Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on August 14, 1956 · Page 11
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 11

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 14, 1956
Page 11
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TUESDAY, AUGUST 14, 1956 ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH PAGE ELEVEN BIG BEN BOLT By John Cullen Murphy WH4T CO we OJPE-? YOU'LL fAKS WMOfYB* \T IS.' STAltT SHOPPIMS FOR SOME MEW Oly-PSi HO I'LL BE SEKJPJVJS HOM6 PL6MTY k MOOlA F(?OMWEI?E OMlM. VIC-PO YOU...PO YOU LIKE THIS Ml?. CWllJ? OSES IT MATTER MA ? OAO (.IKES HIM, I6U6SS THAT'S WHAT COUNTS. RIVETS By George Sixta THE STORY OF MARTHA WAYNE By Wilson Scruggs VOII LOUD AMD CLEAU. C*rCH MY PFCOPD SESSION? WOT SO HOT WITH THE POWEPS THAT BE/ BUT I WWTFD TO THAW VCV ANYHOW,- TOMoeeow NIGHT r LOVF to/ NI/MBFCT WHV WOT? Jt/PGWG 6V HH IS THIS CONS TO BE A 815 BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES By Edgar Martin . VOUi COUU> VOOR. CWlUD* cvmjpft <6 I M« fc| MEA &*nk«. Ins. T.M. »««. U.». >«(- Ofl. THE SMITH FAMILY By Mr. and Mrs. George Smith UERB5- WHY ARE ?! IP BETTER TAKE HIM OUT. HE JUST DOESN'T T^SJgF THE BERRY8 By Carl Gralwrt DAD, WHAT \M3ULD NOU DO j IFMXIWERE WEALTHY.^? GOON LIVING, I SUPPOSE BUT WOULDNT IT BE WONDERFUL TO HAVE EVERYTHING ? OH, I DONT KNOW... I STILL COULD EAT ONLY THREE MEALS A DAY AND SLEEP IN ONE BED AT A TIME .' Figure Flattery! DONALD DUCK By Walt Disney I'M STAUL^P OUT NEAR OH.XES, BUT) (HMM...VOUR THE MOTOR S' WON'T START.' FI_OODEP/ - W'H^ PONALD.' HOW DID VOL) KNOW THAT'S EXACTuV WMAT IT 15.' (VOU'RE A MECHANICAL. '— ,1 •. , rni=rMii if^/ ^ HENRY By Carl Anderson ALLEY OOP By V. T. Hamlin Wf-V THAT IT WAS^VOLU -C CHIEF SPOTTED BET NOJR HACV./AN' UDOWT \ BK3 BULL, Tri' SOME X BEST PANG /ME..A KIBOSH )KIBOSH INJUN SHINCV, tt FAOTY I WAS ( CHIEF TWICE \ BUFFALO .WASNT (T/JfL EVER W \ OVER? U£,HOW I MAGNATE.' AM 1 STUFF' YEAH, MAN! IF WOJMUG WELL, \ DOES HIS PART JUST AIN'T THAT \ HALF AS WELL, WE'LL WHATCHA \ HAVE TH* BEST .WANTEE) FOR ) BUFFALO RANCH i CATSAKE? / IM W WORLP/ F1N&..ITLL BE READY BY HOW'S \TOMORROW TH 1 CHUTE COMING? OUR BOARDING HOUSE With MAJOR HOOPLE I'M A MY PUL6E SHE'LL TAKE OFF UKEA HAS THE CAR ZIP CM THE SETAWAX HU60 ?-~THE 6TART OP THESE ^TOCKCAR RACES Jl^r.'iC'I/ VITAL-— i iriTe^D T' CflNDL& LEAD THE FIELD AND -,,..,_ ..^p ANOJD TAJ& BOXES H ? 0&T ^ V |- B& TROUBLE lM£OAf?T ABLE TO LIV& HIM IF COMES 114 , CABOOSE.' TRACKS VJE'LL HAFTA USE OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams JVE 60T HIS 6ELTAROUNP HIS LE<3 DICE MDU SAIP.' WHATS WRONO? WAS HE BIT 6V A MAP DOG, ER A SNAKE, ER--. ' NO- tsET OFF MIS \_Z: C TIE 'EM AROUND THIS OtJe.TOO.' HE TOOK THE KCIRS POWW TO BUY THEM A CONE AND TH 8ABV PROPPED HIS DOWW <3RAMDB<S MECK, AMD I CAN'T LET HIM <so IN OVER THE &OOO EU£>S LIFE'S U3W6EST MINUTE »->» ly KA fenw. tM. T.W. «*| U-V *•(. On. FBEOKLBS AND HIS FRIENDS By Merrill Blosser \AA4AT I NAVE tb 6O THROU6M To E A LIV/ING/ UJUlUlLJil TELEGRAPH WANT ADS "CLICK* •TODAYS ASSIGNMENT FOR: JUNIOR EDITORS AT CAMP - t The Dive At camp, Junior Editors who do not know how to swtm art taught, •nd those who are already good swimmers are shown bow to dive by the instructor. , It is a great experience to sail through the air off the end ol the •prlngboard, hands pointed down, ieet together, In a big curve and then to splash into the water. When you dive, always be sure that the water is deep enough. A dive takes you down with a good deal ol lorce, but if the pool Is the proper depth you will not hit the bottom. Use your crayons to color this picture, and then paste it down on cardboard, if you leave a wide margin at the bottom and sides when you mount it there will be more room for Polly to dive. Cut out the parts carefully. Cut the slit marked in the water, and make holes as shown at each corner so the picture can be hung up. Fasten Polly to the springboard by attaching her through the Indicated holes, with • brass fastener or bent pin, then push her forward so she will dive down Into the slot as shown in the small diagram above. (For being th* first to submit this idea Peggy Holcomb, Dayton, Ohio wins $10. Send In your idea* care of this newspaper. Violet Moore Higgins, AP Newsleatures) 8-14 Tomorrow: The Nature Study Museum CARNIVAL By Dick Turner Base your new fall wardrobo on this flattering jumper-dress! Easy sewing — iron-on flowers trim the neckline in vivid colors! Pattern 898: Misses' Sizes 12, 14, 16, 18, 20. Tissue pattern, washable iron-on transfers in combination of pink, green. State size. Send 35 routs in coins for this pattern—add five cents for each pattern for first-class mailing. So.nd to Alton Telegraph, 68, Needlecratt Oept., P.O. Box 161, Old Chelsea Station, New York 1.1, N. Y. Print plainly Pattern NumlKT, your Maine, and Address. Our gift to you—two wonderful patterns for yourself, your horns —printed in our Laura Wheeler Needlecraft book for 1956! Dozens of other new designs to order —crochet, knitting, embroidery, iron-ons, novelties. Send 25 cents for your copy of this book now— with gift patterns printed in it 2 New Printed Patterns Easier—Faster More Accurate "Memo to staff: 'I shall not be held responsible for statements concerning high wage levels and labor conditions during my campaign for re-election!' " True Life Adventures FUNNY BUSINESS By Herstitterger CAPTAIN EASY By Leslie Turner IS&e. WILL SOD GWE JOE THESE HE H*S ft JOB AND SENT FOR HIS CLOTHES, WITH A NOTE, WJp UST WEEK'S RfNf, VOU SEE, JOE AMD I YfAR,ANPH6 THIS CITV. BUT TEN PW£ HK CAfAC HOME.MD WE'RE MKIKICs A MEW 6TAKT! MRS.ROHATCH? 60WE I TOOk Of HIM KFOKt I LEFT TOWN. J JUSTOOTTH' PKIWT& SACK NOBODY'^ StEW ROHA>TCH IK) TEW DKV5, ANP YOU NEVER HAVE! THOSE OPWVPALWA5H JUfrT WHAT 1$ V0UR GAtAE. I BEG VOUK PARDOW u THE ROUNI^LEAF SNOW 6UM i5 THE SMALLEST OF AU5TT?AUX6 HUMPKEP6 <DF VARIETIES <OP £LkiAL-VPTUi5 Tf?B&5 BUT HA<S PUBNTV TO 6AV FOR IT6BU= 4731 SOB FRENTEO PATTBEW/ Our new Printed Pattern— Jiffy Cut! Paper pattern is all one piece; just pin to fabric, cut complete apron at once! Only one yard 35-inch fabric needed; sewing is easiest! Use gay scraps for the pretty "heart" pocket. Printed Pattern 4731: Sizes Small (10,12); Medium (14,16). All given sixes 1 yard 35-inch. Jiffy-cut pattern is easiest to cut and sew. All pattern parts are printed on one tissue piece! Send 35 cents in coin* fur this pattern —mid five cents lor each pattern for (irst-cluss mailing. Send to ANNE ADAMS, cure ol Alton Telegraph, 177, Pattern Oept., 248 W. 17th St., New Vork 11, \. Y. Print plainly Name, Address, Size and Style Number. LJEAVBS ON A WHEM TW6SE E>W, THEV <iURL- 7 AWI7 THE VJINI7 ^nWtS THEM THE6TBM5 A 6O1JMP THAT KETWBEN A WHIKJE AMP A VWH16PEK. ''s^**^-' "Yoo hoo, come back! The new laundress mistook tlie propellor for a • clothes rack!" Lost Horse* CARTKKV1LLK, ill. <-•}" He- puiis that t'vcry horse lound on lilt* lotiso hi'rcubuuts bdonys lo Slate futvolman Floyd Myers aro highly exagginait'd. Myers, u horso luucicr, ap- peui'b in wt'blt'ia riding events. A tt'lt'iihuiie M'IIOI! itial a was \vaiuk'i'ini4 on a highway rolled him out 01 buU, at I 3 a. m. recently. It wasn't his. "Wht'iiever a horse gets loose, everybody uruund hero thinks it's mine, i only own six," he said. ^7' If some of the new perfumes are as good as their names, using them is just downright unsportsmanlike, Kliurt J''orra DES MOINKS, Iowa /I'-Whc-n the tek'phont-' numbering sybtem for Dt-.s Moiries uiul several small towns nearby was changed, the leh'iJhone company put out a new directory which a number of abbreviations. The company soon receivwl this leltfr from Dun | Matthews of the .small town of Comnifm? : "(Jiitlmn: Yr abbr of our town oi ComniKJce as Cwwe itj yr br tie* tel divlry i,n unlc, Uii- a mix- c) , JU)CK ISLAND. III. .V - Horn- ; . . . t-i Melton said Ha- fim'imv ol his that ./jmtoia: h-'ul car bi-oke down and when u tiire of vurnub uwj mcchaaic tore it apavt, iw touad i yami >mo thts oil {»**« \

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