The Fort Wayne Sentinel from Fort Wayne, Indiana on May 9, 1908 · Page 1
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The Fort Wayne Sentinel from Fort Wayne, Indiana · Page 1

Fort Wayne, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 9, 1908
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irff3ftf 'fpliigyffliyifif.wg lpijlpii INDICATION.. FAIR TONiahT.PROEABLYFROSTj .CLOUDY. WARMER SUNDAY. wbt '.' ." jCf .''..: ':.' .' ;'" . '' T!rf , ',. v ' 8UCQC8TION. .: y.:, Idle people never have leisure, '.;;.,.', Spiirjeoh ' EQTXNT5EDlg3a EAtt - THENEWal JAUUXHK.'T'.ME.J. :SAyiuA Evening, MAY 9, 1908. tNTIMeU IS A NtMOSK E ASSOCIATED PRESS 20PAG1C - 5 0TS. MRS. GUNNESS IS ALiVEKS BELIEF ;jbfc ': Nst That M Murdei - ess. - w !!l SSTAtEMENT CAUSED BIG SENSATION cm t - & to Tlieory That Womaii Murdered Children and Fired Place ; Is Supported ';.'; ""'iaporte,' - ind. ' ,May "fl.Br: H'. IL Long; one pit. the." physicians whoperformed 'the autopsy on the body of the oman twoA Id the mills ol the Gunness, home 'after the fire, today rnadeW statement that the; body is . '.not that of Mrs. Guriawssi His state - , merit is as follows:, : "In.m'y opinion: the body of the - worry an' found to the house Is not that of Mrs. Gunness. u "' "A strange coincidence ts that tho foreheads of all the .children were . burned at "the same place. Tifta ts, extraordinary; A skull crushed by , ' blow' at any part, and then subjected , 'to; i Are would be more Jiitely Jo burn 1 ;''uway::'at. that .point, than' at a. sound Iplacetia;..the,',heat and . ,flre .wovld. reach .the bony structure, and thus." at? ,'tacfc;; the' cartilages troriv both sides;: '; ThV. theory, ;theit her 'head ;,had been antlrely.burned: away ,is disproved "by ,tbeTfact that being subject tb..tna(ln - tensltyof th0:heat and, harder. - it?; could ..not" !have burned away; as 'easily as; the skulls., of. the children,. :'.' j4' .... : '.,'i''The body, i the: morgue, la not that ,.' of : MrsiGunriess, ' because. It' is not, cor ,rectly proportioned, Jt'ls thatSof 'a - rather plump i woman of the same gen - erai: contour of, fMrs, .Gunnesa, '.but weighing between, ISO - andieO., pounds.. Mrs.'' Gunness was literally 'a flueees: slon" of billows of flesh and weighed iuny,?zo - pounas,, , , PlleaUp the; PrTOf. V . .r"The' arm' that! was burned off was ' found beside the, body, and' ts - well ...formed,; Theftflngers show evidence 'of careful ,'maelcurlng,, and that .was "something "that; Mra.r Oiinness knew : nothing; about.; ' '. "Basins: my.' statements "on the sta - ;tlstlcs;'and figures "of eminent physi cians: of this country and Great Brtt - aln - 1 find .that .the body ;at j.he morgue. is almost nvomcnes, snorter man rne body of .Mrs. Gunness would - be under 'slmHarclrcumstances. Theflre would,, : ;bf 'course, cause the' body to lose weight, but the 'general physical outline of the woman would .remain... , '.. "Mrs. Gunness was a woman of un-usual appearance'. She was - large, bony, powerful, looking, with, square Jaws and black eye. ' She was a.!wdnv ' an ;who Would attract attention any - acte rts tics; - . S he - wore large fur coat ;..;,,, ..y ..;..: .Winter - and' ber - long strides, together' with her remarkable conntenanr e.and her generally vicious appearance, gave, her an aspect that was almost terrifying." .' Ex - Coroner's Long's statement;, tending as If does to support the popular belief that Mrs. Gunness Is not dead, hut In hiding, after having murdered h(sr children and. fired her home, has caused an Intense sensation here. WAS NOT MRS. i. 1 f ' i . v Police Blunder Into' Outrage in Pursuit o Arch - Murderess. "i. i Syracuse, N. T - May 9. - r - Mrs. Cora Belle ilerron, widow 'tot Frederick B. Herron, former vice' president of, the . Sethness Chemical coipahy, of Chicago, was arrested .by:,,Syracuse,iete(5 - tlves in a Pul Imao sleeper ithls1; morning on suspicion 'Of 'being 'Mrs.. Be)l Gunness, Jho Laporte, Ind.y. alleged "iaurderesal; 'Mrs.";HerronV:was Jqulckly able to. prove her identity and will go on to NewYork this! afternoon. . The 'young;, woman who answered the description of Mrs. Gunness only In being' considerably above the aver - age In height and. weight; character ' Ues" her arrest - an' on t rage jrithput the. shadow' ofan excuse. !' She ad. coins , from Franklin, Pa., where she has . a. summer home,: and Was accompanied by her mother., Mrs. :l.ncy Burtpifc. She said that she boarded the1 train at Cleveland, OhIo,; and was on her way. to New York, to visit her sister, Mrs..Chaa P.. Xtockefeller, of No, 817 West Forty - eighth street She telegraphed Mrs. Rockefeller, telling her, of her .detention and asked her to wire corroboration of her story, ;Mr.,Herron H still In theinatron's Toom at polbe headijuarters. n effort is being made to have .her sign papers'releaslng the - city of all excuse from liability for her arrest. ...'' Two 'tnen who left a New1 YorV Central castbound train after' ten, .o'clock last night at Rochester report ed td the: police tof that city that two women, one resembling Mrs. Belle. Gunness, ,the. lAportej Ind alleged mardress, were passengers, on the iContnua ,pn ; Paoe. Twe - i CLASH OF AUTHORITIES. Laporte, Jhd May '9. - A' sharp, contest between the prosecution and the defense in the: case of Kay Lam - phero, ;wbo is - - accused - of havjngf caused :.the - 'death..of Mrs. .Bella:, Guqt nees and her three children, "was carded for today;. Hi w... wdrderl,. attorney for the. prisoner, said last night that he would file - ah action In :curt ,here,t9day with the object of compelling thr authorities . to abandon;' their policy of keeping Lamphere In seclusion. WOrden complains that, when he went to the lall, last night he was .refused - ad mittance, despite' the fact that hta. client had sent for 'him. '".; A possible explanation of - - fusal Df the sheriff :to admit' Worden to, Lamphere'a 'cell, Is - found, in ;the ra mai m jormer nirea man oi Mrs; :, Gunness said :yesterdayr that be',' break, th . silence wftic(t':ne - has maintained since - ma arrestr provided: that his attorney .yjflll agree.' to' luch a prpcedure. , "I wanttb te)l Bdmethlng. I know, hecausajl: know; that .It. will help: my case; If I do "so,"' said .'Lampliere. ''Btit my: attorney says that I must not talk ;and. I won't until he.Bnys I ,oan,' - '. - " .;:. '.," (Save, the Prosecution. Hope,, , ' This attitude of the .prisoner" has. given, the prosecution the hope that he - will soon reveal the" secrets which they have been endeavoring to solve by the slow system of clrcurhstan' - tlal evidence. ' At the' same time 'It Is' realized that Attorney Worden .will scarcely chance his attitude regarding ;the prisoner making any admissions, concerning his relations with' Mrs. - Gunness and that once tho two have Conferred 6h the" subject; mat silence win again enshroud tha :; Scene of the Laporte Murders arid Some of the Victims :: of Mrs. Belle Gunness' t ili - jK I?1 mNssssssssssssssssssssssssHssWA. I m l JJmPIQ JmJtt9&. 7 V: J V 1 SBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBsfllBBBBBSSSBBBBBKaSBBBBn9iBBSBBBBBBBVSBBBBlsHsiS "f X.. , it 4 V CRAGO GROWS TIRED OF ..LIFE; KILLS AKOTteW HtGEt,TiH; cute, o tke vicrcvms. , a, ic KEtAEiirnr, tROTKET. OF KOTlBVKESaEtIK lllllV I TtlfT"" ,111 II"! i in 'Jill BSBBBBBBBflBvSB: - " JBBSTPSBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBD :.V JHMsBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBK where, from her lack' of - womanly char - prisoner. So if Attorney Worden i.ues.iiiB' - cuuri. action a.gainsc 'ine. pin cers or ine. prosecution nis move - merits probably ' will '.be resisted strenuously. Yesterday developments outside the discovery Of one more body on the farm, centered, main I v ptirttit Lain phere's, possible connection, with the deaths. Many more witnesses were interviewed by. the - prosecuting officers and at least two were subpoenaed formally, This brings the present list of witnesses, to twenty - uae. , Finding - of the; Trunk. MOBt Important of. - tho evidence' so - c - ureQ yesiwrijujr .was i,ne irucK .wnicn Lamphere left "on the farm of John Wheatbrook,. where he was, employed since February last, It was se cured early yesterday morning, but It was not until well along In the evening mat tne ract. mat tne au thorltles had found It became known. The Wheatbrook farm is , In the vicinity . of Sprlngvllle, a hamlet seven' miles, north of here, arid In the neighborhood . where Lamphere spent ras rjoynooa. Hrs latner waa formerly, ; Justice of the peace" in - I mat lownsnip - ana - ine earner nanus of Lamphere are. to be investigated by the .operatives' of, a' detect jva agency who are assisting Sheriff Smutzer. Letters frbrn Mrs. Gunness found In Lamphere s trunk urged him to return to the death farm and. to bring hta sweetheart with hlm These letters were sent to Spring, vllle and the investigation to be made there may result In discover Ing the ''sweetheart' - mentioned - by airs, uunness. Work of Digging Resumed,, The work j of digging - on, the Gun?" nessfarm, was Tesumea today, only one 'man,: however; - .being, put at work Upfto 10 .'o'clock, no trace of additional bodies' had been discov ered. The local authorities are endear orlng to' trace, a jfonng man named Canary, who, it Is believed, - may hav been killed at the . Ounnoas home, a; letter, was received; this morning from his mother. Mrs. J, Mi Canary, Pine Lake, Ind., saying that her Son, about twenty years old. haa dlsanbeared and she - has naa no ward from him for afraost two years. It is;kriowii that young Can ary worked; for ienry Bitfi vno lived Ciaarier - oi. - ft rniiexrouj wi J .IkJvCr.WCKe.i "'' C& - OCI.I.ACrfJMrE. - MS CKlCPtltK' FRESH MI D; EVili ; t California Asks Congress to Create iRank fpf ; Vice Admiral for Him. :?; Continued ot Pg TO;! San Francisco,, May S, At, the "close of the banquet; given here last" night by .the city tp! Secretary ot'the' Nay Metc'alf and - ofBc'ers of. the combined fleets; It was resolved, "to flend the followjng; tejeram. to - congress requesting; that. Admiral .rtobi'cy tj. Evans be. created a vice adtnirns, ' "The citizens of California, appreciating tho services tendered by. the matt at the 'direction of whose' hhds, the fleet traS - broiicht Irom'lhn At. januo - toine - j'aciacri wove; that made a vice admiral." Today la the'last clay of Hear Ad miral Evans' command of the Atlantic fleet., lie Is. to be succeeded as com - tnandefc In chief by ndad Admiral Chas. M. Thomas, who will retain, the office' but five days, stepping aside on Way 16th,, in favor pf Rear .Admiral Charles G,S perry. Resting from' his arduous1 duties. of the past two dajs. Admiral Evans has planned. to' - spend the - day: quietly at the St. Francis, hotel, where he is' quaneroq,. . rne stress. of social requirements ."has. ''.weighed.' somewhat heavily upon hlni In: his present Weakened condition and it was thought that .the ceremonies on the Connecticut today "would not; reo.ulre his presence. They physicians who have been In constant attendance upon, him for months, state that his health' Is steadily, Improving, notwithstanding his exertions - of the past week, Tonight Admiral .Evans, accbnfj - . panted by his ;famlly and most of his personal staff will leave the hotel.ln carriages and .be driven td:tho depot, where they will: board the: train fdr. Washington. . WENT OUT OF CURIOSITY Chief of Police Says. Trip to Laporte "".. had' No"lignlflcnce. Chief ;of Police - Ankenbrnck, Sherlf?,, Grlcs and Dr. R. Parks White got beck last night rrom: Laporte and fnr slat that their trip was taken - only t satisfy their cariosity and that they were not In search of .anybody that had disappeared from ,Fort Wayne; The presence, of a physician In the party, gave fis'e trf toe rumor that they. sought somebody from here 'who bad been Induced by a 'matrimonial ;"aV": to partwith his, llfe.and his mopey over. thfl.'Gunness' route , .;' . The records ;:of the' department, ,'ac - cording to the officers,, do ' not show" snyidlsappearance ,tharmlght: be connected with the , woman; Several .men are misslngr but, nonepf them; had money ,nd It Is not likely that : they were.. vlctlmaj'.pf,, tne : woman. HdRSr.PLpNGtS IN RiyER. A ruriawaV' bbrse drawing, a rig be longing; to ,. M, .Smith planged ,lnt,o the St Marts, river at the foot of Harrison' street this afternoon about ''n' - cloek." Toe horse had been runnlri f nr jmrrBl sortsre. It wu some Jfme befOTO he - could be, rescneoi - Pntortu - natejy therd was no damage: dne,, E T1WEEKS Trying' lo Fix Tfme for an '.: AdjournmentCurrency "''':'';BiU.tJnceftaW' - 'V'. ;; yashlrigtpn; May 9, - Strong efforts 'will be: piaiio,. It is said, ;'to have congress adjourn not later than two weeks from' today. Representative. Tawney - anhouncea that, the house conthiitfee on' appxopfiatlons, of which' he is chairman, will hegln'wbrk on the general deficiency bill today and - that ho "wllitfy to report; tbe.imefisurb ,by next 'Thursday. This Is the'last 6t th big .nppro.priation bills and; It will probably "bo.: through;, the. house, with - out'much'.dlaciisslon: ;.''., Tratalio - birrtdininrTbi Irwilt - biTTr - ported by the committee on buildings and grounds aa soon as Chairman Dartholdt, Is sure of alright of way for It. It Is concejledvthat.thls measure will be - rushed through the house. A leader In the senate and nn. important member of the finance corhr miuee is quoted as saying yesterday mat no oouevea congress wouia pe able to" adjourn on, ,May 23rd. The only - legislation which .he .thought brbbable - outside of the aDnrobrlatlon bills,; was, the - child' labor 'bill for the; aisirici,' una. itoasipiy .a campaign publicity bill, and an emergency 'currency bill. . NAMING COMMITTEE: HERE, GO ABOVE MILLION Week's Record is Largest in the History: of Fort . ; e. - - Local Organization. In National ''Health' Movement, The - American Association for the Advancement of. Science. 'on National Health, with'. headquarters . at New Haven; Conn., Is naming a coplmitteo pf one bund red'. prominentFort Woyne Citi - iens: to further tho national .movement, for.' a better: understanding , of tuberculosis and some of the - other .diseases whteh, have beenregarded as ihcurabie, .,,,;.. ' ':, MORE QA3 MONDAY. Two Additional South Side Streets Will Be Given Service. 0n - Monday the Fprt Wayne Gas company will turn artificial gaa Into ihi, mains In South. Wayne avenue, from; Crelghtbh avenueto' Home' avenue, and 'on. Meier ayfehue, between' Fairfield avenue and' South Wayne avenue.. PLUMBERS TO END STRIKE; Torontov Orit.,. MaV. - rTh''' plumbers unions has reached an .agreement with the: - ow association1 of Makter Plumbers and Fitters, and.: last night' decided to end the strtke.T which has laster flfty - bno - weeks. The men. were receiving .37 cents an. hour. - ; They went but for 45 cents an hour andsettled on a blals of 37.H' cents for the first' year and 40 cents an hour for. the second year; 'The struggle cost p.yS - 'union; $78000. About 700 meri 'Wrerw 'uub WINONA. HKAORCSIQN8, Winnie 'Mr ' - P. 'C C'hhioit, the! head ot' thw - Winona acadmnyj - lia. UB - decad hut resignation ... For - the - 'first; time In ,the business history of Fprt Wayne, the: local bank clearings, for the weekreacheti a total of more . than one million dollars the. precise - figures,. being ; ,t',17,E10;34. Tho 'weekly report of Manager Paul F.'Kiihno gives in more detail tbe'vol - pm e of business of tho clear! rigs, shPw - .lng'thnton two of the days the total' reached: near a Quarter of a million of((ollars. by days the cloarings were - : Monday' , . .;. ... ....'. , ..:, - , llfrTyHMl, Tuesday .... ... . .... ... . .,. 16S.Q89.79 Wednesday . - .:......;.. ... 237.80i.3I Thursday - .,...,. - . '225.033.0J Friday; ... . ... .:. . . ... ..'..,.. . . 144,318.77 Saturday:. .... .:. ; , ... ; . ..... 201,227.2i Last week's, clearings wero J949, - 223.p as against $1,174,510.34 for. this week and $838,56i;H' for' .the cbrres - ppndlrigr week of ;iait: year. :'.',' - '. - . '; - '; On Tuesday, the stockholders of the ayne. Knitting "mills will, ybte upon jLhe proposed Increase of the capital Stock , of : that concern tpJJ,060,000. Jt Is. understood that'much bfoader .scope of business. Is projected with the enlarged Capital stock. ; .''.' The" most important new Industrial step of the. week was the formation of the. new F6rt. Wayne Corrugated paper eompany by. A - B.f rentmaa. and others, to - place a' paper milt in this. city, it Is - understood tha,t .the biiildljxg;formerly occupied' by the Olds. Wagon works will, be - utilized for the hew industry. . GETS A NEW ARMORY; Company P Is Moving into Old Ewln j Hall, as Headquarters,, Company TJ, Indiana national guard, Capt. Clyde F.' Driesbach. which 'has occupied quarters In, the Wnltp bank bill Id Ing. .has - leased, the old "Swing, hall at Harrisori and. Main streets' as an, armory and I removing its: equlp - meht' there today, ' It was. neceisary to vacate the old quarters owing to the' fact that, the building, recently purchased by.' the physicians Defense company. Is being rerooleded. FINE; SONG SERVICE. Anniversary Of Emm - iu Church - Dedication Sunday Evening. A - iSorg - service i 'prograro.bfnnusiial excellence' wilt ha renderedjat, ,Em - maus Lutheran church Sunday evening in celebration of - the anniversary of the' dedication, of that church. .'.'. At the, morning .serylce Key. Philip Wambaganss, the pastor, - will preach the festival .sermon - , .and the evening, pro - cram is at 7:45 o'clock. This evening the. Young Ladles so. ciety. wUl,gtvea May festival on the church lawn. In. case of cold or rtUa - rreeable weather, the festival will be het4 In the jicbobl halt Poverty - Stricken Laborer Swullovs .Ounce of Car - bolic Acid. - Tired 61 trying to dollar buy the necessaries that it required two to purchase, tired becnuso 'labor, as be might the small - pittance ho received would cot permit him to teed and clothe his family, tired because Illness had lnaded Ids home and brought with It Its' burden of debt aud left It there, John II Crngo swallowed an ounce of carbolic B' M nt his homo, 415 St - Martins str this morning, lay djwn on his bed and died. He purchased tho acid Friday night, but his daughter called the police' and thi" neighbors and he was not permitted tq lake It. She concealed It la a box Ip her room and thought he would cot be able to get It, but this morning he rnade'n search and found It. took It to bis bedroom and swallowed It. A physician Was celled, but before .he arvod the man had breathed hla last Glfl Saw Him Take It Edith Crago. nftenn years old, and a daughter of the dead, man, saw hlra swallow the acid, but be did not know its deadly effects and made no hurry to give an alarm.. She went out Into the yard to call a neighbor and Humane Officer Louis Schlaudroff, who, had been making some Investigations, arrived at the: housj and began, to question her. The','offleer asked, about . a younger cliild: tbst He. wanted sent to the' orphans home and the girl gave him all the Information he sought, without mentioning that' her' father was at that minute lying gasping on the beda few feet away. "Ohi he's took carbolic acid" said the girl finally. : "When wasthatt" asked the1 officer; thinking it - had. been several, years .ago. ':"': , - .'. ', . "Just now," - answered the child; "hes in the ' : Mr. 'ScblaiidroU rushed Sutpithe bedroom: and found' CraW unconscious and gasping for breath. ' He went; to the; telephone andcalled doctor, but by (his. time the deadly, drug had, donn Its' work. Lived: In., Michigan, , John CragP.; was - : laboret'knd had been; employed" at the yards;, of - the.' bids Cost, company since, the latter part of last'Decembers. Ho was sober,' workedhard and ;did. not;! drink.'; shd his employers say: hawas 'of; a .happy, disposition.' He dU.. - ot: report last nfghjt - ' '."'.,',;.'. .' Ue: came' here, 'about 'five: years' agd ;frbrri 'Uenton.'Hiirboi,i:Mlch.;v'and was at.tlwttltno a widower with fourchll - ' dren who were " being cared for by Is now. fifteen and is wbrklngf in the country1 on a farm ; another son' wh.i is: in an institution, for. the blind at Lansing, Mich.j the, da ughten; Edith, and ayboy'pf 'seven; This morning h applied to Errik It. Dulln, attorney, forthe board of chlldrenla guardians.1 and asked to liav.e," the little fellow .committed' to the Allen county - or - paans' home. Mr. Sehlaudroft was sent Ont - to - make, an Investigation and arrived at the houseJust a few minutes after the man, had taken the acid. It wssln'an ounce Vial, and had been pu'rchnsMiast night a't the Miller, drugstore. Lafayette and Wallace streets'. .'', Had Marital Troubles. - He was, about forty years old and ; SOUS FOB $55,000 BY FIRE, vOtttlll Pn - 7woj FORT WAYNE WOMAN HONORED BY THE NURSES ., - r " ''. .Mrs. U, ,'Cr. Fprnier Chosen Member of Directors by National Association. . San Francisco; May 9. - Wlth the choice ot Minneapolis and St. Paul tor the - next' meeting place and tho re - electWn: of the present officers with tha, exception of the secretary to serve for the ensuing year,, the eleventh annualconvention of the Nurses' Associated Alumnae adjourned last night "' MWsr Katherin'e Hewitt, who after years of service as secretary, surrendersthat post to assume the editorship ot a. magazine, was given the, thanks of the organization and Miss Sarah. E. Sly,; of Michigan, elected her succes; sor; .."', Miss M; A. Nutting, of New York, and Mrs. E. 0. Fp:urnler, of Indiana, wereelected ,to the board ot 'directors. Three Sue Owner - of Hotel antl Hahagers Stevens ' - ".id McAlevy. - , . 1. . fc.UK' ' r,uits aggregating $55,0O6 were lied in the superior court this afternoott by victims ot the New Ave - line hotel fire aealnst Susan Shoaff, owner of the Avellne 'hotel building; John A. Shoafr, her husband, and Fred Stevens and Mrs. John McAlevy, lessees. Those filing these" suits are - John Strohecker, of Charleston. B. C, who demands $5,000; James Foster, 6f Lowell, Mass., and Frederick C. Phillips, of New York, each of whom asks $25, - 000 In payment of the Injuries they sustained In the fire of Sunday morning Hanna & Ceake and Henry Col - erlck and City Attorney Guy Colerlck are tho attorneys for the plaintiffs. Violations of the state laws are charged. , The suits will be followed by four others tor large amounts to be filed on Monday by George Sill, of Philadelphia and by the administrators ot the estates of J. B. Miller, of Sheboygan, Wis.; E. M. Matthews; 'of Columbus, Ohio, and It 8. Johnson, of Pans, 111. The complaints allege against Mrs. Shoaff and 'her husband that they are liable as owners of the building, because, they .knew; or ought, to - have: known that building, when rented to the lessees, was dangerous for use as a hotel because the halls: - were narrow':' and the rooms had only one mode of , egress, when, the statutes provide they: shall, have tw:o Or more; , Allege tack of Flra Escapes. .' They are charged further with, th . knowledge that there was not a sufficient number of fire escapes and it Is alleged that (t was' especially prpvld - ed in the lease, executed in 1805 that - escapes wereitobe'cbnstrncted on' the rear walla of the building.: They were provided on, the north and west sides, but onthe:;walls Dext'to'the'' People's store building and the": First, National' bank building there 'were none. it, is also .charged - that the boilers' were. In dangerouaTjprprtfmtt.y': ;to the, tCotitlnui - d on ras .Two, SAYS M WIS WIFE OFPITEHERiFIRE Pittsburg Woman' ; Appears as Claimant to Sales": , man's Property. i Chief ; of Police Ankenbruck - today recelyed - from - Pittsburg a letter from a woman vvho says she Is the wife of William - A. Pitcher, one of, 'the vie - ; tints of the New AV'ellne - notel fire,,; making, inquiry as ttt hlf property,. Mh Pitcher was; a iwilesman for ;S.;F,; Dowser & Co., but lived at. Dulutb.and so far aa hla friends herp ;were, aware, hTwTiflmTscrrieTSfxa - aT Turr - dea - tli; - " was reported .to be a single, man: Tho letter to Chief Ankenbruck is' as; follqws: "My Dear Sir : - WuW "you, besoi1 kind as to investigate for me 'as to, the - death, of Mr. William A. Pitcher, who was killed In the New Avellne hotel fire Sunday morning' last' in your city. J am nearly;; heart - ' broken, to. think that he lost hWllfs in sucbr a manner. I hope' will, grant .me this favor,, as vto; all belongings ot my husband, MrV'Wl A. Pitcher,, if any. Wouldyou' be So kind as to forward all to ma or othr erwlse write me and let me know If there la any ot his belongings to be had - Hoping to - hear from jfoa; soon, "Yours 'respectfully, "Mrs. William A. Pitcher;.. "2035 Derand street, " - Pgh., Pa, City." Sweetheart Was Hre.r ... Aitong the.frlends.'who accompanied the, remains of Mr. Pitcher' to.', Delle - Vue, Ohio; for burial was' Miss. Or Huasell.'of Duluth, ,Mlrin,, who cams: to Fort Wayne to join the; funeral. party, and who Is, said to Jxave, been' engaged to marry Mr, Pitcher, , peorge Pitcher, .a brother, residing at Bellevue, has been appointed iad - if minlstrator of the estate. of the un i fortunate man, and all .the property of .Mr. Pitcher saved from thevulns, has been turned, over to htm. Among the effectswas r.'J3,000 ljfeirisnrance, policy 10 favor of Mri Pitcher's' sister,, (Continued; en.,' P;b, K'Je.) BASEBALL TOBAY FORT WAYNE ; - 't ...a it 4 n n 7 8 if t ZANESVILLE t ",s .""4 .' t r r .10 .it 66eM&i&if?i K. H. E. mo R jBE. jB. Fort Waynfl - Cbrns and eUyZanesViUeGuyn and Fish'eti - " '. 1 t M 1 I - r ? 1 ii M ajg!! tS.feii.i. BVh - HJH - lL. JLt .,,1' &UutgSu& ,

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