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The Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette from Fort Wayne, Indiana • Page 4

The Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette from Fort Wayne, Indiana • Page 4

Fort Wayne, Indiana
Issue Date:

.1 S. 1 itff'" THE FORT WAYNE JOUrNAL GAZETTE )i .4 AV 1 s. 't iv i ATURDAY MOBNINOi ABIUili 14tj j. THE FORT WAYNE JOURNAL. GAZETTE CTHtt POUT WA.YNH JOURNAL jnm rOHT WAYNB QAZBTTB Publishs Every Day "ft KMBtn.OP THEAlaOCIATKO MISS he Aaeoelatad Priu la exclusively entitle Jte the uee far retfubfloetlen of aft newe Sle. lvvla ervaiiee xo it er noi otnerwie ere. lie lit'tnie paper ana alaa loot I oewe bus. IHahe therein. JOURNAL QAZETTg COMPANY rii.i Clinton Btraal alert at tha Part Wayna. lod Pottoma eaond CIss Matter HI I I I 'rrt7 M) NS TKHM OP aUBkCRllPTIONI il alngl espy. neri illy, eeee aunsey, par waaK arfiap Jv (.. IS eeme ally week py sSnter lit part Wayna sent psftV anil Vunesy by esrrler lit altlaa jSd, towns eutild of Part Wayna Santa (, BY MAIL IN AOVANCKl tBV, with Sunday, ana yaar. S00 VM.M.4 any, without Sunday, ana veer rwian in Asvanee, over leo.Miie rtasiusi ,4 0O sh t' wllt1 Sunday, ona iV without aunday, ana year. i I 1 I SATURDAY. APRIL 1. 12Z I II ') (.. Hi if" SBBBBBaT IV taV SaaattM.aaW En' COMMERCIALIZED PATRIOTISM; WAN PROFITEERS. OR SOLDIERS? Tie Library as Advisor in Buvinc Books of tha approaching; cumialn Jj5fiu(mtlon conarlnliiK the rxlotlona that tiIr( exlat between a publlo library and It j'jconjnujnlly, HOnethln khould be aalJ 01i vlLlu ot lhM a (iuicea" or Information and Intelligent ad Jla' da lo tha purchaae of Cooka for the (CJit library Jut befora Chrlutmaa jjJ3ocol library had an athiulllfllt of new Jutlliwhll" ooUm ot memolra, h'nlofy. tre) and on llleratwre, niuat hat been Of tha greatest vanUge to proapertlv purohaaera of tajtUtmal book present It la nt isVa potslbl to Judge of the character fiXfi book from (ha rtrlilffi ot tha SfltV'Tlmoe and th Jloaton Tramotlpt, fjf not alwaya thai oae find tha re I1W tie eeeka. It la seldom thai alt tha jllpSitbooka of thuj character tan ba found. book atorea, albeit thay can all be fMertd through the atorea It la ot in" JMjnjltbla kdvantagw In the soqulaltlon ot ifVOlurnea for the homo library to ha SkMa'ta personally Iqapoot the flew booxs Nor 1 that tha only advantage. There ftreTnany perfectly fnnclnatlnc volume St memoirs, autobiographic, histories and fteaayf that somehow fall through some Jtoflolenoy In the pybllclt and of tha pub ttsbjng hooae to attract the attention ot reylawera. Jot a few tlreae ara ot ftiuch greater Value and charm tfian aom IhaTltrs featured In the rsvlsws And jtttrLitcio, nil ho chttrirlixt ana enilght. bcolis have not bten wflttan within jjiej laitew years, (to there liberal ahtJcatlon in browalng an hour or so ttrnmt tlie book shelves In tht local nW, it trna probable' that (here ara aJl too S'tf Vlio appreolale tire excellent Judg lenwlth whtch book, other than flC fttTL. or slct4 by the looat library. nil tow few make ueaot thesebooks'be Wjiieot'tHe untenable ttreory that' any ftiiihg other than notion muat PMtasarlly i i Jj heavy and dull. To many, an hour tic Drowein among auon pooa on tns publlfl library will en lupajuvw woriu oi UBiianiiui prdtunjii. seam particularly unfortunate that ftrn parenta Ol onuuren aot pot nuwa drreeru'e ot the library In the selection Mt children, book tor the Jiome. The 2blldrn's room, in lb local library Is Siapeolally be oommahded, Here ar to bs found alt tha claaalca, and In many abases, various editions. The attendant Is prepared to furnish such adrlee aa.tnay IVeldted. jTbjia on ot tha real function of a Wblle flbrary Is to advise th publlo, not "Snly Ta tha seiactlon'oi'DOofe to borrow, Ant ta tha oboics or books to buy, and Ifcalll lo measure up to its possibilities iA jbA a cultural agency to th anent that Jljfalla to perform this highly Important ifunotlon.1 But, this faJIure oaitaot bo iargd to th library. It lies with tha VubIlo, And the publlo 'la perhaps hot to Mama for the neglect, because iiha not had tbl feature ot library's felnoUni Itapreaaed upon It. Buch is ona Jfif'jhopilrppsea ot the publlo library week. kt a. Indeed Vloe Preleiit Coolldge is aeareely ae Jarpreaslvo as campaign orator as To JgeVai torernor of MaaaaMiaUr In 3JI speech last Sunday ho might have wrade an Impression on til non prtlean swaisae when he tok of the Harding le Rmublitsn nolilicianl and the ReDtiUican Drrss are ineffably oliocted that the soldier who faced eliot and shell and Doiton eat and ut matlnei should wlsli to "cheapen tjieir patriotiim" byjwking comptntalion from the people and the government or whom tliey suffered and wrought. It i a' nauseating mess of comitiettjaiized hypocrisy on the part of the grrjat financial interests and the War profiteers that is now being served the who were'told the moiittrxms Yut right here in Fort Wayne on the day they.narclied fortlj tix battle, tliat "nothing would too good" for thenj when they returned. i We are sick and tired of the dishonest twaddle about besmirching Tra riti Sassa.b. Kaa a laaiAk adka IkaAl.A b.A.A. l.A.. i.kil. al mwII" imuiuiiv allium uy uciiiuiiuiiik juiiiw in accordance wnn ine picua that Was made. We are particularly sick of it. when it'emanates from the Republican presi, Xvhich gave such unqualified assurances to the boyl in the campaign of 1920. Occationally the soldiers themselves make the blunder' of bating their claim on the ground that big wages were paid to the men wbo stayed at Home, There is where they play into the hands of their enemies. Big Wages were paid during the War and President Wilson is noi re' sponsible for die big wages the tteel trust paid. Big1 wages were, paid the workers here who labored in ship yards, munition factories, in connection with transportation facilities, and Vtho were engaged in any of the work that could only be done here, and without which die boys across the' sea would have found themselves naked before' the enemy. The wages were big, but so Were the prices they paid for the necessities, of life, And as in Evantville when the loan tlrives were on it was, not from the richi but from these men and women in the factories that the money came that fert the good work going. The men who paid big wages made, not big. but enormous, exorbitant profitsand put a(pin in this ihcy were the men who commercialized patriotism. We are weary of heating the workingmen of the facton'et and' shops held tip As the "profiteers" of the war, because they had a margin after paying the exorbitant prices they had to face, while the men who mad millions by advantage of their country's necessities are care Tully protected from the imputation. And if the soldiers are wise they will say less of the wages paid the worker and more of the fact tljat millionaires doubled their millions and many hundreds of millionaires were made because of the war, and while the boys, now with commercializing patriotism, were fighting in the field. And if justice were done1, the soldiers' bonus would come in large measure from the profiteersof war days whose patriotism, such a it is, it never questioned by the sniveling hypocrites who are constantly lamenting the sinister commercialism of ths soldiers. Only the other day the wife of a distinguished former prime minister of England, after having spent Some weeks in this country, gently chided ut on the ground that we have done less for the soldiers than any of the other nations. That was not true, of course, in the days of battle and durihgthevad ministration of Wilson. No soldiers en the battlefields of Europe were so well fed or so well cared for by their government. But it is true, nowj Wo are nauseated with the reminder that the sick and the dying soldiers are eafect for now by the federal government. Were anything less possible to say mis country Would not be worth the powder it would take) 16 blow it to Hades. But has not been kept. The promises have been broken Arid oday, where the press pf America has one wort of admiration or respect for the soldiers, it has a hundred of denunciation, sniveling criticism and abuse. And the inspiration o( it all comes from the men who were the war profiteers and made their millions by Capitalizing the necessities of their country in days of battle. It is the old story of the Civil wr gold for the bond holders because honor demanded gold and depreciated money for the soldiers because honor never demands that the men who risk their lives to serve their flag shall be given the best of the land. ThAt is one of the reasons that the masses of mankind propose to put an end to the old international policies that breed war. An April Fool Jokcl TOR PQSfH ASTER YOU tfAVfc Jj 'SHRVEDT Hfc: PARTY WELL tfAVir edUcatioH Aori3UtMS Warn, jrTHTH administration record' In seenomy as "at moat IncredlbU," if ha had stopped with that sweeping statement. That was a good time tor the vlos preeldent to sit down. It lost a great opportunity, ror when he began to etplaln Ira destroyed the tact. It developed that What tho Harding administration has dope has been to reduce tho Cost of government until now it I eniy costing the people from to to 80 per oent mors a year thai just before the war. This, too, wsuld fas Impressive If th it or SO per oent In LDaugherty'a Remarkable Attack on Civil Service Ws hays withheld cpmment on Attormy General Daugherty attack on th merle rsteut and Ma caUjror a return to th Spoils aytM, with all federal position being filled On polltlcaN recommendation. In tha hop that th gallant. champion ot C'vll Servlo rerornC William Dudley ulke, would Sound tho note of warning Tim was during Democratlo admin, latratlon when auoh a bold and brasan crease Included the extra expense growing out ot the war, hut Unhappily ftp1 his argument mekee It clear that tatae expellees ar net Included In hla caioula tlon And when he makes that admission he allolta th question why there should an Increase over pre war cohiof government Ot almost IS Per cent) suul what there I Incredible In the "achievement." which was so strongly urged upon th congress by President Wilson. Ilut for the Incorporation Into the budget bill of an unconstitutional provision necessitating a veto, this reform would have been mado under tho Wilson. adrnlnMiiatlon When the bill was finally passed, tho pro Vision to which Wilson had ohjocted had been, removed At any rate the Harding administration has made great claims for Itself on tire strength of. tho budget A good motto was made by the President Irt appointing General Dawes as the budget director There Was a general feeling, and it waa a oomfortaMs one, that thw general would make short shift of the pork barrel politicians. There were times when It emed that President Harding would stand by hla director In this work. But whan the administration budget was prepared It waa found In foes ot pevefiue. In other words it, provides a deflolt. However, Horn ws not built In a day, and the administration was working In the right direction Then came tire real test. Th rivers (Iront CHOATB AND DEPEW Mondell Saddest When He Sings With such reliable and uncompromising RepuMloan papers a th Boston Tran aoript, th Philadelphia Publlo Lodger, th Mew Tarlt Tribune, and th New, York Herald featuring stories ot th contempt taou tnatntet4ftlut President by the ItepuUioAn leadersflt th eongreae, and oalttac'vpon th formsr te'im th big stick, MrMondll, tb leader In th house, has been moved to utteraooe. II 1 greatly dlatreesed that anyone) ahould imagine that th onngrss has not worked In harmony with 'the President and along tho line of his policy. II can And so poasIUo Justification for such a usptoloA. Th foot that tha oongress Ignored the Resident's vlsws on the bonus, on th reduction of the army nary, and on all appropriations provided by the budget does not Impress Mr. klon dall st alL that Jfrsolaely; ihe occasion for tha complaint of 'th Ba. publican press. Mr. ktondent Is saddest plea for spoils would have been Instantly met by our Hooaler exponent of mwrtl Bbt this Is a Republican administration. and Mr. Daugherty speak for a Rspub Iloan president, and thst Is different with Mr. SXralke. However much water has passed over the dam since Mr. Foulks Journeyed to Washington to fall upon th neck Mr. Hays In tho presence of the reporters to rejolc over the latter'a lm. peocahle purity aa reformer ot th olvO service, kfr. Daugherty remarkable statement before a eorurreaalonaf commit tee In, by long odds, the most serious challenge to tha civil service Reformers In a fun generation. Us 'does not apeak as sn Individual, but as a member of th 'estttrbf. NorTloe he apeatrrueretr a member ot th cabinet, but ae one mem. her ot the cabinet conceded to the political manager of th administration Many of us 'have 'ions had doubta as to the sincerity of tho civil aervlo reformer. Invariably moved to frequent titter anoea during Democratic, admlnlstratlonsr snd sadly silent whsnRepubllcans are In power, and, now wo shall subject these retaVjmere to the sxld test Let the apeak out now on Mr, Daugti ertya attack (0rt forever after let them hold their peace', silence now will be an advertisement of their hypocrisy Ui S5 when ho da A Raiding the Budget Tb orm thing thus far don by the Republican congress and tho administration is. the adoption of the budget system "Mkf Krom My Autobiography Booletle and Publlu Ilaiiquete," by Chauncey Depew, In Bcrlbner's Joseph 11 Ohoate was a mout dangerntiA fellow epeakor to hla nssoclates who epoke befora him I had with him many on (ountore during fitly yeata and Jiianv time entuyM being the nnrferer by III" Wit and humol On ono oicaelon ohoate won the honors ot tho evening by un un expected attack Thete Is a tillage In western New York whleh In named after ma. The enterprising inhabitants. I.orlnn for what might be under tho aurfato of their ground discovered natural gas According to American fashion, they Immediately organised a company ajid Issued a prospectus for the nata of stock Tho prospectus fell Into the handa of Mr Ohoate With great glee he read It and then with emphasis tha name of the cm panyl "The Depew Natural Gas Company, limited," and waving the prospectus at mo shouted "Why Limited?" There bar been two' oceaalonn In Mr. Choate' after dinner speeohes much com menttd upon both In thla country and abroad. As I was present en both eve nines. It seem tho facta ought to be ao ctirately Slated The annual, dinner of th Friendly Hon of St. Patrick occurred during one of tha years when tha homw rula oueatlon waa moat aeute in ICnaland, fand actively discussed hers At the" saroe lime our insn reitow ciiisens. wnn tetr talent for puMlo lite, had captured all tha ofnoos In New York city. Irtiey had the mayor, tho majority of the board of aldermen and a large majority of th judges. Whtn Mr, Cheat spoke he took up the home rulta Question, and, without Indicative his own ylews, said substantially; "We Yankees used to be able to govern ourselves, but you Irish have corns nor enA taken th arovemnvanfe awav from and hartofa acctlonot tha.arniy.sppro I hava our smtlxa, city, admlnlatraa i lion in your hanas, anfl you do with us prlaiion bill provMed for the expenditure of That was a direct thai lent and an affront to tb pork barret talesmen. They rallied Instantly for rn fight. And when they war through 1 000,000 In pork had been added to th end that certain congressmen might profit politically In their respective districts. Thus ths prealdent Is again Ignored, his plana repudiated And he hak not ths last word. If ho intends that tho budget eystetrt shall really mean what If should has jfTvwrvto fore th elimination of 116,000,000 In pork before signing th bill. It ha boan defied and challenged by tb moat petty type of politicians and th publlo will sustain him In a veto of th "WeaaurS as IT stand jr French Reservation! Destructive The announcement by polncara of a determination on the part of Prance to take full advantage of th popular" American fashion ot changing treaties after they signed, and to Introduce some reaer vatlon ot her own before ratifying, will possibly disgust the members of our senate, Thee foreign devils for all were foreign devils to the irreoon. eilable are preaumpttous in their fllspo oHtatrt assums the gams rights. In such matter a are taken by ourselves. And yet Jfranoe ta clearly within her rights. And If England wishes to make som changes In the IrCatfeeTaha'TiW the right'! So, too, with Japan, Th United States has added a reservation which was steed i as yon like, Ve nro deprived of homo rule Now it hat ott are olnmorlng for both at homo nrt(l abroatl In hnlne rule fpr Ireland Wltlf auch demonstrated ability In capturing the grcatHst city tin the western continent, nnd ono of th greatest In the world why dun you 00 iiacn in irejnna ana tnaae as 3011 would, Home rura thete a eticceHtt? WHEN IT'S TIME TO QUIT The trouble with tho uveiage business man la Inat lie innut lot go lrom habit he hae for no many years gone to his desk that he has becontn pnrt of It. It line become hla shrlno anil so assiduous la his worship at It that 1 10 turn It Into IiIb own execution block rTorea of executives altogether too long in the harness are actually con vlnced ln their own minds that. If they were to pull out. the when! of th maohlne wtrloh they have constructed would oUher creak porcoptlbly, or ceoae turning altogetheri whereaa, thw artmple truth la that. In nine oaaeout of ten, they would revolvo infinitely faster and mora smoothly, I lhavs known several huilnees concerns, where th best thing that evsr 10 in ttappened the ab. ielr Interenta wai nrorced ot the heads, ror three or mi months I never did the machinery work mora smoothly) never did the ledgers ahow a larger Volume of business and a better profit. On would lmagin that, (has xcu uvea wt btiL nil themselves and to others, la always that such a resait might be shown for a limited period, but that in tho long run th business would naturally feel their absence And all the while the under executives fondly wlnhed to themselves, 1 esaea, rainw iawu sould learn from such experiences, iddly enough, ths explanation, to u. e. riniT in BACMtLOBa NW York rfunj Tho United Htatro can boast of the world's largest collection of baahelote, early uoooooo matea nave tnue togetl mfttrimon), auovrtima mu of tei)u In Washington, probably nMhor country has so many unmarriau tnmn Hy Miie mstglo ot romantlav wins le this rinding of ths csnaus bureau has be flashed around tho world. It is a pnrn0t ths popular stock of information and aubject of conversation In Eng? flwrmany. Italy and throughout tips Quarters of tar esat In habltei by In Europe there ara more than 7.000,001) young 'Vomen for whom there aro mate ofthelr own ne, according to sstlJ matea oft govamniontt officials' ana scl. ntlst Turn now, to the reports of the lmml. JratlcA bureau of th department of lore than 49 per cent of tha arriving Ini mlsrant ar women, A larg ptsiporfion of theaa ar single. IJefor th ImmK oration restriction law went Into opera tion womsn were IlmKIng to ins unites. States at tho rate of approximately 700.. 000 year. The number hat now been lea. reduoi propoi grants, but women atlU form a large. proportion pf th total number of tmml ants. Women or all notions ar flocklnir ttUi th United State In searrb ot romance and huebandsj, This is th conclusion td I bo drawn front the report. It Is a con. elusion drawn hy those of romantic turn ot mind. Officially, government offlolsls do not support th conclusion. Unofficial. ly they belleVe It poeslble and probable. rtingie women are migrating aa never in nisiory before Thousands ot British hlatory. woman under thirty aro living and work ing In Pari. Rome and other European oltlc Knsrllsh channel steamers ara orowiled with ISngllsn women travelings alone. What appear to bs an International migration of female of the tpselea I rt uropr ndy 1 taking plaoe aoodrdlng to report received ningion it nss been aort of matHmonlAl an ork and other Atlarrtlo ports' to aaalst elnrle women In flndlnar American hue hand Tha purpoa of this bureau would bo to dlrwt women In search of marring to thoae section of th United State where malea predominate In thw population. New York atata and Pnnnfvank hava, th mrgeat number of unmarried males Each state haa mora than 1 000 000 booh. eiora unio ha 7Htt Massachusetts 4DSSS7: Indiana. S7tS: Minnesota snd laws, morw than SOD 000 each! Missouri. I0 000 while more than 100 000 bachelors war discovered In each of thesai states' Jillnma Ksnaaa, Virginia. Weet Vlrxlnls, Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama. Mlsstaalp, pi, Arkansas, Louisiana and Oklahoma. THE FUNCTION OF LAUGHTER (WRIIam McDougaJI In Brlbner's Mega line) There aro two features essential to the ludicrous, rtrst, it always Involves som maladjustment, oomethW Inappropriate, which, If We contemplated It without laughter (a do some persons who seem Incapable of daughter,) would n'snleajs na, a ovrr lack of harmony and order In nature diapteasee ins. Secondly, In every ease, theltudlorotm situation or notion Is one which. If wo ourselves suffered It or pwrformed It, would 00 rnliaiy dlstrasslng to tt and It is orm Whlfh as a mattjof fact is. mildly distressing to th person who' eiiffor. or performs It, except In the case of he clown who tveta th port and finds mtisractlon In tha success of his effort to prorok laughter. Now, If had no capacity for laughter In virtu of the primitive thwta.tawtoney wo hould, on contetn piallng theee dlaharmonle of notion, share In aom degree the distress, the embarrassment, the disappointment or tho hunnllatlon. In ahart nM. A. Ijr'sslon. whtoh aooompanyvsll faUvre of vsxetfon That Is to say, a human being, de. prlved of the rapacity for laughter but otherwlso normally conntltuted and lead lug a normally social life, would suffer very frequently from sympathetic pain nnd dttnieaakin Vnw i.a nAt. little embarrassment, disappointment, faU ui invae aooux mm. would bs sympathetically shared by him Ws ars saved' from thla multHudo of email sympathetic palna and depressions by laughter wMoh as we have seen, breaks up our train of mental activity and prevent our dwelling upon the dlstreao Inst situation, and which also provides sn antidote to Imf depressing Influence In the form of physiological stimulation that ralsea thw blood nreaanrA buia motea the, circulation of the blood jms. men, la tne biolagloal function pf laurhter, one of tho moat delicate and beautiful of all adjustments. of obitrso 4hat "Um oM mu Mia.h remained away a while longer! na mwn is a goon citaxen until has dona his psrt In th world of 1 business for which every man Is created but, hy the same token, no man stamps himself as a good ottlsen who remains In busltmsa whn hs was mjtvn r.1lt,.ul refuse then to give others a ohano and inumii unreservedly to that publlo from which Ma opportunity for aocotnplkrhment, ha oome. Only thu doc a man stand a a fdursouara Mil. sen 1 lea and stupid, but It has added a reservation. And that makes ths precedent. If Franco, England and Japan Introduce Tteervatloha that really have moaning wa will have no causs for complaint. We have set ths fashion. But ths reservation or amendment that Franco propose now, na necessary to ratification on her part, It) not th hgrmlsa and th silly thing that th American senate perpetrated. She proposes to arbitrarily change th raavst ratio so a to1 Inorease th six of her navy and that goo to tho very heart ot th one great achievement ot the Washington conference. Iter aaoond proposed reservation I not without soma Juatlftoa tlon. The Root I confuting and Unsatisfactory 10 jnuoh ao to almos justify th feutplclon that th phrasing was deliberately chosen, to that end. And yet the proposed rsserva tlon of Franco Would not ho binding, Th binding definition of terms can only come through a general International conference. But France la on her high horaa, and th American sanal ha set a preoe dent Just aa th senate ha made It almost impoeslbl fo ratify tho treaty gollated th aenate la setting a fashion that will ultimately make It Impossible to even negotktta a treaty, 'its policy makes for International chads. If Franc I wtae site will not lower herself In th world's esteem by taking a osnnot but nullify tha whole of th sea feres CLOUD CARGOES a The south ivtnd harped, and, listening, heard tome wondrous things; The song ot loosened waters; The rush ot coming wings, I heard the whispered councils Of joyous golden hours; One told ot rain and sunshine, One told of leaves and flowers. From glimmering horizons Fantastic clouds he blew, That tailed like, great galleons To far off shores and new. To cities rising splendid Where foamy seat" suspire Wlth pearl white iouersshlntng As shone old tea girt Tyre. From out the farlhortroni Where cloud built cities stand. They came back, bringing cargoes To glorify the land. An Orient rug unfolded, Across the low hllft crest; Soft pearl and emerald tissue Draped o'er the valley's With dust ofgold they powdered The new leaves ot the trees; Spread over vast old orchards Bloom tells that kissed the breeze. And when the spring night brooded O'er magic hill and plain, Poured pearls ot price that melted To wonder working rain. A CkW jttt 4wJ JtJm fc

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