The Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette from Fort Wayne, Indiana on August 21, 1921 · Page 24
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The Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette from Fort Wayne, Indiana · Page 24

Fort Wayne, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 21, 1921
Page 24
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THE FORT WAYNE JOURNAL - GAZETTE SUNDAY M0ANINO, AUOUST it, 1121. ;. : - REAL ESTATE ACTIVITIES -:ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY TRAINS IN FORT WAYNE DAILY CITY'S EXCELLENT FACILITIES ARE TRANSPORTATION POINTED OUT No' Factor More Important to Prosperity and Well Being of Community Four Great Steam Kail - roads Connect Fort Wayne With Outside World Trattic Home by 2 ach ' i 'f'lt""""" J f r Ik' - it i THE PENN8YL VANIA STATION. fort Wayne Is, tot a city of its lie, singularly fortunate in respect to th, ease and completeness of Its transportation facilities And. bo it Mnphaslsed, of all the man? conditions entering as lltal factors Into s prosperity and well - being of a Mty, none, probably Is more lm "Bbrtant than this, j J From th city of Fort Wayne. am and electric railroad lines and SiproTed highways radlat. In every eallrectlon, malting; possible th, ready Mtmrnind of a large and rich com - . earclal and Industrial territory - Mo Mass than four gTsat steam railroad Vatems serve, as connecting; links ?Wlth the farthest reaches of continental United states, and beyond ..With Canada and Mexico. Over these lines, even now In this tlme of business slackness a id Industrial depression, considerably ' 'More than ISO trains, freight and passenger, pass In and out of the ,Jty every day of the year And at ejtfcat. It Is understood that Ihe erfreight runs on the looal lines are. aJa certain Instances but little more than be" the total of trains operated M normal times.' J! J Over the Pennsylvania system's fj&ies, With Its widely ramifying branches, there Is communication on erthe main line from Chicago to lew VTork City, passing through such rltlee as Pittsburgh. Ttarrisburr, and "Philadelphia, Pa., and reaching Bal - "Jtlmore, Md, and Washington D C. At Plymouth, Ind., connection Is sirnade for South Bend, - ogansport. .Indianapolis. Ind ; Louisville, Ky ; Terra liaate, Ind.) and 6L Louis. 37 Passsnger Trains Dairy. Over the main lines, II passenger trains are operated In and out of the city each day. Of these passenger trains, only six are locals; There are also on these lines XO east bound through freights and three east bound local freights Vest bound, there are 11 through and two local freights each day. Over the Grand Rapids division of the Pennsylvania, formerly known as U Grand Rapids A Indiana railroad, there are connections with Mackinaw City and Orand Rapids Mich., Richmond. Ind : Cincinnati, Ohio: and Louisville, Ky, . Over this division, 11 passenger trains pass in and out of the tlty each day. Seven of these are locals There are live through and one local rreight traia north bound each dav, and four through and one local south bound Oa the Wabash there Js communication - with Des Moines, la.; Omaha Neb; Kansas Clt), Mo; St. Louis Mo l Chicago, 111 j Toledo, Ohio, Detroit. Mich ; and through the lower edge of the province of Ontario, Canada to Buffalo. N Y. The Wabash operates 13 passenger trains In and out of the city each day. Of these, six are locals Seven of them are run on the main line and six on th Toledo branch There are nine east bound freights, and seven west bound Many of these. It Is said carrv wo sections Road Connections. On the Mekel Plate lines Port wayne is connected with Chlcaro Ills Clef elanad ahd Erie Ohio and uuiuio, n. v. direcnv Through a connection with the .Dele are, Lack - awana and Western lines at Buffalo, communlcaton la extended to El - mlra, N Y Scranton, Ta., and New York City There Is also a conned tlon, by way of the West Shore line. iwr oyracuae. X ana uoston, Mass The Nickel Plate runs three passenger trains each wav dally, and on an average of 25 freight trains a oay ine regularly soaedulcd freight trains number about 13 each dsy, but theses some times carry two three, and four sections. The Port Wayne branch of the New nr't, Central lines gle com - munlcatlon With LansInB - . Kartn.w and Cay City, Mich. At Waterloo. Ind, this branch connects with the main line of the New "York Central for Chicago 111 South Bend. Jnd ! Detroit Mich ; Toledo and Cleveland Ohio; Buffalo, Rochester! Syracuse, t'tlca, Albany and New York City. i , ana eprwgneia ana Boston, Mans This line operates six passenger and four freight trains dally In and out of Fort Wayne. The Fort Wayne branch of the Mt c western goes to fliun cle. New Castle. Rushtllle and vnto ai aiunce, wa, it makes con nectlon for Tipton Ind. B'oomlng ton and Peoria IU.J and ltluKion, Akron. Fostorta and Ssndusky, Ohio. jms line operstes four passenger iraum mm jour xreignt trains dally I AM REAL ESTATE creatine reDavmenta of tVrinrlnal r,A with money at 6 or V, per cent a mwnsaBf can oe reaucea very quick' ly on a moderate amortisation tiav ment Committee report at Concrete jiome ton pi ruction vpnrerence EFFECTIVE PORTRAYAL OF SALESMANSHIPG1VEN Fundamental Principles of Selling Real Estate Are Pointed Out STORIES OF OLD FT. WAYNE - NO. 18 By B. J. GRISWOLD LIVED IN FIRST HOME BUILT SOUTH OF PENNSYLVANIA R. R. Sale of Home at 1709 Calhoun Street by Mrs. Wnu flliller Reveals Interesting Facta Originally Owned by Allen Hamilton Changed Hands But Ticice Since Government Owned It. X am the Nation s cause of being. Its foundstlon. Its life. I am its mightiest power, its greatest asset - its humblest servitor. t am Its treasure house. Its chief financier, its paymaster. 1 axa Its homes. Its garden plots. Its children s playgrounds I am Its factories. Its workshops. Its skyscrapers I am Its mines. Its oil fields, its for - 1 eta. I I am Its granary. Its green farms, its J rush - jneadpwe. . 1 am Its teacher of rood government, ' f staunch cltlsenshlp, of true, patriotism, 1 2 am Its bulwark against anarchy. aainst bol.hevism. arainst rad icalism, I When the house and lot at 1T09 I am insurance for Its widows. Its or? J Calhoun etreet was sold to the Ku phans, Its aged I perlor Baking comnan - by Mrs Wm I point Its way to thrirt. to right Miller through the C. M, Preble thinking, to Sana living I Agency severat facts of more than X give Its sons borrowing power, ordinary Interest were revealed credit, material worth. The property has chanted hands .J noonferon them prestige, Independ but talcs since It was owned by the ence, prosperity, , ' Inlted States government so thu I represent to them opportunity, self - J question of abstract - of title was a respect, contentment singularly simple one Allen llama I am the goal of Us thinkers, its' ton originally' owned the property. workers, its savers. taking title from the government 1 war on high rents, high living costs. Win. Miller, who Vas an employe of profiteering, " Mr Hamilton n the time purchaa. I Increase fast in Tame. Tlowtr - lrit oaths at, wutrim&f BO by 150 feet price, steadily In income, Ifor the sum of ISO, buMng on the Jj am tangible, Imperishable, Immut - payment plan Mr Hamilton deduct ,. b1, - , . I ' the neceasary money periodically I am the basts of all wealth Tfrom Mr Miller's pav The date of 4m real estate Real Estate Detroit (this sale was April 8. 1SS8 2 '' - - First Heuse South of Pennsylvsnia REDUCE DEBT ON HOME k "' 4 AS RAPIDLY AS POSSIBLE IS? ht."l22.,i V himself snd his brlds on the south . A house will not and does not last ha'' h L0,r,.Ihll.lnr,''!fntl'lly vWaJ f erever vet this fact sums to be lost l th """ ""UM erected In rort MtSrtlX?o&&toll."' th, Pennsylvania mortgagee and the financial difflcul - i """JS?.. c, , i. .. 1 km ,ta of many Investors may be traced .I?,",l,i! ' 7?, ,,r,r'5r. tt ths fact that mortgagee, placed oai '' "nd, Mrs. Miller lived here ! c".Svti LaloTnP become "n'ie", 5, "l?, V,V,n )lr iVry poorly secured If the mortgage "' "'" ,the't 1 ," " tbj e - bt Is not reduced Whenever a I Prt with thu house en It for 11 Soo 1an buys an automobile he has tq , l " "W'et raat , . . educ, his debt very quickly and In I "! JTI ..if1 he'iT'f;?.. !""" W1....1 1 - - ..... .... u stn the aNfirth tuilf bf the lot mil taUnint plan. hi. repayment or "2. $ ' . ? ? mRSnn .VJi 2Jrlnclpal la usually aa large or lrcrl"r" I Xo ift.E!if 11 tli hf .! itlian too amount - or iniere ne '" - - - HUffht to be adopted In tho purchase ll68'4 hei - e until three yeara aco. but oim. houae. aa plumbiir rroofln f J "ot - U the houae unti the rnij. " - Hardware and many other "em are111 noalb when aho received 15,250 earing out Moat men will readily wr iu .ma tha advtnUcef at amoatlsatlon if 1 Reaidad Here 77 Years. .tainted out to them In the continually! Mrs. Miller, who la now T years w.4vclng InjLai - Mt payments and U - lof . has resided lo rort Wayne (By IRA E. HIGH, BOISE.) Eery eelllna - campaign must be based 011 certain definite underlying principles it it is to b successful. We may flnd dttTerent wns ot applying these principles to thA problem In hand lit fact Frenrman - will prob bly apply them In a different way. hut atlwaia ihpv must be obstrved. If a sellLnff organization is to accpm pi lull TT8UUS Mhlle we all know and recognize theso basic laws of efticlent sales - mSnitiln W Arm Verv trtne to tltS regard them in the actual practice of scTlins: real estate And It Is this cotid Jon that makes me risk the danger of suoting a number of self evident truthri in a rertew of what 1 consider to bo the logical foundation ot an emcient reoj estate sales organ - tzallon. Busineea Integrity. If t should ask ou right now what you consider the most important ele - irsnt In th permanent delopmnt of your business, 1 warrant that every one of you would say, Ilut ness integrity ' t consider It entirely unnecessary to define - this term You know all that it stands for. It in - voHes absolute honesty In all deal itigs with your customers. It means that In cAery real estate deal jour customer must be given full value for hl money. In property, satlsKc tldn and sen Ices Now, it Is my decided conviction, that every reiil estate dealer today who attempts to conduct a reputable businee - s has the highest regard for honesty and sincerity In dealing with the public In fact, it must be plain to everyone that no tftisiness can hope to crow or een exist for ery long - unless It Is built on this principle One Born Every Minute." But the history of the real estate business Li filled with the records of get - rlchpqulck deals and land swindles. Oreat tracts ot land llng - on the bottom of th Atbantlo ocedd hare been sold tt unsuspecting purchasers a pain and again; There hae been real estate dealers In the past w bo have based their entire hopes for success upon the tact that there U "one born every minute Removing the Handicap. These" unscrupulous dealers and th great publicity giVen to them in the country s pros have made the public more or loss suspicious of all real estate dealers And while the aen era! soundness of modern business has done much to change this attl tude the element of suspicion still lurks In the public mind umy by the moat careful observance of hon esty and sincerity In eery detail ot your d 1 annus with customers can lou build up the unquestioning confidence or the public in your bt.BineHB Impress upon our salesmen constantly the fact that the desire to make a Bale never Justifies misrepresentation i i".at every property worth stlllr. car. be sold in such a way as to leae the purchaser absolutely satisfied and a booster for your firm. This kind of selline - quickly estab Ufhes public confidence .which is the only faunditlon for future growth and constantly increasing success Sslesmen Who Fail to Co - operate. It is my opinion that ,a serious weakness exist In msny real estate organizations simply because ox thi factjthat the salesmen who go out ana meet tne customers ao not aciu ally represent the sprit and character or tne ni - tn n too many cases tne Bates iprce vunaiiua pnrrviy i 1 number of salesmen, each one work irs lndhldually to make sales, en tliely In bis own way, Instead of a close Ir knit onrar .cation which re flect the institutional policy the standing and the integrity of your firm. No amount of format organl - ration will avail Us anything unless the vpirli or to operation is there. Clin HEDEKU nousa The Barless Hedekin House of the Wild and Woolly Days ome day when your imagination needs exercise, take a stroll or a spin depending upon whether vour walking or driving - oer on Barr street and allow our gase to lake In the old Hedekin house. It Is on the oast side of the street betwun Columbia and Main This substantial old relic of the twentj yoars - berore.the - w ar days Is standing practically ms it stbod in the old wild and wooly days ot th canal For twelve J ears lief ore th, coming of the first railroad It enter talned the nation's celebrities who came to the west for Fort tVayno was on the great fine of water travef between the Ureat Lakes and the Mississippi, and this was our leading plaoe of entertainment of the forties and fifties lour Imagination - sin wipe away an Lot a little Ullage, clustered about Barr and Columbia streets, with the Hedekin house occupying a Commanding position Built In ll4t and 1844, Its erection dated from the year of the great canal celebration, when rieneral Lewis Cass was a guest of honor and - made the principal address of congratulation to the people of the middle - west on the accomplishment of a world - famed engineering project .1 he occasion of th opening of the hotel brought to the city a great many ylntoVs and a gay event was staged attended by the Silver Greys, a crack Detroit military company. The great ball in the evening affords another opportunity for the exeMso of the lmaffini.t!on - - a scene Which Includes the gallant, military men from, th, Michigan metropolis, the age, and the hoop - skirted, society maids and matrons of the city - all of the former bewltchtngly beautiful, and all th, latter sedately deoorous. In Utd, Calvin Anderson came to Fort Wayne. Ills son, El O. Anderson, and his 'daughter, Mrs Oeorge V Lly, still are residents of the olty, Mr Anderson became the landlord of the Hedekin house shortly after Ms arrival, and on taking charge of the place Immediately closed tip the bar It remained closed until the end of an extended experience In catering to the comfort of thousands of guests from "eery - where " Mr Anderson was one of the few rmn of hi day who believed that spirituous H'luoYs were not a necessary part of the entertainment of the traveler or of the townspeople Mr Anderson was of New Kngland stock born In Manchester. Vermont, In ISM In his later years he served as a successful merchant Possibly you may be interested In an Incident of 1851, when 6amuel K Curtis, later a Major General in the clll war, came to Fort Wajn to establish a private financial institu tion which flourished for a short time under the name ot the Bank of Wayne When Major. General Curtis came to Fort Wayne, he brought IZ5 oot) in silver, divided equally In to the contents of twenty - five wood en boxes These wrere stored la i room , in the Hedekin house and. guarded day and night while the banking rooms on the east side of Calhoun street, north of Columbia street, were being prepared for Use, Long may the Hedekin nouse tend e. a monument tn the enter. prise of the cltlsens of Fort wavne GUIDING THE FUTURE OF AHEM GUY Kansas City Realtor Impresses Views Upon Broad Business Field (fey r. C - SHARON) If 1 thought that the Chamber of Commerce - of Kanaaa City was Inter ested only In the development of Ua trade territory, only in getting new Industrie In Kansas City, only In olty government matters, only In fetting the most advantageous rates rot sblDpetw. If I thought It was Inter ested only In adranlnff Kansas City as a cultural center, only in the Ce elopment of agriculture, or Only in securing conventions, I would hot be standing here, but It Is because I leel that It la for all of theso thing and tor anything else that will redound to tbo credit of our city, that I bare, consented to glv my time gladly and get Into this work Room for Vartou Oraanltstlena, I feel there Is a Held for each of the many other organizations in this cty, many thinjrs that eomo can do hotter than others, and they should bo encouraged in this spirit, TherS ar certain thinfrs - cnat in Bar asbo - clstion should handle, there are certain things that the real estate board la better adapted to take care of, there are oartaln things that the Merchants association should take ud. the Rotary club, or the C0 - onra tlva club but there a.f vast numbera of large problems that cannot be handled satisfactorily excepting by the Chamber of Commerce, and la all largo matter this body Should be the representative one of Kansas City not only because it has the largest mem bershlo. but because of Its onranlza tlon and its ability to h&ndld big things I snail maxo it a point tins year to aeo that lb Chamber of Commerce becomes interested in th work of other organizations and I am ha ping that these other association! will enthusiastically co - operate With US in what we attempt to do Getting in Teush With Neighbors. I would urgo that our chamber Work In clou harmony with similar bodice in th country adjacent to Kansna Clt). I Would lUg - gest that very frequently officers of organization in nearby cities be invited to our gatherings and perhaps a special luncheon be given In their honor. In this way w may keep tn touch with what Is being don in our nearby territory and perhaps work out some thing of mutual benefit. In this connection I would also Urge that our Chamber do everything In its power to aaslst in National Chamber of Commerce work 1 am a great believer in the alue of organ i - eaiUn and 1 belles that we have never needd a nowrful national body to - look after our commercial interests so much as wo need - It now. 1 realise fully that there ar many things that we ftould like to do that cannot be accomplished during my administration. 1 realize alo that If we tackle too many problems, w will end by accompll.hing nothing, but I ao mime mat outsiae ot tne regular routine there are a few outstandinc tlUrn that th Chamber of Com - of th stirring davs of the canal, the. erce nouioat leaat start this year stag coach and th declining day FOUR GAS FILLING STAINS ARE T City Now Has Total of Thirteen in Operation With Distribution of About lfiOO Gallons Daily Public Attitude flas Cliangcd Considered Asset to Residential Section , Five of six year, ago. th first 'gasoline filling station was erected in Fort Wayne, in the face of more or less opposition on the part of the people of the city who are understood to haVe feared that the location of these station in a neighborhood Would detract from the yalue of nearby property. Today 13, of these stations are in active operation in various parts of the city. Two were put in operation last year. Four station hare already been erected this year or are now in process of erection throughout the city, and it ia understood that there is a possibility that still another may be erected before the end of the year. Of the 1 3 station now in operation, the Standard Oil company has nine, the Sinclair Refining company two, and the Red Fox Petroleum company two. These axe located in widely separated part of the dty, and have proved to be 4 great convenience to the people of the residential district. The people' attitude on the subject is said to have - changed completely, tnd they are reported to be in general satisfied with the operation of the station and the results obtaind through thm. The gain in the amount of gasoline distributed through these stations i said to be very marked, indeed. It is estimated that from 500 to 1,000 gallons of .gasoline are distributed each day through these stations. Of the) new stations erected thi year, the Standard Oil company has just completed one at the corner of Broadway and Beaver street, and that company is now erecting one at the corner of Washington and Ewini streets. The Red Fox Petroleum company completed one about a month ago at the comer of Main and Ewing street. The service stations of the Standard Oil company are located at the Leesburg road on the edge of the city, on Clay and Columbia streets. Baker and Harrison, Calhoun and DeWald, Main and Fulton, Washington and Ewing, Broadway, Beaver and Savilla avenue, Firrt and Harrison strsats, and Maumea and Ohio. These of the Sinclair Refining company are at Jefferson and Clinton, and Maum,, and King ,trts. The Red Fox Petroleum company's stations are at Main and Eying, and Harrison and Lewis streets. compared with ether cities, along the lipes of art, musla, education aAd the various thine, that make fox culture not of the German type but cul tore In Its truest sense, we navs reached the etas. In our city's development where the man who has made money her begins to think It Is time for him to enjoy some of Its Veneflt.. He thinks about educating hi, clrls and having - them etufly music of art. He thinks about hi. boys taking a technical course. He goes away - for hi, vacation and notes ulth regret th, advantages other cities have In a recreational way that w do not oss Eventually many move to Chicago, t, New lork or California to enjoy th money they have made In Kansas City. Not every KMtsas Cltlon does this, thsnk good - tess, but a great many, who Out of tojalty stsy here feel there are man) things that could be done to "Make Kansaa Ulty a letter Place to lave In," and that among them - would b, a line Arts Institute developed t, a high degree, th nucleus of whlah Is already her, and which under the leadership Of Mr. J. C. Nichols, should prove a powerful factor In act only retaining our cltlaene but lji bringing to our city student, from all parts of the southwest. Also, among them would be a great Conservatory of Music, a 8yimaofl Orchestra, a Community Chorus, and the upbuilding generally of music So that Kartells City would become the musical enter of the southwest, and In th future there would be no next tor parents to send their children to Chlcaro or Boston or New York for a musical education. of the descendants if Uttl, Turtle, jiirnaruvui, ana yoacreyi In the meantime go over and Bee It and gli e your Imagination a little much - needed exercise WHAT NEW GERMAN CON - STITUTI0N SAY ON HOMES ' THE REALTOR rlHB asSi XS&S&g r - l!5v4s?5f3. Th new ronstfint.on of the Ger plan Republic pro ides Article 1S5X The distribution and use of the land shall bo control ed by the ptate In urh a ay as to prevent its Tnlstfae and to promote the object of assuring to every German a iIni - tary dwelllnr and to all German (U Hies, especially those with numerous children, a dwelling and economic homestead Wohn - und WirUchafts - Helmstatte) corresponding to their requirements Wav veterans are to be specially considered In the home stead lam t obe enacted Heal estate the acquisition of. which Is necesaary, to meet housing needs, to encourage set tl frig and bringing of land under cultrtatlon. or to promote agriculture, may be ex proprlated Entailment are to be 'dlsfiolred The or king and exploitation of the land Is a duty of the landowner to trd the community An Increase ot the slue of land produced without ttut unnh Inr of labor or cauits.1 tn the propenv Is t, be made to. serve ths WJo adyertltes without sfintT ,. .., . I Who hates to see bis rams in. prlntl as a whole American Th n.nlmrl Building Association News. ' . , a Who, when his monthly cash Is spent nllur I A til PIIIC Hinmr t Which causes great cinuurrmmneni, ZONING LAW UAMt NONti Goes out and rates some boobs rsntl TOO SOON SAYS WRITER' ' , Who sits un nlahu while other lay. And works out plans to help some Jay Th, sonlng law came none tooACjuir a home "Jtore ine, grayi fur there. already grtat Who love, the (and that gave him fclrtb Because he knows that land Is worth Far more than other land on earth J Tbe Itsaltort I Who makes hi living selling lot And warehouse Sites and farming plots And country home and garden spot T ,Tm Realtor! Who acts polite and talks ao wise His clientele to hypnotize? Wears better clothes than o'herguyst , Tbe Realtor! Who rides around la motor cars. And smoke, big fifteen - cent cigars. Just Ilk, th, motlon - plctur, starsT Tbe Realtor! Who comes to work each morning at ten. Or even later, now and then. Lake pther plutooratio men? The Realtor The RealtorJ MRS. WM. MILLER. continuously for T? years She was but one ear old when she landed danger thut tho outlJng boroughs oft the tlly would be everrhero Injured and made undesirable b; the spbr adic factory This statement applies to the Jamaica Hay locality of llrookl n and to The Bronx and btaten Island a, much as to Queens. The sonlng 'law contemplates that these Industrie, shall locate In places especially set asldo for them. These localities aireaay so used, at Boston from th, ,014 Country ' other suitable localities along water - tragic Incident Jler father left, hlsld.nce, fcime the law nent Into f. little family at the nler, saying he feet new fuctorles hate been corn - was going to get something to eat P"d to go Into suitable ligation. This was th. Ia. thev saw him HalThu h" u,w no complaint be. ipis n - a, tne i tney saw htm, Jieeiujl lhtU, 0WBr, nB , rul, accidentally Jell off th, pier and wss j desired to comply ulth the reason - droaned. Ills body wss not recover - abo demands of the city aed l( th, ed until several days later Tbe fath - sonlng law had been In ojc. tventy er had all the family's money strap. year, agot It would have meant that ped around his wsist Ih a belt The I factories would toda) be segregated mother and one year old daughter I In more eultable. localities, where had nothing but their transportation! they would cause les Injury to rest to Fort Wayne, And to this city they dentlal districts than they do todaj cam and remained, J Edward M. Basaelt Who put the real In real estate? Who has a code that s simply great For giving hy.t.r - guy. the gate? J n, jteaiwn Who Is the philanthropic chap whA ha. the man to ao. maynao. With keeping hi. town on th, map? Ttta Re&ltorl Q. Wile Hallock In Denver Post i i i ii D BUILD ON MORE SCIENTIFIC BASIS ftlnce th, war th, order of things Is changed, so much so that builders Snd thos, whs finance builders will build houses on a mors scientino basis do not believe for - years to com, builder will undertsko to b. able economically to build houses that can be rented aa they did be for, th, war S.mnel T HsIL in Realtor', News, Philadelphia. Jt some of them can be finished ao. compllshment at the end of our term of Office If will be that much more satisfactory but we will hae accomplished a great deal If wa can get some things started In the rltjht way ao that future administration may carry them to fulfillment r - irst. I am iiagd and shall work enthusiastically for new quarters for ine tnamDer or commerce Complet, Industrial aurv.y. I also hop, that we may be able to make an appropriation ot a few thousand dolUra for a complet In dustrlal survey of Kansas Cltv. not only to find out what we now hais oeuiuse our records will show that,. bit In order id determine what lndua ' tries will prosper In Kansas City apt what will not. 1 here Is no use In our shutting' our eyes t the fact that some industries will not mospr In nansas uuy, out we anouia be anv to the fact that - wa are better looatad tor some Industrie, that any otber clty, and those are the ones w, should go after In making this survey, I would Ilk to see men visit ine purcnaaing agents ot every large company In this city and find out what they buy and where they buy, whether certain things tbey us, ,x elusive! could be made a well In Kansas City as elsewhere, and have that Information tabulated, and If fter such a sun sy we And that Only ten kinds of Industries are best suited to thi community. It Is better to try to build up tba city along thos, ten lines than to get a hundred Industries lere that would do only fairly well and never amount to anything. nom, investments. I would like to see a movement started to educate our home people w no nave money to invest, wnsrepy they could have set before them the Industrial Investments here at horn, tat are safe. It would be of lm tnense benefit to all concerned, as It would build up Industries with home capital and prevent our money from being scattered about the country In foreign Investments. There are worthy concerns her, now which with a lit tie, aid. would become moat sue. oessful and would be great assets ta our city. It Is very eaav to talk about getting more Industries for Kanaaa city, but in ordsr to g.t thess industries and hold them there must be a better feeling towards local In dustiial stocks and more sympathy from the monled powers I betlev, this cjondltlon can bs brought about by th, rlgtit kind or survey. Series of Hem, Tours. Every year w, hav, our Trada'Ex tension trip and Good Fellowship tours to neighborlhg cities. Why not Inaugurate a series of Home Tours and at least one a month during the next year have the ofllcers, the dlreo tors, ths members ot ths lndustrlsl committee and other committees Interested visit different portions of th, city and study the Industries w, already have here Th, f Culture. . One of Kansas City a (treat men who did so much for tHe Chsmber of Commerce, and who haa gone t, his great reward, Invented the slogaa, ' Make Kansas City a Good Place to Live In It Is a fine sentiment and a great thing (o live up to, but have wa been living a, to It? We speak of our parks, our boulevards and mtr homes and than w, usually stop What pregr.M'bav, w, made, aa Here are Fort Wayne's Realtors; Members of Real Estate Board T.eattor! A real estate broker who la a membsr of a local boar having membership in the National Association ot Real Estate Boards, an organization - Incorporated In 180! for the advancement of th. Interests of real sstat, brokers and th, protection of th, publto from unprincipled scents or broker.' Webster' International Dictionary. e,k. ahm L. UBart City & Suburban Wis. Scheiman J, D. Banning O. M. eimmsrmsa R U Mage, Ed O Nult Louis F. Curdes Art Rose Walter Curo - . Geo. Berhard V. O. KtrkholA A. a W. Curde Robert H. Carlson W. E.DMK. Paul C Cund Edward H. Soehrmaa A. W. Trier W. J, Downing Dreisbach, Heim & Johnson Emrich & Keller Federal Building Company J. C Wolfrum C M. Thiemt wayns W. Kyi Freexe & Mayer r Monroe Fitch & Sons W.M. Caskill J. N. Goldstin G. L. Qtmder ' W. J. Cuanlng - lum Le.lla Maxwell Thomas Allinan Griswold & Preble C E. Hadsell CR. Hicks H3geman & Schaaf C J. Gets A. LtKapp U c vmlih W. H. North E. A. Wirner B U tjcole, Harry Ceyer 1 W. H. Ingham T Paul E. Johnson Krydcr A Berry' y David H Gerig E. C. Wicks Q, J". Kryder Kabourne & Perry Kitcb Co. Roy Lopshtre Harry Mitchell Lornont Raalty Co. Lenoert & Ortlieb Lawrence Linnemeier Michaelb & Wilson Kenneth McDonald Victor V. Miller J. W. Miller Realty Co. Myrt Miller Wayne Fergueon Ralph Wilkin, . Forest L. Moore L. H. Moore Lee J. Ninde Cha. D.Nolan " Jas. S. Peddicord Pohlmeyer & Miller CiM. Preble George Griswold. Railroaders' Realty Co. EdSpahr C A. Rastetter Rinehart Agency Sigrist & Co. A. E. Rose Herman Sigrist Frank W. Smitley Walsh & Company Clinton R. Wilson Zwahlen A Smenner Firms that are Associate mm. bers but not actively engaged i real estate l I Allen County Abstract Co. Cltlsens Trust Company Prelbelbls, Abstract f Till. Co. Parmer. Tru.t Company Trl - etal. Loan Tru.t Co. Uncoln Trust Co. llofer, A. K.

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