Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on August 16, 1956 · Page 17
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 17

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 16, 1956
Page 17
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THURSDAY, AUGUST 16, 1956 ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH PAGE SEVENTEEN Tirt$tont invites you to see the political convention FREE in your own home on a new iooner TV No Obligation... Nothing to buy—Just Call us— One-hour delivery irgsfono 511 IB. BROADWAY ALTON 2-9229 On N. Alby titl 15 Unauthorized Lights Strung on Godfrey Bridge GODFREY — Vandals apparently removed warning lights from a project on Humbert road and used them to light up a bridge on N. Alby road ''like a Christmas tree", police reported today. Some 15 lights, marked with Union Electric Co. insignia, were found along the railing of the bridge which is in the Alton Brick Co. area. Special Deputy John White reported. The lights were removed about 10:30 Wednesday night. In other Godfrey police action: Constable Charlie Miller and Special Deputy Cliff Lee found a truck parked near the N. Alby road bridge at Humbert Wednesday night which contained a valuable cargo and was unguarded. Keys were in the ignition lock and no driver was near. Police traced the owner and found that his driver had halted the truck and gone tn a bar TTia VPn icle was parked about two hours. Constable Miller halted three Alton youths from hunting on the Beneze lane area this morning after a complaint was made. Houses were within 100 feet of where tbe youths were hunting. Mysterious movements of an automobile on Cur street also was cause of complaint Wednesday night. A resident reported that the driver parked and started his car several times as if he were moving R to view something or somebody. He drove off before police arrived. A license number taken by a resident showed the car was registered in the name of a man residing in East St. Louis. Police Meivtlng Set GODFREY — Godfrey members of the Justice of the Peace, Constables and Police Magistrates Association of Madison County will attend a regular monthly meeting of the organization Friday, 8 p.m., at the Venice city hall. 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Goodrich TIRI DOWN QN YOUR CAR rot At low AS 1 JOIN THE SAFE DRIVER LEAGU B.F.Goodrich B.EGoodrich 440 EAST BROADWAY- DIAL 3-7754 USE OUR NEW FREE PARKING LOT OUR STORE AIR CONDITIONED FOR YOUR COMFORT GodfreyPack73 Sets Date For Camping Trip GODFREY — Plans for an ov- r-night camping trip for Cub Scout Pack 73 were made at a meeting Tuesday evening at Clifon Hill School. The pack committee, which met, set the date of Friday, Aug. 4. Cubs are asked to assemble at he Clifton Hill School at 6 p.m. )p the night of the camp out. The pack had a successful pic- iic basket dinner and softball game at Rock Spring Park at heir previous activity last month. The committee also set Saturday, Sept. 8, for that month's mper drive. Credit Grantors Guests At Party Between 50 and 60 members of Alton Credit Grantors, and heir families were guests Wednesday evening of W. B. Towse at Onized Club grounds. Games organized by the committee began early in the evening, and continued after the upper hour. Prize winners were Mr. and /[rs. Fred Kirchner, Mrs. C. N. STance, Mrs. Mickie Cowgill, Mrs. W. Budde, Anthony Crivel- o, Mrs. W. Clayton Krug, Mrs. larold Cannedy, Mrs. Andrew (Vitty, Mrs. Tom Herzog, Mrs. ff. Budde, Joe Sinner and Mrs. toward Otstot. Members of the committee were Tom Herzog, chairman, nd Mrs. Herzog, Malcolm Kindig, Harold King, Gene Zimmerman, Robert Chappel, as presi- lent of the organization and committee member ex-officio, and Mr. and Mrs. Otstot. Truman May Have Helped Stevenson By ED CBEAGH CHICAGO «v—You can bet your ottom dollar he never intended that way, but Harry S. Truman may have done Adlai Stevenson a favor by trying to keep him from etting the Democratic presiden- al nomination. If this sounds preposterous—like aying you help a man's dental r ork when you kick him in the eeth—well, it is an oddity. Maye one of the great ironies in re- ent political history. It figures this way: Four years go Truman stumped the land for Itevenson. Stevenson lost. There are those — and Stevenson may well be one of them—who hold the /lew that the Democratic ticket would have run better If Truman ad kept quiet. This reporter happened to be long on Truman's 1952 whistle- top campaign. And it must be aid that while the then President rought out a lot of cheering mul- tudes he also attracted lots of atcalls. There even were some hrown eggs in a few places. Rightly or wrongly, there were and presumably still are many eople to whom "Truman" Is almost a bad word—symbol of corruption, communism and crony- sm. There are millions of others, f course, who believe no such hing. But in the opinion of most Steenson advisers, Truman for all us good intentions didn't do the 952 nominee any good when he stamped his endorsement on Steenson. The candidate then became in le eyes of many, and of Republi- an orators in particular, the Truman candidate. And so Stevenson emained in the view of many de- pite repeated efforts to declare ndependence. This year, or at least at this tage, Stevenson has no such prob- era—thanks to Harry Truman's pposing him. With his nomination practically ssured tonight, Stevenson can go jefore the voters as his own man, r at least not as Truman's man — something Averell HaiTiman wouldn't have done if Truman's ight to get HaiTiman nominated had been successful. Another boost Truman may have given Stevenson: calling him "moderate." The "moderation" lable could help Stevenson with voters who thought he was far over on the iberal side four years ago. Any benefit Stevenson might leap, ironically, from Truman's ipposition could be lessened if Truman decided to let bygones be >ygones and wage an allout campaign on his behalf. Just now he's not in a mood to do so. And the Itevenson people are in a mood right now not to press him to do so. Miranda Hitless In Tenth Game BALTIMORE Wl— Baltimore Oriotes shortstop Willie Miranda's tick at the piste continued all had Wednesday night as he wont hit- iess in his tenth straight game. Miranda, who is batting .218, hasn't had a hit since AUK. 4, when ic went 1-4 against the White Sox. Since then he's been at bat 32 times with nary a single. Wednes- 2 More Complaints Of Hubcap Thefts, Two more complaints of huh- cip thefts wei'e among pilfering reports booked by the police Wednesday evening. Donald Morrison of 909 McKin- day night against Washington it was the same old story: 0 for 4. He's the only Oriole who has played in all 112 of the club's games. He has 81 hits in 371 at bats and has driven in 31 runs. ley Blvd., operator of the Mather-Morrison stationery firm, and Fred Gramley of 2128 Wyckoff St. each reported the theft, of tour hubcaps from their respective 1956-modeI cars while they were parked in the Riverside parking lot. In each instance, value of the hubcaps was estimated at about $100. George Miller of 800 E. Fourth St., filed with police a description of the bicycle of his son, stolen from the yard of a neighbor. He said the name "Richard" was inscrib- ed on the cross-bar of the M- cycle. Clarence Huber of 2213 Mar- quctte Dr. Informed police at 7:45 a.m. today that a ventilator glass had been broken during 1h« night in the c«r of his son, Richard Huhcr, while the vehicle was parked in front, of their home. The glass apparently was broken to gain entrance to the locked car, he said, but nothing wad taken from it. The pancreas of 7,500 pigs or 1,500 cattle are needed to make one ounce of crystallin Insulin. down Firestone ^ f* '&?'4&t'Z3!& reaular no HIGHEST PI<ATKAU FOUND IN NEPAL A four-mile plateau has been found at a height of over 20,000 feet in the Himalayas, Katmandu reports. Peter John Webster, British member of the Swiss Everest expedition, had to climb a steep mountain while trekking from Kamkalu to Solo Khumbu. At the top, he said, "we discovered a fantastically flat plateau which I believe is the world's highest." Planes, he thought, could take off from it. Webster named the plateau "Barun." There is a 2,000-foot-hjgh cliff in tbp center. , Super Champions Plut tax and old r«cappabl« tir* E«clutive Tread Design proven in billion* of miles of original equipment tcrvicc on America's finest new cars. Exclusive Body Construction — Safety-Tensioned, "Gum- Dipped" cords give extra blowout protection, extra long mileage. Unconditional Lifetime Guarantee against defective craftsmanship and materials. BLACK SIDEWALL SIZI Tubed Typ* 6.40-15 670-15 7.10-15 7.60-15 6.00-16 6.50-16 Tub«Ui« 6.70-15 7.10-15 7.60-15 R*g. 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