The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 12, 1934 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 12, 1934
Page 6
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PAGE SIX BI.YTHEVILLE. (ARK.) CQTJR1RH NEWS I I till YOUNG-MAN'S GAMF? FRIDAY JANUAHY 12, 1934 • By Krenz Arr^y.' of Veterans and .-Promising Newcomers , To Meke Annual Trip. , .BY JIMMY DONAHUE : NEV Service S>orts Wrilfr •NEIjV YORK, Jan. U. — Fifty youth, carefully tempered with the steadying Influence of a couple of gray-beards, will be too iniirh for John-Bull on Moy 11 and 12. .On those 'two days ihe U. S. Walker Cup if am will • lamtust the British erf on thflr home soil at historic St.- Andrews. -.How. do I know? Well, probably the slrpnuest team ever assembled for this classic of golf will represent Uriels • Sam In Quest of his eight consecutive victory since the amateur brawl brtwoqn Ihe two notions was first ployed In 1932. buimet, Goodman, Fischer. Little, E&tan, Marston, Dunlap. Nfore- land and Westlond present about the strongest front the amateurs co'u!d assemble for the wnrs. . ' ^mong these are five 1 veteran Walker Cup 'campaigners 'and four who have yet to win their spurs in ^ the tournament. Those lour— Goodman, Little, Fischer and Egan — : no!d the secret of the ' team's success. 'Johrmy. Goodman, winner, of the National Open, is bound to play his bffl In this conquest. In 1932, when Johnny was believed a sure bet for the team, U. S. G. A. officials, ignored him. That Irked the Omaha kid and he went, out to itioui such golf that ihe couldn't possibly be passed up this year. Fischer and Little are 'two other i youngsters v,'ho do well in the' spotlight. .The former, intercollegiate champion in 1392, Is a Cin- cinnatlan who has been coming to the front in the last two years. He- as among . the favorites . In the National' Amateur in '1932. but flunked out early, being oft his fame. The . husky Little, a boy from the west coast. Is tireless. •He'll - be-at his • best- U- he-tangles Jrith the toughest . of the English team. ; .The r b£g question, niark Is H- 1 -Chandler Egan, the 51-year-old' •veteran, of NSedford, Ore, The- apple grower was in his hey-day way Vac* 30 -years ago. .when he won .the National Amateur in 1904-05. •Trie advent ' of the' Walker Cup foyhti him seemingly past his peak, and -he. was without consideration by selectors' until last year. His comeback woun'f! up -In ..#• satisfying. performance' In. the 1933- Na- tipnal .Anlateur,- wjtere he •eliminated "Goodman In the first,, round. , *T5), ASA OF THE 'WAIXEP OJP TEAM, MAKK CGSIISLE A MATCH years of junior pluy back of hhn ; Sanders Is a player who Is expected to prove n valuable addition to the team timing the second semester when he becomes eligible for play. He has had two years experience' as n junior performer at Yarbro school. Goli sometimes produces profanity 'and Barnes was un expert at heaving his sticks. One diiy he was ploying.the Broartmoor putt 1 ;" weren't dropping. On the green gf a hole Dial Bordered n small | pond about 50 feet, across, lie missed three ol them, hu grabbed his. puller. Op went Jim's dander nnd without n Bill Braucher DernpSeys Look for Stork After an all-night trip and a mad ' dash in a decrepit hack through the streets of the Polish city, lie • reached the Zbyszko home. Pound- ; Ing on. the door brought no ic- sponse. Curley pitched a stone through a window on the second I floor. ', 'Ihe Elaiilul Zbysnko finally ad- ! milled him. With minutes to! spare before the next train de- : for Vienna, Curley tossed ! clothes Into a fiiji while, the vrestk'r was dressing. Then In 1 dranccd him Into the cab nnd . ;i way they went to the station, ' hardy making the train a.s it pull- • out. They were well on the way to Vienna lx>forc Zbytzku was fully "Ho 1 *- did I get here?" lu> a?keil. "Never mind thai," replied Mnns Curley. "You are ilerf—and how I abr.ui that knee? Is it him si-r- I lowly?" Then ?,byszko's amazlnp iej>ly: "My knee is nil right. I didn't want to wrestle tonight my friends In Crueow nre t'lvm'j "" — •——— c i omS H r'ro,n n my"w?elsT'' h0: " C "'" CTe " " bran "- ncw and M «<™' P'"'-« «* Mr. ™d Mrs. And how would you like lo do business with ]X'Ople like that? Buckwheat Cakes No Longer Really American CHICAGO •<TJP)_Tlie buckwheat cake, traditionally • Amencjn lias been dispassionately removed ' from the list of American Institutions by science. '. ' ' • Dr. Jierthold ' Laufer, curator o( Anthropology 'at the' Field -Mn,*,,,,, traced buckwheat back to Asia and has shown (hat It was cultivated theic for at least 2.000' svars "The Tibetans and other mountain tribes related- to tlte.ii, 11 rj r Laufcr said, "weie ' the.' original buckwheat raisers and ' t;-. e '^rst buckwheat cake caters. They |jr 0 . duced a complete buckwheat culture complex, grinding the flour into cakes, gruel and beer." Bv2ii the straw of the p!am W M i!ti!i2ed as fodder for their primitive huts In the winter. • ' JacK . . . . . who have announced they expect p. visit fiom the stork next A solarium- revolveb on top of a tower has been erected in Prance, s o patients in each room receive the same amount of sunlight and' cooling breezes: • Do You Remember? One Year ABO Today-Sir Mni- crltn Camiibcll, English nmo nicer, nnnuiinceil he would try t« hrr-uk thi: world sjKed record at Dayinna Heacli. Fin., early in the year. Five Years Ago Today - Dill Kltm. after announcing he would ictire from umpiring in the Na- lioiial League alter 22 years sign- 1 for his 23rd season. uimmer. Mrs. Uemjjsuy is the former Hannah Willii-ms. siagc star. ™i, Y r» ^^s? -~"^; r ^ a ^ in ui:blic with his malodorous j ! wares suspended beneath his nose. fights ' _ The Spectator, a daily paper pub- i ' Want Ads. nsws from its portant. •TV • two centuries ago. barred I It fl *-^ *' gjs a-s toing unirn- j The Christian world never has; adopted one uniform Bible. T/iere' are 10 different versions in use today. BUDWEISER .. . ,V th.e highlight ,.ol_tlje, cup" rnlttches-'iio- j- will-be" n duel betwse'rt'Jilni *: 55-yeari6Id. . thje, honorable 'Britisher fsym., trtliaVjvno; wfa the 'English, : ArmV- teir'-in .1933; Bal..pfrlupi"a'*«tYle btlwMn.Scqtr and a^orfje^upkb, .whom,, the aged one 'defeatcd_~:in the semi-finals 6f-Ybe'i&3i ; Britlih walked to the edge at the green, and .let My, hoping to plant it In ; Vou Can't B»at 'Em ; New York has been having an ! inquiry Into the blubber business -•- jTt seems, one of 'Mons ! Curley's f'crmer Jacques pachyderms, one has packed : a; lot • oi :~4oU :)tilb his; 40. 'years.... Ou,imet .-h»s. .-been '..captaln.-.He has.tea ' every tna e^--. . whirled the club around his head J"„„ 4 ° '"'"'£ I'^'Werms. one " !-J. Hassen Pfcffer. beez rassle man a watery grave. J wasn't dolle rign ; bv Vd decided But the club cleared, the lake by several feet, nnd Jim, surprised'to blow the whistle. Quite n huh- at .his power, \vaik'ed over and picked it up. The stunt calmed him Jxih nmong (lie huffers and puffers I down/ and he weirt.'on \o;putt superbly .for tlie rest ol the round. j"}J. c " sued - witl > th c state pth- •••-...,.•.-.. i--.'.'.'. :••-.'.: . -. . '-.:'•. ' • . . ^^^ ietl e commission getting a terrible ., .-.-; •••; .-'.-,-••:,; '". -' .:'- a ; -. ~ ~.~, '' ~ fnrf "l of misplaced participles. I Xonp§l>^r6 Cagers; Gla^h With f iy^Here Toni g h t the. Jonesborb high school'Hur-lot;'th'e'^new-imemaers of thn teoim. ricnne jnd the Blytheyille Chlctsl is-I.p'jaJjjiB'.'.'hW tirat year for'Ely- the ,.. States, since -1922 -arid,- "thougH you didn't -"hear "a ' th'lh'g. about ' rilni l«!f season; except- when' he -failed to Qualify ,fpr' the-, Natiohfl, -Amateur. his -steady work .under fire is- calculated to- help" the lighting youngsters" .".!;;: '..:;...;;: U is interesting to note the changtfl,'. picture, of the 'amateur ranks- .since; the -last Walker Cup team;'.of" 1932. That year Ouiriiet headed; a squad composed "'of Jess Sweetaer,.- Harrtsoh Johnston George- VolBht.! Don • Mpe.- Slauricc McCarthy. . Charlgy '-Seaver. Billy Howell, George- Dunlap and Jack Westland; ," -.-;.,. '•-•-. Today only two.- of his.1932. squad are back-^Dunlap: and -.Westland. 'BintLove Wai -. take, : up tonight where they Pfeffers uroclamatlon that wrestline racket isn't on tlie souare-must be ranked high amoii" the searching revelations of the age. If Pfeffer had solemnly announced that the Chinese are given to the drinking of ten find eating of rice, he hardly could have shocked the world more. Mons. Curley. himself, who for tlHjviUe., .Previously he ett prt-.ln the:Brials.of;last ; year's yc»r^;pf:-Junlor play.and a year: of district cage- tournament scnfot"play-.Vat the,: Dell years has been a' keeper of pachv- pectacular. and .hfotic a struggle the first lime tonight. Since Joncsboro, WINS f]IIF, TET . - 1 • J V> U *-> Aif' winner of titles in of EI«TtT,^i(iart, reared • MriraiJ.Ad-lov* i t . tfjn MMiMK police, the past, can always be counted I on to produce-a strong team to-i night's . affajr should shed some 1 light on possible strength of the two teams In tlic March tourney. Coach W. D. "Nfac" McClurkin a' the Chicks has declared that his team looks- better now than at the same stage ol the campaign last vear when the locals met with indifferent success until their dis-1 trict triumphs. I Nfoseley ana -Tipton have been I clicking at Ihe forward positions' lor Coach McClurkin and the red-1 headed Purtte has played n good; game at center. Koehler and Wil-' son are consistent performers at: the guard positions. ! The Blythevilte high second team and the Dell team will meet- in a prelimln»ry game, starting at I T.lS 'o'clock. M. W. Melton of the : Shawnee consolidated .school Is' scheduled to referee the tilts. \t Coach McClurkin has an array; of talent lo send against the in- i vaders from Jpncsboro. Hershel' Moslcy, an all-district forward last year. Is in his third year of varsity play afler playing for Ihree vears with the junior high team. Wilson, a star guard Is winding up his cage career with his third year of varctly play after one year of iunlor high play. Rlley is playing his second but also his final year I «s a varsity performer after one | year as a Junior hoopster. Brog- i don, one of the school's "Iiard luck" athletes Is In the third year' of senior -n!»y after two years as i a Junior. He w»s unabl- to finish j the season l»st year, sustaining a! broken hand, in a jam« with i Stee|«. Purtlt, tb* red-headed demon center of lh« squad. Is now a third yetr m«n »fter one year of Junior hl|h sUrdopi. Tipton is a, seconi year varsity mtn »fter two ytars »« iunlor hl|h play. Ktohler, one to how a given match would end. but I never have been sure there would be a show until T SB-.V both of the principals in the ring." * » » Zbysiko-Kollcr Mons. Curley told of a piece of promotion he once attempted in Vienna. Doctor Holler was to wrestle Stanislaus Zbyszko at tlio circus BiiECh. Curloy wrote 1,1s publicity. had it translated nrri clis- ; tributeri it to the newspapers j which gave the show generous il lowancc. By chance. Curley . met Frnu Ferdinand. Crown Prince of V;s- tria. whose assassination at s,-ia- Jevo some years later was to r>-e- cipitale the World War. He i-,- vited the prince to sec tiic n-.a-ch as his guest. His highness a .. ,t fan himself, accepted lieartily ! The night before the inn-h I Curley received n telegram jr,,.,, Zbyszko, who was visitinn r .'U- tlves In Cracow, statins thai 'he had injured a knee and ihe lout must be called off. Cirrlev wild. He hastily telephoned ' but the only answers he could .gel from the famous Pole •<•'„, ] wrong. rc i ' * * That Injured Knee Curley dashed to the railr-nd station, and caught a trail- for Crncow with seconds io S p 1!c ,3 Tie «ew worM tbrcc cushion pocket billiard champion, above, l« ErwlB Rcdojph, cicijJand Rodolph won the crowa dtfMtiit Andrew Pom! IB «n i». much !h«t wound up For Sale 3 Bundles - 2,ic Special altenlion large orders. CHICAGO MILL & LUMBER CO. x'i "In Reply to Your Classified ArF Foiti- lines or three lines or two in Hie Conner News— nntl n little cafe clistngcs hands, an ii E in<j couple sets milo transportation jojilli, two heart-broken sweethearts are friends again. A telephone story, focused into a few clear, economical words by a lielpful ad- taker—and the second floor back finds 'a roomer, Lixzic liiids a new jjarage, .lolitniy finds Iris terrier. Strange wants, everyday wants, wanU urgent and trivial fiml a voice and an answer in the Courier News Classiiierls—and linnjr t,, PVC ry Courier News reader a lijiKc Id i-d with draina oficn, with thrill" occasionally, wit!) OITOKTUN1TY always. COURIER NEWS CLASSIFIED ADS

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