The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 26, 1943 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 26, 1943
Page 3
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^vHl BLYTHEVILLE ARMY AIR CORPS NEWS VOLUME 1—NO. 299. THE BLYTHEVILLE ARMY AIB COKPS NEWS Published daily except Sundnys In the interest of the personnel of the Army Air Forces Advanced Two Engine Flying School of Dlyllievllle, by tli« Blythevllle Courier New*. It contains the ncwe of Uie Air Base. Members Of Graduating Class i o .In Flight Competition Monday A field (lay in (lie sky willi (lie | cadets of the graduating class' testing their .skill in competitive flighls nnd muncuvcrs will he hold Monday at the lllytheville Ai'tny Air Field, bc-giimliif; lit 9:IS with the Judging-of hike-nil's, approaches, landings nnd pattern flying. The competition mid Judging will conliniie until noon when instructors .-ind cadets will have dinner toseliiei 1 . Hie balance of the day being devoted ur ;i military parade, athletic competition. Ji softball (jnine between instructors nnd cartels, and an outdoor supper in (lie Athletic- Arena. Six-ship formations will pass in review at 1,0'JD feet-above the field, and the cadets will compete in ;\ cross-wind liiiulini; .stii'je, with judging on lake-oils, palleni. np- proaches and landings in 11 crosswind. Ill II SJXll-llllldillB StHKL 1 . (III! Blll- dcnts will lie judged <m abilily hi cut the Ihrollles at l.lltlij [eel from a straight rippioiu-h and make n landing on the line mi the runway. Their studies and work completed, (lit 1 cadets ivill be busy tin- next day in the final piepnuilioiis for (he graduation pio-jiain on Wednesday, when they will emery as second lieutenants witir pilot's rating, ready to he assigned us in-, slruclor.s or for further training at .specifili'/.ed fields. Musical Show Here Monday A musical variety revue with everything from six beautiful girls in acrobatic, precision and tap dancing, to a puppet show will be brought to the Post Theater Monday night, for pu'lormanccs at G and 8 o'clock, tree to service men nnd members of tlieir immediate families. It is a USO Cnmp Show. Freddie Slritt, funny and famous for his many quick changes of hats, a longtime favorite of the biglirvt slag?, will mn the show as master of.ceremonies. Frank Ross and Anita Pierre, famous mimics; beautiful Datlene Walters, lap acrobatic dancer,- and Roy Rogers, comedian ami acrobat with fast patter that won him fame in big follies shows and in Hollywood, complele Ihe program. In thi puppet show, Carl and Faith Simpson work in Ihc open. Idling the audience .see the opent- tions of their miniature revue, which includes a Sonju Iloriie .'kilting marionelt:, a puppet magician, a jitterbug number, and other features. NOTICE OK fiK,\\TI,\G OK UQIIOK I'liHMJT Notice is hereby given that the Commissioner of Revenues of the Stale of Arkansas has issued a permit-, No. 232, to llassell's Whisky Store to sell and dispense vinous or spirituous liquors for beverage al retail cm the premises described as 315 W. Main St., IJIylhe- iville. Ark, This permit issued on the 1st day of July, 1948 and expires on the 30lh day of June. 104-1. Phil Hnssell Permittee. (i/25-7/2 Heavy pine production in the Northern California-Southern Oregon arc.i tolalcd one billion feel in 1942 a record. Read Courier i\ew,-i want arM. ijV'JWVIU;, KKANSAS, KATUKDAY, JUNK 2«7 IIM Jap. Barges Beached Twin scenes are these from Guadalcanal inn ™ri AM., «,„ i,.. /far-separated islands seized fro^t^a'psT'y u S or es n each case lie enemy Ml his barges behind Iiim-one landing Waft Destroyed ,n an idyllic South Pacific setting, the other capTifrcd In ^ ' " h Aleutian waters and, topped with an American flag FUNNY BUSINESS Precision Bombing: Legliorn Gets A Dose Of Deadly Accuracy SUBSCRIPTION RATES ON REQUEST JOES BIKE SHOP NtW S USED BIC.V<:LES-»EPAIf?S ss •' Religious Bulletin Catholic Services: Sunday- Masses at 0:30 and fl a. m (Confessions SiUiirdny, ti-'j p. m ., and prior to masses on Sunday.) Week day masses as announced it Sunday services. ['lull-slant Services: Sunday— Protestant services for Negro soldiers al 8 n. m. General Protestant service (for nil Protestant denomination) at 10 a. m. Wednesday— Devotional service for Negro troops at 7 p. m. Jewish Services: Friday evening at 7 o'clock. General Announcements— A chaplain is on duly each evening. Soldiers arc welcome lo their counsel and help. The chapel is always open tot private prayers and devotions. Ground Crews Given Credit In Article Ground crewmen who maintained i? planes of a B-M Group with little more than "a .screwdriver and I p;tir of pliers" during the early -lays of the Tunisian campaign arc :hc heroes of a story on mamtcn- -ince appearing in the July Issue it AIR FORCE. Shot-up planes served as "warehouses" of spare jarts and the bottoms ot five-gallon gusoline tins made usable patches for flak holes, as these IK-II set nn enviable example under jxtremc handicaps. Parneil Hurls 2-Hit Victory; en To Play Here Tomorrow •Championship of the Fliers' Hn.scbrill League Is within the gmsf. of the niyihcvtllc Army Air Field, with it s triumph over Newport by Ihc closely conleslcd score ot -1 lo 1. in a game Thursday aft;rnoon which crowded Ihc bleachers of Ihc I3AAF athletic field. Sunday afternoon's gtime here will he decisive. In it the llAAF'wlll fnce the stronj; Maldrn Army Air Field, which stands third In Ihc League, and Monday night IJIythc- ville goes lo Jonesboro lo meet the Wahmi Ridge Air Field, lop raters of Die IcngiK with seven lills and no losses. lilylhevlllc. second in the league, has lost one in seven. The Maiden ami Walnut Ridge games nrj Ihc last contests in which the Blythevllle soldiers will, figure prior to the big baseball I louriiiimr-nt in Memphis over tlicj Fourth of July weekend. | Play in Thursday's game was' -spirited, with the civilians from Tiicfcrinan making it interesting throughout. In ihc third inning the fans were lifted by the spectacular feat of the visiting second baseman. Rushing, who leaped to spvar what looked like .1 certain hit, by Pi.r- rario, IJushlng then forcing Mc- Wliortcr out at first when Mack, sure that (he I-'ciravio slam was f:afe, set oul to clear Ihe way around the bases. Parneil, Illythcville pitcher, distinguished himself by a brilliiinl performance In striking out- i:i men al bat. allowing only two lilts, ami, in the third inning, .smashing oul a home run into right field. The BAAF players lost on lime in establishing a loud. In the o]x-nlim Government war expenditure:; in Inning the bases were promptly ebruary of this year were more fll 'ed when Vickcr.s, star shortstop, ban -1 1-2 times the United States <lf ov;> a clean hit nto right field, ' .-Miblic Debt on March 31, 1917. One $18.75 War Bond will supply i Navy flyer w uh a fur-lined flv- 'ng jacket. and Hogan and Liillrntta were hit by plched balls, with the' liases loaded. McWhnrlcr broiiRbt In llic first run with a hit to left Held. The bo.f .score for Wednesday's game was: JJlyllievlllc VickLrs ss- HoRiiii ,'frii LaClrntla If Ferrarlo cf McWhortcr 1st Crime rf Swan 2nd Howard c I'arnell p AIJ It II .HI',! . I 1 .. :t n o •i •i Tuckcrinan Williams cf .; Uynom 1st Mock c Cunningham 3rd Vann rt '. Umniltmi rf Rushing 2nd . . !llc!:s If .' Monmasler p Lineup for Sum! Midden: Vickers ss, llogan :frd, l-aGrutla II, McWliorlcr 1st, I'"errarin cf. Ci.'inc rf, -Swan 2nd, Howard c, Yorvack |). :to AH :i iiy's Bume •I !) H II I) 1 0 I) 0 0 o n o o n « n o 0 i 1 o Wllll The term "Iwii-bils" was cuinnl m San Francisco in prc-mhit ilays when gold wire was chipped f«r currency. up Try our "Own Made" Ice Cream Die Hickory Inn .<crfi«, from High School PRESCRIPTIONS Freshest Stock Guaranteed Best Prices «irby Drug Stores Skating Hvery AHurnoan Ami Night! GUY GEAN'S SKATING RINK r.oratcd im South Second SI. Arm.** I'roni Null. Guanl Ariiuiry SPECIAL RATES For Service Men Repair Service That Is Fully Guaranteed! Expert Mechanics—Kodif Men Lee Motor Sales >'h. 519 Can Sione, Shop Vweman 307 E. Main The Modern Ice Itox COOI.HKATOR t'nr IJconnmy nnd Service. Tom Little Hwde. Co. I'hont 511 Policing The Grounds Tech. Bui'ijl. Hurry Moskwn of Die Hiiiiclul Orders l)i:|inrlmenl, rcnsnns Ihnl, n.s mi Army nwnill Is culled n njtiki^, i\ rcciiill in llui Women's rtniiy Anxlllnry Corps SllOlllll be CIlllCll 11 Wlldklf. -I'llls, Imwmtr. is cnilrcly iiniifilclnl. . . . V Scrnl. l!ii|!li K. Pnrtur. Mccl- li'nl Ui'liiclimiMil, ivccntly I nil is- fcncil from tiifcnvlllc, Ml.-.s., icHii nl liniiu.' here. Hfi llnds iiimiy o[ Ills fornu'i' ljudillcs ut thlH slntloii. Mciuitlmc. IV.-,. ,'iiici :.i husy hmillHi; iin npnrlmcnt. . . . V The liiciiiirlcviiblc Iin. 1 ; uiTiirrrd, Pfc. Julius ninnk, X-niy Icclml- cinn (it Iho Kintiiiii lliiaiilliil. Ims fiillcn In Invc. Or, nl least, Ihiil Is the rmiccmiis or his felltiw mcil- lcs. Thi-y lU'cluri! l)il;i c:iii he the only cx[)!iimilioii for lit;; oviilcm. Ills ot iihsliuctlflii. Dciiiinoiil, htiw- fver, snyeth nniiuhl, i:.xci'(it thuL hr; i.s In ii vciy <li>|>iTs.W(l iiinod, lie (Iccliiirs commcia mi ihc rumor Ihnl .wcm'ho.'ly <lrov(! him lo the Wt\sL CiiUc iiml tlieic' kissed him jjur«i[]i^|ii y Two oi(icily room clerks of Ihc SUfllli have Ijccnmu rnllir;-.i ivllliln Ihe niuiilli. Until H>IIK. 'I'lie pionil liciK me c'(ii'|). William 1). lili'ps mul Hlidl KrrBl. Maurice II. 1'luircs, The Digits hoy, Lorn »l Lit- ifcyka, Paris and Whittcn Arc Awarded Rank 0{ Stuff Sergeant Three onllslcrt men of Iho Dly- ' thovlllc Army Air field, cxiicr!-. cnccd aircraft mc-dimito, iiiivc lieen imimotrd from soVBCant to sluff seincnnl, It W(M aimouiited loihiy by Col. Kurt M, Laiihln, C om- iiindliiu officer. 'Ihc lire: George ncykn, 20th I'mfnliiK Group; ohiirles T. Paris Jr., 7i):ird Stumdi-oiK mid olcnn T. Whlllcn, Woth Sinmdron.' ', Soi-Kcniil lieykn cnllstfd July'24, 1SM1 mul wiis tinnsfcrrcd here from Moody P/eld In Oclolicr. 'He com-' Plcled nn iilrcruCt mcchtuilcs . course nt Scott Klclil. Ill, in Fcu- I'luiry. llcforj enlcrhig the service wns 11 truck driver for the Ohio lc Highway l)ci>nrtment, al Clevelnnd, crBCiint I'ttrls b n 1038 g'niU-' mite of ChnllunooKiv llliih School Hiut nllemleil the University of Glmllniionjjn oiiq yeiir. He eiillslcd Dec. 17, 111-11, ten dnys utter Pcnrl Harbor. An unto ineeliiinlo Inclvll- Inn life, ho compleled n 10 weeks course In nlr|))nne mcclianfcs nt Kccsl.'r Field, Miss. . Hei-Bennt Wliltlcn, u cvcw clilef In Ihc VOJlh Squadron, eiilislc'd In • Cclolier, lilli. Lust, your he successfully com|)lcteil n 19 works course In idrciuH niceluuilcs lit Shepiwrd Klold, Tex. In civilian llfo he WHS u rente tmliviiimn uiiti resided nl Wiishinu'11, Mnlnc. lie Hock, walRhcd Y'Ji imumls, tliu Plmres child, horn at Indliinnpo- lls, 7 pounds, y , Cnn iinyone limit the lime ot HiillJh K. llii.Mli>t!.s'/ M die line of 'M he' Is n milliter scruciidl, hi tin; VUUrd HtniiHlrtin, iijitl n crew chief on (lie line, lie luis been » soldier since 1(1-10. . . . V H you see. n .soldier pushing n peumif from Ihe Aiv unse to lily- Ihevllle, (hut'U be I'vl. U. ],. Oreen of tin.' Cimird ,S[|iiii(lron. He clml- tenned First Bcr^l. I'aul 1,. Yosl fit liibte tennis . . . And lost, 21-0. Cot]:. Andrew MuHowe)! of Hie Ouard Hcjiiadron ici-nunlxes ppixir- tmilty when lie meetn it. He lmunhi )i botlli) or ruljblng nlcoliol nnd, for a niimlnnl fee, Biros rundowns tti muscles Inmed by physlciil Inilnlnt! exercises. i y Myrtle the Turtle .lives In n lioldrish bowl on [he desk of Mrs. ! Djirbiirii Slumioiw, si'crtinry lo (lie Director of Hyhi(j. Poke a lly SMA LL LOANS On An.Tlhlnf *t Vain. Ea»t Main Loin Co. JM r. — rhcn» ZfM 24-HOUR SERVICE Expert Repair Work on Gcr.era! Motors Curs. UNGSTON-WROTEN COMPANY Firm) NY Dcciort J. L. tnd J. C. GUARD OPTOMETRISTS - IN IJLVTHKVJU.E SIXC'K J022 Why Vuy new shoes when wr- c.m p>il ir.oiiths of real scivlcc, gao-l ap- pc-ir.incc, comfort, in your pro sen I foolwcar at luortcst cost. HflLTCRS QUALITY SHOC SHOP 121 W. MAIN ST. CHROMIUM FOG LAMP SETS DRIVING' LIGHTS LOY EICH chcvr lct Phone 7? MeCmmell To Study Aircraft A rmoment Second Lieut. Hohcrl I,, McCoii- nell, oixlnance officer of the Air • Hase, lin.f btt-n ordered lo'Uimlng, "" Mich., to take an advmiccil course. . In nli't-rnH iirmiiiiiciiL Ho has been un duty here since February. • A member nf the Aliibainii Na-' llonnl C.uard since 11135, he was Inducted Inlo federal service with tile Cliiard in Nottjiiibir, IfHO, nn<l WHS cnimnlKsloned lasl September uiron coinpldluii of the course at the Ordnance Office Candidate School " ut Aberdeen, Met. lie Is a 10M '" griuluate of lltverside Military Aciulcmy and attended Gcorolix 'Inch.. ' throiiali n'lKiio Iho S(M of a r .lwo-' b|t .plccn'•'which was' lirokcn''i|n the Kiobe by accident, and Myrtle luis- lens over mid snaps a down. She's • alert to the nller of n My all <luy WK I-'ll.l, AM, IXJOTOKS' PRESCRIPTIONS AND SAVK V.OW AIONEV STEWART'S Drug Stor c Ijikc i>li, l)u . 2823 ?j ^ "•*• Mowers For Every Oi-ca i \vt'<i)linpr flowers, cor- THE FLOWER SHOP WE ItKI.lVER QLENCOB HOTKI, BLUU. I'honr. 491 icers U n i fo r m s (.'timjiarc the fabric ajiil K-iirkmansbip or Itirse line K.inmnls In-fore buyinf! Heller 1 {louses .............. !!7.75 l','la.s(i(|uc Trousers .......... 13.75 «K ^Ji»... -~^»f^-^C\ . Summer Trousers ........... 7.<l() Hummer Sltirls .............. 8.90 ROBINSON'S "THE RELIABLE DRUG STORE" •^here's no wlrter selecllon of shaving needs, cosmetics, noveltlet, etc., In Dlyllievllle than at RobUuon'B. Latest M»g«ilne»—Mun- tain service—sandwiched - . ' Service Men! Meet Your Friend* at Robinson's! HUDSON TAILORS Expert Alterations BODY 01' UNIFORM SHIRTS MADE SMALLER.'; Khaki..; Kc; Tropical .$[; 3-<Uy Secrtce"-' Garrison Caps — Accessories — bsifiw

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