The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 9, 1932 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 9, 1932
Page 3
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1<W2 ELVT[!EV1L1.K (AHK.) OOriMRU NKWS •Clyde Ueally Is Circus Feature Brilain and France Will Not Ask Postponement Until After U. S. Vote. PARIS, France. Sept 9. (UP) — France, In agreement with Groat Ilritaln, decided today im[ to ask Washington to postpone ilw 'or <icljt payments cine on December 15. France is scheduled en lint dale to pay t'ie United States atom S-V).- OOO.COO, and Brilain about SUO,- WW.CCO. If post]Xinement were demanded it would have to be asked b?fou: next ThuisiTiy. .Do'.li nations, bc-ar- •ing in mind Arnica's \vanini; thai no debt discussion will ho permitted bctoic the presidential election, decided' to make no move and to await event.". Thsy hope Washing- ion may show clemency in December, other Euro;>ean nations were / c-x]:ected to follow l/.e example ul 4 Britain and Franco. WASHINGTON, Sept. 0. (UP)— Secretary of Treasury Mills sai:i today that he had conferred with rcpresemutK'es of the German embassy veg.irding postponement of tile German debt payment of $8,000,000 due September 30. -Mills denied emphatically that Hie German qovsrmnim had formally requested postponement of the payment. "I talked -,ri»i Dr. Rudolph L?il- ner today." Mills saii. "and our conversation concerned postponement, of the German debt iusiall- ment due at [lie end of (his month." Mills then denied that, he had .igreed to waive the 90-day notification clause in the deh: agreement required for any posipone- ment. Forfeiture Taken on T. W. Eskridge Bond After a delay of about 10 days In order thnt he might appear in court, a forfeiture was taken on a $50 cash deposit placed by T. \v. Eskridge on n charge of' llU-gui possession of intoxicating liquor, in municipal .court yesterday nftei- n oon. Eskridge's home on Illsihiv<iy lit. within the city limits was raided by police week before last. A niuin- tity of lirt'.ior rtud home breir iv;is seized, according to officers. Newest Lincoln Shrine To Be Dedicated Antidote Proves Its Worth PACK THREE Ekroii News Notes •Bill sherrod of Little River was the week-end jjues: of Porter Smith. Mrs. Bible Dcminore and Miss Albie Ryaii of 20 were guests of Mrs. Charlie Nichols Sunday. •Mrs. J. H. Holding and children were gu?s!s of Mrs. John Holland Sunday Miss Elizabeth Jordan was the Busst of Mibs Jdildred Viues'.ou Sunday afternoon. Clayton Har!sfield and family visited friends at Lone Oak Sunday. W. C. Stone, who is suffering i with a severe attack of malaria, is .•.'lightly improved this week. Several from this community have been attending the revival at Half Moon liie past two weeks. ^Mr.-'-ands Mre. Roy Hart, spent Sunday afternoon and. night at Number 10 as guests of their daughter. Mrs. Curtis Conley, and Mr. Conley. Puxlco News Hettie Sterling spent Saturday niRht with t.eora Priichnrd. Word has !>een received here of (lie removal of Ocorge Jloorc Trimue from (he Blytheville hospital to a Memphis hospital. He is said lo be. in a serious condi- (lon. Cotton picking i.s in fi,]| Sw j n3 in this community. Mosi of tlie fnn:icrs are hauling pickers from tcran. Mr. and Mrs. G. J. Whittle and Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Jones spent Eiindav at Armnrcl visiting Mr. and Mrs. Jim Julian. Several from here attending the hamfcing at Mosley bridge Sunday. t'ausv Hsisrr sp.?nt Saturday night wilh Lena and Vena Ilarnes. La Hue I3omar had as her guests -Salurday night, Rulh Jones and Zrttie Sterling. Pencil (Weighed 19 Ounces SULLIVAN. Ind. CUP)—Peaehe? ^"ere fc'-vor bu' bigser in Sullivan county this year. The "champion" or the p:(.?ut cror> w?i(2'.:ed i ounfes ar.ct a cireumferrnce of ( ".ght inches. The ovmer, Waiter ftoict. paid I'. «as big enough tc provide n meal tor a family. '•'•• mo look yniiv I rocs ". vt ''• N'o cl;:irgc w obligM- llOl). .1. .!. Johns. l!nx 111 Snrvry Slrrlp. Mo. I'OKT WAVNl-J. ' Ind. iUi'1 — Anu-ririrs newest shrine for A.::.i- hani Lincoln will be CcJicaud h :. Hept. )G, by Secretary ot ABrir.i:tu:v ArihCT M. Hyde. The statue, depicting Lincoln as 'the Hoaslcr youth," is of brcraj. It was erected in romm<.Tnor.r.:,i:i of ll-.e 14 years Lincoln S;>ITH m Indiana wildernt'ftes. It w;i.s *. \c- culed by Paul Mansliip, ot \'.::-\-, and New York, and the li:i:i/ easting, which IV22 feel tall, was in,i<!e in Kneels, Belgium. Hyde \v3.s chosen- d'.-dicavjjy ppeskcr by the Lincoln National Life Foundation, sponsors ot the M.UI.V. Ixvause "ti'V man in pji.-- lic life are as well versed in Lincoln lore, or have a bcl.ter unck-r- Swrt'iary Hydt." Lincoln scholars, governor-i o! Kcniiit-ky, Indiana and Illinois, surviving members ot the Lincoln [:im- ily. and Civil War veterans haw teen invi'.ed to tl:e cercmonio.s. • Royalty Must Disappoint I U. S. Autograph Seekers ! Dr. Cidsrr's ulm hml been Jobless I (or months, foiitul lifo loo much of j n bttnlcii and look oyiuildc. Dr. ~i'!j;or was summoned. Wi'.eu the dor-tor nnlved, liow- cv?i, Hlevoley was unconscious nnd on (lie vfttv at death. There \vns Inn known to medical science at large which coti!d have s.ived him. William Imsic, »r. OciKer lnjcrt- j cd methylnic blue Into thu veins ! of l:: t > dyiiij; man. A short time later Hleivl.-y, to his own uslon- 'fin, Ivc.wic conscious. WKlun a few hours lu< had b:".-n pro- nimnced out of danger. Urn l.ajs i'reah i: K g IllOmUINU. Va. lUl'l.-A fre;-.:: \\ith M>m.' uainuiiks t>[ ll\i> cm ul 11:- Ifi'puiihcan I'.my | II. Coi>i>:'r. I([rliin:::id. Kot mily did the I;;K have IIVD spots fnn i[.- .•••'mblt d i-yr.s. | ;1]l |. j m ,i [| ,„.,„( | • Ike linn „[ .m clrlillunl Head Conner News -.Vm.l A^ (:;,,,r| :r tlrws Wont A(* We UNT'S HOT TOMAUS ODGL'S CHILI AISELL'S HOT PIGS OWE BAKED PIES RUSTIC INN Division SI. Thorn.- >ltll n> XKA Serviic *SAN VfiANUlSCO. Calif.—A "llu- n an ^uiiu'a pt(;." sa\vd from n .ini- c :!i-\s sinve Ihrciili;!! an cxp,-d- u eiiiai itJ>t, came b.iek from <k;it!i to write his own report on llu> .w;- <• Uilic discovery of i:-.c .mlj anti:i :i: fi:r potas.ilini] cyanide. lli-i own story ef the KJCIIP from di-atli. which was b;liig i>re;>.-ir(<d twtny as he Iciy In a hospiul bed. will be written in an otlorl to rjpny his former college professor :or his • dole est j America has neiv>r produced a more fearless wild animal trainer than Clyde Beatty. Tills youthful uiijngaior will offer :i mixed dis- ilfly of over thirty fighting Bengal and Siberian tigers and African ions when the Great Ilagenbeck- '.Vallace Circus comes here Wednesday, Sepv. 1-1. coiitaincri so many vicious and iieacherous bensts. When Beatty is woikins Mils savage proiip he :.i entirely surrounded by wild inlmafc. in fact, he has" barely sutficleiH spac.; to move about in he large steel cape. One mis-step would no doubt prove fata!. Beatty however i s possessed of iron nr-rvo and courage and is certain ot his -ontrol over the snarling and tricky jungle denizens. Hagenbeck - Wallace will offer many other sensational numbers including Poodles Hannefonl and Hie Famous nannaford Family. "Cieopatra, Qujeii of Egypt," n stupendous newly added pageant with hundreds of people and animals, ojieas: the performances. Triple Drivers Faced Drunken Driving Charge FRESNO, Cal. (UP)-Just how 'hrce men go about driving one automobile, presumably at t::e san:? lime, was not quite clear, bat Fresno p;lica insisted it was so. They said they found John O'.iv- ero. John O'Connnlly ani Victor Biase in the wreck of an automobile. Tne trio, they ciechr?J, were icmewhat hazy about the car's plunginj through fenrrs nnd over lawns, so U : :y charged a!! three with drmifcen drivinR. ST. LOUIS. Mo. ,UPl—Th? !iv;t- i>'h consul here ;:.'i.s serv?i! ny.ict that King George and the I'rinct of Wales must disapiwint autograph seekers. The uo'.ice snid hi part: "A vsry large number of request: for autographs have b^en a:\lre;se: io King George the fifth a:;ci the Prince of Wales, from all pait.s of the United Stales. "In order to save expense, tro'.i- • bci's of the American public ivlio have writlen. or ]>ropose to write : such letters, i; is desirable to state ! that His Majesty and His Royal . Highness have laid it dovvn as a I rule never to give their autographs j and that no e.xcrplion to this rule [ can te made in any circumstances i whatever." I Dohenv fAt U. S. C. to Be Dedicated .,. ,. ., The bmted states Naval Academy at Annaiwlis «- as founded in 184.! by Georre Bancroft, tin- his- lorlan, then Secretary of the Navy, LOS ANGELES, Calif. 'UPi -' IJohenr. Jr.. JU-jimial Libraiy a: the University of Southern Call- I ofrnia is EQhcdulcd for Sept. 12. • the first day of the fail term. Har| ry Mii:er Lydenberg. An:e"r:can Library Association president and librarian of the New York city library, is to make the dedicatory ad- I dress. | The Sl.100.000 university librari has been erected by Ihe' Dahfrty family p.s a memorinl lo the lair "Ned" Doheny. an alumnus an;! former member of the imivertiiy baard of liustees. Ev;ry feature of I the. structure and its eauipm?nt !« | of original conception. | The library and ils setting otcu- ! Py an entire block at Uuivrs- v . Park, ar.d the Cnmpus of U. S. C., j fronted by a landscaped q^iriranc! i known as the Alumni Memorial ' Can-pus, the ground being the gift , of (he Trojan Alumni As=ocLitii:n of which Edward L. DDheny. Jr • was president for a number of years. BLYTHEVILLE WEDNESDAY PT 14 I mm AM Dr.PaulF.McCutchen Dentist M'KKMi, MO. Phone 85 FAMOUS HANNEFORO FAMILY "POODLES" HANNEFOBD VORLOS GREATEST CLYDE BCATTY PREMIER SUBJUGATOR OF JUNOE BRUTES T\VICEDAttY2-8RM. POORS OPEN 1-7 RM. GRANDSTAND-CHAIRS RESERVED ftN GENERAL ADMISSION / TICKETS ON SALE ' CIRCUS DW At Horum's Drup: Store, 2fl."> Main SI. SPECIAL PRICE 1K£ "&W S CHIU)REN...^sJ T the in yraisDr. J. c :. liliiTiur :if public health .1.1 been wurhiiij on an anti•:: pula;.-lmu cyanide, deadli- »iin known to n'leruv. Meih- lilia-. he disravi'ii';! ev.'iilual- «"'.ild II s;ivc ;i |}r r didn't know. *•'* at this .Muse of the cx- fli'.al work tilal Clllilberl !''}'. 30, u foimei- .-.Ulilelll y! BATHING ALCOHOL . i'iiit lU BAYERASPIRIN FITCH SHAMPOO '" KK '•''£„ 59 C USE OUK NKW LKNIHM; UHHAKY lU'iiil Good l!(ioks Kor As Little As l()c for First Three Davs. Cttml As.--or(meii(. 12 AMBROSIA SOTS BBE, $1.CO pjfflUjre'™-""lA^iisiA 25 c & 50 c ALARM CLOCKS'''"" "" m $1 ™ £2.98 WATCHES UN E CRYSTALS Kuch CIGARS *}&*™™:-;-;^£ MODESS ^S;-'^_JQTHJ9^ MINERAL _^^~~~39 C & 6f FOUNTAIN PENS ^ ?T v - II fo $10 'CLAPPS JiAiiV 1-'OOJ).S AM) STRAINED VKKKTAHI.KS y MISS SAYI.OH'.S - - $ round i! ( » ^Lfi JOHNSTON'S . - - - . si.OII I'dtmd U|> CHILL TONKS "* "iSSiaf W HJjVnP UONKY AX!) Af,.MOM> CRKA.M ninira i!nl ,i c ™UTS:.3£jDUBARRY JKRCKVS :i for BAY RUM i'inl WITCH HAZEL ^BBKBBaEKaHKTSail LILAC VEGETAL I'inl 19 'l7 ( K-;rw:.v^ BOTH 59 t; KAXOK WITH -JQU CASTORIA Klclrhcr'p 25 C T0 Iloltlo FOUNTAIN SYRINGE BROS. DRUG CO. .'hone 23 DRUG CO. I'hnnc SO FREE DELIVERY PHONE 603 McMULLIN'S CASH GROCERY SPECIALS for SATURDAY and MONDAY SUGAR CANDY 1>nreSu T, s i fe , kh MALT Knipire No. 2 1-2 Oin BIRDSEED French's 2 for BROOMS IMv Much CHILI Walker's 'alkor's I^H; No. 2 Ciin LI 2 APPLES Tor Cooking CATSUP M-Ox. Jar COFFEE A Good Peaberry 2 Ibs. 25c Al! Brands Pure Creamery Pound 25c TATOES'« k Suck 30c 'OXYDOL W' :i for Lo :\ for Oranges Nice :ind Juicy Golden Ripe Pound 3!c Genuine Spring, Hinilquaf ter Ib. 12ic, Farequarter IRJ. I 2^ ib. 7'c Sugar Cured, Center Cuts Sliced Ib. 27c, HalforWhoie licof l!il) or Cl'.urU PICNIC HAMS uAW m " ' iAF u, 11° BOLOGNA STEAK Heel ,., 15°

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