Orlando Evening Star from Orlando, Florida on November 23, 1962 · 7
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Orlando Evening Star from Orlando, Florida · 7

Orlando, Florida
Issue Date:
Friday, November 23, 1962
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VACANCIES wor- rying you. Find reliable tenants the easy. Inexpensive way with a fast acting Sentinel-Star Classified Ad. Dial GA 3-8511 today. Speaking, Bid To An American Communist Leader Rapped By Priest IN TMf CIRCUIT COUT OF I NO to o f LOKIOA IN CHANCERY NO. 4MS1 I cousir MIAMI PEACH FEDFML SAV. INOS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION. UnlleO Hales CeiParelion. Plaintiff, T. rvisey eM Mr fVANGFUNf? Iw f. BETTY JNARE formerly R FtCKlMAN, wdiviauelly a "4 as Trustee. Defendants. MOtTOAOI POaiCLOSUM NOTICI OP CLIRK l I Alt Ml At vrv f"o " oursuaoce met cerum nnei uetree NOTICE II HEREiY GIVEN n pursuance of fwedlHI the Jilt flay rendered on (Hurt made And Of Nuvemrwr C; ? L"v lB ewd " I1 Honoreoie P- :. PettlsheM. Judge o Ihe Circuit Court In end lor Oreftye County, Florin. In Chancery, bona C No. utsl. m caute pending In tid MIAMI RFif H FFHEPAL D LOAN. ASSOCIATION, 1 I COTDOfenon. II th eMnfif. 0rd MAKLAN T. EVBBEY and DORO THY EVANGELINE EVBBEY, hi will, EETTY Snare, formerly BETTY J. ELLY. and ERNEST SNA. her hut. bind, nd HENRY R FECHTMAN. In. d'vidueliy and as Trustee, ft tne Defendants, I, Arthur W bewail. Clerk t court lor mi Ninll) S'ate o Florid, end H to tne 1r for cash at tcry at tfi East Door ol the fendants, J, Art 71 , flrcull udlCial Circuit nest and baft bidder tor Cain at au' 'anue County Courthouse at Orlando. uoidel circuit of the Vat ot Florid. nan oner for tan nint1l public C'l County Courthoui Florida, on the tn day ol December, A. D H62, at 13 00 noon, the following described oroaerty described In said final Decree ot Foreclosure. K, ..A mnA lulu I. A. r ityt and mora oartlcularly described as mil lot J, "Lock i. A7ALFA PARK Section twentythree, ac. cordine to the plat thereof ai re. Corded In Fiat took U, ease II, Public RKerdt at Orange County. BUFFALO, N. Y. Ifi A pending In state supreme Roman Catholic priest says!court-the University of Buffalo.s' The Rev. William J. Smith, ' Jersey City, N. J., wrote in controversial scheduling of " ' nrnrin. Buf. Communist speaker last if alo's Roman Catholic dioce-month was like asking ajsan newspaper: "madam of the streets" or a) "What difference would "member of the Mafia" to there be in inviting a Corn- address the students. The priest attacked the In vitation to Herbert Aptheker, a leader of the American Communist Party, to munist to speak, and, say, a member of the Mafia and allow him to tell how his organization works or to a Wall Street," he added, "to justify how the game Is played." Aptheker was invited by the university's student senate. Sir Oswald Mosl ey British wartime fascist leader, had addressed the student forum several weeks before amid bitter protest. The unfversity Is a unit of ALWAYS WANTED a speak madam from the streets to business of your own? Check at a campus political forum, give an explanation of why "Business Opportunities" to- Aptheker's scheduled speech 'her profession should be con-day and every day in the the state; university sys- isuis College, a Roman Cuth-i His column appewd in olie institution in Buffalo, the weeekly Catholic Union last week applauded UB stu- and Echo. dents and University Chan tern. The student council of Can Oct. 31 was blocked by court sidered respectable? injunction in a case still! "Or some swindler from Classified Section of the Sentinel-Star. Poetry Club Names Speaker Orlando Poetry Society members and anyone els interested in poetry are being invited tohear M Clara Gay in a talk on Word Pictures of the Hill Country at the society's regular Saturday afternoon meet-42 E. Jackson St. Page 11 B Friday, November 23, 1962 Orlando Evening Star Clessllied OA Mill Fhftn Ot M4lt cellor Clifford Furnas for their "strong stand in favor of academic freedom" in the Aptheker case. Father Smith is a graduate of Cnaisius. C&M RADIATOR SHOP Authorixod Salts & Srv!c 1 228 W. Robimon GA 2-6007 GENERAL AUTO REPAIRS ' All Mad Con labor & Parti Guaranfcad Quality WorkmaniMa SUNSHINE GARAGE 41 W. Jefferson Phone GA 2-4434 ORLANDO COCOA V) QUALITY LUMBER & BUILDING SUPPLIES SMYTH LUMBER CO. " 14 N. Orange Ave Orlaado. Florida i46thl -i--nirT-i- -- wntftt!mmmmiiiiHiiuiMimrM!fmnnm Sir i ii Ti i lrrT u h n H ff II n IT i H rv o r n w 7 ff V n I ! liiiiitiiiuuiitUlUlitiUiulltillik TRETCH YOUR CHRISTMAS DOLLAR DURING OUR AHA L EVER Florida, oMthar with 8: rV; al7fl7 G. E. iarial UN lxal, Sarlal M?4W?1 nya, SN uaraior. Dli Nuton 10" Kilchan Exhaust fmn Nutona Bath Haatar Vanatian Btlndt, 0tH a Orlando, Oranga County. Florida, thlt Jin day ol Novambar, A. D. It6t (SEAL) ARTHUR W. NEWELL Clark ol tha Circuit Court uransa lovmy, rioriaa By: L. M. ROBERSON uaputy (lark RHARR ABMFW URNBULL and ABNER uita 4W. New Ensiand Bulldina oit ottica Box 317 intar Park. Florida Attornayi lor Plainliff Nov. V. 1WI CLAIM OR WILLIAM T. ANDERSON "ATLANTIS ISL6 Of GOLD" locattd In Intarnational vtatari and not Bow claimed by any Nation. Poilt: NW comar 10-07-45 W Lona 25-27-15 N Lai . NE corner KI-07-M W Land U-2;-NLat ' St corner KMI-1 W Long . 2J-22-20 N Lai ' SW corner W-M-OO W Lon 24-22-33 N Lai and (II land! within tha boundary! thereat. Coatf and Gaodatle Survey Chart No. 120 will show land above referred lo. Claimant It: WILLIAM T. ANDERSON, or Helri. Addreu: 424 SW 2nd Itraat, Miami J5, Florida, United Statai of America. To hold and own and develop Into a Sovereign State aobitct to the lurlMlctlon ot no State or Nation, and to provide for tha government thereof in accordance with democratic principle! and International Law. DAraCIE)S'' SAVE 15 to 50 Pendants Men's Rings Fancy Rings Unset Solitaires Wedding Bands Engagement Rings Diamonds You ore invited to consult our gemologist if you prefer to hove diamond jewelry designed to your individual tastes. DIAMOND SPECIALS 3.01 Ct. Brilliant cut diamond set in plat. mtg. with tap. baguettes. Fin color, cut, and $ 7C(0Q perfection. Reg. $3,950. IjJJV 1.75 Ct. Marquise cut diamond set in plat, mtg, with tap. Baguettes. $4 TrOO Reg. $2,250 lrJlJ 1 carat brilliant cut diamond set in 4 prong $)Qr00 solitarie. Flawless. Reg. $695. , JVJ .83 ct. emerald cut diamond set with tap. baguettes and with wedding band to match. SffOO Reg. $920.00 JO J sale rn iu v m r Z VI n VI 11 M I 1 H eaejw r.w m r.U M aaiaaaaWi V I el aW BV M l X. 1 11 V . all No. 23, JO; Dec. T, 14, 1M2. U. S. TREASURY DEPARTMENT INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE. NOTICE OF PUBLIC AUCTION SALE, November 21, IM2. Puriuant to authority contained In Section 4331 ot the Internal Ravemja C tvm. fh inline Int deicrlbed property has been teiiec1 ,ui Hwipayincm or aennquent Inlrrna revenue taxe duo from Horace R. Hnn bv, TiA Hamby Masonry, Rt. 1, Boir 47. Longwood, Fla. The property will be old In accordance with the provlilons of Section 4335 of the Internal Revenue Cone, and tha regulations thereunder, at public auction on tha 4ih day of Oecr-m-ber, 1942, at 10:00 A M., at Sunshine oarage, ai wesr jr-rrerson srreef, grian- ria do, Description of prooertt Ivst Ids . Super M I'D No. 598105370 Fla. of Horace R, Hamby In and to the prop- rown a. Interest OK Ta9 No. 17 VW M15, Color White. Only tha right, title. arty will ba offered for sale. The terms of payment will be cash or Its equivalent upon acceptance of the hlahest bid LAURIE W. TOMLINSON. (District Director of Internal Revenue) by William A. Car. roil, (Revenue uuicer). November 23, 1942 .AW PUR- TO NOTICE OF INTENTION CHASE UNDER BULK SALES ALL PERSONS HAVING CLAIMS OR DEMANDS AGAINST TONI'i ITALIAN r-UUUa presently owned by Anthony Petrlllo of U1 North Mills SI. Orlando. Florida Tha undersigned Intends to purchase In bulk the stock ot ooods. wares or merchandise andor the business or en terprise known as iunis Italian FOODS located al SHi North Mills St. Orlando. Florida, and to conclude such purchase on December I, 1942, at in oo o ciock a.m. at the law ottica ot BERNARD C. MUSZVNSKI, 211 N. Magnolia Ave. Orlando Florida, and all per- persons havlno claims or demands against tha vendor are admonished to notify the undersigned at mat address on or oetoro said data. Dated at Orlando. Florida November 20. 1942 li! REGINALD KAVALSKI Nov. 13, 1941 IN COUNTY JUDGE'S COURT, t-LUKlUA SILVER SPECIALS SALE International Sterling 32 Pc. set for 8 Wild Rose Pattern $4 IftOO Reg. $248.00 .... HO STERLING Salt & Pepper 43i' $j95 Reg. $7.95 ..... 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IS4U ESTATP OF CARL W. rVENDT, DFCEASEO NOTICB! iy IKtUIIUKl TO ALL PERSONS HAVING CLAS OR DEMANDS AGAINST SAID ESTATE: You and each ol you are hereby noti fied and required to file any claims and demands which you or either ol vou, may havo aoainst said estate In the office Of Hon. George E. Adams, County Judge of Orenae County, at his office in the Court House In Orlando, Florida, within six calendar months from the time of the first publication of this notice. Each claim ar demand must be in writing and contain the piece of residence and post office address of the claimant and must ba sworn to by the claimant, his agent or attorney, or tha same shall be 'd" Charles William Wendt As Ancillary Executor of laid estate . First Publication on Nov. 1. 141 Nov. lo. li. 30f Dec. 7, 1W2 IN COUNTY JUDGE'S COURT, ORANGE COUNTY, FLORIDA a?eVfVeORGS M. SHEPHERD. '"NOTICE TO CREDITORS TO ALL PERSONS HAVING CLAIMS OR DEMANDS AGAINST SAID ESTATE: You and each of you are hereby notified end reouired to file any claims and demands which you. or either of vou. may nave onain.i wu .s.oi. - y of Hon. George E. Adams. County Judge rlando. Florida, within of Oranoe County, at Un,i.. In Arl.n, Six caienoar mwnii iiun nw ,m-y the first publication of this no ice. Each claim or demand must be In writing and contain the Place of residence and post office address of the claimant and must be sworn to by the claimant, his aoent or attorney, or the same shall be FANNIE R SHEPHERD As Executrix of said estate WHITFIELD, WRIGHT k LEONMARDT 704 Metcalf Building Orlando. Florida . . , (Attorneys for tha Estate) Nov. 14, 8, SO; Dec 7, 1el. LIOAL NOTICI unTii-sr If. HFUFRY GIVEN that the Board of County Commissioners of Orange County, Florida, will receive sealed bids UP to 10 o'clock A.M. Wondav, December 10, 196!, n the County Commissioners' Room in the Court House Annex, Orlando, Florida, on tha following new 161 equipment: I Motor Graders not less than IIS B.H.P. with trade ins. Speclflcetlons may ba obtained from the office of the Superintendent of the Road and Bridge Department, 112 West Kaley Avenue, Orlando, Florida. Tha Board reserves the right to accept or to reject any or all bids. BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS ORANGE COUN TY, 1-l.UKiu By: Arthur Nov. IX 30, 1942 W. Newell, Clerk t J S V y ITfitkWawywieraaiSWS j 4-0f 1 1 r ,nJ ,i , lilrrT1 " Ihirt awl fwva right fcora . ' D More power on the Inside! Radically new shaver motor with more powerthan was ever before packed in an electric shaver. 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