The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 12, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 12, 1934
Page 3
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.FRIDAY, JANUARY 12. 1934_ JU.YTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER PAGE THREE Roosevelt Au'horizes $1,000,000 Plant in Virgin Islands. Here's How Bold Hunter Keeps Jaguai al Bay HV foorifr Mews Washington Correspondent WASHINGTON.—"No publicity" ffss the order when Die ndmlnis- iraiion decided l° makc su B ar aml n:iij in ihe Virgin Islands. There were good reasons. Lois o' praulr don't want Uncle Sam MiaklnB mm- Squawks from sugar- raising slates wore certain. And enemies of Socialism were sure to be henrd from. But wlien Roosevell quieily slfn- ed Hie. order allocating $1.000.000 of public works funds to buy a plant and acreage for production, liis Idea wnsn'i to make rum ar.d suuar. Thai happens to be trie only feasible way in which ihe Virgin Islands—wlilcli Hoover called "an effective poorliouse"—can be rehabilitated. . Most of the profits from .sale of rum ar.d sugar In this country will go to cane formers, who will be organized into a co-oneralive. The project calls for purchase' of 4000 c.cres of cane land, which will be dealt out to hundreds oj farmers on the su^istence homestead clan. The susar plant, onerated bv a U. 8. corporation, will buy their crop. Other farmers will be eligible for the co-op. A 600,000-gallon still is planned and the island. 1 ; will produce about 20,000 tons of. sugar. When sugar prices are too low to give the cane crmers a decent price. Hie corner-; ation will step up production of rum. • . I PIGGLY KROGER STORE Prices for Friday Saturday and Juicy Floridas, Large 54's 4 for 19c iWfiHfiass lianas (•"Men Yellow Tinil ' round 4!c Sacha Siemel taker, spear in hand ami dares a jaguar-skin ru» to. (iu its worM. in his New Ycrkh'jii'l Young People Holding Rally at Caruthersville CARUTHERSVILI-E. Mo.— The Youns People's Rally of Ihe Methodist church began here Wednesday ... , , . ^. .. .. jifti ,™~ •f,. TLir i*) TT y-,. ~ jinn exception of one lime when t|lHJ }'(t | j liger Man Hunts herce (.ats i^rw'gcr^n^u'on 0 Ip - y| ' B ' ——--- „ T , TO-!- in 1 'unlor bit my fool, ft was niy ol Jungle with Spears. Arrows^Sfv^^",;^ - -•-•-• ---• -'- p L(MS Oranges ** 25c Syrup I'tnitan Hi'Ke Hot lie 15c Butter Spring II rook I'oiinit 17!c ••" | Standard ^ 4k Tomatoes 19c I'OKS Kul Triumph 10 l.hs. ; Julian Duguicl, famous author of BY HELEN WELSHIME* | ,,s,n« a spoar and askc.l him to i NFA Servicr Staff Correspondent leach me how it Is clor.c " salii rLt>\v r f-:i( I'Vosii MKs plaire Edicrtcn and Miss Mildred Tinsley, both ol tiiis city, are song leader and pianist, respective-, u |sn , t fa , r , Q mee[ NEW YORK. Jan. 8. — Sacha Siemel. "T also learned how they Siemel, the "tiger man." has come | we their bows and arrows. Alter to North Amcrim to plead for dis- j all shooting with a gun wasu'i fun. r.rmnment in the jungle. ' K is much more sporting tor n Siemel, who is one of the most' man to meet a brasi in equal comparing hunters of the day, sat in bat." the Vanderbilt Hotel, surrounded (Equal combat meaning n .tall. bv his soears and bows and ar- slim man on one side, with a rows, and heads of the jungle cals primitive weanon, and a iasuar. , , , ,, . 1 ncucmun. Tn 18.10, the wtnl niilvvny mib- a^e in the UntU'd 5t:nvs wcis only 23 m!!cs. to . The rally will be concluded Sun- diy night, with Miss Goodin delivering a message each evening. PliMic Health Nurses {or Pemiscot Appointed! CARTJTHERSVILLE, Mo.—Two 1 public henllh nurses for Pewiiscot county, provided under l':.e county CWA program, l.av entered • • •' on their duties. They are Hiss Helen L.Q'-o of St. Louis, and Amu Mae Snit"!. colored, of this city. The newly-appointed nurses will devote mcst of'their time to work v-ith • school children. The plan.? call [or a survey of the schools and a : physical examination for every rural student. 'Miss Rennie Edgerton. a local girl; his been appointed home economist- in furtherance of Ih2 cut.nly program. 400 rounds, on the other.) jaguar with a gun. , "Some battles lost oiilv three Jaguars, by the wa~, arc describ- seconds. The animal has lived and ed by the encyclopedia and any struggled for as much as three hunter as the fiercest ar.d largest ] minutes, though. The jaguars come I j of wild cats, quite surpassing the ' alone. If two came . well 11 j tiser. which is ferocious enough hone they never will." 'I |to suit most armed hunters. Siemel. who is the only while] But. Spinel, known as the "tig- man who hunts big game with' 1 man," prefers jaguars which, c.-iinilivc weanons. is in dine! an-' incidentally, are called tigers in tilhc.sis to the trend of civilized his jungle country. and uncivilized hunters who are "Thet forests should be made , continually trying to improve their rarer for jaguars," he says. "There rifles. ! isn- iminh adventure in attacking But back of his long hunt in a cat with a gun. If a hunter- the South American jungles is as wants sport he should equip him-: nice a story as ever unfolded on a self with a spear—or a bow and : cinema screen. II was all a ".rrow—and start after his game.ltion of a ladv or a I ^^ *^VT94H?4| SU& qucs- tiger. Siemel Of course you can'l make mis- chose the tiger. takes You must know when to^ "I fell in love with my best : . nlimse the spear in the throat of friend's wife, back in Buenos Aires, i -y@y can the jaguar or when to shoot your when I was 24." he explains. "I : • 8 an* .: Mrs..-Ira, Mays is In a critical condition with cancer. - ifrx: Will Cook of near Cotton- wpod spent last .week with her dnu?hters.. Mrs. J. Bashears and Mrs. Allartl Bond. Mr. and Mrs. Lanrton Hamilton have moved from Arkansas to the Harold S. Jones farm, better known a; Ihe Tom Cassiriy place. Carl P;irhnm Is confined to his b«rt with mnlnria. Several families in this section are still without places for the coming year. Tatc Stanfield. tenor singer of the Number 8 quartet, has moved to Tennessee. Billie. infant son of Mr. and Mi-«i. Arthur Lacer. is critically ill with bronchial trouble. Lloyd and Opal Grlggs of New Survey returned home last Thursday after spending two weeks with tjielr grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Lawhorn. MiSE'S ABIICE TO WOMEN ABOBT PAIN When you've 501 a hejd- ,-che, or are In pain, what you want is relief Vet just a hop: that yov will gel al least a mo menl's peace from the tor- (ure. Lcadinz dentists a n c physicians ar( 1 ifwrlblir a new i iniip^iiii.l 101 ililr pati--nl< whr corns to their v.tii imbr-nrol-ir, p .,.; the- Invi 1 fcuurt il -o native in brim :HB rdirf ot-ickly. and withm: ioiminv a ivib : > Tr,v ii. Wo-nr !•• 'Ci:-ll- find Ib!' ; ••rwri-.lini! r ('0|K I'd able. 1:0 lo yciir dru-vist and «cl. r icf'">-e of MouoP-rin Compound as this prescription is called. Have H i-ftiv. Ynnr nest headoche. or l.criodic pain may come sudd«nls In the middle of Ihs niaht. The two tabled of MonoPirin Crmpouud will prove to you wny Doctors and rtentl't' prescribe it You can get MonePirin at Robln- • i con Drug Co., mil Khby Bros. If <'r,lribi:lrir.s. —Adv. 4 tirrow. There is adventure to this had a sulendirl position but there primitive method. IJut guns—" ; war nnthinp to do but so away— A PROFESSIONAL HUNTSMAN 2nd forgrl. I went to Brazil, work- ; The tall, broad-shouldered manned on the roads, did manual la- ! whose eves are a mild and merry • bor on farms, slept well, and in six . hlue. whose face carries a per- i n-nnths I was over it." . fcctlv trimmed black beard, looks j But he didn't forget h- adds ' lecidedly more like a college pro-. And he never married, although' lessor wno decides the cream or he is -!5 now. Instead in an en- •• lemon problem at faculty teas thanidcavor to find some vital life in-' 1 m 'shty hunter. : | Cres t, he became interested in Instead, he spends his life In the : huntint for game and selected mimic at Gran Chaco, in East, "liters" for his pursuit. Bolivia. He hunts alone with a; - We haven't much law in mir' lack of dogs, only occasionally tok- ! r'-nnlry: 1 the explorer explains : ng alont! a native hunter. He. "My brother, who hunted with me ! wniis until the big cats arc within ' was killed in ambush one day and : nree leet, or maybe closer. Then ' f,T nearly 10 yc.irs I searched for iu< plunges his spear or. releases his slaysr. I found .him, too. But. he was dying with a lung disease." , an arrow. Are you one of ihcsc nervous people who lie awake half llic niyhl ;md get up feeling "all in"? \VIiy don't you do ;:s oilier light sleipcrs have been doing for more than two sfcncriitiojis- take Dr. Miles Nervine? One or two pleasant effervescent Nervine Tablets or Uvo or three tea^pounfuls ol' liquid Nervine will generally assure a ni^ht of restful sleep. Perhaps you will huve (o take Nervine two or three times a day just at first. Nervous people have been using Dr. Miles Nervine for SJeL'^lL'S.-;- | :tr.':s l iVeri:oui-?iess, Jrriln! -lily, .Fltsl/essness, Nervous Ir.diycs- \ tiou, Nervous Headache, Travel Sickness, for more than fifty years. For many years, he liiinted with So he didn't shoot his man. HIM nre ?™ s - an <i killed B5 jaguars, turned back to the punijlp. ' !..i c "I have uevei" been injured in ^nut one day I saw a native combat." he lelLs proudly, "with: . C. Quick or SS-nx. Ciirltin cf i 1'}H: in IU2 BRAN 1'LAKKS C. C. 1 IfMi/. C.'urton J ) C. C. Slifo.l or ] I{L'|;. ^'.l-n/.. luiifj ONIONS Yi'llinv 10 Hh1fl<: i. IV PEACHES Avcndiile ,<|ATC C. C. (Jiiick or Ken. 0/1 I O 20-n/. Carlort CORN C. C. No. 2 Can 10' BREAD C. C. \V. Wheat, Kyt. Hi-ism. Ku I'OTATOKS Porto 01C Rkvm. I.b. Lv LETTUCE Each PANCAKE C. C. 5-lb. Sack 29c -1.0 Ibs. 5:iv: 20 Ibs. We I Tall Hoy. Vegetable 1AC Can IV MEAL Hest Cream ' 24-1!). Saclo MUSTARD I'nibassv Rach ICc l.imil Each 5c Pork & Beans (Jtiarl Jar Kach Pure Lard 8-Lb. Bucket - 65c 8-lb. Carton - 55c Mad Kivcr No. 2 Cans :: for MILK GRITS" C. C. :i Tall or Ii Small IT- .Miller Ciirlon 6!'' WHY EXPERIMENT WITH SAFETY Coined Hcef No. 1 \/i C:\n I'Jalnuirc t-etlct! or Sevil- DC i t . s >-. ;.vni;. j>k. 0 TllViE PROVEiN 1934 r or PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. T Pineapple Sliced or Crushed No. 2 Can Each 5(orl9c COOKIES Snaps Ll>. HONEY (':. C. lfi-0z. Jnr APRICOTS 0. C. 2'/ 2 Can llcr ' liey Lb. !<><•: '/ 2 TOMATO JUICR C. C. or Ciimnhctl. Can Hlythevillc No. 2 Can SILVER POLISH JuhnsonlAC Jar lU : ID 1 CC8N FLAKES %:l(f Domino. Hrown or Ot Ccnfsctioncrs. Lb. 0 Tomato. Harhara AnnfTt, Kach J SOUP CHILI SAUCE Lt i-c-v. Sliced N'n Knils Tound Seef Liver Ire 1'iecp I'oimd !•:<•*! K. C. .I5ecf Tlr-k Itil), 12M ; Cluisk. Hi. - - - Iiti I'riskel, Pound l^ Cuc-t K. C. Hci'l Knimd or I.uin I>nund Wisconsin Hams Swift';! I'rcmiiim Or Armour's Star 1(1 to 12-L1). Average I'ounrl Pig liver a BrickChili Pork Roast Oysters Cheese Kraft. Wrick. t'imcnfn' or American S-Oz. 1'kg. HAMS Swifts 6 and 8 Ib. Avenge Pound 9Jc

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