The Daily Capital News from Jefferson City, Missouri on November 10, 1936 · Page 4
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The Daily Capital News from Jefferson City, Missouri · Page 4

Jefferson City, Missouri
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 10, 1936
Page 4
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to Put New Life in His Party Notional Chairman Will Not Wait for Next . Election, Confers with Leaders in Plans NEW YORK, Nov. 9—(AP)— "Republican Chairman John D. M. Hamilton said today he would be' Bin work. immediately' to "revitalize" the Republican party for the congressional election of 1938. He predicted that the party would emerge from 'its defeat in last Tuesday's election with greater .strength in the next few years than it has had since the defeat of Herbert Hoover in 1932. "I'm not going to sit around and wait until a few months before the next election to start work," he told reporters. "I think that from an organization standpoint we are a lot better off despite our defeat than we have been in many years. Never has there been a spirit among the workers such as there was when "we went to bat in this election. Of course, the whole thing went far beyond any party lines. It was the American people voting affirmation of the policies of President Roosevelt." Confers with Leaders Hamilton spent the day conferring with party leaders on finances After the conferences he said the expenses of the Republican cam• paign were well over the $3,300,^ 000 reported by the Democrats earlier in the day and that the deficit probably would run over $1,000,000 as' against the Democratic-deficit of $500,000. The- Republican leader said he had no-intention of resigning or of calling a meeting of the national committee in the near future. He said he had been in touch with about 90 per cent of the committeemen since the election and as far as he knew there was no* demand for a meeting. One of the first moves, he announced, would be a conference with Gov. Alf M. Landon'some time this week at which plans would be discussed. He has not Talked with Landon since the election. He will then go to Washington and establish headquarters. . "Do you feel doleful'about the prospects for the future; of the Republican party?" he was asked. "Not with 17,000,000 people voting their convictions and with more than 450,000 persons-contributing money to the campaign," Hamilton replied quickly. "Of course, I can't keel over and wail against the wall when my party becomes the minority party. Don't forget that the Democrats were in the minority for almost three- quarters of a century and they finally came back with a bang. Place for Minority "I am firmly convinced, and I think every clear-thinking American: is too, that under the American form of. government it is necessary for there to be a two-party system, and under that system there has to be a place for a militant, vigilant party representing the minority. • "I'm not going down to Washington and sit around and shout about legislation just because we happen to have been defeated. I'm not going to. do a lot of things to try to hamstring the administra- . tion, but what we are going to do is to re-assemble our ranks and carry on for the future. "We intend to maintain primarily contacts with the men in the party and the men in the field who worked so loyally with us and for us. I don't intend that the next Republican chairman should have to fauild from the ground up, such as I did when I took over the chairmanship last summer." Hamilton left shortly after his press conference for Chicago. DAICY GAPITAC NEWS/ JEFPERSOK CHY, MO. ; TUESDXY. NOVEMBER 10, T936 Request of Juror for Deck of Cards Infers Hunt Case Defense Asks Jury Be Dismissed os Sheriff Enters Deliberations MACON, Mo., Nov. 9.—(AP)— The request of a juryman for a deck .of cards figured today in a controversy which halted the Jim Hunt murder trial after the jury had been selected. : Waldo Edwards, counsel for the man charged with the murder of Chet Nowland, Savannah, Mo., salesman, moved the jury be discharged because he said he had seen Sheriff B. R. Williams come out of the jury room. Edwards said toe sheriff had no business there since the jury had been placed in charge of two deputies. Questioned by the state's attorney, L. A. Duvall, each juror said Williams had come to the door of ] the room and that one of their number asked if he had a deck of cards. Each said the officer departed after saying he had none. Sheriff Williams told Judge Harry Libby that he had entered the jury room by mistake while seeking the grand jury to serve two subpoenas. Judge Libby discharged the jury for the day and said he would pass on the motion to discharge tomorrow. Nowland, 42, was shot August 22, 1935. Two previous trials resulted in jury disagreements. The first witness called by the state before the motion to discharge presented, was Blanch Stamp, who was hunting with Nowland when he was killed. In qualifying 40 men for jury service, Roy Bailey and Oscar Coleman were excused by the state because they were adverse to inflicting the death penalty. Divorce Whistler CHICAGO, Nov.. 9.—(AP)_ Mrs. Verne Tanner, 29, was awarded a divorce from Elmo Tanner, whistler with a (Ted Weems) dance band, by Judge Philip J. Finnegan today. She charged Tanner deserted her Aug. 15, 1934. Her attorney said an out-of-court settlement calling for the payment by Tanner of $1,000 in weekly installments had been agreed upon. ARE YOU ONLY A THREE-QUARTER WIFE! are certain things *, woman has to put up with and be a. good sport. Men, because they are men, can . never understand a three-quarter wife—a wife who Is all love and kindness three weeks in a month •nd a hell cat the rest ol the time. No matter how your back aches —no matter how loudly your nerves •eream—don't take Jt out on your husband. For three generations one - woman has told another how to go "smiling through" with Xydla E. • Pinkham'* Vegetable Compound. It . kelp* Nature tone up the system, thus lessening the discomforts from ; the functional disorders which wo- , men must endure in the three - ordeeix ot Uf«: 1. Turning from *i girlhood to. womanhood. 9. Preparing for motherhood, f. Approaching "middle age." Dcet be »'• three. enarUr wife. take LTDtA K. POOCItAM'S VKG- rVSUMX OOsfFOUHD.: aad•-.-. •««- Der Fooler Woman, 81, Kills Her Husband, 91 r Hangs Self LOS ANGELES, Nov. 9— (AP) —An 81-year-old woman killed her 91-year-old husband with a razor, police reported today, then committed suicide by hanging. Detective Lieutenants Frank Howard and William Beard termed the deaths of Charles Johnson and his wife, Anna, murder and suicide. A grandson of the aged couple, Earl Sargeant, found the bodies in their home today. Two notes, splotched with blood were found, but they gave no clue as to the cause of the killings. Neighbors told officers that Mrs. Johnson had been acting strangely. Lutheran Synod Opens Cape Girardeau Meet CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo., Nov. 9—(UP)—The annual two-day convention of the Southern Illinois conference of the Illinois Synod of Lutheran church opened here today. Approximately 40 ministers and laymen were here for the conference, the first of the Illinois synod to be held in Missouri. Victim Hunting; Accident LAMAR, Mo., Nov. 9.—(UP) Robert Heath, 11, was in a critical condition today with a shotgun wound accidentally suffered Sunday while hunting with a group of boys. He dropped his gun and it discharged, the lead striking him in the left hip and ranging upward into the abdomen. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. K. B. Heath, farmers living five miles northwest of Irwin, Mo. MEANS RAY A few cents per day will provide full insurance coverage for your valuables. See us. JP MfllER &LDG. MONEY TO LOAN On Red Ertato Cas O Looks like Adolf Hitler Incognito, doesn't it? That's what officials at the zoo in Vienna thought, too, when this man wandered through the park for several hours. Cowlick, moustache, .beetling brows and jutting jaw resembled the German chancellor so much none were sure whether to salute him. His identity never was learned, but it wasn't Hitler. Grow* Out 'of . m o h o .City Bond SwindU KANSAS CITY, Nov. ».—(AP) —Amos Bryan Corbett, former president of the Kaw Oil and Gas Company, went to trial today before Judge Albert L. Reeves in federal cocrt on a charge of using the mails to defraud. Corbett is charged with sending :oupons from six forged Omaha :ity bonds to Omaha for .collection. The case is an outgrowth of the recent mail fraud trial at Springfield, Mo., in which five of six defendants were convicted. the sixth was acquitted in a directed verdict by Judge Reeves. Judge Reeves announced in :ourt today he will sentence the five defendants there when he opens court at Springfield Nov. 16. Richard K. Phelps, assistant United States district attorney, said Corbett is accused of giving six of the forged Omaha bonds to a woman executive of the concern, who obtained a loan of $5,000 from a Kansas City bank with them as security. The note was :ancelled and the bank reimbursed when it was learned they were forgeries. Judge Reeves called a criminal docket of, 40 cases shortly before election of a jury for the Corbett case began. Several guilty pleas were heard and trials set for oth- :rs indicted. Judge Reeves also sentenced William A. Justis to three months in jail upon a plea of guilty to pos- lession of untaxed liquor at Clinton, Mo, Indict Firm on Eight Sales Tax Complaints ST. LOUIS, Nov. 9_(AP)—The William J. Brennan Grocery Co. and two of its officers were charged with violation of the Missouri sales tax law in eight complaints filed in the court of criminal correction today by John H. Hendren of the sales tax department of the state auditor's office. The complaints, which named James M. Brennan, vice-president, and Clarence Brennan, secretary, charged failure to file returns showing the company's gross sales at its three retail stores and the amounts of its sales tax liability for the first eight months of this year. Houston Man Will Face Manslaughter Counts HOUSTON, Mo., Nov. 9.—(UP) —Lawrence Ware, 50-year-old filling station operator, was free on $2,000 bond on two charges of manslaughter. His automobih Friday night killed two' brothers, Raymond and Ralph Ditmar. Preliminary hearing for Ware was set for Nov. 30. Ware testified at the . arraignment that he saw the men jus't before his car struck them. .-After ;he accident he drove on, but returned to the scene later with a neighbor. Steer .Terrorizes Street ST. LOUIS, Nov. 9—(AP)—An escaped Texas steer run wild through south St. Louis streets, charging pedestrians and a group of WPA workers before police shot and killed it today. The 1,000- pound animal broke loose while being unloaded from a railroad car at a packing plant. GIVE KITCHEN AND BATHROOM WALLS SPARKLING NEW BEAUTY WITH Interior Gloss Finish The washable finish for Interior walls and woodwork Banish drab, streaked cheery modern colors in their place! Youcan i do it easily, at low cost,- with. Acme Quality Interior Glow aad your walls will be moisture proof and steam proof — as easy to keep clean as a china plate: Fourteen beautiful shades from which to choose; ; See them at our store: A Gallon Costs Only $3*39 ACT V. CAN TODAY! SPECIAL! BARN PAINT, Gallon NOW SHOWING! NEW 1937 WALLPAPER 2C Up Roll ACME PAINT & GLASS CO. 117 E. Hich Phono US Orlando Rickey. Mfcr. To Trial on Court of MaHWraydlng Seek Funds for a Count of Jobless Economists Contend Relief Can't Be Properly Administered Without Jobless Census WASHINGTON, Nov. 9.—(AP) —Commerce department officials said today they were drafting recommendations for appropriation of $15,000,000 Mo $20,000,000 for an accurate count of the nation's jobless. They added that ground work for the census—which has been demanded in some quarters ever since the Hoover administration— had been laid. Such a census has been suggested often during the last few years, with some economists contending that detailed, authentic knowledge of the size of unemployment problem was vital to the. success of any attack upon it. Estimates of unemployment have varied widely. To Take Six.Months Officials said the census bureau probably could make the count in from four to six months After the first one had been taken subsequent check-ups could be made more quickly and less expensively. For.several weeks, it was said, census experts have been working on forms which would be used in the.jobless count. The census would be designed to show in which industries and which areas the - unemployment problem was most serious, the length of tune a person had been out of work, the amount' of part- time employment he had and similar data. The census plans will be submitted to congress as a separate proposal, officials said, independent of the.budget and the department's other requests for funds. After th'e first census is completed, periodic counts are planned under the direction of a pro- jected new "division of ^industrial economics.*. ' Ask The department has asked the budget bureau to recommend a $400,000 appropriation to start the division, which would coordinate such statistics for the benefit of industry. Officials said cost of the first unemployment census has not been definitely determined but probably would be between $15,000,000 and $20,000,000. They added that most of the workers would be specialists and familiar with this type of work and further that it was not contemplated there would be any widespread use of relief labor. LADIES & MEN'S FELT HATS Cleaned & Blocked by Factory Method Ladies' Leather or Rubber Bring TUm ». I With Shoes SOJLES—Sewed on Ladies' A Men's Shoes 48c up TRUST $LDG. Phane 1251 Divorce Tire Manufacturer RENO, Nev., Nov. ».—. (AP)-Mrs. Ruth Pruyn Goodrich, socially prominent in New York City, won an uncontested divorce decree here today from David Marvin Goodrich, chairman of the board of the B. F. Goodrich Rubber Products Company. The Rocky Mountain, goat ascends to the top of the highest peaks. GUARANTEED RELIEF FROM CONSTIPATION Common constipation is usually due to meals low in "bulk." Pills and drugs give only temporary relief. The sensible thing to do is to put "bulk" back into your meals. Millions of people get this needed '•bulk" in a delicious cereal: Kellogg's . ALL-BRAN. 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We have these three—and many other Jarman Friendly styles^-to fit you correctly in either black or brown. • . • The Jarman Friendly Shoe Scheli& Ward High at Jefferson "I'M NO CENTIPEDE" said the man with the bundle ON a shopping street^ the other day, one of our reporters overheard a horny-handed son of toil talking to a friend. Under the man's arm was a good-sized package. A philosopher could not have driven home more convincingly the points he made: "Im no centipede," said he, "but I know that on a healthy man of my middle age even two feet are still going to need a lot of footwear. See this bundle? There are three pairs of brand-new bargains in it. No, I can't wear 'em all at once . . . but there's nothing to stop a fellow f rpm using a bit of horse sense. I've got eyes and I keep 'em open ... I know a bargain when I see it.. .. 'And just because I watch the ads for such things, I figure that I've made a shrewd investment by buying three pairs of shoes for what I'd ordinarily pay for two." Well put, Mr. Farsight! Where is the man, woman or youngster who isn't likely to need shoes—and clothes arid other things—next year as well as today? For the best values, watch the advertisements in this newspaper. Through them buy for the present—and prof it; buy for the future—and profit doubly. --.--*' • - *. —• _ _. _ _ mr__ i DAILY CAPITAL NEWS 0

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