Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 24, 1896 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 24, 1896
Page 3
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Full Details Gladly Given. A Railroad Official's Experience. THE RAILROADS The Bath Room Car is the Latest Improvement. ABOUT A POWDER CAN M K. ErvwAED EDMONDS, i&ng connected with rallroutl construction In Ncbraska.wrlccs: "Mylioarctroublixl an<5 ptilncd me lor 19 years. Shortness of breath was t'no constant aiU no.-,i. common symptom, Intense, excruciailtr^piiiM,gener- ally fotlowcunay btvere esi.Tuaa. Fainiuess, hunger wlthouijuiyappoclti;; liuuer'.an that taaao Cio clutch my breast, and palpitation that ofcon st::s^ered mo as !.' I would Jail, •were irunuvat attacks. A:,-ain, everything wouii! turn black It I arooO Irom a stooping posture oiiickly, Siet;piesj) nl^uu viih their prostratin; unrcs'-wcro nuiQc.U--' 'iud I could f -.' no rt-'st tluy or night, I cuusuituil loadin? phy- si'jiaas a:iil tried adver- • Used njzaeilies. They pavemonoruilof. One of Dr. Miles' circulars described rny caso so exactly thai I took Dr. Miles' Now Heart Cure and I am now a-we'll man. I hope every oao troubled \vith heait disease will try Dr. 3I;ies* remedies. If they \rlll write mo persouaily, I will B'^dly givu them full details o£ my experience." EDW. EDMONDS. P. 0. Box Go, David City, Nebraska. Dr. Miles' Heart Cure is sold on guarantee that first bottlo benefits or money refunded. Dr. Miles' Heart Cure Restores Health THE Munson Typewriter Is a GoodjMachine.j General News of Railroads and Railroad Employes. A northern Indiana man has Invented and pa routed a bythini; car (or railways. The car has a doable row of little rooms nmnin,u' from one end to the other u:i eitiier side oC tlie aisle. Bach room has a bath tub, ami can be closed by a sliding door, so that Ihe strictest privacy is secured. How it can be made popular with Hie- transi>or- lation oflielals is a Quest Ion. as there are so many descriptions ot cars run In the regular trains that it requires the heaviest of locomotives to haul tin; I'asr tliromrh trains, TALE OK A I'OWDEK CAN. Richmond Item: Superintendent Hush or fhe rvnliiiudle motive jx^wcr recenl- ly received from the sliops at I.o.iiins- port an emiiiy powder can which had a narrow escape from causing a lively fruit'. 'I'lie can was dlncovcri'd by a Panhanillf liivman while he was cn- ^ajfcd in shDvi'liiiL: coal into an iniulnc. and taking the lid off he found iliat it conratnc'l a (|iiaiitir.v of powder. Ii doubtless belonged to a uiiucr who was. usin.u' the powder lo force tn coal- 1 loose, and it dropped anionjr the coals witnont liein^' diseovf-red. li' the can had been tlirown itKO the lire box, Ihe explosion whicli is sure to have followed, would have caused considerable dsimasc to I hi; locomotive and mijrht have resulted in the loss of life or limb. A bl«b standard ol eicetlence. Man; users • of the "Munson" consider It THE .BEST. You will tlnd It a valuable assistant In jour ot- (Ice. Address for particulars THE MUNSON TYPEWRITER CO MANUFACTURERS. S4O-2-14 Went Luke St., ChlcH^o, 111. L. G. PATTERSON Ho* opened a Fire and Accident Insurance office at .410 Broadway, up Btaira, and loltctta a share of the public patronage. None but First Cloai Companies Repre- wnted. DAILY JOURNAL. BLACKLISTING. A special from Chirago says: Eighty railroad work-men have made iitlidavits and tunned their evidence into hands of at.'toraK'.v;." ajitl next Wednesday suits aggrega-liug hundreds of thousands of dollars for damages for blacklisting will bo filed in the circuit courts and superior courts against almost every raillway corporation having terminals or otlice.s in Chicago. Iu many instances the refusal to employ will be used as evidence 'to prove a blacklisting conspiracy among the roads. for Ci-om• Thirty-Five to Forty-Five Dollars:, and they will be worth all you pay for thorn and no more. You will always Uud that any goods you buy will be no better than tho price. A buggy properly repaired at a. reasonable price is much cheaper than a uew one for the -reason that If you trade your old buggy as part pay on a new one It will be, woE, just such a trade as you would make 'hi trading an old sowing machine on a now machine, tho man would be soUtag you the new nuiciilue and taking .the old one off'your, hands. .Now, 1C you will notice the following prices, you will dud that -tiie old buggy which in I'ls diila'pi'dat'tod coiKli'Uon Is of no value -to you, can bo mnu'c as good as new, at least as good a.* a new c-neap buggy, at a very small cost. The parts tha,t usually wear out are the wheels, tlie toj>, ami tho pa'tottag, wliich we can 1'ur- miMi you at the following prices, and give you as good goods as yo-u can get in a Sixty-Five Dollar buggy. Vi'e vri'll pu-t 011 a set of wheels for Six Dollars; we will put on a top for from Six Dollars and Fifty Cents, Eight Dollars ami Fifty Cents or Ten Dollars; we wiJl do a job of painting good enough for a repaired buggy for Six Dollars, or we will do a first-class job of painting for Eight Dollars. On this basis, for Eighteen or Twenty Dollars you can have your old buggy put in a condition that wiJl make It equal to a Sixty-Five Doilhir new buggy. Now, If you will consider that yo-nr old buggy, is oC no value to you in Its present condition, and virtually you can get nothing for it in trading it on a new one, you can pee plainly that virtually yon will have a new buggy at a very small cost. I am well equipped for building new buggies and repairing old ones, ami if you will call at my place oif bnsluess, 0.17-G23 Broadway, I will satisfy you that it will bo to your advantage to have your old buggy repaired. It will cost you nothing to investigate this matter, and if you find that there is nothing In it, there will be no harm done. GEO. HARRISON". MUNYON'3 DYSPEPSIA CURE Muuyou's Stomach and Dyspepsia Cure cures all forms of indigestion a ail stomach trouble, such as rising of food, distress sifter eating, shortness o£ breath, palpitation and all affection.-! of the'heart caused by indigestion, wind on tlie stomach, bad taste, offensive breath, loss of appetite, faintnoss or weakness of the stomach, headache from iudigestio-u, soreness of the stom- adi, coated tongue, lieartluiru. shooting pains ot.tho stomach, faJutaess anil lack of enorgy. Price 12,~> cents. Munyon's lilH'iiinat-isin Cure seldom fails to relievo in one to three hours, and cures in a few clays. Trice 2o cents. Munyon's Kidney Cure speedily cures pstins in the hack, loitis or groitw and all forms of kidney disease. Trice -~>c. Mmiyou's Y.iTallzcr restores lost powers lo weak ineu. Price $1. A separate specific for each disease. At all druggists, mostly 2." cents a bottle. Personal letters' 10 Pro!'. Muuyo!i. iriuo Arch street. Philadelphia, Pa., answered with free medical advice fur any disease. MEXICAN' AND IIOIiSK- ISAILROAD NOTES. WEDNESDAY, JUNE 24, ISOii. Two wheels, cheap.—717 North street. Hammocks at your own price at Geo. Harrison's. McKinloy badges and buttons, wholesale and retail, at Giffe's book store. I am making a special drive on frames tills week. C. M. Hanna, 424 Fifth street. 0. H. Stevens's gallery at 414 Market street Is now open. Competent workmen. Work guaranteed. A No. 1 Sterling bicycle for sale or 1 trade. Call at Parker's grocery, corner Twelfth a-ad Spear streets. The finest selections of ladies' low cut shoes, black or tan, price reduced 35 per coat.—Anderson & Haas. Prof, Claude Marco Is at Terre Haute. He will have a number on Hie proprran.1 of the Music Teachers' .meeting today. W. T. Glffe road a paper yasterday at the session, of music teachers at Terre Haute,.on "Music and Its Evolution iu Indiana." Woinon who arc weak and nervous, who have no appetite and cannot sleep, find strength and vigor in Hood's Sarsaparilla. A general invitation Is extended to all ro attend the Degree of Pocahontas social Wednesday evening". June 24thi nt the I. O. R. M. hall. To loan, a few thousand dollars, special funds, private money, on good Individuals or mortgage security. Will buy good notes.—George B. Forgy. Valparaiso Vldotte: A New York multimillionaire writes a column article to prove that any man with a capital, of $47 to start with.can Speedily pile up a million, dollars. W.11I somebody, kindly loan us ijUOJOO? Delphi Times: The Fourth o£ July committee are negotiating with Prof. TVilllam GiJl, of Lcgansport, tor a balloon ascension and parachute descent. Any one who ever witnessed one of Mr. Call's exhibitions knows that he does It just right. Ho takes'ft dog 1 up with 'him and the canine descends In a separate parachute. The annual inspection was made here yesterday by President Roberts and party. Today the Big Vow and the Vandalia will put on a parlor car each way via Colfax, between Indianapolis, Lake Maxinkuckee. and South Beurl. Uichmoml Ircui: Harry Tlicuiia? of the Chicago division of the Panhandle, with headquarters at Logansport, was lucre yesterday, the guest of his mother. ifrs. Al. Thomas. Poiin towiwhlp, .lay count}-, Indiana, yesterday vorod a subsidy of .? 17,000 to tlie India'iiai Cetitral railroad. This makes .flOS.OOO aid for slsty-flve miles of road, awl Insures the constj-uotion of the line. The American Railway Master Mechanics' Association, R. C. Blaekall, of Al-ba.ny, president began Its 'twenty- ntntli annual meeting In Saratoga yesterday. The reports of Secretary Angus Sinclair of Xew York Ci'ty, and Treasurer 0. Stewart of Old-town, Me., were presented. Committee reports were then taken up. It is related of the late W. G. Wat- soc that while he wa.s a telegraph operator lie one day telegraphed the superintendent of thn Hudson division of tlie West Shore road for -a pass. The official threw The telegram In tlie waste basket with the remark. "That young •maii-w.llliaisk for my job next," and seven years later lie succeeded as saperln- •tendon-t the man who dropped that remark. The Women's Auxiliary of the Order of Railway Conductors will meet: In annual convention at Chicago this week. There will be nu unusually large delegation from Indianapolis and Indiana. As nil the women are wives or relatives of conductors, the passenger agents lire not "hustling" for tho business. The railroads carry the delegates free, and the sleeping-car companies also furnish*free accommodations. The Inspectors travel In a special train, made up of a dining car, several private cars and an observation car. The party will not visit Indianapolis as was intended. The 'train reached Elwood last night and remained there over niglit. Several of the A COZY PAGODA. Au Old Friend Making Itself Known In Chicasro. In one of the great retail grocery stores iu Chicago, a special pagoda or booth stands about the middle of Hie groat room wliich covers some acres in extent. This picturesque IWtle affair is built with ,1 counter and upper deck, the wliole structure being decorated \vith a soft white material gracefully draped and trimmed with navy blue cloth. An array of delicate Imported cups and saucers covers the front counter and the dainty after dinner coffee spoons and a good nat.ured, steaming coffee [Kit sceuis to indicate free coffee for the asking, but the familiar round red disk containing the words. "It makes red blood" announces to all newspaper readers that Postum, the grain beverage which looks so rmich like coffee, fe being served by an attractive young lady. The exhibition of Fostum continues by the year in the lai'go stores in Chicago and the celebrated food drink Is used by many ot Chicago's best famines in the place of coffee, Postum has established a position for itself by pure merit, and Is known as a distinct beverage, with IU own pungent flavor and nourishing properties. Ton is a beverage, Cliocolaite ,is a beverage, Coffee Is a beverage and- Postum is n beverage, all being dissimilar and all having their own peculiar merits. The last named is made of pure grains and is easy to digest and has a marked tendency -to fatten when used by thin people, after discarding- coffee. Wily grocers sometimes work ii cheap imitations of Pnstum Cereal coffee if the customer will stand it. Merchants supplied by ,T. T. Elliott Son. officials are Interested In manufactories there, and will inspect them while on trip. This is the- first time in many years that President- Roberts failed to go to Indianapolis on the annual inspection. Children Cry Tor O'tcher's Cartorla. Xhere is a general impression tli-nt It will not pay ito have old buggies repaired, ou account of the exceedingly low prices of new ones. An investigation of the ca,so will prove to you that tlite is a wrong .Impression. A reasonably good buggy cannot be purchased for less than SLxty-Flve Dollars. It Is true that you can buy cheap buggies CAMPAIGN* SON'GS. We have just received from the musl publishing house of The S. Brainard's Sons Co,. 131 Waba,sh Ave., Chicago, copy of the "True Blue Republican Campaign Song Book" for the campaign of 1SOO. The book contains solos, duet.*, mixed and male quartets, and is especially arranged for campaign clubs. It 'Is not a cheap word edition, and is sold for the remarkably low price of 10 ceute, or $1.00 per dozen postpaid. The following -if-i the contents of the book: Ahvays looked Behind. A thousand Dollars a Minute. Billy McKlnley, OI By Jingo! Git on Board. Good bye free traders. Grover's Veto. 'Xlnety- two and 'Ninety-six. Political Barber Stop. Sammy's Syndicate. That's what's Worrying. The Democratic Boa.t. The fellow I'd like to meet. The Grovcr I Wear down- Below. Under tlie Flag of Protection. Way down on Qunntico Bay. We'll sing a little Song. THE MODERN BEAUTY. Thrives-on good food .and sunshine, with plenty of exercise In the open air Her form glows with health and ber face blooms with Its beauty. If her system needs the cleansing action of a laxative remedy, she uses tLe gentle and' pleasant. Syrup of Figs. Made by the California F'~ ~)yrup Company. comu'c t i o:j the Wild Exhibition. which will be given liiTc soon, there will be n remarkable C'ongi'o.^s o!.' Rough Riders ot the World, including Cossacks from the Russian steppes, Bedouin Arabs from the African desert,, Gauchos fronih South America, redskin warriors fi-oni the western plains. Of all these the Mexican Vaqueros ore the gaudiest among Tlie rough riders; but they are not tu be underestimateJ on 'i'hat account, for they rank well up with the cowboys as lariat-throwers and horsemen. Indeed they do things with the lairiat, fancy niaiinvers. showing their 'control of it. which none others iu tlie ontii.t attempt. Their saddles may be viewed as (lie extreme opposite of the Indian's which is practically nothing. The Mexican saddle has not so large a pummel, or cantlo as that of the cowboy, but has a. big, heavy frame, and is made a conspicuous tiling by its gaudy decoration. Very often it Is of fancifully embossed leather, sewed with silver thread and adorned with heavy plates of sUver. ami the vaquero trta; to dress up to his saddle, wearing surprising qua nir.it ies of! silver buttons ami silver, or even gold, embroidery on bis jacket and hat. Big as it fe made to look die Mexican saddle is not really so large or so heavy as that which ample experience lias caused the cowboy to settle upou as the perfect type, one very high both front and roar, with a. hill, strong pumaiwl, upon whicli he may take a half-hitch, with his lariat when roping a steer, rand big enough to let him free his leg when a vicious bronco falls backward upon him, a by n-i i leans rare occurrence. The frame of'the cowboy's sadcHc is broad and high arched, keeping the rider's weight off the animal's spine, and eunblmg ventilation. Tlie equipment of the other rough riders is peculiar and interesting in many other directions. Another variety of skillful horseme which participate in the maneuvers o the Wild West entertainments include tlte soldier- horsemen of live, great na Lions, ponderous Germaai Cuirassiers da^hi'ng French Cavalrymen, haudsom Royal Irish Lancers of England am. Uncle Sam's' own Cavalry boys. Thes of themselves would furnish an enter tainmcnt well worth the price of ad mission charged to the Wild Wes Show. Clearance Sale of Ties. Commeuciug WEDNESDAY, Jane 2-lth, and continuing for 10 days, or uDtU closed out, we will soil for CASH, choice of any tie in liouse, consisting of TECKS, CLUB HOUSE. FOUR IX HAM), DEJOIXV1LLE, 'BOWS, etc., for 38 CENTS Cheaper Hues of TECKS. FOUR IX HANDS, BOWS, etc., will be sold as low as ; 19 CENTS In order to close out. Call early and take advantage of cliis great TIB SALE while the opportunity is presented, as you are sure of . . fretting a BIG BARGAIN, .no matter what you buy! STRAW HATS Commencing on same da to, we will sell a-ny straw hat in stock at cost to close them out. II eve is your chance to get good values for little money. r SPECIAL KNEE PANTS SALE Do not forgot Hie line of ku<>c pants rim we are closing out for from !)e TO lOc per pair. Soiuo excellent things to be had for the price. All Goods Charged /lust be at Regular Prices. JOHN D. FERGUSON & CO. 322 MARKET STREET. J. D. FEBGUSOX. A. P- JENK8 Inventors and Business Men. Designs for letter heads, bill heads prepared for business purpose*. Drawings of all kinds prepared for newspapers, etc. Claims for letters of patent prosecuted. BYRON B. GORDON. Draughtsman &"Patent Attorney. Spry Block. Logansport. HOW'S THIS! We offer One Hundred Dollars Re ward for any case of Catarrh that can not be cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure! F. J. Cheney & Co., Props., Toledo, O. We, the undersigned, have known F. .T. Cheney for the last 13 years, and believe him perfectly honorable In all business transactions and financially able to carry out any obligation made by the firm. WEST & TRUAX, Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, O. WALDING, KINNAN* & MARVIN, Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, O. Hall's Catarrh Cure Is takes Internally, acting directly upon the blood and mucous surfaces of the system. Price '5c per bottle. Sold by all druggists Testimonials free. "TACK THE PUN'CTURBR." Idaville Observer: Monillcello must lave ".Tack, the' rtre stabbor," Several of-our wheelmen have had cause to umirn Iwcsiuse some devil Iras waylaid heir tiros 1,n 'that town. One night last veek Marshall Henderson left his vhecl for a few moments in Monti- olio and when he returned his' wheel Ire was minus its breath. The good, eople of our county seat should appre- icnd and punish the'scoundrels wlio i-ould willfully cut a tire. Natural and Artificial Gas Bills due the Firs of each month, ten day's grace. All bills payable at the office of the Company, 317 Pearl Street. Special—Low rates on heaters during the months of May, June, July, August and September. THE GREAT FOWLER SEXTET. With its Team of Trained Riders will positively appear at Peru Bicycle Races June 25th.

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