The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 9, 1932 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 9, 1932
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Served by the United Press BIYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NO11THEA ST ARKANSAS ANL) SOUTHEAST MISSOUItf ^"^ HOME EDITION VOL. XXIX—NO. 150 Blythevllle Dally News, Dlylheville Hmld. Mississippi valley Leader. Hlvihevllle Courier. ,,,,,, , ,, .,.,,, .,,, . r, i, l ' HKVl[,Lh, AUKAiNSAS, I'UIDAV SICJ'TlCiiliKH !), SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS FEAR 60 IN EXPLOSION Tammany to Support Roosevelt i AL11ANY. N. Y.. Sept. !> <UP)~ I Tiumnany Hall, which comlia'led i'Vanklin D. Roosi-vclt's noniiua- Nolcd Reformer, Friend 0 5-Socr 0 'tic ll: noti(i r nai' k ^Lvcuiioi As German R<:icli8l;ii>; Mel: BLIieiLLE IN II Hardaway lolls H O r Local Facilities Helps Community. and Hoover, '" Chicago, pledged Its support lo ir*. i ' ^' m today m ihc form of :: un- f. animously adopted resolution . ' adopted on motion of its leader, | KVANSTON, 11!., Sept. 9 (UP)— John Curry. I „„,,„„ , Mrs. W. R. Bryant. Evanston! The rc.soliillon, intioduced at a! gingers \vcre urged to make uso ot j housewife, said today that she meeting of the Democratic state ; j^,^ f^iiije.s in the liairJiin^ and j saw Col. Raymond Robins, whom j icnimHlee, pledged active sup- j mn ' r kctln» of cotton and K> she had known since girlhood, at ! port to lh? Roosevelt-Garner lick- ' " n Chica30 intersection at 2:30 p. i el to the end of a triumphant m. yesterday. i election "of our candidates." Blylhevllle collon shippers :M-.J NEW YORK, Sept. 9. (UP)—Intimate friends and relatives ot Colonel Raymond Robins, cclcrful reform leader who has b?cn nits3i»3 since Saturday, went into conference today, fearful that he had been kidnaj>ed and murdered by rum runners. Dr. Frederick A. Smith, heat of th: World Alliance for International Friendship, and a friend of Robins, announced lhai relatives and friends would organize a nationwide march if Robins is not found by nocn tomorrow. Ti-.e secret service and police were cooperating in tlie hunt today for Rabins. No trace of him had been found. The man who helped Theodore Rccsevclt lead the Bui! Moose in its futile 1D12 campaign vanished here Saturday after checking out of the City Club. He told friends he was going to see his old friend President Hoover, whose reelection lie was urging. The appointment was Tuesday at the White House. The vigorous 59-year-old campaigner had received hundreds of threats against, his life. He received sonic only a month ago, but laughed them oft. ~" V. .S. Probe Ordered WASHINGTON, Sept. 9. (UPI- Auorney General Mitchell revealed al the White House today that fed- era! prohibition agents had been ordered to make a thorough Investigation of the ' disappearance oj Colonel Raymond Robins, militant dry leader \vho failed to appear last Tuesday for a scheduled conference with President Hoover, and who has not been seen since. The revelation that several prominent prchiblticn leaders have received numerous threatening tellers, all apparently from the same source, came today as federal secret service men pushed their investigation of the disappearance of Robins. Cannon Willinm Sheafs Chase of New York saM (hat he and Mrs. Ella Boule. among others, had received threatening message.*;. Revenge Seen as Motive Prohibition leaders gathered here for the prohibition board of strategy were alarmed at Robins' ab- and were inclined to believ: seed by O. O. Hardaway. pi?s!de!il of the Blytneville Board M Trade, at the board's annual m??tnr.; and 1 let al Ihe Hotel Noble last] night. Figures assembled bv Mr. Harda! way, read to the cotton aim by 11 West, showed that the l-'risco THY RCI imniorv HA M IN rNHI I MA LJ LLIISy ULIIU I I «« I B I fl n F* B fir • *- es, snowea umi i::f rnsco U Illl UL nl!L ' aild Cotton Bclt railroads, the Bly- il llUhnr niSr lhcvll!c Cotton Oil mill, and •.!:; lo- U IIIUIILIIUL. cnl pi;m[ O f t| 10 Federal Ccmnrcss him the victim of a revenge plo: by prions who had been the object of Robins' sadc. lasv enforcement cm- said the threatening letters lie and Mrs.'rioiile had received were written in the same hand and mailed at Brooklyn. N. Y. Mrs. Rcule is pre.-ident of the W. C. T. U.. an? Chase has been active in prohibition and law enforcement activities. Sheriff's Settlement With State Reveals Falling Off In Collections. A marked decline in the payment of the general property tax this year js revealed in a comparison of settlements made by tlie sheriff and collector's office for Mississippi county's share of the state general tax over a period of three years. The reduction of payment In taxes applies to county as well as slate tnxcs since one cannot be paid without tt-.c other. Approximately $81,000 in the state general lax was turned over to the state treasurer by the county collector this ' year, compared with about 599,000 in 1931 and about $120,000 in 1930. These figures do not represent the total payment made "by the collector each.year to thsjstate treasurer since his full report includes land redemption receipts from the county treasurer, delinquent personal properly taxes from the previous year and other minor items. For Instenc?, the sheriff's complete settlement with the state treasurer this year was S98,56>.82. In 1930 the collector's office paid over to the state treasurer approximately $120.000 representing payments on 1929 state general taxes at a 7.9 mill rate. This was on'a total assessment of S17.808.343. In 1931, on the basis of a 1910 assessment of $17.683,580. His slate tax collected and turned over dropped to between $99,000 and S100,- 000. The state general tax rate war Increased to 8.7 mills on 1931 taxes collected this year but th; assesses valuation of county property dropped to $15,531,163. This year the state tax collected and turned over dropped to about, $81.000. This wa< due to a high percentage of delinquency despite the increase in She tax rate, while the lowered valuation was also partly responsible. On Ihe basis of (he. 1D3I (ax settlement, made this year, property valued at $0.077,097 was relumed delinquent against a delinquency ol properly valued at S5.087.080 In ID30 and only S2.104.210 in 1929. Missouri-Pacific Would Abandon Short Lines T . ~.«... Scot. 9 (UP) — ""'Missouri Pacific railroad com', '^ an:>hed todav to the Tnter- •ii'ib ^" nrilnicrcc Commission for ' 1;cr "v to abaudmi about 16 ™, C .! M lls h ™"* lines in Arkal 'd Missouri, road asked abandonment The of ils 12 3 mites of track fron branch lino ou and Warehouse company, Vave B total annual payroll in this com^ inunliy ol S21S.186.08, auj pay la>:- es of over S90.000 in Mississlpnl county annually. Every bale of cotlon placed in the local compress means nearly SI in salaries nnd wages for this community, Mr. Hardaway pointed out. while cotton seed crn^'.cd locally and cotton and cotton preJucts shipped by railroad also contribute to the support of ?ocal \vor<-- ers and to the maintenance of local government. Directors Named The annual election of directors resulted in the seleclion of the fol- owing to administer affairs of the oard for the ensuing year: Ira rawford. Scott Harris, H. High- 11. R. D .Hughes, O. O. Hanla- ay, Max Meyers. T. J. Malian. f. I. Osborne. E. C. Patton. J. II. oney, H. N. Swearengen, L. II. Velch. Organization meeting of the new oara" will be held -within''a few- ays. Among tho guests at last night's iceting were W. A. Thompson and Valter Turner of Llltle Rock, prcs- dent an dsccrctary of ths ArXan- as Cotton Trade association. E. F. lomcyer, local agcnl for l'.:e Friso railroad, H. T. Gulp, commercial sent for the Cotlon Bclt. and W. *; Born of the Missopri Pacific. 11 of whom spoke. Explains Rail Rale: Mr. Turner outlined the recently nstltutc-d railroad rates on cotton, nd answered questions as to ap- llcatkm of the rates in specific 3KS. The railroad men discuss?;! :ie same topic. The figures presented by Mr. [ardaway showed tbat the Con::-. Belt railroad has an annual local ayroll of about $18.000. and pay? ver $11.000 annually in taxes: tre Viseo railroad has an ammal pay- oil of over $50.0CO and pays abon >67,000 annually In taxes; the Dly- tievllle Cotlon Oi! mill paid $51,403 n salaries and wages here last year nd S2.C28 in taxes: Hi? Prdera' 'ompress and Warehouse couip.iiu >aid $02,783 in salaries And \va?-:s nd about $9.000 in taxes. i Nutui'nl Benutv of Trad ] Will Permit Develop- 1 inoni ill Siiwll Cosl. ! I Walker's grove. If acquired lor a | public park, can be mude a Hum; i of Kival beauty al smiill cuu. ac- ! • cording to the committco nnm.'rl | recenlly to study the possiijl!nl: r . I of landscaping llu; Irnct. | Tills committee, consisting of Public AskctJ fa Visif Wallier's Grove Sunday Pliins lire cimijilctc lor icccp- li<;n of til? lllyiluvjlji- ]iublk at Wulkcr's Ki'ii'i' 1 unipiva'd city |):ii-k, Sunday nflrrhiwn. DllVlS SllTCl Will bl' (JlU'lH'd into llic. 1 urovf. to pmnlt rasy HiTi-ss by nuloiiioblK's. Thi're will be u baud conci'rt nl about 3:UO. nnd uu'inbcrs of park i-ommHltios will be tin hand Ihrouuhotil the LtCtciniuin In explain iilans for the ileiTl- upincnt of Hie tract. OiM-nlnu ot llu 1 pro|K)scd park for thr- afiernoon \VLIS nrran'iotl I" enable residents of lilylhe- vt!l<- to visit the grovu and |!<-'t n llrsl litind Iminesslon of Ils |K}.ssibllitlcs for paik purposes. I'A'Cryone Is invftcd to attend Ixmls Cherry. U. P. Klrelmrr ami — Ueiuierrjon. has |?onr- over Si Miner, Loaded With Laborers, Blows Up As II Leaves Pier. IJUVIt Ilk IIUI l.H/ll, IIJL1 K" JIL U1 -I J | I | •% J% H ^II^««V"I I [ir.e proposed park carefully, m" I I llPL LllTDt I j has cumc to the eonellisloll Hull I 11 11 In I* Ml I [11 1 I Ulic best pl.m for Us develo;>:n?ut,! UUUUL I U I IILLL STilES York Cotton NEW YORK. Sept. 9. (UP)-COt- ton closed steady. Open High lav Close 730 811 790 805 815 830 807 .821 821 835 315 830 828 849 825 842 839 859 835 854 847 866 844 862 Oct- Dec Jan. Mar. May July ... Spots closed quiet nt 815. up 15 Son of Former Banker Found Dead at Memphis ~t)ttnr> NEW ORLEANS. Sept. 5. (UP) — Cotton closed steady. Open High lav Close Oct 803 810 780 803 Dec 818 82S 80S 823 n 822 836 8H 834 Mar 833 847 827 812 May 843 850 835 853b July 850 863 31S 853 Spols closed steady at 309. up 17 Stock Price* «« n in 1926 Thomas Carroll cashier of the defunct Savings bank at Jackson Ton- pleaded guilty to the cl'wt« of clwt« of fraudulent breach of tnist He was sentenced to three year, in llic penitentiary. Now he is sup" ermtendent of the medical ars builrling here. The bank s' was re)xirled lo have been imately $300,000, A. T. and T Anaconda Copper Aubarn Caterpillar Tractor . Chryslv Cities Service Coca Cola Continental Baking General Electric 115 1-4 15 1-2 S5 . 11 3-4 183-4 51-2 106 15-8 2t> 1-4 s ' General Motors ........ 17 7-8 Mlddlewest Utilities ...... 5-8 Montgomery Ward .... 13 1-2 New York Central .... 29 S-8 Packard ................ 43-4 Radio ................. 12 3-8 Simmons Beds ........ 12 Standard of N. J ....... 35 1-2 Texas Co ............. 16 5-8 U, S. Steel ............ 47 3-4 icclaring thai he v.ou!il neilhei 1 sup;x)it nor toiiTiitt; Ihe iircscnl Orlan government, Adolf Hitler made a fiery address to Hie 230 Nn- ionul Socialist members of tlie Rciclislag on the eve of Its assembly, nd here Is shown as he ndminislcrcd lhc oalli of allegiance to the <azl cause. Killer had been repulsed in his demand for a place !n Hie Cabinet, but one or his followers was elected permanent Speaker ul he Reichstag after it had been called tc order ly Knui Clara Zetkin, hown in inset. She. a f5-year-o:d CoimnuiiLsl. presided ace;rtll!« o rule tliat the Ilciclulai; assembly be opsned by its oldest inuinbur well as U'.e tnosl, i win bi> to make llu nulurnl t?:nily j of tlie yrovL 1 the b:isls for uny ]no- i Brain of laudfcapliiB. I Cost Would Kv .Small ' A brief sununnry of its conclusions, prepare;! by the cojiui'.lluv follows: "This committee went, over the r.u'i ol liind, and thinks It Is Ideal 'or a diy park. It can be dev3lopcd and iiiiide a thing of beauty very easily and can be maintained Hint way at- n small cost. The ^rove, It- Democratic. Conven- NEW YOHK, S?pl. !). (UP)— Th? river .steamer Observation. Ioa:lMl ttltli 1:101-.' I'ian 150 woi'Kin:n. blew up in tlie Easl river r,II Manhattan Hand toiay. nnd early Ihh nfternoon 42 bodies had been recovered and U was feared the dealh list would reach no. The Injured totaled more than 125. Lincoln hospital had 44 eas;s in l:al, some- of t'rcin dying, nnd tre-iled 15 otliers for less .^rloiis Injuries. A -flce-l of hoftls niu 1 . Feaplnu;? assembled nl the scene of the dls- nsler to limit f=r bo:lles. Police and five boats formed a cordon white Sales Tax Meeting ] [1 Will Be Next Week I I he mass jneetiji^pfjllecl for tn-J: night to discuss trie'proposerjl; geiv-~* fll Arknnsos tax amendment to the constitution Ins been postponed until ncxl week, it was announced today by C. A. Cim- ningham, president of the clinvn- icr of'commerce. Mr. Cunningham cxpinined tliat number of persons who desire to lartlelpate in Ihc meeting found necessary to be out of town to- j - - - day. and that for thai reason the j '» Missouri, Tonnfssjs and /r.knn I Fifly Delegates From Three States Expectec at Convention Here. Loading pholugi-aphcr.s from cilia u the early part oi r_?xt week. self, is the most- b^ruitiful Umber In northeast Arkansas, nnd n It can be found specimen 1 ) of the many different trees, whose kind once nnulo ihl.s ft great hardwood market. "With: (i minimum amount <jf leveling, the ground can be nul hi . |-i ' f* uuni^J lUk I in l| It UULUUIL U (111' tion r-CrmnmV in (jOVCrn- I icscusrs ican-tinl for His- dcail. ^,»,,t F,. \/;i,l llni-rowins; sccn:s nccuiTcd nl t!i< Is HOT BPIllNns. Sept. !) (UP3— Tin- ncmwrntlc convcullon nd- lournctl Ibis nftcrnnoii nfter n lirirniotllnuf; love fp:ts1 Mint was clnmlnnted completely liv .Judirr J. Miivinn Fiilrell, llic piiriy's nom- inr-» for I'overnor. A plalform resolution ttiat en- tlrclv itiol I'utreir. 1 } appvoval wns iKloplt-rt wllhoiit n (Hint. All the Issues on which Fntrcil's Inndsllilr was wined wen- Incluil- Elrecl ferry icrmlnnl wlirn (lie Vodlcs were recovered from tlia river nntl l.iij o:il In rows for Ictcn- UflcnUfni. Wceplue wlv^s oiid nia- HUTS wlin had scon llieir men dc- nrl n lew hours curlier cnmc-to lie pier lo look for llielr dcticl. The (!;n-inc explosion which ilt- erally ripucd ll:c simmer lo 'oils arcnrreil .Ills', ns the-, boal wns'lcav- (lie ]ilcr lo cnrrv the laborers In llieiv jobs on Hykcr's Istand. n city iiL'iinl colony. blue good slmpt- nnrl soon cnn be cov- Cl1 ln ihc nlnlform nnd U-n nn.n- 1 ince furnished In his speech Friday morning Ihc high spols of Ihe Invf dnv'E session. Economy \vns ngnin wunded bv Fntrcll ns Ihc keynote of his nd- mlnlstrallon. He iiwcl plflln Inn- BiinRc In saying .lhat llmitatlo]^ must bo plnced on • the~ power-' ot the li>3l!lnliire (o npnronrtatc mnn- ev. (hnl the stnle dellcil of SVSD.- CQO must lie wlp:d out. nnd Ihc government run \vilhln llic limils of current revenue- vlthonl. raisins Inxcs In nny ninnner \vhnls3- Rumors That Clianse Is Contemplated Without Foundation Says Moss. There is no foundation for reports that general offices of the Ar- kan.s:i?^ri?5ouri Power camr/uiv may bo remover! from Ihis city. " to that tf.zrc is to be any reduction in the coaipinv*^ peri""-- ins of ths Southeast Missouri !'ho tosrapV.ers Asi-oci:it:on here Mon day and Tuesday. Di=plle Ihe iniuo taing "South east MissDurl." members aro eti rolled from n number ot Arkans-i cities nti:l Iherr is on? from T;n nrssre, and i'. is [ilamie:! lo cxten the group into a trl-stote a. p ,~ccb- lion. l:?ginni!iL; with lh? ineetlnR here. E. p. n»lt. former nresitlent nsul now secretary nf the nrgnni'/.i'.ioii, is to be the official host and Mrs Belt, hostess to the 50 expected to attend. In addition to a complete program, wi'.lch will deal with the an of maki:iK pictures, there will be a tour of nlyihevllle for the visitors [riii*, cotton fields, canning factory, oil mill, schonlr churches, proposed city park and cred will! a rich carp:t of rnw nnd wbUe clover. "Then the trac'. would lend II- Eclf lo tnos'. a:iy ly]ic of Inndscup; development tliai would b? dcsirod. But Ihc most plcasln:; elftct will result fron^ kccpln? ns much of tlie natural "beatify as pcissibldr And llii.'. will be (lie most cconomlm] plan lo use. SUB^e^t Swimming I'ool "When <lev:lop:d. It .should be 11 children's paradise, for H ho! the possibilities of being mnde Inlo a model playground, in time o swimming pool could he mnie in Ihe southeast corner (lure would !>? In a unUiral background of cypress tr?rs. A gr?nt many child problems wculd thereby be solved. "More work will be rco.ulr,-;l on (lie entrance than any other part of the park We suggest, thai the cnlrnncf be n:nc!s by a ronilnua- lloii of Davis sirrel. A fill, wltr pro;wr drainage, would be necessary for nn M weather entrnnco. I-vir Ihe time being tall-growlm; shrubs could screen llic unsightly loiver ground until th? fill fs romnlotcr 1 With Ihis development the' park ™uld be n tiling of nalural beauty "The landscaping, wlille simple. cnn be ninde very elFoctlvc ntul als; iiicxpeiuslve." Ncarlv $1 a Bale nf Ycs- trHav's Loss Is Regain eel Today. NEW YORK. Sept. 0 (UP) — Traders were dtscosed lo take : more cheerful outlook on the cot .on situation today todny as th affects of the government cron cs .imate wore off. and u-ith an In- rrcase in outside buying and a 'orrcsnoridin? (Iron In selling pressure die market rose to net gains of nlmoEt a dollar n bale. Although weather (levelopm^iits were fnvorablo there wns a fore- cost for unsettled conilitions in the near future which would help "ro propagation of the boll weevil. DALLAS. Tex.. Sept. 3 (UPl — The Dallas News todav reported heavy clamase to the Texas cot-' ton crop within the week since! stfitlstlrs for yesterday's very bearish crop report were compiled. The news reports were seen us compensation In some c^sree for the government figures which sent, cotton prices crashing down $5 a bale. Tl'o News' weekly cotton survey for the state snid n sv.?ev O f scit- tered torrential rains since the government estimate had been compiled has done enormous local- ir.xi damage. nel here. O. P. Mo.-s. Ihe company'- olhcr sij ,]. ;s of , llis vicinity, imnajrr. told Ihe Courier Ncivs :o-• jremters of the crjani/atlon al- da y- ready i:ic:nde phot;3rap'.:;rs frrm Rumors that the company was n Sl Loui^. Cap? Olrardcau. Ii:on3- be dissolved as a sopirate corpor.i- vjn,, Kansas City. New Madrid lion and to be absorbed by c/i? M Festus. Carutlirrsvllle. Kennetl tne larger units of the Middle \\'r~: Charleston. f'op:ir niiiff. Dexter. Utilities croup have no basir i:-. Sikcslon. Campbell. S!. Gcncvieve. fact, Mr. Moss said. snggesUn? thil! Jackson. lionne Terrs. Perryville they may have their or:?ln In' an(1 p^ s:to. In MijsDiiri. Bnt3s- niins; of papers for tlr di^o- villc. Jor.esboro. t!':?iia. Osceoln lution of the Arkansas Pub-lc Service company, a subsidiary of the local company which fo- and Biyihevillc. In Arkansas, and Rldgcly. Tenn. In tak:r.r: up [he- two cay pro- tlcal purposes has been an in!e- i gram the pl-.otOTraphors will b: gral part of the Arkansas-Missoi.ri | shomi th? newe« ":na:?rials airl th: best artificial lighl demonstration ever dLsphycd In this pnr.ip. Clark McConr.ell, of the Eastman Kodak company, wil; iilustral? t'.i? pho!03:-aphine of small children and larg? gio;ips of pooolc. D.iu Piiithrop of Jonpsbiiro It'' of the Memphis Pl'.olo Supply company will show the test jivoccss of making prints for reproduction. Bil Hamnior. of the: Han::r.?r Pia'.: company, will show tl'.e new opal plat" for miniatures. Chester Kcss?ll, of Cape Gir.irdean. will demonstrate fikjtchlng on portraits. Ray M-oyrr. of Bcxmevllb. is to tnik on "Commercial Work and Aclvertlsiiu," B. Luders. rf Caiw Glrardeau. will explain "Over Retouching" and .1. J. company for several yors Mr. Mess snid that iMcum? cf reductions In the st.ifr «f if? r.e^M- nuartcrs office of Mlddle'.vesl Utilities in Chicago the lor^l co:n:>viv v.'ould in the future make its r;;:o:M to the Soutlnvcstern c,s< nr.:! K'r-r- trlc camnaiiy at Fhr?veD"it ri'!\'r than to Chlcapo. but fa', ilik -AT. ; the onlv change contomn'.alcd. Maintenance here of th? Ar'<:n> S3s-Mis5ouri comnany's pen:ra'. offices Is of Ir.iporlanc? to Blythr" vllle from an ponnn-nic stjndo" : :i'. as lhc offlr; 15 a subr.a > ttal one. T.'stimonv at the '-en-:rT On local rates now In pr02r:ss v- veoled tint the company's nayrMI nnd other expenrtitii'-es in niy:!i-?- vllle are tn excess of its loral rr- CariitlifMvillc. Rouev Halon and Five Companions Si ill at Large in Mississippi. OXFORD. MM.. Sept. D. (UP) — Eluding bloodhounds ar.d a force of officers w^o hal fraileri them lo Oakland, six>ecl armed ccn- vlcti from the state prison farm si Parehman were telicved lo h.ivc taken refuge in this section today. The force of prison guards and other peace officers who had sur- rouiuleii a section of wooded land near Oakland early (oclay In the belief tha'. ihe six dcsporadoes were hiding there, arrived here noon to take up the trail. Roiuy Eato:i. «'ho wa>; sen life term (or the ambush slaving of United States Deputy Marsha? Clyde Rivers, was leading the escaped men. Tlie trail of th; men was picked up here after it was reported tint Clifford Smith, one nf thr 3SC<ir>cd convicts who was serving a life term on a charge of murjirln} a person In this county more than a year ago. v.-as seon In this section Tll'^f |V o nine A to Onlv $76.000. Socialists Protest Barring of Magazine ,. (UP)— Tlie Socialist party chamed todav that postal authptitles at . Washington liiul -Brevrnlcil cllxirliillmi of-'the •••• party's national camnalsni magn- rlne by rnlsimt "t.iclinlcul oblre- I'oiis of n completely exlrancmis c^riracter." Party lenders said they had 'been led to suspect the 'magazine was b?iiig denied second class mailing rights hrous" of Its ntlack on Pieslrlcnt Hoover nnd his policies. "Pele" Hatched Effgs— Then Went Cannibal WASHINGTON. Sr-nl. n <UP>— ^milHIcan r^ninai* 1 '! fu'id collections liavi reached low wn- ter imik. Tlio I'lm'^u of r>xwi»:«F; Is bohi" carried tnrcclv by Nn- Honnl Trcasurrr ,To5rnh li. Null nnrl n qroufi nf his prrsoual nnrl hi'sin"^ ns.=oelntes. Political exnrnses lil: rt cvrrvihtn'' "If hnvo ujidfi'ponr 1 a drastic •!."• Ontion slnre 1029. Four vcurs n^o i>ic Rppnblicnn nntioml commil- If-e rollfrtct! SG.SOOfiTfi. Tbk ys-nr "JVcnsurcr Nutt siilrl he could cot "loni; wilb sl.SW.COO lint in (he first Ihrcc nionlbs of the cam- nnipn be has collectrd only $7G.CH10. Kvrn with borrowing of an nddl- lionnl he ruis n (Vnclt of C 0.roo. nrcordin-? [n his Tfport (11- n ri tills wrck with the dork of the house. Democrats nr? expected to submit their rrcorl any dnv now. Some political exnerls Iiorc suggested thnt possible Republican contributions wmrlrt come flood liv;* in during the Inst iwo monihs of the ompnten. It u'ns su^rcstfvl nTpn com'd^rnMc sums ,\vill b^ contributed dlrectlv to st«le rom- nilttfes in doubtful territory sitrh (\5 Illinois. Ohio. Tr.ritaun. Mis- sou rt and New York. In uhich cnsr no rrcord would snow on the na- j tlonal committee book5, j In anv event it is rorlAin thnt n ' the fancy figures of the past will not be reached. Reputed Farmer W» f ~ o* HARRisntmn. PP. (UP>— "Pct=" n rhig-ncckcrl phcnsrtn;, rack, waiit- c<l to pby "sc'tluc b?n." He brcodcil five e?!gs for Hi? ne- c-:>ssary tl:re™ weeks nnd I-rvni the shell? popv-d tlircr? (liifTy bir;i;.' "P?te" looked at his charges in br - .vik'crmcnl, became a cannibal and ate one. L. D. nrnrlck. kecpor of f!ie stale game refugp ujar ChrmT;!;!, relbvrd "Pete" of fiities. bantam hen was substituted. ReJnced $3,839,907 Girl, U, Justice BANOOR. Me. (UP)—Helen K. McOrath. 18. is tlw youngs-sl jus- ) ti,:c of tlw peace In Maine. Is to early today. Four ot his compan- rato thj photographing of Sons also ucre reported seen, young ladles. Rev. LeRoy Wi» Pwach al Lone Oal? Siimlay Tlie Rev. w. .1. I.cRov. na<tor of tbc I.ak" Slrcet MethccliKt rhurch. will preach M Lone Oak Sunday aff-mtxm. S oclock. This scrvlco will be the firsl heid since (he Rev. Mr. I,eR« closed tin cvnngcltstlc irsctin^ Ihcro last Sundrty. There were 11 conversion- wilh (brsc joinin? the Melhodist and Baptist churches. Tl>? Rev. Mr. Ix-IJoy will occu- nv (he pulnit of his chiircb Sunday morning, ft hail been announced thnt there would be no services ns the members would 20 to Ihc First Methodist church to l-.-ar Bishop Hoyt II. Dobbs. of Shrcvpport. La., but he will not Uc here. PaulB ern SAN Doroth to be Hollywood scrcpn yjrodvcer husband of .Jenn Harlow. nnd who Atlantic Storm Now Southeast of Nanlucket WASHINOTON. S-pt. 0 (UP) — Tlic- .storm which has teen en:Hn- 'r-e:inii Atlantic fhir-':im nnd buf- fetint the scjilx^avil w?s central liviav oust southeast of Nr.nt'.icht, ''»e H. S. weather bureau announc- r d in i^spfn? sjnall rra't ivarntn^s i-ctwcrn Block . Island anrt East- Tlie small craft warnings took plice of the storm warnings hoist- Hatteris to Main?. Cardwell Woman Taken | to Jon^sboro Hospital] JONESBORO. Ark. — Decreased, valuation of real estate and nr-v-1 CAHDWELU Mo—Mrs. J. L. sonal nsstrsments In CraleheBd I Clark, cf Cardwrll. was taken by county totaled $3.839.801. it is paid I Hie Howard-Ander.«ii ambiihnce In a ro]xirt filed In the offlc° of; to Jouesboro where she entered St. Edwnrd G. Cherr}'. lay coiloctor. | laniard's hosniiai for treatir.o'nt by Miss Constance Heath, tax as-1 for cancer. She has been • ill for scssor. . some lime. Doc*nr Will Decide H Babe Needs Operation NEW YORK, Sept. 9 (UP)— Babe Ruth was restine comfortably at home anrl there was no ch^n^n h> lib condltic!), the New York Yankees office said today. Dr. Edward King will examine Ifiith today to learn if an operation for appendicitis is necessary. killed himself in Los Anseles last Monrtnv, boarded a river line boat' WEATHER CR!.. but was not aboard n-hni tlr [ nejs and tonicht. Satur- boat docked there. Hin Francisco I dcv mrtly cloudy to cloudy nnd announced todiv. ! unsettled. MLw Mlllett was repistered atj the Plaza hotel here until Mon- j According to the official weather day, the dav Bern shol liiinself. 1 observer. Charles Phillips Jr., t>.e i>olice said today. | maxitnum temperature here s'es'er- • ''clay was 75 decrees and the m!nl- AMITY. Ore. <U1')—A (hree-feot mum 6S de?re?s. clcurtv. To3av a ratticsnake was captured alive here i year ago Ihe maximum (emperalure in the roundup of a herd of sheep. | was 00 degrees and lhc minimum The rcplile lias six j 71 degrees, clear.

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