami will lest son. r 1 1 he OM Man begins to (Ircain of his National Game. remainder of the sea- 1 iat llic w oriel, it vc t.' ouKl yet at it. i i- Mats cni'iu;li fin- iit' n.'iiile on l Ih- wuflii, at any rate. Voul diink o, it "ii would i'"tiK' in an.l i:Kt- a look at tin.- Xi w S j r i 1 1 1 St i r1- s. W r c I lats for Men of al! li rs reel. a :ii !iat the arc Si ll'ii'l! the test chit lat ely e or al e uiir Mats , p; S ux S' i'T 'k U l't lit! Iat aiiii i 'ur nuaHy Sott 1 iat. W'c'x e ne i l , in jurienee, een t'ue for tlie -nee. We're li.ouis 'I'he Xanesi ille a c sm e nieap eolliiiiete iii.l Ollt Ol till' nan is hack at the half while Capt, lioichort is tel. 'Ihe otletlse of shuns and a sood K i.i e-.'at ion. h: ; its Idle '.a Hon mam. faille. Hien-hack iosition plaiiiiL; ciu- Iho 'liters is al shooitii a;- K ed .VI I Mas ii i I h tc 1 ' thai he sh i;a me d" Williams inli r of th col up from his team last lellolll lied" il no I the a u iai rn-hai r-Coshoeton Hull sick hod to play nini; a.uaiust true for in the CHANGE GOT ELSTON TO SAVE THE 0. & P. FROM BANKRUPTCY OV 1 1 evident 1 1 was was not veiv ivel ess than six quit's eel mr :.l o husiiH" f these lai : el rinthiers. NEIL FORTUNE, Manager i Already Ashland fans are making preparations to attend the s :'' tu he played at Manslield Friday, Mat ill 2n. which will lie the last time that ihe two loading loams will clash in thai city. If piesetit plans do not yo amiss, the largest delegation over sent out from i ho 1'nmpton n will ac-lompany the locals. It is prohahis that a special train will ho run. loav-In:; this city at ll; 3 0 p. m. and re-tnruin.i; at II p. in. Ashland Tluies-Caet te. 'I'heie have hoeu various runiors to the effect that the Coshocton cluh is ready to quit, and that Manager Fuhr has announced thai there will ho no polo for him next season. Inquiry at Coshocton develops the fact that tho crowds have fallen oft ill tho down-state town and that the uvorane attendance at the games duriUA the past two weeks lias heen ahout 3u0. Coshocton has uu ex pensive afcKM't gallon of polo phiyeis, ! and Manager Fiihr can hardly expect to lueak even hy lioldinn on to his I hiMh-prlied players. There has heeti time talk that the Coshocton team' would quit at the close of this week. ! I ut this is hardly likely, as Kuhr's forfeit money is up and he will have to keep a team iu the teanue during the remaining vieek of the seasou. Hush Fur Chicago hase hie for the i West Hadon. are t ruin in. n; It was the sot tied all d pennant, atid explained his youngster, w is-' known do crcoutlcss del: ley." This is t.tver wore tender years Hinders on hi ing shop nud i a ha: i the well known writer, is responsi-::;; dispatch from . where the Cuhi .1 of Klston that concerning the ni the day Chance i for getting the an outfielder, lie Ohio as the "ov- tlie Scioto Val-o the fact that he overcoat. Iu his. :t's parents put a 1 him to a eloth-.esscd him in an overcoat, lie broke the bridle and ran away. For years the struggle to met him into an overcoat continued and just to avoid one he began to grow a pair of shoulders no Marietta clothier could fit. He is safe now as he is 5 feet 6 Inches tall and has shoulders 4 feet U inches across. The reason Chance bought Els-ton was to save the O. 1'. league from bankruptcy. Curt hits the ball so far they never come back, and discouraged pitchers who opposed Lancaster until they quit base ball and went to work rather than face him. Curt came In early today and found the hotel without assistance. BASEBALL NOTES. Cy Young ad. rittshurK this sn out of thlrty-th ci crn association la Nluutot'ii nmen for the Williams . ho la to be with "ii, won tweuty-ntu i;niiien in the West- '..'07. me ou the ichedule !eso baseball team for this season, ten to bo played t home and nine a broad, I'ltcher F. C UelMlng's plea for reinstatement teccn ;h wus rejected by the National land a;: commission. Rels-lltif? is the property of the Brooklyn Nutlonal league club. Joe Keiley, Ua Is to manage the Itostou Nations '.s the coming seasou, batted .S"2 In Hie Custern league last your, lie should lilt well up around the 80ti mark with the big leaguers. MaiUBor Mot; raw has a physical wonder in one of his recruits, IMtcher McUinuey. w ho is ald to be as big al l'UKl'lst Jim Jeffries. l:inU t tii't there Is n ill:: his foot an,) s In the da uu? to finish :,nu t,;,t tlle fiulBh wI1, seetlie Cutis in the lead. : "o is now contldeut that ii.' sorKmsly wrong with ays that be expects to h for the Cutis from start A I5KO.l STATEMKXT. This announcement Is made without any qualifications. Hetu Roid Is the one preparation In the world that guarantees It. Dr. Leouhardt's Hem-Roid will cure any case of riles. It Is In tho form ot a tablet. It Is the only Pile remedy used Internally. It is impossible to cure an established of Piles with ointments, suppositories, Injections, or outward appliances. A guarantee Is Issued with every package of Dr. Leonhardt's Hem-Roid, which contains a month's treatment. Co and talk to Will M. Barton, Mansfield, about It. Price $1.00. Dr. Leonhardt Co. Station U, lluffalo, N. Y. Kver see a screen that you 'were not overwhelmed with a desire to know what Is ticnind it? Meant if yitiK methods that Injure the Bkiti and health are dangerous, lie beau: if ul without injuring yourself, by-taking Ilollistor's Rocky Mountain Tea. Lovely complexions follow it use. 35c, Tea or Tablet. Will M. Hurt on. WON GAME; GOT KO CREDIT There are niauy Instances on record where ball games have been won because the batsman at a critical stage of the game, with a runner on third or one on third and one ou second, drove out a long fly which allowed one or both men to score, and yet the batsman was charged with a time at bat. The new rule, however, exempts him from this and such fly balls will be scored as sacrifice hits. The Pittsburg club won a game at Chicago last year in this manner and Hans Wagner was the man who turned the trick, but did not get any credit for it. With one run behind, Clarke on second and Leach on third, and one out, Wagner hit a terrific, fly to left field, which Sheckard caught after a hard run, but- which allowed both Leach and Clarke to score after it had been caught. This fly won the game, but Wagner did not get any credit for It under the old rule, Instead being charged with a time at bat, which decreased his batting average. When Women Suffer Headache back pains, dizziness, languor; or feel listless, dull and fagged, special care should be taken to maintain the general health, and to assist Nature through the time of unusual demand. As a woman's remedy, EGHAi'S ILLS have held first place for nearly sixty years. They bring new life to the system and supply necessary aid when it is most needed. Beecham's Pills Impart nerve force, act gently on the bowels, regulate the bile, Improve the blood, create appetite and promote digestion. Their tonic properties relieve weakness and quickly Renew Health and Spirits Sold Everywhere. In boxa 10c. and 2 Sc. MEN'S UNDERWEAR at money saving prices at SHONFIELD'S. How Couflh Germs Multiply. When you have a cold the mucous membrane is inflamed and the disease germs which you breathe find lodgement and multiply, especially the pneumonia germ. Foley's Honey and Tar soothes and heals the inflamed air passage, stops the cough and expels the cold from your system. Refuse substitutes. Will M. Barton, Fin. frock's Drug Store. Money talks, but Just now you have to strain your ears to hear It. Eoaritb llia fad ou Havstera Bt Sljnatur SWEAR OFF Tobacco Habit 1? A STT.V Morphine Habit j Liquor Habit ) CUliliLl Positively no Morphine In our Tablstl Hill's Chloride ot Gold Tablets will oar any case of Morphlno, Lhjuor orTobnooo Habit in from ton to thirty duya. Mo elTorb required of the patlout, who Is allowed the iHt? of tho stimulants until ho voluntarily quits their us. Can be given In toft or cot fea without the knowlodu of the putWuG. Tt'Stmonlftls BKNT FIIKE. TKY IT. Prlco ll.tiO per packago. Sold mid rocom-mtmdtHi In Mansfield by WILL M.BARTON DruggUt Main and Tl.lrdSn. Uneeda the NATIONAL Established 1897. CHAS. D. KOPP, BROKER Etocks, Bonds, Grain, Cotton and Provisions. Rooms 204-205 Bird Bldg. TRY THIS A liberal use of the News Want Column will eliminate most of your "want troubles." Three appllcatioua generally does the work. P't far -vV -'. 'Af'. -"NCTv The Lesson of the Eagle and the Weasel Tho familiar story goes that once, when an eagle pounced upon a weasel and ecared with it high into the air, the weasel fastened ita fangs deep into tho eagle's breast and commenced to draw its life-blood. The eagle tried to shake the weasel off, but the weasel hung on until the eagle fell lifeless to the ground. There is a moral in this for every sufferer from coughs or colds. Don't let your cough han en for every day it weakens your lungs and gradually wears down your system until serious lung troubles develop. DR. D. JAYNE'S EXPECTORANT is the oldest and mo3t reliable cough remedy known. For 77 years it has been successful in relieving and curing Coughs, Colds, Bronchitis, Pleurisy, Inflammation of the Lungs, Croup and Whooping Cough. It is sold by all druggists In $1.00, 50c. and 25c bottles. Get it for your cough today. Joyna's Tonic Vtrmifuge is a gentle and effective tonio for adults and children, A safe Worm Cure. . fT 11 M EI CURFn When everything else fair . . u.u full uVC UlCtt ail other remedies, and vonrdnrlnr fn.lo thn .. 3 ii If oinunu rMMtHlMlun. It will cure you. It is a 1 1 11 H i "J Clean 'ouon, used once a day. No poison. No rubbing. II Uvi? Flt application relieves intolerable itching. It speedily M US' f area every form of skin disease by whatever name known. At lm Druggists or by Express, $1.00. J. P. Moore, Chemist, Propr.. Ash- muu, v muui miu viace, oiuie wi, wo. jib r.aciia Ave Cleveland. O.

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