The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 25, 1943 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 25, 1943
Page 6
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PAGE SIX 7] THE BLYfHEVlLLE COURIER NEWS THE COURIER NEWS CO. R. W. BAINBS, Publisher , SAMUEL P. NORRIS, Editor JAMB A. PATENS. Aihertlsine Me Nation*! Admtttnc Rcpmentatint: W»ll*ce Wittier Co., New York, Chicago, Detroit, AUanta, Memphis. Published Ever;/Afternoon Except Bund»? Cotered u second clue matter at the post- all Ice at BlythevUle, Arkaiuas, under act of obn- item. October >, 2917. . Served by the United Press. ' BtJBSCRlPTldN RATES ,' By carrier In the city of Blylhevllle, 20o per week, or 85c per month. r .By mall, within a radius of 50 miles, M.OC per »ear, $2.00 for six months, $1.00 lor three months* By mail outside 50 mile nob* »10.00 per year payable In advance. of Publication la this column ot (tUtori-Us from other newspapers does not n««M»rllj endorwiBMit but Ls an icknowtodgment o< Uresi to the subject! discussed. Needed—A Realistic Understanding of Russia To collaborate successfully with nussla—a present and post-war "must"—we have lo seek • n realistic understanding of thai country based on facls and not on propaganda, urges Mnx Eas<iit(in In the lend article in the July Lssue of the Reader's Digest. The only sound way to do business with Suilin, he claims, Is lo lei Him know we thoroughly understand Ills setup as well ns our own. ' We. must realize, says Enstman who lived two years In Riissln rtml studied Communism bolh in theory mid in practice more thoroughly Uian 'any oilier American, thai"Stnlln was bred and educated In principled contempt for llm "mollycoddle" statesmen of bourgeois democracies, nnd if our policy does not bnvc force we may be sure it will not command his respect. He poinU out that Stalin Ls a mini of inflexible nnd brutal will whose nlm is to overthrow, by any and every means available, (be. governmental, economic mul social .system in which we live, nnd 1 he cannot be sofl-so.ipcd iulo dolny what cold . rnleiilntlon does nol recommend. Bolsheviks do not believe even theoretically in good talth, says Eastman, nnd If we merely sit back and sing liosaiinns lo Stalin for delivering us from Hie Comintern, he will lauyh in his sleeve, and, Eastman ndds, lie will laugh last. We should, the nrlide stales, accept Ihe dissolution of Ihe Comintern ns cnrte blanche from our ally ,to lake eflective action agulust, the Communist conspiracy (it home, nml thus, by blocking Stalin's long-lime schemes, compel his respect. In his article Eastman Elves due prnlse to the heroic tight of the Rus.slmi armies and people against Hitler's tuiUUyy machine. He feels wo are Justified In our pride in .TO powerful nn ally, but minis us lo bear In mind tlmt the stubborn resistance of the Russians no more justifies Communism than Ihe stupendous assault of tlie Germans justified Nazism. To the Communists Stalin Ls Vozhd, or The Leader, nnd Ihe despotism he wages is Infinitely more ruthless limn the char's and in many respects he has out- Nazied the Nazis, according lo Eastman who says:, : '-To call present condllions in Russia "economic democracy" Ls pure gush. There Ls no equality in the factories, no litany, no right lo form independent, unions, no right lo strike, no right even to change jobs. The workers me chained to Ihe machines nnd lashed lo ilic wage scale as in no oilier country In the world, Nazi Germany included. The waye scale is lower in relation lo prices ihan it «-fis under the Czars. Anil the whole system is enforced by nn army of secret police which would sllr envy in .the breasts of the Pharaohs of Egypt or of Hcinricli Himniler himself." Nevertheless we in America produce n steady stream of whitewash In the form of pro-Soviet plays, books, magazine articles and motion pictures. Russians on Hie other hand are feu a standard fare of ilcjiimclnlioiis of the supposed misery and degrndallon of our way of life. Lnsl- ing cooperation with Russia, Enstman says, cannot be achieved while Russians allack our civilization hammer nnd tongs, nnd we use as our • watchword: "Don't say a word against Slnlln or . he won't accept our tanks!" ir we want anything from Stalin, that Ls the way nol to get it. Eastman suggest that we give nil possible mihlary help to Rauta; offer unbounded praise to the heroism of her people mid her soldiers' extend every courtesy to her government But' BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.)' COURIEIl NEWS he urges, the closer we work with Russia (he mole vllnl 11 Ls, bolh lo our jmtlonal self-interest iind Ilic Interest of world democracy thiil we quit kidding ourselves and face the facts. Stnlln conceives himself as playing a role In a world-hUloilnil di-jinui In \vlilch those who fawn on him are Inexorably cast for the role of dupes, And thai Is why Easlmnn Inslsls we must have a clear nnd bold understanding of the devious method of the Communist nltnck. Food Program Failure Constant reiteration by high Government officials thai Micro Is danger thai the 1943 food nrfgrnm may fall lo'attain Us goal really niiiuuiiLs to nn acknowledgment Ilial it actually' has failed. The losses of iwhajvs 8,000,000 ncres of crops from dcstruclivo rains mid overflow In large areas of Ilic Corn Helt cannot be mode good nl Oils laic hour. . Tlie corn licit has Its optimum time of planting nol only corn, but soybeans, millel, sorghum, garden vegetables and other lood crops. Nor Is the enthusiasm of our farmers as high as II was. They arc rapidly becoming disillusioned us ( , r cs «it O f (| I( , con . tinned linnKlliiK of Ihe farm labor situation, and (he disparity between feed casts and prices their finished, products bring them, Nor are city people rushing lo the nearby fields en masse to help save ihe farmer's crops, lie Js largely left lo his own resources, Chester C, Davis Ls nol a man to gripe over ordinary •.unioyiiiiijo.s. He has always been a doer—not of the sensational type, but of (he quid, Kindlons, pmlslcnl kind, wlio lixlcns to ollicrs who know llieir fuels, and whose tugt'es- llons must to heeded it any program is to succeed. Spokesmen for Davis state Dial Hie War Fowl Adnilul/ilrnlor deplores the luck of understanding among Washington higher-ups of the IntrltiiL'le.s of food production and ILs distribution, and Ihe evident determination of the Wliilfl House to postpone aclion on food problems nnd inslcml Jit'lil a battle M 'ltli Congress over Ilic use of billions of dollars Ui subsidies to lower Ihe prices consumers have lo pay for food. If there Is a more or less definite relationship between the cost ot rood and industrial wnyes during peacetime, a proportionate relationship should apply during wnr, It would seem. That fact was losl sight of when wages wore nlloivcd lo rise to sensational heights without a relallvc rise of the prices which fanners receive for food products. We have loo many policy-making nRencles—loo many fingers In the liic. It begins lo look us if our over-cntbuslaslic offers lo feed the world—or more properly the liberated nations, In addition to our soldiers, our Allies and our own people—cnn )>c carried out only at Hie expense of severe belt-tightening nl home. There Is no prospect thai last year's crop production can be exceeded, as It mnsl be, if we are lo feed, say, Italy's"45,000,0(10, should that country fall after Invasion. Neither Is there Ihe KHfjIilesl cliaticc for Davis to get order into the food production nnd distribution program this laic In the season, if lie. get.s full powers by nej^l season he may be able to accomplish what Is so lacking this year—unified, co-ordi- nated, intelligent direction or agricultural production, processing and distribution. Science Is si 111 remiss In not, having perfected a beautiful green grass tbnl will grow about two inches high and then slop. —Dallas Morning News. •SO THEY SAY «•••••••.—^ ^ .lust as our planes and pilots have excelled (hose of Hie Axis In aerial combat, so il ,, ow appears that our tactical and employment of nlr power Is m so superior lo llml of the Germans and Kalians. This ] s a development which holds srral promise for (he ftiUirc.-Sccrcln.ry of War Henry u Slimson. . * • • n Is often supposed the defeat of Japan will lake a long lime. I bdieve thai Ihe Interval between Ihe defeat of miler and the di-rcat of Japan can be made shorl. If Indeed there will be nny interval at. nll.-Auslrallan Foreign Minister Herbert Kvalt, Whenever men acquire new biowledce, new Pleasure, or new powr , ,, 1CV fi , sl Imkc s and therefore bad use of lt.-ArcUbisl.op of Canterbury. The American hoiwliold will have to get «k»'S will, fewer color,, skcs, ,t>-i e , and or- "imentatlons in .he thine, u tai M _ O WI «,»rt. iiiict' ilial lianilsdiiif youiii" ilenlisl wns dn.ilcil l)r is selling iili his old piilicnts Iwck-l in.p'e lie s for.Jwiving liiuiIV -;,^ THIS CURIOUS WORLD By William Ferguioh MAPOLCON • PLANNED AN OP ENGLAND/ HE DREW UP ELABORATE PLANS FOR CARRYING AH ARMY ACROSS THE ENGLISH CHANNEL IN BALLOONS. "VOU CHOKE A A\OTOR TO KEEP IT Ff?OA\ DYIN&, " S?i,f JACK. CKOOM, ' ' SUGAR CANE WAS GROWN IN ' ANCIENT TIMES-, BUT a , WOT SU&AR/ SUC-AR DID NOT COME INTO USE UNTIL ABOUT •£>OO A.D. ' •*• t, K ^ ' ' A-25 .. Another delft \ve o\vc Ihe Chinese, In Holly wood BY KKKKINK JOHNSON NBA StiifT Correspondent It all .ilnrtcd when Marsha Unnl -showed up on the set of "Cry Havoc" at M-G-M with her two Bcdllnglon terrier puppies. Next day Ann Solliern brought filoni 1 her pet poodle. Thru Margaret. Sullaviui arrived for work with her dog. and Juan llnndell barged in with nu alredale. Ni\st day Dorolhy Morris. Frances Gilford Diana Lewis brought alone ory. I I-UPSS. | hat somebody in Hi family has lo keep one eye hlddci Nominated for one of the year- funniest film .scene:;: Joan Davi )s an Australian soldier wiion doesn't know :iiid Introduce him to Kay Kyscr In TiKO' "Around (lie World." "Meet my fiance," says .loar Kyser turns around to acknowl edge the intindiiclion nnd fact 1 .' not Hie soldier, wlio lias prarcil. but a midget who has t;ik- Ihelr pel poochics. The .scl began en his place near" Joan, .loan-dues lo look like n kennel and usually- a douWc lake- when she sees the calm Director lllchnrd Tlmr|i(> midget ins-lead of the roltjier nnd thundered forth a decree—No yells, "I've been short-changed" CINKMA CllATTKli ^fore Doss! Unhappy dogs. The set simulates a Dalnnn jungle and lias 1U2 trees! . . . And speaklni; of doBs, ever .since she clicked on Ihe screen Veronica Lake's friends unsuccessful;- have been trying lo kid her into buying an eye-hiding sheep (iog. Now lliat her «l> for the duration. Veronica lias acquired a sliecp dog on the —^ , • . _^_ «,VI|U1I^II *l .-M1LCIJ ,IU[J Jll H1U II1C- autOurWay By J. R . wmiama Our Boarding House with Major Hoo,^e ' A COUPLE OF SHOP CLOWNS KIDDIM'THE OLD BOYS--THEY &s« THEY KJEVER NEEDED ENTERTA1NMEMT TO KEEP UP THEIR MORALE ON THE OLP TEW AND TWELVE-HOUR SHIFTS. OL' ALEC SE2 5FOILIM' THE GENERATIOSJ--HE SEZ WHEN WE WAS BABES WE EXPECTED A TIN VVWISUE IW EVERV EOX OF POP CORN) BUT WHEN WE GREA.I; UP WE DIDN'T EXPECT A HUL/X DAMCER. AMD GUITAR. WITH EVEEV JOB/ IF OWE OF VOU BREATHES O-OSE. To X'D -^ LOOK LlKt WHEN) S'OH TOOK SOUR SUNBWU Vou't.L FEEL THE HOOPLEV RWrt A\ereo OUT vow A STOOT CUDGEL/ Volunteer Red Cross nurse aid three nights a week in a Lus An- p.elcs hospital. . . . You will not lie seeing Shirley Temple as Mickey' Hooney's leading Indy in the Andy Hardy piolnie. Mama Temple (iirned down Metro's offer of $50,000 for Shirley lo play tlie role. . . . col Dariyl £ ;1 nnck resumed his Him work July 1. The Army lias placed him on Ihe inactive list. . . . You'll soon be able lo sign up as a Red Crow blood donor when you buy a Ihoalor ticket. The plan. inauRiiralcd in Los Angelas, goes national next month. Andrew Tombs, veteran comedian of stapc and .screen, is one of Ihose naturally funny (rlbws whose bald, bespectacled appearance and ministerial manner contribute lo his humor. He's the undor- lakcr ot tlie scicon when tin- iccnc nnd story require Ilic lishler touch, surh as his eurrenl role in Universal'* myslery-Ciriller, "The Mad Ghmil." UHAUHASSING MOMI'.NT At a [laity (ho oilier nlulit former mcKicl FJalne Sheplierd was Introduced In Author Michael Ar- Icn. who nsked her u-lint .she was [Iclns;. Elaine said she was working lit IJKO in a I'alcon picture, nddlnsr. "Vein probably never heard of the Falcon." Alien said. "My dear girl. I ciraled the oharacler," . While a group of visiting jWAACs lociked on. Pelfr Lorre. as a Na7i nITiocr, niarhine gunned a line of helpless Trench prisoners for n scene In "A Thousand Shall Fall." One of Ihe WAACs turned lo another alul said, "lie ought lo bo elected as America's No. 1' Hang-Up Boy." FRIDAY,.JUNE 25, 1943 WOMENVWONttALK BY RENE.RYERSOkMART GKORGE CHAPTER XXI 1 A HK thing as I saw it was jusl •*• crazy enough to Lie possible: Clint Maltison, a gangster, wanted by the police, routing Ihe Collate as a hideaway, and Dion having lii.f plans upset when Derek Grady camo to Kraiktower to hide, too. And here was where another detail dovetailed porfeclly. It liad been the morning of (he day we found Derek's body that Mattlson had come up lo the big house to l>ay liis rent. All I had lo do was to suppose fliat Derek hod seen Mallison and recognized him as lie went back to the Cottage, and that Matlison had shot Derek ratlicr than risk exposure. He had n KIJD. I had seen it (he night in Ihe Collage when 1 had (led from tiio Thing on the palh. He had taken a gun, and n flashlight out of his desk. Of course, ilierc was the book Matlison had given Kathy to read, the one siie liad left on my desk in the study. Hut if Mallison was us cicvci' us lie appeared to ue, lie might have figured it was safer to assume the name of n real writer and supply himselt with some of said writer's work to make it more convincing. I was quite ex-cited about it by the lime I readied home, and the first thing I did was to look in the study for Matlison's book. I got the publisher 1 * name arid.address from (lie fly leaf and then convinced the telephone girl in the village tliat I really wanted to send a telegram. Sulkily, she read the message back to me: PI,EASE WIRE FULL DESCRIPTION CLINT MATTISON AU- THOn OF TIME FOK MURDER URGENT. » • » • T GOT downstairs the next day jusl in lime lo see George Baker arrive. He stepped out of a Bray convertible with red leather scats, and I blinked twice to be sure I wasn't looking at a cut from Esquire. Kathy gave him her cheek and lie pecked at It before piping up: "Ghastly business, isn't this darling?" I grunted. How Kathy was going to stand his inane remarks the rest of her life was more than I could Imagine. But Kathy, with a straight (ace, assured him that it was-a. bad business, and George shook hands wjlh Waller and Connie and came toward me. And I was conscious only of my personal disliko for him! It seems impossible now tlmt I shouldn't have felt some premonition at (hat moment of what his coming meant. It didn't take a clairvoyant to see that George was plenty bothered about the notoriety centering on the girl he was going to marry and that he was at white heat to clear it up at once. He said that most of the papers were letting Derek's death slide as a gang murder, but that there were all kinds of rumors goina around. I asked what kind of rumors, but he wouldn't be specific. He had the attitude that we were too stupid, or too naive, to know how to handle the situation arid it put my ffack up. I smiled at him,:and slipped the knife in casually. "George, I think you ought to know that the police have discorded the idea of a gang murder even if the newspapers have not." , He ogled me rather foolishly. "What—what do you mean?" "The Chicago police have checked up 'on Derek's Chicago pals, and not one of them could possibly have been near Kraiktower the day Derek was killed." George took out an expensive handkerchief and mopped his brow. "Then that leaves—" I gave the knife a mean turn. "Just us here at the house as suspects—and the servants are accounted for." * » • TIE stared at me. I went on.."You have guessed why Derek came here, haven't you?" "To hide, I suppose." "Nothing of the kind, He wa* blackmailing Kathy." . That certainly punctured George's opinionated smugness. He nearly fainted. It was the only fuji I hnd liad that day. But it didn't last long. He mopped his urow again, and his logical mind] seized upon the one thing that had slopped the police from making; any arrest so far. "After all, it doesn't really jnatler—as long as the police- haven't found the. weapon." The weight settled back on my hear!. "But they have," I said tonelessly. "A friend of ours js going to hand il over to them today." Waller gave me a murderous look. He hadn't thought my frank tactlessness n bit funny. He told George about the gun being found in the pool, and the bit of cloth caught in ils trigger. George looked desperate, and it was (lien ha said the thing that started everything moving to its swift and appointed end. "That's fine! All (he police have'to do now is check that bit of cloth with the clothes of all you suspects arid find out whose coat or dress was covering (he gun when il Wiis fired. There'll be powder marks on it, and probably a hole where the bullet went through, cerlainly a hole where the gun hammer took out a piece ot the cloth." All al once I was seeing Connie as she had been dressed that morning, (he morning of the day Derek was killed. Connie in that slack suit with its dark coat cut like a man's. The slack sutt that I had thought since she had worn lo cover the bruise on her arm ... fcut... she could have carried] a gun concealed in a pocket of that coat!" And Kathy flying down the stairs when Matlison and I -went out into the hall that rooming. Kalhy in a polka-dotled sport dress and wearing- a black wool coat with huge patch pockets! For that mailer I had worn black that day 7nyself. (To Be Continued)] M-G-M is pni;lng Milton Berle's ifn. Joyce Malhews, for n term ontract. . . . There'.'; an amusing ca.son why Kt'ye Luke is nol, re- timing ihe role of Charlie Chan's 311 in tlie lilm series. Now a.s- isned In the Kildiiire films, Keye •> afraid audience. 1 ; will nol take im seriously as a doctor if they ec, him ».s a blundering detective gain. NOTKII; or HKANTINCJ OF UQUOU I'HIIMIT Nol Ice Is hereby given llml ihe oinmteic.nor of Revenues of the late -of Arkansas tins issued a nU, No. 285, to Robinson Bast nd Pharmacy, M. H. Robinson owner), to sell ;uul dispense vin- u s or .spirituous liquors for bevcr- ge at retail nn the premises ile- erihert as :uo K. Main 'si.. Blytlic- llc, Ark. ' . ' This permit, issued on the 1 day f July. I !)•!:> and expire.-; on the u day of June, ltM-1. Itolmtttm Knst End Phcy By M. II. Robinson, I'ciinillce. ' 6/25-7/2 NOTICE OF C.IM\'TIN(i OF UQUOK I'KKMIT Notice is iioreby given (lint Ihe ConimisMonor of Revenues of the e 'tate of Arkansas has issued a id-mil, N:>. 287, in Blewarl Drug Stoic to sell and dispense vinous ^r .spirituous liquors for beverage It retail on the premises described is 220 15. Main SI., niytlicville. This permit issued on the 1st lay of .Inly, JSM.'I and expires on the 30 clay of June, 1944. Harvey Stewart Permittee. Head Courier News want ada. NOTICE OF GRANTING OK UQUOK PERMIT Notice is hereby given' Hint Hie Commissioner of Revenues of the State of Arkansas has Issued a permit. No. 282. to Ha.iseJI's whisky Store to sell and dispense vin- ^otis or spirituous liciiiors for bever- 'ngc at retail on Hie premises described as 310 \V. Main Si., Blytlie- vllle. Ark. This permit issued on Ihe 1st day of July, 1943 and expires on Ihe 30th day of June, 1944. ' Phil Ha-ssell Permittee. 8/25-7/2 NOTICE OF GRANTING OF MQITOK PERMIT Notice Is hereby given that the Commissioner of Revenues of the Slate of Arkansas has_issued a permit, No. ?78, to Colored ; .Whiskey Shop to sell and dispense vinous or spirituous liquors for beverage at retrtil on the permises described as 418 W. Ash, Blylhcville. This permit issued on the 1st day of July, 1043 and expires on the 30th day of June. 1944. W. II. Yoime Permittee. fi/25-7/2 RetA Courier wews want art*. Soup Hound Assigned to the galley of a U.' S. minesweeper at San Diego, 9-weeks-oId Scuttlebutt is both mascot and ship's cook 2nd class _._ for his shipmates. <•: j- .~> Forests in Quebec Province south of !hc 54-tJegrco latitude amount lo some 2C2.30Q square miles. Open 7:15 Show Starts 7:45 Adnl. Always lie ami 25c Friday and Saturday 'Stardust On The Sage' Wllll One- Anlry * Smiley Hurnrlte SI-:UIM,: "Perils of Kyoto" SolccleiJ Shorls Saturday Midnight Show 'Who Is Hope Scbnyler?' with I'.io.irdn Cnrlez ,fc Mary Howard Si-lrclfil Sbnrls Sunday & Monday 'Gentleman Jim 1 with llrrnl riynn £• Alexis Smilli News of the Day Cartoon ('omnly Fully Guaranteed If every sack of our flour is nol SA'f'FS F A C T 0 R Y IN EVERY WAY—jtfs{ return the sack to your grocer and your money will he refunded. SHIBLEY's BEST FLOUR COURIER NEWS CLASSIFIED ADVERTISEMENTS GET THE JOB DONE!

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