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The Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette from Fort Wayne, Indiana • Page 4

The Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette from Fort Wayne, Indiana • Page 4

Fort Wayne, Indiana
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THE FORT WAYNE JOURNAM2AZETTE TUMDAY MOftNINO, ttPJtMatH H. The Fort Wayne fc Journal Gazette It 1 JYM font wavns journal ih 1l If thi ronr wivni oaxitti Kit 186a 4 Published gvery Day 1 T1 ft I IMBIIt OH THI ASSOCIAT1D Waited thereli Velum SS ejSjgSS No, 854. IS canta TIXMI OF SUBSCRIPTION baity alee' aopy 9 canta Sunday, a ngta copy canta exeept Sunday, ptr week Daily and Sunday. earrlee In Fart wayna canta i Dally and Sunday by terrier In cltlaa and tewna eutelde of Fart Wayna SO cantt MOT 9 00 kill Oajiliiai ana yaar t00 SBV MAIL IN ADVANCE ally, without Sunday, ana yaar ally, with Sunday ana yaar jBy Mall. In Advanaa.

Ovar 1M Mil a wanr, wun sunaay ana yaar Pally, without Sunday ana yaar MORNING. SEPT. 11, ff Anyway, Mussolini hss mad hla repu 1 iatiou sod la ready to meet anyone. Notwithstsndtsg n'a settled, anthracite will sooa be coming out and going up A One writer ssys Henry Ford never ge I rattled. Does Henry, then, never roll Us 0 They are the standpatters who refuse to "fire Cooltdg chance" They are running htm willy pllly Yesterday there was an eclipse ot the sun.

Thi eclipse ot ths fare rite son will take place next year The apple crop of the far northwest Is IS per cent hearler this year than last, but you'll nerer know It by the time It gets here Oklahoma Is rapidly getting to the point where It will be better to turn matters ot that region back again to the Indians i MUt Elrod has fallen down In his plan Do acquire Valparaiso University for the Ku Klux Klan. Another ot the things to which genius Ian equal P. There la one potential candidacy tor V'the republican presidential nomination Senator Watson could talk shout and It Is not modesty, but straterv whfrh 1 forbids fc "Pussyfoot" Johnson Is way down In Africa spreading the propaganda of'pro hlbltlon, from which It may be apprehended that Mr. Johnson's dry crusade all but conquered the world Science hss determined that a lobster travels about one mile dally. That will be allowed to stapd Ss to the crustacean, perhaps, but tiro about town lobster Vknows nothing whatever concerning a speed limit.

I i And ws congratulate all Indiana Re I publicans ot the old time and ultra regular brand upon ths announcement a dpiat the Hon Edgar Bush wl'l shortly formally launch his csndldacy 'or hla i i carty'a gubernatorial nomlns'lon. I 4 The "Isles ot Greece" just tor the thoment sre at ths front of the big I screen of the day's troubles, but It Is ths fles" orMexlco, ot Russia, ot Persia and cf other lands that turnlah the back 'ground In the vast picture ot this old yworld'a disturbance. Oorernor McCrsy say thst every Csrmer Is suffering from ths same con Villous which bare so disastrously ln TOlTSd.hlm, the only deference being 1 thst It 1s on a smsller scale. That Is something his excellency Is Is a position to know great deal about. The Coue treatment pays no Interest and settles so taxes And now they are beginning to blame thai Renubllcan recalcttranta In Oorernor last legislature for his excel lency smaahup Well, It certainly baa seemed that off his fsrm Oorernor Mc Crsy is neither much bt a mule sklnner nor a bull whacker ot fine parts The going was made tough for him as Reader Predictions that It will take Japan gen 4 eratlqns to recover from the disaster by i which she hss been crushed mutt seem pretty loose to those who will pause to reflect whst Japaa baa accomplished In Jthe building ot a western civilization Murine: the less than seventy yeara which 'have elapsed since Perry forced the 1 ot her age old Isolation and ex i elusion and Tetthellght In Governor Plnchot addresses President Cooltdge and pertinently suggests federal measures to nrerent the ultimate I veonsumer from being blackjacked In 11 6 I vr br snthraclta coal prices The vroDiera ok getting me voat eu, or me ground Is solved, at least for the present ffJow It a way can be found for redressing fine Immediate and the probable grlev luces of the public, the prolonged con troversial mess will have been all to the good.

THE REVELATION OF MUSSOLINI AND OUR "SENATE I vThe in.o!ence of the outlaw methods of Mussolini, the petty Caesar of the Black Shirt, and the rallying cry of the enemies of constitution, an treaties, has outraged the American people almost unanimously, if it.d ta ar not etharwiaa arad HfeTflay Judge ffofinhe Unanimity hrharsbserverJTtr papar and alaa laeal news pub i i i i i ir in ana we nae it on good authority that he was aghast when he found that we are opposed to imtenahstic strong arm, rough house methods. Why waj Mussol ni He hat given the answer in an authorized interview with the Associated Press, in which Tie expresses ms Inability comprehend our present hotihly fo the old pre Ieague methods of international diplomacy and pol tics on the ground that we had shown ourselves to be the League of Nations. Get the significance of that statement! It means two things: One that the junkers and' the jingoes, the strong arm men, the militarists, the imperialists, the whole bloody crime caked crew of international brigands that has been slaughtering boys on reedless battlefields for centuries all interpreted our senate attitude toward the league, and the people's attitude toward the senate's position as meaning our opposition to international organizations for the prevention of wars; as to meaning our hostility to the substitution of international law for the lnch Uw of the war lords. Tt means, too, that if Mussolini had known thai we did not hold these iews and were, in reality, in sjmpalhy with the purposes of the league, he would never have seized the islands of a little' nation nor have shelled undefended places, nor have slaughtered Armenian orphans. In other words, Mussolini's reversion to the meanest! bloodiest methods of medievalism was due to the absence of the United States from the League of Nations for that is precisely what he says.

Thus the treaty wreckers of the senate have been considered toul mates by the Mussolinis. of Cotfu. and the D'Annunzios. of Fiume. "Vhat a splendid reputation.

II Commenting on tic fact that the council of ambassadors, with the records of, the council oc the league before it, made the proposals which have prevented a war and that the enemies' of the league will point to this ancient instrumentality, and the Washington conference, and the world court as evidence that no league is needed, the New York Evening Post furnishes the definitive answer: Let us admit, for the take of argument, that all these agencies and programs are better than the league. It only remains then to explain the more or less sudden interest and faith now being displayed in ambassadorial conferences, international courts of justice, Washington conferences codifications of international larv, outlawry of war and Hague tribunals. The ansn'er simple. The League of Nations has forced these alternatives to the front. If there were no league we doubt whether we should now have all these highly recommended substitutes for the.leaghe.

If there were no league we wonder whether R'tub lican leaders would have gone in so hard for the world court If there were no league we wonder whether Senator Borah Would have recognized so quickly the need for putting a stop to naval competition If there were no league we whether k'md words would now he 1 xoneeftHng theHague tribunaLJflhcte. nn irneuc wt bonder whether there would be so much stress laid on the codification of international law and the outlawing of war imiilt jWe had been no League of Nations No assembly at Geneva with representatives of practically every nation of the earth No pretest from the league against the methods of Mussolini No protest to the league by Greece No pasionate protest against the bullying of a small nation by a great one from all the small nations of the world Then would Mussolini have proceeded in the good old way to crush Greece, seize her islands for keeps, plunge the Balkans in another war that would have spread, beyond a doubt, until it embraced the greater part of the old world and involved the new. The very existence of the League of Nations has forced Mussolini from his high horse with the promise to withdraw from Corfu. What Does Italy's King Think? would be lnteretlg to know what the king of Italy, who has always 1m pressed the world as a very high class monarch, and one to be depended upon, thinks ot the miserable manner la which the politicians ot his realm. In recent yeara, who We been staining the honor ot bis nstlon A nation, like an Individ ual, cannot afford the reputation of being untrustworthy A man who is In the habit ot making contracts only to treat, them will soon a rather shady nsme It hss not been so long ago since the world stood by, In some ameiementj listening to the bargaining and the bartering to determine on which side Italy would fight In the World war She had a contract 6be had a signed sgreemenL While pos stole thst she had been tricked or be trayed into Jolnlngv the triple alliance she was In It, and hen the time" came tor her to Join her allies she held back.

We who were, on the other side In that struggle could have defended her course on the ground that she did not feel It possible, In honor to battle sgatnst democracy But It ss hot lost upon the world that she received, weighed, con sldered propositions from both the allies snd the central powers. The sine's agreed to give her this, and the central concealed from us, whereby Italy was to get Certain territory Then the pecu liar actions ot Orlando Lansing friend in the pesce conference but In the end Italy signed another contract a contract to live up to the provisions of the covenant ot the League of Nations Meanwhile came Mussolini, the tiny Caesar, to spit on democracy to shske his sword at liberty, to shoot holes In the constitution, to trample with his cavalry on representative government And then with, the Greek crisis we havs Jtaly again announcing with apparent levity, and with an almost delicious disregard ot th sanctity of a signed document, that Italy under his regime Is not bound by treaties, but stands on her powers ss a military nation And through all ot this the Italian king has been silent It Is true that he Is ppwerlesa, but It Is hard to beUeve that he contemplates With much complacency the manner In which Italian politicians are playing with the honor ot hla nation Harvey and Hays Hobnob. The other day, after a prolonged absence In this country, sn absence so prolonged as to almost persuade the country that the nation might be facing eO other calamity In the losing of the services ot the delectable Colonel Harvey, powers countered by offering her that i lhat worthy sailed for Englsnd. No one snd she let It be known thst she considering both this and that The vihole proceeding looked like material barter with Wo principle Involved Natu rally we tried to close our eyes to the ugly scene Then came the armistice snd the discovery by President Wilson tbst Italy and other nations had entered Into a secret treaty, which was carefully knows yet why be wss able to absent himself from a tremendoualy Important post for months at a time. It wss hinted by some of his friends thst the living In London.

IS beyond the financial capacity ot the colonel, but there waa some curiosity at the time ot hla appointment as to bow he expected to psy the bills Now at lougth, be Is on the Atlantic Speaking of Eclipses bound for bis embassy agalp, carrying with him tor a visit ot several weeks, the head of the moving picture Industry, Mr Hays. la it possible thst our Will Is trying to woo the colonel away from diplomacy to the screen! What a rival he would make for BUI Hart For haa not the "Colonel distinguished MmfH Tiy fhn trace" and pass With which he haa ridden In paradea while fighting and bleedmg for his country as a 'colonel" on two governors' staffs perhaps the colonel has a copyright on his cartoon of the Immaculate Conception, and the cartoons ridl cullng the physical condition of Wilson, and maybe lie moving pictures want these for the screen Less subtle souls will put It down to politics When George Harvey and Will 'Hays sojourn together under the same root for weeks at a time many v. Ill suspect that Brest denttal polities Is figuring a bit In the conversations. And what conversations! Nothing like it quite since old Dr. John eon, with Boswell at his elbowj conversed with Edmund Burke on the phll osopby of government, with Garrlck on the art ot the stsge with Goldsmith on beauty Unhappily we shall bare to wait In time we shall know something of the conversations in the London em basay How foolish it seems tbst the thoughtless world should be Interesting Itself with the conversations between Potneare and Streaemann, between Mus sollnl and Greece, when Colonel Harvey la pouring forth Uls wealth ot wisdom for the delectation and delight ot our fellow Hoosler Taking the Family Along The family car haa become almost an American Institution It la a nn and generous thing that father contrives the means to purchase It and further con trlves for operation and upkeep Mother and the children the whole family, and now and then the family a friends have the constant pleasure oflt Father drlrea and it la with a sens of doing well, with a thrill of satisfaction he reflects upon the power he ha given himself to 1m psrt so much variety such a trsln ot enjoyment to dally life.

Indeed, it is a tin and generoua thing that father has done You find multiplied millions ot examples of It the great broad jeountry through And father la to the last degree unselfish about It didn't buy the car for himself, he bought It for the family. Along with blm go mother and the children whenever It is possible, and it seldom Is Impossible on Sunday. Father generously takea the family along. I)ut father too often lakes the family along when he goes farther then the dsy's pleasure Journey Fsther did down near Terr Haute. Saturday evening John Cash, with hla wit and tour LET1EUS FROM THE PEOPLE ISftd bv lh vntar', toM Itnd It naM ta UM arlkr a.

1 aw k. rtt.rua OATH Editor of The Journal Gaiette Bute of Indiana, County of Allen, as I A. Chllders being duly sworn upon rath depose and say that th statement recently publlahad that I am a member of the Ku Klua Klan la wholly untrue and without foundation, that I am not now nor never have been a member of th or ln "J' way connected with It directly or Indirectly A. CHILDERS Subscribed and aworn to before me this I Oth day of September. 1123 (Seal) K.W YOUNCJ Notary Public My commlxalon expiree January J7.

19Z7. HAS SIX FIVE AT HOME Editor ot The Journal Qasette. Other rentera with families hare been having their say about owning their own nomas If you have a good alsed family. And I would Ilka to hare mine I am not a mother of one, but I am a father of six One of them Is grown tip and married and gone away, another one la old enough to work, and does work I have four others from ta 11 years old I did own. home once ln a small town, but there was flot always good Jobs to be had and so I oam to Fort Wayne I sold my home and got only a few hundred dollars for" It We had mad up our minds to buy a home here In the city if we could find a piece we could afford to buy, but flrat I wife alclc, and than two of the rhlldren were alck and altogether it took Miout all th money I had I am trying to get a new'start and may buy a "home If I have my health and tlmea keep good But It looks Ilk a bin job at th preaent prlc of property I have lived In th house we now live in for about five yeara It Is not the beat tmua in the city, but we manag to keep comfortable In It My landlord has raised the rent twtf or three times on mebut guess he Is not charging me any more than any other owner would charge and he la pretty good about keeping the house fixed up.

try to take good ear of It and I do net ee that my younger children ar Inclined to be harder on it than they would It It was our own keep It In pretty good shape aafd everybody help We have a garden for Hovers and garden truck and all of us work ar taking car that I gueas my landlord does not think my children ar hard on Ms place for he never haa complained about It and told not long ago that would be glad to have ma for a tenant as long aa I wanted to stay yes I wanted to say do not keep a dog, but hav sot a real smart tomcat FATHER OF BIX death hideously lurks. Day after day, from all over the land, com th bloody stained and sorrow burdened stories of father going forth ln the car and taking th family along, of father going into the dreadful maw ot death still taking th family along. It Is a great and a vastly growing pity th moment la not spared thst lit may assured Hurried Job, but Well Done Advsnce notlpe was brief and events moved rapidly. A hurried Job was the compulsion ot circumstances, but the Job nevertheless was well done. The police, the 'child probation authorities and the Judge of th Juvenile court la Cleveland bar furnished an txampl ot salutary conduct which It la hoped may become' th object ot a general emulation In short Mart Price ha been run out ot Cleveland This newspsper haa so wish to pursue that unfortunate creature Sh has been, more against than sinning, and her shoulders appear to bar begun to bear th burden ot an transgressions very early In her ill fated life.

It la necessary, notwithstanding, to protest agalnat the sordid attempt which has been made to capitalise her pitiful notoriety The Cleve land authorities acted with promptitude and rigor to prevent her making th appearance on the stage which had been advertised for her ln that olty Sho wss adjudged a Juvenile delinquent and sentence to an Industrial school for girls Execution of that Judgment waa suspended upon th consideration that sh quit Cleveland at once, It is a pity barsb measures are not possible against the" bsse wretch who sough OS tunTthls poor girl shame and notoriety to profit for himself. Marl Price, It years old, 'was th mistress ot Whitfield, murderer of a Cleveland policeman. Sh accompanied that red handed fiend In his flight for children, had driven to a country store for provisions, Returning, attempted to take a grade crossing at precisely th wrong jnomeot Father set out upon a new and a greater Journey, taking mother and tire of th children along Ot th family of six a little) son, bruised and maimed, survives. The others war killed That Is happening everywhere almost (very day It ha happened her and hereabouts nor than one. Instances ot It sr recent and shocking It Is ln everything fatuous and tragic that a man with a family, sensible ot his responsibilities, and tq whom life Itself Is dear, will tak eonacloua baiarda with that single life It is nor' then Inexplicable thst a man will yoke with his own hssards those of all his family and plunge heedlessly where knows, can not help knowing, danger Impends and Juflt Folks By Edgmr TWENTY FIVE YEARS AGO TODAY Th nsners nrlnt a column which they 0U "Twr lv TaOT Aga Ana lime waa I reaa II ana "How queer Buch Strange evenla should have happened here I mocked at my father, who smiled and said i y.waajhera when, this er shook his head At soma ancient record, o' Indicate The truth tale of some by.

gone date. Oh, it eeemed In youth they could not so, Thoa ktorlaa of twenty live years sgo Then "twenty five yeara ago today" Seemed ever and ever so far Sway But I getting old. and It can be Md. I ta shaking my bead a my father did As I And them printing the things I know As the record of twenty live yeara ago. And the children star as my hesd they pst And.

surprised they question, "Did you see that They think It strange that a man ahould say He saw things twenty five years ago to day. Oh, It a not so long Just a flick, that all I Tou may think It great but It'a really small. And you II find It out when the papers tell Bom ancient news you remember welL lOmmK im. sr tern a ao little Benny's Note Book By Ltt Pap Namea They name you after your father Wen youre too young to have eny say, And If your fathers name waa a bum one, You haft to tak it out on your own child som day. Bom peepl are unsatisfied with their own name Becaua som other nam sounds better to them.

But Joat the same it comes ln handy Wen you wunt to address a letter to them. Clarenta is a hack of a name And Persey is a ears, Harrold la also prltty fearae But Clawd Is even werse 4 No matter how good of a name you hav Butch as Eddl or Jo Or Minnie, Its usellas If you get a nick nam Butch as Beany or treckles or Skinny. Dick and Harry are both good names, Though not for gerls, ot corse, But they also give horses both those names, Proving its ony luck you alnt a horse J. DICTATORIAL TYRANNY RETURNS (From the Brooklyn Eagle) Mussolini dictatorship leap anaehron ism It was mad possible by the peculiar after war conditions ln Italy tt is based upon principles ami Ideas of government that have been pbsoletd 1n Europe, Iraly Included tor a century. It the Italians deliberately choose to revert to this form of.

tyranny they are at liberty to do ao, but th day of dictators in the International field are gone forever Mussolini rose to power as a leader in th extreme natlonallatlo movement that waa atarted by the fiery DAnfunslo, whose ambition Is to revive th glories of imperial Rome Musaollni has declared that the Mediterranean shall again be an Italian lake. A war against Greece would be but a atep In the direction of carrying out this grandiose project It may a mere coincidence, but the Bay the Mussolini ultimatum waa aent to Athens Italian soldiers war landed at Tknglari Italy a forced entrance Into the badly complicated JJorocean situation has already caused a stir In London and Paris, as well aa In knees and easUy estanltah dominance ln th Mediterranean: It he attacka Greece a new conflict of tremendoua magnitude will almost surely follow, Musaollni can not emulate Xemal pasha brilliant success In defying Europe Kemal was be yond the reach of aa power Italy la not maay days and In a Fort Wayn hospital was accouched ot his child Sav for the bad tarn these Incidents gave to her she had no claim to notice. 6h waa to be exhibited solely as tnemlstress of th yellow negro who had wrought a crime ot notorious infany and for soma days conducted a baffling flight with the girl as his companion It is said that Marl Prlc Is returning; to Fort Wayn. It surely Is possible that this unfortunate and harried child can be placed under authority and In environment by which any good wHt htnay survive ln her shall be preserved and fostered She certainly haa had bad leading, with utterly no promise els ot having better. ST.

PAUL'S CHAPEL, NEW YORK 33 Faintly Jarring the windows, Heavy with thi weight! of' a laden tide that eats away the shores pf time. The traffic of Broadway slides under This old church, cream white and gold, Wtth Its tall Corinthian pillars. Its Roman restraint and grandeur, Its putplt to'which one climbs, the guUt dove brooding above tt, Stiffly embroidered wtth the secret thought of England. A hundred natlots pass It From dawn ta darkness, weaving still their madness Unwearied of exploring A lite damped tn, set free. Stiffly ironic In Its weary gesture It plants Itself amidst and yet withdraws from them! Alpha and Omega painted on Its windows Ate Jarred, but do not tall.


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