The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 12, 1934 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 12, 1934
Page 7
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FRIDAY, JANUARY 12, 1934 BLYTHEVILLE. (ARK.) COURIER NEWS '•••' i "irliiili •- us lalrly] 01 '- Ontario Us In second place fol- CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION lice) .. IOC .. WC .. 08c .. 050 .. eoe Daily tale per Una for ll\c taieiubns: (Five average WOT**' ** • One time per line Two times per liae per day .. 1 ':rce tun's P er 1 ' n<! P*' "^ ' ° bis times per Una pet d»y .... UOP.OI rate per Una ....•••••• Minimum charge 50o .Ads ordtred for thret or §1» tUnes and stopped before expiration will be charged for the number ol times 'tre ad appeared and aajustaent ol bill raadt, All classified Advertising copy ju.'uiltted by persons residing oul- fAe ol the-city must-be accompanied by caefc. • Rates may be easily computed trcm above table. No responsibility vtll be Uten for more than one incorrect In- &CI.UOQ ol aty claMttfed. ad. .'Advertising : 'cro>red lor Irragu- iftY. iasmtons "take tbe,on« ttine tite. " "'• ' - 1; • Phone 306 or 307 CARPENTERS K. I. PeUraoo—2M. N. 21 St. Carpenter work ol all Undi. ilck2-ll Per Capita Buying Power in Canada Down - itlsfnclory. The per capita figure ' c *'' i1 ' l>y Alberln and Quebec. SEEDS & PLANTS TORONTO, Out. (UP) a purchasing power in Canada, topped 3.3 per cent In 1933 from Book seed with us now for March delivery. They are sure to be higher. Hubbarti Hdw. Co. ck35 ic previous year, according lo I lakes first place by PEAL ESTATE ie eitlmnin made by the Flnnn-j al Post Business Year HooK. As ic decline In 1931 and 1932 from heir respective previous years was FOB SALE. 40 acrrfc, all in cultl vation. Ore mile south - of CM iicll. Roland Green. Sckti Come tm. IW jtm real eitate See wbat we ban to *eB E. O. Terry LleeafM Dtak Tenr-WoriUnctea Title Co. BlytheTtUi none 23o kl-8 was compared slimmed lo be with $337 111 1832. ratliunlcd figure (or 1933 of In whleli purchasing p. .... I These fisurcs compare with a ||»<<I-L- is based, Is the ciumiltillve ' ••—<• -' -tiu-ly $7ofl in 19:3. i tot. ul ilic selling of nea By pruvlnces, ISillisn Columbia, value of prod- fnrins, etc. partly nceoiintrtl for by the! I'!<:.i-vio!i'l ray lumps have been fact that a larger proportion of. lm.-i:ini U y :1 oenmin physician ii the Interior of (lie human 111 HltnulaiH being able to the population arc I'liyaycd in to ti> trade and Jrnnsporltlon than in Ixiiiv. icve than 20 iwr cent in each i any other CJaiiiullan province nnd i «a-o:i tiie effect of lhc~ light on ase, the result of oprratlons liillhiTCforc nvcrage wages urc high-1 vanuus urenns. jUKJLiOARDlJNG HOUSE f TWte IS A hAAV Gf TtC WHOLE CKFTOBE W, W\WE, POULTRY & EGGS WANTED l-OULTKY argafe $1*5 TWO furulEhed rooms, lights, lights, bath, garage. Reasonable. 1601 W. Ash. . 12-19 Hoboes Dream May Become a Reality NORWAI.K, O. (01>) — Hoboes uiiiiwd iiloiij; n rutlroad west • of here gave locul police a startling bit of new governmental information recently. While officers'llsteiiKl with tliclr claV'alrt to XnlghlB of ' the road. Votn\, fuel And. perhaps even 'slisl- ter are to uc provlilcd nt varjoii^ such hobo camps, cstubllshfd" oii • of cities, the vagrants clulmcd. I'ollco ' listened quizzically, but wltliout noticeable bulging of eyes. i They admitted, however, that they . |i r*rrr^ • Tf— TT- ( i '_ ,- .''iJONtlAC.' Stlch. CtJP)-Mrs. Lo- vlsa,'Heath.-'lcnown is Lthe. oldest Colonial Mother In. Michigan, has made. 18«,quilts^by" haad.slnw &K was' 93'Vears 'old. She 'will 1 Be- 102 yuors old'Pet?. 25.'.-..• . • ; Tliero are '•• 1490 'institution* of higher learning. In . the United longues In tlidr cheeks, several of. had on their hands cnouyh men states; 168-of these'ate listed >as the trumps Informed Ihcm start, such a project. " —...-..•• Roman CalhoUc; ALLEY 001* By Hamliii '30'-FORD CABKIOLET. peal Buy •M%ORD TOWN SEDAN ... ?l»i '29'r6NTlAC COACII. Special '29 DDK ANT COACH ; . 'iS CHEVROLET COACH .... '•2.1 CHEVROLET COACH .... TWO furnished light housekeeping ' rooms. 619 W. Main. Call 3M-J. ATTRACTtVE tteam heated bedroom adjoining Main. Call 643 STEAM HEATED BEDROOM. 814 W. Main. Phone S8. ? J 'TRUCK BARGAINS . •30 CUKVKOLE1 1 l!i. TON :TKUCK... Closed Cab, Bnal Wheels .:....•;..;--•;.? •33 ;FORD '30 .FOFID CabV...', i TON Duil-Wheib v 'PICK-UP-^ Closed $195 ' '3o' : CHiVRO.LET PICK-DP. Cicsf'ii.Cab *19-! All. Cats .Over $100.00 Guaranteed FURNISHED bedroom, 1017 W Walnut. Mrs. Ed Hardln after 6 p. m. 29-ck-tI Furnished AparUnent in Ward Apartments, 1031 Weit-Ash. Will DC vacant January 1. Call 650 ck-t MODERN Three room Apartment wub bath, unfurnished, Phone ' ANNOUNCEMENTS Mrs.-U' H. Bwrnetle annooacea the opentai of short hand, tspewril- icg 'and bookkeeping classes. Sperl»! Prices. Call ft't\-Vi. Ick3-l MOTOR ., •' 2S)' : Enst Main Street" rhJlic 811-810 Blythevillc, Arkansas. 'MAN OF INTEGRITY 21-45 PHY- -SlCfALLY FIT INTERESTED IN ... .•_ ^ RING GOViBijNMENT BUSINESS D1KECTOKY NEW DEAL TRADING POST Farniluie, Tools, Clothes, Etc.; Ufs trade. HI East Main. 6c kl-B KXl'ERT Typewriter and Addle* Machine Kepairing. V. S. Wauk- enship, 116 E. Kose. CaU 16S-J. 21c kl-21 AUTOMOTIVE Auto Glass All Kinds Installed The Ark-Mo Lumber Co. lOc k2-10 WANTED—Man »1th • vehicle to peddle coal, Ash <te R. R. Coal Yard. 10ckl5 We pay more tor pecans, furs, hides, bras?, copper, radiators, aluminum, lea], batteries. Phone 176, Wolf Arian, 128 E. Main. 23c kl-23 LOST Lamb Cill 308 - Red's place - IIS E. Main For Auto Palnttoj Body and Fender Stnriee : - ' 29ckl-29 LARGEST STOCK USED ..FARTS Iictwcen Memphis and St.;''Louis Also'Auto Glass-Phone'66 JACKSON AUTO PARTS CO. •• ' /i3c k2-3 LOW PRICES on winter" car needs, licalers. alcolio', OPA glycerine, Jiodcl T tops & &We. curtains, $193 up. WOLF ARIAN, 128 K Main. . 23c kl-23 Call Us When In Need.Of Guaranteed Merchandise Tires-IUltcri'tt - Replacement Parti U(JBBARI> HARDWARE CO. Automotive DepU ; Ick2-l CLEANERS TAILORS To look your bcsl is always essential. I-et us Veep your Clothes flt. 1 Unique CleaninR Service • Call 171. - 20-ck-20 "BATTERIES New Ford Batteries Kcnial - Reclrarcinj; - Repairing -m TIRE & BATTERY STATION m kl-M RADIOS All Radios, including R. C. A., are bein s dosed oat at cost tor CASH al pubbard Hardware Co. 12ckl-12 lfo~AL & WOOD I'llOXE 107 BUCHANAN •'Our Coat is Black But \Ve Treat You While" 9c k2-0 FOR SALE 1 pair mulci—$200 1 pair mules—S25S ( f;irm wnjons—520 'each. TrinllJ'iann Conslruclion Co. : 12-ck-16 Stonevillo No. 4 COTTON SEED. price $1.15 hundred. See.P. Black or Clarence McDennott 'at niy- tlicville Gin. 12-ck-10 FOR SALE CHEAP: Steel dumping bed. Pit any truck, Hi yards Paul Byrum, V'ALL SET f SVJEU.! UTS^ VEftH- GET G01N 1 - WE/ IETS ,_..... DON'T WANTft /PO OUR STUFF/ SHE'S LONG ENOUGH IF WE PUT THIS OVER, WE'LL BE IN CLOVER LOOK FOR \SNT PRINTED ON n,ON ACCOUNT OF •BDN6 SO ACCORDING TO rAY OLT> AS I KNOW THIS IS NEAR THESE ' "RE-D SPOTS (7 T3UCC/XNEER STRWM <lu«ot Irom Kroterjr, Hr\S ASSEMBLED FOR TWE PRESCNTftTiO^ OF QUEEK UMPATEEDLE'S LITTLE DINOSHUR.-O^ •:'•-. •. WMESTMES,'-AHErt!\ /WONDERfUl,'.V^LLjxLee, UMPATEEDLH. QUEEN OF MOO.'// KN'T IT SWEET.'. ASUAWOGGU-O.'-: NOU A UT1LE Oft J UT LAST I. HKVE A. ) DIHOS^UR AWA\1S QUEEN'S JUST I,1KE W11.L1K! BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES TKOUKLE APLENTY! WASH TUBBS ~ WOTTA W "WOTTA" HOUSE ! WELL, ANYWAY, TH' 6POOKV STUFF'S QUIETED DOWN. MAYBE I CAN GET SOME SLEEP. PCG60NE EVERYTHING! I GIVE UP. I'M GUNN^ DR6SS eo FOR t\ WALK. NOW MY CLOTHES ARE the- farmer, had on the top of a SALESMAN SAM HeS.~ oviii-', fiefte's f WELL, IP L.COK1W <\ DOM T , OF THIS CODFISH WftS 'SHOUilMG- SPitV. TP.KE LcMO-Tft DC IW THAT ou FUSS, our IMTK FISH .'FRECKl.KS AND HIS FRIBNDS ' . . BOYS I CA.V.E UEB13 To BAVJU .p ' '" ' - I\'E CHAWOED MY M1NP....1 IH!N~ YoO HAVE \Z& WAT WILL KAtE V-'ORLO SIT UP AND NOTICE !/ B'.IT WE v/AWT kEEPITASSCR£T...VJE CX>MT WA^T'ANYOKE To KNOW ABOUT IT UMT1L IT'S A ' BS SUCCESS/ .. BECAUSE,IP IT- PAILS, WE'LL BCf LAUGHED ATJ" ' ITS A SECRET. SO DONT TELL A SOUL THE k'DS MLU FIB£ A ST-THAT WILL White bobXailed large BULLDOG! Hith brown spot over eye. Will I Richardson, Route 3, Box 80. REWARD. s $10 Meal Led to Slaughter NORWALK, O. (UP)— Lambs, as well as goats, seem to relish odd miscellany in their diet, a farmer near here learned, when one of his woolly pets in an unkind moment swallowed a perfectly good $10 bill. Urban Fritz, placed the bill scales platform. A breeze blew U to. the ground. The lamb sniffed il> Fritz turned around, but too late; Fritz found the ten only slightly crumpled in the animal's stomach. Read Courier News Want Ads. FEMALE HELP WANTED SALESLADY for Local Store Experienced in Ready-lo- wear. well acquainted in Bly- thcville. Reply by letter in detail to Box H, Courier News. 10ckl5 • GOOD COAT, IS THE CHEAPEST COAL is no coil, West cj Uie Alls then? Moan tains, »a h^h In heat and as low in ash as Uie KJPREM 9 Soptr.Heat fa a . bold statement, but U Is ethical, because it's tree. We have authoritative analysis on flic on all roal and can prove Ibta claim. SUPKEME Snper-heat Is *he onljr coal of 1U am* a«d only by tbjj cempany. A Site Lamp 1 Ton - J7.W J4 Ton SUM Cob A Rich Man's Coal at A Poor Man's I'rice Sap«rior Ccal & Mining Co Mi W.

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