Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on February 13, 1891 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, February 13, 1891
Page 5
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If you have a cold Call and get a sample Dottle of Pineapple Cough Syrup, at 50 PUG DOGS -• .--.'...'-TO De sold ror 48 C en t s a t Tlie Grand Bazaar, • • Special Sale for this week only. SAMUEL GOMPERS. A Clint WltJi tl»e President Aboutthe Order and It* Worfclnp.-PolI.K'* Avoided B B ROOM, .Open Daily and Evening, : 1 Pearl Street. ; ! Welcome toIAU. MONEY TO rorfnrthKpartlonlKB apply to roer. Fred W. Munson, *"" MONEY, •h«r» • bond is required. 319 PEARI. ST. S.---.-M. Closson, MONEY TO LOAN! j.nd Notes Bongfct in any sum rates. rates. arg ^_^ OBO.B.FORGY. decl3d*w6m A representative of the Journal had a pleasant interview with Samuel Gompevs, President of the Federation of Labor, yesterday. In speaking of the popular mistake of classifying labor organizations with communistic, socialistic and. similar-societies'_Mr. Gomperssaid: "We are as much opposed to such views as any one possibly could'be. Society is organization. We believe in society, in organization. Anarchists are opposed to society, to organization. There can be no sympathy between us. Communists, Socialists or Anarchists have no more alliance with us than with either of the great political parties. As parts of humanity we are concerned in their welfare as is every citizen of the Uuited States." . : "What position does organized labor take upon the tariff question 11 was asked of Mr. Gompers. "That question we studiously avoid. Our policy is to discuss and advocate measures only upon which we can all unite. The tariff question being a political one at present its discussion would tend to draw party lines within our organization and weaken its power. Individually I seldom express-my views for my doing so would be misconstrued. Mr Powderly defines himself as a protection Democrat which contains something encouraging all around. ••You are a cigar maker, Mr. Gompers. A recent change in the tariff causes tbe manufacture of millions of cigars in the United States at .fair wa^es which were formerly manufactured in Cuba, at wages which would not support a workman in the United States. Would not such legislation be approved by the wage workers of this country?.' 1 • •It would. Taking the; question purely as a social and commercial one W a"-e workers appreciate a protective tariff and favor it. Our organization studiously avoids politics as I said before and I never state my own for . that reason. Protection has many j followers irrespective of party, and ( other reasons exist for political faith, so you'understand I speak of this purely as an individual, and look at it as a social question." Frlnky Jfultonltei*. The little town of Fulton over the line in Fulton county lately reveled in a mild sensation which the Boehest- er Republican graphically describes in the following language: "John White is a saloon keeper at Fulton,/* and he owns .a farm some distance; from that village. John goes to and = fro on horseback. Oscar Hedges is. the farmhand who manipulates the, implements and cultivates the crop:: Nearly a year ago the opinion was expressed by a few observing neighbors that Mrs. White and Oscar were unduly intimate, and later on the gos- sip'came to the ears of the husband. Now it is reliably reported that a feu- evenings ago he purposely went home at an unusually early hour and rushing into a sleeping apartment discovered the parties named lovingly occupying the same couch. White pulled his pop and commenced firing. Oscar got out of bed as fast as possible, and grabbing his wardrobe jumped through a window and escaped to .-a cornfield, where he robed himself and departed for a less hazardous location. Mrs. White made a similar exit and halted not until she reached her father's residence. Strange to say but one of the missiles of death penetrated the cuticle of Oscar, and that was but a slight flesh wound in the arm. It is also said that Mr. White was discovered some time prior to this event in a questionable relation with a female member of his household, and for this reason he was willing to forgive his wife's errors and he induced her to return to the bosom of the family. 11 A Successful Revival. South Bend Tribune: The temperance evangelist, J. B. Stanley, left this morning for his home in Logansport after a very successful ten days'- gospel temperance meeting during .which 550 people signed the pledge. A Gospel Temperance union was organized "last night. Mr. Stanley's work has left a deep impression for good on the community. The story of his conversion two /ears ago, of his experience as detective in capturing murderers and of his work as guard in the northern prison are all^ powerful temperance sermons. He is greatly aided in his work by Mr. Powell with his cornet. Daily Journal. FRIDAY MORNING. FEB..-13. All 25-cent valentines 19 cents to= flay-only, at the Bazaar. -'Valentines, valentines,0 valentines, at a,U prices, at the^Grand Bazaar. Have you seen the latest fad? the "Beau .Bwunmel": collar, at Patter'•• son's;, therHaherdasher. Save three to eight [dollars on a fine overcoat and share in^our distribution of.$125 worth ofQpresents, : Crank's.' A tons Journey. Peru Journal: Wabash east bound passenger train had a car filled with negro families last evening who had left their homes in the West and were on their way to .Liberia, the great negro State in Africa. The collection was an interesting and amusing''one. Every imaginable form and face could he seen from. aged, and gray grandfathers. - and grandmothers to : bttle 'with young and -gay boys and at Harry d&w \ " : "One .week from to-day Harry Frank's o-rand distribution of $125 worth of presents takes; plaeo. Come' and see tis:- : T3etween now and^then. . . ,d&w ~ ? Pay your account between,now and • February 20, and share in our liberal distribution of $125 worth of presents. —Harry Frank, to be sure. dsw Hosiery, gloves, shirts, collars, neckwear, and all are subject to 10 ;: per ••cent, discount to-day. Goods marked, in plan figures.—Patterson, the Haberdasher. , See the jersey suits, nicely trimmed for. $2 each and up, at the Trade Palace for ten days. Now is a chance; full dress suits for 50 cents on the dollar. Ask to' see them. Mrs. Elizabeth Cornell died at her home in Deer Creek township yesterday morning at 8 o'clock, aged years. The funeral will be held Saturday morning at 8 o'clock from .tbe residence. -.:.- • . ', A dinner set of 102 pieces worth $20, a silver watch worth $15, a mar ble top center table worth $15, and 22 fine steel engravings will be presented to. Barry Frank's patrons one week ' , from to-day, February 20. , cl For some reason the electric light : '" burned at very low pressure last nigh V, and,nocturual way farers found much ' cause/for grumbling. ' There is Crowing demand for better service i the matter of lights for the city. lIJ.ia.UlJO, mill,". J ~ — — O " " ' -rirls between. .The colored porter of. the train in speaking of the party expressed himself as much disgusted dth their actions. . ' 'They have gone nd sold their houses and mules out in. Arkansas and think if they get to iberia-all. they'll have, to do;, will be o lay. on their backs and bananas and ocoanuts. will drop .in their mouths, ust as sure as they stay over there hey'll get tails on 'em-like monkeys; hat's the way the people d'generate." Some ot theory "toughest" paper vet-displayed on bill boards in this ity is the paper displayed in the m- erests of the variety show to be here . next Monday evening. There is a imitto all things .and a line should he drawn which would exclude such sxhibitions as the above on public bill Boards. Many cities will not allow mch bills, displaped in. their limits. A Jndsment for the Plaintiff. "_ The jury.in-the case of John ; C. O'Connor vs. the .commissioners of •White and Carroll counties .yesterday morning returned a verdict in favor of the plaintiff giving him $11,314.94. This case was brought to this court on a change of venue and has occupied the attention of .the court for the past ten days. - . Logan Council No. 21, Order of Chosen Friends, gave a very pleasant social and ball at -G. A. R. Hall Wednesday evening which was largely attended, and which proved very enjoyable. A special feature of the affair was the supper- served by the ladies of the order in their hall. Smitlison College Sold. The old pile of architectural emptiness with its environs upon the hill was knocked down under the hammer of the tax auctioneer the other day for §818.99, Charles N. Graffls being the highest bidder. The old college has been in the hands of the Phojnix Mutual Life Insurance Company, of Hartford, Conn., -and the company allowed the taxes on the same to go delinquent, hence the sale. It is understood that . the company will redeem the property, and that Mr. Graffiis 1 scheme of opening a female seminary in the building will come to naught. ____ : l,tfe 1* MI«er f To thousands of people who have the taint of scrofula in their blood. .The agonies caused by the running sores and other manifestations of this disease are beyond description. There: is no other remedy equal to Hood's Sarsaparilla for scrofula, salt rheum and every form of blood disease. It is reasonably.sure to benefit ail. who give it a, fair trial. Be sure to get Hood's. • - - • Cullcn-.tlitcliell. Last evening at 6:30 o'clock at the residence .of Rev. S. W- Brown on Broadway Rev. Brown officiating, Miss Anna M. Mitchell, of ^Bloomington, Ills., was united,in . marriage to Wm. J. Cullen, the well-known, member of the Logansport police-force' and son of Mayor Wm. F. Cullen.,-'.The Journal wishes the 'newly wedded couple happiness. .. . . Gratifying 10 All. The high position attained and the —A son of Joachim, the violinist, formerly a soldier, has left the army to be an actor. —According to an Agricultural De- partmsnt report, nuts ' improve as readily as fruit by selection and culture. The most common resulte of cultivation are thinner shells and increased^ size. ^ —An enterprising contempfery informs its readers that a ton c$|' gold is •worth igGOS,790.20, but with exasperating carelessness neglects to inform, ..them .where it may be got.—Chicago'tlinic's. —Occasionally the return .of'the swallow or the nightingale may be somewhat delayed, but most boa fowls may be trusted, it is said, us the almanac itself. Were they satellites revolving around this earth their arrival could hardly be more surely calculated by an astronomer. —A negress named Caroline Jenkins, living near'Houston, Tex., is a veritable Samson. Four police officers went to arrest her, when she took them one "by one, threw them out of the house and locked the doors upon them. She can break a half inch rope with ease by stretching; it from hand, to hand. —A chemical analysis of the food cooked by our grandmothers, whic.h men sigh for once in awhile, would show it S3 per cent, more dangerous to the stomach than food prepared in the modern kitchen. As a matter of fact American women knew nothing of cookery up to twenty-five years ago. —Guttapercha derives its name from the Malayan words q-ueta, a gum, and pertcha, a cloth, and was introduced to the civilized world'in 1843 by Dr. Montgomery, a Scotch surgeon.. The first specimens were taken to London, from Singapore by. Jose . Almeida, and the properties of the gum were announced by Hancock, Wheatstone and Faraday. —Boston Transcript. —The New Jersey philanthropistwhp started 'a "retreat" for- Homeless men had a warm welcome for.the first-dozen tramps who piled in, but when seventy- eight caine. : along in one day and told him that one hundred and forty more would arrive on the next, and that he was expected to trot out his best^anddo the right thing, he closed and nailed up the door.—Detroit Free Press. —A Wapakoneta, 0., dispatch to the Cincinnati Enquirer says: "There was born to-day to Mr. and Mrs. Adam Ob- erhoizer, of this city, a boy. Mr. .Ober- hoizer is eighty years of age. He is the gentleman who g-ave his wife §5,000 cash and a large- oil farm on the day of their marriage," and for the first tune is a father. He came up the street to-day .singing at the top of his voice." —The' Indian Engineering- says that experiments have been making at the Rangoon oil refinery with a view of ob- taminn- a cheap and solid fuel from petroleum, and a very good result was obtained by heating the oil and dissolv- inn- three per cent, common soap. The product was found hard to ignite, burns slowly, causes barely any smoke, and produces great heat. In fact, a clean 'and convenient fuel and superior to all " other fuel obtained from mineral oil. —The great -seal of the Confederate States is now in the office of the South Carolina Secretary of State, says the St. Louis Globe-Democrat The seal and its press are of silver. The handle is ivory and the seal itself bears a likeness of Washington, modeled after the equestrian statue in Richmond, a wreath composed of leaves and flowers of the " SEE OTTO A. KRAUS FOR BARGAINS. Special drives on outside display daily/ that day and date-only. One price, plain figures, Boots and Shoes' for Upstairs. SMOKED MEAT Of this Brand will be found Select Goods: Slaughtered and Cured by _ W. C. ROUTH, Logansport Ind. For Sale f,bv Leading Dealers. TRY FREEMAN'S '" HIAWATHA," The Latest Thing out in Perfume. CGmUUnvTi-i uj. -»i,".» v,ij v— — -staple crops of the South, an inscription, "The Confederate States of America, 22 February, 1803," and the motto, "Deo Vindice." —Miss Maggie Respess, a girl of. fifteen, who" lives near Adel, Ga., v.'enjt:'to the sprin- recently armed with her;lather s "hunting-kniie for protection. She found a bear in her path, and the animal, rising upon his haunches, let f all his/big . paws upon the girl's shoulders 1 as^she simultaneously buried the knife in his throat With a convulsive shudder the bear fell backward. Miss Maggie then sent another thrust into his heart and left Mm lor dead 'and went to bed and Slept for the remainder of the night. At daylight she arose, and, with the .aid of the other children, skinned and dressed the carcass for market. SpecImen"Civ»e.s.' S. H. Clifford. New Cassol, Wis-, was troubled with Neuralgia and. Rheumatism, his Stomach was dis-- ordered, his Liver was affected to an; alarming degree, appetite fell away, Freeman's Pink, White and Brunette Face powder,^ FOE SALE BY • _ H, C. PURCELL, Druggist, 418 Market Street. , and he was terribly reduced 'in fiesb JL 11C iJi^L* ^\jv"~~ ^- T universal acceptance-and .approval of the pleasant liquid fruit remedy'Syrup of Figs, as the most excellent laxative known, illustrate the value -of the qualities on which its success is - based- and are abundantly gratifying ' to ' the California Fig Syrup Company. Daniel Brown celebrated his 46th birthday yesterday and. in the'evening he entertained, about fifty of his French friends in- a 'very pleasant manner at his home on Third street. A biff supper was the crowning feature of the affair and r the evening ...was spent merrily. Xlie Grand Jury Adjourn*. The grand :jury adjourned yesterday for" the term having- returned 73 indictments. It .is . understood that; the saloon keepers, gamblers and- prostitutes are very largely represented in this lengthy string of indictments. A Saturday fflteol. The Woman's Relief Corps will serve dinner and supper, at the Grand Army Hall Saturday next. The public are invited-to call and aid this worthy organization "and get a square meal, all with a"quarter. feblldit and strength. Three bottles of trie Bitter* cured' him. . • Edward Shepard,. ' Harrisburg,' 111., had a running sore on his leg of eight- years' standing. Used three botUes;of 'Electric Bitters .and seven boxes of. Bucklin's Arnica Slave, and his leg is sound and well. . John Speaker, Catawba, 0., bad -five large Fever sores on his leg, doctors-said he was incurable. One 'bottle Electric- Bitters and one box BucklenV Arnica Salve- cured him entirely. . Sold^ by B. t. Keesling's Drug store. J>o Ton Congh? Don't delay. • Take Kemp's Balsam the best cough:,cure. . It will cure your coughs, and colds. It will cure sore throat or a tickling in the-throat. It will cure pains in the chest. ..It: will cure influenza and bronchitis and all diseases pertaining to the lungs because it is a pure balsam. Hold it _ to, the light and see how clear and thick it is You will see tbe excellent effect after taking the first dose.- Large bottles 5.0c. and $1.' .'.. eod The improvements being'made at the jail are-extensive and it will .probably be a couple of months before the new cages are finished. The constant hammering seriously disturbs the afternoon, siestas of the inmates. Mrs. ,C- W. Graves entertained a party pf thirty-five at 1 o'clock luncheon yesterday afternoon. They Will Succeed. Crawfordsvllle Argus News: The first meal under the new management will be served at the Bobbins House at the supper hour this evening. Painters,' paper hangers, etc.; have been in charge of the place for some -time and have converted it into a.most inviting hostelry. It has been newly'furnished throughout and the office is situated, in the brick business.room to the west of the hotel proper. W. D. Jones,,the landlord, ran the Murdoek at Logansport for ten years and has an "extensive acquaintance with the traveling public: His son, A. B.'Jones, will be day clerk while Tom -Murphy will preside over the office at night. Rarry S perry will make the trains. Slie wax Completely Cured. A daughter of my customer suffered ^ from suppressed menstruation, and her health was completely wrecked. At my suggestion she used one bottle of Br adeld's Female Regulator, which cured her. J. W. HELLTJMS, Water Valley, Miss. Write The.Bradfleld Beg. Co., Atlanta, Ga., for particulars. Sold by Ben Fisher. to15 Died at Uie^ARc of 1O1. C YMiOM-TO.N, 111., Feb. 1-2.—Daniel-* Looper, a soldier- aged .101 years, i here Tuesday. Diphtheria* In a severe case, there is but one thino- to do, geUhe nearest physician, but how much better it would he to prevent a severe case by having Pineapple Syrup'in the house;, it will do - ----'-• iry it. For sale oyJ.H-. ;==___—. -= Trustee's Public Sale. •H et TermB.-One third cash, onetblrd In three take place on above date Uui, Trustee. Both the method and results Syrip of Figa is taken; it ia pleasai* and refreshing to the taste, and, act* f-cntly yet promptly on the Kidneys, Liver and Bowels, cleanses the^sys; tern effectually, dispels colds, headaches and fevers and cures habitual constipation* Syrup of Figa iuUlt; only remedy of its kind ever vprftj duced, pleasing to the taste and acceptable to the Btomach, prompt in its action and truly heneficial in ifa effects, prepared only from the most healthy and agreeable substances, its many excellent qualities commend i« to all and have made it the 'most popular remedy known. . ' A i Syrup of Figs is for sale in 50o and $1 bottles by all leading, drug; gists. Any reliable druggisln.whc may not have it on hand wrilWjO: cure it promptly for any one wlw wishes to try it Bo not accept' acg substitute. , 5- CALIFORNIA FIG SYRUp &% SAN FSAHCISOO, CAL, ~ 'LOUISVIILE. KY. For sale DiB. T.

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