The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 8, 1943 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 8, 1943
Page 2
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CORPS NEWS _BLTfTHBVIU,E. ARKANSAS, SATURDAY. MAY 8. 10/18 TBX BurTHiVmx ARMT'AIE CORPS Published <UUy except Pun4»y»' In the inteiwt of the pmoniui of the Ana; Air rttt*' Advanced Two Bnflnt RyiB« School of Mjthwllto, by tbt Blytheville Courier New* It contalni tb* DeM • oT th« Air Base. - " NCWfl 'Foil' Captain Says Zeros At Kiska 2nd Rate HEADQUARTERS ALASKA-DE- rENSF COMMAND, (UP)— Japanese 7cro pilots in this combat. r.cne.'aren't what'they, according to Capt..Edward .Luis, FoYt 'Collins, Colo., who •recently, returned from a six monUisVtbnr of duly in the Aleutians. ' Formerly a hard-rockj miner m Colorado mid now a Hying' Portress pilot, C ipt.iln Lass has partlcipat- cd In many bombing attacks against the Japanese on Kiska and Attu, ant) In his opinion the quality of the Japanese pilots, has fallen ait greatly since the early months of the Aleutian war, "They used to keep afler:-you like' hnrncts, . coming. In again.' : nnd again so long as thej had gas and nmmumtkm,' Captain Lass said 1 But the pilots they ve got out. theie nou nren t so eager to mix uith IK One pass and they're through They almost never follow us .out to .sea', -like the former 4e>o pilots did ' s Anti-aircraft Is fitrenr" Captain Lass expressed the belief, winch Is shared by other airmen here, thi\t the Japanese pilots now b lied at KLska are second or thlrd- 3 lie men, probably without prev- ou's combat experience, and that this accounts in part lor their complete inability to measure- up to our fighter pilots In _lhe air. 'llieie Is nothing much wrong, howcvci, with the anti-aircraft defenses at Kiska and Attu, Captain Lass saidi As proof that the Japanese gun- ueis icilly send the hack up In laige quantities, Captain Lots staler that in eight out of eleven rniils his bomber »as hit In one attack the tail .turret i was 'shattered, showers of broken 'glass flying o\or the toll gunner, Pvt Ray Hums, Los Angeles Cal and one large fragment actually landing In his lap - t i In another raid, as Captalu Lass and his co-pilot, Ll Robert Sweet, Mcnlone, Cai, were ' making a bombing run on the Japanese ^ub- mnrmc base at Kiska, a direct hit Crashed through the glass nose ol the bonibcr narrowly missing "''the bombaidler, Lt John J Brahan, Long Beach N Y who Owes his life lo the fact that at the instant, the fragment hit,:, he had .bent over to plcV up his notebook J.ip barrisons Growbif Duilng these 11 raids, Captain Lots uoniber was attacked several times by Zeios but the Jap pilots failed to score a single hit One Zeio, a gray single-float fighter, tried a belly attack and got more thin lie bargained for, Captain Lass said, when the bottom turret gumici of the big homer, Sgt Joseph A 'Cooper, Alamo Tex got, in n burst that drove the Jap off mlh smoke pouring Irom his engine. Captain Lass described the Klska ind Abtu garrisons as apparently growing slowlj but steadily, with 'new buildings, new emplacements nev. roads obUously under Ale and Quail Team ,'Loses 7M? Decision The Athletic Department defeated the Ale ahd Quail team 7-0 In a hotly fought Inter-squadron I softball league gtme W«diie.sda> :ifter- noon at the. athletic area. Tlii; win kept .the Athletic Dtparment's'rec- unbroken although things looked black 'f or <tli«n until the sixth In- nJruf when they scored three runs to "cinch the -game. , Ibe 36th Flying .Training Group also I continued Uielr^strhig of wins by defeating the 704th 0 5 In another close gam* 'These two teams battled' each 1 other to a ^tandsllll Kith' neither squad having a decided edge at any time Irt the contest. The 2611 1, \however, nude toetlci advantage. of their ; blows : 'aml ea.s!d tbrough toVvlctory. The 103rd alio Iwd a clasc shave. Tliej licked 'the 702nd 4-3, laicely aecause'they Uiriftily protected and Increased a three, run lead gained n Ahe'tlrstiihnlng. The only one sided game of the day was between the Band and the Medics •ndVQiartmiiasters. The alter te«m took.. this contest with ease,-, winning by. »' 15-2 score. Box score of the Athletic'Depart- ment-AJe end Quail game was Athletic Department, AB Angel) Snd .;.....,. ..... . . 5 Tubbs If' ........ .. ........ c Adams 1st' . . . • . .4 Mctyhorter a . 4 Pinner 3rd 4 Stabler c . ........ •. ........ 4 B«lkaa rf 4 Morrison cl 4 Dlener p . . 4 Turns-Bound Tdnks\ Tanks of the British Eighth'; Army^oll-northwarct .along, the Tunisian coastal: plain while Tommy [ [with Tommy gun watches from < a nearby, hill.- Anti-tank ditch dug by'Gcrmans at entrance (o Gabes .: gnp has been bridged by sepj^rs and cleared of mines so tank's can resume Rommel .chase. Services Planned R H a 2 ft 2 00 22 a 2 o 02 01 1 Ale »nd Quail O-H»r«..2nd Success iJusch cf Hogan 3rd McKnight sf Cecfe p , King rf , Brooke If . S»an 1st Nelson c 38 7.10 AB R H ,41 2 4 1 1 :i o i .. i 1,1 312 ..311 . 100 300 ,311 300 For Mother's Day A special service of worship.' will be held tit the Post'• Chapel' Sunday in commemoration of Mother's Day. The service will be' held at 0 .o'clock by Chaplain Julian A. Llnilsey. Stair Serge. Dnlton Fowl- ston.wil! sing "Mother O'.MIne" by Tours, accompanied at the or:an by Mrs. Dayld L. Moore. The theme of chaplain Lhid- sey's sermon will be: "The Home —the Moulder of Civilization." 28 0.9 Inspection Honors Aivarded To 702nd Highest' honors ••', in the weekly Inspection of barracks,-troops and area last/Saturday-went to the 702nd Squadron, with a score of 94. The ;T04th Squadron- was second .highest, with a'score'of 91 and .went to Ihe 2Cth Training Group which hart a score of 89. Thus the ^"E" pennant, awarded each week' to the squadron obtaining the hight,t result ut the Inspection will fly from the orderly room of; the' 702ml Stiuadroii .for the second /successive week", since the'squadron had the highest score the'.-previous; week also. , t ij^va,- the biggest laughs we ' ha.d *Jft\U»e elands,' he said, »as when we^ announcer state OYir'HMUo T^kjro^that If the Americans i^puld-ppiiH^ships to enter Kiskn Inrbor" the* J»p«iicse would depart on them,,At that-time the Japs had just tttrtttt^OUr new Jightei strips on*^ didn't indicate th'itS. lo evncunte the place Take Gunnery Course ' Pour enlisted men of the Blytheville Army Air Field left this we«k to,take,a gunnery comse at the Army Air': Forces -Flexible Gunnery School, Panama Citi, ria They are:-Stan Sergt. Robert T. Malik and Pfc Thomas P Boyle, 700th Squadron, Sergt John E Brillhart, 26th Training Group adn Pvt Everett W. -Adklns, 32Cth Squadron. Assigned A» Clerk 15 ? Pvt. William F. Carter has been transferred from Keesler Field, Mte., to the Blythevllle Army Air Field and assigned to duty as a clerk with the finance department. .. Private Carter is a 193! gradu- i.ale of Gilbert 'School, Winsted, Conn., and attended the University of Connecticut three years; He-has hecn in the Army since March''ll. Schatfer Assigned Second Lieut. John E. Sclmefe. Jr., .recently commissioned after completing n course at the.Ord- nance Officer Candidate School, Aberdeen, Md., has beeii assigned to duty as assistant officer, in charge of motor repair at the Blytheville Army Air Field. - Lieutenant Schaefer took an eight, weeks course 5n automotive maintenance »t Port Crook, Ncbr., before're- porting for. duly at Blytheville... Will Begin Course . A t Fort Logan, Colo. Second Lieut. 'Glenn W. McKnight. 'assistant post 'administrate inspector, and Master • Sergt. Salvatore V. Tomello, 1 chief clerk In the administrative' inspector's office at. (hc!.BIythcvlIlc Army,Air Field, have left fo'i-'a 30-day'course nl the' administrative inspectors' school, •Por.i Ml L i ogun,. ; .poto. .'Upon completion, of the .course, they-will return to, duty here. , •'.-". Maj. Charles E. Layton, .posl.iul- minlstrntlve Inspector, and Corp Paul W. Feazcll, a clerk, in, the some office, took a course, at Port Logan last winter. . -.•',...-.• Religious Bulletin Catholic Services: ' • • SUNDAY— '.-•.'.- . -.'• i Masses, at 0:30 and o a. in. (Confessions Saturday, 4-c p. nv, ami prior (o musses on Sunday ) WEDNESDAYS— Masses as Hiinouiicecl at Sunday services. \ Protestant Scrylc>«: SUNDAY— Ocueral prolostaiit service (for all Proteslant ilenomiiiatlons) at 10 a. m. Ncjjro service at 0 p. m. Evening' service for cadets and others who arc unable lo a,Uend morning service, at 1:30 u m TUESDAY— ' 1 Devotional service for NCfjro colored troops at 7 p, m. WEDNESDAY— Devotionnl service for while troops at 7 p. m. Jewish Service*: Fi-iclay evening at 7 o'clock, conducted uy Rabbi Jerome Rosen. General Announcements A chaplain is on (luty cadi evening. Soldiers arc welcome (a their ™mscl and help. The chapel Is always open for private prayers and devotions. . 1 Bear Hail 'V Nrckpiccc FMRBANDS, Alaska (UP) red J. Nelson, barber Pshojj operator here, reports he has killed a benr with a perfect "V" neckpiece of while fur. - jfc v»wjf {wpipc MI« ma am when^he mSwTi " y * -—r «"**»*»«««?.- T^ * .. •• y<i «,-< ! ( 1 , .. ~ '" -—' Sergeant Sews Curtain^ For Day Room After a glim,' two-day battle with n sewing machine, Staff Sergt/ Atuhony A. Diiplcs Is ready to hang new curtains in the Day Room of • the Medical Detachment. He picked the rnatei'lul and .sewed it himself. And he: is willing lo whip the limn who makes dispar- nfili'g"remarks iibmil Ills hnndl- wqrk. /The curtains are. green and are perfectly sewed. The .sergeant spent long hours'tit the sewing machine to make'sure.. that, everything .was as, it should be. He applied himself earnestly to Ills, task '.and. .ignored the sly (llgs.of. his'.comrades who fouml luimor in tiie'sliiht of''the flye-fopt-six-incli, lCp':iVduiid norit-. coirii beiicilne pa'tieiiliy over "''his inachlhc.'..'•; ' ( '^ " '• • : " •' i'..'jSergennt Dailies ..sUvted,..\york on the curtain;; nftqr .he .reliime^; re-, cently,,.from, .Miji'nphls.-'.'.whcre.', lie hcljiMl orB.inhp'i t!w -?icK ; and Wounded Ollic'e m iiie Medichl Department at 'Southwestern University. |'. Ho , liiul. pliuineil. to;,fix the ciirtnlns before lie' left''b'jit, had been; miaijje to' get,.'nrouud '(o' it! Ho"" expected ,'sO!rie6t;^|.c!sc'. tp;.!do it while he wai; goi\e,'but his,.'uh- 1 feeling' liiiddie.s "imd no tim'q'fov what they callcil" "iious'ewifely tusks." . The iionconi,L",)'chIcr .cicrk nl the Sick and VVouiuied .'Office, of the Unse Hospital. Sleelc Delegation Inspects 'Ddyro'om - Sti'de, Mo., .having adopted the 26t!> Flying Training Ciroup, .soil, n (ielcgalloh . of four persons to the Air' Base to survey the. Day Room fot some, improvements they have in mind, such as, perhaixs, smoking - stands,,, a. water . cooler, and lloor • boards and wall board;; for the game room. '.; The ' delcBalloii. included Homer AlexaiHler. . hardware merchant;' Hayes Smith, farmer and giiin Mrs. P. -S. -Paiue, cashier of the bunk, and Sum Haniin,' ••'tlrygood.s niei'chant. 'TheHolks ..of Stcclc In. recent months have given tlie 2Cth sevei> al. boVs of books fpr the Day Room library, mid-not long ago scnl the men-a big box of cookies. Soldiers Attend Prom E OK FILING OF .: 'CATION'FOR LIQUOR PERMIT Notice !is hefcby'i given' that the ijndcVslghcd. v '.hns, Hied with the powiiilSsioiier, iif.' itcveiiiies of tlie (State .of^A^kfinsas, for|'. : ncrinit ;to »;<W.{ f>^d f 'jdLsiiei&e._ vh^u). or, s'pirit- ijolii; Iit|il6rs Tor 'beverage at retail on the. premises described as 310 Ensti Mnln St.', Bytlicviile, Ark. . Application; is ;for peimit''to be is- 's'liea!. 'foV oncration begiiiiiing on Uijj' tirsl day of July,- 1043 'and to expire. ..qn, the.,30th clay of June 19«,;'as'prescribed by Biilletin'dat- ed January 7; 1938 and Siipplemen- tar'Rcsulntioii'Nu. 19 cdcctivc July : ; 7. ' Robinson list End Plicy. by M. n. Rolnnson (owner) 5-8-ltl Twenty-five incinbers of Iho 26th Flying Trainini; Group attended tlie Senior Prom at the Stcele High School last night as guests of the Senior Class. They danced to the tunes of the orchestra of the 351sl Army Ail Forces Hand. The men wore transported lo ami from Stcelf! in Army vehicles. A la von ltibt*n(rop f'.i; LOS ANGELES, Cal. (UP) — Joachim von Rlblientrop. -Hitler's minister of foreign nffairs, Is the descendant of an avt vandal, according to Dr. Fernand Baldcns- irergerjof the University o( California! He states (hat tlie Alleine- neliitlc DeiiLsche Biographic tells how von RibbciHi'op's ancestor,, a Ribbentroi), went to Paris after Napoleon's debacle in 1815, on the pretense of aiding the ..stricken populace hut in reality picked out the best art treasuries he could find and shipped them back to Germany. The Parisians punned his name lo "riz-en-trop," meaning "too much vice." Brother's Good, Too SOUTH BEND, Ind. (U.p.)—Gene FWillg, 7 No. 1 iimn on tlie Notre Dame golf team, is a brother of Lou Fehlle. -who cantiancd the Irish links squad in 1037. Open Saturday Night and Sunday for lasl minute Mother's'Day Orders! ' A Rorgcnus array of plants, cut flowers, corsnges and gift ware lo choos* from. We Deliver ANYWHERE—ANYTIME! The Flower Shop Glencoe Hotel BMg. Open Evenings Phone 491 Hold, Everything "Give my little brother a quar- t£r_s_o_h£ .wonlt. bother usr State Li w Service Station SATE MI rfcilNps QmaHtr GM«NM * <Nt. Prompt, CMrtcov . Oftntti t r Mrs. B. L. OPERATING HOURS For A-B-C Coupon HoWers SUNDAYS: 9 A.M. to 9 ' I< . ALL WEEK DAYS » A.M. to 12 Noon 1 P.M. in 8 P.M. Violinist To Give ^Recital Dtifing ^Hospitality i Hour Sunday ' '" ''/ Pvt. Maurice Witt:, vlollnsll of tlic 351st Army Air Forces Bniul, will give u iccllfil during t!»q hospitality hour tomorrow afternoon at the USO Center, accompanied on the piano'Ijy Sergt. Herman Speier of the Bond. Private Wllk. Die youngest member, of; the celebrated .', NBC Symphony Orchestra under ; the direc- Llou,qf Ai'tiu'o 'roManiii'^Jviill play weseiited iiol miiny inoiiths the Town Hall program in Now York City. The, iM'og'rnni. will' Include Tschal- kowskr.s'.Melodie; "Tainboiirlji• ciil- nols." by Frili. Kreisle.i';, Jules MiiEi-enel's "Meditation," ami p "I'iis- vepicd", by Leo Dclibes. Women of the lilackv/aler Home Dcinoiistrallon Club will be ho.s- .esses, providing homemade cakes "id pies from their own kitchens' The .Sundny afCcrnoon programs tiave proven popular with the eri^ listed men of Die Air Base. They ire in-ranged by Miss Cora Lee Coleinnn' county home dcmohstrn- 'Ion,agent, and the USO staff. SPORTS .Staff Sergl. Jesse Clcmcnls,' boxing instructor, was punching the licnvy bag when lie .missed nhrt punched himself on the:nose with a snappy left hook. Members of hl.s classes who have been hit by the noncom's left, hand, are offering him their sympathy. Piny in the Negro soldiers' softball-league will begin Monday on their own diamond. Physical instructors say there are .some good players among these wen. • • • ' The. 400-ynrtf obstacle course is now finished and is a muscle- wracking alfair. Hurdles, . scaling walls, jumping pits, and. other devices, tax the strength- of -.those running tlie course, but they help build muscle, wind and endurance .'The officers had their first-try at the course Tuesday. , Some Paused to ask if they were supposed to finish the cnursc in a day or a week. They seemed to prefer thel'lalter. ' .-;; A; t box : litickcy lournament, ' for Cadets-'\yill'.begin Monday. This exercise • hasi' been 'poiniiar' '\vitli flying men because, if develops wrists and coordination. Every Cadet Is expected to participate In the tourney. ' '.The Ale and Quail Softball team was glad to hear' 'that chaplain Julian A. Lindsey and his hitting power will' be back, in the lineup 1 . The chaplain had a wrenched leg musclo. The Clv.iplain has explained to his wife that the "Ale" in Ale and Quail should be spelled "Ail." Lieut. Bill Adams, post athletic officer, wishes newspapers would rim the baiting" 'averages of the lowest hitters instead of vice versa. Then, says lie, his name would appear regularly in (he standings. R*ad Courier News Wunt Ada. SMALL LOANS Om Aartbta •( Complete Slock Steel and Elastic TRUSSES .Save-50% , STEWART'S Dra f Store Main & Lake Phone 2822 FITTED BY Dectori J. L aoj J. C. GUARD OPTOMETRISTS IN BLYTHEmtE SINCE 1>22 .HATj;s .ON .BEQUEST Sam Houston Fights Again'ljs^ '(U. S. Marine'Corps PJiolo From Four generations-after his gveat-gi-eat uncle Sam Houston made' history ns a soldier and Texas pioneer, Pvt. Sam Houston, Jr., 18 leaps into military life wilh enthusiasm, as a Marine trainee at Pan is Island, S. C. Maine Girl Is Bride Of St. Sergt. Norman Leclew Slnfr Sergt. Norman Leclciv,. n.s- slslant major of the Personnel Section, married Miss Audrey Colby of Augusta, Me.. Wednesday nt the Post Chapel. The wedding was solemnized at, a Nupilnl Muss performed by Chaplain Gerald J. Hogan and was attended by a number of (jucsts, L. T. Moore, civilian employee at Post Headquarters, was organist, and played "On Wings or Song," by Xlendlcsslion, "Ave 'Maria" b}' SehulieiL; Lieta'sinuim, by Liszt, nn<l the traditional Wedding March. Miss Wynotte Shepherd of Blytheville, sans "At Dawnin," accompanied by Mr. ftfoore. ::Sereant Ledcw, has been at this station since ""He enlisted July 20, 10-11, at Augusta, Me,, where he was an employe of the Slate Highway Department. The brids has been employed as a fingerprint- technician of (he Maine State Police Department, for scV- eral years. Sergeant ami Mrs Ledtv; will establish residence hi Blythevilte. Mechanics To Study Flying Fortresses Twelve enlisted men of the Ely- tlicville Army Air Field, aircraft mechanics servicing the twin engine training planes used here by cadets in advanced (raining, will learn to service the Flying Fortresses which are now pouring destruction on all the war fronts/-" Tlie men will leave this week for Anrarillo, To:., where thejvwiif lake a course at Die Technical • Training School which is located there. . . . ' . they are: -Scrgt. Lawrence -J-: Schneider, We. llarron T. C.iesch-;i selling, Pfc. Harlcn G. Brocks, Pfc.' . Hensoii C .Segrnves, Pfc. William .-" T. Ciitcs and Pfc. John t. Coving-' ton Jr., all-bf the 702nd Squadron; '/ Pfc. Marvin K. Ducketl, 700th Squadron; Pfc. Horace C. Crawford, 701st Squadron; Corp. Jep- ' lha :H. Clemens and Pfc. Marion A. Davis, 25th Training Group; Pfc. John T. Harrison and ..P'fc.- Charles IT. Piatt, 32Cth Squndrnii. BPTICDL STORE 209 W. Main St. Phoire 2912 ~ ' ^ Docs Your Car NEED THESE?, Balltry-S«»t Covers Fflf l,lEh(s-Lnck Gas . Cap A complete line of Polishes IOY EICN tn 24-HOUR SERVICE Expert Repair Work on General Motors Cars. IANGSTON-WROTEN COMPANY • B'dw»y A Walnnt Ph. IS3 Try our "Own Made" Ice Cream He Hickory Inn Arro«5 from High School Any Shoe Can Be REPAIRED If the uppers are still good. Bring them lo us for quality "HALTER'S Quality Shot Skip 121 W. RUlB Ph. 27XZ PRESCRIPTIONS Freshest Stock ' Guaranteed Best Prices Kirby Drug Stores The Modern Ice Box .COOLER ATOR For Kconomy and Service. Tom Little Hwde. Co. Phone 51! WE FILL ALL DOCTOW PRESCRIPTIONS AND SAVK YOU MONK! STEWART'S Drag Store Main & Lake Phone 2822 ] Remember Mollif-r's Day Sunday, Slay !)th THE FLOWER SHOP DELIVF.RY"ANYWHE'RE GI.FNCOF, HOTEL BT.IHl. riioiin -191 ROBINSON'S "THE RELIABLE DRUG STORE" There's no wider selection of shaving needs, cosmetics, novelties, etc.. In Blytheville than at Robinson's. Latest Magazines—Fountain service— sandwiches I Service Men! Meet Your Friend* at Robinton'il HUDSON GLEANERS Special care taken in' cleaning uniforms. Buttons carefully handled—I'teats and creases hand finished—2 day service. Garrison Caps — Accessories — Instfnia SOUTHEAST AIR CORPS INSIGNIA

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