The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 20, 1938 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 20, 1938
Page 5
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THURSDAY, JANUARY 20, loss BLYTHEVILLE, <ARK.)' COURIER NEWS Church of Clii'lsl mot Wednesday afternoon nt the home of Mrs. Hnvry Sansow. Mrs. Sansom, who was lender ol Hie devotional, took Ihe lesson from Ilio 15th chapter of Mark. Mrs. C. S. Patterson closed the meeting with « urnycr, i Social Calendar FRIDAY'S liVISN'l'S lilyllicville Cotillion Club having meeting at 7:30 p. m. at Uie American Legion Hut, Music Department of Women's Club meeting 3:00 o'clock ut the Club House. SATURDAY'S EVENTS Mrs. nilny n. Jones and Mrs. Dixie Crawford linving "N" Glitip- \ (IT of P. E. o. for liinclieon :il •I'tG o'clock ;it Cruwtoril home. Hull H;fj (iucst Mrs. Ii. E. Old wns Ihe guest ol Mrs. W. II. Minynrd when slic entertained members oi the Wednesday Bridge Club nl her homo yesterday. Luncheon was served at small tables In the living room. In Die bridge names which followed. Mrs. Harry Kiruy was hlgli. ami Mrs. Baker Wilsan, wcanU high. First MclhmlM Church To Have Training School The First Methodist Cliureh will sponsor si standard training school which is lo begin Sunday and con- linuc throiiGh the following Friday. People in other denomination:; interested in tlie school will be' ivt'lccinc. Hip Rev. H. Lynn' Wade, dean of the .school, said today. Teachers who will be connected with thj training school are: The Hev. Harry King, formerly n professor at Galloway College, Scarcy, Ark., who will tercb a course on '"Understanding People"; Miss Elhelcns Sampley ol Columbus, .Miss., who will direct a study ol "Intermediate Materials", and the Hev. Jlenry Ooodloe of Rogers, Ark., who will leach the third courte "The Church and Its Work." Tlie Rev. Mr. Wade will award a loving cup to the rural church having Ihc largest delegation taking courses- for credit as an added incentive for visitors to attend. Charles Stuck of Joncsboro, conference lay leader, will speak at 7:30 o'clock Sunday night following tbe opening session nt 2:30 o'clock jn the afternoon. « * * Take I'art in Mays Two Elythevillc girls, Misses Laura Hale and Elizabeth McLean, worked on the one act-plays presented by the play production, class of Mississippi' Statft College £or-Women. Columbus, Miss., • Jamiafy-12 and 13 in the"collcje Little Theatre: Miss Hale presented nuth Ooir- ;on"s study of the Russian rcvolu- v lion, "Highness." Miss McLean played • Die part of Ssrle de Lan- larnzon in William A. Percy's "In FLAPPER FANNY -COPB l?i< DY HIA ElRVICf. t'JC By Sylvia when 11 Bits of News Mostly Personal Sou Hum L-iiu.K wiwu iv inub.nv Mr. ami Mrs. W. 1'. Veawy, tor- , . ,„„„,,„ Ihc First Motliodlsl Olmroli for »">rly of here nn<| HOW of cold- n ,^., " ICM " IB (he )uu-|x»e of -j.osiing Ihe Train- water. Miss., aro purerUtt ot a son *'"'• Ing School which opens' there Sim- to'" yesterday lU the Memphis' " A. H. Wiillnce attended R Ohcv- Jonesbovo TMcsilay Methodist liospllnl. • + » Musk. Department To llnvi' OIKTU Review Mrs. H, J. Ktclndlenst, us leader of tli Tlic mull) address of tlie evening was made by the rtcv. William Ccoley, pastor ot the Method- is! church of Joiner, who spoke on "Why Have A Training School?" , The question "What Bo We Of- opera , ii u l irr-i'7" was answered by E. D. Fer- Musli- nrpurlmenl nl 3:00 o'clock! !'"*"!„"' I|B Dr. H. A, Tiiylor Is In Memphis lo;lny ntkwllilir « ollnlc Rlvcti by nr. Splro of Chicago, at the Hotel I'eabody. Don Clmmblin, .son of Mr. mid Mrs. L. D. Chumblln, bus been niiablo lo attend school since (\w program, will present an "A 1 ""'" ; " " uulm sc » 001 S1I1CC a review at, the mccliiiii of llui ! ° " st! " 1>s MCUUSC of & severe bum '' llll ° "" following which the Hev. Frldny afternoon ill the Woman's jll. Lynn Wade talked lo the group Club. on "How To Increase Attendance." Tlie numbers which will be heard Representatives troiu Wilson, <"i the program Include the "Over- Joiner. Manila, DelJ, Lcnclivlllc, tuvc " :U1(I "Anvil Chorus" from "11 1 Half Moon, Promised Land. Luxora *Uv(..ilwo", "The U\st Uose or and the Lnkc Street Methodist Summer" from "Mnvllm", "Non Ctmrch were present. Dcslfirml" from "llomeo nnrt J»- llct 1 ', and "Barcarole" from "Talcs ot Hollman". The numbers will bo accompanied by Mrs. Rives Allen and Miss Bonnlo Jean Buchanan, playing violins, mid Mrs. Murray Smart, at the piano. The .stage will be_sel an » miniature o'icni house, with Mrs. L. L ''Sure. I feol it li;;htin'. Von think I'm going 10 let your name be bandied i nrr,;:v,ii dn ;i inibllc pl'iyrjronnd?" April Once", projecting the role of ,ernoon. His subject was "The Fam- the leper wllh vivid realism. Miss j ily's Place In community Life." McLean is lo appear in "A Doll 1 Miss Alia Mac Gnrltnglon, who House", the second theatrical major • was in charge of the program, production of tlie year. Miss Hale, presented her fourth grade students who is HID.' daughtor of Mr. and in a verse speaking choir. Mrs. E. L. Hale of Armorcl, is a T y.. B sl)ort busHics*! 5Cslou was Junior and Miss McLean, who is , ,, rrel( | n( , mr by Mlss Lem Mnc the daughter of Dr. and Mrs. D. C. cttver. vice president McLean, is a senior. Sou Horn A son was born to Mr. and Mrs. Obie Webster late yesterday atler- noon at the Blythevilic hcspibl. The baby, who weighs six pounds ; and four ounces, has .not yet. been ' named. Snii llorn A son was born to Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Schullz yesterday at tlio Memphis Methodist hospital. .... : , •[• . --• • 9 » * Sneaks .To T. T. A. .' The' Rev:' George W. Patterson, pastor of the First Christian Cluirch, spoke lo Members of Ihe Central Parent Teacher association when they (net at the junior high school auditorium Wednesday aft- Wnrkcrs' Council Meets Sixty people were prcscnl nl the meeting of the Worker's Council I'Vir BE'ITER «akcs For LIGHTER niscuils Dinner was served by Circle One of Iho ' Woman's Missionary Society. Dorcas Ck\t$ lla.:. A Meeting Sixteen members and two visitors were present when the Dorcas Sunday School Class of the First Baptist Church held Us meeting last Friday afternoon at Hi? clnircb. Mrs. S. J. McDeitrinnn and Mrs. n. P. Ashley, who were hostesses to the group, served a plnte lunch. Miss Corclell.i Wilhltc was In charge of the devotional. V • * HJole Study Meets Seven members were present wlion , the Ladles' Bible Study of the' eyes and poor eyesight. >x seals and dls- nbcr.i us Ihev 'irr given. All of Iho participants will wear jipjiroprliite costumes. H has been announced that members of the enllrc club and friends lire invited. $ Fishes lhat live near the surface of Ihc water have lai'KC eyes; Uwsc in deep wntcr have snmll Hemorrhoids-Piles CURED WITHOUT SURGERY &'GUARANTEED ' Safe, sore ind 1 wllh 'less discomfort. All disease* utd. conditions of ncrvouj origin, foot liltnents and skin cancers treated o"<) cured »t our clinic. DRS. NIES & NIES Ost«op»thlo riijslclaiu 514 Miin Phoned 98 Bljthe»llle, Ark. OPEN FOR BUSINESS (NEW MANA<iKi>IK.\TI NEW DINING ROOM AT UNCLE BILLiE'S TOURIST COURT SOUTH CITY LIMITS ON HIGHWAY 61 Private Dining Room Music Privnte Booths Home Cooking Special Club Breakfast.? , , r ; (-Hol Biscuit all the Time Pit Barbecue ' Barbecued ..Ribs - Sandwiches* Fried Chicken Stellug Steak:; Italian Spaghetti Dinners Lunches Drinks SPECIAL TARTIKS INVITED—PHONE 815 PLENTY OF PARKING SI'ACK H£ SELLS TOBACCO TO THEM All HAVE YOU HEARD THl CHANT Of THE TOBACCO AUCTIONEER 7 tUMn to "Your Hollywood Farad*" "Your Hit Parade" SAT, CBS. 1 f. n. "Your NtwJ Parade" MON.I1>™ FBI., C65, IMS a m "Wclorty P MON., NBC, 7<00-7i30 p. m (Al( Central Hnel But Branch Bobbin, like so many other independent experts, prefers Luckies "AT AUCTIONS in'my warehouse in Farmville, North Carolina," says Mr. Branch Bobbitt, "the higher the tobacco sells for, the better my profits. So I'm always glad to sec Lucky Strike buyers in there bidding. They know what they want and they'll keep bidding right up until they get it. "Well —in a cigarette—it's the tobacco that counts. I know tobacco anJ I know U'bal tobacco is in what cigarettes. So that's one reason I've smoked Luckies for 5 or 6 years." Mr.Bobbitt represents the "aristocracy" of tobacco experts. He judges the tobacco that thegrowers grow. Hc'simpartial, not connected will] any cigarette imuuifacmrcr. Many other expc.-is agree with Mr. Bobbin. Sworn records show lhat, among independent tobacco experts, Luckies have twice as many exclusive smokers as have all the other cigarettes combined. WITH MEN WHO KNOW TOBACCO BEST-IT'S LUCKIES 2 T01 oh Heater. Mr. nml Mrs. Prunk Ashcr K|ionl Sunday In CiirutliPisville us gueslti or Mr. nml Mrs. cimnlc Stcwurl.. vho formerly resided here. ^^ls. Raymond lloniar Is In On- ceolft for several days us tlie ijues ot her |)iireiils. Mr. imd Mia. Tom Jenkins. Miss Alllo HhCK Owen ot Ain- nrlllo, Tex., HM.-I Mrs. Jiob Pugh, of Memphis, slslers of the Into Mrs Millie Hurst, Arrived thlt, morning :o iitleud lo knslnu.w. They lire nl he home of Miss Allyce Nelson. . • Miss Allycc NelKon niul li. A. Helton tircomimntcd Wlllliun C'lide ,o Mniiphls Wrdru'Sdny ndcrnooii wlicn ho enlercd Die Methodist, lospitnl lor nil nppcndcctomy. Mr. mid Mrs. a. G. Mclntosh of , Wis.,- who wcro en roule to Hot Springs, slopped here tpf u week's visit with Mr. and Mrs. O. Slionyo. Mr. mid Mrs. c. Lewis Wilson and daughter, Anna l»u, of Memphis, will BJICIK! tlio week end lierb as of relatives. Mrs. B. L. Arcndftle, ot Memphis, Is v.'lUi her Brother, KM Morgan, who wns Bcrldiisly Injured In n highway accident Sunday ' afternoon. She plans to la here until Sunday. . Jack Owmblln, son of J Mr.-and Mrs. u D. chamblln, leturned'to school Wednesday oiler having been 111 from influenza. •' ' A bat, with Its eyes covered i by lfl|jc, can tllll-c»tcb. Insects ' in n>ld-aJr, • . • OftTS 1? mm mm tm mm m mm mmtm mmm breakfast • Ibankon" says Great American All-Star Quarterback, VERNE HUFFMAN, plhtoftf* 193r winning All-Star Football tiamt • Mochen by the niiUiotu give {his wonderful ivbole-fraia cereal to cliltdna becautt fc'i to rich in food energy, to rich in flivor. Vtt COM but >A cent per portion.Tbers js no other oatm«al tike Quaker Oitsl... And Quaker Oaubisth'e txlM valuuaf Nature's Vitamin B- ihcptcclouJTilJBinyoUQecJJaily to combit ncrvoiuoess, coasiipa- lion, poor an MckilM Jackets $1,65 I'nncy tB o/,. Jackets, Klpjier fancy imckn. Melton fronls, II Drastic Itcducllon* ou Remnants Half-Price Yon can buy uuy rem- nnnt, hi dm lioasc for half price. Clearance" ;' Ladles' Silk Dresses $1.44 3'J to RO at this low i pi lea., lie duo od for .quick clearance. II Here (licy Aro! The liiirj?ains you've licthi waiting forl l)«n'l wait— ({rnb your; inase'aiul tlash (o I'cniifay'a:(inlay. Gc( your armful of bki-Rainu. \Ve're sacrificing up to date merchandise-to make room for our nctvuncc Serins sloeks! ! SVe mnst unload these winter slocks HOW! ! ! Store Opens Fri<lay ; ' ; Morning, 8 o'clock. Friers Show No Mercy! Men's Al| Wool Entire Stock l.iullc.* Suits Hats ••' . o-i« 24c All wool. High Priced Suits reduced—odd sines. Mcn'i i'ilc Fabric; Jackets $1.88 Zipper fronts—odd sizes, Were $3.00—Now $1.88. Men's & Hoys' Corduroy Pants Men's Si.37 Hoys' ?1.00 Odd colors—odd r>l r tc$. Mcn*s und Bop" All Wool Topcoats $7,00 The flashed prices t>l these coats spell extra savings. Clearance of Hoys' I'opcyc Sweat Shirts 33c All slzcs-^-ju.'.t the shirt for school wear. Clean Up Hoys' Suede Shirts Regardless of iorwer price reduced lor u ipilcli ;;eli oul. ' Close Outi Ladles' Wash Frocks 47c Entire stock of wlnlor Frocks. Now 47c—>verc Purses Kepriced 37 Only Ladits' Purses 34c Odd Lois — in Black or Brown—were 98c. Iteduced to Clear Reduced to CIcai 93 Children's All Wool Sweaters All wool—all colors—all sizes—Buy now. Were 44.08—now $2.«. J5e here curly. 13 Ladles Hifti Priced Coats S3.55 Belter coals regrouped for quick scl Clearance: Ladles' Coats Here's a Barpiin 10"x80" Blankets $1.47 Fluids and' Indian designs ] deep rich colors. Clearance! Ladies' Better Purses 74c Fur trimmed tind s stylos. Out they go. Itcpriced, ladies' 47c id Gloves 83c Assorted leathers and styles. Were 98o & $1.93. j Ilcprice* for Qnlck • Selling Children's 2 Piece 4?c Heavy wcigM— all i \vcre GDc. Buy now. Close Oul .Men's SIclluu Jackets Soft kid fiovcs—all col- ois. All sizes. Hepriccd! ladies' Comfort Hipper fronl.-all Bool— only 11 lo go at this low price. You Arc Sate From Seconds ;it Penney's . Soft black kid tits, ire dium heels--odd sizes. Ail sii*. 1 ! in novelty tuck stitch and outing flannel. Clearance! Children's Undies J', C . P E N fl E Y C P M P A N -«>, "l n ''<; Panties snd vest in ftitch. Also Jersey bloomers. • You Arc Safe Front Seconds at Pcnnty's

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