The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 25, 1943 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 25, 1943
Page 5
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FRIDAY, JUNE 25, 19J3 nm'HKvn,u<; (AUK.) couiuuu NHWS •>• Published Every Friday In the .Interest of Farm Families of This Agricultural Section. FARMNEWS-FEA 7 URES PAGE FIVE Enter the Plant^to-Prosper Contests sponsored by the Courier News and Commercial Appeal.' County Agent Advises Extra Acreages As Roughage For Beei Cattle WHIi tonnage and protein supplement ;>t a premium now, J. J. i'ickien, county agent, suggests thai t'litlle producers of this county plain extra acreages of corn or Korglium, and .soybeans for silage lo he stored lu constructed trench silos.- Tlie one outstanding advantage of siliicc as a roughage for beef cattle Is Hie large amount of total digestible nulrlents that can be produced per acre, When grown in combination with corn nnd sorghum, soybeans reduce Hie yield of total silaec per acre, but they Increase materially tho protein content or the silage. With protein concentrates as scarce as Ihey are today, it might, be wise lo lorego some tonnage in favor of more protein, the agent suggests. Silage composed of two-thirds corn or .sorghum and one-third soybeans will have a nutritive ratio of 1.7 to 1.8 which is suitable for wintering lieef ciilvcs or yearlings. For wintering beef cows, only one- fifth of the silage need be soybeans. In view of the feed and protein shortages cattle producers would do well to construct, trench silos, and to plant larjje Acreages of corn or sorghums, and soybeans for silage. Here's How to Sow Seed In Hot, Dry Weather Pay-As-You-Go Questions And Answers (Finn! of :i scries of five articles) <J.—Is t)ie >vitbhu](Jhi£ tax an additional income tux? A.—No. The withholding lax is an installment of pay-as-you-go method of paying your regular annual income tax. Q—DOCK tliis new tax mean people will not IKIVC to pay out money for income tax on March 15. 1943? A Ye.s. in case the amount of tax withheld from wage payment equals or exceeds the amount of income tax liability reported on the annual return. <T|—n<ics this mean that I won't have to make nut an income tax report next March? A—You will lie required, to file a return on the usual form.' ft—Arc there any kinds of workers' who are exempt from wiihhold- A—Yes, for certain specified classes which Include members ot the armed forces, agricultural' labor, domestic servants and minister.? of the gospel. <l—How about people with Mf a&cs? An: they going lo get by wilh only :i 20 pen cent tax? A No. They also have to make quarterly payments of tax hi addition to the amounts withheld. Q—How about salaries, taonusci and commissions? is wtlhholilinB required? A—Yes. since "wages" means all remuneration for services by an employe. <J—How about people with income from .stocks, bonds, mortgages, etc.? Who withholds from tlicm? A—There is no withholding on income from bonds, mortgages, etc.. but. those receiving such income must, make a special return and pay (he tax quarterly on such income. ..Q—I am paying all I can over and aliove living expenses now in purchase of War Savings Bond. How- can I keep up these payments and pay (lie withholding tax? A—I'm K ure that you have been setting aside a part ot your pay to meet quarterly installments on your I 'A Narrow Board Uscil lo Shade llic How After Sowing Will Speed Genniu.itiuM. FOR SALE TRAC- FA KM A 1,1, "20" TOIt AND K.n. Tractor in jjnort operating condiT lion. l,itr B c "Athens 1 ' Busli A B"K Disc Harrow. This outfit ideal fur late corn and hcans or iien ground work. NKW "Kli\(J" HUSH & JU)(i DISC HARROW Has ri^lit 2.1 Inch cut-away [Use*, latest model. I'ricc S1G5. NKW FOR!) 2-ROW TRACTOR IMl'LRMBNTS 5-Koir Mitldlc linstcr.s, Breaking I'lmis, Tanrtcin Disc Harrows, I owcr-Opcralcd Maivrrs, Hydro- Scoops, Wood-Saws, Etc. Phillips Motor Co. Trl. Blj-thcvllle /. //. C. rower Pickup HAY BALER FOR SALE Uscil Only One Season! p/\r, Cnraway, ,\rls. . In sowing seeds in hot, dry wcalli- er, for late croiis ot short-liarvcsl varieties, it is usually more dim- cult to obtain gooci gormiiuition than it is in the cool, moist weather ol spring. Special precautions should therefore !>e taken. Drills should )>c mnde deeper than in tlie spring, and the soil thoroiiglily soaked along them. Then sow the seed and do not cover them sufficiently to fill the drill entirely, but leaving a slight depression which will catch'liny moisture that may tall in dews or light rains. • If, in addition. Hie row can be covered with narrow boards, lo shade tlie soil from the sun ami check evaporation. Ecrminafion will usually result in normal time. Lacking such boards, the row may he" covered with paper, or burlap. The board is preferable, cnn be lifted an inch or so above the ground, on cross pieces ot wood, so Uiat air circulates freely beneath it, it tlcsired, to check any danger oC damping on'. II is important to prevent the formation of a soil crust over seeds before they have germinated. This may result from .1 heavy rain, followed by baking in the hot sun. In clay soil it may prevent the seeds from emerging. Shading avoids this danger. Whatever shading material is used, ns soon ns the seeds appear- above the surface it.must be lifted to allow full sunlight to the young lilnnis. Until these have become well established, daily sprinkling with a hose will prove beneficial. Except for srich a specific purpose, however, the Victory garden should never he sprinkled, Dust should be encouraged to form over Ihc-soil; it-'will.?nab!e air to pen* trato and rains'to soak in. Home-Grown Beans Now Cliciipcsl Source Of Pro- (cin Concentrate Soybeans onn play mi iniportimt |Kn( In fiillonlus the liirgo pli; drop in Mississippi C'omity this year, de- cluiTd J. J. i'ickrcii, county agonl. Kxpi'i-lenml feedm know, he snld, Hint corn enu bo si\vi'd by using n protein .supplement. They ulso know Hint Imikuge, -11 piol'.lti fi'«l of iitiliiwl origin, Kivf.'i best results but, tlml It cim he rqilriml in part or iillogdlicr by voBCtiible 1'rolelns, such i\s cottonseed incnl, foybrnn m;iil, or .snylirun .seed with Bood results. These ineal.s nrc not nviiiliiblp in sufficient niiiintllies for i\ll fi'ecler.s, MI It seems this year the bfuns. when liomi'-nrown will be the clicnpesl source of n protein conceiitrnte for ho« feeil- liii,'. Soybeans nnd corn hogged down, the county unetit siild, produc; more jiork tluin corn nlonc lioggcd down. This yeur will be n good one for liouglng. down, us supplies of teedcr Pius will be ulenllful nnd finished hosjs have a suiipoit price of $i:U5. Also, lands In ovrrflowcd incii.s thnt mlglit have Ijecn In cotton enn still be jildiited lo corn mid soy- bcnns. mid lions can do the luirvesl- of tin' (Hipping Poultry Range Will Lower I'u I let Feed Mnitlon iigeiil. The rank iM'owlh, enciiuruijcd by Ibis spring's Idwil HIIISS wi'iitliri', must hi' dipped for peul; etnclency. This, mny he done with n mowing mnehlne, Its c-utbnr set in I ho lilnli- notch. The hrlRhl riiuuld \tc kepi at mil more Hum four hu-li- es. since (lu> chickens prefer Ihc ymtiiH tender muss and Hover. Clip- 1'ii'l! helps to dlscouray,!' wi'iMls, icnuivps course "lii'iidcd out" purls the RI-IIS.WS. iitKl helps spread period of lender luscious urmvth over the whoh> Mininicr In- Mi'ud of dnrliu! DIP .sprliiK nmiillt.'i. lly usluB Iho rmiBP, sin-inns nrny l;e iiiiirti' in cast or feeds, but not In lolnl ninount of Iced consiuno.l. Two years ol work ill the Delaware AKrlniltiirnl K.\|icilnn.jil siu- llnn show Hint ehlrkens run net only 5 to 7 per cent of their total h'c'il tnluke Irom ponllry ruDur. Whi'n Iced wns rcslricted, pullets ivcre eurr<.A|i(iiidl[i«ly Mahler when Ilioy wore put In the.' laying hunsi'. UMIIKO supplies the water soln- blc vitamins of i))i' l)-ti croups Uiat me found hi milk anil' it is nlai rlrti In Vllnmln rt. The piilli-is c;u ri\nt!i- will cut aboul ns much Iced as (how not on innnc. bul .'iiici! M eliejipcr rntluii coiislstliin iilmost I'Mllrcly of unilns unil omll- ling the expensive l'nRie<Ih>nl.s cun surely be used, n suvlng of nboin ^0 por ccnl or more con lie made hi feed cost, Kill Roaches Sift (ho powder into every crock, device niul ruiuvny where ronclics nro foiimi. When rcmdics clean their feet, thoy _ ^ liuto it-niul die. ^••KS^^--^^ Complain directions for its income tax. The withholding tax is San Pranclscos Emlre Hotel the merely a pay-as-you-so," of in- tallest building of its kind 'west stallmeii method of paying your'of Chicago, has been purclmscd bv income tax, instead of in a lump "- •- « - • sum. It should mafce it easier for you to buy additional bonds. the U. S. Government as a flow- over from the Federal Building for the homing of federal agencies. ASPHALT B OTTO A* COTTON PICK SAdi THE IOMCEST WEARIMG COTTON PICK SUCK CD THE MARKET. OUTLASTS TWO OB.'! THREE DUCK BAGS - BY ACTUAL TEST.r THE ASPHALT BOTTOH WEARS LIKE IRON!" PLENTY OF 9 FT. SACKS- FOR SALE BY LEADING JOBBERS ns or s siifo use on every l> a c k n p o 1 Sorry, our Bet Brand Insect Powder cutt»iled for duration. U.Npei'lmeiils shoiv tlml up to 20 per cent of the feed cost of growing pullets can he saved by ntlllz- Ing the natural economical nutrients provided by tender pnlnlnblc ercen.s. nccordliiK to Miss Cora Colcimin, county home deinon- for 100 OCTANE Aviation Gasoline service. l.ot olo Tho durability ot a roof is somolhino; you pay lor on f.iilli... baSictJ on (ho ropula- tiou ol tho manulaclurer lor using quulily •. materials and iitst class woikmansliip. ff Buberoid has such a reputation lor Itu- "•* boroid Rools havo given 25-30 and ovou 35 years ot the bc-auliful L shapes of tin Hubofoid A.. phalt " Shingles.; Solect tho kind! bost' t v^.- —^ -— ._ —_^a£juj a j| t ^LM msg|£ Genuine RU'BflM)ID^2# Sff INGLES As DELTA LUMBER CO. lilythcvillo's Only Home Owned Lumber Company 2M N. Second . I'honc <J<)7 Research begins... not in a lest tube... but in the mind of a man. Since 1'liillips rViroleum Girnpiiny Inis [lie world's laijjcst proven gin iwaves, it was niiiiiiul l|nu [lie nliiuls ul'luiiuliciis <if I'liillips research men slioulil duly turn to die p;i)b!nn of new nnd better things from fvlroleiim gases as well as from [>e- ([ulciini; 'Hit! resulting development, in tlie cailv 1'J.lD's, of. I'OI.Ymeriialiou ciiiifilcil tlie tisc of lielit pclKilcum liydi(icnili(ins(j!;isc.'i)wiiicli until ihcn liuil liccu icMriicil us liy-|H(iilucts of little viilnc. Sunn, scvL'tilyiMtslicfotc Pcul I lathcir, tlicy liccimic fccil stock for 100 ixume gasuliiii-. Still oilier Phillips pioneer ing (wocciscs, alk)'l,il!i»i, Ill'alkflatlatt, uiul rj'chivnioii ticimiuul tl\c production of U)(|./j/«f octane iwijtion ^iisolinc, n sifjnlliciiiit contribution to exua airplime hoisepowcr. Phillips was one of the first, mid remains one of the largest, nwimfac- tmcf.v of liijjh ocliinc aviation fuels. Thus we sec Imw the pc.ia-iime study d work of Phillips scientists is of eiit value in our till-out on die xis. Similarly, when victory comes, today's accelerated Phillips. wartime research program sliould l>rin# to tiii; American motorist new nnd greater gasolines forliis post-war cur, fir A FQR VICTORY... Buy U. S. War Bonds and Stamp ROOMS REDECORATED IN 3 HOURS Paint Over Wallpaper, Plaster, Brick, Etc. Tethtdn comet in pn»ta foim. Can b. niincil in |uit a jiffyl Absolutely no me need fo tcrope off old wallpaper. • It's one big surprise nfter another -when you redecorate • room with Pittsburgh Techide. One coatli sufficient over old wallpaper or other surfaces. And flint one coat mny bo oijp'ic 1 ' In less than two houn and dries in orto hour. You can actually h,i:ig up pictures 60 mlnutej after painting with Techidel Ask vu to give you tho whols story of thif amazing duvelopment In wall paint wolli quickly wajriad wilh *oop an^ water. MADE IN I COLOR* AND WMITI PITTSBURGH PAINTS MISS. COUNTY LUMBER CO! Phone 445 (Formerly Ark-Mo Lumber Co.) 1801 W. Main • Ask us about Deming Water Systems. All sizes nnd capacities of shallow and deep well systems are available. The "MAIIVFXETTE" Shallow Well System (illustrated) is low priced but has features you would ordinarily expect in higher priced systems. Quid operation, dependable performance, low cost maintenance and long life of Doming Water Systems protect your investment in running water...the greatest of all modern conveniences! There's a right type of Deming Water System to meet YOUR requirements. Ask about iff See US For Pipe, Fitlinfjs and Other Pluinbiriff Supplies HUBBARD HARDWARE CO. They Give Their Lives- ;: You Lend Your Mbriey BUY WARBONDS DUROC HAVE WON MORE STATE TON LITTER CONTESTS THAN ANY OTHER BREED! f- ... A purebred herd of Durocs can be launched with the advice and help of any of the Mississippi County farmers listfid below. . . Feel (rec to visit ihem at any time. i Miss. County Duroc Breeders Ass'n Top I\>di(/rcc Durocs For Sale My These Members: J. C. BUCHANAN C. M. ABBOTT CASTLIO BROTHRES Blytheville, Ark. B. S. WHISTLE Black Oak, Ark. J. R. WHISTLE Manila, Ark. Blyllieville, Ark. STANTON PEPPER Huffman, Ark. L. H. AUTRY Biirdette, Ark. Luxora, Ark. C. H. WHISTLE Whistleville, Ark. E. S. BOLLARD BlytheviHe, Ark. BURDETTE PLANTATION C. G. SMITH & SON JOE T. CAGLE Burdette, Ark. BlytheviHe, Ark. BlytheviHe, Ark.

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