The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 12, 1934 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 12, 1934
Page 5
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BLYTHKV1LLK, (AUK.) COUR1KU NEWS PAGE FIVB Conducted (or (W new»W»r U» toe • Interest^ of ' Florence Brpbeck, Editor . : ..' •,'••. " ,.,' «»ders by recognized 'authorities on all phases'ol home making. Mrs. George Thurn, Associate Kditor Learq to Make These Delicious Croquettes Home Baked Beans, Steamed Brown Bread and Apple Fritters. Some -evening while . winter is blowing its wo"', try a supper of baked beans for the family. The menu will be something like this: Crisp celery Little Gherkins, Olives Baked Beans Chili Sauce Crisp Bacon Curls mown Bread Cottage Cheese Apple Fritters, Sauce Coffee To bake the beans, buy one of the deep bean pots such as illustrated on this page. Buy one pound small navy beans, wash (hem and pick over, eliminating the bad ones. Soak in plenty of cold water over night, in the morning drain, cover again with cold water and simmer for ten minutes. Then mix with one half pound of salt pork cut in small cubev one of stewed tomatoes rubbed through a sieve; four tablespoons molasses; one teaspoon salt, one onion chopped fine; one half teaspon pepper; one half teaspoon dry mustard; one half teaspoon mixed mustard. Pour into the bean pot; add enough water to cover. Bake covered for two hours in a moderate oven (350 'degrees) then uncover and bake one hour longer. Broil bacon and when the pot is taken to the table, have its top layer of beans hidden by the crisp bacon. Boston Brown Bread One cup Hour-, one cup yellow corn meal; one cup graham flour; one fourth teaspoon salt; one teaspoon sugar;- two cups milk; three fourtlis cup baking molasses; one egg; two teaspoons bicarbonate ol soda. Sift the flour and salt to gether then mix well wth the graham flour and cornmeal. Dissolve the soda in a little warm water. Stir all ingredients together adding the so<la last. Pour into pound RECIPES' Menus f ° r a Weck ° f Famii ? Dinners Easy to Prepare The average farmer gels 40 bushels of-oals to the. acre, but-tlje world's, 187 bushels'to th« Palatable and Economical Dishes Appropriate for \Vmler Menus. Use chicken'or turkey, and serve with capsr sauce, as a luncheon or dinner main dish. .'.. : Recipes given below. baking powder tins or a n round mold, which has been rubbed with shortening: Fill about three* fourths full; coyer tightly, and steam, by standing in a kettle or boiling water 'for three hours, renewing the [water as needed: The water should ''come- only three- fourths up the can. Remove, uiicover, and set the can in a hot oven, lo brown the top of the loaf, for twenty minutes. A :ple Fritters Three eggs; one tablespoon sugar; one half cup milk: one cup flour; one teaspoon baking pow- rier; one fourth teaspoon salt; six large, tart apples. Beat the eggs and sugar together, warm the milk and add that slowly to the eggs, then sift the dry ingredients and stir them in smoothly. Peel the apples and slice thinly. Mix them into the batter. Drop by spoonfuls inio deep, hot fat and fry to a lisht tirown. Serve with vanilla sauce or maple syrup. Sauce for the Cobbler In place of cream with the cobbler on Friday's menu, try this niarshmaliow sauce: One cup maple sugar; three ta-_" Wesprans boiling water; one half c-jp marshmallow paste; one fourth cup chopped English walnuts; one c'.ip whipped cream. Put the maple sugar and water in a saucepan and let. the sugar dissolve, but not- boil. Remove from the heat .and stir in the marshmallow paste and walnuts. Beat in the whipped cream and serve. if whole marshmallows are used cut them in invall pieces with the scissors, before beating into the sauce. To.'.use. up; left over turkey or chicken,,there'.Is .no m'ore 'delicious d(ah tiiamcroquettes.- Make them with th««. pro'portlons: One, cups .very thick white sauce; one cup tread crumbs; one. and .one 'half cups turkey or 'chicken meat M cijft . fine then put through-a grinder; three tablespoons, finely- muice^t parsley; two tablespoons grat*d onions; two teaspoons call; one.teaspoon paprika; beaten egg for dipping; also about one half pup or. fine bread crumbs for. dipping;. deep, hot fat for frying^ Mix all Ingredients except the egg and crumbs for the dipping. Mould Into cone shaped croquettes; flip/in the beaten egg, then in crumbs,-then in egg again. Arrange carefully tn the'frying' basket, and lower Into the hot fat. Pry until golden brown.. Drain on thick folds nf paper-, toweling.'Serve with caiier sauce. ••'••.... .-';••"' : C»P*r .Sauce Two .'tablespoons" butter;- ,two tablespoons "ijoiiri: one cup imilk one'ljajf ;teaipopn'; one fourth easpoon white pepper: cue fourth ; up mayonnaise; one third cup capers; sprinkle of paprika; one ourth to one hall teaspoon Worcestershire sauce. Melt the butter in the upper part of the double boiler over boiling water, stir in the flour, and when smooth add the milk gradually, stirring constantly. Cook until smooth, add salt and pepper, and remove :rom the heat, adding the mayon- laise slowly, stirring continually. Then add capers and seasoning. Beef Croquettes Leftover roast or boiled beef makes delicious croquettes. The seasoning is a little different from that of chicken. One and one half cups finely cooked beef, put through a meat chopper; one cup thick white sauce; one teaspoon salt; one teaspoon paprika; one. teaspoon Worceslcr- sliire sauce; fourth teaspoon dry musiard; f-wo tablespoons grated, onion. Mix thoroughly. Shape into 'croquettes, roll in flour, then in beaten egg, and then in crumbs. Fry in hot fat.until golden brown. Nut and Pepper Croquettes Two greon peppers; two medium sized onions, minced very fine, then boiled In a little hot water for five minutes. Drain, turn on a doth ?.nd pat dry. Then mix with one cup of thick white sauce; one half cup finely chopped nuts; one teaspoon salt; one teaspoon paprika three tablespoons grated cheese Mix thoroughly, -then paur on u large platter and let cool. When cool shape in croquettes, dip In flour, then beaten egg, i'nen crumbs and egg again. Fry in deep, hot fat. Delicious '.vlth chr-ps? sauce. Egp riant Croquettes Peel the egg plp.nt >.!:en cut in slices and cover with boiling water. Cook until lender and drain \vell. Place in a bowl and add: one medium sized onion grated; two green peppers chopped fine; one well beaten egg; one half cup crumbs; two teaspoons salt; one teaspoon paprika. Mix well, then shape into croquettes and-dip in flo-jr; then in beaten' egg, and crumbs. Fry in desp, hot fat. Serve with well cream sauce. A: l!ils scasan the dried vcgctu- I)'. 1 < ar.d legumes, especially Hum tx..:> plentiful, nnd therefore !(.'>•.i i-osi than at other seasons. T], '.iii-iii in vary (he family menus, cs;-. i-:ally the delicious lima beiin, «•:•.:•.•!! liunghl dried, provides about tl'.!n- tunes us mucli by quantity wii •:; cou&txl. s-'oik a few houis. tluu Is after b'.i-,ikl:ist until dinner time; or ovir ii:glu. llicn drain, cover with b :i ".i:"£ \\;iU-r and coi)k slo\vly until :i:Mlcr. which Is about twenty m:i:'.i:t.., for ex half cii|>, or thirty iiK!:iK'.',<. for one cup of liiuas. AfUr ilu- lirsl ten to liltecn inln- ul<-\ u' i-ooklMtf mid a hall lo one lull;:oogi of snlt. 'I'i'.i; tolloiving rcci|«?s call foi co-ki'il lima beans: Hr.m itiiil Ham l.nat Oi;-.' i-,ijj cooked lima beans; one l<a':[ rup grounil baked sinoket hsi::; uiu' fo-.irlli cii|> clilll sauce or c.i'.Mip; two I'Bgs, well beaten oil:- loiisiwrni mlncctl ouion; out S;KOII melted butter; one cup SIT L-I iiiiib.->; one half leti- n salt; one eighth teaspoon vi. Press tlie cooked Ihnas thrciiijh a course sieve or strainer. Thin mix the hum, chill sauce and other ingrcilieuls. Mix well. Shape in a lo.if. and bake tn u pan rubl>c-<l wiih sliQrlcuIng in a moderiile oven C30Q degvc'es) tor thirty minutes, tas'.im; occasionally with melled bullcr. Senc with brov.n gravy, or tcina'.o or clieesi- sauce. [.him Hi-iUis with Sausage One half pound snusage; one inecii'.ini slzeil onion; one cup cooked lima beans; one. cup lomatoc-s; oi:c liall teaspoon chill seasoning; one halt leasjxion salt. Saute the sausiige with the onion until well done, tficn add Hie other Ingrwli- enls and took thirty ininnles. Serve like ;\ns' !:ash. T.lin:i Itean Chowder cups ccoked 11111". Jus', because the dinner Is served to the faintly only, does nut mean that the little tidbits and cxlrn touches should be omitted; -celery nml olives" Is not alone for guests. Serve them unci other similar accessories, and watch the family en- Joy Itself. These menus arc simple, easily K'pnrcd and nourishing. Monday , Cieam ot Oyster Soup Uiml) Cl'.ojis Fried Onions \V,.'.olo Wheat Drcml an<l llultei Mashed Potatoes linkdl Custard Macaroons Codec * * • Tucjday Celny, IJtilo Radlshcc. Olives Lima ilron Ixmf and cheese Sauce llafccd Sweet Potatoes Knlslu lirend and Butter linked Apple and Cream Cotfce Baked Salmon Loll Tomato Sauce Boiled Potatoes, hi Jackets Lima Ik-ans in iiuttcr Sauce Hot llolls ami Hultor IVach Cobbler and Cream Col lee . • • • .Saturday Beef ami nice HoullSon Hoast lieef HOKX Itailbh Sauce Kscullojicd I'olalocs Slewed Tom a to 05 Wi-.clc Wlicai Bread anil lliitler Ijlma llcan Salaii Haisln Tapioca with (Jroum Colfce Sunday Stuffed Tomato Appellzir SlufTed Roast chicken Buttered CArrots liistmlts ami Buiter Banaiiii Parfall iRelrlscral and Cookies CoIIce lilce Then Amwkan* Uanwd India 1 * S*a»f for Irovdtag abroad pralf •d H>« t«a tfcty drank f In India. Thty i»«m«d' never In git t»a liUlt lean •.•^|oy India TM evtry day th*y waitf \t, To Qit llj th«y took for. lli» Mop-o(4ndEa tradimorfc 'above) on ' patkogti of Na lha/ bt-f. I'incaiip'.i- and Orange Cup Drolled Ham Fled Cabbage in Sour Snucc French Pried Potatoes Corn liread mid Huttev R-cd Cup Cakos coffee • * « Thursday Cream of Celery Soii\: Hnin Crcqueltes .S|)ji;l!clu mid Cheese Sauce Peas In Butter Sauce Hrcad and Butler Lettuce Salad Apple Pie Coffee Friday StuHcd Celery two cups diced potatoes; two slices fat salt pork; one small onion, sliced; out 1 cup boiling \vatcr; four bean mixture and the seasonings, j Heitt a moment or two longer, and i serve. ' Lima ntan Salad One cup cooked lima beans, thoroughly chilled; Uvo tablespoons minced onion; or.e halt cup diced, cooked pickled beets; two tabli:- spcons finely chopped parsley; one fourth cup French dressing: on? tcaipoon Worcestershire stiucc. Mix all togetiier, arrange on lettuce and top with a little mayonnaise.. "HIGHER in FOOD VALUE" fine for grooving Children 'Aijstvers " i s Recipes '-in BJythVvilie: Ah .Void frfashjoneil • cake : like the: marble" cake, seems • to ^hold -its popularity ^through ~ the :- yeais, '. If the ntimber;bf 'rep.ue'sts .tor' it,.ca"h bo used • as . a .. guide . to . its,- sustained ';•'• popularity. •'. The '..standard recipe.' wfich '• I : hay? . used ."• U : •" • . One- hVlf ;cup .."shortening;"' two" cups '-"sugar; -\ five • eg^s;'. 'fly'e'.' teaspoons ;' - 'baV|oE,' "powder; 'one'i half tcasppoh, salt';.' three :: ; cups. .?fl9Ur; one i^.milk; 'one^h'alf '"clip ''grated chocolate; one teaspoon Vauila- Cream ^the . shirtenihg; and- sugar well, together.- then- ajiJd'. the beaten yolks. Sift the baking . powder and' ' salt • Into the ' 'flour . and ' tablespoons traitor; flo'iir; three cu;is ho', milk; one ten- spoon sail; cue eighth tcnspcon pepi>cr. Cv. the salt pork into dice, p!ace *:i a siurepan and cook five mlruHcs, l-cn ndd the onion and took that until It is just turning yellow. Add ll;e iiotatoes nnd boll- Ing witter. Cook until the- uotatosG are tender, llien ndd the beans. Melt the butter, add flour nnd stir rush the top -with bsale.i egg ""}" smcoUl ' lhcn add''" 1 , 0 fc °! volk, mixed' with n little hot wa- . mllk ' Cook stirring con-siautly "un- icr. Place in n liot oven until thr'j 4 ' 1 sl 'ehuy llrav.iied. llv.-ii add HID | top Is well browned. 1 —Mrs. George. Thurn. Keep on the good side of your digestion Cook with CRISCO... the pure quick-digesting vegetable fat T add it •tth' 'the -milk. When', Vsjnoojlj 1 • add. •- the'. stiffly beaten •• wnites.''.:,pivide the dough Into two' pa'r'ts stir' the grated ch'ocolate moistened, with-a little warm Water into one' half, anc vanilla' ihto'ths other.. Mix each well.: Rub &.joaf cike pan ..with; s.hbrt- eninfc : ani}. $>ar'in a little pi the white v mixture,' then some of the brown:-'.Repeat until the pan i lull, or-all batter used. Bake in Here's Southern Cobbler Made With Dried Fruit Use dried peaches, pears or apricots for this recipe. -Alter soaking the fruit all right, stew it until tender in enough water to cover. swecencd with one tablespoon of ' For nnc quart of stewed fruit one and one half cups dried bread crumbs; one cup brown su<*ar three tablespoons melted shortening; one teaspoon nutmeg. Mix together, and turn into a a moderate oven for one Hour. Ice white.icing. (350 -degrees: 'with' boiled qubla -boiler, heating above boil-1 ng -water, and stirring until it Mctens. Remove and let cool. 3 ress the rice through a sieve and dd! sugar and Variila to it. Mix fith-the-milk ai)d eggs, add whip- cream. Freeze in .the .automatic efrigeratpr for (wo or three hours, r pack in mjld f then in ice and salt-'for .hours. Serve with ,"hy stewed fruit sauce. Delicious fith or.t fourth cup of mashed •ipe bananas added. Shepherd's Pie bine any casserole with mashed potatoes; fill the center nearly 'ull of cold, cooked, diced meat. ?bur one fourth cup of gravy, ifhitc sauce or stock over the heat. Season with salt and pep- ser. Cover with mashed potatoes He Gut -His Wish JAMESTOWN'. N. -Y. <UD — | When Joe Lodico,- 34.' was brought into ccurt on a charge of beating his wife, he told Judye Allen F. Bargar he \vo'tilri rather llv? anywhere in the. world thah in his home. The Mi tencing Lodica half in prison. obliged' by sen- to a year 'and a Read Courier News Want Ads. GRADE A Raw Milk Phone 7* Craig's Dairy , ing dish; the dish should be rubbed with shortening. Cover with ycur most delicious pie pastry. Bake in a slow oven, • 250 degrees! for forty minutes. Serve with cream, or whipped cream thinned with some of the fruit juic; es. or with a cooked vanilla sauce. Tills may be baked in small, that is individual, baking ' dishci and served with hard sauce; a good, winter dessert for family and, guests. Two cups milk;' 'brie • cup ver; strong, freshly made coffee; on> fourth teaspoon s'ait;. one • fourtl cup sugar; . four eggs. Scald th milk tticn remove from the hea Add the coffee to 'this,' then th sugar and salt. Beat the eggs and stir them in: Strain the-mixture Into a double boiler, and cook until it thickens. Chill . In the refrigerator. Serve in-a dessert dish with a-small piece of-sponge or angel food cake in .the bottom: of the glass. ; '. .'.Chicken-Hand! (on. One Toastinif chiclt'en; 1 one fourth i;up' flfiur; .'four-tablespoons r^w beets;'..Jour tablespoons -raw car- rote; tour, tablespoons raw onions: one • pup cream; four tablespoons cooked-'peai; one teaspoon : salt; one half .teaspoon pepper; one-half cup water. ' all 'skin f romithe' chick- cp • 'irit,o pieces:: Put a layer, of tt\e cut -up chicken: in a casserole, dredge with 'flour and sprinkle- with. salt and; pepper, and pour on. a : . little water. : Thcn PU in » layer 6f the - yege.taples. al ' Rilcj Street in Be Improved INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. Hif.loric Lockerbie Street marie lamoiis by James Whltco'rhb Riley, Hcosier poet, no longer will be decorated with hitching post*, jagged curbs and cobblestones. The "dear little street," as Hltcy described U. will be resurfaced ant' improved as a Civil Works Admin-, Ulration project. Tile 1933 wool clip of Montana has been estimated - at 32,000,000 pounds. - .. CMthvdlcc except'. the peas.. Alter pate • with -'chicken - ahd j vegetable (UP)- until '-the "dish: Is- full?. Cover and here, cook-, in : a ,mpdera Uneven '( grees).- for '.one ; and af half • hours When--ncarly:ilqne,' : .pouT>the : cream over . the' chickens arjdS.c- fifteen.- minutes .longer.. : the- topi-vMtrirsmail 'Vurl bacon.. •.-• .'. j ;•• •.- '• •/'.'• , •. ,''.Fro«B -.RJcr. ^PwWta T^'p 'clips,, rhi|k; '. ybUcs jof •' four egos; • : p^'e..:. cup,-, c'owd V'rice; • . one tablespoon'.: vanilla;, 'three".- tablespoons ' sugar; one ; cup' whipped cream. Put ..the. milk and- beaten yolks • In • the upper • part of the r.' crisp ' '' Asfc for REELFOOT , Bacon and Sausage * Their taslp backs tip our claim that they're the best meats you can buy anywhere. Reelfoot Jleat Products have won many friends i n PJytheville. Give your family a treat . . . Order a Reelfoot Country Style Cured Ham torhiy. MADE ONLY HY REYNOLDS Packing Co. Union City, Tenii. TODAY We Roast It SUE OVERHEARS The happy bridegroom doesn't look very happy- Oh, Sue's a dear but something's wrong with her cooking, i Poor flill just lives; on soda minis. Tomorrow You Kim It NO COFFEE IS FRESHER OR BETTER Look for ihc Roasting Dule :& Central Coffee Co. Blythevillc, Ark. SUE ASKS BILL'S MOTHER Do you think I ought lo stop giving Bill fried foods and pies? No, dear. But do use Cisco as your cooking fat. It's so light and wholesome, that it digests quickly. Don't abuse your stomach- with heavy indigostib!(*-pie-crust- or greasy frieil foods. Protect your digestion by cooking- with Crisco —the light creamy vegetable fat. Crisco diycsts quickly—doesn't over-load your stomach! So do play safe. Cook with Crisco, the pure vegetable fat! Because it's so sweet and creamy, naturally it, gives you foods that digest quickly. Crisco pie-crust is light rmd flaky—Crisco-fried foods are crispy—Ihcy have that "dry- fried" look that tells you the food isn't grease-soaked and indigestible! Crisco is made from pure vegetable oils by Crisco's own secret process. This is why Crisco keeps' wholesome and sweet-tasting as long as there's a spoonful left in the can! I".haven't had to fake a soda mint in o month— that's how good a cook you arel Well, I'm wiser now. I never knew what a difference it would make —just to change to Crisco. r.ii tbc CrUco with the sufir and ere in oiw" eny stirring. Criwo blends easily because it comes lo you erixntd tn the car. Sift (he dry ir.ffrcdicals and a=H ihcm »ilernalcly »ilh the tn;lk to tb« Criiot mixture. Four in Crisrocd n-,uflin pans until they arc tw>th\Ti!s full. BaVc in mod^ritely hot oven (IT-vF.) abcul 20 minute.'. Just before re- tr.ovinij Troni ovca. piaco a halved mir<hiritlow on top of each ciV;e. Leave in oven only unti mailo»*icelt slightly. At the Courier News Cooking School, Mrs' George Thurn used and recommended CRISCO," the. modern, quick- digesting shortening. ' ' ' • •- - • - •

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