The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 20, 1938 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 20, 1938
Page 2
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PAGE TW<? BLYTHEVJLLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS THURSDAY, JANUARY 20, 1933" "Brother Rat" To V BQ; Presented On Stjfge- At Memphis MEMPHIS, Tonn,, Jan. 28—The militant co"es° wmedy, "Brother plat". Wilch M to .come to ;Uie huditpriurri for t*o *ns"' s «w.sat- urdM'iwlmec. beginning .Frlany, Janupfx 28, was produced nnd dl. «»»•* ^ivi*" ..... • et' George Abbott, who Is ilsq responsible for "Hoonv Service . "Three! Men On A Horse." and •Boy Meets Girl," in addition to manycrther plays. JolirT- Monks jr. and ^cd IP FinUefibffe are the authors or tins conledy of cadet life at Virginia Military Institute, known as "The West BQlnt of the South" and the cventsfind incidents making up thl mlr thrift melange are exaggerate versions, of things that happened to. ihcnvin'the course of the foil years oy spent at V. M.. I. Ral" in the title of th play ' the term applied to th frcshnp at Y-'M-'l- who " r kndwnVtO one anotlici- as "Brottie ats">^his term is one of alfec onat^'regard among the cadels. idmirel KichRTd Byrn, a graduate lot V. Mi.T,, is "Brother Rat" to his classiiMles, and it is related that at tii<S«W he was at Little America aril! the telephone was m use •betfrcSv Now York and the Ad- inirBlV.basc camp, -one of ins class' greeted him wjth . "Hello, r' Rat, how arc tilings nl the umls to the various school cilslrlcls f the coimly. This nmoimt, $000 ess tlmn the 1935 sum, was col- ccled from public utilities in I'cm- scot County. Caruthcrsvillc received the largest pportlonmcnt. having llic largest mimeralioii o( students, tlie sum being J4063.65. Other apportionments aro as to1 ' Holland, $1110.03; Haywnrd, $880.- Concorcl. Hayli Society — Personal nununlly Sunday. Mrs. K«rr is \ ry ill. Miss Beltle Dcsker entertained a] umber of her fiiends with a party .1 uurday night, Kcmains of a fossil forest hnvo :cen found In an upright, ppsiUon n Prance. Waller Chilt,oi) spent .Wednesday In Memphis purchasing fixtures for a meat hnd grocery *lorc to occupy folks iiidge, $141.18; Mound. $131.40, jir** ivm*,^, v* •— > - moved to CaruthcTiivlllc. Chapel, $118.33; Ciunxly owlUMi,, jjm s i m y, who has been employe 5102.4 1 /; Mccarty, $138.93; CcUoti- , U]( , govcrnmen t ncel lit Caruth ,vocd Point, $291.53; Oak RMgc, c - rsv |, lc lctl T , ieS (lay night for " •,1 Hi 00; Swift, S2-W.2T, Ilmilcr, ;i04.60; Nctlicrlanrts, $140.18; Peach Orchard. $233.82. .... Flag Lake, $101.53; Darnell. $100.- Hol(]cr , mc i Dr . Holder. 17; Pisher, $100.9-1-, Friendship, 82C0.75. Mrs pi orcnce j llt nlson of Lama ' j s v i 6 i(iu B her daughter, Mrs. C. D Mrs. O. \V. Farr of Jones Ark., was licro Monday; ' ylsitln friends. j Vi. roi , eou'tWPble?' 1 -The reply that came cfc Ws "Fine. How arc things at the movie star, is nlso lhcr Rat" of the Class ot ' this hljli ranking military icli confers approved de- whose graduates anto- mac become commissioned in Itlic qjj]:eTS' Reserve Corps of the nUcAiStatcs Army. r "BrMlier Rat" will be prescntct [here Kf the east \vMch.perfovnicr fat Uw Biltmore Tlicalre m Net •York for the first year of the play •run if includes Clare Hazel i"Hon Icy CUBp". of the radio), Jean Me Icoy, {Reese Alsop, James Gilll lEddiptBrackcn, Gari-^lerrlll, Mar I Ella ferry/ Anna Franklin, Mar Illoife.KRichard Jones, Lyle Betlsc • J'uanpoot, John Poster. Rotor IscottBBurXe O'ConncIl Hollis Mil IchDll.ftValter Fcnner and Frederic Ide wSrde. Steele-Cooter Holland Socicly—Personal Mr. and Mr:;. W. N. HcJIy have jceived word that their son. Duell as been removed to Ills home In Colorado Springs, Colo., from a topltal there after bring in the ospilal for three months rccover- ,g from cm appendectomy. Mrs. Tom Lewis underwent At peration fit the Memphis Nfelho isl hospital Tuesday, ycr husband I'o'm Lewis, her mother, Mrs. Linnle Juke, Joe Russell and Mrs. Rtie Isher were \yilh her nud her moih r Is remaining. Mrs. Jesse Burkclt has returnee o lier home in Greemvay, Ark nfler a visit here with her sister Mrs. Giiss Cooper. Paul Brown returned to his horn at Marmacliike, Ark.. Wcdncscla after spending the week with M and Mrs. El worn! Drown and M and Mrs. Ray Jones. Biisil Mcplwrc transacted buslne in Memphis Tuesday. Mrs. John Buck Is visiting re lives in Scnath, Mo. Hawkins and family have iov«! to the Flat Lake commu- ily, The 4-li Club had a party at lie canning kitchen Wednesday light, attended by 25 members. Games were played and cake niKl lot chocolate served. Mrs. E. Wright visited her sister, llnlf Moon MEN LOVE GIRLS WITH PEP I you ire peppy antj (nil of fun, men iril) In. ite you to danwB and p^ritn, BUI 1 , If y ro crow. lEfeleu »n<i tired, o^n won't ntrcciied. M«n don't liVc "<|uicL" For three (ecier)iU 0 44 cno woman pothfr ho'* to |o "eroillnif thcou^.. ..,.,. .ydfii K. I'inkhnin'B VfK«tah]c Compound, (t ur ' wjth L K. i'lnitrisrn'B VCK^^TJIC i.-qnipo ie])5 Nature lone up the system, (hiu i nc the discomforts from Hie fun<;liona\ d)3 itieia ^-hlch wornen tnual cn(|4fi'- MuVo a DO til NOW to gc>t a huttlo of wort<I amoiis rinkfiam'a Compouriil lQ'l\y WJI'H ' ' ' -m wo than'a LIBERTY CASH GROCERS FRI. & SAT. GET OUR PRICES BEFORE YOU BUY FRI. & SAT. Crisp Head 4ic Cranberries )in'"f'Al'j7r'roin yoii <lrutii'i»l- /ii'Vi'oi ^ani«n tiavc wrflltn ' wrufii: IK-Q^MI.. Wt.5 nol h t 1.YI11A K. FIHKHAU'f] VEGETABLE CPMI'GUNM BAKERY SPECIALS 'L'ridity-SiiUmlay-. Sunday / All Day .Marsh Seedless ,'! For <4< Rplr^tcim JtlUdloUlJ fllicl-Wcsl or Scolt County ;i Hoxcs Mrs. Jim Kcrr, In the Little River i Prove --•-a ~\r~~~- •-•-•' ' f f ^Undoing oi Crimm OARUTHERSVIbbB, Mp,, Jan. 20 •—Ttiit^racUcq of niisei-prin.tins siis- pectcd^'bi''^^^" prisoners by John Jno5lar : !' : -slicrlff, led. to the nppre- (hcnsltei of "i liian hera for bvirgtary 1 and iS-'ceny charges at OrcRon, Mo. I SevciJK other mm are alrjajly sep'[ ing sieiitences ranging from five ' Iscvcnfyears'on tho same case.?-^ 1 Thg*Wn, Davfd Willis. 34, wai ,irrest«(l and lodged in county jail I hete"J)ec. 30 as a' suspect In Ihc I $2 OOCdaylight burglary of Bocvm? Bros'^'ein at Haytl, when two nn- masktcl' men robbed Manager Dave \ pillo^land Mrs.• Pillow, gin sccrc- I fary.vbf $2,000 In currency. ' FiiigfKrprints of Willis, sent lo f FBI ifieadrjuaiters, estnblislied identity fvnd. disclosetl .a critniiia ' career' (latiiiB ««'" 1BM - tl """ s \vhichShe' has scrvcii .prison term : in tins' slate ami California. Subsequent investigation yrovc liC'-'rias not implicated in the ftli burgtary and Willis was turned ovc to ofigon, Mo., omccrs. •• t Pcmiscpt School Fund ^iportioninent Is Made CAROTHERSVIU.E, MO, Jan. 20 —Co&rity Clerk E. S. Huffman yesterday announced the recent apportionment of $22,453.16 ill utility Mrs. Lviella Riney, 51, Succumbs To Pneumonia OARUT HER3VILLE, ?.Io., Jan. 20 —Timeral servicss were held yesterday afternoon at the Braggadocio Baptist Church for Mrs. Luella Riney, 51, who died Monday niter- I noon at her home in Braggadocio fter n brief illness of pneumonia, he suffered a stroke two or three «MSIisV'ifc«$\froiTi which she never illy recovered, „. und contracted ncfnnon!a^b.2\ilf5pvu days ago. Mrs, liiticy'inoved to Braggadocio ' few years ago from Holcomb. She vns preceded in death by lier hu«- and, L. V. Riney, several years ago. In regard to our statement In yesterday's Courier Ne'.vs wo wjsh lo correct a part, which read "after reorganising and cutting down the size of our stock. . ." This should have been, "after reorganizing and cutting down the size of our shop." 'Ihc ad also ftalcd the shop would be closed part of-next week for r;-arrani;emcut of the present- stock. This should have read "rearrangement ot our shop" as most of (lie present stock will be sold to .stock buyers the first of the . week. We will, open under a nc\v trade name with a complete new stock of spring merchandise. New Economy Shop Fresh Oriingc I.iiyer CiiHes, eat'h- • • OATMBAI, Cqokies, do/.. liASPIiEKKY ROLLS, Ki»ch HICKOKY NUT BREAD, Umf ' COCO.'HIT .IKLl-Y ROLLS, Each .... 1A •" Country Colonel I C'lrv Gcnllcmiin No. 2 Can C'ltiisc & Sun- born, 1 Hi. I'klC- \Ye specialize in Spccinl Orders, 1'hono 110 BLVTHEVILtE 5' lltuich Lb. 5 ' !,()!>• Citliin, Tiihlc S'f.. 21c Alcil. Size -lie Lea & 1'crrin, Sml. 2 COCKTAIL Wcl -ICC or Dry, Can I* Silvi-nliile 2'/, Can Lihby's 2'/i Ciin J ti mho 7 C Slalk J! OC i U. V BEETS Dimch 5 l Lt). Process Pound Campbell's, Chicken 1()c Tomato, Can . .7i/,c 2 1C , 2 Sour or Dill !/2 Cal Jar AC C;»n 3 BELL PEPPERS „ 15 Mustard or Turnip, Uunth , _______ 4 1 2 !'our.(i TOMATOES SWT TOBELS no.. 9 C 7^ Can ' I'ink, No. i i4t Can I" Qt. Jar ons. , . . , Survivors arc one dauglitcr. Mrs. Owen Bray of Braggadocio, and two " r'"" J'Pf Sal ? ta tcjns bani ciirccl alfalfa liay. H C-lKnappcntierBer. 20-pk-?7. A Three Days' Cough IsYourDangerSignal No matter how many medicines you have tried for your cough, chest cold, or bronchial Irritation, yon can get relief now With Creomnlsion. Serious trouble may b3 breffini; and you cannot afford to laka a chance with any remady lcsr> iwtcnl than Oreomulsio!!, which co?3 right to the c-eat of trouble nud aid:; nature to ccothc and heal HID inflamed mucous membranes, mid to loosen nhd expel tile Rerm-laden phloem, Even if otlicrremcdleshavc failed, don't bo discouraged, try Creomnl- sion. Your druggist is rjutitorlzcd to refund your money If you an not thoroughly catisficd \vltli the benefits obialnc<l from Uia very first bottle. Orcomnlslmlj ono word—not two, it haa no hyphen in it. Ask for i 1 ; plainly, see thnl tho immo on Ih2 bottlo 13 Qrcomulslon. ond you'll cct tho senuhu product and tho relief you v:.-.nt. (Adv.) THIS WEEK'S SPECIAL Mindless I'on ml . COKN Uli.KI'V S<j. 'C'au ........1 ROAST I5KEF, •Sfi.'Cnn . ...17c DKVIL »AiM, Can 10c Farm IJoy, , SwccV- I'liitn or ; S\v'cct Mix Lgc. Jar, 22 oz. Delmonk-a 22 Oz. Pkg. Vipniia S:ui£a£c \VitlinuL (,'crciil Putted Meat WilliO'il Cereal 3c| Oysters pint 22c I'int HUE A13 Can '''HERD® R° sc I)il1c 10 C SPtAKb No, V/t Can I/Libby's M O/.. Rot lie No. 1 Can LI). Mixed, lllc tb. LOAF & BEANS Cai\ F K E E : Hot Chocolate Saturday M y W Carnation *tW lLft a Igc. G Sm. ti Kiicli 5 C I'oiuid I'oiiud Corn Flakes AC Large Box v GoW Medal 12 Oz,. Box POST TOASTIES U «6F I'nffcd Whcnt OC Large Hox " •* MELTS i'onnd SAUSAGE l)urc 15 C You will always score a hit if you serve the famous Kentucky Straight Bourbon that has scored an outstanding hit... It's "double-rich"!: tffiSiffir A 90 PROOF wliiskry with llic iU«r* "/ Mrrii. Mule in llic WuturiM Cenmliy l>y iiusltr Krnliicky dislilkrs die good old Kentucky way, '"' — Looks like antique. Newest : vogue • in glassware.-' Practical size,-They v/on't last long at this price. SHOUSE-HENRY HARDWARE CO, "THE PROGRESSIVE'STORE" j ;ghous« Phone 35 Wilson Honry CHOI'S Lb. 12Vlc UOAST Lb 15c STEW Lb. lOc STEAKS Lb. 20c CHUCK TA. Hie Shoulder Clotl .... Lb. 17c THICK HlliS, .-.. Lb. 22c Kilchencl Each IgESSINS^I' MILK Can Ideal 7H' Can I 2 Can Sml '& l^ivsri! . ...Kir WAFEKS Pound CRACKBUS Lb. Hox IT IMALLOWS Lb. I Cello. I>kg 15' 8 Lf). Carton Tridc nf Jifs. ;i Small liox Lgc. Box S'/jc PRUNES Pound Collcn Brand, Lh. Selected Dozen iGUEST I! 'SOAP BLACK PEPPER Ot. COFYKKilll' >1», SCHtNLtV DlSlHIBUro«>. INC.. X. V. C. OXYDOL FLOUR Silver Crest 21 Lb. Sack MKAL 21 Lb. Sack Small Large 21c Chanip 6 Cans )C

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