Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on August 10, 1956 · Page 6
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 6

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, August 10, 1956
Page 6
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>A«Sfi ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH FRIDAY, AUGUST 10,1956 Owens-Illinois r ° rch a " b / »• * 4 i ictnc AI learnings L)]> ear Uiiring Y TOLKDO. Oliin (Sp-<-in|i — Owens-Illiiviis r;)rMi!i^> for I!" 12 months fndrd .June T.n. IPjR \\rre $1'B.",10,17R. <ir ^t.:" 1 ." v^' share, .!. P. I.r\ is. lunini i iiaii flews of Stork* Late Volume Shows Decline i 1ST I,KAI> WALL STRKKT ... ' NI-;\V YORK Mt—Volume d\vin-; riled in late tending today as the f^tork market staged a quiet decline. Turnover for the day iva.s esti- ! mated at around 2,100.000 shares'man. reported today, compared with 2,5,10,000 Thurs- This compares with rarninv:* nf day- : S2o.4SO.7J4. or Si.17 per share, Losses of most pivotal stocks : f Or the 12 months ended June •were within tbe two-point range: 30. 19o;>. hut International Oils, the worst j Sales, totali'ip W7S.101.6in. sufferers, were down three or ; were up nearly 8 per cent over four points. j the $351,283.285 of n year airo. (iulf Oil was down around fourj Provision for federal and oth- and Royal Dutch alwut three asjer income taxes amounted to uncertainty about weekend devel- $26,194,182, or S-l-28 per share. optnents In the Suez Canal crisis! compared with $25.351529. oi restrained traders. ! $4.14 per shnre on the fi.113.748 Railroads declined and extend-! common shares outstanding, ed their losses slightly after six; Second quarter earnings this Eastern carriers applied for [year were Sfi.772.285, or SI.11 boosts in first class passenger i per share, on snles totaling S97,- VYOOD IMVKP, An alt.-r- , noun anil e\rninj.: nf Inn. font! and fiiendly chatter is schedul- i'ft for memhers of St.'indard Torch CUih and Ihfir fMinilisp al tlv iintiual picnic to IICKIII at 1 p. m. Saturday at the club Hroundf on Fosterhun: niad. : The afternoon \\ill feature rides and contests lor tlm chil- ; dren and crown-tips, and voting 1 lor the Torch rinh quern. A multitude of prices are to he given n way. T'aiicjng to the music ol I);i\r ' Stiles orchestra will heuin al 7 p. m. and at 8 p. m. Miss Doris Schlcepcr. will vacate the ] 1956 queen will Plant Mar.aijcr New Home Construction Shows Decline Edivardsville's BPW Will Scud Group To School lion if bxildilifr in Allnn fie- dined in July, only throe pcr;nits (nr nr« (l\vrllinf.'s to an atjcre- CMlc estimated cost «f S-lS.OflO lie- in i: issued by the rity building i ( , department. Othonviso the local rnnvlruc tion picture for mid-summer was , of M) . g Norman ' W jnter of brighter. Thirty-three permits, in j , , the 19or> queen, throne and (be be crowned by L. H. Hulter- and coach fares. Losses by coppers Included Magma three, Kennecott around two and Phclps Dodge about a points. Leading steels were fractionally lower but Youngstown was off I 5185.287,901 after federal and about a point. j other income taxes of $12.7"):").000 International Han-ester. Cater-j or $2.08 per shnre. pillar. Johns - Manville. Eastern! Commenting on the increased 286,661. The provision for federal and other income taxes was 57,138,929. or $1.1" per share. In the first six months of J95B Owens-Illinois netted $12,d.").112 or S2.04 per share from sales of worth. The queen fandidntse are Jo- ; etle Carter of St. Louis. Mo., is employed in the refin-; were issued for \\ork rstimal ed at a total of .SlW2.76i>. as cotn- pared to the .lune showing of si:.s.(i<is. July projects, in addition to dwellings, included a rluuvh project, SILT).1)00: a new business slrwiurf. S1tt.~>00 and two alterations to business premises. Sir>.000: three garages. SI."Sri; a demolition. $100; a swimming pool, KIWARDSVILLE. — Commit- tei 1 chfiirmen of the Business and Professional Women's Club will attend the leadership conference AUK. 19 in Carmi, it was announced Thursday night at the lub's regular meeting. These plans were discussed at f\ lakeside supper at the -home East Lake drive. During a business session cons dueled by Miss Dorothy Bonham, president, the club considered revising the educational fund i usage. A special committee \v'1I ; be appointed by the president to i make a st.;dy and submit vecom- j mendalions. i Since the club's organization in j 1929 it has loaned money to girls (who j erics' shipping department; .Io- I an D v o r e a k of Rosewood ! Heights, switchboard operator: 'Peggy llrimh.v of Alton. \Vorks Airlines, Union Carbide and American Cyanamid lost around a point or so. 11 Selected Stocks Following are today's 1:30 p.m. quotations on eleven New York Stock Exchange issues research has indicated are widely neld in the Alton area, as supplied to the Alton Evening Telegraph by Newhard, Cook & Co., from its Alton branch office. (The New York Exchange closes dally at 2:30 p.m. (Alton time), so these are not the closing quotations): AT&T 184 H Gen. Motors 48 Granite City Stl 44% OUn-Math. Chem 60V6 Owens-Hi 77% (ex dividend) Shell Oil 97% Sinclair Oil 67% Socony 58 Std. Oil (Ind) 63% Sid. Oil (NJ) 58^4 U.S. Steel 64% News of Grains Futures Move sales volume in the 12 months: ended last June 30, Levis said! practically all of the company's j products, except television bulbs i particiated in the gain. The ma.j-i char)os Fl '- Vl or advances were made by glass containers, closures and plastics, the table glassware of the Libby Glass Division, and the scientific laboratory glassware sold by Kimble Glass Co., a subsidiary. The board of directors declared a dividend of &2\s cents per share payable Sept. 5 to shareholders of record Aug. 15. The board adjourned and will meet again Friday, Aug. 10, to consider the proposed merger OL Owens-Illinois and National Container Corp. Irregularly High Low Dose Prev.Close Sheat 2.19% 2.17% 2.19%-% 2.18Vt 2.23% 2,24%-% 2.23% 2.26% 2.27%-28 2.27% 2.26% 2.24V2 2.26-26% 2.25% 2.25 2.28 Sep Dec Mar May Jly 2.18% 2.16% 2.17%-Vs 2.16? Corn Sep 147?i 1.46% 1.47% 1.47% 1.41% 1.39?i 1.40%-% 1.39% 1.45% 1.43% 1.45%-% 1.43% 1.48»i 1.46 1.47%-% I.46V Dec Mar May Jly Oats Sep Dec Mar May Rye Sep Dec Mar May 1.40% 1.48 1.49%-% .74U .76% .78% .76% .73% .76% .77% .76! ' 2 .73%-74 .76%-% .77% .76% 1.38 1.36% 1.37% 1.42 1.40% 1.41% 1.45% 1.44 1.45 1.45% 1.45 1.45% .76% .77% .76% 1.37% 1.40% 1.43% 1.44% Soybeans Sep 2.44% 2.4?, 2.44%-44 2.43 Nov 2.40% 2.38% 2.40-40% 2.39% Jan 2.43% 2.42% 2.43%-% 2.42% Mar 2.46% 2.44% 2.46%-46 2.45% May 2.48% 2.46% 2.48-48% 2.46% CHICAGO iffi—Wheat No 2 hard 2.15. Corn No 2 yellow l.f>8% sample grade yellow 1.50-50% Oats No 1 white heavy 77-77% No 3 white heavy 75%. Soybean oil 11%-12. Soybean meal 52.00 53.50. Barley nominal: Malt 1.30 45; feed 1.02-1.12. Livestock Prices 'At East St. Louis Report Ike Has Vetoed Harbor Bill WASHINGTON (JB-Rep. Leo Alen (R-IU) said he was notified oday President Eisenhower ve- oed a bill which would have authorized a $1,600,000,000 program if flood control, navigation, power and beach erosion projects. There was no immediate word from the White House. Allen explained he got word the measure was killed when he was informed by the White House thai a project in which he was inter ested had been knocked out by the veto. The veto came, Allen said he was told, because "tens of mil iions of dollars worth of projects were put into the measure that die not have the approval either ol the Bureau of the Budget or Army mgineers. In some cases Army engineers have not even made a survey." The bill was merely an author- zation for future construction 01 :he river and harbor projects anc 10 money had been appropriatec 'or them. The rivers and harbors bills are sometimes referred to as "pork barrel" measures because scores' of Congress members have a personal stake in them with proj eels for their areas. Dutch Protest Repudiation THE HAGUE tf» — Indonesia' repudiation of debts to The Neth Office; Joyce Helmkamp. Wood River, main olfice: and Joy \Volfl of Wood River, Main office. Kscorts lor the queen and maids will be Hugh Arnold oi Granite City. Rudy Carl, Alton, Michael Savula. Wood River. Alton, and William Maag, Alton. Bill McCleish is picnic chairman and persons assisting are Freeman Rodgers, coronal ion ceremonies, Roberta Wardlow and Dorothy Kmerick, registration and queen voting; Harom Ferguson, refreshments; Don Claussen, tickets; Art Norlhway, kiddies contests; Fred Balster, cake walk; Doris Schleeper, novelties for kiddies; Don Claussen, dunking machine: and Wilbur L>ongwisch, awarding of prizes. Traffic will be directed by Chief Robert Ford and his Cot- 'age Hills Auxiliary Police Force. SI .(Kit): and a total of 21 projects. S15/.MO. Thu< far this year, permits have been granted for 40 dwellings here. June permits for houses numbered seven. Mar din Man repair j seeking to further their educa- I lion. The demand lor such assistance has declined in the past several years. Mrs. Margaret Wheelan, immediate past president, gave a report of the biennial conference held in l\1i-imi r fi " p "*i". Sh° "'-'"^ Truman Focuses Neiv Attention On Civil Rights By ERNEST B. VACCAKRO CHICAGO Oft— Harry S. Truman ocused new attention on the con- roversial civil rights issue today by voicing anew his support for egislation withholding federal grants for schools and other pur- rases where segregation is practiced. The former President also disclosed during a before-breakfasi stroll that he will announce his choice of a Democratic candidati at a news conference "tomorrov afternoon." He did so as he weighed the possibility of casting his lot will Adlai Stevenson or making an up hill fight to throw the Democratic presidential nomination to Averel Harriman. Reporters accompanying Tru man on his walk recalled that tin report of the Commission on Civi Rights which he submitted to Con gress in 1947 included a majority recommendation for withholding federal grants for schools, high ways and other purposes to statej which practiced segregation and asked if he still considered tha a good recommendation." "I do," Truman said flatly "That report is just as good it was at the time it was made.' Meanwhile, the 72-year-old ex- President set the Saturday deadline for his decision on a pres-1 idcntia) candidate in the knowl-i Suffers Stroke In Automobile Charles Plummer. Hardin resl-1 dent, suffered a paralytic stroke ! as be started to drive away after | a visit with his daughter and j son-in-law. Mr. find Mrs. Robert Kinder, 928 Haw ley Ave., Thursday evening. He entered Memorial Hospital. Plummer left the house, and had entered his car and started the motor. The Hinders had gone back into the house after bidding him goodbye. Mr. Kinder, however, noted after a few minutes that he still heard Mr. Plummer's car motor running. Looking out. he saw Plummer slumped over the wheel. Seek Youths Involved In Gasoline Thefts Through the sheriff's office, Alton police department Thursday- even ing was asked to aid in search for youths in a convertible who were believed to have been responsible for a theft of gasoline from cars parked at the David Saylor home in Fairmount. The boys, in flight after detection, were said to have left behind them a can and siphon-hose. Dr. Frank Morrison of 711 Euclid PI. informed police Thursday of a theft of four hubcaps from his car parked at his residence Wednesday night. Police learned that neighbors had heard sounds.indi- cating that the theft took place during the Wednesday evening storm period. Police Reprimand Group After Incident Following a complaint from the watchman at Piasa Tool & Die Co. on McAdams highway, below Riverside Park, that stones were being thrown onto the roof of the building, at 7:40 p.m. Thursday traffic policemen sped to the bluff-top and found a group ol two boys, 14 and 15, and three girls, 15 to 17. The boys admitted they had been tossing stones ovei the bluff, the police report says. All in the group were reprimanded and sent on their way. a delegate from the local club. Mrs. Louise Ahrens, parliamentarian; Miss Johanna I lent/., yearbook chairman; "Miss Irma Kriege, Blue Cross chairman; oVlrs. Irene Harrell, historian, and Miss Minnie Epping were in charge of the evening's arrangements. The first oi a series of leadership conferences sponsored by the Illinois Federation of Business and Professional Women's Clubs was held Sunday in Jacksonville. The attendance topped he record of any leadership con- erence held in the history of the federation, Miss Dorothy Fink, state president, announced. Those from Edwardsville attending were Miss Bonham, Miss Evelyn Bowels, vice president and program coordination chair- nan, and Miss Eulalia Hotz. news service chairman. Miss Fink will also preside at he conference to be held Aug. 12 at LaSalle, and at the Carmi lonferencc. Hospital Notes EDWARDSVILLE — One Edwardsville area resident was admitted today to St. Joseph's Hospital, Highland, and two patients were dismissed Thursday. Admitted was Arthur Westerhold of Rt. 1. Dismissed were Mrs. Othello Ferrari and infant son of 233 Adams St. and Carl Hamer of 321 E. Schwarz St. Shoe Catches in Bike Wheel, Spills Girls On response to a call by telephone reporting a "bicycle ridden by girls was believed to have been struck by an automobile near 2000 State St., policemen were happy to find the mishap far less serious. Two girls had been spilled from a bicycle, their report reveals, when the shoe of one of the rid ers caught in the front wheel and became fast between the spokes and the fork of the wheel. The riders, apparently unhurt, were Amanda Tolbert, 8, of 504 Mitchell St. and Gladys Williams, 11, of East St. Louis, a visitor here. IN POST 20 YEARS—Edwardsville City Clerk Ed Poos shown at his desk in his office. Poos has held his position for almost 20 years.—Staff Photo. Began As County Aide -Edwardsville City Clerk Quercus Women Visit Museum KD\\ ARDSVILLK- The Qucr- ciis Grove Woman's Club took its annwil lour Thursday altrr noon of Kdwardsville area hns- iness rslahlishmenls. The group toured the Kd- wardsville Oreameiy Co.. the telephone offices and the County museum in the Madison County Court House. It was announced that the next meeting will he held Sept. 6 at the home of Mrs. W. \V. Wehling of Rt. 2, Ed-wardnville Rotary Hears Sports Writer Ki AVARDSVILLK -A training instil i ilo for officers and committee chairmen of Rotary clubs will he held Aug. 22 a I B.-ar-istown. it. VPS announced Thmr.r'ay afternoon hy Roy Fruit, president of the local Fruit snid purpose of the institute is vo aid officers and committee chairmen to do a better job. In other club business Oscnr Schmidt announced that plans Committee in charge for the : are ;,cjng made, for the Rotary afternoon WHS Mrs. \V. R : cl ub barbecue to be held in the Brown, Mrs. George Paust and Mrs. \Vylle Love. Edwardsville Circle Showers Fire Victim EDWARDSVILLE — The Eden Circle No. 5 met Thursday after- uuim at 2 o'clock 1 at the Edon Served Public 22 Years ~ , . , j r» r ... ,~j Kvangehcal and Relormed near future. Guest speaker at Thursday's meeting wns Al PrHzker. a. lo< al sportnvriter, who outlined the city'? recreation program ruid I lie need for additional facilities. He also urged that existing facilities t)e used to their full ex- ten!. LEG A I, NOTICK8 High grade plywood is one of Israel's leading industries, with its main source of raw materials being French West Africa. EDWARDSVILLE—One of the leading citizens of Edwardsville is Ed Poos—a man who has spent more than 2't consecutive years as a public officeholder. Of these 22 years almost 20 have been sp^hl in his present j office as city clerk. He was j elected city treasurer in May, 1935, and two year's later began his first term as clerk, succeeding Bruc.e Fiegenbarm. Before he began his career as a cily official Poos gained much j experience in business, working as assistant cashier in one of the city's banks, a tax aide in the county clerk's office, and insurance salesman. The city .clerk recalled that when he frist came into office 20 years ago he did his work in the council chambers above city hall. The city supplied him with no assistants, but he hired a part-time stenographer from his own funds. Several years later he was given an office in the fire department and stayed there until 1948, when the office was moved to its present location at 309 N. Main St. Now he has two clerks to help him, in his work. "There hasn't been much change from my work of 20 years ago and what I do now," he reminisced. The biggest change is that now he has con; siderably more work—about double, according to Poos. There are several reasons why he has more work. One is that 20 years ago the city's population was only 6,000 and now it is more than 10,000. With this population increase comes a greater usage of the citys' services. Institutions of the withholding taxes and social security by the federal government has added to Poos' increase in work. "When I first took over, there were no withholding taxes or social security, but now I have to make all those deductions and keep records." Complaints also occupy much BIDS will be received hy the City of Wood River, 111., at the office iif the City Clerk, 20 South Church with president Mrs. Fred wood River Ave., until 7:30 P. M. ,,, .... iCDSTi AUK. 27, 1IW6. for the Im- KlOpmeier presiding.. I pri , vr , m , n t B nd modernization of -tho Mrs, Harriet Dettmer and Mrs. of his time. "The city clerk is the first person flvy think of calling when they have complaints," he noted. "I get quite a number of complaints and spend a lot of time in that respect. 1 usually refer them to the right committee or alderman, though." Ho also is a source of information to newcomers to Ed- j wardsville. Besides his regular work he is also a notary public, takes applications for various state licenses, and has his own income tax return business. 3 Alton Area Youths Nabbed In Melon Case EDWARDSVILLE — The first arrest of the xvatermelon season was made Thursday night when local police apprehended three Alton area youths and found six melons and a dozen ears of corn in their automobile. The youths, aged 15, 17 and 21, were charged this morning with petty larceny in a warrant issued by Justice of the Peace M. G. Schauerte. The sheriff's office gave this version of the arrest: Night riders were assigned to patrol the Poag area after the office received numerous complaints about damage fo melon vines. While deputies were on a routine patrol, a car with three young men passed them and failed to halt, even after the night riders fired three shots into the air. They radioed Edwardsville police, who set up a road block at the junction of Rts. 112-159. The trio was booked into county jail shortly after 2 o'clock this morning. Marjorie Sprandio led the devotion's. A miscellaneous shower was given Mrs. Anna Ohm, whose home was damaged in a fire last February with considerable loss to furnishings. ottiuc. CITY OK WOOD RIVER, EMMA JANE CLABAUGH, City Clerk. NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS Scaled proposals for the construction of Section 14 C. S. which consists of « Gravel or Crushed Stone .. tlasc Com-"/ Type B. with a Bituni- „ ,, . ., .. „(,„.!, '• hunts Surface Treatment Class A, Following the meeting rehe.xn- Sub cl(lss A .., tog( . lher with the necessary grading nnd other Incidental construction, on Wood River Avenue, in the Village of East Alton, will l)e received in the office of th«t Village Clerk of East Alton until 10:00 AM DST AUKUM 31. 1»M and nt Hint time publicly oprncil and rend. Plans and proposal forms may be obtained from the Village Clerk (or ments were served. Driver. '.1-1, Fined After Collision An automobile collision at intcr- :* sprcitic lenpth of time upon dr- cnniinn nf RHir Avenue and M section oi Bian AVI nue aim i»j P OS " o( * lr> -°° wnich wl " be 1 . ((ndcd |o nctUB , hld( ) Cr( , who ,.«.. street early Wednesday evening. ] turn pian« and documents, in good had an echo in Police Court today j ?£«• wllhin five d "« of bid opt ' n when the 14-year-old driver of one j The President and Board of Tru», , ,. j r1r , , ,„ i tees reserve the right to reject any of the cars was fined S15 for lack j arld alt prop osais, and to waive tech- of a driving license, and a like --"^ or of the president of Board amount on a plea of guilty to care- • or Trustees. i_ j •• ;.,„ Lawrence Dttrr, Village Clerk. less driving. j Allg ._ 1? .i7. _ ..... The youthful driver, the police) report shows, was John Killion. 14. of 110 W. Seventh St. Driver of the other automobile was Edward F. Scarborough, 43, of Route 1, Moro, an architect, whose car was disabled by the crash. The Moro resident filed the traffic complaint against the youth. Poisonous Monster The lion's mane, a jellyfish which sometimes grows into a, poisonous monster with 100-foot tentacles (numbering as many as 800), can kill a man. These huge specimens inhabit Arctic and Atlantic waters. ADOPTION NOTICE lu the Orphans' Court of Allegheny County, Pa. In re Adoption of Thomas Ray Mi'Guire No. 4(19 of 195fl. To Archie McGulrc, Father of Thomas Ray McGtilre, born on th« 9th day of July. 1331. at Pittsburgh, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, and any other interesetd party: Take notice that a petition has been presented in the aforesaid court at the above number and year, praying for leave to adopt said minor, and the court has fixed the 27th day of September. 1956( at 10:00 o'clock A M.. E. S. T., a.s the time and Orphans' Court Room, 8th Floor City-County BuildinK. Grant Street. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, as the plac* for hearing said petition, when and v/hei'e you may appetr and show cause, if any you have, why said prayer should not be granted. David B. Fawcctt. Jr. Attorney for Petitioner 1310 Grant Building, Pittsburgh 19, Pennsylvania. AufT. 10-17-24 Telegraph Want Ads "CLICK" erlands was protested by the edge it must be made soon if he is I Dutch Government today as a "flagrant violation" of an agreement. A foreign ministry commu- nique called on Indonesia to reconsider the decision. NATIONAL STOCK YARDS, 111. JP — (USDAK Hogs 8,500; bulk mixed U.S. No 1, 2, 3 200-250 Ib 17.00-23; moderate numbers No 1, '2 around 200-225 Ib 17.40-50; about 200 head at 17.50; 250-325 Ib mostly No 2, 3 16.00-17.00; tew to 17.50; 170-190 Ib 16.00-75; 150-170 Ib 15.0016.00; 120-140 Ib 12.75-14.25; sows 400 Ib down 14.75-15.75; few 16.00; heavier sows 12.75-14,50; boars over 250 Ib 8.50-10.25; lighter weights to 11.00. Cattle 800, calves 400; standard and good 15.50-20.00 with a few lots on stacker and feeder accounts 14.00-16.00; utility and commercial cows 10.00-12.00; canners and cutters 8.00-10.00; light weight shelly canners 7,00-50; utility and commercial bulls 11.00-13.50; canners and cutters 8.50-11.00; choice veal- ers 18.00-22.00; few prime 23.00; commercial and good 14.00-17.00; cull wnd low commercial 9.0013.00; commercial and good slaughter calves 13.00-18.00. Sheep 400; good to prime spring lamb* largely 19.00-2200; several lots choice and prime 22.50; utility and good lots 15.00-18.00; cuU and Utility 10.00-15.00; few native feeding lambs 16.00; cull to good shorn daughter ewes 2.50-4.00. Produce Prices At St. Louis Cvpriofs Set Oft Bomlm NICOSIA, Cyprus (fi — Cypriol extremists set off more bombs today in of three reprisal of their for the hanging men by British authorities. Five persons were wounded in the latest outbreak. An island-wide strike protesting the executions Thursday went into its second day. undecided delega"- j! lo influence lions. Most delegations will caucus Sunday on the eve of the party's! •national convention. ; Truman disavowed any claim! that his choice alone would de-1 cide the nomination of a Demo-1 cratic candidate for But he. said the lo his views. party president, is entitled Franklin Delano Roosevelt, in 1936, received the greatest number of electoral votes of any U.S. president, a total of 523. NOTICE Painter's Local No. 471 and All Painters and Contractors of Alton Area Services Saturday, Aug. 11, 8 p.m. at GENTS FUNERAL HOME In Respect fo CONTRACTOR FRED BUCK Who passed away Aug. 9th. ATTENTION Home Owners FREE! (*> Produce and ST. M>U1S ljv» poultry: Eggs, wholesale grade*, under- j gt«d«* IMS |i\>Wl, Leghorns ami hybrids 1> J4: fry*ni JUld broiler*, nearby) whitM MMl Plymouth Rocks IT. Oiher juice* COUPON lQ I am interostpd in Siding for my I homo. I | MY NAME ...................... I | ADDRESS ...................... I I Q I have a prospect lor you. I Prospect's Name ................. During the next 30 days, we will furnish and install Absolutely Free any size aluminum Combination Storm Door — ($75.00 value)—with the purchase of Aluminum Siding for your home or for any prospect you furnish us that we sell—No gimmicks of high pressuu-—If you've ever had a price on Aluminum Siding or any other type of siding for your home—simply check our price—We will not be undersold—Recommended by all banks, building and loan associations, contractors and our thousands of satisfied customers. Home owned, home financed and home town employees—lOO^c union. CALL OR WRITE MARCAL HOME IMPROVEMENT COMPANY Address Thin offer ulisoluli'ly Alton's Liadir in Himi Imprmmints Sept. 13 'Mil K. BROADWAY LET PIASA BUILDING AND LOAN PUT YOUR MONEY TO WORK--FOR YOU ADVANTAGES OF SAVING WITH PIASA •UILDING and LOAN ASSOCIATION: 1. AVAILAIILITY OF SAVINGS 2. SAFETY AND SECURITY 3. HIGH DIVIDEND RATE ALL ACCOUNTS INSURED UP TO SI0,000 BY FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN INSURANCE CORP, SAVING PLANS AVAILABLE AT PIASA BUILDING AND LOAN ASSN. 1. "G" STOCK Cost SUc 1'er Share Per Month—Value $100.00 at Maturity 2. "H" STOCK Cost $1.00 Per Share Per iMonth- 3. OPTIONAL SHARES 4. PAID-UP SHARES Either a telephone cull or a personal \')»k to our office will result In prompt. vourU'out answers lu any qiu'siluu concerning our savings plan* -Value $100.00 at Maturity PIASA IUILDING AND LOAN ASSN. Third and Htate SU. I'hone 3-3B31 JC8T. 1*77 — "AJ.TON'S OLDEST" TEENAGE DANCE Sat., Aug. 11-8 to 12 P.M. •y Little Moos* Teenage Club ALTON MOOSE LODGE Broadway and Washington MUSIC IY TED ROCK TRIO Everyone Welcome. FREES 48" TAPE MEASURE Your* absolutely fr«« for watching • demonstration of t h« New Hoover Constellation! A perfect miniature of the Constellation itaelf. "Hotw>" tape mean- are uareeU from top. Com* in and your* today. It's free! C/«CMI twit* »fe or, a * any Hi •xctut/v« douUi-itrittk Aoi« • Clean* 30 feet without moving • Hog* •tretchw, then compr«Me* for ttorag* • UeU mor« dirt with H i«M work • Compltu wt of Stnto- Tool* NOW ONLY '69 .95 HLTOR REFRIGERRTIDn "Authorized Frigidaite Sales and Service." Optn Mendtiy ant Friday Nit«» 'Til 9 P. H. 5SO E. IROADWAY DIAL 3-7721 V I

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