Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on August 4, 1956 · Page 15
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 15

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 4, 1956
Page 15
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SATURDAY, AUGUST 4, 1956 ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH PAGE FIFTBKN Prizes Awarded Livestock Parade at County Fair EDWARDSVILLE—Trophies for grand champion awards were presented by county business firms and organizations during the livestock parade Friday evening in the arena at the Madison County Fair at Highland. Trophy winners in the various classes were: Dairy bul, Snow Lake Farm, Centralia, Brown Swiss; dairy cow, Clyde Lebegue, Highland, Holstein; beef bulf and beef cow, Ben ICallal, Jerseyvillej shorthorns; ram, Robert Kinser, Greenfield, Hampshire; ewe, Donald Like, Gillespie, Southdown; boar, j son CO unty. MUlard Leroy, Highland, Chester White; sow, Cyril Huelsmann & Son, Breese, Duroc Jersey; 4-H dairy calf, Elaine Lebegue, Highland, HolStein; best 4-H exhibit, Harold Gehrig, Alhambra, Spotted Poland China hog; FFA champion gilt, Harold Gehrig, Alhambra; champion Hereford bull, R. A. Henke & Son, Moro; pen of chickens, Gary Staley, Highland; baby beef steer, Denzile Hanke, Pocahontas, Hereford; pen of rabbits, Lester Krizek, Oelwein, la. Trophies awarded for grand championships in the junior de- parjment were: Beef bull, Homer Henke, Moro, Hereford; beef cow, Charles Darr, Jerseyville, Shorthorn; dairy bull and dairy cow, Philip Ringhausen, Jerseyville, Guernseys; ram and owe, Jim Baker, Carlyle, Hampshire; boar and gill, David Huelsman, Breese, Duroc Jersey; dairy heifer, Jackie Lampe, Aviston, Ayrshire; beef heifer, Charles Dan-, Jerseyville, Shorthorn. First places in the beef cattle division of the livestock show at the fair, as announced by Leland Steiner, superintendent, went to the following exhibitors: Ralph R. Rasler, Mulberry Grove, Angus; George Plagemann, St. Jacob, Angus; R. A. Henke & Soft, Moro, Hereford; John Cicardo, Sparta, Hereford; Paul Hayes, Ina, Hereford; Ben Kallal, Jerseyville, Shorthorn; Oliver Schlemer & Son, Collinsville, Shorthorn; J. F. Gibbons & Son, Brighton, Milking Shorthorn; Merle Pattern, Nashville, Red Polled; Walter Fredeking r Nashville, Red Polled. Ben Kaflal of Jerseyville won trophies for exhibits of grand champion bull and grand champion cow over all breeds. Winners of first place in the sheep division of the livestock show were reported by Supt. Robert Rlkli as follows: H. M. Baer, St. Jacob, Slirop- shire; Millard Leroy, Highland, Shropshire; Robert Kinser, Greenfield, Hampshire; Jim Baker, Carlyle, Hampshire; Gilson Robinson, Carlinville, Oxfords; Donald Linke, Gillespie, Oxfords; Robert Kaufman, Carlinville, Suffolk; <X C. Thurnau & Sons, HighlandT MonUdale; Fischer Bros., Carlyle, Monttdale; Johnny Fischer, Ca.r- lyle, Montadale; Millard Leroy, Highland, Cotswold; Paul Leroy, Highland, Cotswold; Gilson Robinson, Carlinville, Long Wool; Millard Leroy, Highland, Dorset; Donald Link, Gillespie, Southdown; Robert Fruend, Carlyle, Cheviots. The trophy for the grand champion ewe over all breeds went to Donald Link, Gillespie. Southdown; and the trophy for the Wilkins Discloses New Rule Cuts County's State School Aid $20,000 EDWARDSV1LLE —A stricter formula for computing state aid of public school districts in the state, to be placed in effect this fall, will mean a loss of only about one-half of one per cent ir. state aid for schools in Mad- That was the estimate of County Supt. of Schools George T. Wilkins after attending the closing session Friday of the annual two-day meeting of Illinois' 102 county superintendents at the University of Illinois. The stricter formula, as interpreted by the Illinois attorney general and office of stuUt superintendent, of public instruction, was outlined at the meeting. Under the new system, Supt. Wilkins explained today, the average daily attendance figure for school districts—basis for computing state aid—will be determined on actual days of operation instead of the previous formula of including about seven school holidays and five teacher institute days, in the pasi. counted as "school days" in figuring average daily' attendance for state aid. The loss to schools in this county will amount to only about 520,000 annually under the new system, while the overall reduction In state aid payments will be about $8,000,000 a year, Wilkins estimated. EOKA Deadline In Cyprus Is Passed, Report By ROBERT TUCKMAN NICOSIA, Cyprus w— A deadline set by the EOKA underground passed today without indication whether a threat to execute an aged Englishman had been carried out. EOKA is the underground arm of the Greek Cypriot movement seeking to end British rule of Cyprus and unite the island with Greece. The rebel extremists claimed Writ Puts Padlock On Brothel EDWARDSVlLLE-Aoting Circuit Judge I. H. Streeper of Alton signed an order here Friday afternoon "lowering the boom" on the owner of a tavern building at Madison. The order, for issuance of a permanent injunction against use ot the pfemfeoa as a brothel or for any purpose whatsoever for a year, was prepared by State's Attorney Fred P. Schuman who had filed an injunction complaint in the case June 8. Judge Streeper, Alton City Court Judge, was presiding on the circuit bench here Friday when the formal order was presented for a clampdown on activities at the tavern building in Madison. Named defendant in the injunction suit filed June 8 by State's Attorney Schuman was Roy Betts, as owner of the premises at 1344 State St., Madison, where a tavern has been in operation under the name of "Ike and Ski's Tavern." Schuman had alleged that Edward A. Slatn- 1 Funeral Following funpral rites Friday M 1 p.m. in Marks Mortuary, Wood River, the body of Edward A. Slater, rolirrcl Shell Oil Co. rmployo, was taki"n In SnnsH Hill Omr'lory. Vandalia. for interment. — WALTON CHAPTER—No. 1018. Stated meeting Mom , , AUK 6. 7:43 P •'" DULLES RETURNS—Secretary of State John Foster Dulles returned to Washington from the London conference on the Suez situation and said that he hopes the 24-nation conference on the crisis will produce a solution which will avert the dancer of violence. Above, Dulles (center) is greeted at the airport; hy British Am- _ ™ * —u. —_ . »•• S«MJV _1 «-* •_ ft « „_» Jl »»_ HI A «• _£ rtn. /"I »•»•,- n Itn %•••••• bassador Sir Roger Making (left) and French Ambassador Maurice Couve De Mur ville. (NEA Photo) grand champion ram over all breeds was ^awarded to Robert Kinser, Greenfield, Hampshire. The Cahokia Rabbit Breeders Association held its annual show in connection with the rabbit exhibition at the fair, with first place winners announced as: Leo E. Fink, Edwardsville; A. M. Gibson, Ed\yardsville; Coni Boy Rabbitry, Edwardsville; Gerald Oliver, Springfield; T., H. & F. K. Ayers, Springfield; Lester Krizek, Oelwein, la.; Joe Bardile, Highland, Vance Huiidsdorfer, Belleville; James Loosey, Edwardsville; Henry Converse, Granite City, and I. Osthoff, East St. Louis. The best show display trophy went to Lester Krizek, Oelwein, la. - Blue ribbon winners in the dairy cattle division of the fail-, announced by Supt, Edwin Schumacher, were: William Schrage, Trenton, Hoi- steins; Clyde Lebegue, Highland, Holsteins; John Ostradka, Sandoval, Guernseys; Philip Ringhaus- they held as hostage John A. Cremer, 78, and said they would kill him at the stroke of noon today unless the death sentences of three Greek Cypriot extremists were commuted. Referring to the threat, a British official announced only that 'the course of justice will not be deflected." The three men condemned to die on the gallows are Andreas Zakkos, Charilaos Mihaei and lacovos Patatsos. Zakkos and Mihaei were convicted of taking part in the mountain ambush last December of British Maj. Brian Coombe,. 34, who now is in England. He was awarded the George medal for taking on four attackers, killing one and capturing Zakkos and Mihaei. Coombe's jeep driver, a British corporal, was killed in the ambush. Patatsos, 22, was sentenced last month to hang for shooting t o death a Turkish policeman in Nicosia last April. Elect Mayor By Margin Of One Year FLORENCE, Italy <* — Controversial Giorgio La Pira has been re-e|fcted mayor of Florence by a margin of one year. That's right. 'The bird-loving Christian Democrat, some times called "The Modern St. Francis," was named to the office by the City Council because he is 52—one year older than his opponent, Socialist Raffaello Betts on May 28 and previously had used the tavern building for prostitution purposes, or permitted it to be so used. In his order signed Friday, Judge Streeper noted that a default order had been entered against Betts in the case on July 27. Betts was accused in the injunction complaint with permitting prostitution on the premises where the tavern is operated. The order embodied findings, as alleged by the state's attorney, that the premises had become a congregating place also of disorderly and undesirable persons, including ex-convicts" . . } thus lowering or depreciating the value of property ot residents in the vicinity, creating « public nuisanace, and lowering moral standards and creating contempt for the law and courts." A temporary injunction in the case was issued last June 8 by former Circuit Judge William G. Juergens. The permanent injunction order signed Friday restrains Betts, or anyone else, from permitting the premises to be used for prostitution or using the property for any purpose whatsoever for a period of a year. Judge Streeper's order also placed the premises within custody of the circuit court, directed that a public nuisance abatement order issue directing the sheriff to remove all fixtures and movable equipment in the tavern building and sell them—and to close the building and keep it closed for a year. Costs of the state's attorney's injunction suit are to be paid from proceeds of the sale of fixtures, svith any remaining balance to be turned over to Betts "or any other person having any interest in the property," Judge Streeper ordered. All costs in the case are to be a lien against the property, and if they are not paid an order for payment is to be issued, Judge Streeper ruled. American Legion Of Illinois Reverses Stand CHICAGO (/Pi—The Illinois Department of the American Legion has reversed its stand of last year regarding American withdrawal from the United Nations. The Legion Friday killed a resolution demanding that the United States leave the world organization. Last year's. convention passed such a resolution. The convention referred to the national Legion for study a second resolution which recommends American withdrawal if a study shows the nation is losing sovereignty through membership in the U. N. A resolution urging Congressional approval of a $100 a month bonus for World War I veterans was passed. The convention approved four other resolutions proposing: —Federal legislation to prevent Communist use of the U. N. as a "headquarters for espionage." —State Department ouster of Russian U. N. delegates involved in "Shanghai-kidnaping" of refugees from Communist lands in the United States. —Congressional action to change or nullify treaties permitting trial of American servicemen in foreign courts. -Adoption of the Bricker amendment to limit the President's treaty-making powers. Investigate Death Of Belleville Sailor DUBUQUE, Iowa (»—C oast Suard officials today were investigating the death of Fireman Raymond Lee Fey, 20, Belleville, 111. who drowned in Dubuque Harbor where his boat was docked. Fey apparently fell overboard Thursday night when he leaned too far over the rail of the Coast Guard River Boat Fern, officials said. Fey had been on liberty and had just returned to the boat before the accident. The youth, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Fey of 321 N. 8th joined the Coast Guard last year, the Fern operates on the Mississippi River between Dubuque Minneapolis. , Woman Dies at 102; Remembered Plowing CHARLOTTE, N.C. <*>-A 102- ear - old woman who recalled ulling her husband's plow to cratch out a living in reconstruc- on days died at a Charlotte t» M>ST ~ 5»TR»fKI> ~ HTOl.f.N LOST or STnAYEtl— fieRlVtefed En« llsh settw. F»-m;i!e. nnd her pup. i Tho Rrv. Virgil Corrif, pasinr of _ 2 : 4 " 41 - j LOST— Car keys, near Tenth and Henry. Reward Call 3-8770. BLACK "BOSTON BULL PUPPY with while marking, known as "Tony", has disappeared Anyone 1 knowing the whereabout? of Tony please no- tlfv Sandy tr Evelyn Jariier.non. MR Edlawn, Wood Hiver or ph. 4-1172. OR In Inn First Mrlhodlst Church, Wood Riv- rr, officiated al tlw Titos, and organ selections were by Mrs. Harry Marks Pallbearers weir Robcil Greenshields, Herbert Elliott, Peter Corrigan, Ray Sullivan. Arthur Sweet and fiforcfp St^t.-on. FINANCIAL 2* _BtJ8WBsiB oiffoaftrwmiM ^ FOR" RlWt— N*tr IWrbar *lit««<~c«»'> , pietely equipped. Bxcell*mt Mldtatm ', location. Phon» 4-0544. ________ \ BRTCKCRETTfLfSINESS FO~R tale including «ll •quip- menf, plant building, itock. Also 6 room ranch typ» house. Will isll or trade tor other property. Cottage Hills Building Products, Cottage Hills. III. State Rout* 140. Ph. 4-408 1. Runaway Si. Louis Girls Sought Here Throimh Si Louis County (Mo.) polutc, Alton Police Department was nskrrt Friday evening 1r> seek 1\vo runaway girls, one 15, 1hn other 1ti. missing from HIP St.. Louis County-Parker road area. The girls, it was said, were believed to be slaying in a rooming house in Alton nr HIP Alton area. The mother of Hit? 15-year-old girl, by telephone, later made a TjOST—Pntr of eye gln- cape. Reward. 3-62MI. tXJST — Bliie~ParakeV* July «fh Leg band No AB.S-flP5f>331C Liberal reward Call_3-fl.'i4a or 3-3971. I bOST—Silver frame eye glnssen )n ' zipper case, near Upper Alton pn«t office. Reward. Phone 2-4nfl.1. en, Jerseyvllle, Guernseys; Elmo Albert, Carlyle, Guernseys; Carol Myers, Salem, Jersey; N. W. Dittus, Utchtield, Jerseys; H. E. Snow, Centralia, Brown Swiss; Rodney Snow, Centralia, Brown Swiss; Al Lampe, Aviston, Ayrshire; Jack Lampe, Aviston, Ayrshire. The trophy lor grand champion cow over all breeds was awarded to Clyde Lebegue, Highland, Hoi- stein. H. E. Snow, Centralia, won the trophy for grand champion bull over all breeds on his Brown Swiss entry. Charge Firms Failing To Obtain Licenses As city finance inspector. Leo Fitzgerald, lias begun filing complaints in Police Court against firms failing to take out their city licenses. The first bracket of complaints pressed were against dealers operating trucks without the license required in handling foodstuffs. Police Magistrate said that in the last two days, five operators had pleaded guilty to lack of this license. He imposed fines ot $10 and costs. After assurances were given the licenses would be obtained without delay. Neiv Stream Of Refugees Into Austria A resolution asking an end to American aid to Yugoslavia, In dia and other nations unless the> break ties to Communist coun tries was defeated. Elections today have Harold A Cummins of Chicago nominated for post commander of the Illinois Legion and Anthony Bedano o: Quincy nominated to succeec Cummins as senior vice commander. Both are unopposed. J. Addington Wagner of Battle Creek, Mich., national Legion commander told a news conference relations on local and state levels between the Legion and the '40 and 8" were "excellent." Wagner said he believed the '40 and 8" would retract charges made last year that the Legion was run for selfish gain by a small group. Harvey V. Higley, administrator of Veterans' Affairs, praised the Illinois Legion Auxiliary for its work in behalf of veter with nonservice connectec illnesses. He also said the VA has start ed "medicine's first extensive evaluation of mental patient care to learn which treatments bes promote the improvement or re covery of patients.' ans Ramat. Thrust into a deadlock by local elections t wo months ago, the Council gave 27 votes to La Pira and 27 to Ramat. Under Italian elections two months ago, the such a tie gets the job. The scholarly, self • effacing Florentine, who lives in a monastery and gives his belongings to the poor, first was elected mayor in 1952. A member of the left wing of the Christian Democrats, La Pira has shocked conservative Italians, by requisitioning luxurious but unoccupied villas and turning them over to the homeless poor. .Methodists Begin Series at Edwardsville EDWARDSVILLE. — The St. John's Methodist Church school begins at 9 a.m. under the sup- erintendoncy of J. King Eaton. Morning worship will begin at 10:10 a.m. with the Rev. Clyde Funkhouser officiating. The Rev. Richardson will begin a new class for four weeks about the Methodist faith, history, organization and duties of members. VIENNA, Austria Wi — New stream of refugees from Communist Hungary' and Czechoslovakia crossed the border into Austria Friday night and today, One young Hungarian couple reported fleeing through a hail of machinegun fire. A total of 18 Hungarians and 3 Czechs reached the Austrian side of the Iron Curtain and asked for political asylum, police said. Most of the refugees gave economic hardships as the main reason (or their flight. A Hungarian soldier, dressed only in a pair of' trousers, said lie ran to freedom during a lunch break while working on the border on a mine clearing detail. He said five Hungarian soldiers were killed last week in an explosion while working on the Iron Curtain mine barriers. Suy Germans To Get Atomic Arms BONN, Gel-many to — Two newspapers said today the Wes German army soon will be equip ped with tactical atomic weapons The Sueddcutsclie Zeilung o Munich and the Frankfurter Al! emeine of Frankfurt, hot usually well-informed, said wesi ern planners decided on the ste in a reappraisal of defense stra tegy. The defense ministry decline comment on the reports. Telegraph Want Ads "CLICK" ursihg home Friday. She was Mrs. Eliza Fink Honeyutt. She was born in Stanly ounty in 1854. "To make a living on that arm," she recalled, in a recent interview, "I pulled his plow. I iced peas and picked peas. I oed corn, pulled fodder and cut :ops. I bound wheat. It was cratch then to eat or go hungry." St. Louis Witt Keep Mayor^ Council Form ST. LOUIS W—The mayor-council form of government will be retained in St. Louis under any new charter written by a Board of Freeholders. The board Friday unanimously passed a resolution favoring the plan. It left the door open for re visions in the government but "solely within the framework of the mayor-council system." After the vote, members were criticized by board chairman George L. Stemmler who said not enough consideration had been given to the city manager-council form of government. Stemmler said he favored the city manager form but did not ry to counter the board's action because "it is not a happy situation if the chairman is opposed o the whole board." Retired Police Chief Still at Headquarters personal appeal to the police. She had learned her daughter had sent lo a girl friend a note that, was mailed in Alton. II NOTIOFS WEAR""anirTEAR—That."awful "pah- enn't harm linoleum coated with plastlr type Glnrto. Seals nut soil. Buck's Paint ft Floor Covering Store, BS.T East Broadway. PHOT ECT your davenport. from moths for fiOr a year. One spraying of BERLOU stops moth damage for S years or BERLOU pays the damage. Nltuche's Drug Store, 6119 E. Broadway. C~OLOR~riLM--developed and print. ed PHOTO-ART SHOP tU N _Wood_fUyer_Ave. Ph. 4-6923 FTCTtTRE~FHAMiNci" — Choone from samples. BLAND ART SHOP. 3023 College, first house east of Shurtteff tennis courts 3-3715. Rent * Sewing Machine CENTRAL SRW1NG MACHINE CO U W Broiidwaj Phone 2-oat YOUR LICENSE — Pansport photo* PHOTO- ART SHOP Itn Wood Rlvnr Driverless Car Rolls i 'Aboard"* Admiral | ST. LOUIS Wl —A driverless car foiled 100 yards down the Mississippi River levee Friday right on- lo the gang plank of the steamer Admiral. Police said the car had been parked at the top of the levee by John Robertson of Chicago, who was visiting the excursion steamer. , The car 1'olled straight forward, got its two left wheels on the gangplank and its two right wheels on the ground. It ripped up about five feet of handrail before tipping over on its side. Owens-Illinois Set To Vote on Merger TOLEDO, Ohio dt\— Directors of Owens-Illinois Glass Co., and the National Container Corp. will meet'to vote on a proposed merger Aug. 10—not. Aug. 7 as previously announced. Toledo will be the site of the -I meeting. National Container irectors will meet in New York. background mimic dlntrlbulorihlo available. We put. you In biMlnefm fvill or part tlm*. Man or vmmiln ran handle this buninew. Income four hundred dollar* or mote per month. This l.i n lifetime opportiin. Ity. Muat furnHh references and have one thousand to fifteen hundred dollars to Invest which In i-e- eured by equipment. Write Box 570, care Telegraph. PERSONAL SERVICE TAILORING CTTSTOM - MADK SUP COVTOS — Work guaranteed. Mm. Hale. Phon* 4-mms. si Tin NiSS JHNO" IRONINGS "WANTEn- Experienced prefScr. Cnll for ond delivered. 3-1883. BOS. ANNOUNCEMENTS TREE SERVICE — Tr«Nw removed. trlnv.nert or topped. Tree eirtimeteit Fireplace wood and kindling for nale Light hiutlni. 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ISA INSTRUCTIONS Read Telegraph Want Ads Daily Survivors include a daughter, :wo sons, 15 grandchildren 18 jreat-grandchildren and 12 great- >reat-gTandchildren. Rep. Roosevelt Seeks More Visitation Rights PASADENA, Calif. (*) — Rep. James Roosevelt (D-Calit), has iled a petition to increase viKita- ion rights with his three children by Romelle Schneider Roosevelt, third wife, who has their custody. Roosevelt Friday asked the Superior Court to set aside a portion of the divorce agreement of June 1. 1955, which permitted him the company of the children on alter- iate Saturdays. Now that Roosevelt is married again — to,his secretary, the former Mrs. Gladys Irene Owens — has an adequate place to take he children, he informed the court. He asked that they visit him from Aug. 20 to Sept. 4, and or six weeks every summer there after. . Meany Hospitalized At Washington WASHINGTON (lf> — George Meany, president of the AFL-CIO was hospitalized Friday night after becoming ill at a suburban country club. An aide said the ailment was not serious. A union spokesman said the 61 year old labor leader developed stomach trouble after playing golf. The aide said Meany's heart was checked and nothing was found wrong with it. Georgetown University Hospital officials had no official statement. ST. LOUIS W) —The voice on the telephone at police headquarters in suburban Ferguson sounded like that of Edward R. Schmidt who was retired July 1, as police chief. Puzzled newsmen made inquiries. "Oil, I just happened to drop by," Schmidt explained. Under questioning, Schmidt ad milled he had missed only two days at the department's head quarters since his "retirement." "I guess it's just gotten to be a habit," Schmidt said. More Federal Aid to Be Given Some Schools WASHINGTON «» —School systems overburdened by children o) federal employes will be for additional federal aid totaling 378 million dollars in the next two years A bill signed by President Eisenhower Friday authorizes the payments to help local school dis trict* 1 build new schools and main tain existing ones in ai<eas crowded because of government activi ties. The six year old program for federally-impacted areas is no' connected with the general schoo aid construction proposal killed in the House this year. Stevenson 'Impressed' By Chandler Claim LOUISVILLE, Ky. I* — Invest ment broker Thomas Graham re cently sent Adlai Stevenson newspaper dipping stating tha Stevenson «nd Kentucky Gov. A B. Chandler are cousins by mar riage. Stevenson and Chandler als are rivals for the Democrat! Presidential nomination. Graham said he received tin reply. "Dear Tom: "Thanks for your letter. "I am impressed! "Sincerely, Adlai." The course is upon to Hie public. Lawyer Stubbed To Death HONG KONG /P — A British lawyer was stabbed to death today in a violent struggle before a lunch hour crowd in the center of Hong Kong. The victim. Arthur John Clifford, 45, was attacked by a man armed with a knife. Police arrested a 30-year-old Chinese. The attack occurred in front of the 11-story Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank which also houses the U.S. consulate. Read Telegvaph Want Ads Daily ANNOUNCEMENTS LEGAL, NOTICES NOTICE OF CLAIM DATE Notice is hereby given to all persona that the first Monday in March, 1956, iiT the Clanrr"Dat*-tn the estate of CAROLINE KOEHNE Deceased, pending In the Probate Court of Madison County, lUinola and that claims may be filec against the said estate on or be fore said date without Issuance o summons. Dated this 9th day o January, 1056. FIRST NATIONAL BANK A- TRUST COMPANY IN ALTON Executor. Attest: DALE HILT. Probate Clerk. JOHN B. COPPINGER, JR. Attorney, NOTICE~fo~"BIDDKifs The Fire Department Committee of the City Council of the City of Alton, Illinois, will receive sealed bids, in the office of the City Clerk for the furnishing of Fuel Oil as needed and Burner Service to the No. 4 Fire Station, until 4:00 P.M. Monday, August 6, 1936. Fire Department Committee Charles Dooley Wm. Warren Wm. StobbK THANKS' CLARA" SHINPAUGH— We "wuaT to take this means of expressing our deep appreciation to the many who were so kind to us during our sorrow. Your acts will always be remembered. Mr. Thomas Shinpaugh and EMPLOYMENT HELP - HAI.B WEN— Office workers. 21 - 35. No ex- perlence necersary. $J4.SO evenings average for four evenings per week. Car. Call 2-9727. _ _ MEN Interested In, job opportunity. Age no barrier. Experience not necessary Good pay while learning. 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Chal- engsworUi who passed uwuy one year ago: I mourn hut dare not question why; God called him home just when His future seemed secure and bright. I only pray to meet again. Sadly missed toy _^_^ Daughter, Dorothy. IN MEMORY—Of'SamueFE7S'jmn~der'ii who was killed August 4, 1M5: Sad and sudden was the cull, Out of the memory of the past, There conies to us this day An echo of that fatal morn, Over the darH and stormy waves. When you were called awuy. All the world in gray with shadows. Clouds have dimmed the sunset glow. Just a year since you have left us, Yet it neems so long ago. But we know the time is comtug When the summer winds blow sweet, Where the gold and crimson meet, With teaj-s we come and offer a prayer, For life of the one we loved so dearly. Sa-'ly missed by Mother and Kuther, J. F. Johmirow, Daughter, Jean. IN LOVING~MEMORY^oT~our~d"ear mother and sister, Mrs. Rose Miller, who paused away one year ago today, August 3, 1H.15: Just u line of sweet remembrance, Jutt a memory fund and true; Just a token of love's devotion Thai our hearts still long for .you. Deenlv missed Vjy Daughters and Sister. OPERATOR — Experienced dresa operator needed immediately foi permanent work. Samba Ores Manufacturing Co., 618 N. 6th, St Mo. SALESMEN—We need two men will experience in Insurance or allie fields. Only men interested in future need apply. Liberal coni mission, plus hospitalizatlon and re tlrement plan for those xvho qual ify. Write Box 590, care Telagrap' for confidential interview. glTUAKTIOKS WTD. - FEMALE TIRED Sc HOT?— Call me. I'll d your housoworkor ironing. 3-0280 telephoni store clerk, waitress or baby sitting Call between 3 tc 8 p.m., 3-3235. FINANCIAL •it HII8INPKH OPPORTUNITIES nilll.niNO LOCK * CONCRETE WORK — Experienced, Phone 4-3203. rVU no carpenter work and roofing. all4-3304. HOMES— Carpenter repair* block and cement work; Mwer, CAENTER — Hepairin* root*. porches, etc. Patch plisterinf, painting. Free estimates. Phone 3-2BOL CEMENT "WORK— Of aU~ktndi71;nton work. Free estimates, BOB WOOD. S-5774. WORK— Patch plastering, chimney work. BcltebU. 2-542* 84 PAPER HANGING, Floor tandingT inside painting. Removing paper. Free _e»timate ; _5-S73p. JF ?OX1 ARE HAVING TROTJBIji WITH PAINT PEELING or cracking, phone 4-8106. Aak for D»Va. INTERIOR "~»nd exterior pain tin*. V.'allpaper cleaned, walla wished. Free estimate*. 3-0871, 2-3)41. CAHPENTBY « Heiaodol, kitchen planning, aiding and roofing. Porch or breezeway enclosure. Reliable. 4-4876. No answer, call 3-VtXJ. PAPiH~HANGiNG and painting. 8av« money. Call Par.' UcGulggan. 8-87M or 2-5477, And Reflnishin*. for free eitlnutw, phone EM1L WETSTEINt, 0-1834, PAINTING -Interior, exterior; ah* repair work. Quality work at reion- able rate. 2-3901. PAINTING of all kind*. Exterior and interior. 3-1814. ORVILLE GILLELAND •n«i MMriorT PAINTING—Interior Phone 5-1170, PAINTING—Interior. extmrMr. patch Plastering Free eatlmatei. Mt 2-843S INTERIOR and exterior <Mcoratinr Plastering, patch plastering, removing wallpaper. Fre« entimaUs. ; *> RAHIO - TV KBr»i« AKCHER RADIO ft TELEVISION SERVICE. Evening* or weekend*. Service on all makes. O«il 44457. 122 Bender, East Alton. TV REPAIR DAY OR NIGHT <Siilrk & Dependable Service Phono 2-75 M WEBER TV * APPLIANCE 3307 »7 HEATING * PtUHBIHO FREE BOOK! Free Service! 2,00 businesses, farms, income proper ties for sale. Write Opportunitien ' 3410 Wllshlre. Lot Angeles, Calif. "CAFE BUSINESS $3800 Located on Broadway. A weli equip ped cafe that will seat about IB peo pie. Owner has operated this cui for years and done well. Owner ing because of ill health CLEM NOLL AGENCY 649 B. Broadwa.v Office Ph. 3-U62I Evening* please call DICKMANN 2-84S4 GUENZISBACK . ___ i! : 478B "FOR~~SALE— Two-chair barber shop. Tools, supplies, gas heat. Modern. Contact Mrs. Lottie B. Wood, Kane, Illinois. ____ ___ ' (F YOU HAW • coat fUTMM. M u» clean It now If you want to elUHil* to automatic brat, let tu glv» you * tre* estimate on new eonvenlon burner) or on complete heatinit system, WISEMAN PLUMBING * HEATING SUPPLIED 113f ft Vreetf- way Phone a-»2fl4 4>" HTOKAC1B - MOVINO """" ~ PRES BELCHER MOVERS ioie KbMO'rt vi. LOCAL A LONG DISTANCE ana carton* (or Dial 3-7030 or _ BUSINESS~PROPERT¥ 2(103 College Avenue. Corner of College ntid Man) Streets. Lot 100'x- 140' Large brick building suitable for use as nursing home or other business purposes Suitable fmanc- UIK may be arranged Contact GEHMAN1A SAVINGS «,- LOAN ASS'N 617 East Broadway. Alton lllinnio. Tr\ HON|INGNT8. CtiM 619 Acton Ave. Wood River 111. Markers and Monument All orlcea. __ Phone 4-838* - 2-3375 _ _ ... - __„._„„ ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS Newcomers Group 75 Llndenwood Drive Eait Alton. III. Ph.2-0880 LANDERS" DE i HCTIVE" AGENCY Confidential Investigations All IYPM. anywhere Licensed 6 bonded. Call day or night Granite Cltv. 111. Ph. Trlan$l« f 3530 __ •OCIKTICg — LODGES IU1UT ASSEMHl-KS—The Mediterranean squadron of the French fleet, shown here only in part, hi assembling at its base in Toulon under orders to prepare to move to an unannounced destination. The move, one of many made by Franw, is to make ready in ease the Suez crisis heightens. (NBA Photo) WOOD — iNU. 1UM. , Monday, August H .M. Degr««. Viblluig VERY GOOD BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY — $17,000 ONLY $5,000 DOWN Good i-eslauront and tavern business. Both air conditioned. Building is 35x50 teet and in partitioned In the middle to separate the bu9ln«*»u*. Kaon business will eaiily Mat 44 peo pie Also U furnished tourist rooms or living quarters upstairs. Full base ment with 3 .veur old gas furnace. Kxcullent locution on 3 major highways near St Louis Near a large •ubdlvUlon. Also » mor* large »ub divisions are planned to be within 5 blocks distance, Owners have op- crated till* business for about 20 years Selling because of 111 health. 'for 141.600 you can buy building and business with $8,000 down paymtnt. This Includes an additional 170 foot troiiUg* anJ 138 f««t d««p which U valuable commercial property. Also • vmall building In r*ar b*in« rented. Owners r«qu«tl«d us to give out further details only by appointment with uv at your home or Ui our office. CLEM NOLL — REALTOR HW K. Broadway Office Ph. U-tf&ll Evenings fleas* call DICKMANN .. 2-8454 GRENZEBACK . 2-4711 H. A. NEVLIN MOVING STORAGE ACROSS 1'Hfc S'llUiKT ACROSS fHJB COUNT«V LOCAL t LONG DISTANCE Washington Av«. DM 41 EAST ALTON »OOHi 'c'Uan Comfortabl. room, private entrance, adjoining bath, quiet home, near bus and rmi- taur»nta, C«ll_4-09aa. _ NK" LAffc jf RO~OM"~on third "floor,' furnUhvd lor light hou»«k««ping. H.ts refrigerator. 2 cloMU gild sink. No objection to iiniall uhil<ir*n. M ^ __ __ SLEEPING ROOM —Nicely (urn lined. Private entrance. Buth tt «hower. 2400 Jianlord. 2^0578. _ NICk~C6bL"HOOM ""- V, bloc* «f«M« bun. 844 DantMth 5-gaaa, _ ROOM AND BOARD lof ag«d twn and women. Comtorubl* horaa, •owl food. pl«u«aut NUiroundlngj. Phoae Brighton 20)1. or writ* COLONIAL HOME _ Box it*. Brighton. jmnijU, _ lit YOU" WAN! W give youi" D«4 • good comfortable, clean, quit! boot* with good horn* coukad «Ml». laundry don*. r«»»ou»bl«, M*4 MM to m« Phoix HHIftO. ^ KICK CLEAN COOL KOOMJt, fowl tn. | ton ^AH»y , ^ downtown »«<iU<H», U«toM, «M*r mo. D I'red Htvuttrtixuii, W M jro« *(•*•-, t

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