Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on August 15, 1956 · Page 30
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 30

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 15, 1956
Page 30
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vVEDNESDAY, AUGUST r>, 19.V, ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH PAGE THIRTY-ONE Roctmifi 9 the New Hunting; Arras As part of a $58,000 allocated for development of frdrval lands in this area for the romiiitf year, Godar Island, a 600-acrn waterfowl inviolate sanctuary near Hardin, will ho improved, related 1). O. RcttliiRi-r,'.vville, Illinois Conservation Dcpnrlmenl biologist in charge of Ihe vvator- lowl management program for this region. In addition, Diamond and Hurricane islands, consisting of about fi'lO acres, also near llai- din, will be open for waterfowl hunting about Nov. 1, following completion of projects uni 1 '. 1 ! 1 way there, he said. The number of blind sites on those two islands to be staked will be about 3f> to 40 and hunters can build the blinds only after completion of the projects. "This is the first cooperative development project between the Corp of Kngineers, U. S. Army; the U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and the Conservation Department since about I'O.'OIKi acres ot leileral lands were placed under the supervision ot Ihe Conservation Department," Retlingt-r related. .Many Hlinils in Itrgion "This project will open the. door on other projects," be continued. "All projects arc costly and surveys are now under way lor access points for boat launching, road improvements to fishing, hunting 'and boating sites, parking areas, picnic grounds and weed control using sodium arsenite. in fishing waters." The lotus plants in Stump Patch Lake adjoining Pere Mar- ouette Park were not. sprayed this year because it couldn't have been done in time to destroy (lie seeds, Rettinger added. Aerial spraying is expensive but the job will be done earlier next year. About 5.000 acres of water in lx>ng Luke, Clear Lake, Flat Lake and Coon Lake are open and will be kept that way, lie said. , "The Glades north of the park is another new area open to waterfowl hunting and about 25 blind sites have been staked there,'' Rettinger explained. "Supervised marked blinds in this area' will total about 475 this year, as compared to 392 blinds last season. Although four men may hunt from a blind, only three have to be registered." Hazardous Piling Some time agg, the government removed a steel tower setting in the water off Edwards Island at the junction of the Illinois and Mississippi Rivers by cutting it flush with the water, pointed out Everetto Fry, operator of the Grafton Boat Works. Although a lighted buoy marks the navigation channel about 20 feet in front of the piling, several pleasure boats have met with disaster by going behind the buoy and striking the piling, recently "The former si eel lower, which was once a navigation aid, consisted of .I's to four-inch pipes." Fry related. "I believe the piling is a hazard and it is the government's responsibility to remove il." Last month a speedboat owned by Kay Boston, who docks his craft at Twin Lakes Harbor. struck the piling and sank Within a minute. Four passengers and two skiers being lowed by thai > boat were rescued, fa I DwiKKins, operator of the harbor, said that members there are considering a petition to have the piling removed. A Major Project The upstream side of Edwards Island has a shallow sandbar on which dozens and dozens of pleasure craft anchor on weekends while passengers wade, swim or ski in the adjacent waters. Many of the water recreationists are unaware that the piling is there. Technically though, all boats 'should heed warning buoys and stay in the channel unless certain of the waters, river veterans said. "The piling is on the end of a submerged wing dike and the crew of the U. S. Coast Guard boat, Poplar, tried to remove the piling without success last year," related 1,1. Orudr, It. .1. MacUlf, USCG, Old Custom House, St. Louis, "It would require divers and a demolition crow, not to mention huge funds, to remove the piling." Scientists Think of Kvcrylliln« NEW YORK A'- Researchers have come up with a new testing dummy now. Her name is Galalcu. She is a man-made nobody with s p o 11 g e s for lungs, wood sheeting for a heart, and cotton to fill the interior spaces-all constructed around the real heart of a human chest. The model is used by X-ray technicians in experimenting with techniques and films to improve the knowledge of radiology • the use of X-rays, radium and other radio active substances in diagnosis a n d treatment. NATIONAL BATTING ilinsrd on 250 nt. halsl — Anron, Milwmikrc. .:«8; Moon, St. Louis, .327. RUNS- Roliinsnn. Cincinnati, 87; Snider, Brooklyn BO HUNS HATTED IN — Mnslnl, St. Louis. H7; Kluszrwskl, Cincinnati, 711. HITS -Anron, Milwaukee, 14'1; Ash hnr, I'liilnriVlpliln. i:!fl. IXVIr.LES - I.opntn. Philndelphln, HO: Kiinllo. Brooklyn and Musinl, St. liouis, 2.1. TKII'LES --Aaron nnrt Brutnn. Milwaukee, 12; CVConncll, Milwaukee and Mnon, St. Louis, !l MOMK HUNS — Snider, Brooklyn, .'12; Adrork, Milwaukee, 20. STOLEN nASES--Mnys, New York. 26; Cilliiun. Brnnklvn, 13 PITCHING iliasccl on 12 deci.slnnsi — Ilnddix. Phllndelphla, 11-K. ,7R(i; Newrnmbe, Brooklyn, lfl-5 7f!l! STniKEOUTS." Friend. Pittsburgh, 125; Ilnddix. Philadelphia, 121. AMEKIC'AN l.KACl'E BATTING ihnsed on 250 at b.itsi — Mmitln, New York, .1)70; Williams, Ilnslon, .:!54. RUNS - Mantle, New York, in:?; Fox. Chicago, "!). RUNS BATTED IN Mantle. New York, 100; Knl'ne, Detroit. <)2. HITS- -Mnnlle. New York 140- Kn- llne, nurnil. 141 DOUBLES-Piorsall, Boston, .10; Ve.rnnn, Boston, 2fi. TRIPLES-- Simpson. Kansas City, !); Lemiin, Washington. n HOME HUNS .-Miintli-, New York 42; Wcrtv. Clevrlnnd 24 STOLEN BASF'S -Rlvrru. Chlrngn. Mantle Hits No. 41 Ted •I Plays Straight Kiivnnis And Exchange Play Golf Thursday Norris Says Robinson Owes IBC Money flK\V YORK W—The combined nllraetion of Mickey Mantle's hnl .and the unpredictable Ted \Vil- jliains 1 n r e rl f>2,10!) fans inlo :Yankee Stadium Tuesday niqhl— the largest sin^lc-s^mie crowd in Ithe majors this season and enough jto put New Yoik'R American iLeai;ue loaders over the million mark (or the nth straight year. \ Mantle obliged with his <!2nd ihome run (keeping him 13 games aheail of Babe Ruth's record I pace I and singled twice for a per- if<'C't night at bat as the Yanks lhumpc;l the Huston Red Sox V>-'2. Williams, making his fiivst ap- ipearance here since his S.i.OOO ;spittiug fracas, played it straight land singled once. '• The Yankees, with 1.0-t7.r>3 through the gates this season, .now have topped the million mark !in 20 seasons. Pairings were announced to- ; NEW YORK dfi — Sugar Ray day for the annual Kiwanis- Robinson may divorce himself Kxcbange golf match which will r ,. orn , hp , ntmifl|il)11!1 , Boxint , be held i hursday at I./ickhnven Country Club. Kxehangites are named in the following groups of Stengel Urges U.S. Citizens To Vote TT Aparicio. Chlcaco. 12. PITCHING ity.Ticd on 12 decisions! — Brewor. Boston, Ifi-4, .HOI); Ford. New York. 14-1 .7711 STRIKEOUTS Si-ore. Cleveland. 1112; Pier™, Chicago, ):!•}. (Ily TIIK ASSOCIATKII I'RKSS) Titching Connie Johnson. Orioles — Scattered six singles and struck out 11 for .'1-0 victory over Senators. Milling Stan Lopiita. Phillies—Drove in all the first-game runs with a single, double and 2"ilh homer, then knocked across two in the nightcap with a double nnd triple in tvvi-night sweep over Pirates 3-0 and 11-2. Standings Of Record Seekers (Ily THE ASSOCIATED IMIKSM ; M i c k e y Mantle, New York i Yankees—12 (13 games ahead of .Babe Ruth's pace of 1!)27 when he ihit GO). I Cincinnati 'Redlegs 159 (major •league team record is 2L'1 set by New York Giants in 19-17). New- York Yankees—151 (AL i team record is 182 set by Yankees Jin liX'-G). I National League—S91 (record is ;1.2G3 set in 195.ii. | American League — (record is 1973 set in 1950). first foursomes: R. Koi'tlrimp. II. Ilanrimaehet vs n. Klippo, H. Hemphill: .1. X.ilo. .T. Clifford vs. }•]. Ilirks. M. Patrick; ,1. Cies.-K. Gibson vs. O. Sawyer. (',. Basslord; R. Harlow. R. \Vandling vs. P. Jacoby, C. Crivelin; II. Peek, n. Kuddes vs. O. Maguirc. H. Rood: D. Krwin. (\. Peteiie vs. C. I3or- man. guesl; K. Stewart. T. Met- calle vs. A. (iravcs, guest' D. Sidenpr. C. Kearh vs. .1. Blark, guest; R. vs. R. . Ceni, M. Pruitt: \V. Thicle. (",. Varello \ r s. P. ISott, C. Krancher; A. Weber, guest vs. O. \Val/,. R. Muehleman; G. Oorgoff vs. C. Hemphill. Tee-off time is set for 12::iO, wilh swimming and dinner to follow. 'lub, but the IBC isn't spiiltiiiRJ with the middleweight champion. Asked to comment on Robinson's tin-eat to fight Genp Full-. mcr for his title under outside; promotion IBC President Jim Norris said Tuesday: i "\Ye can't afford to break rela- ; lions with Robinson. He owes us too much money." Robinson is involved in a dispute with the IBC" over his proposed contract for the fight. Rob-; inson doesn't think the IBC is of- '• i'ering him enough money and he 1 said he's going to fighl Fullmer Hudson, W. Chappee for promoter Cal Katon in Los Angeles. •, Robinson is said to owe Ihe 1BC : about 510.000 or $12,000. Chicago's Truckage There is more than enough "railway trackage within the Chicago terminal district to form a double-lrack railroad reaching from coast to coast. StapgWfflBe 94 Thursday STOCKTON, Calif. I Opid's Camp, California, holds ; the world's record for greatest I rainfall in one minute: .65-inch. Aloii/o Slagg, grand old man of football who will be 94 Thursday, received his birthday tributes Tuesday, including one from President Eisenhower. At a pre-hirtliday party put on by the Lions Club, a telegram from the White House was presented to Stagg praising "a lifetime of physical and mental fitness." Stagg. born Aug. 16. 1862, at West Orange, N. J., was a coach for more than 60 years, including some '10 years at the University of i Chicago. He later coached College! of Pacific at Stockton and assisted j a son at Sus<iuehanna in Pennsyl-j l/fl— Amos,™"'"- I Hy DON Tflc-Rfaph Corrrsponilrnt CHICAGO An Illinoisan look the platform at the IJemocral National Convention here today to voice a parly pica for cili/ens cf the nation to get out and vole next Nov. 6. He was televised in a five-minute folk which is expected to he followed by a similar plea at the Republican National Convention in San Francisco next week. He urged every cilixcn to make himself a committee of one to get another citizen to vote. The Illinoisan was Slate Rep. Richard Stengel, Rock Island, a delegate-at-large to the convention and Ihe Deiwx ratic nominee for IKS. senator from Illinois. He was chosen to make the talk on the convention television time by National Committee Chairman Paul Hutler of Indiana. Stengel called Ihe subject of his short talk "about, the most important problem in the United States." "The vital breath of freedom is Ihe active, informed and .intelligent participation in the affairs of government by all people." said Stengel. "This is the soul of democracy, This year we are engaged in another gio;:t political campaign teslin;; Ihe national will on our policies, and testing ourselves. I welcome therefore, this opportunity to | urge that each and all of you ! to rccistrr. inform yourselves on the issues and vote your i-on; \ ii'lions." Stengel said "destruction of a I roe and secret ballol is the first | goal ol every tyranny. Kvory ballot cast is a blow against tyranny all over the world." The American Heritage Foundation, he said, is cooperating with the ' Advertising Council and more , than 1.'!.'! other great national or, gani/.ations in "Ihe grealesl nonpartisan effort in our history to gel on I the vote. Join them! Make yourself a committee, of one to serve this greal cause." "Democracy is a do-il-yoursell governnienl." he said. "The C)ml)ov ,- RANKEN TRADE SCHOOL New day school term lie-ins Sept. 4. Evening cln.sses begin Sept. 17. Cnurscs offered In following trades; Air Conditioning Carpentry Tr.ol nnd Die Milking Alilc, Hepair Refrigeration Plumbing Auto Body-Fender Welding Arch. Drafting Mech Drafting Elect!onii Power Plant Oper. Lithography Tla-llo Television Marhinc Shop Nev\' Students admitted at any time Day Port-Tim? InstrurtJon Is Available Approved lor V;'ter dn Training TIIK DAVID HAMvKX, ,iu. SCHOOL OF MECHANICAL TRADES 4-t:u Flnncy Ave., SI. Louis l;i. Mo. more you do for rlnrnorrnry the more il r;m and utll do for yon and \o\ir f;miiiv. It takes work c '..V ™,h and f ,V,,v nn, of us to : SilVPJS keep it t;oinp;. Hut il'p Ine most Dl-.NISON, Tf-.x. i/TV-AH llnsil, ' importanl. most r'-\varlinK -.vork imanaqf.'r of couhoy movie actor in tli.- \\orld. brine an active. l]t,,y Rogers' rnterpnses, took ov«r working American cili/cn. In al- 'one of the actor's roles nnd rode mosl nil of the countries of the ;iip just in time to save the old .free \vnild the voter turnout is i homestead. ; vastly hctirr than our own. The : Rush was headed for Dallas ritjil to vole is Ki-ounded in the .when he noticed flames billowing i faith thai the aver.iRe judgment from a house three miles north of i of all us tos-ellvr in the lonp; ihcre. He rushed in and helped ! run will tic best for (ho nation." j carry out furniture, then joined n. """', ..... " ................. ..... I bucket brigade and helped put out : The Inner (Joree of the Col- J 1hp fi re in the- h,,m e of Homer orado River in Ihe Grand Can- LSmith. ! yon is cut through prc-Cambrian ' Then Rush climbed into his car 'rocks former 1.. '>()(). 000. 000 years ' :lll(1 continued toward Dallas. ! ^^' '• Telegraph Want Adj "CUCK" ~ * Need vacation money? Complete your vacation plun.s with a loan from HFC. 'Borrow $20 to $500 in one day, in privacy. Take up to 24 months to repay. Don't give up the trip! Ask for a Vacation Loan today at HFC — America's only consumer finance company backed by 78 yearn experience. OUSEHOLD FINANCE' - 123 W. Third Street, 2nd Floor PHONE: 3-8871— Alton Lotmf made to residents a] nearby towns World's record rainfall for « single day goes to Basuio. in (he Philippines, vvitli 45.99 inches. h^mMijsi HOT WEATHER ROYAL A famout name—an amazing price) U.S.ROYAL1Q95 Safety-bonded blowout protection. Exceptional mileage. Totally new lire performance plui let «nd yowf rtcappabli llrt. Silt 6.00x16, blockwoll. m loiany new tire performance *m HS.Roya$1 I/ -.^X • TUBE.TYPE | • big tafety advanlaget. Firtl choice on Ihe finest 1956 cars. NYLON 95 l>lv> !•» and ytvt rtcappebli tlr«. Sin 6.70x1}, Wxkwell. U.S.Royal The totally different lubeluti tire. Tough nylon body for extra blowout protection. 55 plut lax and your rtcappabli tin. SUt 6.70xlS, blgckwall. CK&IT TtRMS! Surround your family with Ihe safety of tteel. in THI Mitt U. i. ROYAL MASTIR ROYAL TIRE STORE E. Broadway ALTON Phone 2-7936 GOODYEAR'S 3TSAFETY $15O,OOO PRIZE $25,OOO Write or see us for your enfry blank now. 1 Nothing fo buy/ 575 chances to win! .H Tints of the tires featuring t-he,..fraction tread that came on new cars for many years! for g 6.70 x 15 3-T Super-Cushion v/hen yo buy first tire for regjla; no trade-in price $ 19 - 0 plus tax and two recappable tires \ »f)unM .rtlf. i ..'(ri.F)i»9-i 9 /-I For a brand new -T Super-Cushion <,» A by GOO for a 6.00 x!6 3-T Super-Cushion when you buy firtt tiro for regular no trade-in" price $17.55 . . . plu» tax and two re- cappable tiret EAR Not a recap-not a second America's finest new cars featured this traction tread for many years! Hurry! There's not much time left to j:rt in on ilns r>ciun^ bargain. It's Goodyear'* lanious 3-T Super-Cushion with extra value l>uili in. hM.JuMve i-1" Triple-Tcmpvre<| C«»rd body makes tins tire stronger, saii-r and more duiablc. 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