The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 8, 1932 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 8, 1932
Page 3
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i THIIRSDA^SEPTEMBER 8, 1932 Births in Inly Numbered 116 Aaainst Dealb. List Totaling 58. llirths exceeded dcatiis in a ratio of exactly Iwq to 3!K- in Ml;- tfeippi comity in July, aecnrdiai; to-.i report given Ur. A. M. W.^h- burii, director of ill? M : -s:ss;pi)i coi.nty hiMllli unit l:y l!r Inivpjii •-•" vital sliUisllcs of [lie slat; tonrd -.1 heullh. The ropajt. ii is pjiii'.oU c::t. sn-.v not Iw 100 [K?r rent coma, ns i; .'omel'mos happens that bmhs an not registered or dcit;-; raii(ic;i;:s filed as required by law. Tlip report choirs 116 births i:\ Ihls county in lii? month ol July, nnti 58 deaths. Tyohaii f>v? f accounted fur fix of (lie dcr.hs. KJIII- were due (o malaria. i»n to eolith mid infectious diarrh;a] toil-.- to tuberculosis, and Icur to j>:>3i:!BB:iii Five succumbed to gmslial \veumK or other violence, in ;i»ht eif«= death WD.S reported to li.iv.- -jccnr red without m:dical attention, an in inosl of these the cause was reported as unknown. liab'es v.'ere born In t!)e fol'.O'.v ing families in July* accordi:i° r the report, which (iocs no; .-.lifter entiate between white and negr births, persons knowing cf chilrtre horn in.July not included' in t'ni list a:e asked to coiiiiniuikMt? wil 1 Dr. Wsuliburn. as omission froiy the Hst ir«ll»nte.t failure to havr the birth rpgistcr:d. which'ma' prove a matter of imporiance lo the child !«_ later li.fe. BlUlievllI?: ,!. E. Oipson. Homer Earf Tinker. James Carter, J. T Hcbinson. Cloric'a Pigzio: Jo= Piu 1 .Morris. H. F. Duncan. E.irl p. Sn! livan. Burton w. Fit7Simmon« RcoEsvelt Tuio. Frar.k JOIICF. Pres ton Siiilih. F r »d CcoiKr Fowler Hugh Jones. Voyd D. Overman . John Fayns, John Ho'lrman. Joh- L. Sfcvrns. Jfnruie cfil?.. Fran' Hedge. Ross steel. Sherrell Fitz maid. Willie Willlson. Charles F s Springer, Jc? Sinks. Virgil L,->nde- intre, Joe N. Hill. Larson Crump Edgar Le« Davis. John Lincoln Wi ley R. Ball. Bill Pu!!in ,12551 Franks. Bert Ellison. John Arnolr Jerry A. Lloyd. O. s. Stcele. H;r JJLYTIIEV1LLE. (AUK.) CQUltHM NEWS Hold 10 in Flat, Loot Vault Belou Death Claims Aged Greenbriar Resident Mrs. M. F. Wilson. (U jc.irs ol:l, (lU-d nt Uio liomo'uf lier 5011 nil (.iiwnbrlur Illcliw. iwrlli of Armo- rt'l, c.l 2 o'clock yi-slmliiy alur- noon. Tlic:»Kcrt woman li.ul bvi'ii In ill Iiealtli li:r ronu- tlnu- ?.:ul li-: 1 licalh was nUrllniU'd indirectly lo licr iiclvmirat IIRC. Mineral wrvlcrs will be 'u'ld Hi! 1 , afternoon nl 1 oViock m M:i]>!« drove ceiiH'iciy hew willi tin- li«v. Alfii-d s. llaravll. juisloi- of Uio llnptiu dmreli, ulllvlatini. The Cobb Um!i'r!:iklhn ccmpjny .s ):) clini-Kf of fuiXM'iil .•irriiiigi'inriits. L. O. Wihun. inul n iluu,;..IIT, Mii. W. M. Simmons of Uiisi'ismil. Til.- d.'reasttl Is survived by n ssii. Plans for Memorial I = Monument Considered ! &• Circus Stars ai?cl Playmate Ko'.dhi; 10 ix'isci!.: ciiplive for u lioi:rs in Iw.i lists abuve n C!u:ui;3 aunts lira, n ffi\i( of robbers ripped awiiy fleering, used, amjlcnc orctirs lo c;u into safety dcpisli vaults and looted them of cash mid .i.;:Jnbiis. The ko: is estimated ai n minimum of 5250,000 and may :orch nearly SI.CCC.OCO. Louis Knife (center) was one ol ihe residents menaced. Oih3rs included five women and a baby. HOQUMM. Wash. (Ul>i—Mans la establish a monument lo mark ' jjwjj Hie iirsl .snot in Washington visited by a iililtc man sirs rim ircre. ! Gcor»e Nnr'.hnin. .JelVerson raun- l.v li-^islnlia- ana pref!d:-iit .if till- ! Wc-unn Olympic (Jliib. would li.ive ; II)'-' marker p!uc;d at Cudai- Creek., ill-can resort north of Kalalc.-k. ! 'Historical records show that C3- <lar Crci'fc ivus I he la ml In;; pile; for 11 iK'iiy of whiles, led by C ni'.^lu Kruno Hi'cela. S[].m!':h'ir.urer." i ;'< ;-(" li; declares. Th; landing u;i=a t^'jl deuce. PAGE THREE Bureau Begins Work on Hurricane Alarm System) HOUSTON. Ti-x. iUJ>>-.p ra fl(|j|J ">' 'hi 1 i-\|i(.'rlnice uf ilr. Aim ri tropical hiiiTlcani'. which clalmcil iiiiini- llvrs nnd rniisrcl | Jr ,-. at P1O . in'ily iliiinane, tlm uiiltod Rtules Wt'iilln'r linreau IHTC bus bugim \vnik (i:i mi aliirm sysli-in lo Ije i:;'i'rt In fntnri? cnsi'S. 1 iiu-tciiei- II. U.ilnteilleld, nov- ' '"iinil mpti>r(il(i«Kl. pniposrs lo iiiiiln m my alriihnes wldi sltvns so tlii')- nni lly over the <ltmii?r in >MI :UH| wnnj residents. In icceiit lnii;!nine iimnv m*r- snns nlons (lie fiulf Coist and In Isolated spots fulled to receive ivws of the nnproarliliiK florin in tlnii- lo (H'nciuitc (he area. Wiun(ni;s scnl liv tekulionn. li'lf|:rn|)li nnd over riv.llo liliitlonn fuilfil to reiich iiiiiny seclluns. Likely Choice for Cardinal CHIT Beverly. Da!!: H. S.-Davis, Hugh L, Perry. Luxora: Charlie Hume: 1 .' Carl Thompson. Eddie Dmakl. Robert Hill, William Homer Posts. Manila: James H. Stokely. Joe Foster. Win. M. Scott. Orvell D. Maaey. Robert StrlcSland. Hob=rt. Henry Hill. Osceal.i:..\Valtcr Cumery. Andrew Trionios^'lUnfy Collier.'Cb- inanl Brent. Wm. Henley Cr:el. RiiHord I=om. Wm. Tomniv Uug- gar, Daniel Jackson Hcmphill, F. D. Burnette. Isaac Blankciiship. L?avator Cross. Asberry Anderson. James Parks. WAlie .HiirriE. ^An- 1 drev.-.J. Price. ChrislUi McBrlde, Charlie Colore, Odcila Colore. Elan Homer.Ho-.vard, Alt-ert Edwln'-Hisr rfon. • ' ; •''' man n. Pritchard. Ella Joiner. Gcsnell: Curtis Potter, Daniel Elber: McGill, Pearl Watkins. Hichman: WocKlroa 1 W. Shrabel. Kcisrr: chnvljy Seal, Irvan L. Bruce. Sllns Moorman. Roben Johnson, James .Mnrtin Mokl-?;. John Lue Hood. I Burdctte: Ira Jolferbon Bleilsoc. j Carson: Jolinny Gray. ! Arniorcl: Hubert Wilson, Elnora ; Williams. i Wilson: David Branch. I Huffman: Joe D. Btecfee. ; Frenchman's Bayou: John Davis ! Joiner: 1 ' Ear they Highs, Ed Jack- 'sou, Adam Grave, Charlie Hiiijlns. j Ixachvitle: J. N. Roc. Murrcl L'. ! fipence, J. M. t-'orman, Dave Fre-.v, • Freddie Eugene. Docid. Fred Hodge! I Frederick -Terry- White, Sam z»s- '.' ter Brothertpn, Oscar J. Moore. C'e- icil.w. Shcnvcod. EIra Wheeler, W. :0. Cockrum, -.Charley Walls. Ricii- j ^rd Lee Blocker, j. M. Johnson. '• I ' Whltton: 1 JohiVEIIfs'Moorine, Earl I Madison Morris. | Driver: Fuller Vance. ; Tyronza: Wilce Hubbard. Olady:; - Sanders, Charlie Washington. A'.twr: , Duncan. •. ! Futrell Spent $4,760 to Win Governorship i 1 LITTLE ROCK—Thc successful igtibfriiatorlHl camiialsn of Chanccl- jlor J. Marlon Futrell of Paragould Irtst him $4.'ieo.ll, his statement ililtrt with tiie secretary Q( state | chovvetl. Howard A. Reed, unsuccessful itfmaterial ramltrt.ije. silent {<,- ilrcal Hiiiii'iibcck-WalliirF Ciricus. iiiey nud nil sorts of Itiler- |f--ii!iiS Ihlngs to do Iwlwceu shows. j in-lining between • the artcinoon I air.l uljjhl perfoi-iiiiuices. : H'.TI- we see them playltis with | LilUiir.:;. e. baby camel which wus l::;rn in a stcck car less than a I'.-.tL-l: ;^o. They I\nd her a wond- jirliil lltt!e net. nlltclloimlc ami : piiiylul bill, like all JOUIISS.UTIS. j'liiiic.'i prefers toeing v/ilh ller mo- 1 Hi'--/ lusleaU ol being fcnillcd. ! Wii:u ilngenbeck-Wallacc comes I to Wednesday, Sejn. 14 yuii'll xo nil three or (hem. Anna imcl Uessie are Uvo'of the Hoinnn ring girls, while Lilians will IJP seen ivltli Iw molhc'r under the munasjerle top. '1'iii' bl? ' show perlornmnci's, sie.niiij,' at 2 nnd 8 P. M., with -Clcqwtrn, Queen of E(.v|it," beiui- tllul, lyili-nl pageant, me built this I SC.MUOII ou thrills ami beauty, Thu • spi'dacli'. in which hundreds uf ; peuple and animals lake part, is if aid to be the most gorgeous ojicn- I liiB mmiber ever presented In clr- | custioai. The greatest circus nets, | ami wild Jungle Ix'iisl displays fcu- I Hire the in-Gynim. House By Fire This Morning A i.'iitnl house. In ihe necro pec- I Ion of Hie city known us "s;iw:lus! ! luir.oins." was desliovi'd by Urn o( , :iifciiown nrixhi abiinl seven o'clnck I Ilils inorninif. Tin- linuse, »0 F.asl Cleveland, nmu-d hy taiirlPimh 1 l-'owler. was (nlnl loss. H viis vnlu-?tl at nbiiut $7f.O. covere<l by alwut $-100 iD'ilninro. Neuro orciipanls nf (lie house hud gone to the cotton fields n lime "before Ihe lire broke oul ami flr.-mien believed they left a liol llr'j in the cookslove which caaseil llit. 1 hla^e. I MONTSEANO, Wash. (UP)— | Here's a handy one for the hous-'- . wife— ^another use lor the family clothes ivringer: In shelling [was I for canning, put the peas i'0'ls aid i nil, in scalding water, in Jcold water and-. Iced -through tin- lessened wringer. The peas chop I from the pods and the pods nre re- Ijectcd. l"n- Slcsl Kev. 1'etcr Fumnsonl- llloiidl. above, apostolic dclegalc' ' tu ihe United Stales. b> expected lo be elevated IB eardlnalcy at" tlie Nuvenilicr consistory of the Humiu Cnlhiilie Church, succcctl- HB the !a(e Cardinal Wlllem van iossum. uc has been In Wash-.. Ingion since 1022. llcblirrs IMld Bus Fare HOT SPHINOS. Ark. Illl'l — \Vh«n four ncjjroK .stopped A. n. Ro;lgcrs on the higliiviiy, near here, and roblx?d him of his pockcttmk ami automobile, tlicy gave him two dollar.s nnd sidd, "Use this for bus money to RO to llol Springs." Read Courier News \Vant Ads. ERIC THE RED "Nature in the Ratu"— as fjor- traycd by Harland Frujcr... inspired by that marauding Viking chic/tain whose vandalism .branded him as the "Terror of the N 7 ortfi" (975-1000 A. D.). 212 Pupjls Attending l.nm]Hou Institute, and Carrie B. v T • • c \ , I Jellerson who has far sevcrui j.'n-i negro l raining school isusiii in iiic- Moion higii school ai Mavlann.i, Ark. Tiie Mississippi county colored Draining schcbl opened Monday at Ai morel wllh an enrollment ol 212 pupils. For the opening .session there were a number of vlsllor.s. L. W. Harmvuy, principal of the Armorcl school, is spsnsorlng thi; school. Associated with him are Ge- . ncva Haraway. Sara Mavcs. of 1 Maslutlcn's Tucth Kniiml I'ORTEIIVILLE. C.ll HJI>)—What was believed to lie a tooth from the tow Jaw of a prehistoric mnslo- clou was discovered near ];?;-o r^- ceiilly during inlnliis Ojierallotis The loolli, about eight Inrhr' sniiaic. was found with other tones nt n ilcnlh of 1^ feel. Wonderful Face Powder Prevents Large Pores—•••-•• Stays on Longer '" For a youthluj complexion, use TONS' wonderful MELLO-OLO P»» Powder. Hides tiny,.lines, wrinkles- and |»rcs. New Frencli process makes it spread more smoothly and' stay on longer. No more shiny, noses. Purest face powder known. Prevents large pores. Ask today' for new. wonderful face powder, MELLO-OLO, that suits every complexion. Klrby Drug Company or Kirliy Urothcrs Drug Co. —Adv. Read Courier News Want Ads. —and raw tobaccos have no place in cigarettes They are not present in Luckies ... the mildest cigarette you ever smoked W E buy thc finest, the very finest tobaccos in all thc world—but that docs not explain why folks everywhere regard Lucky Strike as the mildest cigarette. The fact is, we never overlook thc truth that "Nature in the Raw is Seldom Mild"—so these fine tobaccos, after proper aging and mellowing, arc then given the benefit of that Lucky Strike purifying process, described by thc words—"It's toasted ". That's why folks in every city, town and hamlet say that Luckies arc such mild cigarettes. "It's toasted" That package o| mild Luckies "If a man tvritt a ttlkr hok, preach a klttntmcn, cr makt a tttter mme-trap than 'bis ntighter, tho In bsiiUbu lx»ut in tin UK>di,tht wcrld will make a btatin fat!> tt his door. "-RALPH WALDO EMERSON. Docs not this explain the world-wide acceptance and »pprovil of Lucky Strike? School Again! Here's * Goorf Thing Tender. Full Khivor'.^C 2 C;>r.a for UtJ SOAP Lux 2 Bars 15c Ucii & While Or Merry War Your Choice 3 Cans for 25c CORN BEEF Coin and Care Illcnd (TAC (>nllon t>U ? A T A l\ 'MESSING Occn ZRLnl? While. Pi KRAUT lw * w "i I>O W»KR R. & . All Kliivors. I! lor " KANS 1!hic & While. 2 Cans «• * »'. i,-u,. sh../v-i l 1'1,-iii, S1.2f,; U U,s. UD liluu & White Country (ientleiniin No. 2 Can for l '" ro A ..... : ci(lcr Ii-Snvil (}:. Jar T I ' I)WI>KU |( - * w. -H MAYONNAISE «t i COFFEE (),„. r ; ,ll , lr •> Small Cms J (i> " lrnnt «<l- S. R. -I.S Us. 85f; 2 1 I.| 1S CHERRIES CELERY LETTUCE si ;l ,10 ( BOLOGNA ..,,<, 8 C POTATOES ,„<, 23 C Prices for Friday anti Saturday, Aug. 91h nnd 10th

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