The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 18, 1937 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 18, 1937
Page 2
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1TVO , (Aiik.y NEWS MONDAY, JANUARY 18, . Social Calendar TUESDAY'S EVENTS Junior G. A. meeting First Baptist church, 4 pin. Intermediate O. A- meeting First Baptist church, 4'pm. Mrs. w. D. Chamblin having Tuesday Bridge club. Young Matrons Bridge club meeting \\ith Mrs. W. C. Hlgglnson Joint. meeting American Legion and its Auxiliary, 0:30 P. M., at hut. , Maple Grove Cemetery Assocla- ' tton meeting with 'Mrs,. G. . G. Saliba, 2:30 P. M. Langa Parent-Teacher Association meeting at school auditorium nt 3:00. WEDNESDAY'S EVENTS Mrs, C. A. Cunningham having Wednesday Bridge dub. Sunbeams meeting First Baptist church, 4' p m. Executive board, Central P. T, A. meeting; 2:30 P. M., followed by general meeting, 3 p. M. Bible study, Church ot Christ meeting with Mrs. B. L. Cook, Sixth: and IvTatn- Sts., 2:30 P. M. THURSDAY'S EVENTS Mrs. J. Louis Cherry having Mid-week Bridge club. Thursday .Luncheon club meeting with Mrs. Everett B. Gee. Mrs. II. A. Taylor having Thurs, day Bridge club. 'Thursday Contract'' club ineet- ing with Mrs. G. E. Keck. Armorel P. T. A. having "Fathers', Night" 7:30 P. M. Yarbro Missionary Society meeting with Mrs. W. M. LtiFemey. Bingo party/ social ball,. Church of. Immaculate Conception, 8 p m. . FRIDAY'S EVENTS Betty Isaacs and Sain Lou Me- Cutchen having dancing party. •Music Club Studies Operas To Be Heard Members of the Music department of the Woman's, club stud- led Ihiee opcias lo be heaid in Memphis next week In n meeting Friday afternoon at' the club house. Mis. Mm ray Smart was leader. The operas studied were "Rlg- olctto." "II Trovolorc" and "Madame Butterfly." Mrs. 'Wilson Henry gave the story of "Rigoletto. 1 which was followed by a piano number fiom the opera, played by Mrs Donald Wertz, of Osceola. Mrs. Smalt told the story ol "11 Trovalorc;": Miss Mai'jorle Warren read n poem Iiom "Madame Butterfly" tmd Mrs. Paul L Tiplou tang "One Fine Day" fiom this opera. The 21 jjicsent weic sprvedi a desert course, with coffee 1 , by the hostesses, Mis. 0. E digger and Mrs. E. L. Hale. Careful Handling of Trump . Suit Brings Home Contract BY WM. K. SIcKUNMT Secretary, Amcrli'an Bridge A Iriimp suit divided four curds' In oiich hand Is (lie joy ot most rif|iert bridge 'players, and often they go to groat Imijllis In the bidding lo discover such it stlua- AA043 VJ107 * Q J 5 3 AK3 49 VAKQ8 •4 • 1098 N fr : E S Dealer ¥053 470 + 10069 V02 » AK42 .iiJ.A54 Rubber— 15. & W, vul. South 2 4 Pass West IV Pass Pass lead— V K. NVlh 2 $ -1 A Easl Puss Pass -r'18 round wllli the deuce. Declarer's problem wns to. limit .the .trinnp losers ID one, If lie was to make his contract, nils was how ho solved it, -.!; lie led a low club to the king In dummy'and then the three of spades. Kast did not split his honors, as he figured that this .lion. If, however,- there »re four humps i>i each hand and two honors arc missing, the handling cf tho comblnaliDn to be sure to limit, the loss to a. single trick requires careful play. This Is the situation in today's hand, wl.'.h the added complication that declarer has been forced to 'ruff the third trick. The bidding requires nb partlC' ular comment.: Whim North gave a free raise after West's overfall, Eciilh felt'Justified in looking for n shorlcr road : to game, although North intghl well have bid one spade himself instead of giving the diamond raise. The contract .reached, however, Is natural. West won the first two . irlcks with the king and queen of henrls and tlien .South ruffed the third would save the declarer a guess on the hand If he did, Declarer ployed Use ten and tho. nine dropped from the West hand. Tiro more rounds of .trumps followed, leaving Easl with the high trump, nnd only one trump rc- mnlning In tile 'dummy. Bui Easl could cash only Ills' good I'ruirip mid the rest of the tricks were won by declarer. -' Had En6l played the queen or Jack, South would have won with the king nnd re-enlcred the dummy with a diamond to lead allot her spade toward his ten. (Copyright, 1037, NBA Service, Inc.) Today's Contract Problem Soulh is playing the hand at six no trump. He can count ll.lricks in lop cards. What Is Ills' best percentage play lo make the needed trick for his contract? *0703 VK43 Bits of News Mostly Personal (Blind) (Blind) VAQ2 « K 10 3 2 + AKJ3 None vul. Opener — A Solution m next issue, 18 Buck Fletcher, ot Osceola, is a patient at this Memphis" Baptist iiospllal. Joe Saliba, son of~br, and Mrs. J. A. Saliba, underwent nil opcra- .iori for appendicitis Sunday, lif- .crnoon al Ihe Memphis Baptist losnllnl. He was taken down "Snt- urdny night, accompanied by Ills parents. Dr. Ballba returned last night while his ''mother .remained v/lth him. The Ilcv. and Mrs. Stuart H. Salmon tire In Memphis today. H. Ilouchins is in Fulton, ,Mo.. where he Is vlslllirj; his mother, Mr.s. Mary Houchlhs, who will reach her 05lh birthday tomorrow The elder Mrs. Ilouchins, who is quite active despite her age, has visited here a number of yenrs ago. Mr. Ilouchins will reluri Wednesday. . ' '.- • Mr. and Mrs. Jessee SUH, dies ler Copplc, Misses Helen Cope land and Louise.Bourland alteridsc a meeting of the Hotel erectors o. Memphis nt the Hotel ctaiiJee Saturday night. SI*1H Betty Blnck, daughter of " Mi and Mrs. Fnrnsworth Blnck, 'hn. recovered from' several days- 111 ness from bronchitis. Mira Rose Lou Cooke, win tenches school at WhlUon, spen the weekend with her sisters, Mrs W. J. Wimderltcli and Mrs: Es ters of Confederacy chapter, gave a program at a meeting of the u. Bnsiucss Girls Name Officers The business Girls' group of the First Baptist church elected officers In n meeting Thursrtaj night at the homo of Mrs J. G, Barnes, sponsor. Those elected were: Miss rear: Lee, chairman; Miss Zola Crafton co-chnlrnmn; Miss Eula Epperson fcerelaiy and Ircasvner, Mrs. J L Newsom, choiistcr; Miss Gladys Mick, pianist; Mrs. Carl Davis reporter; • Miss Jewel Lee, chairman evangelistic committee; Miss Marie Harnish. 'chairman Personal Service;. Miss Minnie Drawn, chairman stewardship. The candle lighting ceiemony was used for the Installation service. « ». 0 To. Honor Mr. and Mrs. Gco. T. Shiblcy Mr. and Mrs. A. G. Shiblcy have invited 200 guests to a reception they will have at the Blue Room of the Hotel Noble Monday night honoiing Mr. and Mrs. George T. Shibley. Before her recent maT- riagc Mrs. Shiblcy was Miss Adclc George, of Luxora. Have Slaf Parly W. A. Edwards had,a slag parly Friday night at his home when guests were- salesmen of the Tom Little Chevrolet Company. There was an oyster supper and honie of Mrs. M. FHzslmmons. Mrs. Charles Alford, president, prescnted the program. Miss.Fran- ces McHancy gave Ihe IKe of stonewall Jnckson, Miss Mollie Guard lolti of Robsrt E. Lee and the part he played in the War Between the Slates and Mildred Mulr gave, a reading. ;• Refresh'mcnls were served by the hostesses, Mrs. Fltzsiiumons, Mrs. W. tr. Williams and Mrs c H Dobbins, of Stccle. '.'.-.. * * . * Scviiij Club Meets! The Sewing club of tho Recreation group;, met Saturday .'at the home of the director, Mrs. Acion. The 16 present mnde new rules for Ihe coming year. .. -. • * • •' Daughter Horn. A daughter was born Sunday afternoon to Mr. and Mrs. D Byrd at their home on Lillj Luxora Society — Personal tclle Cooke families. Vollmer, and ''the! games followed. In "Motor Romance" D. won the prize. « • 4 Entertains Cluli. a contest Hammock Mrs. Joseph w. Parker had the Town and- Country Bndgs club Thursday afternoon. In the bridge games, in vhlch the hostess played, Mrs. C. C. Langston won firstl and Mrs. Parker, second high. A salad plate was served * « » IFar Dancing Parly. Roberta Ilorman was hosless to more than 100 boys and girls Friday night for a dancing pirtj at the hl.t. Included in the guests were a number from Osceola. The ball room represented a gay scene with balloons. In all colors strung across the ceiling and from the red, white and blue lights. Tall tapers, in these three shades, \\erc arranged the length of the lDn» mahl«l of the large fireplace Th° refreshment table carried out the Valentine motif in the punch STV- cd with candles, nuts and cookies by the hostess' mother, Mrs. Sam Florman. Roberta received with Bill cham- blm and her parents. An added attraction of the cn- Icrtainmetrt was the untieing of Ihe balloon strings which gave the guests their favors. , * • t V. D. C. Heart Program By Children's Oroup. Members or the children of tin, Confederacy group here,, which is sponsored by the United Daugb- ' a little ash. Street. 'Hie baby, who weighs nine pounds, has been- -nanicd Linda Lcc. * • » I*. K. 0. Chapters' Celebrate liirtliilay. A glimpse into the past and Hi. pledging anew of goals . for the future by members of Chapten "P" and "N" of the P. E. o Sisterhood featured the hmcheoi meeting Saturday when the 06tl birthday of the organization wn. cbservcd. The affair, attended by 31. was nt . lire home of Mrs T.. J. Mnhan. In remembering Founders' . Day, (he ceremony was In the form of n rainbow which linked the past with the future. Mrs. George M Hunt, Mrs. W. D. McClurkln, Mrs. J. W. Adams jr., Miss Pcguy Mc- Kccl, Mrs. Rilcy B. Jones, Miss Thelnia Worthlngtoh and Miss Martha Robbins, of stcele, represented the girls who formed Ihe gibinv GG years ago. Wcnrin" Colonial frocks In rainbow colors, and each holding a taper of the same shade, they came slowly down the MahnnV long stairway as Mrs. A. B. Falrflcld read. They formed a rainbow circle at the foot of Ilic stairs as Mary Babcock and Mary Jean Afilick, wearing whu c robes Ijh.lcd tapers in tall candelabra vhlch flanked the stairway. The vhite tapers were emblematic of lie past and the yellow iispiratlon for the future. Three larger tapers, arranged :n a table, were emblematic of .he projects now being carried out by the P. E. o. The rcxl lw Mrs, J. I. Mifllln has been supply teacher for Miss Maxine Halstead, who has been absent from her schoolroom on account ol an aculc attack of tonsllilis.' '•• Mrs. C'. B. Wood and, Mrs. S. J. Smith attended the benefit tea for the Dycss library, Thursday after- neon in the home of Mrs. F. P. Jacobs, "Wlndoyer Terrace," at Odder. . •._. Mr., nnd, Mrs. V. F. Brackenslk and small daughter, who have made their home lit Luxora foi' several years, left. last' wcck ; fov their new home on 'President's Island:, ' • . Mrs. ;Ida .Tucker and sire. .Ada Biitler,'of Osceola, were guests of Mrs. ...Walter Denton .Wednesday: Mrs. ...Dcnton. Is convalescing from a major operation. __ Amoiig tlic Luxorfans who have '.Butler Barksdalc. who attends Arkansas slate college at Jones boro, spent the Weekend at home . Jimmie Tlpton, who attends tin University of, Alabama at Tusca loosa, is at home for a few' day:, visit with his parents Dr. and Mrs Paul L. Tipton. because of midterm examinations. :: Leonard W. Holt, formerly o here and now of Marlon,. Ill spent the weekend with relatives Mrs. Walter Teagarttcn, of Wil Eon, is. visiting her sister, 'Mis Bill Ingrain, and family. W. M. Scruggs spent the week end in Memphis: Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Weldina nf .Chaflee, Mo., arc visiting rcla lives here. Mr. and Mrs. Chat-lcs Perry,: lat of Memphis, have moved bac here iihd Mr. Perry will be em ployed at HiiVjbard Hardware Co Mrs; Perry was formerly Miss Isa bDljFicld, of Ibis city. KMrs. .Dick .Watson,' of Keise Is'vlsiling her Itiothcr, Mrs. Myr tie Bourland. George W. Barlmm is ill at lv homo on llearn St, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Whltwort spent Sunday In Union Cit TcUii., with Mr. aiid Mrs. CliiTor Joy'ner. Mrs. Joyner has been re r moved to hi- home from the hospital and Is daily improving. • Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Rcgcnold returned. Saturday from Paris, Tex., 'where they attended the funeral of;,Mr. Hegcnold's father. ; Miss Bob Williams, of . Luxora, spent -the weekend with Mr. and Mrs. W. N. Williams. Mrs. T. E. Talc and Mrs. J. C. a seventh committee of Ben Bluesteln,' ]omiiiittees Will Plan 'Programs oi' Osceola Civic Club . j QSCIEOLA, Ark.—Six . commit 1 ' ces, each of which will be rc- ponslblc for prograins of the Oseola civic club during two mon-' :is of. t!ie ensuing: year, have ecu chosen by> a special com- illtce designated for lhat pur- xjsc by Welby Young, new iiresi- ent of the organization. The prograins which they ar- aiigcd will be supplemented by nterlolnment features to be pro- Idcd by ohsisting Ocoi-gc Deer and the Rev. E. L. ole. The six- committees follow: Promotion—II. J. Hale, A. F. Barham, G. U Waddell, W. W. Tewilt, D. S. Laney, S. M. Hodges nd Wclby Young. Agricultural—D. fi: Burns, P. '. Jacobs, Ben- Butler, Charles Joleman, Godfrey While, H-. C. Bryan and A. T. Bell. Professional—J. T. Coslon, Dr. C. M. Ila'rwehY' Dr, George Cohe, G. B. Scgrnves, Dr. M. S. Nlckpl and Dr. L. D. Masscy. Fhmnce^Bcri Buller, Hale Jack- soil, J. 1). Binin, E. S. Shlppch and 0, B. Driver. Religious-Educational — Geol-go fleer, E. L. Cole, H, c. Moorehead and Lbiils Sanndcrs. Merchants — O. E. Massengill, Haitian Weinbeig, Raymond Cartwright, Guy Bryant and Louis FANNY < By Sylvia 0 mu t tsncc. INC. T. M. MO. u. t. wt. m. ' A cluster of 'faint stars, knowrf only as catalog No, N. G. C. 7000;-"i is so far away from the earth that It requires 220,000 years for \t?,\ light to rsach us. In actual dis-, i lance, It would be 1,293,572,075,000,-, 000,000 miles away. Proved best by two Kcncrations o[ mothers. • Evcry(hin s For Your Enlertain- \ ment and Comfort ' "Just think, silk stockings come from worms!" , "Why, Fanny! That's not a nice thing to say about papa!" New Officers Installed by 0. E. S. at Steele STEELE, Mo.—Tho O. E. S. chapter of Steele Installed "ofncers in an Impressive ceremony Thursday night. Mrs. Minnie R. Quirin of Hornersvlllc was the installing matron and Mrs. Sims Michle'of Steele was the installing marshal. Those installed were: Rubye Ashley, worthy matron; C. P. Howard, worthy patron; Mrs. M. A. Masscy, associate matron; Rev. M. A. Massey, associate patron; Mrs. W. E. Hodges, conductress; Mrs. Willie Gran, associate conductress; Mrs. Ollie Barnes, treasurer; Mrs. Ida Lyons,!-secretary; Mrs. Sims Michie,'Mrs. Newberry Johnson, marshal; Mrs. W. . E. Wright, chaplain'; Mrs. C. C. Capps, warder; Mrs. J. p. Patterson, Ruth; Mrs. Gideon Crews, Ester; Mrs. Ruth. Lavvhon, Martha; Mrs. Alma Grissom, Electa; Mrs. Maude Miller, appointed as Adah, was not present aiicl will be installed later. Mrs. Miller, the outgoing worthy matrgn, was presented a past wor- Ihy malron's pin and J. p. Pat- teiMjii, the outgoing worthy: patron, was presenled a fountain pen. Mrs. Qnlnn was also presented a.: slit and Miss Ashley was presented "a Former Sehath Girl Will Marry Lepaiilo Dentist ' LEPANTO, Ark. — Dr. Merida Vise jr., of Lepanto, son of Mr. Hid Mrs. Merida Vise sr., of Parkin; will be married January 31 to Miss Jennie lav Jennings of- Memphis, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. ;s. T. Jennings of Senath. Mo. The marriage will be solemnized In Memphis with only members of; the immediate families and few friends present. Dr. •; Vise will be attended by Roy Avery, student at Memphis Denial college and Miss Jennings will have as her maid of honor Mrs. Roy H. Avery. Following a 'jrlef honeymoon trip the couple will return to Lepanto where the grboin is engaged in the practice of; dentistry. •Dr. Vise attended the University" of Arkansas and graduated from the University of Tennessee Dental Ccllege. Miss Jennings is a graduate of Senath high school arid later attended the Memphis School of Comtompetry. Last Time Today Jean Arthur and George IJrehl in "More Than A Secretary", Also Selected Shoils —Admission— Matinee—10 & 2(ic Night—1C & 3Cc Homer Snodgrass Singing at Hotel Stevens, Chicago :.' Honier Snodgrass, fonnerly Blytheville, who has been heard bver the NBC network with the Old Heidelberg octette, is iiow member of a Vocal septette which made its initial appearance in the Continental room of the Hotel Stevens, Chicago, last Friday night. Young Snodgrass, son of Mr. and' Mrs. W. A. Snodgrass, won a scholarship at the Chicago Con- - (I ;«| servalory after moving to Chicago with his family about seven years ago. lie sings top tenor with the Stevens-septette, made up of three emalc and-four male voices. The js'ptetle, which according to the Stevens Hotel publicity department scored an immediate success, ap- reafs in French Hussar costumes .0 sing a program of Viclor Herbert/melodies and also presents a variety show consisting of popular melo'dics. Whfle Snodgress was a resident of BlytheVille his father was manager of the local water system. TUESDAY IS S50 BAM NIGHT 1 shoulder corsage by Maryanna Michie. little Miss been confined lo their homes oil I Ems represented the Armorel Par- accouiit of nil are Mrs. T. D. | cut-Teacher Afsoclatloii at the Wilknis, Mrs. Jnnmle Slack, *lrs. i enmity council meeting Friday at Charlie Billlngsley, Mrs. Jesse Joiner Brown, Mrs. Anna Terry, and C.I E . R. Jones; who w as taken' to \, rfin r, ' - I tllc Memphis Baptist hospilal a Mrs. Lilian Frcear, who has 1 few days ago, was lo undergo a ' - operation today. Mrs. jon" S ' " g 11C1 ' broth! !'-' . . was for the memorial butldl the orange for the educational nnd the green Will Mlfflin nnd Mrs. Mifflin, in who spent the weekend In,,.. „San. Bernardino, ( Call., for four, turned' lo Memphis today, ac om- and a Iiair .months, returned to panted by Bilbo Gilbert, assistant Liixam Wednesday for an Indc- lo Mr. Jones, wbo will remain until (Inite stay with her brothers, J. I. i after the operation ' and Charlie Mlfflin and family. | Joe-Newport of SI. Louis for. The following have been named mcrly connected- with Meyers delegates, to he Baptist.; Stale Bargain Center here, vi. ted Convention which .convenes in friends in the city Friday nnd P, ra ,, n ,,M T,,,.,,^ j nnuary , 1Q . for SB t unlay m mlle \ 0 \^™ A Mrs. J. Ernest Hosson Is 111 al P.iragould . a Ihree days session: (he Rev. , P. Flcnlming, -J. M. Majors, -I*. O. Andersv'Mcsdanics S. J. SmHh'nnd C. B. Wood. Moll Hale, of Crawfprdsvillc, was. -In. Luxora .Wednesday ou business. P. T. A. had altend- her home on Davis Avc. Lerby Huddleston Is ex|ieclcd> to return within a short lime from Fort Myers, Pla., where he has been for Ihe past ten days. He accompanied .his-mother, who lives at'Briiikley, and plans to spend Wcdncsdny nllcrnoou iu the lilch • ^- . A ' Orl »'i>icU. who lias school nnrfllorliim rniiA,,,i,,» ".Iwcit 111 at Ihe Blythevillc hhs- school niidUorijIm. Following a busliiess.., session".'preslrtcd •' over by the prciUIeni; ;; Mrs, j. J. Joliiiilon, Mis.. .Cliarlcs;: Evans discussed '"Cliarnctcr • BuUding." Mrs. n. W. Biiller gave 'ii 5 . talk, on "I was a Teacher lii that. School." Kipling's iiocm".."I[" was read by Joan Miller. Mrs! B. O. Wilklns played a piano solo. .the allcndancc award \vcnt to !he third grade. Keiser News I'. 'I'. A. SIcels The Keiser P.-T. A: held ils rcg- ulnr monthly meeting in the home economics building last Wednesday afternoon. Carl Bird, superintendent cf Wilson high school, was the speaker, disccilssing proposed school lesislation. • • • • • Miss Ruth Williams of Gricler has ..organized a dancing class at the Kciscr school. She has enrolled aboiit twelve pupils. Classes are heW every Tuesday'" and Friday. Mrs. R. H. Ro'jinson and daughter, Margaret, • attended the wedding of Miss 'Elatse Wright : lo J. H. Cox at the Methodist Chlirch In Wilson last PrW^y night. B. R. Jones, Jonn Deere Implement ngent, has moved lo Port- BEeville, Mo., to go inlo farming business with his brother, John Jones. His place in Kciser Is being taken by J. p. Lovelace of Memphis. Mr. and Mrs. w. W. Anderson, Miss Trumnlcc Watson, and J. P. Hightowcr wcnl lo Memphis at attend the Orpheum Theater last Thursday night. . ' ' Mr. and Mrs. Bob Crews of Little Rock returned 'to Kelscr to visit friends week. and relatives last at Ihe Blythevillc hospital for the past four weeks bc- tfnirse of blood poisoning In his hand, was removed to his home Saturday. He is dally improving. Miss Marguerite Dolcn has returned lo Little Hock, where she is spending the winter with relatives, after spending several weeks with her sister, Mrs. Elbcrt Huffman, and Mr. Huffman. Mr. anncl Mrs. Jim Hargravcs of M.cCioohce visited over the week- fid with Mr. nnd Mrs. W. L; Anchlin. ' ,. , Miss Emaline Bedford has been in Haytl with Mrs.'-Max- _Mrs. Ray Worthlngton arran^. ' , Kansas Law School p ™ srBm pre- LAWRENCK Kan. (UP)-Thc ' . - lh -= b«sine,« ics - Unlvmlly of Kansas is leading i l :..i ) ^^. K ^» H°» "? th. academic standards W.^ Ktrby, president of Cha'pt, Lunch was served in biifrct style from the dining room table which had a centerpiece of yellow and white spring flowers In carrying out - the color group. of the Hair Plucked as Penance LAHORE, India. (UP)_ S ,vami Aiklaw Fauna Li\, A Jain a<c-tlc plucks out every hair of his beard Thv , The hair Is plucked by hand with no other artificial assistance than of its school of law, according to the biennial report of Dr. William L. tUirdlek. dean. The American Bar Association and • the Association of American L<uv Schools require two years of college work preliminary to the beginning law courses. Kansas for several years has required three Ancient lamps consislcd ol a hollow receptacle for th« fit or oil (cllhcr open or covered), a handle at one side, and a litllc trough In which tho wick rcstoci with one end in the oil reservoir. Jubilee Fhfipolc Stored JOHANNESBURG (UP) — Vancouver's jubilee gltt to the city of Johannesburg, a huge ' flagpole measuring 105 feet In length-and weighing two tons, has arrived here. It will be stored until a suitable place is found for erection. Read courier rtbvs Wnnl Ads. CARIJ OF THANKS We wish lo express our thanks nnd kindness of all oiir beloved friends nnd relatives who were so sweet to us during the long illness nnd death ot our darling little Maxine Pinkley nnd asain to thank her school who gave Ihe beautiful wreath. May God bless every one of you. Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Pinkley, Mother and FatVer Mrs. Tom Ingrain, Sisler. Police. I,oso Argument . PITTSBURGH (UP) - A man who pulled a nrc .alarm .'chirln* a rush Iraffic period near' Liberty Tubes told police lie was "Tarzarf of the Apes," and when continued questioning failed to shake his story, he was so listed on the docket. South Pemiscot County Ball Set For January 30 . STEELE, Mo. — The annual President's Birthday Ball for the south end of Pemiscot'county will be held in the Steele high school 'gymnasium the night of January 30. it Ims been announced by Mrs. John Parks jr... genera chairman of the committee it charge. This is the first, affair of this sort that has ever been held in Stccle and enthusiastic co-operation is being given. The committee is planning for an attendance well In excess of l.COO. The Steele gymnasium affords a large seating space for spectators and hoh-dancers who want to hear the music and at the same time inuke .some contribution to the cause for which the ball is held I be admitted lor a nominal fee. The. proceeds of the affair, as of hundreds of other birthday balls to be held throughout the icountry the last week of the month, will go to combat Infantile paralysis. Sludcnfs lo Gel tcsl Sail •BERKELEY, Cal. (UP)—Sludenls in navigation at tho -University of California get practical as well as theoretical instruction. After being taught how to steer by the sun and the stars, [hey will be placed on board a yacht at night, and turnea loose in San Francisco bay to see .if:they can nnd their way into port. Gas, Gas All theTime,Can't Eat or Sleep "The gas on my stomach was so bad » couirf not £at or sleep. Even my neari seemed to hurt. A frfend suo- pcsted Adfcrik.i. The first dose \ took oroiffllit me relief. Now I eat a* I wish. sl«ep fine and never felt better," —Mrs. Jas, Filler. Adlerikn s=ts on BOTH upper and Idwer bowel* whfl& ordinary laxatives act on the lower bowel only. Adlerikm pivcs your system a thorough cleansing, bringing out old, poisonoui matter that you would not belieVe was In youp .system and that has been causing uas *P ain *' *our stomach, nervousnca* and headaches for months. ' • • Br. II. l. 5Ar.ub, Ke*> Ycr*,-repOTni In <rrfrf/r/ 0 n lo tnteillnal clrvni^f, X<fl*rtfc« 'frratly rtAuttt bacteria and colon &orl»(," Give your bowels a REAL cleanilnp vviih Adlerika and see how good you TCCJ. Just one spoonful relieves GA* ' " " Still Coughing? No matter how many medicines you have tried for your cough, chest cold or bronchial Irritation, you can get relief now with Crcomulsion. Serious trouble may be brewing and you cannot afford to take a chance with anything less than Crcomul- sion, which goes right to the scat . of the trouble to aid nature to soothe and heal the inflamed membranes as the germ-laden phlegm is loosened and expelled. , Even if other remedies have failed, don't be discou™^ your druggist is authorized to guarantee Creomulslon and to refund your money if yon are not satisfied with results from the very first bottle Get Creomutsioh right now. (Adv) FRANCES SflGE' CHARLEY ( VINTOM. HftWORTH' ' " R'KO-RADIO' . FICTUtt, iDitcctid ty t.ta: Lnrijtn. jAija.preJtiftr, Cliff Ktl Also Sclcclcd Shorts —Admission— , Mnlincc—10 &.2GC NiSlil—10; & 30c TOO LATE TO CLASSIFY FOU KENT -.-..- ' 3 room Furnished Aparlmcnt. Reasonable. Mrs. Duncan, 719 Clilck- asawba. k22 The Morning AfterTaking Carter's Little Liver Pills TERRY ABSTRACT & REALTY CO. Abstracts, Lands & Loans E. M. Terry, rres. and SIgr. FhDiic-617 Btjlhcville, Ark. Announcement W. A. ."Pop" Edwards, formerly with the Tom Little Chevrolet Co., 1ms joined the sales force of the F. B. Joyner Motor Sales Co. Huick am! Ponliac Dealers, and solicits the patronage of his friends and customers. PHONE 180 FOR QUALITY WORK AND GOOD SERVICE NU-WA LAUNDRY CLEANERS Adm.—Always & 25c—lo Tax.. Show livery Night Malinrcs Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Friday & Sunday ilIaUiicM—2;15 Salurday Matinee — Continuous Shotting — 1:00 Till 11:00 r. M I last Time Today Lived Twipe" Wilh.Kiilph.JJeliiiniy Also rox itiovlclonc .News nnd Comedy. Adtills ArtraHlciI for rricc o( I All Cliiltlrcri—10c CHESTERFIEIO MOHQN PICTURES CORP. II Also Coined)-

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