The Fort Wayne Sentinel from Fort Wayne, Indiana on February 24, 1886 · Page 3
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The Fort Wayne Sentinel from Fort Wayne, Indiana · Page 3

Fort Wayne, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 24, 1886
Page 3
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Lfv J wp'" .U.HVJM hi ) ' i - A it - 4 if - , fr "r i "r - n r i,T,ii v n ' ' ' t'l'm "'j' "'' ,,i ,, lnlt, - r T , , h i'i, m , i, ( - a, , , . . , v Vr - " - 'I1 !, . I. M( I r Absolutely Pure. This powder never ranos. A znarvei ot pu rity, strength, and wnolesomeness. More eco - nomical than the ordinary kinds, and cannot be sold In competition with the multitude of low teat, short weig tat, alum or phosphate pow ders. Bold only In cans. Uotaiu Baking Powdib CO.. loft Wall - st.. N Y. mayaJ - dawU nSNTISTKY. GEORGE A. LOAG. Oflloe Corner of Oallionn and Columbia itreet, Over OraflVs Jewelry Btore. .l - JsfcriMlI Curu guaranteed by Dr. J. B. Mayor. Base at once; no operation, or delay In business; tested hundreds of cures. Main ufnoe.&il Arch st , Phils. At Custer houso. Kort Wnyn,Wh unfl lftth of PRrh month !9 - iv rjR. JAMES M. DINNEN, 1'HVSICIAN ANIl 301ilKOlS. fllce, 78 Ca.botln Street KBB'dctipn. A0 West Wayne Rtr' t La, dies Do you want a pure, blooming Complexion I It so, a few applications of Hflgan's MAGNOLIA 11 ALM will gratify you to your heart's content. It does away with Sal - Iowncss, Itedness, Pimples, Blotches, and all diseases and Imperfections of the skin. It OTercomes the flushed appearance of heat, fatigue and excitement. It makes a lady of TIIIItTY appear but TWENTY ; and so natnral. gradual, and perfect are Its effects, that ft Is impossible to detect Its application. Jlu l - eodi, it ANNO VNCEMENTS. TOWNSHIP TRUSTEE. To the Democrats of Wayne Township: In comp. lance with I he wishes of my friend and democrats (ronerally, 1 havo docitled to b a candidate for trustee of Wayne township before the democratlo townBhip nomtnatlne oonventioQ in April next. Truly yours, 1IRUMAN F. A. OKKKB. JUSTICE OFTIIK I'KACK. To the Editor of Tiik Hkntinbi.. I horowltli submi t my name as a candidate forthe office of Justlcoof ,ho Peace of Wayn Township, aubieot to the decision of the Wayne Township Democrat u Noiuinntlnir convention. HAU11Y F. KKANC'K. NE W AD VET2 TISEMENTS. DV8PEPHIA Its nature. Cannes, prevention and cure Fly John II. Mc Mvln. Lowell, Mass., 14 jears tax collector. Sent Iree io any address. LAIHE8 VVANTK1) to work for us at their own hoinrfl. f7 to 10 per week can be easily made, no ciiuhk4iik fascinating and steady employment Particulais and sample of the work sent for stamp. Address HOME M'F'O CO , I' I). Ilnx lW, ttoswnn, Mass. rrnirTn B I HM I 1 I I - ICBFf Catalogue. t. It. CI1AFFIN b CO.. lUrtunond, a. FARMS&MILLS For Kale Exchange. CONSUMPTION. I bT posltlv varasdv for tb abov d !, by 1U innniinni omxb I'l in wni imiu vi ,.' tandlnKhavbftn cured. Iitilmil oui - tiiT." raTfulth NIOHOL S 31 ARK ANl lllUiH used auu the M lllHC'AI. lrif Mslnn for theiBttrnly - nvyer,ftanIlnnr TO.TIIV for Ion of nppetlle. ncrvoni pvoalratlon. Ikvinvilnaii'l nil ironiilf utImIiii; tn m 4JKMl.It - BARK& IRON PENNYROYAL PILLS "CHICHESTER'S ENGLISH." The OrIjplii! imnl 4nly Jiinln. nr n !? K1UM nrwnor WatHhlrM Imlutiuna. Iniilpniihlo to LADIES. Ak yr lrwatf1l Air M''hewter'B ETl - ll, n.l laHe no oUm nr htolmw 4 (umifl to ua fur itriiuuUm in Irttrr hf pftnra ansll. MAfLrfe. PAPER rhftntftl f'., riMnns. r , M(Miu,it, KUHrn, rtilU1u. Vm. At nrill4 Tr"! vl"" J, I. lrk A . CraulniiMll, Ohl - I CURE F'TS! ttm ni corn I IMJ 'i i I Bar ror I do mi mly tbm ter a .t itin ! Iliin FBtuin Kl I " "f"1 "fcNr"' i uiu1y varraiitmr rvrtf to r , worn or" - " 'w - "' ,1? I' l"d ' " fur a i n - w m ruia. nim inn i' ....t.M - Hninirf mr ifRhiill Miva ,.! n.i OOi It itHrttynn HolMn fra I ll. ,, , , , ) H it MKrT I""" r"' " w te WANT SALESMEN ovorywhero. local if and traveling, to sun m "" ' rirn!. at onoe and tare salary wanted. Ad - rtS. BTANDAKOSlLVBtt VARS OsMPA - BEskiNfibiENtiiss ojp pviiHd .11. I ' ,, BT BEN : PKBLET POOBE. Tho contested election of the neat iu the Bouse pf Representatives belonging to the Third District of Massachusetts, by Walbvidge A. Field and Benjamin W. Dean, was finally decided by seating the latter by one vote. There was a great deal of evidencd taken, and there was much talk - bef)ro the Committee on Klections, llio rosidt of which was that it appearsnl probab1! that Mr. Field would retain, the srat bv twelve votes. Jt then leaked out that Gen. K. F. Butler was pnginccriiif? the ase of his old Demorratio friend, Mr. Dean, inspired, doubtless, by the bitter attacks which had been made on him by that portion of the Massachusetts Republicans with which Mr. Field was affiliated. After having materially aided Mr. Springer, of the Committeo on Klections, in the preparation of his report on tho case, which was adverse to Mr. Ticld, Gen. Butler directed his attention especially to the 4hree colored Republican members of tho House. He assumed to have special control of them, for the reason that he planted himself as their defender and as the great champion of the law which was to preserve the integrity of the colored man's party; but the colored men showed how little confidence they had in these assurances, and how little they thought that the principles of the supervision law were involved in this contest, by declining to cast a single vote for Mr. Dean. It was then necessary to work upon those Democrats who had declared that they intended to vote for Field, and the cuso was twioe postponed that they might be brought over under party pressure. Alexander Stephens, of Georgia, who had declared that he would vote for Field, changed his mind, and his example was followed by three other Georgia Representatives who had been Field men. Wilson, of West Virginia, had even said that ho would speak in favor Of Field, but ho suspended the preparation of his speeoh when he decided to vots for Dean. When a preliminary vote to the final decision was reached, it was found that Chapman Freeman, of Philadelphia, was absent, without having been paired, and tho Democrats felt certain of success. The next day Mr. Dean's friends betrayed great anxiety, seeking delay that the dilatory Democrats might reach the House. A motion to adjourn, on which the roll was called, gave an hour's delay, tho clerks at the desk reading the vote very slowly. The hopes of the. Democrats fell when it was discovered that Chapman Freeman, whet had been absent the preceding day, was present, but to offset him they secured the vote of James T. Jones, of Alabama. Jones made an explanation of his vote, stating in substance that the previous day his own convictions were that the law and the facts were in favor of Field's retaining his seat, but that, finding that his party associates thought differently, he had decided" that he had no right to have opinions of his own, and had surrendered them to tho dictates of his colleagues. This explanation was regarded as very lame, and there were some unpleasant rumors about the real cause for Mr. Jonos' somersault. Rut it, to use a slang Congressional phrase, "cooked Mr. Field's goose" and seated Mr. Dean, who was a very genial, pleasant gentleman. This was Gen. Butler's work, and it was well done. Mr. Sumner's enemies circulated a statement that his great speech on Alaska was prepared at the Department of State, and there published at Government expense. Tliis was an unmitigated falsehood. Mr. Sumner obtained the materials for his speech by a careful examination of all the available works in the Congressional and other libraries at Washington in which allusion is made to Alaska, and by conversing with officers of the navy and of tho Smithsonian Institution who had been there. Kverything supplied from tho Department of State was a brief correspondence between Mr. Stoeckel and Secretary Seward, which made a quarter of a printed page. Mr. Smiu - rji'i's speech, written in his own hand, iuado nearly 100 foolscap pages, anil the manuscript, which ho' guo mo, is now in my collection of autographs Ho had it printed at the Coiiyremiional Olobe oftice at his own expense, and an expensive job it was. Subsequently Mr. Seward asked and re.ceivu'd permission to have a small extra edition struck off before the type was distributed, for the use of tho Department of State, and with these cojiios was bound a coast survey chart w hich Mr. Sumner had supplied much information for. Monsieur Delfoas, the Belgian Minister at Washington, - who made euoh outrageously unfair dooinions at Halifax on the fishery commission organized under tho Alabama treaty, was almost forond to serve. Mr. Fish had originally opposod Ms election, but in Fb - ruary, 1877, hi astonished Bir Edward Thornton by requesting him to ooll at the Belgian Legation and ask M. Del - fosse in the name of both Governments to serve. M. Delfosse did not want to go to Halifax, as Newport presented superior attractions,, but he finally yielded to the pressing request of the two Govuramenta. Mlj Fish was of the opinion that M. Delfos could serve, although tho tinin during which the two Governments mi'dit n,' point an umpire had etpiroil ' ir lid - ward Thornton, trained in 1ij 'Ionian , was disposed to follow tlie treat, it actly, and an identical lint i wan nt dressod to the Austrian J.unier a London, asking him to iniik the n n i nation, with private up'shiuj - m !i;i ln i Governments desired M. Dihosse i is is shinvu by a sentence fr. - ni written by Count Beust, Mai. - ly to tho Bolgian Minister in Ii which he notified him that 1 i ffii 1 lect'd M. Delfosse. C'ouit Reus "The two (ioveiiin. cuts 1 rmn t m name M. Delfosse who tln - v ay Biiit them perferih." M. ) Ri - - the surprise of everv one at AW ' o ton, siiled with Givat Biitapi an 1 li eolonuH in their extvava nut del .in A Ntutlll V IHKI.IX.1 r nttx ioit A number of rcii'I 'men standing n the streets at Greensboro discuine 1 1" hunting, bird hunting and kindled sports. Each one had told a story, re markablo in a high degree, when tho climax was reached by one of the gentlemen, who told tho following storv . "Coons I" said he, with a sneer. "You don't know anything about coons in this country. . Why, you ought to go to Southwest Georgia. I lived there once, and my favorite pastime was coon hunting. Early one morning I started out with my dogs for a hunt. The morning was damp and heavy, and we, badn't gone fT before the dogs - struck a trail, and away they went. How beautiful it was! Through the underbrush they rushed, crashing, barking, the sounds coming to us like low music 'on tho morning air. It wasn't many minutes before the long howl of tho leading dog told us that he had treed. "Wo put out afterthem.going through tho swamps and down into a eanebrake. There wo came upon the dogs all clustered about a cypress log. They smelled it, and then all started back as if they didn't know what was to pay. We drew near and endeavored to urge them on. But they wouldn't urc;e. We went up to the log, and it seemed to be moving. I didn't know what to make of. it. The sides of it roso and fell as regular'as the beat of a clock. We finally cut into it, and there it was packed with coons. We killed 110, and I don't know how many got away. "What made the log move?" innocently asked a bystander. "Oh, plain as day. The coons were packed so close that every time they breathed the log would expand." There was a ghastly silence, and the crowd moved away. "It "wasn't a good day for coons, either!" he yelled after them, and putting a fresh chew of tobacco in hia mouth he walked rapidly in the direction of the "cotton bourse" on Wall street, and in a moment more w as buying the fleecy staplo with a serene and unmoved countanance. Greensboro Herald. H. It. CLAITL1N8 BVSIKBSS ITAXS. A man who was long connected with the Clailin house says that the actual business of the" firm, in recent yearB has been from $40,000,000 to $ - 15,000,000 annually. The inventory of tho establishment would average about $6,000, - 000. Mr. Clafliu's mind dominated thb whole concern. He had engineered tho building up of every department, and was consequently tho master of its every detail. Ho carried this weight in spite of his advancing years, without worry The only occasion when he showeil aniety about his aftairs was when, during tho panic of 1873 - 4, tho firm was threatened with disaster. Its credits were very large, and when a sudden check w as given to trade all over tho country, Clatlin & Co. of course felt the result. An expert who was called in at the time to unravel the tangled condition of affairs was paid $10,000 in cash for his work. In one night (5,000 letters were written to the debtors of the firm stating the pressing need of cash, and the replies brought in about $1,000 000. This was one of tho helps tliat tided over the crisis. Mr. G'IuIIiii'h physical activity was to the last lemarkablit (he died in liis 74th year), mid be would dixlgo ibout all over tho building, never thinking of waiting for the elovutor. Mr'. Clailin had a wonderful gift iu regard to account books. lie would vun his eyo over pages of a ledgi r, aud, without actually adding up tho columns, discover if anything was wrong An instance is related in which, some years njio, on thus running on some of tho books, he intuitively per - iv ed an error. Retold his pal tners, mid lifter a long search they veiified liw unnouueement. 1'hiladelphia Telegraph. LArKtffO X.V DISPOSITION. Two tramps, one of them a young man, the other well advanced in life, had just left a house where they had been supplied with a bountiful dinner. "I say, Bill," queried the younger of the two, " whore do you s'pose well get our supper?" The old tramp turned on him In disgust. "Here you've just had your dinner," he said, "and you begin to wondor where you'll get your supper. If that's the kind of disposition yon've got, young feller, you had letter quit the profession and go to work." - Life It used to he, "See that my grave's kept grben." The new and popular version is; "Oh, keep my ashes bottled, lOTSl" w ulnea, Tha Graofmrti Onni nn rnrth ... ni relievamore quick I r tlmn aay ui he Jtiiuwn r fnrf, MlY Khutimaiifitii. Nuur - ul Am?rr. p. j...iii .., i nrzr? '"i - iiiiuin, niu i iTt - Jtnilritra, Hums, Hcnltln, Ctith, Lumbar (T, riuiirifv, Horen, Front lilU'ri, lUulciu ho, Oninv,gortt Ihront, Hiluth'iL. WotiiKlH, HtMuloWie, T'MiiJioxho. Rp aim, rtc 1'iics HOfui. a wium. mini ny an (lrflinrlttt. IniLtlnn. - Tim own OC lAP rt - H - ifd.. r - wl 1ri.rioMf.rk. .! hiipI rrvo - mrniie Biffnaturo. a. li. Mfyy oc Co., ttulol iToprK - 'vorB, iiaiumoro, ma t - . A. ur. tuii ouirt. rtyrup will rare your Couch at once. I'rtce ouly 2, 5 Cta. bottle. I Absolutely Pnre and Unadulterated. HOSPITALS, CURATIVE INSTITUTIONS, INFIRMARIES. And PncsORiBto av pmv.ioiahs Ew.hvwh.s. 0UBE8 CONSUMPTION, HEMORRHAGES Antl all Wanting JUnranrt DYSPEPSIA, INDIGESTION, MALARIA. II a ii rs i PURE STIMULANT For the Siok, invalids, - CONVALESCING PATIENTS, AGED PEOPLE, Weak and Debilitated Women. For iulo by DruirfflBt. Ororor and Olorm. Irlc. Oiif lollnr per llotllr. - rnM mitlf In r i.ll bolIlM, w.l honi nn ' " tl( our trailn - mark lnbl of lli ! "I ""'i l abovsj, nml tli nam orcumpntiy blown In buttle (ry - pr.iMritf tf4li lUK - kj Mont Lln( - ri Ui Trritcirt"l, unlja to prooura lift tn ttwtfr riaalara, Mntiava Halt Domi ant, In plnln ctn, niiitiarkad, ftx - prM chant prepaid, by rttnUtlni Hit iultmr t The Duffy Malt Whiskey Co.. Baltimore, Md. f. 80HKRKB OOMrSY, fable, Ulluolt, WmUti BalUiig Agiuti. aVMd f - mt mamp far sir 17..rt.iio Cbs.mifMaa Frrm - la,oarirf mrinripmllf rni fli " . A' - fr ( w tnVv iiwf)i,aa4 rcryriim all Wati IHfmim. it . ' " mmmkHt7" - AlH1tr1 coemtthiformml mm4tk wmfomr whUtt tn y lca. wt ir - fmll rnvwd a1 MtdUm l Dprmmt. AMUSEMENTS. M ASONIO TEMPLE. S. H. SlHONSON. F. K. Stoudik .. Manofrer Treasurer ONE NIGHT ONLY. ' Saturday, Felrnary 27, 1886. MISS li Mi n Iu SKole Mac Kayo's vi - ihion of Sanlou'i "Andren," "IN SPITE OF ALL" Stronger thHii"Cafnillo"; hotter than'MlDzel Klrke! - Intripretoil y the oiltfiual New York caat. Itox otltoe open Thursday a. iu. at 11. Prices, 25c. (Wc and 7fio A OADEMY OF MUSIC. GRAND BENEFIT One Performance Only Thursday Matinee, Feliraary 25. MONTE CRISTO! FREDERICK BOCK CO., Kir I lie Benefit of the Ladies' Relief Union. LaiHi'ri ami ChlMitMi admitted tu tiny ait of tho hoiMi lor It) c fntn M T. B. Macs KTUOPOLITAN THKATKK. Solo Proprietor. PRICES REDUCED! All scats ilown stalls ten (HI) emits 1KlNCKSS8KATlNofnNh. Corner of Main and r niton streets OI'KN FOK Til 12 S13ASON! Mornliifr siwslnti. for I - ttdli'S and ClilMren. rroin ID to IU. Atternoou simsUui, from a to . Evenlnir session, troml to 10:30. TOOTH. O'CONNOB. Props. 11TY TREASDHEH'S BALE. t My vlrtun of two precepts ordered by the common council of ibeolty of Fort Wayne directed to the treasurer o ald city In obvdi ttieotosald procep' s. t havH levied upon the fo lowlnir lots: 1 he i out half of lotaiil, Lewis' addition to make ihusumof eleven, dollars and Mxtj - nve cents (f 11 05): and upon lot SHU, lu Lewis' addition, to maJte tho sum f tlilr. te' - n dollars snd ntnety - llve cents (ia 15I, with Interest and cost 1 hereon acoruod and tn ao - crue, I will sell said east U or lot SM) and smi. each one seperste.or parts thereof, to ay said elulin, at public auction. In the city court ' rooms of said city, on Mondtiy, the Kith day of March, ltwa, between the hours of lOo'clook a. m. and 4 o'clock p m., of saltl dav, to satisfy the claim of Joaepli Uerhelmer fc - conptruct - ins an 18 Inch clay - pine sewer In the alley In - me renroi or near said huh. ki rv sola t the properly of Andrew and Mary I.tikup. HKNUY C I1KHOHOFK'. Feb. 83, IStKKIw City Trensuret. MHE LIGHT RUHMIHQ vte JrdaaaT affli SEWING - MACHINE HAS NO EQUAL. PERFECT SA TISFACTIOM Nbtt Home Sewinjr MacMne Co. - ORANGE, MASS. 30 Union Square. M. Y, Chicago, lit. St. Louis, Mo. Atlanta, Ga. Dallas, Tex. San Francisco, Cat. P6ft fiALE b A DMINI8TRAT0RS BALK. Notice Is hereby (riven that the u nder alffoed, administrator of the estate of the late Charlp Lflchner. rie ceased, will offer for sale at public outcry at his 1st residence. No. 225 Calhoun street, Foit Wayne, Indiana, on the Sfhdaj of March, 1886, tbe following - property: Ortc liar uoijnter. Ico chest and cooler, HtOTfH, Mirrors, Pictures, an eight day clock. Bureaus. Hide troards. Watches, Household and kitchen furniture and many other articles two mini' i ous to mention. Sale tobeg - fnat 10ocl a. m, Teima: Hums of three dollars and under. ctuh;over three dollars, a credit of six months 1b (riven, purchaser (riving' note Rt interoBt waiving benefit of valuation, with (rood security. JOHN H. WBKV, Administrator. Feb. 23. lre. 2J - 27 - 8 MADAME MORA'S CORSETS. U1bT 1'OMrOHTAIILE AND rnfffctl' I'll JIAV. Mrtrcbantaaajthejr rt tttr aatiMfat'tlon than any eorast they Trr sold. Dreiniml.r racornmend tbara fortbalr ttna nap tMMOl brlE rr nip. Are ua.rtlalarlr Ukad by Uulim of full Hirure. The "i'OV - 1411 ! aiul Al.niNK have the PaTBntTriplm Back. Which coTrra the opea npaoe tuii nrowcte.neimina The"LA KKlfcE" haa the popular KMO - TAkf.B HTKRta, which ran h, liutantlr tkn mt. wminiT cuttiig oa BtPpio tw - tjkAim, aak - frw MAIfAMKMOUA1 OOH! 1 H. No nthern bave the PbratXl Frvti - li Crvcl Hand. ntan,r f Imltatlrmn olfstml U dtK - Hre the public. Pnranle hy all leadintf daal - era. Manufactured by Contour. UKRArniCO, La Reine Itirmlntrhiun, Conn. Aldlne. FlfpatH. k Sc '., Comlort Hip. " Ux.nmrU Bt. N. V. fVj, . r vivS'' Sjj jtfy TSlla li ill .7nhfflli Madame Mora's madams Mora's Madame Mora's Madame Mora's S77 I ONE HUNDRED PARTS PURE MAUE FRCM PL5?E SRA?L(3CAM OF TARTAR iPUlEQI CAfta 80DA NOTHING CLEE AaiNGLD TRI4L . CONVINCE' vyfe TRADES2SLSS MARK.1 FOR INFANTS .tffl UfrALIDS. rrtllK ONLY PERFECT SDIISTITUTR for X Mother's Milk The most nourishing diet forlnvalids and nurslnor mothors Keeps in all climates. Commonded by Physicians Sold everywhere. 8end for our book, "The Caro and Feeding of Infants." Sent free. UOLIHEK, QOODALE & CO., Boston, Mass. I 1&K& W,L1 - cnNVNCEriju Bs. FINE VIRGINIA FARM. 11SO Acrtm, Ilalifajr Co., fa. Half Mile from Hatlroad Station. Well adajtted u Ttrnolhtt Hay. lilue Grass, Bright Tobacco, Wheat and Corn, Can be divided. Fine water, Good lluildinfrs. Creek snd Itiver Hottoms, Timber and Wood, Good Neltrhbornood. Splendid llariraln. Write for full particulars to Kl.AifS KtLAI. KHTATMC AI1ENCY, fSJ - dawlml f. f). Hn l;i)l, Dnnrillr, fa. ir NOT OFFERED BY GROCERS Send 50 in stamps for fanpound free n"T'MD&CoFAIEPDRTNY AND GENT'S, ATTEN T ADIE8 LJ TION. Our Agents are making from 810.00 to 820. 00 a day selling it Nothing ever in. troilnoed that sold equal to this. This what? For particulars, address, jylB - ly O. O. KNEAIiE 4 CO. Fruit House Bulletin Great Reduction in Prices for 1886. Goods are so tow now that it can hardly be expected that there will be any further decline, so that those laying in full sup j lies will not likely be disappointed. Coffee Down 2c, Tea Down 10c, Sugars Gown l - 2c, Syrups Down 10c, Turkish Prunes Down lc. Dost Rio Coffee down to 10c a pound; frood Kio ooffee'down to 80 a pound; best Roasted lllo down to 12ttc a pound; Government Java, auc.; Koasted Java S60. 1 TEAS Redqced in Proportion. I It if no cnoJe a luxury to buy Teas. When they were 91 and $8 per pound then of coarse the consumption of them waa Biuall, but now the price i so low that a good Tea can be bought at ilOc por pound then they como within the reach of all. We arc on at) e d to sol. ao low simp 8 In consequence of our immenew trade. At times we soil two ind three chesta daily, and ttuylnjr direct of the Importers and Boiling - direct to the consumers, enables us to save our customers the profits of the Jobbor, - speculator and wholesale merchant which Is at least 10 to 30 per pound. VvHintr Hyson, vrood, 'J0o; choice, duo; best 50c; Gunpowder, frood, 30o; oholce, 40; beat Wot Ooloiur or Hlack Tea 20o; choice, wo; best 50c; Japan Tea, un colored, 35o; choice, 40; beet G0o; Kngjlieh Breakfast, jood, aoc; best fiOc per pound. SUGARS - - - White and Yellow, Down 1 - 2C. Cut Loaf Bugrar, 7V4c per pound. Powdered Stujar, 7Ho; fee C White, o; choice New Orleans Yellow, (ie. Granulated, 7; OoffeeA.ttt: Oof - Syrups Reduced 10c a Gal. lies Golden Drip, 400 per gallon; best Sorghum, 40o per gallon; best New Orleans, Molasses, 30c. SMOKED MEATS AND PICKLED PORKS. Beat suirar cured hams. Mo per pound; Sugar cured shoulders, ftc por pound; Plokeled pork flc por pound ; Hreakf ast bucou, beat, So per pound. SALT AND SMOKED FISH. V hltp Finn, Mbhl, fri; White Fish In klttn. ft; family White Pish, kitts, BOo; Kamlly White FiHli, UtA, tl.i, Mackoral In kitta, Hue; good, 91. host, SI Ml Cat Ft ah, kltta, fl; Cat Pis b, Vi bid., ft), bhl.. J. Fish Oil, Lard Oil, Neats Foot Oil, Machine Oils and Head Light Nrats Foot Oil 80o gallon; Kifh Oil. 70c gallon. Headlight oil, ISo gallon; machine Oil dark, 2uo gallon; Golden machine oil, llOo gallon. WINES AND LIQUORS. Old 7fl Whisky for medical use, fS.fiO per gallon, two - year old, 9 1.7ft f one - year old, ft 40; good new whisky, 1 50 and 91 per gallon; California wine, Mu Sooted and Angelioo, 40o bottle; Port Wine per gallon, 91J!6: gallon Catauba wine, tl; gallon Old Tom Gin, 40c; bottle Canada malt, IHKt. Candies Down - - Stick and Mixed Reduced 2c per Pound. ure BHok Candy, 10o. per pound; French Mixed Candy, down to 10c; Bon Bona, SOo; is, 10v, Imperials and Chocolate down to 15c per pound. The Greatest Reduction of all is on Turkish Pruens, Who over heard of them selling at 4o per pound. The crop Is so large at they don't pay freight an duty toshlp to Now Vork. The very best new fruit 4c per pound; new Valeaola Kaisins, loc. a pound; Heedless Sultana Haisins 12Ho; best Leghorn Cttron, 80o; new dried apples, 4o iwrpoiind; now drlea peaches, 5o. por pound. CIGARS, PLUG AND SMOKING TOBACCOS. Mull Dog plug, ftOo; Durham plug, 50o; Perfection plug, Mo; Hiawatha plug, 8oo; Knlfchtg of Labor plug, ttoo; Sweet Heart plug, 60o per pound. Bine Cut, 30, 400, 60, beet 75o. per pound. Smoking, lrto, 20o, fto; best Durham, 4fto per pound. Choice Cigars, 91.76 per bo ; good cigars, ttOo and 91 per box. Twenty - five cents (2fto) on, the dollar laved by purchasing at the 1 FT. WAYNE FBUIT HOOSfl. : i "I J I ir - t - r fJf.r '. ,t.A - i;Jl. -

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