The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 20, 1938 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 20, 1938
Page 7
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THURSDAY, JANUARY 20, 1938 BIA'TIIEVILLE (ARK.) COU1UJ5H N1CWS PAGE SEVEJk Room iui^i Board Stoi\m heated Oa W. Ash. rooi:\ ' '»|lll board 1'lionc 1131. ll-ek-2-11 perfume South.- crn Cullforiilii. .'.•,' CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Daily rale per line for consecutive Insertions: Due time per line 10o Two times per line per day ...08c I Three times per Ihie per day ..Otic llix times per line per day —05o IKonth rate per line 60o | i'ards of Thanks Me & 75c Minimum charge 50c , (,ds ordered for thrco or sh .1 fams and stopped before explra llVon w|)l bo charged for t(ie jmni . I t«;r of times the add appeared and .Ijustment of bill made. J All Classified Advertising copy linbmllted by persons residing out- Ilide oi tho city must, bo accom- I panted by cash. Rates may be Itasily computed Irom above table. 1 Advertising ordered for Irregular I f scrtlons takes the one lime rate. 1 No responsibility will be taken J or more than one Incorrect Inser- liion of any classified ad. For Sale j room furnished apartment. >«<' ~ ——7 100 W. Kentucky. I'hono 083. , Webllnsliome 13-t'k-lfj Modern 3 room uirnislicd apMi- mcnt. 120 niiBan'Ave. Mrs. Belle Wood. Phone 785-J uflcr C p.m. n-ck-if " room furnished apartment with private bull). 1521 WaUiul. Phone . Available utter the New, linth, !)CU. 'i room furnished ItKliU;. Hcasonablc. first 19-ck-lt lions Phone Business Directory l a));irUnenl, Kentucky. Mrs. Sisk, , Electric priced low. Phone C20-J. Good liacior niul it's equipment cheap. Write Box "II". News. FOR SAI.IS: Four rooms and twill 1'423 Holly. 51JJO rush will handle. Plione 100. E. D. Ferguson. lO-ck-l rcsi 209 West Phone 46519-ck-lf Two unfiiralshcd rooms. Couple preferred. 017 Park. 18-pk-22 For Sail-' Nice li room stucco deuce located .MS Norlh Hartuln, small down payment. Ual QUALITY SHOE SHOP j)ts 9 & 10, 1100 block on.llcarn. Bargain. Call 895. n-ck-il 3 room honso, H.W. 18 at Co]iped«e Gin. C. F. Dunn. 18-pk-25 i room apartment, private bath Mrs Wendell Phillips, phone .101. n-ck-21 Newly decorated a room furnished SAVE MONEY ON COAL atcoal Del. in yard Il'villc His Linnp I'M 5-2=> ''-^ > IQII 5.25 (S.'tS -.... (on 5.20 <i.'<4U . '.'.'.'.'.' ton 4.80 5.10 • stoker ton 4.15 .VJ5 • Mine run ton 4.15 S.'io 1 Blue Itibbon his '"TO f> 00 ! IBlue Riblion 3x0 .... S.15_ 7.51) • Slack to» 3.00 3.15 / CURVE IN CAFE On Highway (il at Holland \ Phones 5 F-4 ami 818 apartment. ilionc 198. Announcement W« GlVB EAGLE STAMPS PICKARDS GROCERY 1044 Chlcfauawia 1'lione Gib No. Second 17-ek-tf room furn. apt. with balh. Newly decorated. Call 2D-I, 1111 W Ash. 8-c.k-l 4 room house, bath, ynrngc. (109 So. Lake. Call Sfil-J. 15-ck-tf IMPROVED SUBURBAN ACREAGE 5 1-4 acres, 5 room house, barn, on urnvei road, right In tdBe of Blytbcvllle. Olfcred tor few days at greal bargain. Terry Abstract & Keally Cn. 13-ck-tf Grocery store, chcaii. Mrs. Herb Thompson, 1611 W. nose. ll-ck-25 Complete 10 volume set, of Stan dnrd Reference Books with loose leaf binder. Call 239 or 182. 15-fn-fa 2 or 3 room turn. apts. One 2 room apt. upstairs. 914 Hearn. MULES FOR SALE ELTA IMPLEMENT CO. Furnished comfortable bedroom. 515 Walnut. Phone 351. 10-ck-tf Modern furnished room, heated with giis. Private bathroom anc sarage. Phone 410. C-ck-2-C Shoe Repairing Every thing for your shoes. Free Delivfvy. Phone 120. Quality Shoe Shop One comfortable bedroom. Cal Mrs S. S. Stcrnbcrg, 9M, 1203 Holly. 28-ck-28 2 room unfurnished apartmenl Very reasonable. 701 W. Ash o call 1003. 23-ck-t 2 comfortable bedrooms, privat balh. Gentlemen preferred, phon j 704-W or 1C1. 7-ck-tf. Furnished ! Mrs. S. Batteries BATTCEEY BERV1UK : J. Ben Clune *?honej"8 ^t'Totn Jackson's sV Gl house on Holly. Ca S. Sternberg at 334. 12-ck- Personal WALLPAPER ... 1038 patterns. Close prices ARK-MO LUMBER CO, Phone 40 or AIM'S, TUUKR, il'TKHIKH Ilurdnwit.v Ainiliiincc Co. MKNIIV W»:UNKK Slidn A' Mh I'liono '•>•* Wauled Our I'lut.'ies In Hciiuly (,'ultilli' uro In full ;.»!»". Visit uiir .>>)IIHI ! I'.utl let ii.s nu'ct you unit show yon ' our :;t:hmil. Wo will 11? Rlnil i» (Ivn lull ilnliillH. KiiBli! Sohoo! of 1'i'auly Oulliive, C'nnpor llldi!,, and \- Wnlnut.'lllyllieville, Aik. Plionu •JIO. Fltllr liiiuusl of Ilw lukcs nf Iho lid, 1 :ikc Michigan, Ims nil ea of '41!,'I50 Miimre miles. !'.C:M|OII;I I'frfur 1'ASADENA, Cnl. (UP)—TUo bojird of supei visors h consl<|crhi|; project for the growing of coin- KLKCTRIU « ACETYLENE WELDING AT HEST PRICES PROMPT $ERV?Q< Barksdale Mfg. Co PRESCRIPTION'S •AUK, ouw. srWlAWV. * Pho M HI. * FOWLER DRUG STQHE FARM PQWER UNITS HO Volt -, HOOI) Walt POWKK Hll' SAW Second Jiand fjafes . BARKSDALE MFG. CO, arm N». •Second si. "Southpaws" I'onn I.MRUC COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo UP>_Thc "League of Lcfthand- rjj." restricted to persons of nut- nil poiiMde opcrntion, lias be'ei rganizcd liej'e with a mcmberslill f 300 persons, both adults and nhiors. Women, It seems, do most anything Ihe:! 1 il:iy:;, Irom dlCKliiR wel to pnlntlng .smokestacks, but il rmnaiiici! !«r Knrlnisii In tlnd 01 trick she claims no woman Ims oier itonc lielore-ihiUtiilng by chin on n sharp sword. Prulwbly Korliifr. i: lii'.ht. bhc also dim barefoot up » ladder ol tump-red hlate rirllnc's on brnkon and pierces her body ivilhuut drawing Munii. Olw.'i've, ab',vc-, I world's' only woman fakir performing 'liclnre n l.oiulon In lalrsl Styles Knitting •11KKNAT" KNITTING VAI1NS iMrH, I.oslit! II(ii)])er 1109 Clilekasawbn IMiono Wi J, C. EVANS 13ox U04 lllylhevUlo, Ark, I'UNll Sponsored By HmnlUoii Ueixwllorn Corp. FARM LOANS (340 »nd >rni DON USED TRUCKS & CARS »:i!> Chev. 1'lf'i-np !«' 1)31 Kurd Couuli good tlrc.s S't' rick-up, Ktioii o:iii <;iiev. HITS :!ii Inlvriialluna! I'kkup $i!7i All Triu-tiK Cliiiirunlet'il To 1'IISH Htlltc Delta Implements, Inc. . P. 0. Boj 470, Phpnp 6?7, Ear-Corn -WANTED- Soybeans Highest Market Prices Paid MALDEN GRAIN CO. H. li. \V, 0. Itccvt's, Struct IHytlicvlllu, Arh. I'lumo Now Located at 101 North Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITEg SERVICE BUREAU BON 'EUWAUllS, Propriety 4U makes g| kebullt Typowrlltra, Addhjj Mf\chliici an( Cuknliltors—Uc|ialrlnR—1'ar COM FUNERAL HOME 1 '"'"«» ass MEN OLD AT 40! GET PEP. New Cstrex Toiiic Tablets contain raw oyster iuvigorators and other fitimuimifs, -Otic dose , starts ncr.v ))cp. Value $1.00. Special price 8te. Cnti, !l Tfrite Kirby Bros. Drug Storo SAVE The Top Of Your Furniture With Glass All designs cut & finished. LL US GIRLS: increase your Income oy learning a profession that will afford constant employment. Eu loll now in the Beauty Cullure classes startins Jan. 3rd nt the School of Beauty Culture "— "" "" ,. j Cooper Bldg. Walnut & Second Elytheville Paint & Wallpaper Co | ^™P cB1 » lie =. lle] Ark slalp aJJ Phone BW ul s - - nu ] p rovc( i school mcctins all require i mcnts for Arkansas and Missouri Lost Coin purse containing $7.00. If found notify Mrs. Annie Stokes, Huffman, Ark. ltl-nk-22 Repairing Gun repairs. Guaranteed work. E M. Damon. 315 E. Main. Kirby's Active Liver Pills Arouse Sluggish Livers ellnvel blllnliint'll, cor>«llp«l'.on ' real caufio o( yo 'Onr eystem of ntirphift oailDDi Activo Mvcr Pills. rinrmlcBP, Sold at til Ktrbr nror Slorti Baseball* Star HORIZONTAL 1 Charlie — -^- . professional baseball player. <) Wriler's mark. 13 Pedal digil. ' 14 Weird. 16 Accomplished. . 17 Shoe bottom. IBOdo/. 19 Thought. 21 Everlasting.'- 231Iarkcns. 25 Musical note. Answer to Previous Punle 34 Misanthrope. 35 Swore). 36 Dogmas. 38 Eye sockcl. 39 Sound of inquiry. - • 40 Scparoles. 4 a Tq answer. / 50 Rodent. \ 51 To changp a ' " gem selling. 53Slripcd fabric 54 He plays second . 55 Small memorial. 5G Fissure. 5B Vigor 59 He is a left- handed.—>-. VERTICAL 2 Kind of stiff cellar 3 To contain. 4,Roll of film. 5 Headlands. 6 Opals. 7 Before. 8 Slreamlel. 10 Entrance. 11 To drive. 12 Paradtst. 15 Biblical prophet. 17 He was as the most ° valuable player in hi? league. 20 Declared: 12 Built. 24 Winter Dnd fall. 27 Lixivium. 28 Wayside hotel. 29 To perish. 31 Tribunal. 32 To recede. 33 Rumanian coins. 37 White wine. 41 Persia. 42 Flower holder. •13 Passage. 44 To observe. 45 Portuguese coin. 46 To engrave- with acid. 47 Portion. 48 Death notice. 49 Tit'.c. 52 Sneaky. 54 To exist. 57 Measiue of area. DON'T 11K TOO SlWli. KKN> NSEH BUT vou SHOULDA)SHE SURE MUSTA GEE,UMPA-X g'f-EM EEWV SlVE XF«EP 'IM UP! BOX. VOU GIKLSSURE\-rH/fj 6ORIULA I HE BUSTED OUTA po NUTWIN'J WHO'S HAD US WORRIER WE COULDN'T THEEE RI6HT IM O'JR FACES WAS 60N!t! SCARED AN OL 1 APE? IT! TH5EE AIM'T A SOLITARY GORILLA HERE'AM 1 MOD.' M,\, OR NOTHING BOOTS AND HER RUDDIES 6000 A6 DOCTOR AHNH "SAP! WHATNTHMI'U DIE HAPPV, FRECKLES AND HIS FHIENDS KV. SHOW YOU IF !>*. STILL SHOOTINGS TOO COOD FOR- DUN\R'EPA:IN THE CISTERN \NITHOUT FOOD AND WATER! OF ALL TH \ WELL- SHE OIDNT 60NE-\SMQOT US, DID HEADS'. WHV TH' SA^A MECK 01D VOU HAFTA HW/E YOU TO SAV BEFORE I CROAX VOU? WASH TUWiS Uy' Crane MOT MAWV FOLKS WILL VfELCOME A STRAMQER TO THEIP, TABLES^HD FEED HIM , ASKIKK3 MO QUEST1QWS AMD EXPEXTIWG MO FAORS !W RETURW ! A GREAT MOUSE MAY COME \ FP?qM THE SAME TREES "THAT MADE A SMALL OWE ! IT MAY BE THE SAME WOOD..,. THE SAME KIWP OF BRICKS BUT MO ARCHITECT CAW DESIGM THE HEARTS THAT WAKE HOMES DIFFER.' STRAMGE,BUT SOMETIMES THE SMALLEST FIRES.GIVE THE MOST V/ARMTH AM,t3 SHED THE MOST LIGHT! STRAUGE....STRAWGE

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