The Fort Wayne Sentinel from Fort Wayne, Indiana on March 8, 1915 · Page 4
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The Fort Wayne Sentinel from Fort Wayne, Indiana · Page 4

Fort Wayne, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, March 8, 1915
Page 4
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14. THE FORT "WAYNE SENTINEL. jflojMXAy, Majc , ins. 1 Ui SENTINE'S DA0 SCRIPTllRfi RhADlNG. h a v w R U J T tr h a. Luke s;i - io, I Then drew near unjo him ill the publicans "and sinner for t hear him, i And the Pharisees and scribes murmured, ujlot, TtU ma a receiveth loners, and eateth with them. 3 And he. spke thU porabta unto (them, iybi 4 What mas of you, oaring a hun fired sheep, if he lot one of them, doth not leave the ninety and sine In the wilderness, and go after thai which Is lost, until he find it? 5 And when he hath found it. he la yet h it on his ihouldets, rcjoidnj. 8 And when, he cometh home, he calleth. togetntr his friends and neigh fcours, aaying wnto them. Rejoice with moj for have found my sheep which was lost, 7 J say unto you, that likewise joy shall te in heaven over one sinner that repenteth, more than over ninety1 and niqe jusf persons, which tfced no repentance. a Either what woman having tert pieces of silver, if sh4 lose one piece, dot a not light candle, and sweep the ttqae, and seek diligently rill she ftnd lt7 And when she bath found it, she calleth her friends and her neighbours together, saying, Eejofcs with me$ for I bave found the piece which I had lost. ' jo likewise, I say unto, you, there is Joy in the presence of the angels, of Cod over one sinner that repenteth. i: J I i i : I 1 i If t the Tort tfPayiu Senttnel Entered as 8ond.Ctu Mail Matte e Postefflee at Fort Waype Indian. PUBLISHED EVERY EVENING KXiEPT SUNDAY. BY S. A, K. HACeTT. fifr Per Week. 10c. IOL LXXJU1 Weekly, Per 1h"t. 1 no .... No. 150 c$3fcimgo MONIUY, MARCH 8, 1013 Direct Primary and Registration. Perhaps ijo other laws enneM by tlio Indiana legislative session now at its close will bear so directly on so many people as will tho direct primary law and tho amended registration act, both oC hii - h cunc through the lejnslathc machine triumphantly after it seemed that both Aere doomed to defeat. There are many persons who fcincerdy question the ntvc&ssitv for the state - wide primar. They behoe it umboi sonic and" expensive and assert that it will fail to justify the idealistic claims made for it by its advocates for the reason that the mass of tho voters cannot be induced to turn out .it a primary anj more than they can be induced to turn out to caucus. The mass of oteis. it must be admitted, are plono to negjeet the caucus and the primary, peiniit factious and uitcrestb ki alone register a oto anfficient to doiuinate rehiilts and then pend the remaining months preceding election in railing against the system. Uut the fault is not with the 8y$tcm; it is with the otevs who do Hot take sufficient interest to tuin out and help at the taMv of ticket - making. Tho direct primary law may stimulate them to a change in tactics, of it may not In 1JH2 and again in 1Q14 Indiana democracy was nlcdired to the direct primary law. The legiblntiuo has meivlv pcifoimed a job which it was distinctly commissioned to do, and m tun event we snail uqw have a test of the direct in Imliaua, The amendment of the registiatiOn law appars t be A distinct improvement. Instc.idof the re - regiitiatuin fjr each election, it will now bo nv o&arv to register but mice except Hi eiihO of removal to nnother precinct. I'rm ibions sue made for i - fgibteiuig tu M' J huh one precinct 1o another, and for new otoi - . The in j !in will not milv obviate .i lot of ujuieeessjirv tioiihlc to the voter but if is expected to ut the expi us uL tcm - tiatiou bv .ilioiil out - half. JJoth changes are woith while. The tiiiil of the tut ii H m mht ' i ic Il;Uiit politu laiis on charges of consni.ic to mnupt t ltUnn, which has Jllst bigim boloit .ludii' lnltisuu in llic I uited St.itcs court at Indianapolis, 1 - , bound to Im lo wid li uiteiesl much AMler than 1 fimuiw nl u l iudiau.i tatc lines. It is t pct (eft lo la ban tin iiitiit:nie, of the Klinoii - mre thing in wlial !, know n a lane" toll ties, and the leMlatjons pionuse, .Kcoiduu: to tin novtfn - ment' tatenuut o lie tiit. in sU.nU (tn ihc - e who have long suspectt l that otitjis iht Viinlt is ofteti played isn't a bit l ttt r than it tmght to hi Time is everv reason bu - btlicving, iib". thai Tiiie ll.rute will, both feel and apptar a good ileal htttii alti r its hoiie - cleamng by the tcdcral ctiu t. The advocates of improved liurh,i - m IndiAn.i might will include in their endenvtus th tudv of for the elimination of some of tli thousands of grade crossings t nough. at least, to iriuoe thop whieii the heaviest travel makes most dniurernim. Tlie almost uni vcrsal use of the, nutomobih ami the devr lopinent ol tie1 trolley line have been two tactoiv that have imnnuseh added to the liability of accident, and the fierpient occurrence of these disasteis shows that that "safetv fust "propaganda alone cannot cope with the danger to life and limb on Indiana grade crossings, wethei m the towns oi in the rural communities. DIFnJVtTIES OF NKUTHAllTY, Indianapolis 'News ) T1m ItyringlUH Republican has otrenfitlieneil tho halnU of Prcsidemt Wilnun lv comparing hie position with that of Washington. Ut eeriotia aa vc - r thfl trOuI'le of tveutrallly expert - iw bytlio tirmfe president) tliey are" nt; Wmpsrahle tot tholiIicultiea which prOfmifi! the r f J1A Jurluir tli ad uiinifrfljti v( JfttTrnwii nd llajison M(.31a()r irt hi ihaptrr on ''the striic - lle fo enmiuerflal illdcpclUe1t,,, In (.lie C(irtl(ilili lltoiv ot tlo tnilcd MrrtftK, iWittcH rouelt npdi - n to ei Jllid'. 14 d tht probleiijs wliuh ntty cut th epolcuitio war. llt Muteil ( - tt i ttifh. n. Ccpbla notiflii H laJ fih Uittlv aenuiutl physii'al injependt - nu and ns jet it a lwivnd hi eonnneiMal B'ucrv to tkij power; of J.uinpe 11m ,flUWfo vrlllch tliOTtl at tli rloso of Wfthjngtrt'a oeoitd atUoinlsUKtion tlii?ltt Uttd jiilrinff tl'O time of J ir rco W mshuycton, .JelTwKoii aiid Iludieon pi( rmtrvfitl mm in office. Tin V 1 lKrnl to i reserve lianuonjotis intei conroe, tut their - way was tosU ttl I iwiliii.m. irt(ti iilmit losses ji mi run) grinnnwn mllaninl pujjlur opinion anJ OBttiUKt tttu liuat of pnseMtq the f,v enimciit. iu - l!ncd it - towaf'i pence, onia do so Htlte that eM - rtttiolly the t of 1812 oaw" on. In 17U1 lnKlund fsKl an order in cuuncil foililddintt direct trade between 1 ranee ami lnr eolonienf and four joars I ltittr forliado .dlrTCl xm "i""" 1 ramp, Spain, mid UolIanU atnl '"'"' HiluilHS Tlicsc order r directed Bt noutrals. Tlio "Vankeo Hailing master, nlut t opr?rtunity ey Uo rliance Wlitfliei witli imtmioiiro of vithput liip onnefa Molated tliee deilaration or itadtM tliem 1)v 'brfaking ' tlio ov nts So m 17T) lns'nn'l 1' r '"'o uat of Holland dtr a paper Moek nde Hnt the Amion ahippuip into - et contimud in thou eouise WT.ere t)te - llrat broke" a imago 1V pnterinK it imp) nml )mnirdiatel v It lidi awing it, ttiej eie tin n eonipelleil to store thp cimda Hiid make a prctens of serap - ing thfrbip. A est "M "" """S"1 im in tlie Inch court of admirably of t.reat lintatn. and was 1 tided in favor (1f the Uiteil htte. In 1R03 l.reat Hiitain and Frame irre acaiii at war Amenenn ebippinff prospered and in two eirs the Rtuis and stripes were on c i rv feu rhw expansion of the Ann n an Vnenbnnt marine, winch bi now been hopelesilv referred to foi vears w in the lenult yf external ei reunion neea rstliei tlinn dnmeetie giowlh 1 urope was nt war and the Americans seuwl tb rbalue Tin broken" onRes were resumed, and nttaeked by paper blockades nivl ndmiialt deiiiions notber test eai - e ennble.1 (rcat Brrtairt to look into thn ' intention of the tduppers and this time tlio Anieriemig IohK Then oame on the latter conflict of "orders'" lietwoen Napoleon nn.l the Dritieb admiralty One Moekado led to nnolberi The lights of Tienlrnlei rebtel In Americnn hands flntli Mallmon and JclTerson tndcaiored to steer anfe eoursej apneon, bv Ids is. rim decree oi neutral runn&ration In might on tile crisis All tins time it must be remembered that the American croienimeiit followed Washington's pol h but In almost eieiv instance the i;oernnrent wag cntiied, condemned - en bullied, as pprnonal interest went on wav or the other Vow a tbea the administration is doinir it beat. MirtM"l - WWJr9W t I I H t M HI l'1'" 4Tll - !r'r! ' t GERMAN GUNNERS IN TRENCHES POURING STEADY STREAM OF LEAD INTO ONRUSHINtt I I FRENOH FORCES. t miniii i - 4 - - . TwFnty - Flv8 Years Ago Wfcat The Sentinel Had to a auuui risoi3 ana events Xwen - - ty - rive Years Ago. Iu m four and hid halt indies ln k on tin KHinl tin inoinniir Mainr ,iijri 1 ttin' has iji j, t tin b nib how ut ( lian.'ii Hit pi hi ut nil smiii 1,14 f urii i - .f i ' tin Hist mil (,r""l ti t it l - itiiuU tin 1km V (.aim it (in Uiu i in rnji(.s t l..U,,k - ,j,l faun Uni iituri i tui II - d ' I nit imdul I'ii ii kut M K it mill 1 t'te i aim Kt - oilotk I In Allen ( .tint v laniunt allKiim will ! nsknl In i hi li.idn mi 'I I ah i 'im 1 t i nrti i utf in tl n nut I I i !u i Ii bullion in I urt ii in. lb' i ' ti tli Ink oi Northern In Ii hi i i mm n in h. i tin I tb n i - I ti i i i I u mi thin pun f t ii ( i lllHl I il n vi i 11 thl - M nit, i 1 t . K I - - .iiitli U in in bus il tt I i ' k i sub ri 1 1 ii ii if ui, tniiinlini, ill, r J I In i lut i.i,n, - iv i lit. ii lot - M I mi kl f th in him of IM b r liimkrl who will i n n a t lritlnnz toi - il iiMifiuii and AIm in etieet - , ar initl Uit nubl llnili uniitf tuen ir, li in tiiltnnore I h, itillbnin i.n null hni teceutd the . ..Jill Ht t ti fnrnnOi Iiiiiih) fiet ut 1111111111 - to bo meil in utr t tloftsincl nil li i p il h nAprni i ntn iu tliu lvn of "ii nib Whmh tit. enr Mn kuit thn ti n, libit mother of Imi i M ml 1 itn k Knue n ii inn I0tn Miitfiilal w die ah. waa WalKtnQ n t I, rl v ttlitt bl two doffn Sim wis hot ki 1 duwn ami lit i left leer was r k fn knue it hi) ieir - i till II iniiuil election of tho lort W it v 1 MimiIl (Illb resilltetl as ftd I iiih T'ri nl nt I V I lt?i rton im tun Prank 3 I ightfoot. secretary. Tu other woioN, the Indiana Iioin,. meivlv sent tlnv Stotheiiburc; ;tnieudiiicnti to um)ci pent t fulls m tho tomb he - ditlc their neap relative, the lute lainentt d Tom Marshall Constitution." It should - miu become ilanil evident that if Jnduina is to eiio th advantage of a motlcniized ronslitutioii, the time - lionoK d constitutional convention is the onlv method of Stttino; u Two attempts at short cuts have ended in lather iTTUer.ible soit of failure. And aloru; with the intblie'8 otllei woes, wo must now prepare to endure a few additional chanti ii of tho eiratie experiences of Ilarrv K. Thaw. As a serial, Jlr. Thaw's perfonnance is even mo'o loiiK - winded than those old - fashioned continiKtt stories of musliv he ami inif)osible ad vcntui'e that ust 1 to leav ou bteathhs - i until jim jot Uold of next - week's installment! Every Man Read This I h trcutrrurt Ih naUl to liavo ac i vt I t w cnderful reputation tlirouffh - t t t Pant o InK to Iti peculiar (m t mttv tw fortify th uere fort a ii I ttnt - iiit healtti and a cnnsetiuent P t sou t niuet'iitiirn. esfeittht. to il 1 npp)tit4HH of pvprv norrpul huraati 1 jiik II im bUmfd ii Im a blfMiflli - ig i tl ar who nr iliyBnallv tnialred, kI iorin , itf si orifloiit nTua or who liaa trimlltnue ft th limbs IzeinesB, tt i r t inliitaUori hl hinds ahtl ret ui ii it U fe ir without i ause timidity tr rti irliiK atit ypneral Inability to at ratUiiuilIy a oOurn tlo Also of viipt henetlt to writers, profeHslonal men. office workers uiul the vlcttmn of h lei n Inte lmur and rer Indul gn in wines, liquors, etc Hy nVtaLnlntf the treatment at some well Hotked pUarmaty, no one nftecL know of niiothor s trouble while the treHtmeut Itn he en widely preflrrlheij HMrt dUixtofterl fieretofore by phvsUlans arut pharmnelstH th xraln tabtetH art mi (rfmrvl with full tre tlona for Hflf ndrnlnt - tnitlon that It In wholly miriAi er to pH a phvfi Ian fir irnrr1MTM? thm fimt ftnk for threp flrraltt udornrp tnilfx hfirln their ii nT onn all the lov nf a health v h rlv ppinl nen nnd itrencth wllj Vr f - U 44e4ie44444.jp44 - 4"l'l I x t i;amwri oBfcZ,ifcsa Tra ' . . WBmz?mM&r r i ; ' , .,,.,,, . BOWELS MUCH HUMILIATED German mcruns guns in the trenches pear KhelMs sending A stead stream of lead Into the advance trenches of the Fitnch troops. The elevation of the machine guns has the effect of raining bullets on the heads of the French. .John W. Ilnnnaj treasurer, Irocl Smith, flint lieutenant, llosa McCnlloeh, second luutenmit, W D JSosliik, ljnurler, I.eroy Ilurtzler, color bi ur 1 rank !Morcan, club committeemen, 1 1 Thiomi, rank lee "Ihis Mas tlie snth aaninl election ONCE WEALTHY; DIES PEMNILESS Young Son of Adding Machine Inventor Ends Life at Detroit. Ilttroit, "Mich , Jfflrch 3 lloraee S Iturroiij;hii, JU cain oKl, a son ol the lute Will in in. S Hnrroujrli a maltlii lnventoi of an adding madime, rlnil late jesterday in u local Hospital from a si If mflirted nouml llo was rjimles an 1 in frail health, friends nuid Several J cars sgo, accprding (o former assoti ate, ho was worth moro than $230000 HurroiurhJ was found jestrrday ii a 3liclilgan avenue rooming house A fein in his arm bad been cut ami lie was nn fonseioiw from loss of blood Ilurroupha regained rouscjousness at tho hospital long enough to a statement. When r thief drove out of tho town of SilVerlitld, Ncv , mth a team of horses bclomring to lurlev Jonm, n mine owner he took with lum the onlv coniejanco in tho tpn As a result, Jones compelled to walk thirty - fle miles oter mountain and desert to notify the sheriff Haffners Potato - Loaf Bread, 10c a loaf. Always good, always wrapped. 10 tf ABVtti'Rrs OF JOHNNY M0USL 'TfS S9& SVJS, j y95 sa rsjecs So i H?Z0l , P - Mk r r 19lP TO THrAK T5 ? Goat? rxAer 5 BY M INCIDENT English Resent Use of Stars and Stripes by Govern - inent Order, Iiondon, I tb. 22 .Correspondence of the Associated l'rese lolloping: an edt - tonat on the humiliating i(it of the tyiisitama flag mcidont Horn the, viewpoint of llritish national pnde, the lJinly hipria, count - native ,n xiliticu and Intcnucly llritish In policy, has ask. pd Ita readers, 'What is viroiij; with the Lriion Jatkt ' Among tho replies, Sir Robert Tunis ejs J or a JJritiHli merchantman to hoist neutral color to avoid capture bv a '(crnmn armed vessel is allonabln - if he tbinlia tit to do si liut for tho lliitisli poncriiiiiciit solemnl.i to intimate to the inciiiniile inarjue on a Sunday ni(.'lit like nifiig of a striken batthv to fctnke the I nion Jack toeius imralled for. humiliating and in iecent. It 19 a Btep - doisii, ami alio riii'h oicaMun to tlie inciny, Tihen - iio litnouncis Jus, to iharpe us with Injiwrifn of Mi. lVik - Muir ' Another Lnnliolnnan iinlis 'When I rnid tin (tlin Un of tlio (.ernian arciuutoii luraiimt ui nf mi thoiuing tho use of n, juutral (lag lo 4 1'ioiect our eiinpiii', 1 nt Onto lallnl it nuotlitr (krinun In Iitnjriixi my Iior loi tlin, to lln.l stub nu action lias tak 'ii jilunaud uiidci the aiitlioul i our foil lj.ll 1 due " Are Evening Scores i lip band ot jiu jiUu tmiliLi nml fi im uir - masti - rn uIiki. nil 11 nf null, in ili m - .ti 111 1 mrj n twruiU hai bieti nfiiMil In the mil nllio mil eitiuug f ri.s by iliniuijirr tlitt (lie ciftno 1I01 s not realio 11m iiiiiin I nt pait the bni 11 i is plijing 111 thin nr on bvth vi.htiin mil iiiiton tionto fhev say 1I11 army inadri ni mini le to. ounonie tin irejndicq agnjiiat 1 lie bnionet 111 heriliMl from tlio experiencts of the "outli fricau canipaijrn, and fill to rlad tin ncv. lii - .sond ni iarfarc Hie lnivnet mis first j 1 onouneed ol nlott in th spuuini, incrlinn Vnr 111 me 11 ii niiie 11 uere iiiiimn lias done 111 tho Philippines it close nuar teu the Arnirieiimi used their ffiuis as rlulu t)irovinB miav their bujonets as a nimnnee 1 luy a nlso tho icrdiet) of tho Dritish in the Boer war In the weu., Youia got sr lct - - j. tvci.1. 77fZS &aK6 T0 0 CA msr At V0T Hfue 9uY svfvswwy z. Kusso Japancso campaign, honelcr, the lmonet returned to faior, mth the re suit that tho Aineiiean oicrnmeiit re considered its intuition tu uboliah flu hawonet, an 1 thin arm was also ictaiu ed b the Britifrli Now tomea the reports of the con stout use of tlie hajonet in tl ench war fare Qiuckniss of thrust and pairy of foot, hf and decision are neci - saarv in this kind of lighting llut tho dull seigeauts, the Jiu jitBuiat and fencing masters complain, arc eoutcnt to teach the old fashioned routine exercise which would avail little agnmst skilled antagonists or eien against impromptu tactics vigorously pursued Crew Wins Victory Tho crew of the oil tanker Carpathian has just won a Mctory at law against the onners of tho vesucl who tried to esmpe tho payment of a lioiuu mom - ifeed by tho captain for running tho pauutlet of German cruisers in the - At In n tic The Carpathian caught in a Tex an port at the outbreak of tho war Her crew of sewn men refused to pail Uu - lena paid jiik money Tlio captain agreed tu Rile them a bonus of H0 inch in addition to their wages. Ru mors of l.erimui cruisers destroying eoiuinerco iere then numerous Put the, men accepted the risk and the cssel sailed for Rotteidara with a cargo of oil Although tlKTlvtp Trir loaded iVith n uaiiKeroiiB erip. wlucli could ba sot uflioln a shell, tlio ir - ew agreed, in view of tho lioiuu to tk to tlo captain through thick and thin, as they testi (ml 111 ronrt The 10111 nev iaB safely made and at its end the skipper ofTei id tlio mm $5 (uih instead of $t!0 riieieupon tho ciew brought suit fn court, Ibo owners, tho Petroleum stenninliip lompanv did not deny tho nllentioim of tlie men mil fell hack on tli teebniial flnfense that under the niiiiluint aliiopinr; act n seaman is not intitled to wage further than those, stipulated In the article ho lias mgned THE COURT OF LAST RESORT Around the stove of the cross roads grocery ii the real couit of last resort for it finally 01 er rules all ithers Uuimbcrlain a Cough llimedv lias been brought before this couit in almost every cross roads grocery in tlua coim try, and lias alwavs received a favorable verdict It is in the country whore man expeits to receive full value for his money that this remedy is most appreciated Obtainable, everywhere Adv. ID DH tlAlR APPIYJGE TEA Look Young! Bring Back Its Natural Color, Glos3 and Thickness. Common garden sage brewed into heavy tea with sulphur and alcohol addcl, will turn pray, streaked and faded hair benutifullv dmk and luxuriant re move every bit of dandruff, atop scalp itching anil falling hair. Jilit a few applications will prove a ro elation if your 'lia)r is fading, gray or dry, acrag gly and thin. Mixing the Sage lea and Sjilphur recipe at home, though, is trou blesome An easitr way it to j,et the ready to use tonic, coating about W rents a Inrn bottle at drug store, known as "Uyeth's SVgo nnd Sulphur Hair torn pounfl " limit ayoiding a lot of muss. While wispy, gray, faded hair Is not sinful, we all deaire to retain our youthful appearance and attractiveness fly darkening your lialr with Wyeth'a Sae and Sulphur, no one tan tell, becauso it does ii so naturally, so evenly 011 just dampen n sponge or soft brush with, it ami draw this through vour hair, takine one small strand at a time, by morning an gray iiaira nave uigjpprarei, ami, alter another appl.fitloti 01 two lour hair heroines beautifully dark, glossy, et anl luxuriant Adv THREE CRUSHED TO DEATH Indiana Miners Killed by Falling Slats Near Oakland City. Oakland City, Ind , March 8 Tore eniplojes of the Ayrhsire coal mine nuar here, were crushed to death Sundav afternoon by a moss of falling slate The men were placing props when tho slate fell Tlie diad aret "William Smith, 00 j Alexander Wigge, 60, and Hutchison Sharp, 23. BAD COLD? TAKE CASGARETS FCR Tl No headache, constipation, bad cold or sour stomach by morning. Get a 10 cent box Snk headache, biliousness, coated tongue, hind and noso clogged up with a cold always trace this to torpid livn , delaicd, fermenting food ill the bowels or sour, gassy stomach Poisonous u a'ter clogged In the intestines, instead of being cast out of tli) sistcji) is 10 nb'oibed into the blojd. Win 11 this, poison reaches the delicate brain tissre it causes congestion nd that dull, throbbing', siikening headache. Caecflrets immediately cleanse tho stomach, remove the sour, undigested food Md foul gases, lake the excess bile from flie liver nnd carry outr all tho constipatec was to matter and poisons in the bowels. A Cuscaiet tonight will surely straight! n 3 on out ly morning. They wdrk while you sleep, 10 cent bo front jour druggist means your head clear, stomach tweet ami 3 our liver and bowels regular for months, - Adv UWDJSiiTAKERS. KLAEI11M & MELCHING UNDERTAKERS & EMBAIMEBS S21 - .il E. Washington Boulevard O 'lea Home Phone 22a. or 6 rvlce at ReaaonabU Prleta. PI1 ATE AMBULANCE. GEJTZ & OAHILL UNDERTAKERS 1031 Calhoun St Caen Day and Night Beth phones 00. I J. G. Peltier & Son 1 Pi UNDERTAKERS I Bj I IT WEST WAYNK ST K In 1811 there were 140 fatal aeroplane accidents inthe world. CITY LIGHT BILLS. Light and power bills are now due and payable on or before the 10th of March, at City Hall Annex, East Berry St., corner Barr. Pen - - H" 5 - 4t Customers who have left old hats and packages will please call before March irsth. THE BUCKEYE 814 CAIHOUN ST. DR RTTSTT 4, - 0 4 P''r Biog. lat Practlelno th Wonartul New Treat. m,nt acitnuncauy, akUlfuliy no boa - U. who notMt lor CUHlca t uu MM! II you r, serorinwi. undrelopt or told to haw an opsrallnn In - Ruaa will tU FRM what h ran do tor you SBSSlaily if otritra nav fall. ST V frn Woirn. WrgM Dr. Johnston OSTEOPATH ALy. FLOOR TAKB BVeVATOR. Oraduat of Klrkaviii, M. Dlaaa and 0frmltla Traaua BXAMINATION FRBK. PhonOffle, 1529t Relelnc, 0OS4 am N. CRoss Elizabeth Ross CHIROPRACTORS and tachra of Chiropractic. H4T thnlr prlvata praetlc at th Roa Colless bulldlnar. Z27 West Jettarson trt. Hour I to 8 p m and 7 tgl a, m. Phoneti Office, 2289: Res 2425. No Charg for Consultation. ABSTRACTS OF TITLE Mad By THE ALLEN COUNTY ABSTRACT COMPANY, Are Reliable. We Guarantee All Our Work 725 COURT STREET.

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