News-Journal from Mansfield, Ohio on June 24, 1905 · 4
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News-Journal from Mansfield, Ohio · 4

Mansfield, Ohio
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 24, 1905
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roun THE MANSFIELD NEWS, SATURDAY, JUNE 24, 190V- a. fc. t. . THE UANSFIELD NEWS ' Katabllahed JHH5. . TliK MCWS PK1NTINO COMPANY Publishers. OFFICIAL REPUBLICAN PAPER OF RICHLAND COUNTY. ' tn,t. blMt 1. 1st of Beat Ohio , - 0 allies. 1 BATES OF SUBSCBIPTION in.. rwn Ne Is delivered In Mansfield, all surrounding towni and mat fro AMverr Mate by carrier or malL fifnriA floor. DkTJt. S cents; Satur day, C ceata. ; DELIVERED BY CARRIER. twi. tM Wak 10e Dally! Per Quarter Dally. Per Tear .$1.25 . 6.00 The Cheap Rate " BT MAIL IN ADVANCE. ' " Um Than One Cent a Day. Dally. IT Week Dally, Half Tear Dally. Per Tear J-J Weekly. Per Tear 100 We sirs mall subscribers, paying in advance, all the benefit of a cheap rate by aavlng ua commissions, carriers' feea. Cobt of bookkeeping, etc; ' Subscribers not receiving their paper regularly will please notify thla offlce, specifying partlculara. Advertising and Subscription Editor and Reporters : 167 168 , Entered at the poatofflce at Mansfield, Ohio, as second-class matter. t COMING EVENTS. i June 26-J7 Ohio State Teachers" association, Put-In-Bay. .June 27-28 Democratic state convention, Columbus. ! ' -ijune 26-30 Encampment First Hat-Ullon Eighth 0. N.jO., at Newark. 'June 27-30 Christian Endeavorers, Dayton, ...... July 2 Iron Moldera union district convention, Mansfield.' ,August 12 Republican couuty convention at Mansfield. . CANT DODGE MAIN ISSUE. ' Drowning men grasp at straws. Grafters would dodge real Issues. Just xiw choice spirits of the local grafting "contingent are trying to dodge. Tie "piece" writers of a moribund Publication that has aa a mill atone around Its neck bird-brained Individ-vsls who think ownership of a share ot' stock Qualifies and authorizes Its ,n..r to write "kenrds" to boost tiim. aelf or his friends, or to "get e Jin, .nmnimilv are srettlnx busy and like the cuttle-fish are endeavoring, to becloud the situation as to local politics and to aet up a gigantic straw nan and wallop him unmercifully. There's going to be no trouble In this county or district relative to the seoatorshlp. Individuals who con-elder themselves of more Importance than their party are not numerous, but If -they should become obstreperous they will be disciplined and effectively so. The real and the main Issue before the voters of this county is the extermination of graft in the conduct of public affairs. People of Richland county are not unmindful ot the fact that practically nothing has been done toward getting after the king bees ot the grafting contingent the fellows who compromised big tax suit cases for one-tenth or less of the amount claimed and then held out on the county in Illegal fees the lion's share of the "compromised" amounts accepted. This "piece" and the "keerd'.' writers -"who are so damaging to the Interests of the publication they afflict with tjieir lame and labored efforts might aa well sign themselves "Gratters" for they( deceive nobody. Tbey can't get' away from the anti- graft sentiment that Is growing In this ormt They may nose as leaders In their party and may even attain "hon ors" dependent upon the manipulation and chicanery attendant upon the con niving of a aelect few at a comparative ly .mail gathering A professional of floe-seekers and polltlciansbut thero Is to be reckoned with a greater pow r that great body of thinking and Jkoneat voters of all parties who are combining against graft, i o Almost any old issue Is welcome to too fellows who seem to have regained a grip on the local Democracy except the Issue of anti-graft. They shy at that like a country-bred horse at first sight of a trolley car. But It is no .wonder.:; People are asking about a good many of the 'graft-gorged Individuals hereabouts, "where did they let itr ' ; " ; . " THE NEW WORD, " GRAFT. -. The thing which the term "graft" describes .has existed or prevalled-for a long time. The term Itself is of more recent origin. r. ... . Of the term and the conditions that make it so well understood although the lexicographers do not 'define ihe word in the sense in which ltjasq well known, the Kansas City Star says: If a person learning English were to turn to a recent dictionary to learn the meaning of the :ommon word "graft," he would fail to be enlightened. From the Century dictionary of 1899, the International of 1901 and the Standard of 1903 he would gather that a "graft" was a snoot of a tree or a piece of skin to be surgically transported. A graner, ne wouiq oe HTsynaree.'-' a person who grafted the shocks! So rapidly has this particular bit of language developed in the last few years that a word which was consider ed mere slang at the time of the pub lication of the latest dictionaries is now in good usage. Tou will find It employed without quotation marks In some of tho most conservative and reputable! publications. A recent book . put forth by one of (be most eminent of publishing houses contains a chap- ter heading. "The Reign of Graft," and uses .the word throughout, as a well uuderatood and proper term which, Indeed,-it Is. The development of the use of the term la a remarkable thing when you slop to think about it. One cannot avoid speculating whether the aiWItion of tills new word to the language Is due to the suddenly1 rapid gTowth of the phenomenon which It names, or whether It Is merely the result of a growing consciousness of the existence of a class of actions which had been long present but which until recently had almost escaped attention. ;-.-r . - - -. ? -. . EXPLAINED. . , liars ia fiot confined to any one section ot country, , ' ' How do you like old-time hog prices at Chicago, January 1, 1878? Heavy shipping hogs, 12.75 to $2.95 per 100 pounds; heavy packing, 82.60 to $2.70; light bacon grades, $2.70 to $2.75; skips and culls, $1.50 to $2.25 per 100 pounds. - Mrs. Newlywed I wonder why we are growing tired of each other? Mr. Newlywei I haven't an ideal ' Mrs. Newlywed Yes; maybe that la the reason. Chicago Dally News. A great many men hold themselves entirely too highly. For instance, among this class are those who think It Is absolutely necessary for them to travel between Chlcagd and New York in two or three hours less time than other people take for the same trip. It really wouldn't turn the world upside down or cause any displacement of the planetary system If a good many of the men scurrying back and forth between the two cities never visited i either of them. ; o If Ohio Democracy should conclude to Incorporate an 'anti-graft" resolution In the platform to be adopted at the state convention next week It is not improbable that quite a number of the IUchlaftd county, delegates will &kVltM.A"Psouaf mMioifrmMMk out of the convention. o 1 Richland county Democrats are not as easily hoodwinked by the grafters' as the latter think they are. If the grafters really think they have any cinch on the confidence of the people let some of them be candidates before the people for office. o- . Some of the Democrats In this local ity are imagining that they are great ly worried about the outcome of the senatorial convention held by the Re publicans of the district at Wellington a tew days ago. "What's it to 'em? waves of popular sentiment, but. their 'keerds" won't do it. The people are on." Crown Princess Cecelia can do housework as skillfully as the most tiustworthy servant. Most German girls can, because their parents bring them -up right; The children of weal thy German parents and even of the royal families' are taught to work and to qualify themselves to earn a living If it is necessary for them to do so. rt is said that the average man spends $1.20 a week for liquor. If there were added to this amount the bum the average woniun spends for Ice cream soda the aggregate average for drinks would probably be less. Senator Scott Is entirely wrong In supposing that the president wants to build the Panama canal with foreign supplies. The president wants Amort can supplies but at the prices which all but Americans pay for them, For once a theatrical manager baa Underrated the public sense of decency. The man who undertook to tar Nan Patterson has failed. ,' t ; .. ' : o , Russia says she la going to build bother great fleet.' Russia would Haul It cheaper to bury her sailors oa land. Perhaps King Peter or Servla can find a purchaser for his crown In the caar. A few more subjects on dyna miting tent 'could hardly" make, any difference to the emti. :- 0 '""'' " " Mr. Dalrymple ot Glasgow la per- foctly certain that Chicago can run its own railroads profitably If Chicago will import the Glasgow municipal gov. eminent. The election of "Uncle Tom" Davis to the lower house of congress Is the first consolation prize since Esopus vas removed from the map. Tomorrow will be the 29th anniversary of the battle of Big Horn when Gen. Custer and 276 men were massacred. Perhaps It was the Albenjarlw pippins which lured the president? Into buying a Virginia farm. Herbert W. Bowen soems to be an other Individual whoxan soliloquize as did "polIy." "' ' o -Henry Ward Beecher was born 92 years ago today. TOPICS OF THE DAY. Th hntl has a weekly hop , Whm Ma and Hi abide, Whlla Pa la weakly on tha Jump Tha money to provide New tor Hun. And that's whera "pa" leads the treauooa Ufa, !-.!,... a , ' Asy port' In a storm. The local grafters ara trying to stent the angry It will do no longer to contend that the sea serpept Is a myth. A few days ago there floated onto the golden sands of Old Orchard, Maine, a serpent -whose sinuous body stretched . in a long wave of sand more than forty-five feet Over 2,000 people flocked to the shore to convince themselves that the long mystical, half-legendary leviathan. had proved a reality. The tall and tho upper jaw are missing, but . the lower Jaw runs back fifteen feet, the tongue itself more like a snake's ton guo than that of an animal's. Is ten feet long and as big as a maa'a leg, In cased In a peculiar kind of bone. Dr. Henry Reynolds, who Is considered an expert on sea life, says the monster was without doubt over 100 feet long alive and that It had evidenUy been dead for several weeks. - ' a- a a . 2. JusL imagine ,aomethlng Ilk that "ketching" you when you're out swim ming. i The smallest and most Isolated of American possessions Is Brocks island in the Pacific ocean, 3,500 miles west of San Francisco. It was discovered and claimed in 1859, but never occu pied until 1803, when it waa utilized as a station with ten operators for the trans-Paclflc cable. It Is about two miles across, 40 feet above the tide, and rocky reef keeps the waves from submerging it during great storms, a a A missionary says that a native of India having translated the hymn, "Rock of Ages, cleft for me, let me hide myself In Thee,", the version proved to be literally as follows: "Very old stone, opiit for my benefit, let me absent myself under one of your frag ments." a ,. a Dnnclne masters have decided to drop the title "Professor," holding that It Is a greatly abused word. So It Is. In later days they're all "professors" from the bead masters of Sanskrit in colleges to the exhibitor of trained dogs and the "barker" for aide shows, a a , " The "term "doctor" is almost as badly used, while "The Honorable" Is worked to death,- ; , How little title anil rank can add to or take from the glory of real men. The renowned men of war, statecraft, science and Invention did not need any extra lettera or words befor or after their names. What could or can add to Washington, Grant, Gladstone, Bis- n ark, Agassig, Edison? But some of the latter day generals, btatesmcn. scientists and inventors have to be labeled or they would never be discovered. a a This is the season of the year when von ben! n to hear from your city friends, and they insinuate how well tht.v would enloy a couple of weeks lsit at your home. The farm would laaa attractive for city folks at thi season of the year If every farm er would make a practice of working the company from the city in aa weea destroyers. Ana wny nou n wuu.u do the city chaps good and help the farm besides.. By the way, too, did mi Avar ffAt u many invitations to visit frienda In the city aa city friends accept from you to visit on the farm? a a a Now an inventor . at Grand Falls, Mont, announce that ha has discovered a process by which he can produce new potatoes every,' day in the year without any lpe or outward visible signs of their growth. He has been In correspondence with a capitalist who states that if the experimenter makes good his claim ha will givt $100,009 for the controlling interest in the invention. ' , 'a- a - a j t It will be noticed that the tribe of I MANSFIELD T WENTY YEARS AGO - ' - ' Senator Sherman and his party reach Mansfield from an extended tour through, the west, and to the Pacific coast and the senator gives an extend ed Interview to the News on the trip, It will be three weeks tomorrow since the nre department has bad a run. Sernphine Schwein was brought be fore Mayor Clugston last night charged with trespassing upon the prop erty of Prof. Kincade and purloining his strawberries. William Rummel taken from the county jail to Lucas to answer to charge of shooting John Hackett with intent to kill. City Clerk Jonas Smith waa unable to work the combination of the new safe today, so ha called in .Marshal Well, but all efforts were futile until "Daddy" Stevens took a bjnd. . Gus Scbantz has been appointed to the position of traveling agent for the Detroit and Cleveland Steam Naviga tion company. W. H. DeLong. the popular ticket agent at the P. F. depot, accompanied the Presbyterian excursionists to Lakevllle. M. W. McFarland, chief clerk In the Mansfield postofflce leaves for Put-In-Bay and the Islands this afternoon for a few days' recreation. WHAT OTHER PAPERS SAr Lost Democrats Located. Perhaps those Democrats over In Norway are some of the large number who, the returns indicate, recently Immigrated from the United States. Columbus (O.) Citizen. Didn't Even Make a Noise. The calm passlveness with which Sweden permits Norway to secede Bid go her way la not much of an advertisement for the ' "Swedish movement cure." Kansas CRy Journal. Johnson Discourages Chicago. Tom Johnson Is not very encouraging, either. He tells Chicago that she will have to build an Independent system of street railways to bring the operating companies ' to terms. Columbus (O.) Dispatch. ft. ... thinks' Race-Is ImA - Walter B. Riehleueclaress that he will have nothing to do. with the Democratic nomination for governor, , He for one evidently has no confidence In the theory that the race is-free for all. Dayton (O.) Journal. ... AMERICAN INFLUENCE ON FILIPINOS New York, June 24. An American resldent.ln Manila recently made a trip to the Island of Cebu. in the Philippines, and has sent to friends here an interesting account .of ..Jhe meeting with an" American missionary on that island and of the influence he exercises over the natives. The missionary spoken of is the' Rev', Frederick" ! Jansen, who has" been stationed in Cebu by the Presbyterian Board of Foreign missions,- After telling of the influence, social and moral, which Mr. and Mrs. Jansen exercise in the city, the Manila resident says: "While I was in Cebu the. constabulary (which is the native mllltla officered by Americans) waa obliged to reckon with' him. A pueblo way up In the mountains refused to Come Into the camp and be vaccinated, until they received orders from their pastor, El Senor Reverando Frederlco, as he is called. So, upon learning thla from the officers, Mr. Jansen tramped away up over the mountains, had his people brought Into Camp Walker and told them they should be vaccinated and obey all the laws. He then arranged for a . separate camp for the "protestantes" and they are to have a pueblo of their own until the reconcen uaao policy is no longer necessary, This is- inr the heartJ of th Pulajane country, where' the ladrones are out' in large companies' and yet escaping cap turn . ' Nevertheless, the constabulary officers, told 'Mr. Jansen that he was perfectly safe in the mountains, as the Pulajanes seemed all to be bis friends. At any rate, they seem t ohave it un detstood among them that he is not to be harmed, and as for the real p rotes tantes in the far-off pueblos, they were perfectly overjoyed to find that their pastor had come out to stand between them and the Pulajanes on the one hand, and an undue harshness ot the constaublary on the other." HUMORAND PHILOSOPHY 'inn. r-.nBrMniii-ni ii" 1 ii in.iori na. Copyright, UM, by Duncan M. Smith.." PERT PARAGRAPHS, Not every panama.hat grew on the prollflc bushes that dot the Uthmus. Stealing isn't one of the fine arts, although a fine may follow getting caught all right - . I eoRV N THS WULA(t ucfnlt J 1 Ntara full af THE OLD RELIABLE The HM Reed Co. "ONYX" Tha Bt prv.UOad HOSIER Y Fast Colors "Merode" Underwear Hand Finished, "Formosa " Ladies ; ; Fabric Gloves The perfect Underwear, Hosiery and. ladies fabric Gloves of the period. No stock is better assorted both for sizes and quality than ours. Things to Know Before you buy elsewhere, in or out of this city, see what Reeds have and get their prices.. - Was It Said Before She Died? One of the most beautiful things that could be said of woman was said of one who had neither beauty, wealth nor education; It was this: "She was pleasant to live with." This world needs all the pleasant people to live with it can get. No one can estimate the help the larger work of the world receives from such people. Xenia (U.) Gazette. TAKE THE WHOLE MAN TO THE TASK. Only fresh, spontaneous work really counts. If you have to drive yourself to your task, if you have to drag yourself to your work every morning because of exhausted vitality. If you feel fagged or worn out, if there Is no elasticity In your step or movements, your work will partake of your weakness. Make it a rule to go to your work every morning fresh and vigorous. You cannot afford to take hold of the task upon which your life's success rests with the tips of your fingers. You cannot afford to bring only a fraction of yourself to your work. You want to go to it a whole man, fresh; strong and vigorous, so that it will . be . spontaneous, not forced; buoyant, not heavy. You want to go to your work with creative energy, and originality-possessed of a strong, powerful indi viduality. If you ko to it with jaded faculties and a sense of lassitude, after a night's dissipation or loss ot sleep, it will Inevitably suffer. Everything you do will bear the impress of weakness, and there is no success or satisfaction in weakness. This Is Just where a great many people fall In not bringing all of them selves to their task. The man who goes to his task with debilitated energy and low vitality, with all of his standards down and his ideals lagging, with a wavering mind, and uncertain step, will never produce anything worth while. O. S, Mardea In Success Magazine. There Is no doubt that women were born to keep men from getting lazy. As we only have one pair of eyes, we may be thankful that progress stopped short of the five ring circus. Picking cherries Is fine business you don't have to do It for a living. If Women who have cooked and baked with the Detroit Jewel Gas Range will ten you to buy it and none other. - r; cents ne-r Some people don't get their picture month Will D2LV the fra? hills fnr a family n( fnnr Mmera hM " wy 1 sons from novnk oSobcn : - ; - ine uDiKuu jcwhl will Dake a panof biscuits in four minutes. If the Rang-e is not what we clairri for it, uon i iceep it. . , Some men if they had a fifty cent cigar given them would date events in their life from the day they smoked It Often the only cruel part of a prlie fight is to charge confiding ones $5 tir the privilege of seeing a fake mill. Somehow there Is not the satisfaction in blisters made by hoeing that there is in those accumulated in rowing; although one hurts about as much as the other. , - a week is all you need pay until the Range is paid for. H. Harroun & Co. A Uo a Girl. 1 saw them tnc (Jaj im tha sunihlna, Out thero wliera th clover blows K waa llttla tiny tow headed girl , And a boy with a freckled nose. With an old ntraw hat without any brun And sail use holding hla elolliea--A woa little clrl with a pigtail braid - And a boy with two stubbed tore. f saw- them one even In the twilight, ; Down there where the river flows. 1 The pigtail braid la a big braid iKiw . , Mow a lad or a lunate grows! . The old atraw hat Is a new hat now. And never a freckle showa -On th face of the youth, who, bending I- ' hla head, .... Gives a fair headed maiden a rose. I saw thenj again In tha Sunshine.' - And whatever do yr.u aoppoef " ! Between them r.. about them there romped ' And ran and clung to theli clothes A wea little tiny tow head girl - 4 And a boy with two stubbed toes A we little girl with a pitfall braid , And h boy with a freckled nose. Maurice Smiley In ColUer'a Weekly. ' Money talks, but It Is hard for some of us to get an Interview with it If we will Just have a little patience the magazines will get around1 to Julius Caesar and bis wars. Has Reason to it. . "WhRt Is n happy medium, pa?" "One who lives In a town where thert fcre plenty of suckers." ' Caught a Surprise. 'Does he understand electricity r "He thought he did until be picked up a live wire. Not the Patent Kind. The blushes that we most admire, That really look tha smartest. , Dame Nature paints upon tha cheek. And not the drug store artist. G. A. TEA CO. Teas 40. SO, 60, 80e Coffees 15, 18. 20, 25, 30, 85e Spices, all kinds, package ........10c Baking Powder and big premium, 60e Extracts, any kind .......... : . . .lse Toilet Soap ....5c. 8 for 25c, box .250 Laundry Soaps 5, 6, 10, 12 and 18 for 28 Baklug Chocolate 10 and 20c Cocoa 10, 20 and 25e Finest Shredded Cocoanut, lb..... 20c Pearl Tapioca or Rice . .7c. 4 lbs. 25a Rolled Oats ........... 5c. 6 lbs. 25c 12 boxes Matches 10c Canned Corn 3 for 26c, 10c and 12Ho Prunes... 6 and lOo or 3 lbs. 25a Pickles or Olives, bottle . .10 and 25a Catsup or Mustard ......10c, 3 for 25a Seeded Raisins ........7c, 4 pkgs. 25o Sardines ............. ..,.5 and 10a Potted Ham .......... ..........10a Peas, Pumpkin or Syrup 10c, 3 cans 25e Call for Price List, We give 8tamps. Great Atlantic Tea- Co- Strawberries V Strawberries If you want Strawberries to can don't delay until the large ones are all gone. , The season-will be short and if yon give us your order, they will be filled with the choicest fruit at the lowest possible price. McFarland & Son Phones 17L ,.t North Park St 10-12 South Main St Phone IT ' . Usdina Him On.. "Why did nhe refuse to marry him?" -Hecause sue knew he would ask her gain." - Plain Duty. . "Ho seen his duly andMone It" ' "If that la the case he went to night Is the Management of the company In which - yon - plaeed your life Insurance satisfactory T Ask the policy holders of The Mutual Benefit - Life Insuranoe Co. If they are satisfied with results 'oa : their policies. LEHOY PARSONS, Agent, 15 t 1 J TtTT 1 6-5-4 will take cars of this - Cooking Ranp so that dirt will not stick to it, and water will not rust h. Yojj need not soil your hands with 6-5-4 because it Shlnas Itself . Dries In 10 minutes Haifa Vita Kow 10c Malta Vita. -he perfaet fead la a aa ants par packaga The same lse rsnSaas and the same btgh quality that raraaerbr old far U oenta. Ask mrmm ,7 There Is Be substitute. r I I

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