The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 8, 1932 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 8, 1932
Page 6
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PAGE SIX HLYTHEVILLE, (AUK.) COUIUER NEWS But Bruins Lead Second Place Pittsburgh Pirates By Five Games. TJio fast stepping Chicago Cubs lost t»3 games lo the Bosion Biav:?s at Boiton Wednesday whilv li'c Yankees. American league leaders, and other learns In the junior circuit \vere idle. The Braves scl ihc National league pace rollers tack by scores o[ n to •! and 2 lo 0. Pranklions; .held the Cubs in Hie first game although glvine up 11 hits while Ihe Braves got but nine and used them to ndvanlnije along with wlldn;<5 and errors. Malone was the losing pitcher, the Braves rowing him In the seventh whc-n they scored nine runs. In the second sair.e the Braves wen 2 to 0 over the Cubs. Cant- \ve!! hi-ld the Bruins to seven .<cat- lci£d hits and shut them out. Hush allowed Ihc Braves o;ie run t;i the first nnd one In (he eighth. The Braves contributed three fast Double plays In each (jninc. Brooklyn's Dodgers split with the Piluburxh Piralcs and Ihe Bucr gained slightly'on l!:c. Bruins who 11 ID front, however, a ':<;•." five games. *; :2 '•' -'.'' !;:>me 8 to 3 anri • .-..-• -:.!in. 4 to 2 ..-.•I;"" Pirate hurl tlie enmity between Wesley Frrrell. the [cam's best pitcher, nnd Manager H0£>r Feeklnpnuph. ' ,,, Jll . I'eck has Ix'tii manager of (lie -, the Ilnb flock. An odd baseball situallon has the same omiornits Thlnes reach•o,,' ? into being at Cleveland. And rd llielr blackest when Peck sent Hie cii.imn Is the: Terrell to Ihe slab In an effort (o cop the closing Riime of 11 series with tlv l(,d Snx and ohiriln Ihru- FIIII 1,1 /our fro,,, Clcvchiiicl train for five years, lie lo!d me in Hie spring at New Or- Irails tlml lir "hart lo shool 111? works [his .venr," liuuilni; that lie the air if lie fulled In , ,.. - at least a Ihlrd place Irani with the mad-rial he had at lumd. 13? made no secret of his own knowledge of Hir position he w cujiled. inul of Ihc unfriendly Ice]. , of certain nieinbci.s of the bmrd of dlrcrlnrs of the Clove- Inlid club, even timiiuh President Alva Brndlcv and Cicncral Mana- Rcr Billy Evans wire for him hook, lino and sinker. Tries (o Show .Aware of tlic feeling ngnlnst him. which dining (ho last two vc;\rs hntl found rorrnbornllon In Ilif crlllcal erics of the Cleveland fnus. Peck prepared to niiike every passible offort to pin a team aii Ihc dimnond thul would he ub!i> In win show money. lie suuucslcd tiados for this Inneldci- nnil Hint. Ho felt that 1\? had n uoort |iltch- In? staff, with Ferrell as the lop kick. His onlflcld of Vosmlk. Av- erlll and Porter took precedence over most of II'? other Rnrilcn dc 1 - inilmpiits In the circuit, so reck fell sniisfled there. • lie directed deals that turned beneficial lo the Clcvc- Tluit | S (lie poliil. There Fcr- rell f.-illril him. : ui[| [|, cri , Fcrn-ll lo ui.iko Peck's pnsHlnn In Hie lir.Nl inning iio.slrm clubbed him li:<llM'iiminii(c-lv ]>c<k "'dci'-ii him ,,f u, c nioiiml ,111,1 '""•II. n iiilun denial W hr> Inil m:m UnirZ'"!;- 'i'" 0 •"" blps '' 1 ' si i< •(•:•.'•.so r E'ctk llon, IT. UUBJ'WIIF Memphis Chicks,' Barely BcJiincl, and Lookouts Ready for Last Spurt. The Atlanta Crackers shaved a ami- off the lead of the Cluitta- Lookout.s while Ihe Memphis CJilcks jnil'RSDAY,SErTEMBER 8, 1932 BV JAMES P. DONAHUE NEA Service Writer While proper valve action one! full compression arc essential lo the urcduetlon cl full in en engine, their uood can almost. 1-e nullified by ;i fanliy Ignition •.ytti-in tr Improjwr carburctlon. These arc the two essentials lo maintaining (lie best of power. idfc yesterday.! I hi- SouliiTii league race now , stands-Ihc Chicks and Lookouts i :iic- in :t vlilual tic for first jila-x-1 with Hie Lookouts leading by one i imliH. Tii; Chicks have Cc:»iu-Eu!cii may IK perfect aiid '.alvt- ac'lon just right, but if ; [' s^crk doesn't, oceui- at the : -per lime pjwer Is lest. The •;-iul- must Ignite the mixture at the peak of compression, when i '-lie pislcn )!i>s reached (he lop or I tt , e ' c ,:.,..,- o.iiprisslon stroke nnd poises C "B>'»- gas Ignites and explodes before tile plttcii has reached the lop of its stroke, thus forcing the plilon against its natural movement and i-auslnj a metallic knock in the cnjlne. In the case of a retarded spark, the mixture has been allowed to expand by the receding piston, before cxphulun. it is i.-ossible Chen fur t!ic rrixture still to be burning when the exhaust opens. The, result is an overheated engine. the clutch may slip, "or the tires may be underlnfhtcd. All these, cr any one. may i,e .'Jiougli of n dray on the engine to ieeo it from ghing Us best. Usually two or m:re of U'.e.w c:iusos re ai fault. Nt'fro I.abcrcr Finds SIOD DALLAS, Tex. (UP)—lohn Cox, negrfi laborer, doesn't consider fln:- ing a 510U kill lucky. In fac;, 113 was afraii! !o spjnd It for fear scmcona would Ihlnk he Ind stolen it, and !.£ dliin 1 ', «-ani to hunt the o'A'nsr. for the same reason. Finally. IK? csufdcd in a frismt and tr.e friend fc'.md "ha owi::-r 01 the bill. TODAY'S GAMES Southern League nil-mill.-*}).-!!)) ni Meinplils. Chattanooga-nt Atlanta. KnoxvUlc at Nashvilio. .New Orleans at Mule Rock. American League Wnfhlngton at St. Lou:s J3asloii at CWeago. New York nt Detroit. Philadelphia at Cleveland, National League St. Louis nt I'hiliidelpliii- Cincinnati nt New York. Cliicago :it Itosion. Pittshnrgh at Brooklyn, (Contuiueor U l-'roper cartnretlon fur highest 3wer means feciiliu; of thc> prop- ] in of fuc! and air into ; Phil-lc Wliiln uley. WORLD SERIES • CLD5EUP5 land club, especially the swap with Ihe while Sox that brought. TM11 Clssell (o the Indians. Clssdl proved to be the life of the club wllli his fighting spirit. 'Hie club ''itilcd Us u-ny to second plnce, •''•'orln'g .nninzlni; victories over -the '•"•Ul'h eastern clubs. i T-" Awful Slump : 'ii'-'m. jusl as Pock began lo ; '•> the light ahead, (hose uude- i"-ii(lnbic -Indians fell- Into one of Hie periodical slumps tlmt • has Iwcn chnructerlsllc of Ihc team during (he last three year's. Hll- tlup dlsapiwarcd. Pitchers who n week before had set tlt» league nsoi! with their vlclorles over New Yoik, Philadelphia and Washim;- lon, snildeiily becnme setups for , There tire pitchers, and sllll more pitchers. And (here Is H»rb Pennocfc. the slender southpaw r(vll:t of the New York. Yankees. He has pitched elsht games in flvu world series, lias won live pamos nnd never has been defeated, has won more than 225 major Irasue pames anij has struck out J200 batters. Ye( Uiese appear trt- • ! al compared with Ihe mail, a thoroughbred if there ever was cue. i'ennock Is 38 years old. Except fir about thro.? months in the International League in 1DIC nnti tho "IT veir he suent In the nnvy, !i? ha-, been pitching big league ball '.!e?dlly Ftnce 191?. Ti>e Ynnkee veteran Is modest. Hcil rather toll of Ills fox farm, his sweet peas, chrysanthemum's " tomatoes, his family, than talk of hh remarkable record on th- mound. Bsck in 1910, Pennock plnxvrl r -st base, for the K:nn:tt Square Academy nine. The pitcher irai Roy Freck. whoso sister bresmr- Mrs. Pennock., with the team '-- ahp_nd, F.?rb was allowed ti r!tch the lost inninz. 1I C finned $"*e men—and became a twirlcr. The other earne was In 1911. Hearing Connie Mack's rcconnr.-n- r'ltion. h? was contracted to pitr.ii frr the Atlantic City Colle?inni !>°p ; nsl the St. Louis'stars. a colored combination. He ga%-e ihem no hits and no runs. The Collcgl- -•'• won 1 to n. Earl Mack. Connie's son. caught the earn?. "You'll get all kinds of offers • - ^Urii vhcnT.cws of this Gets rat" said voun? Mack to Pcnnocfc. "Do m e a favor and don't nrtKii- iw anvthing until you've Ulkc-,1 , with Pa." I rrmnic signed the youth in 1912 ' v ov know the r.?st. , .You've coi to believe there's a I "•.rtr c'wf. How else could Danny MacFayden explain his jiirtdfi Jump from the tail-end Boston i Red Sox In the ronnant winning I''- Yn-h Yankee? Danny wns born June !0, ISOi. r!cir out on the lip of Caoe Cod in Prpvincctoivn, Mass. Although he seems to have lived that down, h° ta<; -vt to ->ffcct » corrmlet; recovery fr-i: 1'ipt- six and n half -'niv r: -•••\:\m for the Red Cr-''•'•' '• '"- : young man. • --• an extra ''•' "•' ' :'.••*•*:. could r " •lire. A-; •• r nr^erl '- '- ''"in ' homo ns n last resort. They found Damn- nnd signed him Irmnedlntc- I): Tlie (KX)r fellow wasn't oven im milled the pleasure of pilchlni; for a minor league team. Ills full name Is D.inlel Knovvlcs MacFnyden — .Scotch. HU grand- falher cam? dlrecl from the Highlands to.settle on Cnpe Cod. Miioldeiiim handllii" nf . fudden llauio. k Mudirrl dnt Insutoriliiia- rc-Ilr'clcil uiMii tlv numoipiis stjinrcs dm In.; Mir- lust few yi l u - s Kllfji fen-en |,:K| limited his rnm- iminds hy pimionilnc nnd ri' •So ll^ .s-irnrridcd Forroll fnr Ifl duys willmui cost the ill! hk sin.nw ? ^ 'l'l»> -ton.i liuAr. al Clevckind. naluM for tick's i' 1 Irani, smued imo „ • demanding piiblldv thai he IK rlls-nlvcd. That crealcil ii pr.?lty sitiinMiiii. Dismissal of Peck nnd ivlentlon of Ferrell "•onlri Ijr : , ,..i,i,|| c | iulmlsslon of Terrell's (Ininlualion of I lie l/vun Suupoit of PrcbliiDiiiiKli. and a new. contract for next vcar mciini repudiaflon of Fcrrell's Thespian gestures mid his squawks to Ihr- press icsurdhiK Peck's disrespect lor his aillm; arm. Ferrell had made it prclly apparent, (hat he was fockliii: lo lie Iradcd. iirefoiably lo the Ynnkr?s. :i oiifst wliicli von. In (lie same position, also nsitjhi find nlrasau;. Now (he club wns confronted with Iv.-o tourses of nrllon. • Peck's dlscli.iif? \vonlri place any new manager In the shadow of Ferrcll's Impudent llnre. Trading of Ferrell uoiild (lie passing along of due of the world's greatest right-handed pitchers. It seems tlml Ferrell, by gestures thai would undermine most malingers, only helped lo fortify Peck's defends. And a new con- Iract now seems lo be Peck's rics- tliiy. • n l j"-«n*. i*;- VwlliV.Kn UIIVC !•• «-"j»«n on u^t. illJU JiUlbl S four moti! Burn's to play and (he | (or lllc fraction of n moment be- lrf!nkoiils three or fonj- dei;ei);llii'j •. (<jre H 1 * dou-nwnr;) sR'cej). on final licnslcin almul the' plav- iiy off of n tic same between the l.okouto mid Knoxvlllc r.mnktcs. . The Ciackcrs lx>nt Ihr Lookouts IU to 3 at Allanhi Wcdnc-sJay: Mosspiigcr hurled, for Atlanta mu) n si'incmv ih-ii I llniil^cl tin.' Lookouts to elojit iif.u-Iy $1200 of a-attercd liltjvra. The Crackers got s (» thrcu Lookout hurlcis for 10 liils. A ihrrc run rally in the made victory certain for tin- Crackers, lioss Look- Memphis Nashville Little Rock . .Hinnineliain . New Orleans Atlanta Knoxvillc ... National League W. I,. Pel Chicago ............... 79 55 .530 Pittsburgh ............. 75 61 551 Brooklyn ............... 12 Hi .53-) Philadelphia ..... ....... 6967.507 Boston ................. C8 69 .597 Slnrllnts Ar c Bomted , Mass. (UP) — Thousands of starlings which Infested trees in the exclusive Fisher Hill disdict and disturbed" residents with their chatterlnc. were bombed with Roman candles hy town officials during several successive nights, here recently If When Ihe mixture Is too lean — that is. when there i. L ; not C '" 8h '""' '" I"' 0 " 0 " 1 ™ '° air '.E Sn re^h^ r^J -**~«*™ ««' '»"«» « *** ilx-re I B loss cf compression anil * a " d at low U1Iilv< S " ?Cti ' . Therefore Ihc spark i n!! "!K ml ; tuir ^ 1s . lco '! ch ' "'!, must be perfectly timed 13 ot-rin-' il , " ' ' c!1 K":e will j ID cccui choke up 01) |ow ^ Kt(j!t a|l( , o( col- lose Just Ihc rl(jht moment m each The r "lUil hit accurately and the spark i-Jp must be the wWtli of the thickness cf a thin dime. In the case cf p-p-ignltlon. the regular runs will overheat, icct carbon and. in ihc end a great deal of power. | A rich mixture burns slowly,, nnd therefore leaves carbon behind in the cylinders. An accumulation of carbon theic icduccs , the volume in the combustion °'Hs got [lie only of the i "-''"""^rs. causes overheailng ol 8 a » lc - • I Ihe engine and produces a kncck The Kitoxvil'e Smokies fell be- i "Facially on a hard pull, late attack of tl; lo — ••' i "'-iv ui L[JL- i^asn- vlll« Volunteers 10 to 9. The Smok- ies staged a ninth Inning rally IheniMlves to score one run but failed to pull up even with the Vols. Speece. who relieved Bell wa s the winning pitcher and Bol-' Ion was DID loser. •Tli; Little Rock -Travelers and New Orleam Pelicans were idle nicy play a double header night. Besides these hindrances f"!! power there may be a nuif-! flcr clogged with scot and oil lo prevent free exhaust and create ] a back pressure on the pistons. I Then there is infericr tubricn- i lion, or neglect of lubrication, In I movable parts away Irom the en- | glne that creates a hard pall airi to-1 us; up mere than they should. U N D! • Gillette has discovered an unfailing process for hardening steel uniformly. This achievement solves the problem that has baffled metallurgists—and now makes it possible for you to obtain razor blades of unvarying high qualitV. Ask vour dealer for the Gillette BLUE BLADE. 91 • Lmils New York Cincinnati American I Now York Philadelphia Wnshlngton Cleveland Detroit St. Louis Chicago Boston 04 71 . .. . 01 73 ..155 5C 82 .-I0:i W. ... 95 40 .104 ... 84 54 '.em ... 79'55 .59!) ,.. 77 58 .570 ... 67 64 .511 ... 57 TT .425 41 91 .311 3T 98 .274 SPECIALS For Saturday, Sept. 10, 1932 3Cx3j/2 Goodyear Clincher Tires 30x3^ Goodyear Tubes •5fc 29x4.40'Sriberling All Tread 29x4 J Tube $3.50 75c 3Gx4.5C Seiberiing All Tread 3Cx4.5C Tube 75c Model A Fan Belts 35c Chevrolet 6 Fan Belts A. C Spark Plugs in Sets Model T Quick Change Bands withlining Set 5flc Marker Lights for Trucks and Trailers 35c 3-Way Garcy Lights, Green and Red $100 Simonize Wax Simonize Cleaner 49c 49c Ixcr.i - • :,., r <fho died -.,.--. . ., '^J trolled ll:c :-, ,: beaches with thr !in- i' i.i lifcsnvln? ' Dnnnv got hooked lip with tte Red Sox quite by accident, lie was a pretty fair curve ball pitcher in the Somervill* Twilight Leasue Brt Sox tcouto, combining tlw 2J"> l fy 'n »e*rch o( talent to lieip an the Sax, flnilly looked close to I We also have a Special Price on all Tires and Tubes Replacement Parts—and .-Icccusoripst 13-Plate Battery $5.75 ; 12 MONTHS r.UAHAN'IKK With Old Battery Hubbard Tire & Battery Co 0 ROS(1 ^"- icc Hardware Depl. Phone New ... 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