The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 12, 1934 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 12, 1934
Page 8
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J>AGE EIGHT (ARK.) COURIER NE\V-> Business Is Good Again in Center of Steel Industry Skies Glow Reel At-niti in .'Pittsburgh District; Uu •'• ions Gain Strength. This Is the lentil of 11 arli.-los en "America Umlcr llir Blue Katie." a serirs written pvolusivply for the Courier News and nll'f XEA SIT- vice newspapers, jflcr a MOU-nlIlP Journey of survey lo tin- nallnn's principal cenlrri at p»|iiil.illoii, af- ttr six jnmiths' rjp< ration of the r^covely BY WILLIS THOKNTON SEA Service SlalT C'orrcsiioiiilont' PITTSnunGH. Jan. 12.— M a n J' times, during the IIIM four di'iircs- s!on years. I have mndf Hie trip through the steel district u-lilcli swings nlong tlic Oliio valley from ! here I" nn arc toward Lake Eric. And ir.e sight of the silent slcel mills, gaunt anil slnrk niicl cold, gave me Ihe s.ttver.s. They do not lock w> ttxlay. The old pall of smoke hangs over lhe ! rirer valley, nnd the glow of coke ' ovens brightens tho night sky. More than 415.000 men are making steel In America today. That is vrilliin a few-odd thousands of tlie 1929 total, when production was marly 10 psr cent of capacity against today's 38 per cent. Real Benpllts Here You can't take auay from lite NRA that the shortening of hours and similar provisions have made it possible to employ almost 05 many men as worked »t Hie trade in 1929, even though production is far tower. In fact, steel authorities here ir- )»rt an actual s-ortayc of certain types of highly skilled hiuo'r. Nobody viT.o pushed through the. crowds that thronged the downtown canyons ot this city coukl doubt that Pittsburgh lias benefited by the NRA nnd the recovery program. Not only wrf"e Christmas sales ' above last year's, but the University of Pittsburgh's careful 11*- ures show' a gain <if 7 jwr rent over 1932, even In November, before Christmas buying begun. Pittsburgh . . . downtown section. It feels ilic Ionic of rising payrolls in Ihe slci-l mills towering buildings of Pittsburgh, another open stronghold, has yisldcd to shop Inuor organization niiicli more yrace- fitlly than has Detroit. One o[ trie outstanding results of NRA in the Pittsburgh area is the widespread progress ju unionization million of shop unions. Even the stale of Pennsylvania employes are organizing n union nt llnriisburg. Tlie Amalgamated Association of lion. Steel mid Tin Workers, honil- ed hy Ihe venerable Mike Tigr-e. works on contracts which hav= sliding scales varying according to production, nnd many planU have welcomed It ns nn alternative in allowing radicals lo yet n toehold. Refuse Union K<:ru£nitli>n Uul ninny sluel I3adcrs have faced the union problem In this way; T:.ey will not recognize the iinton ns such. If ihclr own plant wuikers choose a union leader us their representative muter NRA, tire industrialists will dcnl with him. as required by NflA. But they deal \vitli him only us the chosen representative of ihelr own men, not as Ihe liead of nn ink'rmilional organisation, which tl:ey refuse lo rccceniy.e as such. And ttie other side ol u is put arouiKl I'itl.MKirgh who will cuss the Meltons heartily nnd freely, but there is one Ihini; abmit them that ', Is very sluggish, and it is because ta-l critic,^, Their banks .stayed | bankers are .red. They claim U,,y with (nil open, door uf ;i .Mrllnn celtiiif his nioiicy. The same Itiinc Is truu of must of 1'Uls- bur^h's Lirgc kinks. The out hi(j uiir Mhich ruldiul \i\t (In 1^1) ut- rrudy h:is puiil ufT 7U i»er cent. and uiiiy juiy 150. successful hank ivno said this: "T.r.e i v:ork went into effect, there were •flow of caplinl In'.o new inveslineir.s' M.ll-lS. much as 7300 have ix'en giv- Bh j icady on Hie ground, (ind CWA la- i bor. : NRA compliance, generally speuk- ln%, !:as been good, according U> jFiank Har[>er. secretary ol the Chamber of Conuiieru'. ••There have been allugiHher some HUB complaints under ihe biainwl code," Harper says. "Many of ihese . were merely Iriviat or obviou^y duo - to mlsnnderslatiding. "One thing that linurt-^rd us »n> the shabby uf many small employers ulio obvl- uusly wanted to runiply, but uhu luoked us though they thrmsrlvrs i oufhl to be on Ihe bir-ullinr. \vt only about 1WJ asked for roller or special dlMMTisatious under the blanket eode. "\Ve have not yel (ouuj a sln- , file cise that «e liellfvej Justified removal of (he Blue Ka;le." The cleaning nnd dyetn^ iir.ius- try, witch was in daifeir af fill- mB inio ih? hands of nu-kstifr.* here, is reported by Harper ns much improved. The labor beaut. . which did noi begin lo Function ; until Inte last year, helped aver! :i dozen strikes. Trouble hi Restaurants ! One of the sorest spots i:ere. iis elsewhere. Is the restuurum busi- | ness. There are supyu^cl to be i IMOO restaurants in Alk'Khcny ' county, fnr too many, and there Is no doubt that many O f them continue to chisel, especLil'.y tlie unall ones. But R. L. - Gammon, president of the Western Pennsylvania Restaurant Association, insists that "anyone can make money under NRA wages If he will rnise his prices enough to cover increased costs. Many small restaurant proprietors did not realize they would have to do this, or cou!d not do it." The "show met' attitude is best reflected hy E. T. Weir, president vof National steel, who in his an- mial report to stockholders, points Only ,arc scared about sound money, lim j district, this mirdvn imisl have fall- I knockim; at the whin is sound money? ] ,.„ appreciably «incc ' Bankers Hramled Narrow | CWA vvork „„,, K Qf a more '• "Your \rife may Ihoiighl i jjroniablc character than in some; she looked very grand 10 years ni;o eilies. For instance, iac-0 men arc j in a new outfit, of clothes. Hut you • t» go to work in western 1'imn.syl- i wouldn't like ii If she wore them i vania sealing up tlie moultis of | today. Wliut. was sound money ! abandoned mines, which .should Jm- ! yesterday Is not necessarily souml | prove the water lar drinking,! money today, or tomorrow. i washing nnd fishing over a large! "Uanker.s are narrow. They J part of the slate ' move In a narrow drele, and'ilo Ma ( . um j,.,,. .,.„„„ mil have (untacts with Hie maw • .... „ »f pcnnlc I am slill iKrfevllv : Illc ToWer of ^'•"^"S Of the pt |n, . am Sim iKiIu.ll, []nn , eri . Hy of put!>ui|t .,. h _ bnnks closed after by a prominent busi executive In these words: "Various Com,m.-i in fields formerly closed to organ- ! ntstic or Socialistic labor "orunni- baticn. ' •• - - b Labor Makes fialns the March crMs. and most of hnve paid from l>0 lo 70 per cent In U.e westtiu part of the state 23 banks reopened just before tho holiday .season. That Is one ren- snn why fitlsburgh is mnking j)io- It's Sound ^loTify Town Pittsburgh Is essentially, you sec by this, a "sound money" town. And liere again you hear business inch crying for some kind of stabilization o[ money. A traveling man for nn atlver- Claude (!. Rowers is U S AMRASSAUOIl TO SPAIN. Slit BADGCRS ARE USED TO DIG HOLES FOB THE FOXES, ON A FOX TAR/A NEAR ELKO, NEVADA. ON HER FLIGHT PROM CAPE TOWN TO LONDON SUFFERED A.SUNSTROKt VMLE FLYING OVER. SOUTHERN RHODESIA/ AFRICA, BUT A\AC>e A /r\OST MODERN GEOIOGISTS ESTIMATE THE AGE OF THE EARTH AT 7HREE BILLION Geologists are clearing up many of the uncertainties in their estimates of the age of the planeu on which we live, by studying the leakage of helium from the rock materials, py figuring ihe amount of radioactive decay in a rock, it is possible to make a fairly close estimate of its age. NEXT: Are bees the only honey makers? ' willln- to leave the money mailer U '" v f rs "y of Plltbuiirsh. which has THOMAS MOKK wrot« -l)tot<» the ^resident, who hears all I S . IC> ? <1 .' i' nc °">l>'<to'. a i>aiint steel pia." Quebec 1'roviiico is sides. Hi- is in u belter iH.silkm 'f el( '. t() "' for 111IU1 - V »«>'"'«. may be! T.ARfiBR than Alaika, i n land t tl'an the avi-niee banker t<> kuuw '• linls!lcd l» rl| y. usnig materials al- i ana waler area. out thai "precedent has disappeared almost entirely from presenl- day.calculations. Change is in the air. "Industry definitely anc; voluntarily has assumed new responsibilities. A new plane of industrial relations is more lhan a reasonable expectancy. . '. . u is yet to be proved that, prosperity can be arrived at via legislation." Bi.rtrimarlts of various kinds have been removed effectively by llg'nt, treatments of the gamma rays from "radium. NEXT: Conclusions. what is suuiid money today." "Many industries are 'up in the ! air' about the effects of codes."! said Ocorgc T. Ladd, president ol! the United Engineering and Foun-'! dry Co.. "but they lire willing to j try anything that, promises to lead ' of He dire condition of the I G. G. Caudill General Inunuife 106 N. Fro«dir»y Phone 797 i nations arc springing up, the nc-' I' 5 ' 1 ' 8 ,""'' ' lut ',' thls , wai ' : " Thl;re lr >' an i cessity for which is Inrkln- mil' blls " 1L ' ss lo "« Iliui ' "J" 1 " lllch ! us out You luiicli of coiTi strikes, 1 which' very dennllely have sfam'ued :> °' ll is lloldi "i! lwek uccausc the | last Uirce years, and disputes at the Wuirlun steel j on suc'i moves the apix'annce of ovcrnmen l- won't bay wlut it Is -Iron and .steel, works, but the fact remains that i n the sweeping victories of t.'ae! United Mine Workers in the coal field electioas match the widespread progress of the American Federation of Labor's Amalgamated Union in tlte. steel industry. Both these organizations have reac:.ed. peaks never before atlaln- racket. Must Oust Racketeers "Many employes misunderstand the collection bargaining section of NRA, and that misunderstanding Is increased deliberately by the untruthful and unwarranted statements of labsr racketeers. The labor unions must clean house and «d in this area...In addition, there] do away with rtickelecrin" n»cnls" has been a speeding up of (he for-1 H j s no trouble to find people KIT "^ * * SATURDAY MAT. and Nile—lOc - 25c LAST TIME TODAY Mat. 2:30, 10-2i)c Nile 6:45, 10-H5c r>^wi»—— ROGERS ' ' Cf w ;ih 2££S. SERIAL - - CARTOON Cartoim - - Our Osinif Corned SUNDAY-MONO AY MATINEE and NIGHT—lOc - 35c '•WATCH TONY'S WIVES "GO TO TOWN"! oil . COAI anil oing to do. 1 hnve in u measure secured sta^ili- i "I believe there is an enormous I znlion of prices and aid In elim- j imouiit of business walling for | inatlon of nninlr eompuiit-on he'ferccn hgiit if the Boveriinienl,; chiseling." I I'lll tell-w-'icrc it is going, especial- , y on the money question." 'i'hc ensini; up f.f a very heavy ; relief burden tells the same story ', Yot even in conservative Pitts- of progress in liiis area. On ifayj .'where Ihe Mellon tradition 1 15 lust, there were 74.2-14 /"wii •• sets the biuiRng tone, I was nbl.-, county families on the rellet rOlLl o find one president of a highly-On Nov. 15. just before ine c» R O X Y Frida ? & Saturda y ** ^^ ^^ * MAT. & N1TK—Nlc - 2f,c HOOT GIKSON in U A MAN'S LAND" SKRIALand CARTOON SUNDAY-MONOAY MATINKK ami NICHT— I(H- - 2f)c DOI'T GIVE YOUR RIGHT HUME! ~ He was always turning up as somebody else . . . especially when he was getting married. He wanted his bride to think he was two other fellows.,.which he wasl SOT Om blow mnunm dews in Cdw. Wlwn tlvr n>U thnr cfaamb* bin «od bankroll , it'i •U am b*( JOAN tLONDElt OlINDA FAtlEll OUT KIIIEE r«ANK MtHUGH . AILEN JENKINS Firit Nattonat'i ncwtit fun• UIM DONNEiu frc4k with MX pat Uugh-iun PARAMOUNT NEWS LAUREL & HARDY COMEDY LILLIAN ROLAND DISH YOUNG m mm m NOVELTY REEL Colortonc Musical Review "Rhapsody in lirow." Delay may cost you money Drive into your neighborhood Texaco Station today. 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