The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 26, 1943 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 26, 1943
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THR DOMINANT UT.'UICM* Atitt*ii rm bimiiiinwii rvn .*,.».. . _ . ... W~^T VOI.UMK XI,-.NO. 87. Blyihevlile Daily News lilylhevllle He'rnld Blythevllle Courier ' Mississippi Valley frailer TUB DOMINANT NKWSl'Ai'EH OP NOKTHEABT ARKANSAS AND SOUTI1KA8T MISSOURI nets REPULSE minx Red Arlilleiy Fire Forces Germans Back In Balak- Icya Sector I!y United I'ress Activity has suddenly increased On the Russian froul—for the first lime In several weeks. Itetl Army forces hurled buck a strong German thrust at Hussian positions on llic northern Donets river. Heavy Soviet artillery fire compelled the enemy to rclrcal to Ihelr embarkation points after the Nazis tried to cross tiie river in the Ualaklcya sector. The Germans also were repulsed In three futile nltcmpl.s to rccaii- tiirc a village In the Velikie Lukl area northwest of Moscow. Confirming for the fust time Berlin reports of heavy lighting mound Vclibie Lukl, (he Soviet midnight comtminiciuc report- 1 ; (inn Gorman soldiers lost their lives In the allacks. fn the air the Red Air Force shot down eight German planes and destroyed "large" numbers of other enemy planes on the ground in raids on Na/i airdromes. Tlie Nazis report Russian tatik- supportcd troops arc attacking in the Orel section. Moscow radio reports that Greek guerrillas have killed 1000 Italians and captured COO rifles and truckloads of ammunition in fighting in western Macedonia. Meantime Ihu British radio says Polish patriots killed many German soldiers In fighting In Warsaw last monlli. Scoutcraft Saves Youth In Missouri CARUTHERSV1LLE. Mo., June 26.—Knowledge of Scoutcraft learned by James Skclley, Jr., 18, of this city,'while qualifying as an Eagle Scout,, is responsible today for the life of James Taylor, 17, son of Mr. and Mis, Frank Taylor of near this city. • Young Taylor, .accompanying some i7ien to repair 'fences alans the levee damaged .by the recent high water, decided to fake a short cut across bar pits. The water appeared shallow, but ,as'he started to-,w.idc .across,-' he .-sapped.. Into a ..-bar-pif and ''vanished,'" weighted down by: life clothing and shoes Skclley. nearby \fjshing-, dived in. and dragged the unconscious Taylor Iwy to the bank/nnd applied artificial respiration, as taught in Scoulcrafl. In a short time, young Taylor was revived., Skclley is the son of Mr. and Mrs. 'Jamts Skelley, Sr., of this city, and is employed as a lifeguard ai the municipal swim- mine pool. Walter~N Is Appointed Judge LITTLE ROCK, June 26.—Acting Governor Shnvcr Friday appointed Walter N.'Killough of Wynne emergency circuit judge of the Second Judicial District to serve while his brother. Cnpl. Neil Killough. is in Ihc Army. Walter Killough will serve during the absence of his brother, whose term expires in 1946. Since his hrolhcr lias been In the Army Mr. Killough has been elected as judge by Ihe attorneys in Die" district as prescribed by law. Acting Governor Shaver liad planned a ceremony on the appointment, but it was canceled when Mr. Killougli underwent a minor operation nt the Baptist Hospital in Memphis.' Livestock ST. LOUIS NATIONAL STOCKYARDS. June 2C. (UI>)— Hog re- ccipls 260 head, all salable. Hardly enough on sale to make a market. Few odd lots good and choice 2(102-10 Ibs. Compared with . ~ I " " "ii IK I I Vf.V UJlf, [111 close last week, market on 180 Ibs. tainly of an a ill) steady to 5 cenls hiRher; 170 collapse. Ibs. down 10 to 25 cenls higher: sows steady. ... ,., .LL.. ...j L iu, U11L - ju, V.JICI. IHC \_lll Ca tie none calves none. Com- mans have massed 30.000 anti-nir- parcd with close last week, steers craft guns, tens of thousands of 2a cents lo 50 ccnt.s higher; mixed searchlights and CO tier cent of yearlings and heifers steady lo 25 their lighter plane slrcnglh there. i cows and bulls An estimated two and a half to- rs 25 cents higher; three million troops nnd air raid cents higher; si an}, vcaicr.s ..„ „.,,,,„ .1,^,^1, ^n^ iimuim troops nnd replacement steers 25 lo 50 cents protection workers must be held lower. Tons for the week; 1,135 there to fight off the Allied bomb "" "" J ' ir- ing fleets. Casualties nmong Die Ruhr val . , pound steers and 030 pound yea lings 15.75; 7G4 nounri mixed yea UlATilKVlU.K, ARKANSAS, SATURDAY, JUNK uii. IIVIH Wonder If They Should Work SINGLE LOl'IKS F1VK CENTS net Messina Port Set Aflame IHU 0 F F i n Raid g v Flvina Forts- IP iiDurmiiii * ., ,» x y" i y Jroi - l5 > Italian Mainland Blasted Union Leaders Flay Congress I'or Overriding Roosevelt's Veto liy Hulled I' 'I'he Siullli-Uonnully l.uw (<i linn ilniv dlspules limy b(> selling uff the I'.roalcst labor I'onflicl In yours. ^'Dnkrainrii for nil AX'.iloiui of "iliaiiliid labor mi> violc'iitlv trrlll- I'lKiiit; C(iin;ri'ss' ueltnii yo'stcrduy In over-rldlii|j I'resldeul Knosc-vcl''.! M.IO. The comments rt.n%r from i'.itterliiRs that luboi' no IHIIKCI' Is tiliucd lo keep up Its IMI slrlk- lodyi 1 IP i-hnrncs lliu! wipporlci-.s f (lie new law an; siilml»i;ln|; lli>> • Pi'u^mi" T' y V 1C r,°, <ICr - T , llc '""' »'0'-it'«l-"'"'«'"covcrdiile"ml!t ( ; o'fTl'ic Cnstlc'siuiiimm'coaTca liUslnueli, Pa. Left to right they are: 1'etc Fcnsak, a liinhermnn. 'I'ony zueeo. n sliotman, Jo- ;;cph Burtyk, Jr.. capjoporalor. <NKA telepiioto). ' ' Today's War Commentary German Manpower Grows Shorlcr—OMsliu-s (lulled Up By THOMAS J. DONOIIUE , of United I'tess Gernuiny K sci'itping'vhc bottom of hev manpower barrel lo'bulwark willi human ciiimoii fodder the ramparts of her continental ( By calling into military service men -17 and '18 years old, tho Germans have drawn on virtually tlinir last nsalilc reserves. • In Ihe pnsl three months, the Gerin;in.s have hccn slrtiK- t'ling desperate!.!' lo Ijtiild up their strategic: reserve ]ipol •I'hey have mobilixed veterans of Lhc First World War, men from -10 to W years of ago, and boys of (he Hitler movement.. .. •., • Some of'these newly summoiiMl » : Pcpait.W; Brew up in tl;e'years IK- twcen 1910 and IMG when Germany was denied- n conscript army. They never handled a gun before, 'fhey were over the ngc Hitler wanted when he formed his mighty hew army—too young for tin last war, too old for the new one Hitler was planning. Hitler needs them desperately. They are mostly clerks and nonessential professional men. On lhc oilier hand, the World War veterans catch on quickly to the rudiments of modern anus., nut they are over the best age for war and probably won't make the most efficient soldiers. The Hitler Youth now being called np arc Ihe best of Hie new crop. They have had prc-military training and are thoroughly "Nazificd," with the zeal which the Nazi army had during Ihe cont| of western Europe and the llrst big push into Russia. Draw On Reserves Casualties on the Russian front, in Africa and elsewhere have wiped out the cream of (he German army. The strategic pools held in reserve wilhin the Retch and elsewhere in central Europe have been moved out to lhc perimeter—lo Europe's front line. The newcomers will form lhc strategic reserves. Continued high casualties in Russia and those to come when the Allies invade western Europe will further deplete the German strategic reserves. And eventually, there will come a (imc when the troops now being mobilised will themselves be on the front line nnd Germany will have no more troop pools left. When dial lime arrives, one may speak willi ccr advantage -of-- the current "war of iiffiTcs". They don't knw where .„„„.,, ,,,,,.111; 1,1 our troops will hit Europe. They that "I have hear ate worrying abnnt Norway, France, southerners ;ilwny Belgium. Holland, Italy, the lial- " " tans—every place that's a potential invasion spot. Hence, Ihey nuirt spread their available" divisions thinly. And when ive hit- perhaps in a number of spots at once—we'll encounter only n frac- ilon of the whole German armed - -.. . fraction of the German army still can be powerful. , • ' "ut iji.->-iiii.i mm ?.;iu:,ii!;i: aim The arms nnd supplies lhat per- Georgia cane syrup were served at ,mi u i^ n,,i,i mllsl hc cut oir or? u, c breakfast.' immcdialely after which the wife of Chinese Generalissimo left for Macon. As she stepped from lhc (rain a Nrgro, Graham Jackson, played Old Schoolmates Of Wcs- Icyan College G r c c 1 China's First Lady ATLANTA, June 'i(, (UP)—Madame Chiang Kai-shek eiiim- back lo Georgia nfler 31} years- absence today. She was ijrer-led by old schoolmate of Wesleyan College and charmed stale and cllv officials by telling them lhal "1 feel as llmiifjh I had come home." Later today, she receives at Maeon, Ga., an hon;>,-,iry i.ecrec' nl Wesleyan College which she attended as a girl in her early techs. Sl.e apologized for nrrlv!!)!? Into —her train .from Washington wns not on 'schedule—and told C!f>Y. Ariwill al a breakfast at the IMriV imuit Driving Club in lin honor ' : I have heard so much about .. -.'rners always bciun inle. but, find thai I have- you" all wnlt- 18." The tr.-ire of :i GroKjIa decent In her speech was nolircable. £!«• said: "When riding otil here lo breakfast from Ihe station I felt somi'lljiu!', about this (own I have not fell since I was a school Birl In Macon. There Is an atmosphere, I roiumt describe. 1 ' Hot 1 biscuits and sausage and Mndame Dixie on nn acrordimi. In her party were Chinese Ambassador and Madame Tao-Ming and . Chiang's nephew, L. K. Ku. She wore for her return to the South a gown of green and black, .„ -,. ...... ..... ,,„„ „. a hip length black jacket with supplies to the Genual) front has | Ihe diamond wings of the below the effective minimum. This, too, is Ihc reason for the devastating bombardment of Ihe Ruhr valley which supplies a Rood pcTccnlnqo of German war c'timp- ment. 'there probably will be no invasicn - until (lie Allied rtlsh Command is assured that Ihe liuhr valley and subsidiary targets have been so wrecked lhat the How nf been cut lo a Irlrkle. The Germans, unable lo halt the air blitz mi the Ruhr by military means, now arc trying to work on Allied sympathies to accomplish lhc same Cud. They emphasize (lie appalling devastation, the miseries of llic uivllltins, nnd llic casualties in hopes lhat Ihcy can sicken Ihc Allies Into calliir; it off. The Nazis know lhat so long a< Ihcy can keep their fully strained armies have arsenals are wmtol. Air Force decorating II. mpplicd and ccpilppcd Ihey a chance. l!ut once Ihcir doomed, no mailer hnw many men .... -., they put in uniform. The Allies pproachini; German know it, too. and that explains the IOIIR delay In opening up Europe . The Ruhr valley is a front as real ns the one at Orel. The Ger- • ' • ........ ... ,,..n~.. .j...., x.' .tutuliij ((1C KtltlT VHI- hugs 15.40; 739 pound heifers 15.25; Icy defenders undoubtedly have cows 12.15; sausage bulk 13.85; been heavy. As a result many of ccalcrs 14.75; replacement steers ; the new troops will go into "- J5.CO. Bulks for (he week: steers "-'14.00-15.50; mixed yearlings and heifers 13.QO-15.GO: cows 10.25-11.50; caimers and cutters 6.50-10.00; replacement steers 13.10-14.90. in the west. Two Missouri Men Wichila, Kas. Mrs. Gladys I''crg...„,,, ,„„.,.,. bride of Walter P. IKunar, died last „„„„„., „, ul ,,, w „ „ mubt in Wichita, Kan., where she against the building . ., wont a week ago. She was 19. Details of her (lenlli nro not known and an autopsy will be per «inm il ill HI i\J| tllUVIJJ^ Missing In Action , f1 " rr '" ( 'j <( ! alt1 ° <ic:tcr " 11 " c A physician in that city said sh York Stocks 833-8 109 there—and Ihcrc Is no Indication yet that they have—Ihcy probably could hold a shortened' line with about 170 Nazi ,ii>d satellite divisions. This probably would mean a German withdrawal (o the Dnie- per line but the Nazis can he expected to take desperate measures to relieve a desperalc situation, Once Ihls done, some 200 divisions—or, roughly llirce million troops—would be available for meeting the Allied invasion threat in lhc west. Nazis Spread Thinly H must not be assumed that when the Allies hit Europe they will have lo fight their way „ -„ „-,-,- ' : "-» through all 2CO of the Nazi dlvl- u & &IMI v 5S '-2slons waiting for them. That's the ' vV AT&T .: 1543.8 Amcr Tobacco 60 7-8 Anaconda Copper 28 1-4 Belli steel Chrysler .. Coca Cola Gen Electric Gen Motors 55 i-4 Montgomery Ward ...'.'..'.'.' 47 3.4 N Y central 177-8 in! Harvester ,.','__ 741-2 Norlh Am Aviation ...... ll 7-8 Republic Steel 19 Uadio 11 3-8 Studebaker 125-8 Standard of N J 57 3-4 Texas Corp '.'.''.'.'.'..'., 51 3-4 Packard Ruhr and other, heavily bombed centers. It has been estimated that the Germans have some 218 divisions 2(5.—Two Pemiscot County boys ,,, L ,,,, were reported "misslne; in 'action" death Botli h irp V nf H Cn uh' lmC ' U " liS WCCk ' Flmml nrrangcmcnts are in- lipiii rtrl.,f, n 'i*'" ,. • complete pending arrival of lhc of Mr S -ii, • r^'\. M M r "l 1 ,' E ° n " r " y hm "" l U ls cxpeetcrl services HivM n"ul^ •, ' artln ° f wlli " rotal)I y 1)C Held Tuesday. 11 he Ate thn^wi'th ,h ",- P '?l T " C f ° rmcr Miw Ola * s I>crR "- ArmV \ir p J „ b> b -1 «"!• she was married a month a«o. ni onu i,/? rf - h eC " lly WTOlc llls A rivotcr al BlylhCTillc Army Air parents he had been awarded - I««-'-' ->-- - • - - ' And 'I here arc- .strong Imlieallous !ml the union men will 1,0 lo Ihe -Mirls i.o Jighl Ihelr i-liilm tluit w Anti-strike Aet Is imconslKu- lional. Win I line laws leslrlcllng slrlkes passetl by slnlp li'shliiliirrs iilrejttlv .i'f bC'iiiK eluillanued In Ihe emirls by the Al'T. CIO atltl the WMU. - - Call ror II, |inl I'lTstdcnl I'hllip Miuray of tha CIO suiil Hie law iinisl lie repcal- trtl. Allluiuch llic mtist drnsllc labor legislation In the nation's history was almnl dlreclly in .(oltii I,. L-jwIs and lhc United Minn wmkei-s, tlie eon I mlnci.s arc golni; back (o work in considerable nuuibers totlay. Workers in Pennsylvania—'nerve center of the ciml slt'll:e~-ai« rolling back lo Ihc pits, and offli'hls KX]Ke.{ most nt Ihe men lo be work Ing by iMondny. Jlul UMW .spiikcsiiicn bhinlly warn- lhat Hit; coul <llggt!|-.i arc sllll neltiiR iintler (he splllment uiiule between Lewis and coal admlnls- Uator. lekcs. Anil the li'atlera say lhal if Ihelr denmnc.i are not inn't by Oct. 31 they will nectl no order from 'Lewis to .slnrt another ijt'ii- eral strike. Another mine offlclni pul it this way—"The nation mny have lo Jail• 530.060 millers to back up the .yinilh-Connally Uiw." On the other hand, there Is some evidence lhal Ihe admlnlslnillon will ntiw use Hi" law It fought lo prevent lo make Lewis ' nnd Ills men accept the War Ulmr Hoard contract. Tills is (h« decision whlt'h gram"d lhc miners a raise of. only 20 cents a day ami ordered Ihcm to immcdialely return to'work tin- duj-'-''lliMr'.'<)l(I';f.o!!3"-lKty 7i;>l, optTJ,'. tors. ' ' • On another sector of the sloniiy homo ii-oiit Coiif.'i'c.'i.s seams ready l.n tieiil tinollicr hanl blow lo the Adni Inhibition. The Hi-mile loday Is expected to follow up recent House action's In virtually abolishing funds lor llio OPA subsidy program lo roll back retail food nviees. I'rcsideul uooscvclt flung down n (hiillcngc lo Capitol Hill y<«- tcrdiiy when lie said that Congress woultl have to bear full responsibility If runaway prices upset out- war economy. Pemi&cot To Hold Guard maneuvers CAHU'I^IRIISVILLE, Mo., June no.—The Caruthcrsvillc Stale Guard Company ivlll cinlmrk nil lhc first of a scries of spcdnlly designed wartime maneuvers nest Tuesday nlghl, by singing a "paratrooper Inviislon" mimic battl;. Tlie program was originally scheduled for this week, but was postponed to permit issuance of fatigue uniforms. Scrgt. Ralph linker will be In charge of the "Invaders," wllh Until, ftoberl C. Mehrle, assisted by Sergt. John W. Sawyer. Jr., In charge of Ihe "defending forces." The objec- live will he the new armory building, which for lhc inalic-beli;vc invasion, will be termed an "arniim- [i| p r I T nnion dump." lilllCSS 1 I'OVCS ratal lO Zero hour Is eight o'clock, and the Ynimn Ri-iVIn O,, T.-;,, To "l'»r«lroo|ierjs" will start from the lOlinj' LSlirJc Ull lll|)lO fairgrounds armed willi dummy '"" ' ' " lian<l grcnndes of wasle while ilour and sand. Defending and intrreept- ,, , , , i"e forces will try lo prevent In- Mrs. Gladys Ferguson Bomar. filtrallon by any Invader close enough (o throw a dummy grenade today's War Map Today's war map pictures llio shullle bombing by the itAP I.aueus- (ei'S—Knglnnd lo Krledrlclisluilen-to Norlli Africa, UIIMI back on thu following night, bombing Spi;7la. (NKA Icleiiiiip). MEtLEllDEH Divk /'or/j.s Dies; Rites Set Tomorrow Nineteen Axis FightersShot Down In Raid On Sicili : .an'Port . , ' Hv lliillMl • l>rrs:i The- Sicilian port of Mcs.shm wai reducctl lo n niBliin Inferno yci- .Bi'.rlny by Iho Wgga.l force of AI-. lied foiir-enijlncil hombcrs ever la rise from North African airfield!" '1'ho lioiiibcrs wcro American l-'ly- 'Ihc raid lasted only 18 mliiule-, —but (ho' linuibct.', dropped a lef- rlili! l)srrn'|!C pf lillih c.i|iloslve:i on lhc McKiInu, ferry and rail leriiil- nnls. - ;• . • H .wns probably' the heaviest attack over lo-hit lhc bomb-nocked city thtI. 'frttcK. the Ilnlian inaln- . . ucrofs tho straits of Mcs- tillin. ' , "... ' '• • . . • . n ~ Aiili-iilrcrafl flic and Axis nglii-' cr opiK'jlll(|ii.wcce c-xlremcly' heavy. The F.brticss gunners were kept husy .spraying madilne gun biillctr, Inlo the'Axis Interceptors, Nluelceii of llio enemy fighter:! wcie .seilt' >j!liinln^ out of Ihe 'ky. . Meanwhile, tliu bomhiirdlers wore btwy Kcorliii; hlt.'iVon decks.-hurlior facilities 'and tho rail .ynvils. Axh Vessels lilt !flls nlso H'cro made on a -100- foot merchant- vessel and n 600- fool sl(lii. An'Ilnlian eoumiunlquo thys Allied iilancs also attacked Ucgqlo dl Cnl|il»ln on Dip mainland, nnd other largob in Miullielil Italy and Sicily. The .Italians claimed to have shot-down \i 6r oiu iKimh-iii, Alllc-d licadquartci.s rejiorls that In llm p.nt 24 hours Allied planci have shot down Sonic 24 Axis aircraft iiBnlnsl n loss of' three of our own. '•At,the other end of the lust air Bluff Will Re G.iost Of Honor At Dinner Here An effort Is being made lo linvc lot) per cent In allendancc nl Hit: dinner mcctljis of the Junior Chamber m". Commerce Monday nlfjhl, 7 o'ii)mk, ill Hotel Noblo, when W. M.' "Hill" Shepherd, Immediate past president of Ihe United States Junior chamber of commerce, will be (jucsl of honor. ncludcd In the «ucsl.i will be members of (he Oimilhcrsvlllc, Mo., Junior Clminlicr of Commerce. Mr. Shepherd, a resilient of Pine Bluff where he Is connected with the Arkansas Power and Light Compiinj', Is well known lo l!ly- thcvllle members, having visited here on previous occasions. IJnforc atliiinlni; thu office, of jia- llmtal president, Mr. Shepherd served us first vice president in charge at awards tor the year 1340-tl. While president of Ihc nalloiial group, he led a program whtdi has caused n continue!] Increase in the United Stales Junior Chamber of Commerce rostor of membership, despite many Jaycce members hewing entered the armed forces. He also headed the movement, which has opened new fields of good neighbor policy wllh Mexico. Central America, South America and Canada, it has been pointed out. Death followed an Illness asthma with which 1 he had suffered acutely for llm past year. Hnrii In l.iilrsvlllc. Mo., he wns n member i;f an old Mlssmnlan family. runeral ^ervlcc.s will be held tomorrow afleinoon, 2;30 o'c - lo<:k. nl. (Jobb l-'tuii.'i-iil hoiiin, by lliu llcv. .,few (lilies from DnsscWorf. I IxJiitlon f'ays that It" was one of O. 1'irst, Lieut. Cecil Cooiwr will serve as rcfei'ic, Ueut. Cooper is In coiu- . '- niand of the Cariilhcrsvlllc Guard, ise of during the absence of dipt. It. M. Pierce, who Is serving as Instructor in lhc Slalc Guard fsummer traln- . • ,,, , - "-^ •'•••" — JM K'^ .ai.ui; ^iiiarti oummcr iram- lecame ill several days prior lo h:r hig school In Northeast Missouri. a Held, si Vetch Seed Available, AAA Office Announces Farmers of North Mississippi County may purchase 800 sacks of M ii -—• ••••••"••.ii nirifiii. M;-- was employed here al i "•"•" ""••> \*HK i Myer s Medal, and also n>:t re- the lime she went lo Wichita lo^V tlle Snvcrnmcnt, nillrr ill r»nt c fnr lV.n, r\:,.is ;_i i . . u "^"v lu <r J LI ma iw « - > nn;> NIC /xrmy Air i — * ~""j j/«* v.iii>ou uuu om.ivo \n employed there at I vclth scc(1 which has been allotcd --,..„ uii, m • i.ikviio i- i VIIIL; \_j massed on the Russian front or hoped lo held fn r^ 1<: '"' L ' rt imvitn.i n re ., i ...... _, decide lo qulrcmcnts ,,for thct Distinguished Flying Cross. Hc nridcn •• • • that hc In he' n the full dcci ve I Hied lore iV,rn fT ri , snl<t llC ™ V " 8 ""^ Of Haytl Mo o. Jm 11 h U " former caddy at Gwl.. 0 ^ ulul . Club, was n member''of the Argonaut submarine crew, which elected (o perish with the craft ralhcr than surrender when It was engaged in battle with superior Japanese forces In Ihe Pacific. Tlie crew comprised eight officers and 01 men, all reported "missing In action". A'ewl'orfc Cotton open high low close visit. Ticsidcs her husband, she is survived by her parent*, Mr. nnd Mrs. W. A. . . who have long nomiccd by the AAA office here which will distribute lhc seed. ' . lml " crc; "" TC hlolht ' ls ' Bruce, •' « Tiie seed may be purchased for cenls per pound Monday, inollieis, linice,-! ""-•-""/ and Wednesday, with no ••: Ferguson, .nvl ' SCC(1 available after days, it .... /-I- _.,^ hn^ hffri nnnAim*Arf Mary. Grace and -j -- -..-.^i ^ -n.i.v. ,ii.n,i_iti, intuy, i.ti(n;r su Country ( Kate l-'ergii'on, all of Blvthevillc. Men. 1053- 1905 105G 1959 105a 1942 1951 1942 1945 1.0J2 2050 2055 2049 2050 Oct. . 1997 £005 19D7 2009 1976 1985 , 1916 1931 July Dec, 1093 1976 Holt In charge. New Orleans Cotton ojicn high io«- cfosc Mch. . 1033 1995 1937 IMlb 1035 May . 1976 19S1 1975 1974b 19S01) July . 2081 2082 2080 2031 2078 Pet. . 2029 2031 2020 2029 1024 Dec. . 2011 201G 20)0 2012 2007 Chicago Rye open high low close July . 97-v, 98->i 07S 98, fl7!4 Sep. . 09% 100!i 99% lOO'.i 9DX has been announced. Because vetch seed may not hc bought on the open market now, it is expected that all nf the seed will be purchased Immediately. The seed wns made available as a grain of aid, the AAA olllce announced, nnd Is at the court house office. Chicago Wheat open high low clow orcl. Sep. .' H4 r ^ 145'A H4Vi HSU 1'HS A Florida wuhoo lias been limed swimming in excess of 40 miles per hour. Farm Credit Group Reports Progress OSCEOLA, Ark., June 2(i. — Surveying lhc accomplishments of the Pliinlors Produdlon Credit Association .serving all Mississippi Comity for the first half of the year, Lloyd Godley, seciclary- the greatest and most successful air onilaHnlils In hlhloiy. Thlily of Ihc big Stirling, Hall" (ihol down over ..tho Reich. j ' IrnpnrlMnl : Tair|tfl.s The urea. hit' last night Includes some of cionrmny-V most Important f-yntlietlc 'oil'' rcnircricr,, -chemical works and steel fnclmlca. night's bornb (oiuiagc brought to . 7500 (<"'$', the total iiinriliut -pf'hlg|i explosives poured on stiateglc rcntcrb of the Axh war ( eftorl.diirlns thc:pa'sL week. This Is some .100 .tons more than (ho Gcrimin tluce-tiionU'i tolnl dur- liii! (ho !ii)l-qiil blitz of b'tigfniirt In llio fall Of 1940. American planes have contributed another .'minshlng iilow to the Axis air defenses., Today Germany has 100 less fighter plnnrs than lliey had.,ii' week ago. At least, 'Uilil's Uic.Miinnboi'.llrat have been shol down by Flying Forlress crews on Tuesday and Friday of this week, Ami yesterday one fllglil of For T HI r i HI W/ /' ; trc*5<v> nttackcd an enemy convoy IVIiiy LOSt Udcan Watson :in the North Sen when the planet Loss Of One Eye wcro • ' ori;:c " '" t " 1 '" tack f ™" "" Uiipllit Cliiirch. Iltirliil will hi; nl Maple Grove Cemetery. Ho Is survived by n son, I>ukc PorLls ol Jnckson, Tenii,, who will be here; two oilier sisters. Mrs. Horn Welch of SI. Louis, find Mrs. Uicy Phclps ol Wlnfred, Mont., rind one hiolhcr, Joe f'ortls of St. Ijiuls. iv/-" AcCKlCIlt W 1 t 11 Shotgun Odean WaU:im. 33-year-old fnrm- pr of near l.u.xoj'ii, u-n.% seriously In lured by nun (Ire late yesterday nflcrtiooti which cost him his rigbl thumb and may result In llic loss of an eye. He Is resting very well al Walls llospllal. Deputy Sheriff noil S. Hiilfjy, who Invr-sllHalcci the shooting, said ciday Mr. Watson told officers that his gun accidentally discharged when It dropped between Ihe crack of a bridge. The tharRc shot ofT his thumb, entered his chest nnd his face trcnsiircr, says that 490 farmers of the comity own stock in the as- soclalion In the amount of $15.- OCO and have accumulated reserves lolating $44.700 lo protect thrlr .is- sociatltin against losses. . fn 1342 the association Inanect l')<")"Cfl lo shoot a SOOS.OOr,. Wllh some additional loans savv ono - near an eye lhal. the sloht may bo affected, tjtil II Is believed he will recover. He «>Id lhal he took his gun wllh him when hc went lo the pasture lo get his cow because he rnliblt if he .. lo be made through lhc Summer f According to lib story, lie stopped and Fall months. Mr. Cjodley thinks nt !1 bridge lo talk with a Negro, lhc 19H loans will go beyond hist. . ltnl!crl ''oils, when he stood the year's figure. I gun againsi a bridge post. Act of 1933 providing for the selling tip of n national system of cooperative credit associations, the Mississippi County association has loaned in the past nine years $3,000,000 wllh losses of less than one-lculh ol one per cenl. "U looks as though the skeptics are wrong and that farmers nre capable of running their own co- Organlml early In 1034, soon, af- ] Tl >c Run Is said to have fallen Icr passage of the Fnrm credit' through n crnck in the bridge, - - - 'causing it to discharge. ! The Gil" has not been found yet, officers said, after an Investigation. Simian Too Rapid; Woman In Hospital Tne'djslrc to obtain n good suntan in n short time cause serious results to Mrs. J. R. FiUpatrlek. After a swim al the Walker Pool yesterday afternoon she decided to lie on Ihe concrele walk surrounding tlv: water so that the sun and water reflection could strike 'her. Result was second degree burns to her back which compelled her to enter BlylhcvlUe Hospital for treatment. Her condition today is very good and she Isn't planning nny more quick tanning. ' ', operative credit Godley salcli Institution. 1 !." Mr. E. M. Woodard of Dell is prcsli- ricnl of Ihe county organlnallou wllh n. 8. Lnncy of osceola, vice- president. Directors are J. P. Hollman of Lcpnnlo and A. C. Ou'en of .Manila. The late John Smothcrman of Blythcvllle was a director. Another will be named In his phce nl lhc next meeting of llic board of directors. nltack on Germany. Fifteen lo 20 ships were In the convoy. Other planes.of the fleet of Fly- Infl Fortresses, managed 'to get through the soupy weather lo at- lack iindJsnliMcd tiirgcls in northwest Germany. Pei'sormcl Of Company K and Equipment Checked ByCapl. E. B; Ward Jr. Capt. E. D. Ward Jr.. of Little Rock, wllh the internal Security Division of Hie Array, Eighth Service Command, marie the first federal InsnecUon of the personnel nnd equipment-of Company K. Ctli infantry, Arkansas Gtiard. here last night, . •' . , , i"'f The ' visiting officer indicated lhat the Blythcville unit was "satisfactory' 1 and In a brief talk to members of the company he, praised them, .for .their military proficiency. He checked all records of (lie company, arms and other, equipment, and went over the armory building with Capt. Oliver W. Coppedge, company commander. The inspection, came Just two days after the guard unit received a large shipment , of supplies including field equipment, steel helmets, sub-machine guns and arri- nimiltloif. ••.. ;•• ,• . ..,'Plans .\vcVe Biiiiounced last night for holding the first regimental training, school for officers and noncormnissloriert officers at Lttlle Rock beginning Aug. ^9, Members of the locul unit' will attend the school for one, week. '•'•.' :

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