The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 8, 1932 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 8, 1932
Page 4
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FOUR TH^BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE COURIER NEWS CO.. PUBLISHERS 0. R. BABCOCK, Editor II. W. HA1NES, AdviMllslng Manager 8ol« Nttlonal Advertising Reprcscntalhcs: Arkansu Dallies, Inc., New York, Chicago, Detroit, Bt. Louis, Dalles, Kansas CHy Little Rock. Published Every Afternoon Except Sunday. Entered as second class mailer at the \xxn office at Blylhevllle, Arkansas, under act of Congress October a. 1917. Served by t)i« Ur.:ied Press SUBSCRIPTION RATES By carrier In the city or Dlytlievlllc, 15c per week or $6.50 per year in advance. By mail within a radius of 50 mile?;, $3.00 |>cr year, $1.50 for six months, We for i!iu-c months; by mail In postal zones l\vo to six, Inclusive, $0.50 per year, In zones seven rmd clulH, 510.00 per year, payable In advance. Germany's Right to Arm Germany's assurliuii th:il tin- lU'hl to arm ;us she pleases can not be denied her any longer comes as one more alarm be!) lor those who went comfortably lo sleep, a decade ;\K:>, in the liolicf that llic 'I'ri'iity of Versailles was ;in c'lidiirinj,' document. That treaty, as bpcnnies more evident every clay, wns written whi-n overwhelming victory had gone lo people's heads. Looking ut it in thc linlil of what has happened since, it is hard to believe that it was not written l>y men \vhu hwl sD/neluw inlj.xicatiid themselves with (lie wine (if Iviiniipli. First of all, tile treaty sul. forth thu proposition tlutt UiTinany was tu pay for the wari No one needs lo point out, any more, how utterly mistaken that notion was. The final collapse of the reparation;; agreements has taken place. The hc- Hcf Unit (Inrmaiia yet unborn could he made to pay hundreds ut 1 millions of dollars a year because their ancestors sat on the wrong side of a peace table has been definitely exploded. * .y. * Now it is becoming equally evident, that the plan for making Germany permanently weak, from ;i military viewpoint, was equally visionary. Germany, so the plan went, was to be kept a second-class power, as far as armaments went, .so that she could not again threaten the peace of the ••world. With world pence thus secured,, -the Allied nations would presently re- (luce their armaments also. In this way, (lie dove of peace would eventually inukc itself at home in the-midst of Europe. Somehow it hasn't worked oui that way. The dove of peace is noticeably jittery. The Allied nations have not cut their military forces. And the treaty clause governing German armaments is not going lo. work much longer. Isn't it just possible that the time is not far oil' when I he world will discover that the rest of the Versailles treaty is nnt much more workable tliitii these two provisions . . and -will make it all over? : Japan's Problem at Howe There is r r>metiiin>r rutlu-r signiii- ciinl about • thu Japiinusi. uovi-nirni-iiCs •recent action in ;ip]ini])n;iiin K § |o;()(lo.- OUT OUR WAY fJOO to food liiijijji'y Jiiiiuiivsv |ii'».s:mls. It iiuliciUcs llnit tin.' iiiition is in UK t't'ips of an economic depression which may cvt'iilimlly hi>vi> a ilirect tflVct on tlto proKciit niililitry iiilvciilnn: in .Msni- cliurta ami China. Wars mv <>x]ii.>nsivi> tliii)|;s l<> sup- |:orl. !';\'t>i) ,-i complclcly viclnfiou.- war, like I hi? jircsuil ii>>i', in wlik-li yon. =^= ==:== ^..._ ::: _ : J«^^ NIOWS triumphs, t-iin to:;(. ;i iiir.lilnil mummi of moiu'.v. Ail:;-(jlory WM on Hit! hultlc- fii'lfl is n;it vory i-dlill'ni'liiii' (<„• (h;- l';iiiiH-r ur fai-U-ry h;ii,<l win. nin'l KI-I Su Jitpnn si'ls ,-isiili- S KI.IKIO.IHIO r OI - llic hilMKiy; mill ;ni nWru-r ,. : in , IM | V vvnmli-r if this liuiin^lif sitiiiitimi m.'iy imt, .sooner or inter, ivijnir<! ;is imidi "t the /• inno- ' • i • r iK'M ;is oiiKjiii'st oil llic mainland. / /?c Price oj Speed 'I'" I-I::K| (hat l)u- 'Jliiji,:]H-)n '|i,,pliy Air liai-c u-a..; \voii !,y a. sp.-u! of iiinri: dian ilfil) miles an lumr il.r.i nut quite hrintf h.iiiii. in ii;,. n;ilii.ary man ;>. r<>- alixaliu)! nf wlia! a ttrrilic sir;iii. a •sustained f \, cet \ }\\i t . j|, ;l ; i m , !ins- n is easy tu .say "^fiii miles aji hour"; ''illy HII aviator t . !t i, i,.]] y()U , v | l;il ., clip like that doi!" (.1 I he pilot. N'lieii Ji/tiiiiy |)noliltl[' land.'d after winning lliiit nice, he was in K uo:i eoii- (lilion—except that the muscles of lii.s right forearm won: still' and sore because of Ihe lijfhl nri|i In- had had (n maintain on hi. s cuntrol ..-.tick during the flight. 'i'hat is the cut- d> the slrain he u-i.-f ntulei- lliroiiRh the r:uv. \Vhun you fly at 100 iniliw, ariiiniil a lnanj;nlar course, only 150 f,. ( -l [,1V tk> ;;rotiml, at bullci- than four miles a minute well, yon ai-e givimr your Inxly ;i Ijcul- inj,', and Jimtny l)uo!illie.'.s ndml) fme- ai'in i.-- cUi(|iii-iit ti-.^timniiv In the fact It cost me nboul 5IJ5 jor gjnillnc on Ihe trip over. lid,- a Sco:c;,i!::ni. I Imvo concluded Ihnl golii!,' back by plane is cl-.t/.iurst. —Can- t.iiu J. . Mcllssoii. ufk-r niiikliia lirsl solo :iii;i,t westward r.crov; (lie Norlh Atlantic. * * * Kmv.-ulays wouu-ii ]: ivfi>r his-liion to cliiidren, for Inrt'C families «.v iiiimical ta ;lie :;lim figure. —Dr, J. S;\:idcis. Hiiciiisl, of ndtcrOuni Ilolbnd. I am |, m . fur my | u -allli. —Oencrni iialael Estrclla Umia. who quit ihe Dnrmnican Hcpnblic n year ayu uflcr Inulini; nn iiiisiu-c'.-ssfnl rcva- liillon. * . * * II would lni-.c a cunriiji-ciis man to .say lh: rteinvMion is over. 1 \vill Si iy u m t [here has been ;i [lrc((!(vl Improvement. — W, II. iraulio: 1 .. Seems like every tune I B ct oil I he Ir.nn I have to liavi- my picture taken. —Julni X. OatiuT.- c-anclid.uc fur vice pioiduiU. * * a Wi'h :.o much nioiipy needcil for 1!>. ii wuuld \x nr.sci-inly ilur tV,t- !ip;:un- licansi lu ]iiil uii im [•lab'.KV.c und ro.-'.ly c.i::.- p:iH;is. Jc.*|il, li. .Nm;. tn-aiiia-r, Hv| Naliu'ial CDinn'r.Uv. » » ^ The chu-kpii i-. ,.iii [:; ihr pot iind tv, (! i. (! . are li'jl in ii;p :;iin!;i-. - Ouvrmor Alli:-rl C. Hilcbi- i.f>l.n.!l. By Williams Mei-R>,E.R_ T. GOE^S "1 GOT MOOt. OF THAT 1 TO ME. . SIDE GLANCES By George Clark The Editor'* Letter Box Approves 1'urk I'lJii Wo (lie niilcr:) I am Inuoti Ifcxsca (a sw a revlvu! of the niovoineiu to purcliasu Walker PIMVD ftr a ijutlic [urk. I havj been InU-n-sicd in this kr a nuni- ber of years, and I liL-lievc thu 'iraE- e "t plan is workable. 1 want lo command you for your Dubllc siilritcdnes.i in givina-th3 liroject publicity and editorial endorsement, If 11,2 |,t.Wic will re. pond to the invitation to visit th* iKiik Sunday, half i!-e bal'.l; win he wen. W. W. HOLLIPETKrt Blj'thcvllli-. Ark. TODAY WIUHSUAV,._SKITlttlJfJO]{ 8. I!).'!- 3 I "Tin.- Hnkims \V;HI| us tu inmc uvcr. Shall 1 give Ue'm niui- liver its nn excuse?" .^J*' 0 ^ l>ail (i<: ^'Vul on Ivaninaj'-c S8M&$r -K "" •-•--'-,.y 1 ' -.^S* ": ^&&&13&1 *' -. -^,,5aiSi v . *-y-«Zf^ r •-•-•* • ••: .. : ••>; \' • • j> v> • - ( .:.-.-:• ..-.• - •;».'-. "'•^i'^iii^ " ! :•'•'" ^•: : ^S^S^ff l y.**.'^ •lco:l waters of Ihe Rio GraiKie, fiom the gulf to a point above -asls Pass, Texas, caused upwards of S2,OCfl.cao riamage. Kuevo -ai-edo, across the river from Laredo, Texas, suffered heavy dam- i;c. Bitiidings near the river front \vorr cov.-rcd. The circled part •f II:-.' picture tl-.ows rescue op:al:ons. o.'ficiab fear seiewl bodiei may be found when [he flcoil recedes. iVlcntai Abnormality Cannot B<^ Given Credit for Greatness KV DIC. .VtHRKIS FlSUUblN •ilili^r. .Inunul nf the ,\inrrir.u Mdliral .\!;iTi.ilii:n. and of II;- d-ia. Hie llraltli M.ic.Tziiii' l.~in!:roso. LVIKOUS Italian (ri :! . r.oiL'^is:. t-;t up tlvj Uiccry t!i- ^1 ni:'ii ol ;[-i:i,is ar_* eithor ac- . liv ir pou-u;i:iM\- insur.c. H? c:-:r.. ; i'<'.: .i hsi uj n:'v[l men uf <:> u-t:..|i v,hi: tvc.iiia 1 insane .1 v.;. Amoni! liic IIM r-,re Ni?ii>..:-.. :ul C;.nm:;l and E:ij:ar Allan 1', l::'-so also Hsicci many ; ;s \vho ha-t bjrilcrlaml ci; • due to the fact Unit son ie hi'-i/er |x>«-cr viihiu them was mcrc!y"ns- 1113 H:;ir voice. This was Hi? reflection of the sncicnt hrli^E in habitation cf the boay by sp:ri'.s and (!L>:::t:i=. The mc;(ern )>sycro!o- 'gist Krelfchr.icr br.'icie.s that In .1 rciTiit review ol lii; ;.::>- thfs; ix.Tb;'s wa.s mar-;;ci tv n -V.. Proliswr w. B. KM-., :1 many of (!:*:::• :•> «;-.f.h.-: anyone. <-xc:;y: ':'-'-:n.:iK o! gr.incieu:-. as d:- a',-.. '•'•••' ':':<•• -i.m :ij-.o;i5:. row:. O; '••''•.•• ,.•:::. I: cr;;. r.t.'i ?n : ir-'s :;.'.'i:.! : i-:-. .<•. :i>-.-,n;;v. A c-^rr;!il •.:•.;• I °: ••'•'•: --ii-,jcc: -.v:u'.cl s-;m ;o iu-.i:- l r ' : " : ' >: " ai: o:c.ii.iom; :n.,n .1: ••i.-.s' .1 :;liiv ir.y ^a\T b?:r\ [:^t!: I b. = i .ii'.ior .such circun^i^r.cci I'.r :• |i>:-biL\y icKnjNicnt in spite of l:i.-'uiicy r.ilhcr than bscjiis; of I; 1 - ,>!-. Ic.^phcrs may t: o:n::- '."ri ijiimeriiaiely frc.-n ill? ca.vo.-v o: mb.inuy; thc;r |>hllosoph:i-s n:iy r<vo .-.:::.iptoJ nt'.^niicn b.\Mi:se t...\v v.c:o tiiflrrciu L-J ;!,::• ;:•.-,;'. bo- <-'•'•' • f\ .inv es:-,, M ; •.-. .,ti\..i, J:'.O.M, li, ihe C:lU\v ,.,',;: , S;m? :! tl-.e cr;-2i b.ii;r; ;j i|- e ;::<:: be::ciod t!:a: t; 1;;r .^.^ .^ and capacity ate iiecrejary if a man !s to b:- Micr."ffui. but that a slight touch ;.r :i.;,ii,ity is ncccssirv to raise him oi:t of the many wi.o ara j also 5i:c(':i.-ful. if he is to bo really An analysis made cl th? l:fj of ti'f great Uerinan IciciL'r Goethe Fhcv.s thai lie passed thrnugh p;- of great fer\o: (or writing psc:rv or I dramatic ucrks. a:l a in irk; 3 : prrprnsity to full in '.:vc. B.-;w:cn ;>^::;as he «.« .v.ib- Jcct to hypochondria and piety. Under modem classification tills u-cnld be C3"i'.l n cydolhinic m-:-,- i.-il rli^oid?.-. It i.ij a:«) bcc-n cai!c:i circular ii:<ni,Kv. Prole-sw i'lKsUiiry Ircls iti.i; ^;- iiius icprewjiiA .7 rl^ir.ih!: copar- i ilire IrD:;-. tin- n , :nlil | nr.d iv.Mniiv i an unrtesirat!" ri^pardiro IK.II t!:; j normal. I: cau:a: i:» <iciii:;i t|,\: | same foiu-..- t", jcnlu? mfly bo rc- • :atcd lo ir.-.-.iuiv. but there n: - so mar.y :.ic!c.-., j,, K ; U i 1!S bo?::-;^ i:-,- rsnnicy ;; ; .i; menial abr.ornnliiy ins t!ic KTCIIMOXj). va. iUP)-Or. thc > eve of h:>. (IcjKirtiirr to serve a two-y>ar It'itn in tlic Virginia date i:cri:tr:i!ury here. ^faliOIl . Gibson, Jr., 18-year-old hoiife- breakcr. wn= maiTi'cd to Miss Vir- Qinia i\~t::A Swanson, 18. of the University ol Virginia. The ceremony «.is ;.-,->;iorn>.'rl In the Al- bomarlc Co.uuy jail r.t Charlolles- ville. 'aid. Wiat a "baby" i.-utier (.-„,„>.. for lunch was said to be a POO"-! •='""' "'"'•" ••' rabbit" Rcaj KC.- Nt-ft£ -Want Hilllrli Sma-ih (irnimi Mile Cn Sept. 8. ism. iitiiuh fcrces on Hi-- SDiume sector conliniivd their haumierins at th c highly foriified Connan positions and made im- porCant gains toward Si. Qui'iunn and Laon. lakin« Villpveque nnd tli» greater part of Ifavinconr' woo;!. Many positions B aln«l il'irina the f.'aV KC'.v. »-,.!| within (li,. old Uin- (Icnbuig line. Tl-.i- British had nached (he old Unman line of Mere!, on nearly their cnlire front. It wa s fiom these positions that thc great German drive, which nlmosl oUcceedcd in Einrjihing the British army, was launched. French tioops link Hair.?l and several other vill:i»p.s. but ve- norteil 110 siicii sivreiiliiL' ynlns as they had made during the earlier ^ays of the month. Americans advar.c.:d northward on the Aisne scctoi. njlittnif their way through highly fortilKI iwsi- tions. - THIS eVKjOUS WORLD - Fjj —^~————^^^^^™^^™^^™*^^^^^^^" ' ' ' • • ' "• -1—^»^^-LJ ' w THE PHILIPPINES' on C&.S igu ran Bay... THE PRESIDENT Of A NEGRITO VILLAGE DRAWS A OF $2™ 4 MONTH, AND \5 CONSIDERS A PtUTOCRAT. NATIVES OF CHRISTMAS ISLAND, IN THE INDIAN OCeAN,.CUW8COCO RAIM TH6E5 AND 8REAK OFF THE COCONUTS'. WlfH THEIR. STRONG CLAWS THEY ER IN THE END OF THE SHFLLS yflffi STREETS OF -^=? COTTAGEGROVE, OREGON, ARE PA-JED WTH GOLD/ (mtlNgg FP4W THE BOHEMIA goio MINE*) Robber CnTl:7 8 rmv to an enormous si*.-, often rwchii,.,. a lenjn of more than a foot. -They occupy a curious nich. In natural history. Swing in thc midst of a change from sea life to , h at of i ard iihlmal They breathe dry air, but still hau- [races of gills, v.hich are moistened' will, sea water quite frequently. In spite -of I he fact that they live on «ry land after maturity, the robber crabs always go buck to the «ea to tfawn, atirt the young spend their early life in the water. \EXT: Where was Uobinsor:. Crusoe's island? Keepers Report Many Rattlesnakes HARRIRBURCi. i' a . (Ul'i— There is a bumper crop of rattlesnakes n Pennsylvania '.his year, accord- ins to state Game liefnoc Keepers. CHURCH EXCUSES tor lunch was said to be a ;ized grouse and a young ra eniovs Jim—Hint's my husband—seems to think thai I shnuld take my Inter and join the church leaving him out. Since I feel that it was all hii fault i n moving h?re leaving oar lettcis in the church back home and after so many years he finally got ihines .straightened out "iij got the letters, ihen due entirely to hi s putting off our join- hu,' !-;re. Then without saying one word to me he put them in n lock box and about th? lime we were ready to use them ih c bank busted or something went wrong, and when wo went lo get them the fellow in charge would not let us I open the box privately so We I could do nothing as we had S omi.. i other things in the box we did no' ; think it was any of his business | lo sec. W« were ages scttins the | letters out and now with the As- pression or whatever it is that : ts on. its iimwssible for inn to buv an entirely new outfit to wear, j Jimply will not BO looking like I don't kiiov what: wh?n peop.'c loot: at me I want thfm to know they have seen something. So 1 just told Jim—that's my husband— If he wanted me to join he coulh get ready to spend some real ir.oi)2y. . : It "Au bon marche . . . through Advertising One oL the largest department stores in"Paris is named "Au Bon Marche." Translated, it means "at a bargain-cheap." Actually, "au bon marche" indicates to the French what a true bargain does to Americans-dependable merchandise at fair prices Vi'ncn so many shops everywhere are full of merchandise on which the "price appeal" is prominent, it is necessary tnat the wise shopper insist upon products oi known value and proven merit. The clock will not keep time is hardly a bargain at any pnce. Foodstui'lsand drug-store supplies must contain pure ingredients and be prepared under hy- genic conditions, lest they become not only cheap but dangerous. Wearing apparel at a mark-down is only a snare and a delusion if it lacks the quality that will result in wear.. • Wise shoppc^, these days, arc refusing substitutes, are weighing true worth against price appeal, i hey arc using the advertisements in this newspaper as a shopping guide. When a merchant advertises ins wares consistently, you may be sure that he is telling the truth about thorn. He could not afford to do otherwise, even if he so desired. When a manufacturer of. national scope appeals to you through these pages, you can believe and act upon his words. { ;<• "Au bon marche." Today advertising points fhn way to the only real bargains!

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