The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 18, 1937 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 18, 1937
Page 6
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.•'PAGE six Rideout Brolhers of Texas . Rise As New Colorful Track Team nv nicriARn M. MOIIKHKAD Dulled Fre.w SU/T Corrfsiiomlfnt . DENTON,: Tex, (UP)—Tlio menial hazard In sport, that Invisible harrier that lins brought defeat to many, clmmptons, emerged today in a new form to linrntss America's distance runners. The liiizards, two of. (hem, (ire Wayne and Tilalne Hideout, o( North Texas Sln!e Teachers col- Jege, 20-year-old: twins wlio heal Den Lash of Inrtinna hi his recent two-mile rnce In the Sugar Howl track meet nt NO-.V Orleans. Wayne.beat Lash handily, but his brother - got a full slmre of the credit. It was Blnhie .who dogged Lnsli's foctsleiis nt a fast pure for a mile nnd Ihi'oc-qunrters, Wayne stayed I Close,' behind. When Blaine tired. Jvasli [oo was . exhausted. His brother dropped out of Ilic race nnd Wayne moved ahead to flnlM; In 9:03.5, Hie second fastfst lime ever: recorded for the distance on an :American, track. Veterans In CoinnelHion During: their five years of competition, the Hideout twlm, have worked as a team They look alike, run alike, and ore Inseparable companions. Both "\\car spectacles, even v,hcn limning. Their teannvoik lias Ueeai especially valuable In running distance races. Almost equally speedy afoot, one sets the pace Hint wears down the leader. The olhci la^s behind to :take -the. front if his BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS Chance lo Win Falls Flat "brother fails. Their '. conch Choc Eporlsmnn, toy Welch* To Take On Joe Dillman Cyclamen, ridden by C. Spares, extends himself but not In the approved manner, after falling at the first Jump In the Ucadln» Steeplechase nt Kewbury, Berkshire, England. The Editor's Letter Box Master Pointers Dvnamlte. Dillman gives Ihe mental hazard of lacing , twins a share of the cicdit for Wayne's victoiy — although the time, speaks for his fieetncss ''Sportsman explained the victory . over Lash: f '' ' • "Blaine broke out in fionl \\llh . Lnsh,, taking the outtide nud . matching him stride for stride ,", for five quarter-mile laps. Ho remained " alongside all the time, even though he htid to run 30 - yards farther when staying on the outside. ,^ "In matching stride for stride with Ijash. Blaine brought s,ome- v thing more than physical pies- sure to bear. His doggedness soon developed Into a mental hazaid. Lash had enough left lo beat , Blaine, but with another' Rideout to contend with at the end It was too great a task" ^ue ^Scorns Faster Oddly!' i Blaine' usually runs a [faster i; two-mile race thaiu his brothers 1 Wayne untl) 'last, fall was trained in shorter distances .- and had intended to, run,, in the - half-mile, race. Their 'coach bo- - Heves, however, ,Jhat both have a fine chance to Itmei Labh's tno- mlle'record of 8.68.4. "Wayne's victory was not ' fluke," his coach insists. "We have two of the greatest distance i miners In the nation in those youngsters Wait until they have a bit more expeiience. They should be unbeatable by 1938." Sportsman said the twins might enter the Millrose Games in Madison Square Garden, New York City. Feb. 6. But the coach plans to dcv.elop them slowly,' possibly with a view to having them nt their top for the 19-10 OVympIcs "I'm not going to see those two kids burned up by too much com, petition," he said. "Within a year or two maybe we'll go after all .the big plums, but until then the Hideouts will be handled very carefully." Born in Illinois The ,twlns Mere bom In Illinois nnd first went out for track at Tuscola, III, high school. They transferred to North Texas Teachers from the University of Alabama after taking their fashion •work there last year. Another pair of twins—Elmer ond;DcImar Brown, sprint stars— •were well known in the "southwest, as members of the N.T.s.T.C. squad. But their, prowess has Weri ' Manila vs. Cooler (To the Editor:) " It Is tin.' privilege of every reporter anri correspondent lo see In print an Item that he lias presented for publication. H Is nut conllnc-J to his own perusal; If Hint wcr; the case, newspapers would not live —the public Is the lifeblootl of His press, and reporters.would soon be bereft of any hope of ever succeeding In the writing world. On last Tuesday night the Independent basketball team from C'ont- .er, Mo., played the Manila independents here in the high school gymnasium. The final score, after the game completed THE SIXTH, QUARTER, was 21 to 20 In favor of! Ihe •locals/ Tne coaler' correspondent for your papsr evidently was misinformed.' He state;! that the one point margin was in favar of Coaler Independents afler the gam? had progressed four extra quarters. I am. not an authority on basket ball/Mr. Editor, but l hohustiy say that that'one-game was the only game I linyo eycr been privileged to" witness Hlio 'sixth quarter In., I have seen basket ball games that were thrllllmj and exciting and had the spcctalors standing on their feet, yelling and waving hats in n cvgestilro to;spur.'-UiQ• players piV lq'',yie h torj'. I recall one ganic in i particular\: Ins't' season • 'that was 1 played between Blythevllle and Manila high school teams. Manllu beat the heavy team who had just emerged from an" undefeated football campaign, nut, this one game will live long In the memory of those few who attended this game. And that is the opinion of the witnesses lo the only game Ihat ever exceeded the fifth quarter on the high school court—tlie one between since the Sugar Sportsman overshadowed Bowl. meet. Of the Rldeouts, commented: "It L? only natural that brothers should be bound by a strong bond of loyalty, especially if they have common birthdays, but I have never seen an association quite as unselfish and as sincere as this one. "They are always together on - and off the campus They never ex-change a cross word. Tlie tri. umph at the S.ugar Bowl is referred to by them as e. victory for us,' and not for on Individual" In appearance, the twins are almost Identical. Blaine weighs H4 pounds, two more lhan Wayne . ,and Is nearly an inch taller Acquaintances, who con remember, t*ll them apart by their hair —Elaine parts his on the left Wayne on, the right. ' Cooler and Manila Independents. One time, when I w n s reporting for another paper I gained access to some very important news Tlwl news pertained lo the dsalli of a fourtcen-year-olrt girl, she was kil'l- eri In an automobile accident. 1 wired the newspaper nnd gave them the details as they had been presented to me-and not .from any personal standpoint. Later, I learned of a very serious mistake In tlie massage as it had been presented to me and rather than create a disturbance'and to protect an acquaintance of mine I telephoned the newspaper at my own exixmse and corroded the information. I did not expect refund on my own expense, nor did I receive any. Th? only reason in the world I did that was to up hold a |»licy that I had fldopted: never -to write an item unless I was reasonably sure of its authenticity. With due and respactful apologies to the cooler reporter { beg to inform the press, the immediate Guard Quintet To PJay Cooler Tuesday Niglil The Company M national guard basketball team will meet the Cooler Independent team in a gams at the armory here, Tuesday night. Paul Kmnon, guard quint manager, announced today. In a preliminary game, opening at- 7:30 o'clock, the Blythevllle girls will play the Yavbro girls. Tile soldiers have been working out sleadily, gelling In sliap; for Ramcs vylft Independent teams" in this territory nnd hope to troimce Ihc crack Cooler club In their 'effort tomorrow night. Manager .Damon 1ms Indicated 1 lhal he will probably open with Taft and Wnrflngtoii at forwards Htiicknrd at center and Holland and Wilson at,guards. Others certain to see action and who 'm'ny slart nre Potter. Wnlson and Cicu- Iry.' Cooler will probably slart T Burns and n. Young at forwards S. Owens nt center and Barber and Brooks nl guards, p. • nurm Strong and J. Allen,are also slated Itxgol'lnlo Ihe "game.i' i. Do You Remember? ; One Year Ago Today — Noli- 3nmo defeated. Penn, 37-27, in'-'ni nlcrsectlonal basketball game ?'1i Philadelphia. Annette Kellernian, tlie original diving girl, leaches MaryHoerger, 13-year-old diving champion,-the liner points of springboard technique at Coral Gables, Fla., pool. public composed of friends of both clubs. • and . readers of the Bly- Ihevillc Courier that the score at the end of the sixth quarter stood at 21 to 20 in favor of the Manila Independents. Why should they play the remaining two quarters that had been reported? Jack Tlpton Manila, Ark. Stroked on Side, 65-Pound Catfish Falls for Angler NBA Service HOUSTON. — Joe Lagow . ..._ on a pelting party and came home Five Years Ago Today — John ny Jndlck' decisioned Tony c'a'ii zonei'I hi n 10-roundcr in Phila dclphla. Ten Yon'vs Ago Today — Moll treal Maroons defeated New Yo'r Americans,' z'-i', 1 in a Natlona Hockey League game. In Madiso Square Garden. with a 05-pound catfish. SpyL. the prize specimen In Wahoo Lake Lagow waded into the water. '"I stroked him on the side an he turned over like a pig," e > plains the angler. "It was a stn pie matter to life him out bv tl gills." WANTED Government Loan Cotton Phone 107 APPLEBAUM RROS. COTTON CO. rUj Bldf. Blylhevllle, Ai Allhou(jh beaten lasl week by ic clever .Rex (Tex) Mobley, yimmile Joe Dillman, ring scared veteran, again heads Ihe •ct'kly wrestling card of Jhe Amican Legion, Monday night. Dillman lanes on another lough iislomer, Ihc redoubtable Can- tlian Wildcat, Roy Welch,'in Ihc lain event, which Is staled for an our and a half, but which likely 111 come lo a close before Ihe iplrnllon of the limit. The usual falls out of three will Two of Ihe finest middleweight i the business, Hay Myers, Louis- illo. Ky., and Floyd Byrd, Mil- /ankce, WIs., clash 111 Ihc sup- ori'ng cast, also for 90 minutes. After he had taken the first fall rom Mobley last week Dillman ad Mike Meroncy announce to le fans that he was Ihc "best >an ever lo appear In this ring same he beat Boils Demltroff •veral years before." That feat In •"an. ">'( was something but Mobley illttl to r»cogniicc' it enough to > under. However, it should be MONDAY, JANUARY 18, 1937 On the Outside—Looking In J.aslic to Leave Chirks -" •*-—>-• — - -••- .*«.•,v vi nitji uv iuft jju;v IJOSI It was Inevitable that .sooner or and sny that we believe he carries later Carney Graham Laslie should with him the sincere best wishes go higher In this uncertain busl- of Blythevllle fans, who will follies; of coaching football teams in low the fortunes of V. M. I. more view of the fine record he has made elosely in the future. In three years as head mentor of the Blythevllle chlcknsaws. News dispatches from Lexington, Va., Saturday reported that Laslie has signed a contract as assistant to Head Coach Allison "Poolcy" Hubert at Virginia Military Institute, his contract to take eirect June 1 and to run for one year. While Liislie seemed undecided when he left here Wednesday night as to whether he would sign as lln; coach .under Hubert, many of his friends were confident that- he would accept V. M. I. terms, which have not been disclosed, after conferring with school olllclnls. It goes without qualification that, Blythevllle would be more than glad to have Lsisllc back again next fall. He has done more to advance Blythcville football in three years than others had accomplished in many years. Three years with only one defeat In 29 gnrm's and that the last game the chicks vsre to play under Laslie (the loss to Columbus, Miss., in the tri-state bnt- uci. i.uwuvcr, u siiouiu IK- lumbus, Miss., in the tri-state bnt- that. Dillman outwrestlecl ! tie at Memphis) attest lo his ability e a emps ae loblcy. lie was the apparent ns „ football conch. have Ifferent type In Welch. The Wild- it will not "lake" as much as Id Mobley. He dishes it out as his pponenl requires it, So almost nyllilng can and will happen. This week's engagement marks he third aupearancc In succession or Ray Myers, the Milwaukee Ijirvcl. nnd the fans are not crry. Myers lost to O'Dowdy but nine back last week to knock Joe <"irk for a loop and take both ills. Myers Is clean and fa an xcellent wrestler, well versed In II phases of the game. But— and ask Kirk for verification) — •hen it is necessary to step out >to the rmieh line he Is all there t Isn't likely that he will have against Byrd. Floyd Is aggres- ^ and likelv will team with ivcts for a clean, scientific exhl- lllon which the fans have come o enjoy. The program will get under way 8 p. m., with the >onular Mike Meroney In his usual ble as official. : , Dor Mascols Pompoon ;NEW YORK.—Much of the success of Pompoon. great juvenile OI..1D3B. Ls said to be clue to his nascot, a toy bulldog that accompanies the thoroughbred wher- "'C'r he goes. was just what the chicks needed, particularly in view of a Isiulcncy on the part of previous snuads to challenge the authority of the coach occasionally. And Lasiie l:as backed up his firm gri[> on coachrig duties with a fine knowledge of the fundamentals of the game. And a factor that probably contributed as much or more than anything else to the long winning streak of the Chickasaws was Laslie's knack of keeping hts boys in simp;, especially when reserves were' not so strong. But off the fcolbiill field Laslie has been reserved nud (niiet. His players have full respect lor the Chickasaw mentor and business men and citizens hold him in high regard. Blythevllle is reluctant to lose Laslie but it was something that was due lo happen anil therefore more or less extiectea 1 . Therefore, while he'll still be here until the school twin ends. It's not (03 early now to wish the Chickasaw mentor Wrecker Service - Gas & Oil OPEN Alt NIGHT Phillips Service Center Phones 717 - 8!0 the best of luck at his new Laslie Will Join V. M. If GridJStaffl Coach Carney Laslie, whose Bly-1 theville high scliool Chtckasawsi were almost universally recognized as Arkansas state football chain-; -- - , pious In 193C, signed a contract' The. natural "tag" for the Bly- as an assistant coach at Virginia theville club in Ihc Northeast Military Institute, Lexington Va Arkansas league, in view of the j Saturday, fact that It Is to be a link in the "iut^Slir^^lr nnu^n 1 7 ^'"'V <*>-> ? toro club, which has used the : win coil »«">nUme "e* name ."Giants, 11 has no Intention Elvthpi'iiin if rellnouishfng Its "handle" ami Juni'sburo Has Giants Lnslle, under terms of the contract, will not assume his new duties at the VJrjlnta.,school as head coach athletic teams. he '• Ulvtiieville club must look continue as the "Giants" but we the (limit-owned Blythe- vllle club will take particular pleasure In knocking off the . , .„,. f . T '!f c 'lckasaw mentor conlinn- elsewhere for a name. Jonesboro , "'"Wclics carried by the press by previous usage is entitled to ,, s6 ' ccs tnal lle ha(1 signed -- " a v ' M - r ' contract In a telegram to his wife here. Laslie will return here tomorrow night. He left, here last Wednesday nljjht to confer with V. M. r officials regarding an offer to become ^'assistant lo Allison (I'oolev) Hubert the newly named V. M. I head' coach. Laslie Is to lie head lint' coach under the new V. M.' r mentor. t There was no indication today Ihat school officials would be in any hurry to name Uislie's suc- Cralgheact county Giants If rivalry between Ihc baseball clubs is as keen as the inter-city rivalry in' other sports. In fact It seems as if Ihe entrance of Blythevllle Inlo the league should give loop officials Jomething tliey have been looking for, Blytheville and. Osceola are old lime baseball rivals, Blytheville nnd Carulhersville could cul- ccssov here, tivate quite a eompelitive spirit and Ihe Blytheville-Jonesboro plc- 'ure Is., an attractive one. The turnstiles ought to click steadily this summer if league officials are ?ood showmen. r~r"«-*ra«a ELECTRIC WELDING AT BEST PRICES PROMPT SERVICE Barksdale Mfg. Co, PHONE 19 WRESTLING Every Monday Night, 8 P.M". JOE DILLMAN vs. ROY WELCH RAY MEYERS vs. -' FLOYD BYRD American Legion Stadium CIGARETTES KIES, E lOc CAMELS, CHESTERFIELDS, UJCKIES, ETC. ONE PACK FOR lOc WITH EACH PURCHASE OF 50c OF GASOLINE OR OIL AT THE MARTIN OIL STATION STEELE, MO. . '; SAY5 $ME CHARMER WTE w . • the original k STRIKE ME PINK- WHEN WINTER BARE J i FAN6*, DON'T IET IT RATTLE V UP AND PEP UP WITH'V kA SNAKE,) J PETE, ( FSUP ME A , BOTtlE. flay Billiards! Wholesome Recreation Moderately Priced Blylheville Recreation " ,, • Center 316^ W. Male - Former Home - of Bfll's 4 Pharmacy GARNER AFFtSTON MARVIN CHAPFJKM, ^^^lilfr*^. YOU'LL FALL FOR ITS PEP AND FLAVOR! Try the All American blues chnscr—Falstaff Winter Beer. It has a tingle and taste tang no other beer has captured. You'll pick up to its gay sparkle, warm up to its merry mellow-agcd flavor. Get on the band wagon. Order by case from your dealer today, or ask about the handy six-bottle "take-me-homc" bags. "C/io/cejf 'Prqdact of tftc Brewers' Art -Aunt May Tilgy's Damson Conserve Lizzie Lowry's Eldevflower Cordial . . . Mrs. Horton's Recipe for Crumb-Cake ... Goose-grease Ointment for the Quinsy. How carefully they were guarded — those faded, handwritten formulas in heavy old recipe books! Your mother and grandmother origi- . nated them . . . tried them... proved them, then put the priceless results away affctionately for the daughter who would some day marry. Assurance of excellence does not come, nowadays, by the slow, costly process of personal trial-and error. We have too much else to do. The experiments, the search for new and better ways take place in million-dollar laboratories! To tell you of his success, the manufacturer advertises. Here, in the daily pages of the newspaper, is a seasoned section of the old family cook-book. National advertisers bring you formulas and recipes perfected by greater experience than one family could ever achieve .. , tested by greater labor than one woman could give in a lifetime. Read them today .. . and rejoice that you live in a modern world! II 1 1

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