The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 12, 1934 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 12, 1934
Page 2
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BLYTHEV1LLE, (ARK.l COURIER NEWS FRIDAY, JANUAPY 12. 1934 lui Social Calendar - • . £{ SUNDAY'S EVENTS . .^Observance of Woman's Day at '•Writ Christian church. H*s .Guests. tonbers'of ll:e Mid-SVeek Bridge $5pb and Mmcs. Elton . Klrby and H.-H.'Houchltis were entertained by! Mrs. W.. L. Homer 'nmrsday jQrJ luncheon and bridge. tvSne-uscd snapdragons to decorate her living room where a iwo course {(gnu was' served a', small tables i^Toilel powder and soap went to Mfs. .\...Conway for the prize in tjtf card game. ',*. '•••• • .:* ' Mrs. J. H. Elkini 'Ctitrriaiitj Clulf. l!i!rs. J.'H.-Elklm was hostess to Uif Thursday Bridge ehib nnd ttmcs. . Crawford orcene, Doyli Anderson, Lowell Foster and W Q: Higginsori" yesterday afternoon I"In the brfdge ganies .Mrs. Rolnn: Green .won the prize, hosiery,' fo Bilb high "score and a box of make «j> tlisue-weni Vo'Mrs. Hcndersoi for high, guest. , , t . inA toniatb aspic was served will tdiiapes, hot -rolls, cookies and ten iiuilor-Swilor Co. * V. T.'-V. (o Meet '•"Thd junior nnd inlcrmcrtiale . J P. U's of Baptist churches i fir/so/ Ntucs Mostly Personal tiere's Where False-Carding Led to Defeat of Contract Miss Belle Whltsltt will lenvc onlght for: New York city where lie will buy lor her shop. E. B. Mason, who was stricken rilicnlly ill on December 6, If low convalescing. He will rcluri! o Mcinphls Sunday for an exnin- nation to determine whether 01 lot an operation will be pcrform- Mr. nnd Mrs. Max D. Miller Jr. will spend the weekend In Marlanna. . Joe Dulaiiey of SI. Louis, who ha: conic here to be with the Coltoi Kelt railroad, is making his hom< with Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Elklns. Miss Willie A. Lawson, of Little Rock, arrived r.cre today for a brie stay. ' : R. M. Miller is a patient, r.t tin Memphis Baptist hospital. Mrs. W. D. Chamulln Jr., Mrs Essie Davis and daughter, fall June, spent yesterday In Memphis «slsslpl>l county will meet •Aimcrcl . Sunday afternoon, Wlock, with the Osccoln Intcr- j{$ediatc group in charge. i Has Club . F. Wilson Society — Personal >ansportation Available to Democratic Meeting Transportation will be provided or all women of this city who dc- ire to attend the district meeting f the Arkansas Democratic Wonen's clulu at! Jonesboro Tuesday, "hose desiring lo make reserva- lons may call Mrs, Lloyd V. Wise, Today's Contract Problem With Noilli playing tho game al «l* trades imrt Kast opening llio ii""" ° ( hearts, wlilcli is (lin «(«.t way for Nprlli lo piny tin: liomlt Q J 7 i! C 3 K8E 2 Q107 4Q 10 9 C Solution In next Issue. 1- Hump, which North can carry to hrcc. The Way West's opening lead is a small :ijirt, .Enst play« tho Jack, and the declarer must hold up, refusing to win until the third round, endeavoring to exhaust of hearts so that, when the dlcmond finesse It. taken, nnd If it, East will be unable to return a heart. East, after winning with tin jack, returns a her.rt, but declare Mnys off until the third round am Ilicn wins with tho ace, discard WEEKLY SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSON: Baptism and Temptation of Jesus Text: Malt. 3:13-4; 11. The Internitional Uniform Sunday School Lrsson for J»n. 14. • • * BV WM. E. G1I.ROY, D. D. t 258, or Mrs. James B. Clark, at r.Mor <X The Contregatlomdlsi 517 F2 The luncheon at the I 'Hie baptism of Jesus marked the Jolel NoiJie will be 60 cents. \ l)06innlng of l}ls distinctive miu- All democratic women, who have; Istry. Tills was the significance poll tax receipts, arc eligible for of baptism. II was a son of Inltta- nemuership In this organization j tory rite. vhlch plans to study the state John Ihc Baptist had such a con- ind national affairs and to at-' sciousness of,the (rreatuess of the end to othpr business relative to Messiah, whose forerunner he was, iltlini,' this party. that he drew back from the honor Solution to Previous Contract Problem BY W.M. i:. McKENNKY J'cci'clary, American Bridge l.tajrue False-carding lius Its advantages and disadvantages I believe that r-icsl players talse-card at the Ocaiflonally op]x>r- tunliy arUi-s to mnko a fine defen- such is the Ing a small club from dummy. The diamond suit being the long rst. it looks as though that is tri mil to establish in the neede Irick; so the declarer plays th deuce of diamonds. If West carelessly plays the ten, •Me declarer will play the Jack, lead ttie ace, dropping the king, ami Hie suit will be cet on the third round with the queen ol diamonds, Declarer can 'jet into the dum- A number of leading club wo- ol baptizing Jesus. nen In Mississippi county - are It seemed to him unfitting that ilanning to attend. Among Ihesc one conscious of his weakness and will be the town chairmen, ap- 1 inferiority should be the insiru- liointed by Mrs. T. E. Tate, Anno- 1 ment of expressing the divine icl, county chairman. Those in the blessing and approval upon one so northern part of Mississippi co'.m- much greater than himself. ty arc: Mrs. Lloyd V. Wise. Uly- To Jesus, however, the rile hat llieville; Mrs. E. E. Byrd, Leach- 1 R significance independent of the vllle: Mrs. Robert Grimes, Manila; i m an who performed it. It was a Mrs. Lutes Atkinson, Forty and fulfillment of all rlghteousneffi. I . Eight; Mrs. W. D. Loflin, Huff- 1 w man; Mrs. Freeman Scraiw. Dogwood: Mrs. D. C. McLean, Ynr- bro; Mrs, B. S, Simmons, Dell. by a part of that, human process which the divine mission o _. B. Joyner entertained [ttfe Thursday Contract club and e guest, Mrs. Fred Sandefiir, Is week for cm afternoon party. .Mrs. Baker Wilson won the prize, " Sth powder. [A plate lunch was served. -.- * • • <%|rcle to Have Isipper .Tuesday iy,The Business Women's circle of ' First Presbyterian church will sup'iKr party nterUiin with uesday evening in. the social room [P'-trie, churcrV for. other members lafc'tbc. church to lie with the Rev; •B.'' H. .Salmon and his family. • j^; After supper to be served at 7 ,5j:16ck, : there will be an infbrmal tpiogram for entertainment. Tho "Silver offering taken will be used JlJf the circle for Its work. i*.. ... .firs. W. T. Obtrst jJompUmmls Daughter ;£|Mrs. W. T. Oberst, entertained iiiiist evening i in ! "honor of; 1 her "jughte.ri Mrs. sturgeon Pa'tter- Biimingharn,' Ala., wlien . _____ , eight, Qf-h$r<jnost-inllrnnl# (mends for a bridge gnrac. ?-j : Mixed candles, were served dur- IJjig the game and the rcfrcsh- t«nents were chwsc' salad in toma- >tq aspic rings, pickles and coffee. |£.|The high score prize, hosiers', t .yrcnl to Mrs. Samuel F. Morris, i*lrs. Lcc Walton received bath 'tfowdcr for the cut prte and Mrs. IJ'Bttcrson's gift was hosiery. ,-:?.Irs. .Patterson and daughter, ••Vivian, who have been here since IK"' o! jffie to*. The Literary club met at the home of Mrs. C. W. Ferguson Tuesday afternoon with Mrs. S. C. Brandon jr., as lender. Mrs. D. N r . Morris gave a review of "Lltllc Man, What Now?" by Hans Fnll- ada, and Mrs. Carl.Bird gave a jrlef sketch of llio author's life The critic's estimate of the book, taken- from (he Saturday Review ol Literature, were given by Mrs. H. M. Lewis. "'Thirty-five members attended Lhe.v,j£airent-Teacher association meeting Thursday. Mrs. Hudson Wrenn discussed "Factors Influencing the New Social Order," and Mr. Wrenn told of the study' 12,000- Arkansas teachers arc giving to curriculum revision. "Depression —the End of an E|x>ch," by Miss Margery Williams, and a piano solo by Miss Ncllraye Thompson Closed the program. The president urged Hint all members attend tho cbuhty council meeting to be held nt "DweoliitTritliiy. January '19.' Tin attendance prize went to the 10th gfartc. 'Another ^membership'-drive will be made this month. '. + * » Mrs. J. R. Cullum was hoslesa to the Wednesday bridge club this week. Mrs. S. C. Brnndon held high score. Mrs. John Enochs Is a piny that, came up In today's hand. , jtSiristmas. plan 15.. •.. • to leave about '•Mas Bridge Lunrlieon 12 guests entertainer! by ilfyrs. Max D. Miller jr., Thursday i'*>r a' bridge luncheon included ]THembeTS of the Thursday Lunch- iStin club, Mmes. W. J. Pollard. Kirby and Fariisworth 'JSack. U'-A. bowl of mixed spring flowers i«nd colorful place cards were, in '•tteplng with the apprnnching sea- l.i'At cards, Mrs. Pollard received "•a* double deck of cards and Mrs. "Al G.-Little, hosiery, for high score • '•^)n Born |*'Mr. and i\Vs. Crawford Greene idhnoimoy the'.birth of'a son early <<ast night, at the Blj-thevillc hos- ]Jjtal. The baby, who weighs seven ,*nd a'-hslf pounds, has been nam- •^d James Allen. ;rj .- . ';. * * Officers Elected. ..*';The-i'Jusf. Friends'- B. Y. P. U. j'Met for the.monthly business ir.ect- iJng last evening at the home of A '<;. Blaylock-'with John Holland ^'resident, presiding. ••.-Plans for the coming month were "<)|scusscd and the following officers liwerc etectcd: president, John Hol- iriand; vlpc-prcstdcnt, A. C. Blay•J}ck jr.; Kccreiary,'Bill Crowe; cor- • icsponding secretary, Bobbie Jeanne "Blaylock;. treasurer, Tommy Haw- J-tjns; 'Bibie readers' leader, Anne ITTompkirvs'; group captains, Annie liaura Collins ahd-flildred Hood. • f* Afterwards the eleven present a 1 social hour. new member, taking the place lefl vacant by the removal lo ulylhc- ville last week of Mrs. U.'C. DaV- idson. J. .'Mr.-iand Mrs. J. H. Cralu. Mrs Walter Clird and Mrs. Charlc Lane spcnl Thursday In Memphis Mrs. Robert Wrlghl and da'ugli ter. Miss Elizabeth, have rclurnc tu their home at Poplar Bluff af ler a Iwo weeks visit with Mrs Wright's daughters. Mrs. W. I Wilson and Miss Eloise Wright. Rev. and Mrs. John Caughle are spending a few days In Mem phis as guests of their son, Joh T., and daughter, Miss Kea. J. C. Cullum returned Tnesda from a business trip lo Chicago Mrs. Eva Kcrlln spent Thursda at Hulbcrt, Ark., the ot hc daughter, Mrs. Earl Cross. Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Loe Wilso spent Thursday In Memphis guests of Mrs. Wilson's brotl'.e Owen Armstrong, and Mrs. Arm strong. 4.K J -1 Duplicate—All Vul. Opening lead—V C ioutll Wrst Kortli. KK»t : 1 K'T. I'ass 2 4 3'aES 2 N, T.' I'asa a -V. T. Pass Jesus was to be realized. Yet Jesus well may have rejolcei In his baptism at the hands o Dorothy Thomas and I John > for hc P ald to Jonn the high ./ . p..,,. , v; i;est tribute that could be paid t Marvin rulliam Wed; mortal man, .when he said tha ___ among those born of women CAUtrTHEHSVlLLE, Mo. — The marriage of Ml«s Dorothy Thomas, I the Baptist. has not arisen a greater than Johr my with the kinn ot spades and makes his contract. However, West . lias opportunity lor a neat bit of false-carding. He should hop right In with the king of diamonds. Ot course the declarer will win the trick with the ace, In dn ..... ly, but it now looks as though East must have held four diamond-, to the ten— oi Poplar BlufT, and Marvin Pul-J Ham. of this city, was solemnized' otherwise why wllh tlic king? did West gi in How essentially tlw baptism o The temptation to the artist is deeper significance. o use his gift for something less lan beauty and Blory of his art, o prostitute It to baser ends. The cmptatlon ol tlie poet is to be ontent with something less than w highest beauty of form and xpresslon and the nearest ap- roach to perfection that he can chleve. The temptation of the man of •ganlzing genius, or of statesman- ike ability, Is to use his organlz- ng power, or his skill in ihc mas- try and leadership of men, for worldly ambition oj for his own aggrandizement. It was the temptation of this sort that Jesus rejected. In fact, the real force of the temptaU ,hat assailed him may have had fact, i! atton iad a L H may have been the temptation to work lor a material and immediate triumph of his kingdom rather than to chcosc the paih u la i led to the cross In his uncompromising service ot truth. This Is a temptation thai in some form assails us all, lo refuse some sacrifice that triitli and righteousness demand and to set aside s:ma great goal, while at the same time we delude ourselves into thtnkirij that the way o[ expediency is iv.e way of better achievement. Tempted men may learn from the nature of the Master's temptations, as well as find Inspiration In his conquest of the tempter. Read Courier News Want Ads. at the home of the groom's sister. Jesus was a part of the human Mrs. Tom French, by the liev. C. C. I ritual—a fulfillment of all right- llarnhardt, pastor of the local Me- eousness in human terms and de- lliodis', church. mands — was manifested very 'Ilie bride is Ihc daughter of Mr. j quickly in the experiences of the and Mrs. W. C. Thomas of poplar | temptation. So a small diamond is returnee! fioin dummy and dtclnrer iinfss; the nine, expecting West to shnw out. But West wins the '.ric with the ten, cashes his king and ten of hearts, and then leads n e'ub, which Bast wins with, Ihc ace. Instead of making his contrao 1 ., the declarer Is down two tricks. (Copyright. 1934, NP.A Service, Inc.) The Bidillnj Soulh's hand Is about as weak holding as could justify un orlg- i»l no trump biu. However, ^Jn uplicute bridge, you cannul alford liass such a.hard ami the best id Is one no trump. West is not strong enough to lake a vulnerable overcall. North nows his diamond suit with a bid f -two diamonds, having no fear f the hand being pawed, as any ild over an origin,-.! one no trump r a lorce. South Is not st.' enough lo ump to three no trump, so hc ,1'Oiild respond simply with two no Keiser Baby. Dies Ella Mae Grable, 11-monlha-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. P.' S. Grable of Keiser, died yesterday afternoon at four o'clock at the family home. Her death was at- Irlbuled to pneumonia. Funeral services will be held; al lie liomp in Keiser at three o'clock his afternoon with the Rev. Clayon Cotton officiating. Interment fill be made at Brlnkley cemol,e^y. .The L. G. Moss Undertaking com- inny Li in charge of funeral ilr- •aneemenls. The deceased is survived by Her parents and five brothers. niuff. She was a member of t-e 1932 class of Poplar Bluff high rchool and later attcr.dcd\ business college there. The groom was graduated from the local high school, and attended tlic Junior College here and Tupelo Military Institute at Tupelo, Miss. For the past few years hc has been employed In the offices of the Vandivort Lumber Co. The young couple -are making llieir home at 807 Eastwood Ave. Hospital Notes Patients admitted to the Blythe- villc hospital: Mrs. Crawford Greene, city; Mrs. Fred Glasscock. Luxora; C. B.. Mallbie. Manila. Dismissed: Mrs. Minnie Mitchell, city; W. O. Kearney, .Btcele, Mo. Colds That Hang On Don't let ll'.cm get a strangle nptd. Fight germs quickly. Creo- inulsion combines 7 major helps h one. Powerful but harmless. Plcns- ?.nt to take. No narcotics. Youi cv.-n druggist Is aHhorizrd to re fund your money on Hie spot i ycur cough or cold is not rellevct by Cvcomulslon. —Ad\ . Wanted—A Wooden Leg BLUEFIELD, W. Va. tUP) — Workers at the Bluefleld CWA The baptism did not set Jesus sside as apart from human life It did not surround him with protective influences that were not vouchsafed to other men. It emphasized only the cfivlne "areer that he was to live In hu- nan surroundings and even in the nidst of human temptations. Here, again, was the fullillmen of all righteousness in the triumph of right over the promptings o !vll and over the temptations of a esser good. The temptations tha assailed Jesus were no less rea because they were not gross temp iations of the flesh. The temptation to command tha stones should be made bread migh be interpreted in terms ol mate riall5rn''an"d grossncss, but it wa more a temptation to use wonder working power for insufficient o trivial ends than the temptatio lo trail the divine life in the mir of gross and material sins. headquarters were surprised when a- one-legged man came into the leg. and asked for a new wooden The temptations that ossaile Jesus, were Ike temptations tha were more likely to assail a ma He said that he had hear'd a called to'a hi^commSon P^ < ll"""^ 1 '"! bs .. hadbcen -bly the Keenest temptations t Start the J^eu> Joar ADOPT THESE • ' • - N GOTHAM TWINS! shipped in by ihc federal government for free distribution. Read Courier News Want Ads. that a man has lq combat arc those lhat meet him on" the plane of his noblest aspirations and hie greatest abilities. j olP STRIPE Styles from Sheerest Chiffon to Service— 95c, $1.15, $1.50 "Adjustables" fit every leg with , perfect comfort— $1.15 and $1.50 MissWhitsitt'sShdp Ingredients of Vicla VtpoRub in Convenleot Candy Form VICKS COUGH DROP BARGAINS IN NEW & USED FURNITURE R.J.DODSON 303 E. Main - Phone 153 Mrs. G. C. Hudson and son Hugh. Mis. E. E. Colcniiin. and Mrs. Oscar Barksilale are In Memphis today. $ Wardell News •f|Mr'. and" Mrs. heiric Ashley cn- Jjitalnecl Monday night with a idance.-. "•';H»rve Endy and ''family have -J^bved from the J. D. ;Hill plaoe._ < M Mlss Marie Bryan spent Monday 'ftghl with Miss Esl'elle Reynolds. i^Mrs. Dorothy Turner spent Suni*iy and Sunday night with Mr. atid '$18. WiUie-Shannon. ( !.,Miss_.. LouUe Bennett visiled •friends here the past week. '£MUs Etta Harvey spent Monday Jalght with Miss'Thelma HU1. Dogwood Items Miss Pear] Wilson Is sick wilh measles. The Rev. Mr. Slaiford filled his legular appoinlmenl at I)ngwo-d school Sunday. Mrs. Robert Malthews has returned lo her home in New Orleans after spending llic holidays wilh her parents. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Craig • Miss Scddie Joiner will return home soon after attending llic lu- neral oi her molhcr at PigROll. Cjuinon Sprayberry has rclurned lo the C. C. "C. camp at Dover. Ark., after spending a few days wilh his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Homer Sprayberry. Mits Alma' Britten visilod Miss V. C. Sprayb'erry last week end. Mrs. Victor Craig is visiting lie: mother, Mrs. Wllkerscn, at Hayti Ih is \v«;k. CLEAN SYSTEM B 'FOR HEALTH i,*. Prow Utf pteuuit relief that Thed- jU^rd'c.bUclL-Drautbt b?ln«8 in cues ot i^M^tl^iUod,' jnou e*U-*ork" better, 1 pli.y .-" hirt*r iufl etijoj Ufa more iiiljr. Bltek- Z>f»u|bt t«ndt to fiUblUh rtffriirltjf ol J^vrl n^emeatc Sold In NERVOUS, RUNDOWN Mr.*. II. T K«ie of Salus. Ark. 5vd: "Before I looV l>r. Perec's r'avoriii I'resriip'.i-!^ I \\i\ ri;r. dann ir.d r.nvo-iv hij i-.o appelitr. ar.-l cc:iM n< skcp v<H. Now. 1 am different u^un Ii \n\ r rtved r.y pHTi. r-ufeud r .,. /•^es ar.d t\\tx rr.e a U -^* ter apt'ciiie." lo Dr. Piece's Clinic. UufUlo, N*. V. Mrf. Ub!fts-50f. Vrjairj ;j CO. Lirpt 3S. cr t^uiil, $L,i>. "We Uo Our Tari." "/ send my clothes to the Unique Cleaners" -so do I" — and ,so do /" JANUARY ? is a Month of Bargains THE MAN (or perhaps it was a. woman!) who invented the towel had a great idea! And an equally great benefactor was the man (or more likely a woman) who conceived the scheme of making towels as colorfully attractive as they are bathingly service-- ablc - > - and so should You Hemorrhoids (Piles) cured without the: knife. Other rectal diseases treated. Varicoscd veins treated non-surgically. DRS. NIES * N1ES !U \V. Main . Phone 98. Unique oilers Ihn same service ci«y in and day out. You kno.w your clothes will always bo returned as clean as a pin nnd in good condition. UNIQUE Cleaning Service Phone 111 Along about this time of the year, towels also have their plan of moving from bargain counters to thrifty closets. Linens, handkerchiefs and blankets also beckon the eye and prices soothe the pocketbook. January is a glorious month Cor bargains! The advertisements in your newspaper are important news of the shopping world and they tell an interesting story of quality and price — of things that are new. Did you ever pause to consider how much time and expense these advertisements save you? You make your own decisions in your own home. You figure the cost to a penny. Then, with the help .of these daily messages of economy in your newspapers, you go forth on an adventure of buying and return with exactly what you intended to get.

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