The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 18, 1937 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Monday, January 18, 1937
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS •• —— OMINAN1 NEWSPAPER OF NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND BOUTHHAST MIRSnimr VOL. XXXIII—NO. 200 niylhevllle Courier niythcvllle Dally News niylhovlllc Herald 'Mississippi Valley Leader AND BOUTHHAST MISSOURI AUKANSAS . MONDAY, JANUAKY 18, I'M SINGLE COPirca FIVE'CENTO COLLAPSE War's Agony in Spain Situation, However, Is Nol Regarded as Exceedingly Alarming. Despite nearly four and one- hnlf Inches of rain over the, week-end no greatly increased I alarm was felt today over the I Big Lake-Little River flood situa-' tion. Officers of Drainage District 17, while proceeding with plans for a vigorous fight against high water, were encouraged by reports from the north which showed that rainfall over most of the Little ryyer drainage basin in Missouri was considerably . lighter than It was here and to the south. At some points to the north as little as a quarter of an Inch of rain fell and nowhere did it approach the total recorded here. The heaviest, reported from any Missouri point was at Hornersville. just above the head of Big Lake, -where llie precipitation was three inches. Arrange For Wl'A Aid Patrols have been established on all the Big Lnke and Little River levees and at. a conference yesterday with WPA officials arrangements were made to put relief workers on llie job as the need develops. More than 200,OW) sandbags have been requisitioned for use in strengthening the levees. The stage at the foot of Big Lake tills morning was 245.0, a rise of .8 of a foot since Sunday morning. At noon today:the' stage f.vas 246.1, indicating n'o change in the rate of rise. From the weather" bureau office at Memphis : came a forecast -Ilia I '•> .'-Stage' flJ^MS.S ••to' : 249-'wbuld"K' readied at Big Lake (he latter part of the week. Such. a stage is regarded as dangerous but not critically so . unless successive rains should keep the water .at that level for a prolonged period. The army engineers office at Memphis was not prepared to make an official forecast of the Big Lake crest but reported that «" stage of at least 249 seemed certain. J. W. Meyer, engineer, and commissioners of Drainage District 17 were In Memphis today to confer with army engineers concerning the situation. SI. Francis Still Kislag MEMPHIS, Jan. is. (UP)—The swollen St. Francis river continued a menace today as it neared record-breaking stages from above St Francis, Ark., to below Cardwell Mo. ' The water climbed above the le- ye<; iops and up the walls of freshly laid sandbag reenforcements at several points In that area whn» approximately 1,000 WPA workers several hundred national guardsmen and CCC.workers worked to prevent further levee' breaks. Unofficial observers Informed . Umled Press the -levees in Ihc St Prancis-Cardwell area might not be able to stand the pressure "We hope to hold them but the situation looks mighty bad," a field engineer said at Kennett. The river was g«ged at 20 feet at St. Francis today, a rise of 27 m 24 horn:, it Is expected to crest there Wednesday at 27.5 to 28 feet '"I feet above flood slage. Gay New York Banquet iT Interrupted by Murder,! NEW YORK, Jan. 18. (Up)- Tcn person's, still wearing evening, dress, were questioned by police' today In an effort to identify r the' man or woman who rose from a I iiinquet Uiblc In the' glass : ball-| room of the old Manlinttaii opem house last night und family stab- lied n uuest. They were among the (ifl guests at. n testimonial Ijimqucl In honor of Barney Shapiro, executive rccretavy of the Affiliated Ladles Apparel association. It was a. gay I affair until some one plunged n I knife into Frank Cicero. "I-I a Hit-Run Killer?" Only Three Members Vole Measure lo Ousl Commission. Lnn ' I ' E ROCK, Jan, 18 (UP) knife into Frank Cicero "" ..... i 1 Lnn ' I ' E ROCK, Jan, 18 (UP)— There had been entertainment ? m '' Cnrl R Ballc y'» BUI abolish. und dnncing. Glasses had been s the. present game and fish tinkling. Only two major ^ after I ommlssl0 " Wll(1 I" 18 -™ 1 »> Hie . . M. Cunnlnijhnin of Hot Springs coimty. A bill by Blair of Logan coun f of 20 per cent on the prize money offered l>1 ' tllratl 'lcal operators In "bank "Shi" pitas was offered In the • Foreign Office at piris Bombing by Spam ifb 'Aircraft. Poignant studies in aimnsh are the repressions on the faces above in pictures sent from Madnd as propiganda but still lallhfullj por- travlng suffering of wai victims Top photo .sliov,? a friend tijm° to restrain a frantic father froiii searching through a .bombed building for his son, last seen there. Left below is a Spanish mother grief stricken after a rebel bomb had killed her son Ri»i,l below f another mother, hysterically rushing: to her child after a bombardment Hot Springs Probers Get Financial Records LITTLE ROOK, 'Jan. J8. (UP)— The legislative committee investigating alleged vice and gambling conditions-in Garland and \fonl- rnsco Freight Derailed bv 8on ' D !' y COIIiltlcs wa s scheduled to Wr I ,ni n i ?° ' nto execllt 've session, late today WasllOUt Below Usceola lo dele ™i»c its future action. *" ' ^ ' During'the morning th« committee received personal nnancial records and tax receipts of more than Early Today. An unidentified negro hobo was killed,' when seven cars off a Frisco freight train, northbound from Memphis to St. Louis, vvero derailed about a mile and a half south of Osccola at 2 o'clock this morning. Frisco, officials said that a wash-out, caused by heavy rainfall and high water along the right of way. was rcs]>o'nsible for the derailment. The accident forced the routing of other trains over ; the Memphis-St. Louis line through , Jonesboro until the track is [cleared. The north-bound morning passenger train, due here at "i itnsi, uuovc nood stage. '"c cleared At Fisk, Mo., the stage was 24.8. traffic over fall of one foot. While Ncars Crest • White river stoid at 30.5 at ten proprietors of not Springs gambling and booking establishments. Burglar Breaks Window t M 1. r n Arrest of one, ixissibly two at Cabers lirocery Store I Railroad street beef "garden" op Boldly smashing a glass window in a front door, a burglar gained entrance to. Nabers Brothers grocery shortly alter midnight Saturday and stole a feiv dollars in change from a cash register. Several residents of the nei°h- borhood heard the crash of falling of Jonesboro at 1:45 P. M n, was believed that the track would cleared in time for through the line to be resumed this afternoon. The engine of the freight train an extra section of the regular No. 832 freight, passed over the ' „ : - ..,1.1 .ILUV.U m, jy.g £l Newport, a rise of .9 of ^ foot and — —~"" ' ~" u>tl Is expected lo reach 33 feet there t ! ftma S C(i 'rack but the rails '_ The stream had fallen 1.9 feet ati way ns lhfi frc >sht cars passed Uatcsviltc lo 25.8. rover. The negro, whose body was (1 found In Ihc wreckage, was be- At Clarendon the river stood at * to reach 33 feet i rea there within a few days. Rains over Missouri and Arkansas abateo. today as colder temperatures returned, lessening the danger someatiat. New York Cotton lievcd lo have been riding on coal "hopper" car which was derailed. No members of the Iraln crew were hurt. [New Orleans Cotton NEW YORK, Jan. Cotton closed steady, open high Mar 1241 1248 May 1231 1235 July 1221 1228 Oct. 118(5 1191 Dec. .. 1187 1191 18. (UP)- low close 1240 1248 1229 1234 1220 1228 1184 1191 1185 1191 Jan 1185 1185 1184 Il88end Spots closed steady at 1303, up 1. Spot Average Is 12,82 The average price of 7-8 inch middling collon on Ihc 10 designated spot markets today was 12.82, the Blytlicvllle Board of Trade re- porl.s. NEW ORLEANS, Jan. 18 <UP)_ Cotlon gained 2 lo 4 points for the day, moving within a narrow range as trade calling absorbed the liquidation. The clow i v as very steady. op?n high MOT 1237 1244 May 1227 1232 July 1217 1224 Oct 1181 1187 Dec. 1188 1195 'ovv close 1237 1243 1227 1232b 1217 1224 1181 II81b 1188 1195 --„« 4 , uo j jy^j Spots closed steady at 1303. up 2 Chicago Wheat open high i ow C|OM May 132 1-4 132 7-8 IK m V4 '«! US 1-2 111! 115 i-i us •£, PARIS, Jan. 19. (UP)—The'Toi''-' eign office said loday that a Spun-' ish plane had dropped 10 bomb; oil a French warship,in the Medllcr^ "anean. .; , ' , ', No delalk were given but It'was said that the plane had attacked the French destroyer Mallle-brezc.' MOSCOW, Jan. 18 (UP)—Russia •isked loday that the powers'it •mcc order agents and ships to'the Spanish civil war none 16 observe the "possible" arrival of volunteers and report, any cases for publication. ;iinclng to a second! reading, and was referred lo the committee T on taxation. Revenue produced 16^ by the measure'would, go to stale ' welfare fund. . .-Would Boost Tax On Bets Blair Introduced n second bill Lo.. Increase the percentage given the . state from horse race bel- request' was made';fn a C v el " a " of note to Great Britain : in which the, idea bans' on", voiunteeiinn by Individual, nations'" : was x called ting. Under Ihc measure, accord- Ing to Blair, the /state would receive 10 per cent of the money tret at tracks Instead of three !)cr cent. Revenue from this measure would- also be placed to the credit of the .welfare department. A measure was oltered by Rep Kfinncth CtjfTeit of Saline county to prohibit, gas, water and electric companies from Imposing a service charge or meter >' fental. Liquor Bill Gels Support Senators Smith of Clarendon and ncp- such 'a course leaveVblher nations free to aid the nationalists. " - ' . In its note Russia look ^occasion to deny that It is- sending volunteers to Spain. : Coincident with publication of the note, delivered yesterday lo Viscount Chllstbn, th£ government asserted that in ten days Spanish nationalists had searched six Rus- ^sian ships and' accosted a'nother In I the Mi'rttlerraneari. liLL TIKE BEER Arrests Are Expected lo Bring Test of City's Authority. "iK passenger tram, due here nt „!« .1 V . , •""•"• " """'>& about 9:45 A. M., arrived by wav fn, n f trUdCr madc hU ^ r.t r \ -^ ,..- - " y _ iiy into the store, at Main and Division streets, but did , not investigate, it was said. It was believed a check-up might reveal that th° thief had also taken a quantity of cigarettes. • Closing Slock "Prices NEW YORK, Jan. 18 (UP) — Breakdown of negotiations on the General Motors labor difficulties unsettled the stock market today. The list had a sinking spell when the announcement of the labor news came from Detroit. v A T and T ....'. ..... 183 7-8 Arherican Waterworks .. 29 Anaconda Copper ____ ;, 53 ] -2 Bethlehem Steel ...... 76 1-2 Chrysler .............. 121 5-8 Cilfes Service .......... 51-4 General Electric ..... .. 51 General Motors ....... 66 3-4 International Harvester 107 1-4 McKessou-Robblns ..... 13 ^,4 Montgomery Ward ..'.'.. 583-4 New York Central 43 Phillips Petroleum ..'.'.'.' 51 Radio Corp .......... 11 1-4 St. Louis-San Francisco 3 5-8 Simmons Bed ........ 503-8 Standard of N J ....'.'. 59 ' Arrest of one, ixissibly two ailrodd street beef "gar erators for selling beer „ a city permit appeared imminent today. A dim street, t swerving aulo, shrill laughter, a tliutl. a wiilliing hcxiy on ibc pave- ineal. Arrested 01 a liil aud- ruu iltiver, Miss Dolly Ford, San I'rimcUco; lierc polnlj to hcr- Iclf in disbelief. Inloxicatcd at llie wheel? Yes, ilie ad- milled llwl. Informed that the victim had died, the girl gicw liyslericat and fainted. She didn't even rcmcmbef hitting the pc- dejliian willi her car, she declared. —V,^"»*>L vi i~*.tminu. Him Itcp- resenlative Blair- of Logan vvlll infreduce :l bills in the se'hate and hpuse 'today, providing for 'operation of 'state-Owned' liquor stpres under ' supervision of a •'• commission. : :. •' ••', . - Tlie slate now - receives about $1,000,000 in liquor taxes annually from sate' of liquor by state licensed stores anil wholesalers. Coleman estimated that tlic state- pwned plan would Increase revenue by $2,000,000 annually which could be applied to old age pensions. . '••" "I believe 'the bill has an excellent chance'for passage, Coleman said last night. "Several members of the house ami senate have assured me Uiat they favor, stale cpnlrol over the present system .of . licensing private Individuals to sell liquor." Hearing on Unicaincrul Flan A hearing on establlslunent of a unlcameral legislative system by constitutional amendment as proposed In a Joint resolution by Cjtmpbell 'of Garland, 'will be held at 7 tonight at the Hotel Marion by the house committee on constitutional amendments. The resolution proposed that the legislature consist of one home of delegates composed of 50 members, each to receive a salary of $1,500 annually. Because of widespread Interest in the proposal the house voted last week Such' action was expected to f° si>1 Ulc llo " se voteci Iasl - weck result in a court lest of. the ac-' ? hnvc 25 ° CO P' CS ° r | J' C resolution of city officials In refusing J£2 Printed for distribution. tion of city ., ,. v ,^. l ,.,,., 6 to issue permits for the sale of beer to some liailroad street applicants and revocation of permits issued others. Tire council ordered two licenses revoked following a scries of happenings along the street. Permits have also been refused two Ash street applicants. Attorneys for the beer garden proprietors contend that city officials have no discretion as to the Issuance of beer permits, once the proper fee Is tendered. It Is generally understood that certain' parlies have continued Ihe sale of beer after offering the required fee and police said (hey expected arrests today to bring the matter to a head. Skiill 'Fidcluic Fatal to -v Gliicagoan; - A n o tliei 'Dies' o[ Pneumonia, s LOS ANpELES. Jan. 18. (UP)— Earl E. .Spencer, Chicago business ,1111111, died at 0 •iS a in (p i '( ) •today, the fourth victim of the Western Air Express crash of : last week. » t _ The business man-, pr^sl(|ei\l ol the Stromberg Co , had been sinking.for .the past day. He suffered a skull fracture when the huge -transport pancaked on '» snow-capped peak last Tuesday Arthur L. Loomls of Omaha, Neb. died yesterday after beliig under an oxygen tent since Friday. Pneumonia, resulting from exposure while awaiting rescue, was blamed for his death. Others who died as a result of the crash were James A. Bradcn of Cleveland and Martin Johnson, famous explorer. A federal investigation of the crash was delayed again today when physicians said that Pilot W. W. Lewis still was too weak to lell his story of the accident. The nine others injured in the crash all were reported improving although Co-pilot C. T. Owea<i and R. T. Anderson of Bucllton. Cal., were still considered In serious condition. Sales Tax Hearing Tonight The senate committee on revenue and taxation will hold a hearing at 7:M tonight at the Hotel Marion on the administration sales tax bill. It would reenact the two per cent sales tax, eliminating exemplions and allocating revenues: 50 per centj to the common schools, 10 perl cent to charitable Institutions, eight per cent to replace tax money lost by proixxsed homestead exemptions and seven irer cent for free textbooks. Livestock Btudcbaker ' Texas Corp U S Smelling Warner Bros ie c s li> O-o g 2 09 5 o 84 ,. 4 17 83-4 EAST ST. LOUIS, 111., Jan. 18 (UP)—Hogs: rccclpls 20,000 Top 10.50 170-230 Ibs 10.35-10.40 Light weights 7.50-10.40 Built sows 9.35-9.65 Cattle: receipts 6,000 Calves: receipts 3,500 Steers Nominal range 6.00-12.75 Mixed yearlings and heifers 7.50 Slaughter heifers 5.50-11.00 Beef cows 4.75-5.75 Cutlers and low cutters 3.50-4.50 Chicago Corn open high low close May 111 112 1-8 111 112 'Jill 106 1-2 107 3-8 106 1-2 107 S-4 Court Takes Recess After Brief Session 1 About two hours after opening the January term of circuit civil court here this morning Judge G. E. Keck of this city recessed court until tomorrow morning and indicated that If no cases were ready for trial tomorrow he would probably rcvfse the trial docket In order to limit the services of jurors lo one full week of court beginning next Monday. Members of the jury panel were excused until tomorrow after receiving the court's general charge. After selling trial dates for various cases Judge Keck said he believed the services of jurors could |bc dispensed with at a saving of money for the county for several days of the two weeks term, ill ness of attorneys and a nurabcronitl- gants wotiM result m continuance of several.cases, for the term that would otherwise be tried. County Health Unit Announces Dairy Grades - The Mississippi County Health Unit has announced its periodic grading of dairies as required of the Standard Milk Ordinance. In a statement, Dr. H. E. Schlr- mer, director, urges the public to purchase milk from dairies operat- 'ng under the provisions of the ordinance, for public protection. , Dairies having Grade "A" milk, raw, according to the report, are: W. J. Faught, TIgcrt Robertson, Joe Craig, H. L. HaLscll, Mrs. Eugene Dickinson and Mrs. Ethel Wheeler. Grade "A" Pnsleuriz'ed: Carl Green; Buttermilk-, p. B. Jarrait. Missourian Breaks Arm In Fall From Barn Loft Amos Gallagher. 47, sustained a fracture of the t«lvls when he fell from a barn loft on the T. R. Orton farm, near Braggadocio, where he lives. Sunday. Mr. Gallagher was admitted to the Blyttievlllc hospital this morning for treatment. Fined for Carrying Gun J. E. Foe was fined $50 In municipal court I lite morning on a charge of carrying a concealed weapon. He was arrested In o ne- gro house by Deputy Sheriff Arch Llndsey after negroes hnd complained of his presence In llie section. Visit At Company and Union Executives Accuse Each Olhci of Bad Faith. DI'71'HOrP, Jan. 18 (UP)—Pcaco negotiations In the Qeneial Mo- lois stiike collated today In a bilsk thiec-mlnutc meeting hc- t vecn Jlomei Miutln, union piesl- dcnl, and Wlltlain S Knudwn, e\euit!ve vlcc-prcildent of Ihe corporation. Knudscn tossed a nvillten hlate- ment on the eight-foot mahogany disk -licio Mailln sat, explaining that General Motors could not negotiate on wages, horns artl working conditions because union M down slrlkeis itlll occupied Flint planls Then he walked out, Union Makes Charges A mlnulo 01 so later Martin, loo left (lie confciencc room In Cieneral Motois offices At. tho dooi ho said: "Pic-sent conforeiiccs arc all off. Our stand li tho samo as we announced .last, week." ' The United Automobile % Work- cis rcpiesentattves came lo" tho I conferctico nccUEtng General tois of, :" ' 1 —Agreeing. lo bargain colle'c- tlvely >\\llh non-union members - ttho vvero jiiot.j parlies to* the truce reached between the unions, and the coi poruUon. : '. • •Refusing the right of peaceful picketing aftei 1110" Guide. Lamp plant Andeison, Ind , r >'v'v pinptled of sit-down strikers."' «—Attempting to leopcu tho Cadillac plant here In vlfflitl of the truce Iknhl by .Other Qciierul ..„,— — ad been conferring-''/wltiu ' .,,. .,'ui men for r'— ' '11 in whcn-knT,,-^-" 1 I He Befllto MuvQllnl ami a vhlt of fftc hlghjbcrmaii Roman C.tth ol|c cluiicinueti lo the pope jes- terday might lead to n working agreement bet v, ten the church and the Nn?l govcinincnt ' Three Informants said ihat Premier Mussolini had Indicated, lo Goerlng, whose visit to Rome ended! today, that there'was;a chance at present of proceeding harmoniously with the church and establishing friendly relations. It was said tjiat Mussolini tried to convince Gocrlng thai an understanding' between the Nazi government and the church would strengthen considerably Fuehrer Hitler's fight against Communism. Cardinal Paulhaber, Archbishop of Munich, who led tho ttclcga- •tlon which visited the pope, was expected to confer with Hitler after his return to Germany. There was some surprise yes- lercm,v when the |wpe, despite his serious Illness and the pain from his legs, granted an audience of a full hour to the churchmen. Memphis Officers Will Speak at Sheriff's Dinner A discussion of modem means of law enforcement and cooperation between officers will be heard at a dinner Hale Jaclcson of Osccola, the new sheriff of Mississippi county, will give Thursday night In the Blue Room of the Hotel Noble. CHIT Davis, commissioner of fire and police at Memphis, and Lleul. W. J. Raney, In police school lit be the principal charge of the Memphis, will speakers. Included In the 50 invited guesls are deputies of the sheriff's offlelco at, Osceola and Blytheville, chiefs of Police In Incorporated towns of the county, the prosecuting attorney of this district and his deputies In the county, editors of the county's papers, Ihe municipal judge of Blytheville, the circuit judge and the county judgel WPA Employes Decline As May Bung Agiecmcnt. |u'n a 1 T accusation , .—,. T Jan ^8 (UP)-Wcll In- Ocncial Motors B ,^ u ^ foimcd [t sources picdtUed todaj bargain collectively with non-union, that tiro coincidence of Gen Her- cmploves iriann ac-e^lrfg 1 ^ vhlt to Picmlei - — Cleaners Will Seek '"j. Wage and Price Codes [ A group of local cleaners. mem-\ ' bers of Ihe ne"ly orgfuited Arkan-" ' £as Association of Dyijip tntl Clean-; eis, \vlll go 16 l.tttle'RocK'next'Sun-f <lay' to' atltehd' a meeting of, the' organization at which proposed leg-' Islatlon for regulation of the'clean-. Ing Industry in this state vvlll ba -cd '~ jnsiaereci * v.^ The proijosed bill would cdnftol,' labor and prices In'each to\\rr, tui- '"' thori/.ing cities and incorpoi rftod ', lowivi to pass oidlnances setting urj codes, minimum prices and wages 1 to be paid'employes, prohiblt'chlld labor in the Industry and provide ! for licensing of cleaners. ' ', All cleaners, regardless of:wheth- ' cr they have Joined the association, ' me invllcd to attend the meeting. I according to W. T. Morrison \\hn 1 is a member of the board of directors and who Is in charge of affairs of the organization in the first congressional district. The meeting Is to be held at Hotel Marlon hi Little Rock Sunday morning at 10 o'clock. Besides Mr. Morrison, local niem- ' bers of the ' association who • will : attend the meeting are P. E. Fox, ' Bob Barnes, o. E. Quellmatz. and ,, A. O. Hudson. , ' Will.-Call Conference to Consider High Court WASHINGTON, Jan. 18. (UP)— Senator Sherman Minton (Dem., Ind.) said- on leaving the White House today that President Roosevelt told h!m he would call a conference soon to consider legislation affecting the supreme court. "The matter that I took up Involved potential legislation as to the court,' 1 Minton said. WEATHER Arkansas—Partly cloudy and colder, freezing In south, : belovv- I freezing In north portion tonight, Tuesday generally fair, slowly ris- V^B.bBb During Year !','£ fnperiliire In northwest por- WASHINOTON. Jan. 18. (UP)— The number of needy employed on Works Progress Admlnlstrallon projects declined 738,686 during 1930, WPA Administrator 'Harry L. Hopkins reported today. In the last week of the year 2,187,944 persons were employed, compared with 2,920,630 (n Ihe last week of January, 1936. . Employment by slates for the last week of December. 1936. Included: Arkansas, 29,787. tion. Memphis and viclnily—Partly cloudy and colder tonight. Lowest temperature tonight 32 to 38. Tuesday Increasing cloudiness followed by rain. The maximum temperature here yesterday was 72, minimum '.- 40, cloudy with 3.94 Inches of-rainfall, according to Samuel P. Norrls, of^ ficial weather observer Kalnfall Salurday nlglil was .54 of an inch, bringing the tola! for the week end to 4.48 Inches.

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