The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 8, 1932 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 8, 1932
Page 7
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rrilUU.SDAY, SEPTE.M1JKK 8, 19:« BLVTHKVH.LK, (AUK.) COUU1KK NEWS CLASSIFIED ADS o cents » word for first insertion ind one cent » were lor each subsajutot Insert Kin N& advertisement taken lor le*. (li&u Me. Count tlie tordl did nd tbe tw*». 1'hone 306 KOR SALE FOIl SALE— One larijc Gary Bale, weight U10 ircur.ds. Cheap. Burke Hardware Co. 6C-K12 )f you wanl to buy (ami or cii> property, sec us fcr best prices and terms. If you wanl to sell, lisi with us. Terry-Wortliington Title Company, Blylheville. Ark, Phone 017. (5c-klO I'OR KE3O 1 fOR KENT — Unfurnished apartment, Main street, one block Jrom business district. Boruin Drug Store. 30C-WI FOR RENT—Furnished finartiiit'iit IDS West Kentucky. Phonr! 083 3C-KIO FOR RENT—Filllnsj stalion, luo primus, slore and lliree living rooms. Bin-field rond. Harry Atkins, Pnonc 124. 5C-K12 LOST AND COUNU LOST—Two Sandy Ridge baseball nniforinr, with gloves imd sbccb, between Osceola ami Wilson. Liberal Reward. Phone 'j'j. '5P-K6 LOST—White son-, from my farm wcsl of Yarbro. Reward. II. A. Smith. Cc-kE WANTED WANTED: Gent!,? mule for month or two. Will teed. Charles T. Nash. Clark • Street' and Railroad. TpklO PEKSO.NALS CUSTOM HATCHING — Beginninr Sept. 12th. Baby Chicks, Oct 3rd. Marilyn Hatchery, Blythcvillc. 5C-KT? OKDIN'AN'CI-: NO. 3S3 AN ORDINANCE PROVIDING FOR THE ISSUANCE OI-' LICENSES OR PKRMITS TO PER SONS, FinilS AND CORPO'.'RATIONS ENGAGED IN THE BUSINESS OF SELL1NC '.GOODS, WARES, MERCHANDISE, PROVISIONS, FHU1I FOOD PRODUCTS AS IT1NER ANT TRANSIENT MERCHANTS, AT WHOLESALE, II . THE crry OF BLYTHEVH.L-L JAHKANS.4S, «HD LEVYING / TAX UPON THE PIUVIU'GI ^OF CONDUCTING SUCH UUS ;INESS AND FOR OTHER PURPOSES. Be it ordained uy lliu city cound . of the City ol Blytheville, Mississippi County, Arkansas: -3— It slial! be unlawful ior any i«r- £0ii, firm or corporation to hau or bring into the city of Blyllie- ville, Arkansas, either directly 01 Indirectly, any goods, wares, merchandise, provisions, fruit or othe ftiod products, with the intentioi of selling or . diEjiusing ft • Ui same from any'room, store, ware house, buildinj, lot, railroad ca; vehicle, or in any other manne. irliatsoever, either at wholesale c. retail, by solicitins • orders thereto, from house to house or from stor. lo store, or taking orders for lru future delivery ihereof or olher- wise, al wholesale, without a l:o:i. fide intention of engaging -in. t'n> business of sellinp; or disposing a. such goods, wares, merchandise provisions, fruit, load products o.' other such property in a regular!., established nlace ol business willm. the cily of Blylheville, wilhou first chtainin;; a license lor sue. piin>c.scs as is herein provided. -2- : Any per=on, firm or eorporatio;. who rioc; or attempts to clo an^ of Ilio art; speciliect in Scclicn i of Ih.s oidinance, shall first maki apiJlicaiion in nri'ini; lo tl:c cilj cierk o! said cily for n Jiefiirc ai licrein provided, in which apn!ic:i- tion he E t-.a|i ^^ic his aje, placi V ! residence, teiness and any othci '^'uiiiialion rfriuestert by tne cit. cll; rt: to show h:s good laith, ant. |' rd - his b'.isu',r?s is lawful ar.c, jesitirnate, «|uc!i ay|j!icaiion slial. J '-' ^"ixjcribod antl sworn to b> tl''f Applicant ant! I'i'.cd in the ol- »M ci the city clerk. Upon ttit ?Ii ^ of :.ncli application and payment u , . ]1C fces as ,. c:d|1 pro . UUcd - 'he cily clerk sna'.i llicre- upon K> W ., 1|CCI15C (0 .,.„ a[)pl( . FKinUttmg lihn lo (.-n^vgc ill thn : ' b ' tlc: ^ ar; is covered b> ihe a i >1>llc . auon in <.cujro':,;,cc tvilli ^'"'.-'icns of Section 1 ci! this "K MAKES 'KM SKI; °«irc Ovu -joe i raac - s Stoic SKCOND HAND FURNITURE See Us First K. J. Dodson 301-303 E. ()]>]• N AT XKJHT Exwrl Ford Hcuairs Wrecker Service I'hiliins Molor Company Phone SIO-717 ihr li^ljl II.-tr • i-rltrr il JU\irt-r. >Olh lu-r *,K*[,:IUI)'* it v 'nn\ .\SI:.M>. l.i,l 1,1 lur. niiiii>> I:,..Mi,n a.-l, u> lu-r >i-i-n<i:ir>. vulnlJiiiEliN, ulij llt*-> tri nul tnr S M Ann-rim, -ihrrc llnrrl STKM-: Sin .1111:1.1.1 i lt f |i:in. U'hy did yyu run rouiiteicd. liy w;is mlijeraljle timl site w **lllj tlnrrj In i-iLilllrri in furlllilr nil'] vtmrf ol hji MTI ( ' |IV '" imli lo Elr:^ u u;i> Ir-jilly. tit l;nrr> nuij sii-** ut. [Uiirjnj Itliiuil, - lln-lr l.nnl al I'til I niUlinji lo Itlo. misery, "lloiv could 1 slay wl.pu I liiiew'; 11 "llarrj!" Ilo U!il not s|;eali for a moment bill Ins arm tl^lileiicil (ilnnil livr. "Jiarry! f)u you Ililuk I married your uncle for his niuncy'! 11 "It rerlaiiily looked tlial woy. Vou l:new 1 had none. 1 . You know—" 'CUB sliouk, tier head. Tlie tendrils i^ or lier nalr Join-lied liis rliei>b. j MUUK [leinamlccl. "Von li!:iln't I me to marry you. 'said you Invent me!" i "Hul you Kneu'." j "I llioiielil 1 diJ! Thai was nliy i wtieii Mr. Uurreliiou uaki-ij nm ;u | rush lo Twllnnds ninl nnrry Harry D"i^inmi". jTnwisieiiJ I ilidsi'l liealute: Thai ran,! i, was th& way It nil hapiicncd. Eiarry. •l:o risli!!) Ikat lib would not wck her -3 out. The/ would inur rowj Tliojv tvoiilil KO lo I'mL ot Simln nn.l Hie consul could jierturuj ilio ceremony. Was llu-ro nnyllniii; Irrognli.r nbout Ilo lias more Dower in any m'eiulire (han I iiava uut (luil iloesn't inenu anyihiuj; beciiuao It's Steve! li Isn't ' bc'd ever try lo do auy. . Irrogniir about nmrrylnn one's till UK I didn't flrarovc" nuiil? Sieve and l.mile could bo ilio "If Slci-o sliouid die tomorrow" a le..<la,,ts. They coi.U live IK-rq Moim said slowly. "Ue nilhc would nlwius in | luw ,l,,c S3 and |:eace. Why | beloiie-moro ill lull ol it "ml not? Mono stirred In ftarry'a amis. Sho l.iujbcd a Ilille. liaiuilly. "Will you nmrry mo. Moua? Itlutii awty?" "Why do we have lo ililuli ahoul that now? Isn't II eiioiisli fun we 'f u "u"uaJnV'ovcui'';' vo , fl « Ml1 'I"' 1 ' °" 1W JuJ UU|1 "- slanil "lint oilier?" don't nii(!c.rsian«l .Muna." ills wus Inn".. nu/zk-C '; volt :1 ' (linn half of iii'lnl.iy— to lib liclrs. llnvo you Ihnuglil of Unit!" H.irry pressed his faro down on licrslimiidcr. Ilo MlJ slowly. "Wliy 1 llilnk i,( dtalli now wlicu we can Ihliik of riich oilierr" "Vc-.i ii.-e. Harry, it I don't marry )-m rifiln off iwrluiis 1 cuu o( » ttay in helii you!" "Bo Hint's your |ilnn!" PAGE SEVEN _ 'i'uu said jou you say you can' in dismay niul linrry & uouiJUAKUUNGHOLJSK &£?'/ Hi BY -me w/w, JASON , VVECE SOfV\e EUROPEAN HOT6L ' I WANT -ilOU To WJfE ON MY SUITCASE /— K-ACE- Tv\e OP -me sAvov,or LONDON, we' GEOBbE FlFTrt,oF- PAR-IS, AND TvAE ESPLANAPE, OF BtfcUN.ON TH& Ar\OGT CONSPICUOUS PLACES/ pASH IT, I. hAT) A DrXNDY FRoM EOVALfc,OT- CAIRO, BUT IT WAS ON A TRUNK AND WHEN THE TRUNK. \NAS~A\\-Er2-~ kMJREIEDL'Y DIZOPP6D A n WINDOW/ lov«l lue and now ,-DO y,,, miulc I'.l la you ll:irry >li!i--< n,H r.*k lions i:l>;) *!),> IVI:KJI;| mnhr ll»i'»i. Afn-r krvcrnl il.ijn l.r.lilr ilf- ^l:irps thcj Mii:vt rjitu- tuullrr* lum Ilirlr imn iKintlx. Slii' liri:cK ^l"Hn In li.-itr n ri-:ir,k t^lk ullU llr,rr> KOW r.ri n.\ n rnr. MIPHI o;iAi'Ti-:u XL iv IT was Harry's voice thai Mona heard. "Oh. n\y (Inrl)ug. you've come al Ic-asll" !!:iiTy iras hoslde her. After .ill these days atnl weeks of courteous formality, of coldness almost, tie ivaa ngaln the Ufirrv she had learned to love. Kor a rcomenl Motin did not £|ieak. did ni'.t Inru her head. She panto again?; the wnlic Linen slionMcr. arjaln^t the arm which enclosed hoc am! sighed. Then, still without 8pc:i!>iiig. s-hu raised her hand-and-'Tressed It against Harry's face. "Yes, Barry, 1 — I'm here!" They stood in Bilrneo. The Ennils Iny while around them. The .3,68 under the white moonlight 'rj]>|,led quietly. Tho flamboyant IreeBl'ilclib at hand Btvayed softty. "There scemeil 1.3 one else la.-tbe : nrorld e.i- coin these two. '.'._. :' Motia dill not look at Barry., tjer head sank lower againat his. shoulder.. She could feel the bea'ting of bis heart aa tumultuous aa her own. "Monn, why did yon do II. darling? he said at last. "Do what, Barry?" Still sue did not looU at bim. Ho hail caught hnrjiqnd in his own: "bo'whatt Oh, Mona, how could Ton!" Why did you marry my uncle? 1 ' Tho her heart. i It illiln't occur to me- Iliat ynu um-le's name v.'as Harry, loo! H didn'i iHriir to me that I w'.is xoluK to Tu!l:!n<]3 for any other re;ison ; i>>:< ?i:t In mnrry yon! 11 | "llni when (.larre-tson lolil you it 'was rn) 1 undo—" Harry licsan. | "He illiln't! \\c lalkcil it nil 07 Slic did not answer for n moment. "1 have aumelhlns 1'musi do Ural. lisrry," site I Blowly. , cent ui thnt money-? ' "H'l.y not? 1 ' 1 couldn't! Mona, Monn "You mean you niusl KO liutne; force: a|| [),ls! Wlia'i iln first.'" Slio shook her licail .11 Uils. liicn slowly nodded. "Maybe. It be iiccc-ssary." "Tlii're Isn't uny reufun why yo: can't marry me. |.s lucre?" 1 quickly. "Uncle ill yon r;:rti Wo litivo ujinugh. Uo i look fo poor? Let ilio moiiey i;n in l!( , c ll1n ., ,,„„, ,„ wimont inentionins ihe man's 0!1> . tt;iv? Ho (|lllll ., , df , Hrwlly I ntkdl him Jus; as val , .„,,,,, ncvcr ,,,., rr) . ,.,,,_„ .. Nul cjni:[ | v , Jo EaiJ _,, "'I'licn it's the money!" nnd 1 vv.13 fining oul llie dror wlin man \v.i5 and he sntd 'Harry Townsend.'" "Anil you lliougiil you were lo Ttvllanils to marry me?" Harry salil slowly. AJnna oydded. "Until I was tlierc n llie slcJj room." SliQ ncildct) agreement Barry's expression hardened. "You menu If you marry i:ie you'll forfeit your rlglu to Hie fortune?" ; . "Yon mean you IOEQ li.e mouej tlm <;tt hospital or u-linicriT D I waiiiu! It to yo to anil marry me!" *'°"' Tin-re was n rnstlu In llie ulnuli l.cry i-:,,5Q by. Tlien n shadow limn; llsrlf acioss th'; Fiinil ill tliilr lei I am! s.'inrnin 1 frnin 1)10 clump «l tree* as If u-'.'ii away liy someone s harjs. . .. -•. • '"xi tills Ib-wlnn'e ym^aru. Mnna: W'li} tffilri't yen tell ine? ,1 into >cur . rouii. for .some water— my iliermoa txns eiii|ity—niui "And liy tliat lime 1 was ou board , and jou enra for (hat? it means ll.c Mlraiifla!" lip.rry's lie-nil tlroniKMl inlsoiauJy ami MOIIIL reached out n hand once- more and touched Ills cheek. "It's not too tate now, Harry.'.'.'eue said tliulrlly. "It's not ico late. We aren't old. yet. And we're here—" "Hoiv can 1 jiiarry iny uncle's wife'*", ilemanded Harry liitu-rly. "Mj.'aunl!" He stared lino space. "Mona, oh. how coul'1 you—how ou.ldj.pii!" "i'fly^ ', uncle's Mona : .whispered, ivife! I »-,-is never dial!" "You mean—?" more tlirui your love for me:' thai I'liat you're trying lo suy? Tell me juit would rallier nuvo this money than many me! Tell me!" Ilo shook Ler tiercel)',., "You dou't understand." Mono Ue^ : J!i. "1 dn wnnl to marry you soi:;o lime. Hut not HOW."' "Why noiT" Ills voice was liarsli. "\s It because you waul lo enjoy your forlune a liillc longer? Monu,^ •;. "I rneno 1 was to consider the can't you tnlie ins as t am with' tvlilow. Jlariy." "''"" ' havo to Blvo-you? is'u't t'unt' "but never his:enough?" I "Do''you own ' tialt the'- rm'ncy | Harry?" she risked deliberately. 4\ sllu! Yon know those Kiialtcs—oh. llarryi Well, thank Koudness. I diihi't iiavo the [ire out!" "Walt Lottie. I'm coinhii;." Mnna rose from the s:iml anil wnlkeii slottly lon-iird [lio jlrl In llie way. "Sny, I don'l waul to Interrupt niiyihiug—•• l.ollk IUBIIU uncertainly. "Vo've llulbhcil talking," assured her. "Are you sura l.'icro Isn't anything more to soy?" asked Hurry. "We'll iitlli it «'.>, in Hie morning. Itorry," "There's . noihli::: 10 talk over: You can Mn;|ili ras -yug' ttr 'no ' ' Lo'.lie .. ^ •.*.•... u * TiB^k.uw.ujLMULi i iiy -1 I 0* UC ililCl'I'tr'Ttl ' t-hft > f II marriaeo for » year. l. ; toW ;y, u U.E considered this. "No." he- sata,'j "Dou'i mind «,» n: run «iici<l " that hcfore. Ho died Mora] tlie.i H-l,ut what' has iliai to dn willij "Lcfs wall unill lomorrow Harry scareuued. . ; , ;!l?.l'iii not slcrvlns.-Yoii v:ouldirv : 1'leatc!" T J !^-"'*^»«'-.&^!?^«^^^^^^ - f .-'&"r,i?°,r-' 01llltill[ " asDir- In hfa voice tore ' ''• liltle Uy lillle Barry's -mf?er Jpeot itsclt. Hero was Monn. loving him vriiole-bcartedly. tlic oasl es- plained away. Siie had come lo Mlio of nor own accord, since slie guatiJt! ). . • ••- rjjinance, for which,4iccnse the C5 or parts of ordinances'.iri..^- ollou-jng fees shall be charged: ••• \ fij c t herewiili For each clay or part, of a day BE IT ORDAINED BY THE CTTY ess than one week, the sum of COUNCIL OF THE O1TV OF BLYTHEVILLE: 1'ari'ot il. Mnfftlay'IsMiijured IB wllb the rest of the property. Steve owns more limn Imlt. i inouslil I explained Hint. Tlie sale of llie Urri- i diudirj lliing.. He nodded serlnuEly, "1 ,io. •• "Then It will liavo to ho 'no, 1 ' Uie girl eald slowly, "J'ui sorry. Barry." For each week under one" nionlli, he sum of £50. For each month less than one ear, Ihe sum of $100. For one Each SECTION i. That it shall be un- lawiul lor any uine-raiif' merchant to conduct, pursue, carry on 1 , or' op^ a retail mercantile business . ne year, the sum of 5200. 1. la the City of Blytheville without license shall iiirfic.iie on its Jirst plying to the license collector ace the date of the expiration ofloj said city 'tile liceme lax l.erein- iie same, nnrt shall bs nSnced In J after prescribed and procurinz a conspicuous place on the ve-jilccns» from the City Clerk 01 said ' .icie or ' premises covering the City. -lace of business of the license. - -mr,,,i ., rf H se P° rat ^ " 1; K,; chant" as used herein, shall be con- icateil anri licensed as sucn un-| 5trued to me ' .er the tern !s of this ordinance. ^C S^c^orftS^e^jS hall nol apply to nny person, firm r corporation having a regularly:"" , , .... . stab'.ishcd. place, of business with- ^Us „ " n Ihe cily and whose" siock oi ,oods, wares or merchandise lia:-i .eeti (ibsesscd for, taxation and the .ix shall have been paid thereon dia'tely Dollars Fund, and il shall he dlslribuled in 11 like manner as ous receipts, in accord with W. W. Prcwilt, (Atty. for Ptf.) Jfirgll Greene (Ally ad Litem) \- .... . 18-25rl-8 ' buiMin K. Who current budget. SECTION 5. Any person, firm orj'J corporation violating any of the).--. provisions of this ordinance, shall. r'«r T . , IT1 lipoii conviciion Ihereof. ba deemed [-"CW lype oi Wheat i>: ]>unislied by a fine of not less -• than Five Dollars (S5.00) nor more'!.' :, tent, edifice or olh- j thah Five Hundred Dollars ($500.00) I oli- ra'.e for • Neb. the currenl year; nor to -ny person, tirni or corporation Jliins weed, fuel or farm products produced by such person on >wn premises or on the premises )1 others; nor to any person, firm >r corporntioii ciigagttl^.in inter- .late comtncrce. -4- Any iiurson violuiiiii; ihe provis- ons cl this ordinance shall, upon corpo ity of Blytheville, a slock ot goods . conduct of more than one year; PROVIDED, how- wrho css for a mcntalloii hy the State College of 'Agriculture 1m resulted iti de- eralcrj in""violat:oirof this'ordinanc'c •« 1 °P lncn t of a 1;CT ' Wl« <>' ^'lical shall coivstitute a teparatc^,,,., "Mtter able lo withstand the Hes- each ofTcnEc, and each day on said business shall be op- iini coiiavuuie a icparaie onense.,. , „ ' SECTION 6. That any anri >K • sla " ">'• thnn arc ordinances or paris ot ordinances ;,i- Sl , .1.0 c tl)al a pcrson |irm or cor . I | n conflict herev-ith arc hereby re- which '"* maintained re.iUence, or conducted, pursued, pealed. SECTION 1 7. Bcc.inse of the de- i carried on or operated a similar ; pressed business conditions in the mercantile business; or purchased Cily of Blytheville and the shor'.- a mercantile business ivnich lias! age of funds for the administration been so conducted, pursued, carried! o! ihe aiiair3 of llie Cily of Bly'.hc- on or opsrated In the Cily of B!y-1 ville, an emergency is hereby cV Ihcviile for 3G5 days immediately ' clircd to exist 'and this ordinance precccrtlng the oi>ening' of said j being i-.ecotsary for-tr.e immediate .onvicllon thereof, be deemed amity i !* UJincs5 ' 5nal1 )lo: ^ construed to | prescrvalion of the public peace, .f a misdemeanor, and shall be] 1 * an itinerant merchant within i health and safety, diall he in force finished by a fine net exceeding-1 l ' lc meaning'of tills ordinance. '2s nor nitire than $1CO. . I SECTION 3. The license lax -5- The • new Hiiea:. :"Clicycnnc wheat" v;as dcvqlopsd farmers n stiff s'. head for comliin^ harvesliny. ,' Apparently Ihe heavy . slraw 'withstands the Hessian lly bcucr than 'types oi wheal with lighter 'stnuv^ Ihe ex]irriniental fnrm said. To rlnie. only 500 bushels of the nrv; type wheat have been produced. All ordinances or parts cf ordiu- .nccs ol the city ol Blytheville nconsislen; witli th.e provisions of his ordinance, are hercoy re- -G- Al! sums paid for licenses here- indcr shall b c - placed by the .ierl: o' .'.aid cily to the' credit i the gincral fund. -7- This ordijiance being neccisarj' cr the miniedialc prcscrvalion of .he public peace, health »n<i safety, K-cause lhu:e c>:isls In the cily 01 31ylhevil:e a great . c horlage oi unds in Ihe fund above ir.enlior.cS b well :is in oilier funds, and be- ause the present revenues oi .said Ity :uc nut adequate lo meci Ine xpviucs of .administration ot said ilv's allaiis. an enicrgency Is de-' larcil to cxisl. ,-.nd this ordinance liall 1,'ke cllect ar.d he in furrc rum ai'.d :ifler Us pnwasc. r.i.'-si-il onri approved, Ihis '"»''. .iay ol AKBiiit, 1932. NE1LL PEKO, At --_.:•_ •\llesl: S. C. Craig, City Clerk.; NO. 38J AN' ORDINANCE reialing (o and providing (or tr.e levy and coilcc- «ion of ,1 license ta.\ i.fwn itinerant merchants in the CITY OF BLY- THEVH,I,Jy.- -prescribinr psualtieb Ior the vloiatiun oi £jn;t;. and u- peillnz any anci all other ordinanc-' from and after its passage, appro* al antl publication in a newspaper hereby levied under this ordinance ; in the Cily of BlyUieville, Avkan- shall bo Two Hundred Dalbrs | EUS. NEILL KEED. Mayor. ($200.00). .SECTION 4. T.-c City Treasurer shall, upon receip: of payment ol said amount of Ikcnse, set aside said in an ncconm to be known RS "lindi.slribulcd LicehSDi" and hold same In trusl lor a period 3f one year from llie date-pt re-, :eip:, vlicraujion, if said merchant; CHANCRUY COURT, CHICKA- Jhall still be, and shall huve been :o]itinuousl.v engaged in saici .jner- I'ASSKD BY Tilt; CITY COUNCIL, Cl'IY OF BLYTUEV1LLK, ARKANSAS, tills the 16tli day o: August. 1D32. S. C. CRAIG .-;.Cjty Clerk. : WAKXINO ORDKIl SAWI3A umriUCT, Pi COIWI'Y, ARKANSAS. :anliic business In the Cily or'Bl,' I Commonwtllh Bullduii! fc lam llievllle, he shall be considered as ;AsVn. c! little Hock. Ark., a corpn. permanently located in the City of I Plaintiff, vs. No. 5295 fllythsvillc. and (lie City Treasurer I Mrs. p.'.M. Catnpbell cl al, Delcnd- AN!) HIS TRTKNOS POODLE kAS Beesl TO CCI.I MIS Oi.C> SELF 'AT ALL..., 6LAO VbU CA.VE...FBBCkLES IS CER.TA1WLY DO»j DUMPS.... PSBW.. /* ;,DLD TRICKS? Boy FEEL 73 DAY r^ * MMAH HAS TO STl'H'-ON IT, IIOOTS , f*fc «ftS»i\mb ' AVA'SII'TUBISS MIKWAR). BOUJVl)! Ut IM HJSU= AM HOUR, o' SMOKE, 0 SCX)NtR BO&S EhSV TAU6-U)l.m ABOARD 1MW4 WOi'lSOI-i PUCXS IMTO Trt6 JUNGLE MMU. rPl\!E HIKUTES UTH.C MOST OF we TW6 FAT6 OF AJJ ^9^N, OF Mi ENTIRE NWlON, £HDS (JPON OR FWVUR6 Of TrtVS SHORT COt:M) UK \VOHSB! ;HCW» } CJOT So WaT, OSCAR. = DOWT FEEL LIKE m THAT You AWT A HERRIMS ^HYTHIriS,Ai4yjV,ORE...I. FEEL SO BAD ALL OMES. TMAT r-^ BOrJE IM fAY (^ f_ ' Booy ACHES " ^-^ R. L. GA1NES. Clerk By Eltahelh Blythc, D. C. Developed by College Cop Turned Down Reward of One Kiss STONEHAM. Ma-'- tnrning from duly lo police: head- qimrlers. Officer Dennis McKtnnon penned the lollowmg re|K>rt: "At'2:45 a.m. investigated co/n-: plainl cf a girl, wandering .arp.nid Cr.ase h:.ilding. Womnn slightly under th; of l:q- uor. Gave me Cambridge aidrcss. I- ])ul her 'in rrmachinn parked in the .squate, which, she said. Mic had left. Wanted to reward me with a kiss. Sent her on her way. "!'. S.—1 ciitin 1 '. lake th: Iclss.""

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