The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 24, 1955 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 24, 1955
Page 5
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SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 14, 19W tLTTHETTLLI (ARK.) COTHM NEW! U S Striving for Long-Range Superiority in Atomic Arms Bf JOHN M. HIGHTOWER WASHINGTON (A.P) — United States military, chiefs have decided that this country holds a sound lead over Russia in the atomic arms race and can maintain it until 1960. They art not at all sure what will happen after that. As a result, Informants said today, tile finding of ways to prolong this country's superiority in design and production of nuclear weapons, including long-range rocket missiles, has become a major project. The White House, the State and Defense departments and other government agencies are at work on it. Will Study Keport A report recently completed for President Elsenhower by Dr James R. Killian Jr., president of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, is now in the hands of Eisenhower's scientific advisers. The President himself will study it later. It is concerned with "methods of mobilizing the nation's scientific resources for use District Fair Winners Fruits and Vegetables Best Vegetable — Mrs. Smith, 1: Mrs. Stiles,. 2; Mrs. R. L. Adkisson, 3. BesfFrult — Mrs. Stiles, 1; Mrs. Leslie Moore, BIytheville. 2. Different variety of fruit — Mrs. Stiles, 2. Different variety of vegetables — Mrs. Scrape, 1; Mrs. Stiles, 2: Mrs. Epperson, 3. in the event of an emergency/ While no part of the' top-secret j stiles, 1; Mri document has been made public. it is understood that it deals with the whole field of research and weapons. It ranges from the problem oi' Russia's increasing turnout j of voung scientists and engineers, Mr5 - Jarratt, '• ,o maintaining the lead in produc- «« house roH Different tomato products—Mrs. Jarratt, 2. Cooking Bread: white yeast (1 loaf) — ing intercontinental missiles. between the world's two greatest powers. What the Joim Chiefs of Staff »nd Elsenhower's leading scientific j Mrs. Scrape, - Mrs 2, Mrs. 'V •— <-<?> -^ g— '' .^'^ ,«""«»• p ,, le of bjsciiijs (siX ) _ Mrs . i rk K °<> M '. BIytheville, 2; Mrs. John- s ° c innamon rolls (six) - Mrs. Jar- Kive them, for a, time a clear advantage over the United States. This would break the stalemate and upset the balance of power. Leonard Phillips. BIytheville, 1: Mrs. Shelton, 2: Mrs. Copeland. 3. Doughnuts (six) — Mrs. Epperson, 1: Mrs. Jarrett. 2. The President and the Nationalj Cnke wwte cake , not iced) j Security Council are understood to , aj . er _ Mrs Snlithi 1; Mr5 Hen . believe no*' that a spectacular! J0n a Soviet gain in weapons would noli ^- n ^ e ca!ce ( coo fc e d icing) ~ necessarily be used by Russia's; Mrs Smithi ,. Mrs Copeland, 2; present leaders to start fl military! j^ rs Henson 3 conHict. They could very well tise " rjevil's food cake (cooked Icing) — Mrs. Lou Sanders. BIytheville, 1: Mrs. John Hill, Luxora, 2; Mrs. Henson. 3. Pound cake (not iced) — Mrs. Robert Bailey, Osceola, 1; Mrs. Smith, 2; Mrs. E. W. Bailey, Osceola, 3. Angel food calte (not iced) — Mrs. Otto Bradberry, Manila. 1: it as the basis of a much toiY?ber and more threatening foreign policy, however. Lion-Monsonto Merger Okayed EL DORADO, Ark. <* — Stockholders of both companies yesterday approved a merger of Lion Oil Co. here with Mons&nto Chemical ] Corp. of St. Louis. Approval had been considered certain since Lion and Monsanto directors recommended the consolidation on July 31. A statement was released here over the signatures of officials of both firms announcing that stockholders had followed the directors' recommendations. Lion'stockholders met here; Monsanto stockholders, at St. Louis. Under the merger, each share of Lion common stock will be exchanged for one and one-half shares of Monsanto. Lion will become a division of Monsanto, but Lion's home office will remain here. The merger Is effective Sept. JO. Mrs. Copeland, 2; Mrs. Eiise Lew- is, BIytheville, 3. Applesauce — Mrs. Bradberry, 1: Mrs. Jarratt, 2; Mrs. Wicker, 3. Spice — Mrs. p. J. Rodgers, Blytheville, 1; Mrs. Fowler, 2; Mrs. Smith, 3. Gingerbread (plain) — Mrs. Wicker, 1; Mrs. Bradberry, 2. Jelly roll (14 roll) — Mrs. Adams, l; Mrs. Copeland, 2. Cup cakes — iced (6 assorted) — Mrs. Henson, 1. Plain sugar cookies (12) — Mrs. Jarratt, 1; Mrs. Harry Dunavant, Manila, 1; Mrs. Sylvester, 3. Best decorated cake — Mrs. Bailey, 1; Mrs. M. D. Dennis, Manila, 2. Chiffon cake — Mrs. Smith, 1; Mrs. J. F. Scrape, BIytheville, 2; Mrs. Veach, 3. Candy (6 pieces); divinity — Mrs. Copeland, 1; Mrs. Adams, 2; Mrs. Sylvester, 3. fHA Department Clothing; blouse; Jane Cssper, Walnut Ridge, 1. Skirt — Betty Biackmon. Dell, 1; Mary Ann Gray, Kelser, 1; Johnnie McDonald, Burdette. 3. Cotton dress — Olenda Childer, Burdette, 1; Polly Brock, Keiser, 2; Peggy Guner, Burdette, 3. Church dress — Pat Holder, Burdette, 1. Party Dress—Mabel Crook, Burdette, 1; Frances Weathers, Burdette. 2. Apron — Jane Casper, 1; Delores Johnson, Keiser. 2. Wool suit or dress — Pat Holder, 1; Mable Crook, 2; Peggy Gunter, 3. Tailored garment — Virginia Darby, BIytheville. 2; Geraldine Langley, Burdette, 3. Cooking; bread; biscuits — Shirley Spain, Keiser. 1. Corn meal muffins or sticks — Mikie Hinch, Dell, 2; Mary Jane White. BIytheville, 3. Cake: plain layer (not iced) — Margaret Coggins, Keiser, 1: Annie S. Winford, Keiser, 3; Mary Jane White. 3. Decorated — Third year class Dell. 1. Plain sugar cookies — Betty Prince, Keiser, 1. Fancy Cookies — class, Dell. 1. Handicraft; etched aluminum tr»yii — Jane Casper, 1. Textile painting — Jant Cssper, 1; Jean England, Dell, 1. Lamps (made or assembled) — Jane Casper, 1. Any other article not mentioned — Oeon Ramey, Dell; Joyce Austin, Dell, 2; Puttie Bpwern, Dell, 3. Art Deportment Class I — Senior Division Portrait in oil — Mrs. Fred Chaffin, Hayti, 1; the Rev. Mitchell Sanford, BIytheville, 2; James Tankersley, Lepanto, J. Landscape in oil — Mrs. Chaffin, 1; Mrs. Qeo. Barham, BIytheville, 2; Mrs. N. M. Orman, Lepanto, 3. Still life in oil — Mrs. Chaffin, 1; Nancy Damon, BIytheville, S; Mrs. F. E. Howell, Manila, 3. Floral in Oil — Mrs. Chaffin, 1; Mrs. Stiles, 2; Mrs. Barharh, 3. Water color — Mrs. G. S. Edwards, Hayti, 1: Mrs. F. E. Howell, Manila, 2; Mrs. Edwards, 3. Pastel or charcoal — Mrs. C. f. Pitts, Blyiheville, 1; the Rev. Mr. Sanford, 2- Mrs. Howell, 3. Pen — Dorothy Willingham, BIytheville, 1; Mrs. Edwards, 2; Mrs. Howell, I. Pencil — Dorothy Willingham, 1 and 2; Mrs. Edwards, 3. Original — Mrs. Chaffin, 1; Dorothy Willingham, 2 and 3. Collection of Three — Nancy Damon, 1; Mrs. Barham, 2 and 3. Hand painted plates — Phillip Hord, BIytheville, 1; Mrs. Marvin Sanderson, Jonesboro, 2 and 3. Ceramics — underglaze — Mrs. Pitts, 1 and 2; Mrs. Bob walden, BIytheville, 3. Ceramics — porcelain — Mrs. Pitts, 1, 2 and 3. Ceramics — pottery — Mrs. Waiden, 1; Mrs. Donna Stevens, Osceola, 2; Mrs. Walden; 3. Class II; Pencil — Carmen Cary, BIytheville, 1; Stephen Fritzuis, Maiden, 1; James Tankersley, 2; Norbert Blankenship, BIytheville, 3. Charcoal — Norbert Blankeoship, 1; John Stickmon, BIytheville, 2. Pastel — Norbert Blankenship, 1 and 2; Gilbert Humphrey, BIythe- ville, t. Water Color — Norbert Blankenship, I and 3; Carmen Cary, 2. Pen — Stephen Fritzuis, 1; Norbert Blankenship, 2 and 3. Posters — Carmen Cary, 1, 2 and 1. Oil Painting — Carmen Cary, 1 and 2; James Tankersley, 3. Ceramics — Ricky Dedman, BIytheville, 1; Jimmy Pitts, BIytheville, 2 and 3. Class m; Pencil — Phillip Hord, I and 2; Stephen Walls/ BIythe- ville, 3. Posters — Irene Cole, BIytheville, 1; Darrell Smith, 2; John Stick- mon, 3. Spatter painting — Frances Ann Logan, BIytheville, 1; John stick- mon, 2; Karen Tommey, BIythe- ville, 3. Woodcraft—Jimmy Pitts, 1: Jerry Medford, Biytheville, 2; Tommy Hilgard, BIytheville, 3. Crayon — Lana Hale, Bly.the- ville, 1: Jack Holt, BIytheville, 2; Glenn Buck, BIytheville, 3. Pastel — Evelyn Cash, BIythe- ville, 1: Jimmy Dale Edward, BIytheville, 2; Roberta Brown, BIytheville, 3. Finger painting — Pat Walters, BIytheville, 1: Jimmy Dale Edwards, 2; Becky Walters, BIythe- ville, 3. 'Her'and'His' License Tags POTEAU, Okla. Ifi — Lorren L. Williams, a newspaper editor, had M buy two licenae plates for his car, owned jointly with his wife, who teaches school across the border at Mena, Ark. This means the Williams' home for school purposes is in Arkansas, but for ranch and retirement purposes, his home is listed in Oklahoma. Authorities in Arkansas ruled the Williams' car must have an Arkansas tag and Oklahoma officials say it must carry an Oklahoma tag. The family car BOW carries both — Arkansas for "her" and Oklahoma for "his". GEM THEATRE "Osceola's Finest" • TONIGHT 10:30 P.M. SUN. • MON. • TUES. September 24-25-26-27 First electrocution for murder! took place at Auburn prison, New York, on Aug. S. 1890. Opens 6:30, Starts 7:00 — Kids Free, Adults 45c *e£fo °Hafe OSCEOLA. ARKANSAS TONIGHT Double Fsature Humphrey June BOGART • ALLYSON "BATTLE CIRCUS" and Edmond O'Brien "COW COUNTRY" STARTS SUNDAY Double Feature Barbara Stanwyck Robert Ryan "ESCAPE TO BURMA" and George Montgomery "MASTERSON OF ' KANSAS" OPEN 6:30 — START /:M • KIDS FREE — ADULTS 45c OL'R AD WILL BE IN THIS PAPER EVERY FRI. & SAT. Northeast Arkansas' Most Popular Thealrt TONIGHT 10:30 SUNDAY & MONDAY September 24 - 25 - 26 TIME STANDS STILL IN THE HIGH SIERRAS... — m raging flood Mxifer* trap ftro Mood-hungry men and m U>»e-lontl) woman ! JEAN SIMMONS • RORY CALHOUN STEPHEN MeNALLY- BRIAN AHER1XE taw f% tf HMK£ MLMMWN mt CAffr HMMM ' HMK «MW mt MMt* PwdMC** kf HOWMB WtLSCH . (MM •, M IMW . t JOM MMKM rWMCmi ««» TECHNICOLOR ROCK 'N' ROLL HITS THE SCREEN FOR THE FIRST TIME IN 2M UMM7-FH BETTY GRABLE SHEREE NORTH ' BOB CUMMINGS CHARLES COBURN TOMMY NOONAN RENT MOVIE CAMERAS FLASH CAMERAS Complett Selection of Flash Bulbs, Polaroid Film, Color Film, Morie Film BARNEY'S DRUG STORE 2006 W. Main Ph. 3-3647 FARM LOANS Six Star Feature 1. No broker»Jf fed to p*I t. N» ilock t« parchiM t. AD opportunity io establish credit with A Urge insurance Co. that to ind ha« been for many years a per- nanent lendor in this territory 4. Long time low interest rain 5. We pay the appraisal and j attorney fees €. Quick xerrice, fast closinr We close loans before m<nt comnaKiet make their in- •pectiom. For Information, See, Call or Writ* LOGAN FINANCE CORP. L;»ck ••lldlit •IrthcTlllc, Ark. Fhone 2-2*34 lulnln Afenl for AoMri«n United Life Insurance Co. U.S. Tourist Killed in Israel Violence TEL AVIV, Israel (#)—An American tourist was among passengers killed and a Canadian woman was wounded in the ambush of an Israeli bus by an armed gang Thursday night near the Lebanese border. The American victim was identified as Herman Brach, 28, of Brooklyn, N. Y., a nephew of Rabbi Joseph Teitelbaum of Brooklyn. Mrs. Rogica Bercowitz of Montreal was among the nine wounded in the attack. She now is at the Pariah Hospital, south of Tiberias, Where her condition was reported as not serious. U. N. truce observers began an on-the-spot investigation of the am- bush yesterday after a complaint rom Israel was received by the Israeli-Lebanese Mixed Armistice Commission which said it occurred in the mountains of Galilee, west of Safad and six miles south of the frontier. A statement Issued at the twice supervision headquarters in Jerusalem expressed hope thnt "all parties to the general armistice agreements will make every effort to discover and punish the perpetrators of this cowardly and criminal attack." Ten men can stand upright in the mouth of a large blue whale. Tiller Man Wasn't There SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (£•) — A ).ong hook and ladder fire truck crashed against a new automobilt Which smashed into a second car at a road turn last night. The tiller man—who steers the rear section of the fire truck—wai not there. Fire Chief Dennis Murphy quoted the unidentified tiller man as saying that because of the nature of the fire he didnt* bother to board the vehicle At the fire station. fat zchKS, pains, cuts, »rulses. » w r * » colds headaches »nrf £ti>KS, try Bob's Gypsy Rub Liniment trailablr at your tavitnre drug c«uxt«i C. G SMJTB fROBCCTt CO, MOX THEATRE On West Main Street in BIytheville Phone 3-4621 Weekdays Show Starts 7:00 p.m. — Sat & Sun. 1:00 p.m. •Sat. »Sun. »Mon. •Tues. «Wed. • Jhurs. ^ Fri. *«»»•«"•••• u *'•«** ** -HERE IT IS- Seven of the Biggest Days in Blytheville's Movie History! This is a MUST picture for everyone — ttie picture Hollywood D'ARED to make — It is so real it could not be banned anywhere. This is the climax to your fair activities—It will be the most talked about picture of our generation. 7 BIG DAYS Starting TODAY!! SHE WAS A TEACHER VfHO WAS INDISCREET ENOUGH TO WEW* TIGHT SKIRT! What happsned then could only happen in this big- city school •flhere tough teen-agers ran wild! As a best-seller and widely read majaane story... it shocked America! As an M-G-M picture ... it's terrific, timely entertainment. BLACKBOARD JUNGLE staffing Glenn FORD Anne Louis FRANCIS CALHERN and introducing MARGARET HAYES mm WIDE-VISION SCREEN! vim STEREOPHONIC SHUN!! Adults 50f -Children 25? 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