The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 24, 1934 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 24, 1934
Page 7
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WEDNESDAY. OCTOBER; 24, • 1934 BLyTHEVILLE, (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS PAGE SEVEN a Dfrect&iij of me CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally raw i*r line lor COMCCU- live Insertions: (five Average words to a lint) One time per line ....... ..;. ioc Two limes per line per day. ;. 08o Three times per line per day . . 06o Elx limes per line per day '. . 05o Montti rate per lino ......... 90c Minimum chargo 60o Ads oraerea lor three or ilx times and stopped before expiration will be charged lor .lift number of times the ad appeared and ol bill maae. All Classing ^Advertising copy submitted by persons residing out- tide prth^ycity myat be .ipcoin- panfeiij,;!);? 'luuh. Rates may be easily, computed /rojn. strove table. No-, sespdn^JDlliiy ;• wlii' 6e taiten for/Jmorej'th'aji, one incorrect Ln- aoy 'classified M. -V' oroertid lor irregular Insertions Mate '. the oae lime rale. PHILLIPS' tlSEDCAlS 33 FORD DE LUXE COUPE. Rlimble Seat $47 '33 CHEVROLET COUPE .. $325 '33 FQRD V-S TUDOR SEDAN $175 '33 CHEVROLET SEDAN .. $485 '30 FORD FORUOR SEDAN $195 TRUCKS and TRAILERS '30 G. M. C. 2(i TON TRUCK. Large Body 5100 '33 CHEVROLET ' iy. TON TRUCK.M57 Inch Wheelbase $298 CHEVROLET 1JS TON TRUCK S 98 '29 '3D '33 FOHD PICK-UP. Closed CHEVROLET PICK-UP. Cab s: WE PAY CASH FOR USED CARS 'PHILLIPS' USED ' Corner Waijnut It 'tat Streets | OPEN NIGHTS TJJJTIL 9 P. 91. ; fhone 813 Autoinotive J. Ben Clune ; Battery Service We recharge, rebuild all makes. Generators & Starters Repaired. At Tom W. Jickson's Station ASH A SECOND ' Phone 8 — Residence 277-W. All kinds paint and body work done, Cheapest prices JOHN HEAIIN Barnctt Auo Sales Co. WE SELL CHEAPER PUR STOCK is COMPLETE : MECHANICS' SUPPLIES REPLACEMENT PARTS, TIRES , TUBES' & ACCESSORIES Free Service Hubbard Hardware Go. Automotive Dept. Phone 476 Coal & Wood MJ Coal Is Black but I trtat you • whltt FIJI np now. JOHN BUCHANAN - PHONE 107 BEST COAL FOR MONEY ; "Acme Alabama" ("Black Royal Kentucky" N, W- Trantham Coal Co. i PHONE 9G1 'Parks Bros. Coal Co. PH6NE 977 FOR "Hi-Lq Alabama" "Black Royal Kentucky" A CLEAN COAL - LOW PRICED .: ;, . .— i Hardin-Barron Coal Co. AT HTBRNBERO'S GIN ; PHONE 116 QUICK-FIRE, ALABAMA, BUCK CREEK, KENTUCKY COALS 'WB SATISFY OUR CUSTOMERS' Sec Us About Your Coal Blytiieville Gin Co. "Radiant Alabama" Premium Kentucky" ' CALL 3U . Feeds, Seeds "ALWAYS AHEAD"' FEED BEST FEED^-CHEAPEST PRICE! Oberst Store Co. Business 'Directory i»vc your TAX'SKEE COTTON made liito excellejit niattresscs. ' SPECIAL PRICES '• ".; Vl'HOLSTERKKS J, W, Jenkins & Son 111! S: Railroad Chitwood & Weidman ELECTRICAL WIRING Sheet Metal Work Metal Flues SPECIAL PRICES Between p. o.. & Crcvrolct Bldg. Phone 266 AUTO GLASS AKK-MO LUMBER CO. PHONE M PERMANENTS None' Better''- - Prices Barrett's Beauty Shop '' 606''N.._5th - - 680 Cobb Undertaking Co., lac SERVICE i '& .QUALITY AMBULANCE Phirie'28 ' FOR BEAUTIFUL FLOORS RE1ST OUR FLOOR. SANDER ARKMO .LUMBER CO. Call 115 & ask lor Fat for demonstrations of Slndebalter, Terra- plane, Hudson, Willis i Austin C»T3. BUYING 'IN CAR, LOAD LOTS MAKES CHEAPER PRICES FOB THE CUSTOMERS. J.' F. LIVINGSTON SEEDS, FEEDS, GROCERIES WHOLESALE & RETAIL TRUCK BEDS PANEL BODIES TRAILERS OP ALL KINDS BUILT TO ORDER BARKSDALE &'PAGE 200 N. Second MODERNIZE YOUR COUNTRY HOME WITH A DEWING WATER SYSTEM. 540 UP. >HUBBARD HDW. CO. SAW FILING of all kinds With automatic filing machine BARKSDALE & PAGE 200 N. Second BE ECONOMICAL BUY IT RIGHT A COMPLETE LINE OP FANCY <fc STAPLE PROOERIES, FRESH MEATS, VEGETABLES, PRODUCE, FLOUR, MEAL, ETd, AT THE RITE PRICE GROCERY In Old 1'. O. Bldg. Blytlicvllle Phone 234 — We Deliver COLD WEAIHER COMING 1 BEST PRICES ON STOVES, PIPES, TAPERS AND TEE JOINTS, DAMPERS, SCUTTLES. SHOVELS, ETC OBERST STORE CO. COPrKR WEATHER STRIP Saves fuel at small cost Arkmo Lumber Co. ELECTRIC WASHING MACHINE "Simmons Polly-Prim" Makes Work Fun. EASY TERMS. OIL STOVES, WOOD STOVES, COAL STOVES SPECIAL PRICES • SEE OUR NEW LINE PAUL BYRUM Opposite'.'Old .'.Posiofficc Phone 252 Position Wanted Will do STEN.OQRAPHIO work at nlsht. Rcasonaole rates. Call 306 or 132. HcipAVaiiied I WANT 3 MEN: for local Tea Coffee Routes' paying up lo $G'0 a week. No capital or experience reqnlrcd but miisti be willing lo g(vc prompt servica t tp appiflxl- nfatcly 200 " steady- ' cbiisiimcrs. Brand-new Fords given as bonus. Write Albert Mills, Route Mgr., C035 Monmout!*' ^uiclniiatl, o. Cotton r AM PAVING BEST 'PRICES POIl PLOW UP OPTIONS J. E. HASSON Grand Lender Bldg.—Phone -129 Wauled WHY.... "QUALITY GROUP?" Been,,*, U|b c«il was Dialed under lhe ctassiricaltgi, of ' Group" lo distinguish 11 tram ordinary Wn(c,» Kentucky Coal —Reasons Why Von Should Trade \Vllli us 1-30 years in business. 3-!'rompl service 2-Qiiallty of coal hwHlled. 4-Cour|cou S treatment. 5—You eel all you pay for. "QUALITY GROUP" is Dlslribiilcd Ijy GAY & BILLINGS Phone 18 !ASH |Mld for USED CLOTHING I <b SHOES to ship west. H LEIGHTON, 321 E, MAIN. Real Estate WANTED— Bids . for ,•», inch or c . ,, inch well, about (iOO feel, CHAPMAN & DEWEY LUMBER CO, Marked Tree, Ark. lOc MO For Kent TWO nicely FURNISHED BEDROOMS; moderately priced. Mrs. :. A. Pislicr, 101 E. Davis. 24-pk-29 LAND FOR SALE 40 acres west of HOLLAND. Well Improved, Wonderful soil $50 Acre 80 acres west of OH C KOLA. Fine i'ract, well Improved. $50 Acre •100 For Rcnt—4 room unfurnished apartment with balli, phone 321 or 55 after G p.m. 24-ck-27 GARAOE. Close ill. 123 N. 5 111. litvis Beavers. 23c k30 One misses i5fown coat with brown fur collar, size 14. REWARD, Mrs. Iverson Morris, '515 Lake. 23c k2G Nice BEDROOM, gentleman preferred. 300 Lake St. 23p k29 BEDROOM with adjoiniiiE balli. ai5: W. Kentucky. Mrs. F. T. Elder. . . . 23p k27 room APARTMENT downstairs; IlVD 2-room AI'ABTMENTS llp- slnlrs. REASONABLE. Call 083. 22-ck-25 NIOE Bedrooms, steam fierillemen or couple. Phone 560. heated. Garage. 2c k2 100 ncrcs, 1 mile of BLYTIIE- VIL1.E, Pine Tract, Easy Terms. $100 Acre 320 acres west of OSCEO'uA. improved. $75 Acre We have any size (rnctnnywherci THOMAsTAND CO. FOR RENT Suburban Hom e & Acreage. ... *•• *' Most choice. Hlglit In Blytlie- vllle. $15 -per month house tent, payable month! y and $10 per ncrc for land. Good lease. Call Courier News. iOOD !,ANI) AT LOW PIUCEa For Sale One Horse Wi'eoii ami fnmilnil tools. Olurk <fc Rallroud Sis. CJ T. __ 5-b\in\cr Wcslliighoiuo ELECTRIC RANOE. Qood condition; ( mcd- |uin slM TRICVOLE. PHONE 015. — — __ 23c klf HIOVOLE, (o7"5imUrboy. Will soil flic*!). In good condition, Marcus Call B8« or 883. D2o ka5 iicres nil in wood, 1 ' 0 " Il<1 rlvc ''. l "«'s for MULE8, HARNESS, WAGONS & TOOI-S for furmliiB 40 ncrcs. ;225. M. C. Ciuighr'nu, Wilhito Jarm on I''lnt Lnko roiid. ij k!5 ,, , - H casli awl (crins for bnliincc, price rom }ia.oi) to JIB.OO )>«• acre, will >cn M acres or more 10 one party wood utiil limber on land Mioiigli y for if pl!,c«| on , lmrk cl, lies between Lcvcc Ai Too, Ark. W. M. Burns. Agency I'nonc 2-lLi or iu-j iaiid^ Jucader building MOORE'S AIU TIGHT HEATER Cost M5. Will sell for f 16. Tllomns Land C'o. SEE Mfc.FOH UAHOAINS I n the rc ,,i cstlUc • 0 |f ( , r | 11BS . Small acreage tracts pmcllcally in Dllli ouisldq cits in Dlyllicvillc, limits; iicres latui' near hard roai Improved mile ol southwest Bdynloii; near co Manila. land, , 'all •E. Farms for Sate! Terms Reasonable ETHEL B. THOMPSON, Carutliersville, Mo. BOOTS AND'HER BUDOIES 1. Terry I'lionc till or 346 Ib'-ok-tf Filling slslldn, 4 room liowo nnd 7 lots on highway 18 for $1500 cash, 6 rooui house with IxUh, good gar»E? atkl outhouso al 1306 W, Ash, HBOO cssti. Phone 124, aick'i7 ALL FIXTURES belonging to Hie Glencoc Ca[o, for sulc cl\eap, Part caali, balance on monthly jmy- nenls. Jolin Tlip'niixoii, Oluncoe Hotel, ig-31 KestauraiHs Beit Oyster* 4 RHcr Cat Flin Chicken Illancn Every D»j Jimmie O'Brien 105.8. Second Personal 111: Salcsinnn 'ivItli'.cnV. -Bales experience desirable. $100 weekly. 117 S. Broadway—P. O. Box 148 Personality Essential, Short People If you are limler c feet, fl Indies Inge wn's aJim)si,-; v clopopiilalcd [ •;«!ter a raid by federal liquor noe nnd slnle ll^iior Inspectors, 'i men were arrested, four si.... seized, 2QO gnltons ol allcecd whls- Filliiig Stations Soutiievn Service Station Stcelc, Mo. ' ,_ «U Products ANT1-KNOCK QABOLINE Tax 1'aid 21 Hour Service Repairing IVy our 3000 jnlle bOLES-i>roi>f of (lie umklhig is (lie ciitlng. When J'wi set a good thing rcmciuljcr where you got It. PUOOHESSWE SHOE 3HOI' 103 South X»d 31. Nebraska Editor Killed ~'. Snake That Had Legs LOUISVILLE, "Nob.' (UP) — A snnko with two lilttd lejrjs was klll- o/l licrc l;y L. j, .Mnyflofd, Lauls- vlllo edllor, while strolling in Iliii slolo recreation park.- The sniiko wns about two feet long iuKt was -Identified as a sprcndlnu viper ot ilio non-jwlson-' oils vnrlcly. , Euch leg of Uic reptile was four lo live-sixteenths of mi Inch-In cnglli nnd were founil five and mc-liiilf Indies from tlic Up- of lie lull. Having W. J. KNOX made all Kinds or shoes for AliNOUMAL feel, cnu rcpnlr lo correct AHNOIIMAL feel. Lnrtles SHOE REPA1HING & DYEINQ clono by experts. Rcii- iinplC. E. K, Ratollff, Across from lluubnnl Jidw Co. Wo put D.iNCINCi TAPS on shoes do uxperl shoe, repnlrlng EssiVB SHOE siioi> 103 8. Second Kai-tory Aullioilicd FKKilOAIHK SEKVICB Factory Trained 'ti i ln^» Day 67-l-tionc-NI»M in K. H. GEE SALES CO. 407 Main St. Read Courier IMOWJ pnxlaiinaa B$ana> Scotland, Irela Virginia vote to „ ° • state- 19Si--Warm breezes sweep counhy as wind Now Located «tJi(ju»icast 1 .<j flW ui t ^'a Second lM^CHiNE^ tYPfeWRlTEft i SERVICE BUREAU DON EDWAHIfS, Proprietor 411 makes ol Kbuilt Typ« S Tltcre, AihUng Machines and CalcuUtota • g—Paris—Kibbons I'hons 71 BILLY SPEAKING— wtv.v. WOW WO VOU TO WT \T OFF SPIWCHDLY 8pVS ; YOU'RE RIGHT. VOOVE DOME MORE THftW SHOW ME A GOOD TIME—VOU'VE SHOWED ME WHflT AS&LFISH " -VOU'VE EVEN FRJ6HT&NED ME\ BUT FOR pRovipENcfe, J;HOI?ATIO ApDMAKj;-MIGHT BEAPSW!ILES<i HOMELESS WRETCM,LWE THOSE , HOBOES'WE WW, IT M^HES ME SHUDDER, f\t& THOOQHT ON.l.y \1 '/BUT FROM NOW CHi'M QOIMQ TO HELP ^ CiP MYSELF P>JDMy PERSONAL OJMFORTS. I'VE ' OTHERS LESS FORTUNATE iHftN I I'M PCPk) CfiD T^r^ rt;QCEnv/"rn/-> nr^i i-r rt ft ..,/*,[/.<*«.»- . - "r. _^_ _- J _1rl:..TUTrl 1 c . .V M(N i » .' ' GOINQ TO RAISE EVURVBODVS fffi, ENDOW 8EEW FAR TOO QflEgpy, TOO OP 1ME RIGHTS OP OTHERS. MOT ONLV AM I / HOSPITALS, PLOP-HOUSES, MEBICftLCUNICS, EAGER TO PAY I OWE VOU, BUT ^ ' FOR iTOLKlMS.FELLfl SALESMAN SAM GOING TO EXTREMES! , NO CUSTOMERS TO OJBtL,YA BEEN YELLIU'flBOdT t FIGGEREO THESE" MlfiH-HEELED BOOTS UJOULD S—-v. -» KEEP ME OKI M^/ TOES f Vfl HAVE -{LOOK AT SOME I THINK VOU'LL (WHAT'S THE OiL PcP DOf!(N'COURTesy AROUND TO WAIT ON ME,SO LIKg.. THOSE' ) THE I'LL JUST WAIT ON MYSELF FRECKLES' AND HJS FRIENDS V CLOSE CAI,l«! T...T WAS JUST HOME.sow? J SOT °F CHECKI THOUGHT GEE, THAT V/AS A CLOSE CALL; I'D BSTTER 'HIDE FRECKLES' ORIGIMAL TEST PAPER IN MY DPESSER r>RA\Y5R, !:1HE.WA^ USEO,To;wH£M YOUR ! RxJND A MASOfJ JAR;MISSISlS AND WTH JAM OM SEE i WAS,.;-ER.M. TO ~_.<j«N. IT, OR SOMETHING. 1 . 1

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