The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 24, 1934 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 24, 1934
Page 6
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PAGE SIX BLYTHEVILI.1S. (ARK.) COURIER NEWS ^WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 24, 193.} y^- 9 — ^. OCTOBEKjjj^ Chicksaws Look Listless With Piggott Game Ahead -- - •• ~ • —— Star Among Stars llllll 'Cocky,' Ragged; Says Team Is Workoul Is Two Backs III 1!) .1. !'. FitII-M) Unless (hey snap out ol It right away, tbe lilylheville chlrknsaw first string will undergo several drastic changes before ihi'ir game with the I'igijotl high school Mohawks, Carney 1/uOlc, tribal chieftain, has inttmaU'd. "The team is cocky," he said. "They have won four'games in » low ftnt\ they ihink they arc .sU- (hig on lop o[ the rcotlull worl.'. 'Ihe first IMng they know they will be sitting on top of tne bciK:h during the game Friday night. They are menially in good shape (or a sound whipping and those Piygoll boys arc the lyp: who will pour It oii them." Whether it was because of the intense heat, over-confidence or what not, the Chicks did look a bit ragged as they, maneuvered through their daily pares.. The line c.5ji> ctfllly was not putting forlti much effort and their poor work brought forth the major outburst from Coach Laslie. Basil Locke, sudsier, and Eddie Sallba, fullback, were absent from practice. Both are suffering from severe colds. Locke Ins bscn bothered with tlie inaUdy for two weeks but insisted cu phiyinj last v,Kk: Just how soon rxickc will Ir back is probtemntleal. Salila Is expected to return today. 1 Realizing the strength o( Piggott, especially oitsiiSIvcly. led by "their 190-pound pic-driver. Dav'ls, the Chickasnw mentors arc especially rnxlons to have the jqiml In tiptop shape, Davis will ue perhniis the hardest man to stop they have encountered. He scored all three touchdowns against Walnut RH«T-> and that Is no small job when cm tidering the fnct that the cntiij Joneshoro backlicld was unable to puncture the fiiml chalk line for n tally. Gi-icl Slars "G o i n g Forgelting Accused of Hollywood," Football By DAN THOMAS j\j:A Snvlce Slaff Correspondent HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — When Jack Prankish, editor of ths Daily Trojan, University ol Southern 'Cat Charge with his teammates ot having Warburton, the University ol Son tlicrn (/tmttcrtack of gone Hollywood, Irvine California's All-America of the ins and ouls o[ the cinema villnge. Davis on a movie set. probably wo nld admit Hint lie knows something Here he is visiting Belle LUCKY AGAIN By Harry Gray son Tulaiie Grid Stars Drink Gallon of Milk a Day NEW ORLEANS (UP)—The Tli- Inne football huskies of 1931 might On The Outside Looking GUZ SOLDIERS ON THE JOB! 111 11» "1JUKK" !l:uil-;JJl Scores Arc Ernest "Dutch" lltirrhoii, unat- laclit'd UlUe Rock. Ark., pro, who sti ill:; |iac» Jn the recent filythe- vlll'.- OJIPII for inoie than half tile disian™ only to | n third pluiT. lir.iiidi'd lha loiigsst holc-ln- "iiic ever made in Arkaims soveni] (lays us:). llanisrm. who was the gallery fi- vorile In (lie tournament ucrc, performed tliu foal 0:1 tin; par 4. No. 10 liulii, 2115 yarils, at tile p.ilr Park coin.* in uuie Rock. Harrison's rousing drlvt readied Ifdrtiln student paper, recently "'« (!""'" mid rolled into tlic cii| charged tlin Trojan fji'UI MIUIK! with ' |O1 ' " Perfect lioic-in-on being "Hollywood .struck," he told' only hnir tlic story. "The players are Hollywood struck ... toys to some heiiim-hulrcd aiil)'." wrote Editor Prankish. But he stopped loo won. Behind his charges are numerous interesting lucls. Although looked iijxm as gods'nnd goddesses themselves, Hollywood's shadowy celebrities are the most ar- ileiil !icro-ivorsl)lpp;rs to be found anywhere. Anyone who breaks in- Mrrlwirllier Missing Again i Hill MerlKclher of Paiasonld Ark., probably the most popular oi srid officials working in games here ••'.'ill again ii2 missing Piidny night. Hill has mi siigngcmcnt elsewhere lor l-'ikiny nijlil, according to U IX McCliirkin, Blytheville siipcrin temtont ol schools. Bin presumably will referee the mythevllle-Jones bora tilt here next week but wil not. bo oil hand for the .*. v „ .—.i.. immune i\uo meuiui in- v ul: ^^ tiumi ivii mu rniuiKsgiv- to the llmcliKbt In some oilier nek! I m S Bay battle with Messick HMi Is as jjrcat to them as they are lo nj Memphis. " millions o[ theater-goers. WUi Matthews of Caruthsrsville Cotton to Cotton . | Mo., was referee of last week's game Cotton Wai-burton, All-America t '- etc - Menu-ether having a date to officiate at !t college game. Meriwether was referee of the first three Barnes here. quarterback,' broke'into She spotlight last year. He suddenly 'became the gridiron rage of America. And at the same time he became one of tlic mosl, important figures In Hollywood. Mary Carlisle strutted like u eock when lie asked h . Hochi'lle Hudson was the envy oJ every girl in the Coconut Grove when she appeared there with him. Bill Howcml, who attwnntcs at •triiltc-d Him quarterback with Warburton. Last ke it fo, « ( H,"; r r fc appmrcd lo te » sreat bet ,' 7 n°' ",?'f; N ™ >- '<""=s bad against eve. Naturally these yoiins; made a fuss over the tcnv-headcd ball carrier. n c wn s the rage of well be culled [IHIKW.JK." That is. they might bs called! ilhls on n, basis of 1'act—but not to I hch- f.-ices. . Each and svcry one of (he can- idldales — SO of, them — drinks a Ballon of milk each day. A quart nor lirenkrust. luncheon and supper—and another quart bjfore rc- Tlic milk diet Is recommended nml supervised by Coach Ted Cox, who likes his footbnll team husky. Son ,Won Partial Victory Over Dad for School.Fee the hour and it meant a lot to them lo be seen with him. Jess Wil- NEW .YOMK.—Fritz Crislcr sees no need of all Eastern Conference. ''If .you Iravj a consciences you iiniEl havemeetings, mid when yon have - m"etirj?s vbu h?i*' n o v ' M silly regulations" says USD Prince-, ton conch. "I believe mat me n^ ern Conference is somcnvhai. ovc.r- Durdencd with regulations. At Hi? £amc lime when It was formed Ilisrc wns d real need for some legislation. "Princeton adopted two rugby plays—the lateral pass nud the fumble. I don't believe you can g::' much rugby into football without making sacrifices in blocking. Rugby is a gaod conditioner, but plnv ers arc apt lo contract bail habit;, such as tackling hi«h and dro:»; the ball when they tlicmsth'-. tackled. ' It might he advisable to ,. the:goal posts to eight feet and lower the cross bar to stimulate field goal kicking. '''ITcr Awaits Someone Its Rir.e ."I don't know whether this rail's Princeton schedule Is loo wcnk for Hie gocd of Ihe squad or not. Two years ago we were playing practically the same sell-Mute aiid ..very- one was saying that It was loo arduous." C.risler neglects to mention tint Michigan and Columbia decorate:! tte 1832 sclrdule, tiud are replaced by lesser l| 5 ht s (his t r i p . football lies ntead of Ibc Cactds It was this lessening of l>iej v;itl1 "'"c stiir skirmishes away Princeton lor.d that causes Crislcr I onl hvm<! ngnlnst Yale. llUnois. to say that he't fcnoiv lim-P"" " tlrv '-'> r <l on succ«ssivc Satnr- good this season's Ti?cr is airl! d;15 ' s ' alut thc whulup with Notre won't know until it plays. sani"on'" D ' 1mc °" Ncv - 24. ts size. And early Indications arc mat there i- no one Princeton's siz» on the schedul And Warburton didn't take tlHr compliments witn the proverWal grain or salt. Like the movie stars themselves, he believed cverythlii" —b=lievc<l that he was 11 great fellow, and indispensable lo the team Warburton started the present campaign In the same frame of mind. All summer Mary, Roclielle. Toby Wing, nnd Sally Blanc continued lo sing Ins praises. Ecach of tilein was sure that Ihc would be greater than ever this 'fall. 1; ' actresses .screen actresses. He, too. has been sei-n with MUs Carlisle, who apparently lias some Influence upon football players. They seem lo value her comments above those ot Coach he Hie Trojans would win. the ball, now the . rest of Uie team .psi-fprmc<| wouldn't I make much difference. . 'v 1 ' rest took 'him at his. word.- A few mould lanl. f o r in i liamplon, \v;is nj:"aroi7ini mmosi on bis uiinei-, Tinlay, Ilianks to Hie li]i Jncl; Dcmii- *<•>', :iu> nil)' wlio beat him O1U r his lille, gnve him, Jess b silihip pretty. Tlic bl K fciici- is cleaning ii|i money refcieeiiiK wnisllhiK nnil boxing inalcliOH. illiit he's sliown hero iiilcliiiiR luirseslKies on bis viU'inloii in si. I'c-tersburjj, l-'la. Irict court. The judge ordered II.,, otlllul Skinner to remit $300 for Ills son's college expenses last year, holding uoycl had n right to complete the I Icrin having entered college. | He refused, however, to order jlhe father to pay for another year. | Diamond Star's Brother Turns to Other Sports ROCHESTER, N. Y. (UP)--Wiliiam Collins, brother of "Rlppsr" Collins. Cardinals' first .sucker, lias no desire to follow liv his brolher's looUU'iia mid Income a world .vr- ic,- star, In fnst. lie doesn't even want to liocoiiU! :i baseball pluyer. "c is n sti.dent at East Ilif-li schcrf ami his Bret loves in sporl are Hack nnd soccer, with only a "Ihcly inl crest" in baseball. "I piny ln.s°| only for iliver- -siou," lie MIVS MSOII. Cinema Casualties • Haskell (Inky) . ,,,,u showed much promise at fullback last season, Is another who failed to show anything at till this year. Wotkyns, too, has been n target for Hollywood's younger bonutle.s He has dined at the Brown Derby with Judith Allen, and danced in Ihe liiltmore Bowl with Dorottiy <! stair is continued development ol reserves, to prevent overworking first-siring men. as it was forced lo do last year. Plenty of ton-' Wolk'yns. Drake. And praises iippar- enlly have been just u little'too much lor him. Another who lias fallen down Is weak competition IF ANYBODY THINKS I'M 6ONNA 6A& THAT DUM8-HEAP£P ALLEY OOP A SPOTTED CAT, JUST SO HE CAW MARRY MY LIL' woomroor, THEY'RE. DUE F-ER A SURPRISE TH.S BUSINESS - |F66p £^ AKW SPOTTED CAT SKfN PER A WEPPING ROBE, HE'lL 00 IT HISSELF — fjj.'f V— —* S- -t'*' '^^rj tf *-*&-*i±_>*-*? AH, THERE'S A NICE LIMB OW WHICH I KIN •HAVE A LITTLE SNOOZP WHILE OOP DOES HIS OWN HUNTIN 1 ' IF IT vWSN'T THAT UMPATEEDLE- WAS SO SET ON WOOTiE MARRYIN ' BI6HT OUTA COUNTRY/ IMA BY HEA SERVICE. I«C. T. M. REQ. U. 5. PUT. OFF HOV.V.K has b:en subjected — to the nailery of the teaiitiftil yo Howard Joucs. Iv.U'uec. Please Filinlanil's beauties have been luick to absolve themselves of any blame for the team's downfall however. "Sure, I've had dates with son-; of the fellows," one actress to!d me "They're good dancers, and lots of fun. But I also have dates with --- " other fellows and they don't ?ct .siveiletl up about It. So why should . . the. football players? "If they're swell-headed, (hey ot that way themselves. r m sure I didn't <lo it. And I didn't try to make loys out of the boys cither " • Hollywood really is ma'<l about Win.; drawn j n t o t |, is Mxc y upon the Trojans. In the past it already fras been blamed for enough thin»s —corrupting the morals of the nation, the decline of the legitimate singe, encouraging crime, popularizing drinking. - And it doesn't want the Trojans' downfall added to Uie list. Kend Phillips Motor . . "I-thought Williams was n good team, and I think we won mainly because we had more men." continues Crisler. "If we had plaved Williams with n nun, it would have wen pretty even Reserve Silualion I.ion Problem Lou Little thought that against gans Virginia Military Institute, (he Columbia team, as a whole, was 50 pjr cent below the form il showed the week previous when opiwsert to ^ale. The men'c situation is particularly acute. The Lon ends fall- Tobacco Prices Jump Demand for Embalmers WILSON, N. c. (UP)-Tobacco t rowers nro making wide use of i»3h prices brought by their crops !:«idi-t uiHomobilcs. mechanical KlriEcrr.iors, zipper jackets, and Sas heaters, lliey are buying cni- Undi-rtafccrr. report n sudden In- crnst in embalming, as well as "i cxixiiditnrcs for funerals in gcmral. Heretofore, it wns point- so oul. embalming was rarely practiced in this vicinity. ' - -.-•/ --^---- ,. 1-«L. U-JII UIIVU) ItJIl- i. rale the present first Prince-' to ''"P^ 55 - »>itl the blocking was '" ' .---... *• i way below par. "Right now we ave probubly the best fumbling team in the Big Teii but that's one tm c we don't want to win." declares Francis Schmidt, of Ohio State. And Bob Zuppke. pays the Buckeye-, a compliment by calling them the n-inrt 0 [ t call) ^^ w j|| . ton team two touchdowns stronger .than tho. first rslicl dctncVimont. 'I do not consider our line as good as it was In 1933. We misi ccppl, Lane and Ken Palrman. We didnt get any such quantity of sopliomtS-c material this autumn as we did last. "I am going to discontinue the practice of tutipns." 11-m.m substi- Clikago Seeks to Pull in si ac j, Clark Shaughnessy asserts that Ihe work -tt the Chicago line from tackle to tackle In Ins Michigan match H-as not what it will have lo be if the Maroon Is to come up to the Minnesota game unscathed Chicago made no ground between us tackles, going around the ends for three touchdowns, with a pas'; setting the stage lor a fourth Defensively, the line was ivobhiv, M;. chlgsn making most of Its gahis on drives Tlic ml«!on of the Army coach- ^a teams that might beat Illinois . Only In high schools is the new- size of th; bill noticeable. It helps toys with small nands to Improve Ihcir passing. . Basketball Practice Gets Underway at Stecle S'iEELS, Mo.-With the re-oponlhg of SMool here Oct. 15 both girls K'.)d boys basketball teams have be• .--, —.;, sessions. The first and second teams will be .selected this weekend, according to Coach, Katherlne Marie Taylor and Coach T. A. Haggard Garlnjc Thief Worries Town lA'NK, M m . (UP)—Lynn has a '!<-«• kind of iinct to contend with -a Cartage thief. George Me•«am:s, siipcriiucndent of refuse ;1 '!tJ curl-age, rcporlccl that somu- Wdy has looted garbage cans of l-eir conlens. No matter wl-at ' '••<! the co'.Htorj arrive ti-.o lob- w has always been there first. FARMERS BANK & TRUST CO. INSURANCE DEPT. FOR MEN HHRD TO PLEASE The most discriminate dressers say "OK" to PEDWIN atyle-righlness and finer craftsmanship, fls for service and comfort, you'll agree that their genuine value is far greater than the ' prico you pay, The FAMOUS •'OK AI'l'i.KHAUM ff*»assagaaga Air Races for Cleveland Assured for Another Year CLEVELAND (UP) — Return o£ ihc Nntlonal Air Races to Cleveland in 1935 now has been virtually assured, with announcement that this year's meet showed a net piofil of 512,157.42. Previously, air race officials had ndiciiled (hat il the 193-1 classic showed a profit, the show would bo repeated in 1035, the last year on which Cleveland has an option on the even.1. The four-day races, ending Labor Day this year, drew more than day. 100,000 attendance the final !'? Gol Kumcsick DALLAS, Tex. (UP)--Three hurt- 1 dred bull frogs, exhibited at the' Texas state. l:iir., ciintloped s~-| yere cases of home sickness. SOT.C.' in ar\ attempt to escape from thtfir pens, coinm'.Uc;! Euirids trying '.o leap'out—they broke their necks. All rcfusca to cat. Freed fec-IIiv "'— use/I. Weighed 145 Pounds BENTON CITY, Wash. (UE)_ John Page, farmer, believes in doing things In a large way. He : grew the prize squash of Yakiina Valley weighing 145 pounds. HOTEL NOBLE Is Now Agent For . American Airlines, Inc. Call 835 For Information and Reservation T a style lesson from WOMEN use the MIRRORTEST BY HOWARD VINCENT O'BRIEN In the Chicago Dnily News Women tliink a lot 'about clothes. Hicy liiive ideas as to what is becoming, and they will put in hours on the placement of a button. Man offers a sorry contrast. Only when liis old suit is too shabby for endurance will he go into a shop for a new one. Tlic .salesman brings out something and the man shakes his head. The spies man tries again, with ro greater s-nccess. Finally, when there is a pile of trarnient.s on the table, (he man reaches mechanically for one in the middle and says: "Well. 1 guess I'll take that one." Usually it is a copy of the one he is discarding. D ON'T buy that way. Take the Mirror Test here of Hart Schaff- ncr & Marx suits at »25-»30 • • • New Mead Clothing Co.

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